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Open Kubernetes PRs (3700)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
kubernetes 82556 tedyu Pending Sep 15 feiskyer, jsafrane, msau42, tedyu M NodeInfoManager should use informer to cache CSINodeInfo objects
istio/istio 17101 howardjohn Pending Sep 15 XS Remove confusing test logs in cel tests
kubernetes 81975 alrs Pending Sep 15 alrs, cwdsuzhou, jingxu97, saad-ali, screeley44 M pkg/volume/util/fsquota: Fix swallowed errors
cloud-provider-openstack 760 mikejoh Pending Sep 15 dims, gonzolino XS Change to networking/v1beta1 on dependent components and packages
kubeflow/kfserving 337 cliveseldon Pending Sep 15 hougangliu, jinchihe, yuzisun XXL WIP: Add Tabular, Text and Image Model Explainers
kubernetes 82465 hprateek43 Pending Sep 15 ahg-g, alculquicondor, cheftako, david-mcmahon, draveness, hprateek43 L Move GetPodPriority from /scheduler/util to /api/pod
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 574 datianshi Pending Sep 15 sflxn, sidharthsurana S The default version changed to 1.14.4 but docs does not change
istio/istio 17100 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Sep 15 XS add an optional secret volume to sleep
enhancements 1148 tallclair Pending Sep 15 AkihiroSuda, PatrickLang, cpuguy83, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jessfraz, liggitt, mayakacz, mrunalp, tallclair L KEP for promoting seccomp to GA
istio/tools 353 geeknoid Pending Sep 15 howardjohn XXL Move testlinter and envvarlinter from istio/istio
istio/common-files 67 howardjohn Pending Sep 15 geeknoid, sdake S Update golangci-lint to v1.18.0
kops 7598 vsamidurai Pending Sep 15 geojaz, robinpercy, zetaab XS metrics-server run as non-root user
istio/istio 16939 jwendell Pending Sep 15 geeknoid, howardjohn, jwendell, linsun, rshriram, sbezverk, venilnoronha L Support fractional mirroring
kubernetes 82728 andyzhangx Pending Sep 15 feiskyer, justaugustus, karataliu S Automated cherry pick of #82640: fix: azure disk detach failure if node not exists
kubernetes 82729 andyzhangx Pending Sep 15 feiskyer, karataliu, khenidak S Automated cherry pick of #82640: fix: azure disk detach failure if node not exists
kubernetes 82730 andyzhangx Pending Sep 15 feiskyer, karataliu, khenidak S Automated cherry pick of #82640: fix: azure disk detach failure if node not exists
kubernetes 82731 andyzhangx Pending Sep 15 brendandburns, feiskyer, khenidak S Automated cherry pick of #82640: fix: azure disk detach failure if node not exists
website 16360 ahanabi Pending Sep 15 chenrui333, xichengliudui L zh-tran-ahanabi-2
enhancements 1199 bg-chun Pending Sep 15 AlexeyPerevalov, ConnorDoyle, bg-chun, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, odinuge M [WIP]update existing hugepages kep
kubeflow/pipelines 2119 Ark-kun LGTM Sep 15 gaoning777, hongye-sun, kevinbache, numerology S SDK - Python components - Fixed the base_image default value
kubeflow/kfserving 340 animeshsingh Pending Sep 15 bhupc, jinchihe, yuzisun L curating sample pipelines to expand on
istio/istio 17044 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Sep 15 geeknoid, howardjohn, lambdai, linsun, rlenglet, rshriram L [WIP] extract cleaning previous iptables chains into a separate script/executable
kubernetes 81987 carlory Pending Sep 15 carlory, dixudx, feiskyer, oomichi, smarterclayton XL use log funcs of core framework in the auth, kubectl and windows pkg
kubernetes 82732 ahmad-diaa Pending Sep 15 ahmad-diaa, alculquicondor, draveness, hex108 XS Remove Unused Variables in scheduler api types
minikube 4745 blueelvis Pending Sep 15 RA489, afbjorklund, blueelvis, josedonizetti, medyagh, tstromberg L WIP: hyperv: Assert that the user has correct permissions
test-infra 14324 vamossagar12 Pending Sep 15 alvaroaleman, matthyx, vamossagar12 M Trigger Tests on ok-to-test label
kubeflow/pipelines 2125 IronPan Pending Sep 15 neuromage, paveldournov, sarahmaddox M Update documentations for Kubeflow Pipelines marketplace
release 880 saschagrunert Pending Sep 15 Bubblemelon, lachie83 L Add SHA auto discovery feature for release notes
minikube 4980 blueelvis Pending Sep 15 RA489, afbjorklund, blueelvis, tstromberg S Fix crash when deleting the cluster but it doesn't exist
istio/ 5001 gtaylor Pending Sep 15 frankbu XS Remove "etc" from service version glossary term
kubeflow/kfserving 329 yuzisun Pending Sep 15 bhupc, cliveseldon, hougangliu, jinchihe, rakelkar, yuzisun XXL Add transformer to control plane
kubernetes-sigs/kind 408 tao12345666333 Pending Sep 15 BenTheElder, aojea, krzyzacy, neolit123, tao12345666333, vincepri L [WIP] Add restart cluster command
kubernetes 75351 marckhouzam Pending Sep 15 mengqiy, neolit123, rootfs XS Fix debug printouts for zsh completion
website 15125 ihdadi5 Pending Sep 15 XXL قناةشليلةinitial commit
release 879 saschagrunert Pending Sep 15 Bubblemelon, claurence L Allow specifying a repo-path for local clones
website 16241 hwdef Pending Sep 15 pigletfly, tengqm L translate
website 16273 tanjunchen Pending Sep 15 markthink, xichengliudui L add new file content/zh/docs/user-journeys/users/application-developer/
website 16305 zhangx501 Pending Sep 15 pigletfly, xichengliudui L Create
website 16096 zhangx501 LGTM Sep 15 markthink, xichengliudui L Create
website 16325 jiaj12 Pending Sep 15 chenrui333, xichengliudui S Create
kubernetes 82357 beautytiger LGTM Sep 15 BenTheElder, beautytiger, pjh, yujuhong S fix shellcheck in cluster/gce/
website 16136 Comradin Pending Sep 15 ahg-g, ahmetb XS Fix a minor spelling error
autoscaler 2326 guillaumebreton Pending Sep 15 jbartosik, mwielgus M Add rate limiter to the Vertical Pod autoscaler updater component
autoscaler 2319 bskiba Pending Sep 15 MaciekPytel, jbartosik XS Make error regexp less strict
autoscaler 2336 phsiao Pending Sep 15 MaciekPytel, jbartosik XS rename clusterrole system:admission-controller to system:vpa-admission-controller
website 16275 yuxiaobo96 Pending Sep 15 hanjiayao, markthink, pigletfly, xichengliudui XL
istio/ 4783 zachidan Pending Sep 15 douglas-reid, frankbu, geeknoid, linsun, rcaballeromx, sdake, zachidan M Mixer out-of-process adapter for Knative scale-from-zero
kubernetes 82680 vegemitecheesetoast Pending Sep 15 andrewsykim, bowei, liggitt, thockin, vegemitecheesetoast L WIP: Migrating from AtoI to ParsePort() for String Port to Int Port Conversion.
kubernetes 82454 beautytiger Pending Sep 15 BenTheElder, beautytiger, k-toyoda-pi M fix shell checks errors in cluster/
kubernetes 74078 lu-sprd Pending Sep 15 adohe, derekwaynecarr, juanvallejo XS Proposal: Exit with status one if rollout is not done
kubernetes 82664 johnSchnake Pending Sep 15 Huang-Wei, johnSchnake, johnbelamaric, spiffxp, timothysc, wgliang XS Demote two conformance tests due to disruptive taint behavior
kubernetes 82703 draveness Pending Sep 15 k82cn, lavalamp, smarterclayton L feat: update taint nodes by condition to GA 16359 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 15 XS docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | pod initialization 16358 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 15 XS docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | pods storage 16357 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 15 XS docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | extended resources
charts 17141 bitnami-bot Pending Sep 15 XS [stable/odoo] Release 11.1.5
charts 17140 edolinsky Pending Sep 15 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-pushgateway] Add configurable ServiceMonitor
charts 17137 ppcololo Pending Sep 15 sameersbn XS [stable/neo4j] fix indent in statefulset and deployment for neo4j
kubernetes 66839 p0lyn0mial Pending Sep 15 brendandburns, caesarxuchao, deads2k, ixdy, mbohlool, p0lyn0mial, sttts XL generates zz_generated.register.go for the external types
dashboard 4161 eloyekunle Pending Sep 15 cheld, eloyekunle, floreks, konryd, maciaszczykm L WIP: CRD - e2e Tests
kubernetes 82726 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Sep 15 derekwaynecarr, rootfs, seans3 S fix kubectl run --generator=xxx bug
kubernetes 82644 ZP-AlwaysWin LGTM Sep 15 adohe, deads2k, neolit123, seans3, shiywang M replace 200 with http.StatusOK
kubernetes 68745 dixudx Pending Sep 15 mlmhl, tianshapjq, yujuhong S add restartCountLimit for pod
website 16359 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 15 AWKIF, Smana L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | pod initialization
kubernetes 82722 yiyang5055 Pending Sep 15 dchen1107, lavalamp, vishh XXL Update generate proto hack
istio/istio 16690 devincd Pending Sep 15 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mandarjog, rshriram XS Fix spelling errors
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 996 gosharplite Pending Sep 15 Liujingfang1, droot, pwittrock XS Fix link of v1-project
website 16358 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 15 remyleone, yastij L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | pods storage
kubernetes 82622 calmkart LGTM Sep 15 deads2k, dixudx, jpbetz S MOD:fix typo errors
kubeflow/kubeflow 4046 Tabrizian LGTM Sep 15 LeonardAukea, Tabrizian, jlewi, nrchakradhar, pdmack, zabbasi L Improve the Dockerfile jupyter base image
dashboard 4290 anshulahuja98 Pending Sep 15 feloy, olekzabl XXL Upsert secret
website 16357 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 15 jygastaud, oussemos L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | extended resources
kubernetes 78619 bullrox Pending Sep 15 adohe, draveness, liggitt, nikhita, soltysh XS Fixed redundant usage of method
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 59 answer1991 Pending Sep 15 cofyc, jsafrane XXL upgrade vendor to k8s 1.14.3
kubernetes 82580 jfbai Pending Sep 15 jfbai, lavalamp, liggitt, wenjiaswe M feat: add etcd-prefix into --etcd-servers-overrides option.
cli-runtime 6 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Sep 15 juanvallejo, seans3 XS fix golint
kubeflow/fairing 374 Jeffwan Pending Sep 15 jinchihe, karthikv2k L Add aws examples
kops 7581 mitch000001 Pending Sep 15 drekle, zetaab L OpenStack: Additional security groups for instances
kubeflow/fairing 376 Jeffwan Pending Sep 15 abhi-g, karthikv2k S Use service type ClusterIP by default
istio/istio 17007 richardwxn Pending Sep 15 mandarjog L Add perf benchmark test script
kubeflow/fairing 372 Jeffwan Pending Sep 15 jinchihe, karthikv2k XS Add service_type in serving deployer for aws
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-nfs 14 pohly Pending Sep 15 mathu97, msau42, pohly, saad-ali XXL WIP: Prow testing
kubernetes 78944 avorima LGTM Sep 15 avorima, cheftako, janetkuo, mikedanese L Fix golint errors in pkg/controller/job
kubernetes 82725 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Sep 15 monopole, shiywang, smarterclayton XS replace $IMAGE_NAME with ${IMAGE_NAME}
istio/istio 17096 geeknoid Pending Sep 15 howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XXL Enable yaml linting.
kubeflow/pipelines 2112 numerology LGTM Sep 15 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun S Add a convention to make sure experiment_name is parameterized in notebook sample.
kubernetes 71455 Pensu Pending Sep 15 MrHohn, eparis, mkumatag, smarterclayton M Building multi-arch manifest for kube-addon-manager image
minikube 5356 n0npax Pending Sep 15 afbjorklund, medyagh L Improve storageclass test coverage
istio/ 4968 gtaylor Pending Sep 15 L Rename Tasks/Telemetry to Tasks/Observability
kubernetes 82700 praseodym Pending Sep 15 dchen1107, liggitt XS Add .bazelversion file
minikube 5312 rbrishabh Pending Sep 15 n0npax, sharifelgamal, tstromberg XS Improving error message for service not in default namespace
kubeflow/examples 626 amygdala LGTM Sep 15 cwbeitel, jlewi L More KF06-related updates to the 'cookbook' branch notebooks
kubeflow/manifests 358 kkasravi Pending Sep 15 gabrielwen, hougangliu, jlewi, swiftdiaries XXL fix for backtick escape error
kubernetes 78986 liggitt Pending Sep 15 deads2k S Improve TLS unit test reporting in bazel
istio/istio 16948 howardjohn Pending Sep 15 geeknoid, linsun, ozevren, rshriram, sdake XS Upgrade base image to bionic
kubeflow/kubeflow 4115 richardsliu Pending Sep 15 jlewi, kkasravi, kunmingg, yanniszark XL Support Kubeflow upgrades in kfctl (pt 1)
kubernetes 82462 vllry Pending Sep 15 aojea, vllry L WIP: dualstack support for kube-proxy iptables mode
istio/tools 207 saimsalman36 Pending Sep 15 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, golangcibot, mandarjog, richardwxn XXL New Tool: Tratis
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 245 javiermugueta Pending Sep 15 ahmetb, corneliusweig S oke-cluster-start-stop new plugin
kubeflow/manifests 355 kkasravi Pending Sep 15 gabrielwen, hougangliu, jlewi, lluunn XXL Ambassador fix to work with kustomize3
test-infra 14335 jlewi Pending Sep 15 chases2, fejta M Define missing prow jobs for kubeflow/manifests and kubeflow/interna-acls
kubeflow/examples 638 amygdala Pending Sep 15 lluunn, texasmichelle XXL Update to KFP pipelines codelab code (GH summarization)
kubeflow/pipelines 2123 IronPan Pending Sep 15 Ark-kun, neuromage, paveldournov, rmgogogo XS Update gitignore to ignore all .iml files
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 98 JeremyWx Pending Sep 15 JeremyWx, adelina-t, ddebroy, michmike XL test: Creates AD Domain for GMSA e2e testing
kubeflow/kubeflow 4040 swiftdiaries Pending Sep 15 gabrielwen, jlewi, kkasravi, nrchakradhar, swiftdiaries, yanniszark L adds apply -f to kfctl
kubeflow/kubeflow 3881 yeya24 LGTM Sep 15 gabrielwen, kunmingg XS add support for azure auth provider
kubernetes 77957 roycaihw Pending Sep 15 andrewsykim, cheftako, gaorong, roycaihw, xichengliudui L Add test demonstrates http2 client not detecting inactive tcp connection
kubernetes 77410 tedyu LGTM Sep 15 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair, tedyu, yastij, yujuhong M Use container type to guide search among container status
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1537 jaypipes Pending Sep 14 droot, justinsb XS add note about GO111MODULE for source install
istio/ 4981 aal80 Pending Sep 14 gtaylor L Added App Identity and Access blog
kubeflow/kubeflow 4112 kkasravi Pending Sep 14 avdaredevil, jlewi, kkasravi, swiftdiaries L ci yaml for centraldashboard pipeline run
node-problem-detector 347 xueweiz Pending Sep 14 andyxning, wangzhen127 L Make all existing exporters into plugins
node-problem-detector 349 xueweiz Pending Sep 14 andyxning, dchen1107, k8s-ci-robot, krzyzacy, wangzhen127 XXL Allow e2e test to rent project from Boskos
istio/istio 17084 Monkeyanator Pending Sep 14 incfly S Expose node agent INGRESS_GATEWAY_FALLBACK_SECRET and SECRET_WATCHER_RESYNC_PERIOD as Helm configurations
kubeflow/kfctl 29 gabrielwen Pending Sep 14 gabrielwen, jlewi, kkasravi, kunmingg, nrchakradhar, yanniszark L v1beta1 KfDef
node-problem-detector 348 xueweiz Pending Sep 14 dchen1107, wangzhen127 XL Allow problem daemon plugins to define their command line options
kubeflow/kubeflow 4121 jlewi LGTM Sep 14 Jeffwan, kkasravi, yanniszark S Arrikto and AWS plugins should pull additional configuration files from kubeflow/manifests
istio/tools 352 richardwxn Pending Sep 14 M Update values for installer
kubernetes 78118 markmc Pending Sep 14 SataQiu, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, vishh M Fix golint errors in pkg/util/taints
istio/istio 12276 Nino-K Pending Sep 14 Nino-K, costinm, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rshriram XXL Incremental MCP for SyntheticServiceEntries
istio/istio 13183 kyessenov Pending Sep 14 douglas-reid, geeknoid XS [not for 1.2] mixer: enable CEL for httpaccesslog
istio/istio 13345 mmckane Pending Sep 14 gyliu513 XS Allow Helm users to specify sds secrets lookup namespace
istio/istio 13603 douglas-reid Pending Sep 14 howardjohn L test(e2e_mixer): update e2e_mixer to use new istio-installer
istio/istio 13613 mbanikazemi Pending Sep 14 L This prevents RootNamespace from being set to Istio-system
istio/istio 13800 bianpengyuan Pending Sep 14 XL Add integration test for out of process policy checks
istio/istio 13802 incfly Pending Sep 14 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, howardjohn, mandarjog, nmittler, rshriram, sdake M Add RPM to cloud build.
istio/istio 13965 MarcosDY Pending Sep 14 costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, lei-tang, linsun, myidpt, ozevren, quanjielin, rshriram XXL Spire integration
istio/istio 13976 gargnupur Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, andraxylia, bianpengyuan, costinm, diemtvu, douglas-reid, gargnupur, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, nmittler, ostromart, ozevren, rshriram, vadimeisenbergibm, venilnoronha XL Ratelimit External Requests
istio/istio 14303 su225 Pending Sep 14 XL [WORK-IN-PROGRESS] [test-framework][13466] first implementation of kube environment supp…
istio/istio 14346 mbanikazemi Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mbanikazemi, sdake S Deals with wildcarded virtual hosts for ports other than port 80
istio/istio 14441 incfly Pending Sep 14 L Initial native test component package and moving newSecretCache out of `main.go`
istio/istio 14501 brian-avery Pending Sep 14 golangcibot XXL [WIP] On-demand RDS/VHDS using the sidecar CRD
istio/istio 14684 kyessenov Pending Sep 14 gargnupur L TCP policy check e2e test
istio/istio 14911 ibm-jason Pending Sep 14 duderino, howardjohn, ibm-jason, linsun, sdake, utka M Add the separate download script for istioctl.
istio/istio 14986 clyang82 Pending Sep 14 howardjohn XS Overwrite istio-system namespace
istio/istio 15003 qfel Pending Sep 14 costinm, howardjohn, qfel M Better support for Go modules
istio/istio 15181 hzxuzhonghu Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu M handle envoy exit when killed by accident
istio/istio 15356 c0d1ngm0nk3y Pending Sep 14 jkbschmid, utka M Improve scripts for local releases
istio/istio 15575 clyang82 Pending Sep 14 clyang82, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, sdake L Set Resource Limits
istio/istio 15593 gargnupur Pending Sep 14 douglas-reid, gargnupur, golangcibot, howardjohn, kyessenov, mandarjog L Make redis tests reliable
istio/istio 15594 costinm Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, mandarjog S Usability improvements for using custom templates
istio/istio 15611 waret Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, golangcibot, nmittler S Fetching ingressgateway address supports NodePort type service
istio/istio 15805 rverma-nikiai Pending Sep 14 jmazzitelli, knrc, mandarjog, rverma-nikiai, sdake XS support custom authentication of grafana for kiali
istio/istio 15814 johscheuer Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, JimmyCYJ, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, johscheuer, liminw, linsun, myidpt, nmittler, ozevren, quanjielin, rshriram, sdake, wattli, yangminzhu M Running istio integration tests in air-gapped/restricted environments
istio/istio 15856 jasonwzm Pending Sep 14 golangcibot, howardjohn, jasonwzm, linsun, ozevren L [WIP] sample of cue constraint for validation
istio/istio 15947 clyang82 Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, lei-tang, myidpt M [WIP]Enable Citadel Agent run as nonroot
istio/istio 16014 clyang82 Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, JimmyCYJ, ZackButcher, andraxylia, ayj, clyang82, cmluciano, costinm, diemtvu, douglas-reid, geeknoid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, kyessenov, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, myidpt, nmittler, ostromart, ozevren, quanjielin, rshriram, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm M Support run as non-root for pilot/galley/mixer/sidecar-injection/citadel
istio/istio 16027 therealmitchconnors Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, douglas-reid, esnible, fisherxu, geeknoid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, irisdingbj, kyessenov, liamawhite, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, myidpt, nmittler, ostromart, ozevren, quanjielin, rshriram, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm, wattli L Add viper config processing to all Istio cobra commands.
istio/istio 16060 ericvn Pending Sep 14 JimmyCYJ, bianpengyuan, costinm, diemtvu, douglas-reid, gargnupur, geeknoid, golangcibot, incfly, kyessenov, mandarjog, myidpt, nmittler, ozevren, quanjielin, wattli, yangminzhu XL [WIP] Add multicluster testing to integration framework
istio/istio 16068 irisdingbj Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, esnible, fisherxu, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, irisdingbj, liamawhite, nmittler, rshriram, vadimeisenbergibm L support policy and annotation from config for istioctl kube-inject
istio/istio 16076 rshriram Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, nmittler, ostromart, ramaraochavali, rshriram, vadimeisenbergibm L Reuse initialized content from old push context if possible
istio/istio 16118 lei-tang Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, lei-tang, morvencao, rlenglet S Expose the option --enable-reconcileWebhookConfiguration
istio/istio 16121 lei-tang Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, geeknoid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, lei-tang, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, myidpt, nmittler, ostromart, rlenglet, rshriram, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm M Add the option --enableManageWebhookConfig
istio/istio 16128 clyang82 Pending Sep 14 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, ostromart, rshriram, sdake L Fix the upgrade issue for tracing
istio/istio 16136 gitirabassi Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rshriram XXL fix(dependencies): updated vault dependencies to only use the SDK
istio/istio 16140 rlenglet Pending Sep 14 brian-avery, costinm, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rlenglet, rshriram XL Add docs test for security/authn-policy
kubernetes 82250 BobyMCbobs Pending Sep 14 BobyMCbobs, Random-Liu, dchen1107, devaips, draveness, mattjmcnaughton, sjpotter S Create new Kubelet pod deletion test
istio/istio 16142 lei-tang Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, lei-tang, morvencao, rlenglet S Expose the option --append-dns-names
istio/istio 16292 hzxuzhonghu Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, nmittler, ostromart, rshriram, vadimeisenbergibm S Fix redis connectivity
istio/istio 16296 GregHanson Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, esnible, fisherxu, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, irisdingbj, liamawhite, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, nmittler, ostromart, rshriram, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm, yangminzhu XL [WIP] Add mtls autopilot functionality
istio/istio 16316 elfinhe Pending Sep 14 golangcibot L WIP: Add multicluster-aware command 'list' for information of clusters, services, endpoints, and pods.
istio/istio 16320 jasonwzm Pending Sep 14 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, jasonwzm, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, ostromart, rshriram, sdake XXL [WIP]Add structural schemas to CRDs
istio/istio 16326 johscheuer Pending Sep 14 frankbu, kyessenov, rshriram, vadimeisenbergibm, venilnoronha M Make it possible to run bookinfo without root and with readOnlyFilesystem
istio/istio 16372 holgero Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rshriram S Build distroless kubectl image
istio/istio 16373 hzxuzhonghu Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mandarjog, nmittler, rshriram, vadimeisenbergibm L Fix multicluster workload labels setting error
istio/istio 16394 kyessenov Pending Sep 14 JimmyCYJ, costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, kyessenov, rshriram M xds: fix for streaming node discovery request
istio/istio 16418 lei-tang Pending Sep 14 JimmyCYJ, diemtvu, golangcibot, howardjohn, incfly, lei-tang, myidpt, quanjielin XXL Add tests to Istio Webhook Controller
istio/istio 16496 lambdai Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rshriram L DONTMERGE: expanding the testcases to verify meaningless containerPort can be removed
istio/istio 16539 ChenLingPeng Pending Sep 14 ChenLingPeng, costinm, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, ostromart, sdake S add objectSelector in istio-sidecar-injector MutatingWebhookConfigura…
istio/istio 16569 lizhicui Pending Sep 14 golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, lizhicui, rshriram M fix domains duplicate, ipv6 address append to domains when port not e…
istio/istio 16621 jsternberg Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, lei-tang, linsun, nmittler, rshriram L Update vault api dependency to a version compatible with modules
istio/istio 16626 ostromart Pending Sep 14 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rlenglet, rshriram XXL Update operator version
istio/istio 16636 diemtvu Pending Sep 14 ayj, costinm, diemtvu, howardjohn, incfly, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, ostromart, rshriram, sdake S Add helm option to set enableAutoMtls
istio/istio 16643 PiotrSikora Pending Sep 14 XS Update Proxy SHA to latest with WebAssembly runtime.
istio/istio 16657 diemtvu Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, diemtvu, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, rshriram L [WIP] Implement auto mTLS for strict mode.
website 16322 ahmetb Pending Sep 14 corneliusweig, kbhawkey, simplytunde, soltysh, zparnold M Document: how to install/distribute plugins with Krew
istio/istio 16716 GregHanson Pending Sep 14 GregHanson, costinm, diemtvu, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, linsun, mandarjog, rshriram, yangminzhu L cache auth policies in push_context
istio/istio 16764 irisdingbj Pending Sep 14 esnible, golangcibot, liamawhite L deprecate register and unregister
kubernetes 82594 tedyu LGTM Sep 14 mattjmcnaughton, vishh XS Check the error return from AddPlugin
istio/istio 16800 howardjohn Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, nmittler, rshriram XXL Create a struct for node metadata
istio/istio 17095 howardjohn Pending Sep 14 geeknoid, linsun, rshriram XS Invert logic on minimum version for test framework
istio/istio 16837 abhide Pending Sep 14 golangcibot, rlenglet XL Refactor tools/istio-iptables/main.go
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1077 aaronhenshaw Pending Sep 14 Raffo, aaronhenshaw, linki, vsimon, zzh8829 M Expose ExternalIP of Node as annotation on headless service
istio/istio 16853 Nino-K Pending Sep 14 morvencao, rshriram XS Allow to configure service registries via helm
istio/istio 16909 sushicw Pending Sep 14 golangcibot, ozevren, sushicw XL Multi-object analyzers for virtual service destinations and service role bindings
istio/istio 16922 irisdingbj Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, irisdingbj M download istioctl script
istio/istio 16929 ramaraochavali Pending Sep 14 geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram L make stats flush interval configurable
istio/istio 16930 kramerul Pending Sep 14 rlenglet S Remove setting of sbit. Use USER command instead
kubernetes 82297 BobyMCbobs Pending Sep 14 SataQiu, caesarxuchao, lavalamp, xichengliudui S Create new API chunking test
istio/istio 16941 lei-tang Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, incfly, lei-tang XS Remove the flaky label of sds_vault_flow test
istio/istio 16967 XanderStrike Pending Sep 14 XanderStrike, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu S Send full update when a service is found to have no endpoints
istio/istio 16973 Monkeyanator Pending Sep 14 douglas-reid M Expose Citadel node agent metrics to Prometheus through Service and Prom configmap
istio/istio 16983 utako Pending Sep 14 L refactor listener_builder_test
istio/istio 17011 edussx Pending Sep 14 M improve Pilot metrics
istio/istio 17027 JimmyCYJ Pending Sep 14 golangcibot, howardjohn, myidpt M Fallback to struct when generating SDS config
istio/istio 17033 nrjpoddar Pending Sep 14 morvencao, sdake XS Update Global Meshpolicy on upgrades
istio/istio 17037 yangminzhu Pending Sep 14 diemtvu, liminw, pitlv2109, yangminzhu XL Implement v1beta1 authz policy conversion
istio/istio 17043 clyang82 Pending Sep 14 howardjohn, linsun XS Merge values-istio-demo yaml files by using yq
istio/istio 17046 ramaraochavali Pending Sep 14 ramaraochavali, rshriram L add tls and tcp keepalive config for metrics service
istio/istio 17064 sushicw Pending Sep 14 ayj, ozevren, sushicw XL Add default namespace support for new analysis framework
istio/istio 17071 brian-avery Pending Sep 14 brian-avery, fpesce, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XXL [WIP] Update test framework
istio/istio 17083 pitlv2109 Pending Sep 14 Monkeyanator, pitlv2109 L Move the trustworthy jwt checking to Citadel Agent
kubernetes 82479 wojtek-t Pending Sep 14 L [WIP] Debug
kubeflow/manifests 360 Jeffwan Pending Sep 14 kkasravi, richardsliu XXL Add AWS Kustomize manifests (#221)
kubernetes 82698 janario Pending Sep 14 andyzhangx, saad-ali M Umount subpath should only scan the first level of files/directories
kubernetes 77895 krmayankk Pending Sep 14 Katharine, aleksandra-malinowska, krmayankk, liggitt, roberthbailey XS make cluster auto scaler use leases
istio/istio 16926 ChangyuWang Pending Sep 14 S Show correct ip in double stack
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 444 GrigoriyMikhalkin Pending Sep 14 DirectXMan12, GrigoriyMikhalkin, droot, mengqiy, pwittrock L ✨ added per controller leader election
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1122 detiber Pending Sep 14 chuckha, detiber, ncdc, vincepri XL [WIP] :running: E2E test updates
charts 17134 rowecharles Pending Sep 14 XS [stable/neo4j] neo4j prometheus monitoring
helm 6430 karuppiah7890 Pending Sep 14 XS fix install storing computed values in release instead of user supplied values
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2806 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] Add additional documentation to runtime configurations
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2805 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.15] fix selinux label on volume mount directory creation
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2804 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] fix selinux label on volume mount directory creation
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2803 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] use GOPROXY to speed up dependency management
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2802 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] Remove deprecated implicit hooks directory handling
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2801 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] Remove unnecessary store nil unit test
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5174 MengZn Pending Sep 14 XS fix pip requirements version
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5174 MengZn Pending Sep 14 XS fix pip requirements version
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2806 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] Add additional documentation to runtime configurations
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2805 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.15] fix selinux label on volume mount directory creation
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2804 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] fix selinux label on volume mount directory creation
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2803 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] use GOPROXY to speed up dependency management
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2802 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] Remove deprecated implicit hooks directory handling
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2801 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 14 haircommander XS [release-1.16] Remove unnecessary store nil unit test
enhancements 1232 jbrette Pending Sep 14 Liujingfang1, monopole, pwittrock, soltysh L Kustomize FieldSpec skip
website 16146 dsbos Pending Sep 14 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS Fixed some punctuation.
enhancements 1231 jbrette Pending Sep 14 EronWright, Liujingfang1, jbrette, monopole, pwittrock, soltysh L kustomize reorder plugin
community 4093 ddebroy Pending Sep 14 davidz627, gnufied, leakingtapan, msau42 L Enhancements to disable in-tree plugin code for migration
kubernetes 82721 hwdef Pending Sep 14 jpbetz, wenjiaswe S add-err-handling-in-images/etcd/migrate
kubernetes-sigs/application 109 halfcrazy Pending Sep 14 janetkuo, prydonius XS Enable status subresource, update manifest
kubernetes 81557 praseodym Pending Sep 14 foxish, janetkuo, kow3ns, krmayankk, mortent, praseodym, soltysh L Fix CronJob missed start time handling
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5174 MengZn Pending Sep 14 holmsten, mirwan XS fix pip requirements version
kube-state-metrics 881 tariq1890 Pending Sep 14 LiliC, andyxning, brancz XXL compile kube-state-metrics with go1.13
kops 7593 mikesplain Pending Sep 14 robinpercy, zetaab XXL WIP: Docs cleanup / mkdocs migration
kubernetes 81882 phenixblue Pending Sep 14 BenTheElder, SataQiu, cblecker, juanvallejo, phenixblue M Updates to resolve shellcheck issues in hack/lib/
kubernetes 82645 samifruit514 Pending Sep 14 deads2k, seans3, soltysh L kubectl: namespace support in resource edits
kubeflow/manifests 281 krishnadurai Pending Sep 14 kunmingg, swiftdiaries, yanniszark L [WIP] Ingress rules for each of Dex Auth Services in #195
kubernetes 78025 shanhuhai5739 Pending Sep 14 deads2k, seans3 XS delete duplicate actions with NewFlattenListVisitor
kubernetes 79036 draveness Pending Sep 14 derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, resouer XS fix: disable cpu quota with guaranteed QoS when cpu manager enabled
kubernetes 82565 yiyang5055 LGTM Sep 14 dchen1107, jiayingz, mattjmcnaughton, mindprince XS update header comment
kubernetes 82643 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Sep 14 eparis, monopole, smarterclayton S Fix bug The statefulset have duplicate revision after resource was up…
istio/tools 344 rcernich Pending Sep 14 geeknoid, ozevren, rcernich XL WIP: Add tools to support k8s code generation
kubernetes 82660 sallyom Pending Sep 14 deads2k, eparis, soltysh S When running `kubectl drain` in dry-run, list warnings and pods that would be deleted.
kubernetes 82719 xieyanker LGTM Sep 14 derekwaynecarr, neolit123, seans3, soltysh XS fix a typo in kubectl/cmd/get/get.go.
kubernetes-sigs/kube-batch 890 akashiro96 LGTM Sep 14 animeshsingh, k82cn XS add shadowGroup's CreationTimestamp
test-infra 12241 wbrefvem Pending Sep 14 cjwagner XXL WIP Refactor prow to use generic git interface (scallywag)
enhancements 686 vinaykul Pending Sep 14 AkarshES, ConnorDoyle, DirectXMan12, PatrickLang, ScorpioCPH, ahg-g, bsalamat, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, egernst, hex108, jellonek, justaugustus, k82cn, kgolab, krmayankk, mwielgus, oomichi, resouer, riking, schylek, sjenning, thockin, vinaykul, yujuhong L Migrate Karol Golab's KEP for in-place update of pod resources to k/enhancements
istio/common-files 66 rcernich Pending Sep 14 jwendell, rcernich, sdake S support use of alternate container tool
community 4081 tpepper LGTM Sep 14 PatrickLang, cpanato, craiglpeters, dims, guineveresaenger, justaugustus, liggitt, michmike, neolit123, tpepper, xmudrii L devel guide: add words on cherry pick review process
kubernetes 82111 xieyanker LGTM Sep 14 Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, tallclair, tmrts, vishh, xieyanker XS remove stateCheckPeriod
kubernetes 77664 prksu Pending Sep 14 juanvallejo, monopole, rootfs, seans3 S Add document the pkg/kubectl/cmd/util/editor package
kubernetes 82717 hwdef Pending Sep 14 neolit123, shyamjvs, xichengliudui XL use log func in test/e2e/apimachinery
kubernetes 82720 hwdef Pending Sep 14 bowei, gmarek XS add err handling in gce/gci
test-infra 14311 praveensastry Pending Sep 14 Katharine, alvaroaleman, matthyx, praveensastry M [WIP] Add support for multiple /pony requests 16355 ahanabi Pending Sep 14 XS zh-tran-ahanabi-2 16354 ten2ton Pending Sep 14 XS zh-trans add content/case-studies/ibm 16353 ten2ton Pending Sep 14 XS zh-trans add content/case-studies/netease 16352 ten2ton Pending Sep 14 XS zh-trans add content/case-studies/wikimedia
ingress 4561 mnencia Pending Sep 14 XS Missing namespace in cluster-wide/cluster-role-binding.yaml
minikube 5310 afbjorklund Pending Sep 14 medyagh, sharifelgamal, tstromberg XS Avoid the s3 and gcs protocol handlers in go-getter
ingress-nginx 4561 mnencia Pending Sep 14 ElvinEfendi, aledbf XS Missing namespace in cluster-wide/cluster-role-binding.yaml
kubernetes 82338 draveness Pending Sep 14 Huang-Wei, draveness, k82cn L feat(scheduler): use api server to watch scheduled pods
kubernetes 80391 feloy Pending Sep 14 apelisse, piosz L WIP: "kubectl explain" can display fields by categories
website 16339 kbhawkey Pending Sep 14 sftim, simplytunde, stewart-yu XXL update generated comp. files, 1.16
kubernetes 82496 hasheddan LGTM Sep 14 andyzhangx, brendandburns, cheftako, feiskyer, justaugustus M use vmss instance view expansion and azure-sdk-for-go v33.1.0
kubernetes 82574 kkmsft Pending Sep 14 andyzhangx, aramase, feiskyer, kkmsft L Azure cloud operation count metrics for azure cloud provider
kubernetes 82269 gaorong Pending Sep 14 dchen1107, sjpotter S reset contianer status to nil in pod runtime cache instead of deleting
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5170 Bledai Pending Sep 14 Miouge1, mirwan XS Fixed issue "Fails to finish kubernetes deployment #5116"
kubernetes 82571 haoshuwei Pending Sep 14 feiskyer, haoshuwei, jsafrane, rootfs S add or fix some errors return statements and ineffassign
kubernetes 68319 leakingtapan LGTM Sep 14 gnufied, juanvallejo, matchstick, oomichi, pwittrock, saad-ali, vishh M fix golint issues for pkg/volume/git_repo
minikube 5354 josedonizetti Pending Sep 14 afbjorklund, tstromberg L Add installOrUpdate hyperkit support
kubernetes 77592 MorrisLaw Pending Sep 14 MorrisLaw, SataQiu, alejandrox1, andrewsykim, timothysc XL [WIP] refactor: move kubectl related functions out of util
kops 7577 zetaab Pending Sep 14 drekle, granular-ryanbonham XL WIP: Use existing subnets in OpenStack
kubernetes 82319 kayrus Pending Sep 14 cwdsuzhou, gnufied, kayrus, smarterclayton, thockin M Poll block device size on live storage resize
kubernetes 82716 draveness Pending Sep 14 dchen1107, k82cn L [WIP] Migrate predicates functions into the scheduling framework
kubernetes 77963 praburamk Pending Sep 14 lavalamp, smarterclayton XL Certificate rotation
kubeflow/pipelines 2114 numerology Pending Sep 14 Ark-kun, IronPan, gaoning777 XS Add execution order sample test
kops 5856 Cryptophobia Pending Sep 14 Cryptophobia, justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S Support for hooks on bastion instance groups
kubernetes 76692 sshukun LGTM Sep 14 luxas, mikedanese M Annotate errors in test/e2e/lifecycle/bootstrap/bootstrap_signer.go
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 423 LanceEa Pending Sep 14 LanceEa, alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1 L feat: support stamping repository tags for images
kubeflow/fairing 377 Jeffwan Pending Sep 14 jinchihe, karthikv2k S Fix python compatibility issue
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1185 serialx Pending Sep 14 hjacobs, linki XS Fix AWS IAM Roles for Service Accounts permission problem.
kubeflow/pipelines 2116 Ark-kun Pending Sep 14 gaoning777, hongye-sun, kevinbache, numerology XS SDK - Containers - Fixed kfp.containers.get_default_image_builder
kubernetes 77450 mikedanese Pending Sep 14 k82cn, ravisantoshgudimetla M scheduling queue: fix test flakes
kubernetes 77842 wking Pending Sep 14 Huang-Wei, ravisantoshgudimetla XS test/e2e/scheduling/ubernetes_lite: Report zones in checkZoneSpreading failures
charts 17133 nitinmohan87 Pending Sep 14 XS [stable/promethus-mongodb-exporter] Customize serviceAccountName for mongodb-exporter deployment
charts 17132 tinhkyaw Pending Sep 14 XS [stable/airflow] proper initializatons of variables for airflow chart
charts 17131 bitnami-bot Pending Sep 14 XS [stable/phabricator] Release 7.0.7
charts 17129 TheSp1der Pending Sep 14 XS [stable/sonarqube] Adds ability to set sysctl init container image from values.
charts 17128 xdsxc Pending Sep 14 XS [stable/prometheus-pushgateway] Change ServiceMonitor name to use the fullName
helm 6429 ConnorBrereton Pending Sep 14 XS Updated README to link to install from script instructions.
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2800 mccv1r0 Pending Sep 14 XS Update vendor code for cni and ocicni and libpod
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2800 mccv1r0 Pending Sep 14 XS Update vendor code for cni and ocicni and libpod
istio/operator 262 ostromart Pending Sep 14 richardwxn XXL Sync to installer charts
kubernetes 81649 gongguan LGTM Sep 14 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, gongguan, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair L move HandlePodCleanups function to right file
kubeflow/pipelines 2118 Ark-kun LGTM Sep 14 gaoning777, hongye-sun, kevinbache, numerology XS SDK - Components - Fixed kfp.components.set_default_base_image
kubeflow/pipelines 2044 kevinbache Pending Sep 14 Ark-kun, elikatsis, gaoning777, hongye-sun XXL WithParams
kubernetes 82492 gnufied Pending Sep 14 Madhu-1, gnufied, humblec, jingxu97, jsafrane, saad-ali XL Fix uncertain mounts
kubernetes-csi/external-resizer 53 gnufied Pending Sep 14 msau42, pohly XS {wip} Update the image
kubeflow/kubeflow 4123 yeya24 Pending Sep 14 abhi-g, pdmack XL support metrics in notebook-controller
ingress-gce 631 agau4779 LGTM Sep 14 rramkumar1 L clean up HTTP(S) resources when changing protocols
kubeflow/kubeflow 4120 avdaredevil Pending Sep 14 avdaredevil, prodonjs L [CentralDashboard v2] MUI Front-end tests
minikube 5351 tstromberg Pending Sep 14 RA489, josedonizetti S Update golangci-lint to v1.18.0
kubernetes 82713 logicalhan LGTM Sep 14 cjcullen, liggitt, tallclair, tedyu S expose and use an AddHealthChecks method directly on config
kubeflow/kubeflow 4122 kunmingg Pending Sep 14 richardsliu, zhenghuiwang XS pick up manifest config fix on v0.6 branch
kubeflow/manifests 359 ajchili Pending Sep 14 IronPan, jlewi, zhenghuiwang M [WIP] Added visualization server deployment and service yaml
test-infra 14188 clarketm Pending Sep 14 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, fejta, matthyx S Preserve current location w/ query params on github redirect
kubeflow/pipelines 2105 Bobgy Pending Sep 14 Ark-kun, IronPan, neuromage L Artifact list column creation time
istio/proxy 2421 kyessenov Pending Sep 14 bianpengyuan, jplevyak, kyessenov, mandarjog L wasm: use filter state instead of metadata
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1491 jbrette Pending Sep 14 Liujingfang1, justinsb XXL Skip kustomize transformers for paths
kubeflow/metadata 126 zhenghuiwang Pending Sep 14 XXL [WIP] Add resource watcher to log metadata
istio/client-go 1 rcernich Pending Sep 14 geeknoid, jasonwzm, nrjpoddar, ozevren, rcernich XXL WIP: k8s api, clientset, informers, listers
test-infra 14329 YangLu1031 Pending Sep 14 YangLu1031, chases2, krzyzacy, pjh, yujuhong S Automate windows jobs landing on SIG Release informing board
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1146 pjferrell Pending Sep 14 irfanurrehman, marun, shashidharatd M #1083: use unstructured runtime.Object for more detailed reflector logging
istio/api 1081 rcernich Pending Sep 14 geeknoid, ozevren, rcernich L WIP: Support using api types with k8s code generation tools
googleforgames/open-match 795 yfei1 Pending Sep 14 XS Add data read limit to statestore.FilterTickets
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1451 jbrette Pending Sep 14 Liujingfang1, jbrette, mengqiy, pwittrock XL Improve kustomize build --reorder option
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 943 justinsb Pending Sep 14 DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, briantopping, droot, justinsb, jwforres XL Initial addons via plugin model
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1316 jbrette Pending Sep 14 Liujingfang1, monopole, pwittrock XXL Diamond import of base folders
minikube 5352 tstromberg Pending Sep 14 josedonizetti, sharifelgamal M Simplify kvm2 and hyperv usage documentation
test-infra 14229 prameshj LGTM Sep 13 MrHohn, chases2, prameshj M re-enable stubdomains test with node-cache
kubernetes 82108 oomichi LGTM Sep 13 feiskyer, fejta M Copy PrettyPrintJSON to core framework
googleforgames/open-match 794 yfei1 Pending Sep 13 jeremyje S Add csproj baseline
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 1 wk8 Pending Sep 13 ddebroy, jingxu97, msau42, pjh, wk8 XXL Adding protobuf definitions for the 1st version of the API
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1208 jbrette Pending Sep 13 ian-howell, jbrette, monopole XXL Improve robustness and capabilities of variable inlining
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 87 yogeek Pending Sep 13 S add init-tiller plugin
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1217 jbrette Pending Sep 13 monopole, pwittrock XXL Automatic Creation of 'vars:' and 'varReferences:' sections
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1535 jbrette Pending Sep 13 Liujingfang1, mengqiy, monopole XS Need to rerun make generate-code when changing a built-in plugin
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1023 rifelpet Pending Sep 13 M00nF1sh, micahhausler L [WIP] Upgrade controller-runtime
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 266 CecileRobertMichon Pending Sep 13 juan-lee, serbrech XXL Improve E2E test suite for v1alpha1
dns 322 prameshj Pending Sep 13 MrHohn, bowei XL Support kube-dns stubdomain config in node-cache
kubernetes 82191 tedyu Pending Sep 13 davidz627, leakingtapan, rootfs, screeley44 L Check whether driver is installed in useCSIPlugin
dashboard 4281 greenkeeper[bot] Pending Sep 13 ianlewis, olekzabl XS Update systemjs to the latest version 🚀
GoogleCloudPlatform/layer-definitions 517 alex1545 Pending Sep 13 nlopezgi, smukherj1 M Switch to use packages_metadata from rules_docker
ingress-nginx 4560 actgardner Pending Sep 13 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Support configuring basic auth credentials as a map of user/password hashes
test-infra 13952 krzyzacy LGTM Sep 13 Katharine, fejta, krzyzacy, matthyx, stevekuznetsov M Try to update prowjobs in plank use patch (third time the charm!)
test-infra 14327 k8s-ci-robot Pending Sep 13 Katharine M Update prow to v20190913-a5ee282ba, and other images as necessary.
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 7 wk8 Pending Sep 13 ddebroy, jingxu97, msau42, pjh, wk8 XXL Adding the skeleton for versioned APIs, both servers and clients
istio/istio 16920 AsCat Pending Sep 13 L [release-1.3]Remove outdated time diff info for istioctl ps command. (#16477)
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1534 monopole Pending Sep 13 Liujingfang1 L Example of configuring builtin plugin.
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 421 renovate-bot Pending Sep 13 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS chore(deps): update io_bazel_rules_docker commit hash to 1696cc5
kubernetes 82152 misterikkit Pending Sep 13 foxish, lavalamp, misterikkit, mml, soltysh, tedyu L Fix retry logic in DisruptionController
googleforgames/agones 1014 dependabot[bot] Pending Sep 13 XS Bump eslint-utils from 1.4.0 to 1.4.2 in /sdks/nodejs
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1517 Liujingfang1 Pending Sep 13 justinsb, monopole, pwittrock L deprecate fields: patchesStrategicMerge and patchesJson6902
kubernetes 82320 kdada Pending Sep 13 apelisse, jennybuckley, mengqiy M Skip deleted keys in strategicpatch
kubeflow/kubeflow 4098 yeya24 Pending Sep 13 kunmingg, richardsliu M cleanup some codes in notebook controller
kubernetes-client/python-base 152 sergei-maertens Pending Sep 13 roycaihw S Refs. #151 -- detect binary payloads and send the correct opcode
kubeflow/manifests 328 kkasravi Pending Sep 13 hougangliu XXL [WIP] E2e pipelineruns
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 184 monder Pending Sep 13 nckturner, wongma7 M Add support for multiple regions
kubernetes 78244 stewart-yu Pending Sep 13 enisoc, ixdy, roycaihw XL add script to check duplicate import in go file
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 1318 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 S Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_bazel from 2019-09-13
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 1317 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 S Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_bazel_docker_gcloud from 2019-09-13
kubernetes 82511 abursavich LGTM Sep 13 deads2k, draveness, kad, smarterclayton M Fix typos in KeyUsage constant names
kubernetes 82677 tedyu Pending Sep 13 Random-Liu, wojtek-t, yastij, yujuhong M Migrate kubelet to use v1beta1 Events - Part 1
sig-release 790 jberkus Pending Sep 13 AishSundar, claurence, justaugustus, tpepper M Add initial draft Emeritus Adviser handbook, as a kernel for future i…
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 699 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update rules_docker version
istio/tools 351 incfly Pending Sep 13 GregHanson, diemtvu L [Istio AutoMTLS] AutoMTLS stability test.
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1485 sethp-nr Pending Sep 13 droot, monopole, richardmarshall, sethp-nr L feat: skip name prefix/suffix by kind
minikube 4968 medyagh Pending Sep 13 afbjorklund, medyagh, tstromberg L wip: generate separate certs per profile
kubernetes 78300 onursatici Pending Sep 13 Huang-Wei, bsalamat, onursatici, resouer L add scheduling queue to framework handle
googleforgames/agones 1041 pooneh-m Pending Sep 13 markmandel, pooneh-m XXL Adding make file to generate allocation go from proto
kubernetes 82192 tedyu Pending Sep 13 jsafrane, saad-ali M Allow container visitor to operate on selected container types
kubernetes 75111 tnozicka Pending Sep 13 enisoc, foxish, kow3ns L Fix watches in e2e tests
kubernetes 82674 wongma7 Pending Sep 13 dims, krmayankk M Automated cherry pick of #80003: Fix cloud reported hostname being overridden if nodeIP set
istio/istio 17086 istio-testing Pending Sep 13 esnible XXL [release-1.3] Suppress unsupported port name and missing containerPort with 1.3 sidecar
minikube 5346 tstromberg Pending Sep 13 RA489, sharifelgamal S WIP: Remove unneccesary test script vars (EXTRA_ARGS, PARALLEL_COUNT, etc)
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1148 smukherj1 Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi L Port fixes to image config creator discovered in #1142
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1136 tahsinrahman Pending Sep 13 detiber, ncdc, vincepri S 🏃Fix log names are too verbose
kops 7096 austinmoore- Pending Sep 13 austinmoore-, geojaz, rdrgmnzs, rifelpet, robinpercy XXL Configuration to specify no SSH key
kubeflow/pipelines 2096 gaoning777 LGTM Sep 13 Ark-kun, IronPan, SinaChavoshi, gaoning777, numerology L add dataflow sample with the new GCP component
sig-release 789 jberkus Pending Sep 13 claurence, jberkus, justaugustus L Add Shadow document explaining what RT shadows are, what they do, and…
test-infra 14295 amwat Pending Sep 13 amwat, krzyzacy, sebastienvas, stevekuznetsov L Allow mason destruct.
kubeflow/pipelines 2106 gaoning777 Pending Sep 13 Ark-kun, IronPan XS [WIP] add sidecar sample test
kubernetes 81932 palnabarun Pending Sep 13 BenTheElder, derekwaynecarr, palnabarun, sjpotter M Fixes static check failures in test/e2e_node/*
kubeflow/pipelines 2060 Ark-kun Pending Sep 13 IronPan, gaoning777, hongye-sun L Release 1.29 - 979396702e2d759db472cb44615377b2b3fb51ab
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1146 nlopezgi Pending Sep 13 alex1545, laurentlb, nlopezgi, smukherj1 M remove some unnecessary calls to depset.to_list()
istio/ 4971 esnible Pending Sep 13 esnible, fpesce, frankbu, geeknoid, linsun L Task describing new experimental 'describe pod' sub-command
kubernetes-sigs/kind 853 manics Pending Sep 13 BenTheElder, amwat, aojea, manics XS Fix quickstart releases link
kubernetes 82673 wongma7 Pending Sep 13 krmayankk, yujuhong M Automated cherry pick of #80003: Fix cloud reported hostname being overridden if nodeIP set
kubernetes 82672 wongma7 LGTM Sep 13 Random-Liu, nckturner, yujuhong M Automated cherry pick of #80003: Fix cloud reported hostname being overridden if nodeIP set
kubernetes 82627 irajdeep LGTM Sep 13 cheftako, irajdeep, lavalamp, logicalhan, smarterclayton S Deprecate ssh tunnel metrics, since ssh tunnel is a deprecated feature 365 thockin Pending Sep 13 ameukam, cblecker, dims, nikhita L Prepare for a prod cluster
kops 6957 austinmoore- Pending Sep 13 geojaz, mikesplain, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy L Skip Docker install
enhancements 1156 feloy Pending Sep 13 feloy, lavalamp, liggitt, pwittrock, seans3 L KEP: Explain Categories and Expand
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 255 christopherhein LGTM Sep 13 micahhausler, nckturner XXL Update go version
kubeflow/kubeflow 4055 jbrette Pending Sep 13 abhi-g, gabrielwen, kkasravi L Migrate kustomize.go to Kustomize3
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 260 richardmarshall Pending Sep 13 christopherhein, mattmoyer, micahhausler M Remove DNS-1123 validation of usernames and groups
kubernetes 82575 draveness Pending Sep 13 deads2k, yue9944882 L [WIP] feat: add limited resource for critical pod in all namespaces - part2
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1142 smukherj1 Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi XL Use Go impl instead of python in all remaining container rules
enhancements 1237 cheftako Pending Sep 13 andrewsykim, deads2k, lavalamp M Reflect minor implementation changes from the 1.16 push in the KEP.
kubernetes 81933 palnabarun LGTM Sep 13 SataQiu, ixdy, tallclair XS Fixes static check failures in pkg/security/podsecuritypolicy/sysctl
kubernetes 82707 liggitt LGTM Sep 13 draveness, jpbetz, liggitt, roycaihw, smarterclayton L Allow v1 review versions in 1.17+
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 700 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update rules_go version
kubernetes 81911 ahmad-diaa Pending Sep 13 ahg-g, ahmad-diaa, alculquicondor, draveness, hex108, k82cn L Use scheduler.New() Instead of factory.NewConfigFactory() in Integration Test scheduler_test.go
kubernetes 68719 jlegrone Pending Sep 13 dixudx, janetkuo, jlegrone, kow3ns, saad-ali, smarterclayton, tnozicka M Add label
dashboard 4289 anshulahuja98 Pending Sep 13 bryk, maciaszczykm XS Overview path corrected on Kuberenetes app logo
istio/installer 360 diemtvu Pending Sep 13 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, sdake S Simplify mixer destination rules
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1145 NathanHowell Pending Sep 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Allow callers to specify entrypoint in py_image macro
test-infra 14314 takirala Pending Sep 13 Katharine M Always use relative URLs in frontend assets
kubernetes 82374 xcelsion Pending Sep 13 aramase, dcbw, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, squeed, vishh, xcelsion M Fixed issue with duplicate containerPorts in different address families
kubeflow/kubeflow 3880 avdaredevil Pending Sep 13 avdaredevil, prodonjs XXL [Central-Dashboard v2] MUI Tests - Backend:
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 272 hoyho Pending Sep 13 msau42, saad-ali XXL Refactor/gomod
istio/cni 173 istio-testing Pending Sep 13 rlenglet S [release-1.3] Disable retrying ip6tables cleanup when IPv6 is disabled
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 97 pohly Pending Sep 13 msau42, pohly, vladimirvivien L Kubernetes 1.16 + ephemeral inline volumes
kubernetes 82558 draveness Pending Sep 13 bsalamat, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, yue9944882 S feat: relex namespace restrictions for critical pod - part1
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2630 mszostok Pending Sep 13 jberkhahn, mszostok XXL Replaces the Aggregated API Server with the CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) solution
kubernetes-csi/docs 209 pohly Pending Sep 13 lpabon, msau42 M ephemeral volumes in Kubernetes 1.16 16351 bells17 Pending Sep 13 XS Translate content/ja/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/controller-… 16349 gdelafuente Pending Sep 13 raelga XS Fix typo 16347 eyenx Pending Sep 13 neolit123 XS add /etc/sysconfig/kubelet info for CentOS/RHEL/Fedora Distributions 16346 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 XS #16327 Update to remove GA variables 16345 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 XS #16327 update to remove GA state variables 16344 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 XS #16327 Update to remove GA state variables 16343 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 XS #16327 Update to remove GA state Variables
charts 17124 Pharb Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/node-problem-detector] Add relabelings to include node label in metrics
charts 17123 rafacamargo123 Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/testlink] Add missing tls secrets template 16342 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 XS #16327 Update to remove GA state Variables
charts 17121 pjbgf Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/kubernetes-dashboard] Add variable for container securityContext
charts 17120 harloprillar Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/percona-xtradb-cluster] Make metrics exporter working out of the box
charts 17119 melifaro Pending Sep 13 christian-roggia XS [stable/logstash] Add the option to create secrets
charts 17116 stevehipwell Pending Sep 13 tsiddique XS [stable/sonarqube] Update default service type to ClusterIP
helm 6426 unguiculus Pending Sep 13 XS ref(*): Improve and fix scaffold chart and API versions
helm 6425 AndiDog Pending Sep 13 XS Fix reachability check which must be disabled for `helm template` (unless `--validate` is specified)
ingress 4560 actgardner Pending Sep 13 ElvinEfendi XS Support configuring basic auth credentials as a map of user/password hashes
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2795 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 13 haircommander, umohnani8 XS [release-1.14] Fix possible segmentation fault on restore when runtime_type changes
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2794 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 13 haircommander XS [release-1.15] Fix possible segmentation fault on restore when runtime_type changes
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1150 marun Pending Sep 13 XS Update to kubebuilder 0.2.0 and kube 1.14
googleforgames/open-match 793 yfei1 Pending Sep 13 XS Move gke-metadata-server workaround out from install/helm directory
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5172 Timoses Pending Sep 13 XS [WIP] Download revamp with caching and delegation
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5171 holmesb Pending Sep 13 XS Fix for issue #5160
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5172 Timoses Pending Sep 13 XS [WIP] Download revamp with caching and delegation
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5171 holmesb Pending Sep 13 XS Fix for issue #5160
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2795 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 13 haircommander, umohnani8 XS [release-1.14] Fix possible segmentation fault on restore when runtime_type changes
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2794 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Sep 13 haircommander XS [release-1.15] Fix possible segmentation fault on restore when runtime_type changes
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 345 davidz627 Pending Sep 13 ddebroy, jsafrane, leakingtapan, msau42 L Ignore non-migrated in-tree PVC when provisioning
istio/tools 341 ChenLingPeng Pending Sep 13 carolynhu S make NAMESPACE configurable
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 344 davidz627 Pending Sep 13 ddebroy, jsafrane, leakingtapan, msau42 L Ignore non-migrated in-tree PVC when provisioning
istio/ 4927 djazayeri Pending Sep 13 geeknoid, navinger, rcaballeromx XS larger machine size that can fit default istio install
istio/ 4977 yangminzhu Pending Sep 13 myidpt, pitlv2109 S update description for SDS with pod security policy
istio/api 1036 jasonwzm Pending Sep 13 geeknoid, ozevren XXL Auto Generate Structural Schema for CRDs
kubernetes 82638 enj LGTM Sep 13 enj, immutableT, liggitt, mqliang, smarterclayton L [1.15] Encryption config: correctly handle overlapping providers
sig-release 785 saschagrunert Pending Sep 13 cartyc, kcmartin, onyiny-ang, paulbouwer L Update template to contain the relnotes website
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 222 chuckha Pending Sep 13 SataQiu, chuckha, fabriziopandini, ncdc XXL ⚠️ Certificate extraction
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 122 glyn Pending Sep 13 glyn, listx XS Improve README
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 269 wongma7 Pending Sep 13 christopherhein, micahhausler, nckturner XXL Refactor to allow configurable backends (configmap, eks configmap, crd)
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1521 sbose78 Pending Sep 13 droot, mengqiy XS Simplify escaping of characters in CRD example readme
kubernetes 82683 davidz627 Pending Sep 13 davidz627, ddebroy, jsafrane, leakingtapan, misterikkit, msau42, saad-ali L Refactor CSI Translation Library into a struct that is injected into various components to simplify unit testing
website 16351 bells17 Pending Sep 13 inductor, makocchi-git M Translate content/ja/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/controller-…
istio/istio 16174 myidpt Pending Sep 13 ayj, costinm, ozevren L Install Galley with sidecar in helm
kubernetes 82072 draveness Pending Sep 13 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, bsalamat, draveness, enisoc L feat(scheduler): use context instead of stopCh
kubernetes 82081 shturec Pending Sep 13 CaoShuFeng, sttts, tallclair L Retry send non-block audit events to webhook on any error
kubernetes 74966 hoegaarden Pending Sep 13 cheftako, hoegaarden, jsafrane, sjpotter, vladimirvivien XXL CSI: remove global vars
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1513 nimohunter Pending Sep 13 droot, justinsb M empty list or map item return error
istio/istio 15824 ozevren Pending Sep 13 esnible, geeknoid, golangcibot, nmittler, ozevren, sushicw XXL WIP: [collab-galley] Introduce a multi-resource analysis framework in Galley.
kubernetes 82603 robscott Pending Sep 13 deads2k, mwielgus, rootfs S Fixing EndpointSlice kubectl output
kubeflow/pipelines 2104 Bobgy Pending Sep 13 IronPan, neuromage M Add npm run dev script that automatically proxies both backend and mlmd servers.
kubeflow/pipelines 2103 nicolas-geniteau Pending Sep 13 Ark-kun, hongye-sun XS SDK - Update argo-models version
kubeflow/pipelines 2102 animeshsingh Pending Sep 13 gaoning777, hongye-sun M kfserving pipeline update
kubernetes 79187 jpbetz Pending Sep 13 hongchaodeng, liggitt, smarterclayton M Automated cherry pick of #71855: Fix issue where missing external IP address breaks SSH
test-infra 14322 sbwsg LGTM Sep 13 alvaroaleman, matthyx S Add a ProwJob's .Status.BuildID as a Label on resources
autoscaler 2212 devkid Pending Sep 13 Jeffwan, MaciekPytel, krzysztof-jastrzebski, losipiuk, mwielgus L Don't consider to move pods to empty nodes when scaling down
test-infra 14264 justinsb Pending Sep 13 cblecker, matthyx XS Assign a single reviewer to PRs
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1150 marun Pending Sep 13 font, gyliu513, xunpan XXL Update to kubebuilder 0.2.0 and kube 1.14
kubernetes 77905 pontiyaraja Pending Sep 13 krmayankk, vishh L test case for pod should get killed when it exceeds the memory limit
kops 7378 justinsb LGTM Sep 13 granular-ryanbonham, mikesplain, robinpercy M Add to mirror list
community 4088 palnabarun Pending Sep 13 mrbobbytables, palnabarun, parispittman, tpepper M Updates events-team registration handbook
kubernetes 82705 deads2k Pending Sep 13 david-mcmahon, sttts XL [WIP] use controller to publish cluster authentication info
kubernetes 76838 bclau Pending Sep 13 PatrickLang, bclau, dims, ixdy, javier-b-perez, johnSchnake, listx, luxas, mkumatag, neolit123, spiffxp, yujuhong XL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 1)
kops 7371 justinsb LGTM Sep 13 granular-ryanbonham, mikesplain, robinpercy M Add --wait argument to kops validate
kubernetes 80387 feloy Pending Sep 13 apelisse, janetkuo, lavalamp M kubectl explain displays path of kind instead of "Object"
kubernetes 74026 mkimuram Pending Sep 13 abrarshivani, andyzhangx, gnufied, jsafrane, mkimuram, tedyu, wongma7 XL Separate staging/publish and unstaging/unpublish logics for block
kubernetes 77970 namreg Pending Sep 13 dnardo, mattjmcnaughton, nicksardo S kubelet: fix custom resolve.conf options
istio/istio 16526 ozevren Pending Sep 13 rlenglet XS WIP: Do not checkin: Testing flipping an experimental flag.
kubernetes 77269 bclau Pending Sep 13 ixdy, mkumatag XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 3)
test-infra 14319 eloyekunle LGTM Sep 13 alvaroaleman, matthyx XS Typo fix - 'appled' => 'applied'
istio/istio 16949 istio-testing Pending Sep 13 bianpengyuan S [release-1.3] Skip populating destination service host for passthrough and blackhole
istio/istio 17032 istio-testing Pending Sep 13 rshriram XL [release-1.3] Add mtlsready label
istio/istio 17069 cgilmour Pending Sep 13 S [release-1.3] Update datadog config in sidecar template
kubernetes 82204 hex108 Pending Sep 13 Huang-Wei, draveness, hex108 L [WIP]Convert existing function to default queue sort plugin
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1096 michaelgugino Pending Sep 13 detiber, enxebre, michaelgugino, ncdc, vincepri XL ✨ Machine controller: drain node before machine deletion
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5172 Timoses Pending Sep 13 Miouge1, holmsten XXL [WIP] Download revamp with caching and delegation
website 14850 emedina Pending Sep 13 alexbrand, electrocucaracha, raelga XXL Add content/es/docs/concepts_workloads_controllers/deployment_and_gc
kops 7580 michalschott LGTM Sep 13 granular-ryanbonham, mikesplain, rifelpet, zetaab S Updating master IAM policies.
kops 7445 hippolin LGTM Sep 13 KashifSaadat, granular-ryanbonham, hippolin, zetaab S Fixed "NeedsUpdate" status of nodes in mixedinstancegroups after rolling update
kubernetes 77398 bclau Pending Sep 13 ixdy, luxas XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 2)
kops 7476 phspagiari LGTM Sep 13 mikesplain, robinpercy, zetaab XS fix(upup/models/cloudup/resources/addons/ missing resourceVersion
website 16349 gdelafuente Pending Sep 13 alexbrand, glo-pena, raelga XS Fix typo
kubeflow/manifests 354 jlewi Pending Sep 13 Jeffwan, gabrielwen, hougangliu S GCP KfDef should pull deployment manager configs from kubeflow/manifests
community 4089 jaypipes Pending Sep 13 jdumars, mattfarina XS Correct links in declarative app mgmt doc
test-infra 14306 stevekuznetsov Pending Sep 13 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov M Allow for registering cleanup work on interrupt
kubernetes 82211 tedyu Pending Sep 13 cheftako S Return the error of tunneler installation to completedConfig#New
kubernetes 82696 mm4tt Pending Sep 13 fabriziopandini, krzyzacy, mm4tt, wojtek-t M Adjust nginx lb timeout depending on the cluster size in tests
ingress-nginx 4550 actgardner Pending Sep 13 ElvinEfendi, actgardner, aledbf L Add support for configmap of headers for auth-url per ingress
kubernetes 82270 nolancon Pending Sep 13 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, nolancon XS Remove 'Experimental' prefix from TopologyManagerPolicy and edit comment spelling error.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 571 codenrhoden LGTM Sep 13 akutz, sflxn, sidharthsurana, yastij M Remove hack/
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5171 holmesb Pending Sep 13 Miouge1, holmsten XS Fix for issue #5160
kube-openapi 173 jbrette Pending Sep 13 apelisse, jbrette, lavalamp, seans3, sttts L Add limited support for map[string]map[string]xxx
test-infra 14293 Ark-kun LGTM Sep 13 chases2, jlewi XS Limit KF Pipelines postsubmit tests to the master branch
kubernetes 75368 mfojtik Pending Sep 13 deads2k, errordeveloper, gmarek, liggitt, logicalhan, mfojtik, smarterclayton, sttts M rest: retry on connection refused and apiserver shutdown
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 134 nitzs Pending Sep 13 L Evict duplicate pods only if not all nodes are used
website 16347 eyenx LGTM Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, neolit123, sftim XS add /etc/sysconfig/kubelet info for CentOS/RHEL/Fedora Distributions
kubernetes 82347 pjbgf Pending Sep 13 MrHohn, bowei, pjbgf, prameshj, rajansandeep, tallclair M Harden kube-dns to run with less privileges.
klog 96 miekg Pending Sep 13 DirectXMan12, miekg, neolit123, pohly, yagonobre L Error
website 16313 brb Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, brb, neolit123, stewart-yu, yagonobre XS kubeadm: Add optional step to disable kube-proxy
kubeflow/xgboost-operator 35 hemantha-kumara Pending Sep 13 hemantha-kumara, johnugeorge, merlintang, terrytangyuan L xgboost operator manifests
enhancements 1234 arjunrn Pending Sep 13 arjunrn, jdumars, josephburnett, mwielgus L Modified proposal for configurable HPA to use a single field to specify allowed changes
kubernetes 82424 jsafrane Pending Sep 13 BenTheElder, aojea, dchen1107, jsafrane, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, tallclair S Use pod + nsenter instead of SSH in mount propagation tests
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 221 marquiz Pending Sep 13 Ethyling, balajismaniam XS Dockerfile: change the base image
website 16344 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu XS #16327 Update to remove GA state variables
website 16345 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS #16327 update to remove GA state variables
website 16346 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu XS #16327 Update to remove GA variables
website 16343 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS #16327 Update to remove GA state Variables
website 16342 SupriyaSirbi Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu XS #16327 Update to remove GA state Variables
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 602 mszostok Pending Sep 13 droot, pwittrock L ✨Add predicates as variadic args for Owns, For, and Watches func
kubernetes 79409 takmatsu Pending Sep 13 dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, takmatsu, tallclair, vikaschoudhary16, vishh M Modify Kubelet Pod Resources API to get only active pods
perf-tests 795 oxddr LGTM Sep 13 mborsz, mm4tt, wojtek-t M Add option to use simple latency query for API latency.
kubernetes 82629 cewood Pending Sep 13 gmarek, wojtek-t XS Add version logging to kubemark
dashboard 4288 pjbgf Pending Sep 13 bryk, cheld, maciaszczykm, tallclair M Apply Security hardening
charts 17114 mmariani Pending Sep 13 XS fixed description: global.postgresql.postgresqlPassword
charts 17112 AlexDouze Pending Sep 13 jbialy XS [incubator/vault] Add support for prometheus operator
charts 17110 koen92 Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/cluster-overprovisioner] Add label
charts 17109 alexnguyen91 Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/fluent-bit] Enable tls for fluent-bit forward plugin
charts 17108 thewilli Pending Sep 13 XS [stable/minio] added option for additional CLI args
charts 17107 jtnz Pending Sep 13 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus] Pushgateway deployment strategy type
charts 17106 davejohncole Pending Sep 13 XS Fix subchart warnings on ingress annotations
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5170 Bledai Pending Sep 13 XS Fixed issue "Fails to finish kubernetes deployment #5116"
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5170 Bledai Pending Sep 13 XS Fixed issue "Fails to finish kubernetes deployment #5116"
dashboard 4286 anshulahuja98 Pending Sep 13 bryk, cheld XS Fix Learn More URL for Creating/Deploying apps
kops 7568 zetaab Pending Sep 13 drekle, mitch000001, robinpercy, zetaab XL Use existing OpenStack network
dashboard 4274 anshulahuja98 LGTM Sep 13 PeWu, bryk, eloyekunle XS Fix create resource input component: set inputData string to empty
cloud-provider-openstack 735 kayrus LGTM Sep 13 FengyunPan2, adisky, gonzolino, hogepodge, lingxiankong XXL Deduplicate OpenStack auth functions
dashboard 4284 shu-mutou Pending Sep 13 ianlewis, maciaszczykm S Update document for i18n
kubernetes 79329 davidstack LGTM Sep 13 misterikkit, mrkm4ntr, ravisantoshgudimetla, wgliang XS change the comment of the pid-pressure
kubernetes 78121 takmatsu Pending Sep 13 lavalamp, smarterclayton, wojtek-t M Remove golint failures from pkg/apis/admissionregistration/v1beta1
kops 4799 valdisrigdon LGTM Sep 13 chrislovecnm, justinsb, mikesplain, valdisrigdon L Adds a number of flags/options
kops 7566 srikiz Pending Sep 13 gambol99, granular-ryanbonham, robinpercy, srikiz, timoreimann M [DO-7442] Digital Ocean add consistent volume and droplet tags for multi master feature
istio/installer 393 morvencao Pending Sep 13 XS capitalize env vars.
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1008 devkid Pending Sep 13 Raffo, devkid, linki, njuettner XL [RFC] Add support for all AWS Route53 routing policies; add additional Setldentifier abstraction layer
kubeflow/examples 590 SaschaHeyer Pending Sep 13 SaschaHeyer, jinchihe, texasmichelle XXL added named entity recognition example
istio/operator 272 richardwxn Pending Sep 13 ostromart, richardwxn XXL Update values schema
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 181 jw-s Pending Sep 13 aveshagarwal L Respect Node taints with tolerations (if exist)
website 16312 simplytunde Pending Sep 13 Rajakavitha1, makoscafee, sftim, tengqm M Update config.toml(release-1.15) for 1.16
website 16315 simplytunde Pending Sep 13 jimangel, makoscafee, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao M Update config.toml(release-1.13) for 1.16
website 16314 simplytunde Pending Sep 13 jimangel, makoscafee, stewart-yu M Update config.toml(release-1.14) for 1.16
kubernetes 82578 kevtaylor Pending Sep 13 lavalamp, msau42, mwielgus XS Promote VolumeSubpathEnvExpansion feature gate to GA
kubernetes 82413 zhlhahaha Pending Sep 13 BenTheElder, dims, eparis, vishh, zmerlynn M local-up-cluster kube-proxy terminated error
minikube 5314 sam-sla Pending Sep 13 josedonizetti, sharifelgamal XS Update NO_PROXY example for Windows
kubernetes-sigs/aws-encryption-provider 38 vvbogdanov87 Pending Sep 13 micahhausler, sethpollack, vvbogdanov87 S Fix kops documentation
dashboard 4272 shu-mutou Pending Sep 13 floreks, konryd, shu-mutou S Sort retrieved metrics by order of request
website 15337 simplytunde Pending Sep 13 jimangel, makoscafee XXL Official 1.16 Release Docs
website 16144 deads2k LGTM Sep 13 chenopis, enj, lavalamp XS add latency requirements to aggregated apiserver discovery
kubernetes 82649 dims Pending Sep 13 fejta, liggitt, neolit123 XXL Remove stale test_owners.* and associated scripts
kubernetes 82637 enj Pending Sep 13 ingvagabund, sakshamsharma L [1.16] Automated cherry pick of #82434: Encryption config: correctly handle overlapping providers
kubernetes 82687 dims Pending Sep 13 Random-Liu, mtaufen L Automated cherry pick of #82514: Exec probes should not be unbounded
kubernetes 82618 warmchang Pending Sep 13 justinsb, nikhiljindal XS Automated cherry pick of #82446: Check cache is synced first before sleeping
kubernetes 82690 draveness Pending Sep 13 brendandburns, dchen1107 XS [WIP] feat: graduate ResourceQuotaScopeSelectors to GA - part3
kubeflow/kfctl 34 frankzhao Pending Sep 13 gabrielwen, yanniszark XS Escape underscores in email addresses
kubernetes 82689 Aisuko Pending Sep 13 deads2k, smarterclayton, soltysh XS [doc]:Fix the Kustomize kind of resource mistakes in the documantion.
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1142 marun Pending Sep 13 font, irfanurrehman, marun, xunpan L Ensure validation schema of federated types is openapi compatible
kubeflow/tf-operator 1072 hmtai Pending Sep 13 Jimexist, cheyang S use multi-stage build to build tf-operator image
kops 7407 isaaguilar Pending Sep 13 chrisz100, granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, zetaab L rolling-update features cordon/batch/detach
istio/api 1074 ramaraochavali Pending Sep 13 howardjohn, rlenglet L [cherry-pick-1.3] add stat name patterns to mesh config
kubeflow/examples 633 jinchihe Pending Sep 13 jinchihe, jlewi, lluunn, texasmichelle XL Add testing for xgboost_synthetic 16340 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 13 oussemos, rbenzair, remyleone XS docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | service account
charts 17103 isaaguilar Pending Sep 13 xlucas XS [stable/datadog] enable custom logs in datadog
charts 17102 RichardWLaub Pending Sep 13 XS [incubator/fluentd-cloudwatch] Update Daemonset apiVersion to apps/v1
charts 17101 farshad-hobsons Pending Sep 13 nestorsalceda XS [stable/falco]: Restrict the access to /dev on underlying host to rea…
ingress 4557 aledbf Pending Sep 13 ElvinEfendi XS Remove the_real_ip variable
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1272 aojea Pending Sep 13 XS [WIP] CRI reports Additional POD IPs
ingress-gce 852 spencerhance Pending Sep 13 MrHohn, freehan L Update e2e framework for ILB - Part 2
kubernetes 78197 dsymonds Pending Sep 13 adohe, liggitt, rootfs, smarterclayton XS Fix description of diff flags
kubernetes 82662 jpbetz Pending Sep 13 deads2k, enisoc, lavalamp, ncdc XS Add jpbetz as reviewer of api-machinery code
ingress-gce 846 spencerhance Pending Sep 13 MrHohn, bowei, freehan, spencerhance M e2e test framework add support for ilb subnet
kubernetes 71741 mikedanese Pending Sep 13 adohe, anguslees, neolit123, yliaog L make all transports support http and http2
test-infra 14261 nilo19 LGTM Sep 13 feiskyer, krzyzacy, wojtek-t XS Add function KubernetesClientSet.
kubernetes 82447 RickyRajinder LGTM Sep 13 Random-Liu, RickyRajinder, RobertKrawitz, dashpole, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen M Added validation for KubeReserved and SystemReserved in Kubelet Config
istio/operator 282 ostromart Pending Sep 12 XXL Cherry-picks from master
kubernetes 82625 yiyang5055 Pending Sep 12 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jiayingz, mindprince L add pod information to device plugin allocate request
kubernetes 82148 bbourbie Pending Sep 12 bbourbie, deads2k, erictune, k8s-ci-robot, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, mfojtik, smarterclayton M fix: adding padding the encoded docker auth field
kubernetes-sigs/azurefile-csi-driver 118 chewong Pending Sep 12 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx, feiskyer XXL Refactor test scripts in preparation for CI migration
ingress-nginx 4557 aledbf Pending Sep 12 ElvinEfendi, bowei M Remove the_real_ip variable
test-infra 14254 clarketm LGTM Sep 12 alvaroaleman, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Remove deprecated `data.js` endpoint
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 343 davidz627 Pending Sep 12 ddebroy, jsafrane, leakingtapan, msau42 L WIP Unit tests for migration
googleforgames/open-match-docs 43 yfei1 Pending Sep 12 L Added docs for accessing Open Match
kubernetes 77941 mfpierre LGTM Sep 12 mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, sjpotter, vishh S Automated cherry pick of #77661: Kubelet provides an updated and complete status of
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 919 rkolchmeyer Pending Sep 12 adjackura, rkolchmeyer, zoran15 XS daisy: compute: Retry on transport-level failures
dashboard 4269 greenkeeper[bot] Pending Sep 12 cheld, olekzabl XS Update xterm to the latest version 🚀
kubernetes 80468 jfbai LGTM Sep 12 chardch, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jiayingz, vikaschoudhary16, vishh L Automated cherry pick of #77699: Reset extended resources only when node is recreated.
kubernetes 80725 aramase Pending Sep 12 aojea, aramase, cmluciano, freehan L E2E tests for dualstack phase2
kubernetes 82553 jennybuckley Pending Sep 12 apelisse, jennybuckley L Split field manager with interface
kubernetes 82076 tsmetana Pending Sep 12 cwdsuzhou, davidz627, jingxu97, mattjmcnaughton, rootfs, tsmetana, xiaoanyunfei S Kubelet volume manager: fix logging of unattached volumes
kubernetes 82632 wojtek-t Pending Sep 12 dashpole, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, smarterclayton S Promote lease API test to Conformance
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1189 Evesy Pending Sep 12 Raffo, hjacobs, njuettner M Support Cloudflare API Token Auth
kubernetes 79993 aramase Pending Sep 12 andrewsykim, aojea, aramase, bowei, davidopp, khenidak L Allow multiple node cidr masks in kube-controller-manager
cloud-provider-aws 56 mrf Pending Sep 12 jsafrane, micahhausler S Provides new service annotation for load balancer name.
website 16271 praseodym Pending Sep 12 Rajakavitha1, VineethReddy02, bradfitz, daminisatya, danwinship, droopy4096, joeabbey, justincormack, neolit123, praseodym, sethmccombs, sftim, simplytunde, squeed, thockin M Add instructions for switching to iptables-legacy
kubernetes 82455 AdheipSingh LGTM Sep 12 jennybuckley, munnerz, nikhita, sttts XS Update comment for syncHandler
istio/ 4734 yuxintong-github Pending Sep 12 SataQiu, fleeto, frankbu, geeknoid, gyliu513, loverto, rootsongjc, yuxintong-github S zh: update zh translate
istio/ 4879 Aisuko Pending Sep 12 SataQiu, fleeto, frankbu, geeknoid, gyliu513, loverto, rootsongjc S zh: Fix the numbers of CRDs to right to follow the latest release version
kops 6956 austinmoore- Pending Sep 12 justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XXL Override Docker download URL
kubernetes 82648 pjbgf Pending Sep 12 danielromlein, rf232, tallclair XS Harden dashboard
istio/istio 15859 philrud Pending Sep 12 costinm, duderino, myidpt L (WIP/Draft): provide a way to supply additional trusted CA roots in the runtime
kops 7398 rifelpet Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, rifelpet, robinpercy S Upgrade Amazon VPC CNI plugin to 1.5.3
kubernetes 82615 viviyww Pending Sep 12 CaoShuFeng, bowei, jpbetz, mikedanese XS Modify the ip range size from 20 to 16
kubernetes 77587 zhuguihua LGTM Sep 12 danwinship, neolit123, nicksardo, thockin XS handle cobra command error
kubernetes 82652 ricardomaraschini Pending Sep 12 deads2k, wojtek-t, yliaog L Return RequestConstructionError when appropriate.
kubernetes 82630 RainbowMango Pending Sep 12 enisoc, logicalhan, smarterclayton, sttts S Migrate prometheus bucket functionality to metrics stability framework for apiserver
website 16340 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 12 jygastaud, oussemos, rbenzair, rekcah78, remyleone L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | service account
website 16237 savitharaghunathan Pending Sep 12 bradtopol, gnufied, jaypipes, jsafrane, savitharaghunathan, sftim, thockin S Adding review changes from PR 15604
kubernetes 82656 odinuge Pending Sep 12 feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, oomichi XS Drop kernel caches before requesting huge pages in tests
kubernetes 82654 odinuge Pending Sep 12 alejandrox1, dims, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen S Fix pre pull of images in DiskPressure tests
kops 7424 mmerrill3 Pending Sep 12 justinsb, mmerrill3, robinpercy, zetaab L Implementing audit dynamic configuration (#7392)
community 3710 caesarxuchao Pending Sep 12 deads2k, lavalamp, smarterclayton S Updating the api chunking proposal to add remainingItemCount
istio/ 4975 jwendell Pending Sep 12 XS Mention mirror_percent field in mirroring task
kubernetes-incubator/reference-docs 86 kbhawkey Pending Sep 12 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu XS cleanup commands
website 15065 icheikhrouhou Pending Sep 12 icheikhrouhou, jygastaud, oussemos, rbenzair, remyleone L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | assign cpu
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 538 yastij Pending Sep 12 akutz, andrewsykim, yastij XL introduce load balancer API for capv
kubeflow/kubeflow 4017 kunmingg LGTM Sep 12 gabrielwen, kkasravi M sync kfctl_gcp_iap.yaml with v0.6.2 config
kubeflow/manifests 174 holdenk Pending Sep 12 richardsliu, swiftdiaries L Add a spark operator 16339 kbhawkey Pending Sep 12 XS update generated comp. files, 1.16 16337 bells17 Pending Sep 12 XS Translate docs/concepts/architecture/cloud-controller in ja
charts 17100 nckturner Pending Sep 12 XS [stable/aws-iam-authenticator] Add myself as maintainer
charts 17099 max-rocket-internet Pending Sep 12 XS [stable/aws-pod-identity-webhook] Adding chart for AWS' new EKS Pod Identity Webhook
charts 17097 ahmed-mez Pending Sep 12 XS [stable/datadog] correct volumes template
charts 17092 desaintmartin Pending Sep 12 XS [stable/rabbitmq] Metrics: use ipv4 to connect to rabbit.
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 175 swatisehgal Pending Sep 12 XS Strategy to consider taints and tolerations in Descheduler
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 174 mccare Pending Sep 12 XS Documentation for compile and example yaml files for creation of kubernetes resources
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 173 seanmalloy Pending Sep 12 XS Use correct GCR staging registry
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 167 y-taka-23 Pending Sep 12 XS Validate the targetThresholds the same as the thresholds
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 164 seanmalloy Pending Sep 12 XS Update example Job with image location
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 161 reetasingh Pending Sep 12 XS Making test table driven
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 153 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Sep 12 XS Bump kubernetes
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 151 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Sep 12 XS Start using kind for e2e tests
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 181 jw-s Pending Sep 12 aveshagarwal XS Respect Node taints with tolerations (if exist)
test-infra 14276 fejta LGTM Sep 12 Katharine, chases2, clarketm, fejta, krzyzacy, sebastienvas L Move boskos deployment under prow, auto-deploy
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1473 richardmarshall Pending Sep 12 jcassee, monopole, richardmarshall M RFC: Support resource generator options in exec plugins
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 369 amdonov Pending Sep 12 bertinatto, d-nishi, ddebroy XS enable users to set ec2-endpoint for nonstandard regions
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1131 tahsinrahman Pending Sep 12 chuckha, rudoi S Add go mod verification in CI
kubernetes 82537 irajdeep Pending Sep 12 RobertKrawitz, dashpole, irajdeep, jingxu97, krmayankk M [WIP] Reflect projects in /etc on kubelet restart
istio/api 1067 ramaraochavali Pending Sep 12 costinm, howardjohn, ramaraochavali, rshriram L add tls settings for pilot and tracer config
kubernetes 82621 warmchang Pending Sep 12 jsafrane, mfojtik XS Automated cherry pick of #82446: Check cache is synced first before sleeping
kubernetes 82620 warmchang Pending Sep 12 thockin, wojtek-t XS Automated cherry pick of #82446: Check cache is synced first before sleeping
kubernetes 82619 warmchang Pending Sep 12 brendandburns, nikhiljindal XS Automated cherry pick of #82446: Check cache is synced first before sleeping
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1129 ncdc LGTM Sep 12 detiber, ingvagabund, ncdc, sethp-nr, vincepri M ✨ Record events for credentials and permissions issues
kubernetes 65881 smarterclayton Pending Sep 12 caesarxuchao, caseydavenport M WIP - Require all conversions to be strictly defined
kubernetes 82563 leakingtapan Pending Sep 12 davidz627, msau42, rootfs, tpepper, wongma7 M Automated cherry pick of #80048: Fixes mount/unmount paths for migrated inline volumes. Some
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 458 jichenjc Pending Sep 12 jichenjc, justinsb, m1093782566, sbueringer XS Remove gcloud shell usage
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1126 vincepri Pending Sep 12 detiber, ingvagabund, justinsb, ncdc, vincepri L ✨ Add ability to customize APIServer LB listener port
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1124 liztio Pending Sep 12 davidewatson, detiber, ingvagabund, ncdc S :bug: Manually specify broadcaster options so events do not get discarded
kubeflow/manifests 309 jbrette Pending Sep 12 Jeffwan, kkasravi, lluunn, swiftdiaries XXL Migrate kustomize version from 2.x version to 3.x.
kubernetes 77132 namreg Pending Sep 12 liggitt, luxas, namreg, smarterclayton, thockin XL apiserver: store nodename while reconcile default k8s service endpoints
test-infra 14297 agnihotrigaurav Pending Sep 12 chases2, timothysc S Add dashboards to testgrid for OKE v1.13
website 16337 bells17 Pending Sep 12 bells17, inductor, nasa9084 L Translate docs/concepts/architecture/cloud-controller in ja
kubeflow/kubeflow 3809 holdenk Pending Sep 12 gabrielwen, kunmingg XS [KUBEFLOW-3808] Create the default namespace on GKE
kops 6987 justinsb LGTM Sep 12 apelisse, jsafrane, rdrgmnzs XXL Initial bundle support
kubernetes 81708 RainbowMango LGTM Sep 12 RainbowMango, SataQiu, caesarxuchao, roycaihw, smarterclayton, tallclair S Fix static failure for package: staging/src/
kubernetes 82616 ghouscht LGTM Sep 12 detiber, ereslibre, ghouscht, neolit123, yagonobre L kubeadm: preserve order of user specified apiserver authorization-mode
website 16284 bells17 Pending Sep 12 MasayaAoyama, bells17, nasa9084, oke-py M Translate docs/tasks/administer-cluster/running-cloud-controller/ in …
steering 114 castrojo Pending Sep 12 castrojo, dims, michelleN, philips, sarahnovotny, timothysc M Initial draft for travel sponsorship
kops 7474 nebril Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, zetaab XXL Change Cilium templates to standalone version
kubernetes 77884 mikedanese LGTM Sep 12 mattjmcnaughton, mikedanese, mtaufen, tallclair, tmrts, vishh S don't log initalNode in standalone kubelets
kubernetes 79037 avorima Pending Sep 12 humblec, ixdy L Fix golint errors in pkg/volume/csi/fake and pkg/volume/rbd
kops 7561 zetaab Pending Sep 12 drekle, robinpercy, zetaab L Clean security groups if api/ssh ips are removed from config
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 600 mszostok Pending Sep 12 DirectXMan12, droot, klaudiagrz, pwittrock L ✨Add option to use Lease lock if coordination group is available
kubernetes 82624 qingling128 Pending Sep 12 cjcullen, jingax10, yujuhong XS Upgrade stackdriver-logging-agent image to 1.6.17 to fix CVEs.
kops 7487 tioxy Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, rdrgmnzs, tioxy, zetaab S Add event ttl flag
kubernetes 82365 jkaniuk Pending Sep 12 caesarxuchao, eparis, gmarek, janetkuo, jkaniuk, mborsz, mm4tt XL [WIP] Pod GC controller - use node lister
kubeflow/pipelines 2048 hongye-sun LGTM Sep 12 Ark-kun, animeshsingh, gaoning777 XS Add CMLE deploy comment missing parameters
kubeflow/examples 637 jinchihe Pending Sep 12 jinchihe, jlewi, texasmichelle XXL update example to use kubeflow-fairing
website 16295 aimeeu LGTM Sep 12 aimeeu, sftim, stewart-yu, tfogo L Enhance Triage and categorize issues section
kubernetes 80479 tnozicka Pending Sep 12 cheftako, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton, tnozicka XS Make namespace controller aware of implicit finalizer on pods
googleforgames/agones 1056 aLekSer Pending Sep 12 XS Marking Gameservers with Evicted backing Pods as Unhealthy
kubernetes 82291 danwinship Pending Sep 12 freehan, gmarek, timothysc XL migrate from framework.GetReadySchedulableNodesOrDie to e2enode.GetReadySchedulableNodes
kubernetes 82639 enj Pending Sep 12 deads2k, lavalamp L [1.14] Automated cherry pick of #82638: Encryption config: correctly handle overlapping providers
kubeflow/kubeflow 3607 ryandawsonuk Pending Sep 12 SachinVarghese, gabrielwen, krishnadurai, kunmingg, pdmack, ryandawsonuk, yanniszark M parameterise auth redirects and hmac
kubernetes 82508 aanm LGTM Sep 12 bowei, derekwaynecarr, khenidak, m1093782566, mattjmcnaughton, thockin S dockershim/network: fix panic for cni plugins in IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack mode
kops 7560 tanjunchen LGTM Sep 12 rifelpet, robinpercy, zetaab XS ineffectual assignment to
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 465 jichenjc Pending Sep 12 gyliu513, sbueringer, vincepri S Fix cacert issue
kubernetes 82601 tedyu Pending Sep 12 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, tedyu S Parallelize reference operation in TestSecretCacheMultipleRegistrations
kubernetes 81167 krzysied Pending Sep 12 deads2k, k82cn, krzysied, mborsz, wojtek-t L [WiP] NodeLifecycleController - adding pods lister
kubernetes 72927 runyontr Pending Sep 12 deads2k, enisoc, janetkuo, lavalamp, liggitt, nikopen, runyontr M Catch ReplicaSet Deletion Events
minikube 5325 RA489 Pending Sep 12 afbjorklund, josedonizetti XS virtualbox: registry: driver not found (and delete doesn't work)
website 16331 simplytunde Pending Sep 12 jimangel, sftim, stewart-yu L generated kubectl reference doc for 1.16
kubernetes 81175 michaelgugino Pending Sep 12 caesarxuchao, juanvallejo, michaelgugino, mortent, smarterclayton, tedyu M Allow deletion of pending pods when using PDBS
website 16330 simplytunde Pending Sep 12 Rajakavitha1, jimangel, sftim XXL generated api reference doc for 1.16
kops 7252 liranp Pending Sep 12 chrisz100, justinsb, liranp, rdrgmnzs L Spotinst: New hybrid integration mode
kubernetes 82350 damemi Pending Sep 12 SataQiu, ahg-g, bsalamat, damemi, draveness, hex108, ravisantoshgudimetla L Fix preemption race conditions on heavily utilized nodes for e2e tests
kops 7539 liranp Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, zetaab S Kubelet configuration: Maximum pods flag is miscalculated when using Amazon VPC CNI
kubernetes 80744 Joseph-Irving Pending Sep 12 Joseph-Irving, draveness, jayunit100, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, tomwans XXL Sidecar kubelet implementation
kubernetes 82349 carlosedp LGTM Sep 12 BenTheElder, adohe, andrewsykim, carlosedp, lavalamp, liggitt M Bump x/sys and opencontainers/runc to support Risc-V architecture
website 16299 purelledhand Pending Sep 12 ClaudiaJKang, seokho-son L Translate concepts/services-networking/dns-pod-service in Korean
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5166 liupeng0518 LGTM Sep 12 Atoms, Miouge1, holmsten XS Fix variable for rbd_provisioner_secret
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1731 HarryStericker Pending Sep 12 dominicgunn, mumoshu, redbaron XS Referencing the drainTimeout value in the NodeDrainer daemonset
kubernetes 80824 damemi Pending Sep 12 Huang-Wei, bsalamat, damemi, ravisantoshgudimetla, resouer, wgliang L Move PodPriorityResolution e2e to integration
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1730 davidmccormick LGTM Sep 12 c-knowles, dominicgunn, mumoshu L Move kube2iam to a plugin
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1732 HarryStericker LGTM Sep 12 c-knowles, dominicgunn, mumoshu XS [v0.13.x] Referencing the drainTimeout value in the NodeDrainer daemonset
istio/ 4867 mbanikazemi Pending Sep 12 frankbu, geeknoid, mbanikazemi, rcaballeromx, rshriram, rvennam, sdake M Add FAQ entry for running Cassandra
kubernetes 82243 jfbai Pending Sep 12 jfbai, neolit123, rosti L refactor: replace all calls to os.Exit() / CheckErr().
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1733 HarryStericker LGTM Sep 12 c-knowles, davidmccormick, dominicgunn XS [v0.14.x] Referencing the drainTimeout value in the NodeDrainer daemonset
kubeflow/katib 756 johnugeorge Pending Sep 12 andreyvelich, garganubhav, hougangliu XS Removing backup db password
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 317 knight42 Pending Sep 12 droot, pwittrock S 🐛fix: add support for pointers as map values
kubeflow/pipelines 2081 eterna2 Pending Sep 12 Ark-kun, IronPan, eterna2, neuromage M [pipeline-ui] Retrieve pod logs from argo archive
kubernetes 82356 m3ngyang Pending Sep 12 foxish, gmarek, liggitt S optimize gc_controller.gcTerminated
istio/ 4821 mbanikazemi Pending Sep 12 frankbu, geeknoid, mbanikazemi, rcaballeromx, rvennam, sdake L Adding FAQ entry for elastic search
kubernetes 82610 deeyes24 Pending Sep 12 dims, seans3, soltysh S Moved the sort-by flag fetch only if earlier sort-by option was enabled
kubernetes 81408 cwdsuzhou Pending Sep 12 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair L Use RWMutex in cacheBasedManager and add some unit tests
kubeflow/katib 755 johnugeorge Pending Sep 12 Akado2009, DeeperMind M WIP: Update Suggestion deployment
kubernetes 78635 AkihiroSuda Pending Sep 12 AkihiroSuda, bowei, johnbelamaric, mattjmcnaughton, vishh S Ignore sysctl errors when running in UserNS
kubernetes 77914 yastij Pending Sep 12 derekwaynecarr, jbeda, tallclair, thockin XS add yastij as a reviewer for sig-node
kubernetes-sigs/kind 828 aojea Pending Sep 12 BenTheElder, amwat, aojea, khenidak, neolit123, thockin XL [Only for testing][part of #692] Kindnet 0.6.0 with dual stack support
kubernetes-sigs/kind 857 Wetrain Pending Sep 12 amwat, munnerz S Add instructions for using bash completions
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 534 saschagrunert Pending Sep 12 feiskyer, mrunalp M Add `crictl pull` e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 158 dndungu Pending Sep 12 XXL Adding support for go modules
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 172 Bowenislandsong Pending Sep 12 L E2e Node Affinity violation test
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 171 Bowenislandsong Pending Sep 12 L Adding Pod Antiaffinity e2e test
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 154 krmayankk Pending Sep 12 Huang-Wei XXL Runtime Even Pod Spreading
kubernetes 82631 cwdsuzhou Pending Sep 12 jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42 M Bugfix: hostpath pvs created by pvc do not have the same labels
kubeflow/katib 743 gaocegege Pending Sep 12 andreyvelich, gaocegege, garganubhav, johnugeorge XL feat(GRPC): Update API for Suggestion
kubeflow/tf-operator 1084 alongzhi Pending Sep 12 ChanYiLin, cheyang, jinchihe S add ppc64le support for the example dist-mnist
kubernetes-sigs/kind 692 aojea Pending Sep 12 Arvinderpal, krzyzacy, munnerz XL [WIP] Add dual stack support
kubernetes 78122 peter-wangxu Pending Sep 12 hpandeycodeit, rootfs, saad-ali S Add pending operation log for debug purpose
kubernetes-sigs/release-notes 101 saschagrunert Pending Sep 12 marpaia, onyiny-ang M Sanitize doc descriptions
googleforgames/agones 1051 aLekSer Pending Sep 12 aLekSer, dzlier-gcp, roberthbailey S Update golangci-lint to 1.18, add bodyclose check
kubernetes 82493 zouyee Pending Sep 12 alejandrox1, dashpole, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, neolit123, odinuge XS fix ci-kubernetes-node-kubelet-serial Non-system critical priority classes are not allowed to have a value larger than HighestUserDefinablePriority
kubernetes 82308 zhlhahaha Pending Sep 12 feiskyer, tallclair, vishh, zhlhahaha XS Add kubectlPath flag to e2e_node.test
kubernetes-sigs/release-notes 97 saschagrunert Pending Sep 12 justaugustus, marpaia, onyiny-ang, saschagrunert XXL WIP: Add v1.16.0 release notes
kubernetes 82611 viviyww Pending Sep 12 MrHohn, andrewsykim, losipiuk M Add mixed argument validation 16332 medmedchiheb Pending Sep 12 XS Dated “Planned Improvements” section in Managing Compute Resources for Containers 16331 simplytunde Pending Sep 12 XS generated kubectl reference doc for 1.16 16330 simplytunde Pending Sep 12 XS generated api reference doc for 1.16 16325 jiaj12 Pending Sep 12 XS Create
charts 17090 vsliouniaev Pending Sep 12 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Add 10m timeout to delete hooks
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 218 zheddie Pending Sep 12 hougangliu, jinchihe S add mnist example dockerfile for ppc64le
kubernetes-sigs/release-notes 100 saschagrunert Pending Sep 12 marpaia, onyiny-ang L Add kubernetes logo and font and improve responsiveness
website 16332 medmedchiheb Pending Sep 12 sftim S Dated “Planned Improvements” section in Managing Compute Resources for Containers
kubernetes 80467 jfbai LGTM Sep 12 chardch, dchen1107, jiayingz, mindprince, vishh L Automated cherry pick of #77699: Reset extended resources only when node is recreated.
kubernetes 82568 hwdef Pending Sep 12 bowei, gmarek S add error handling
kubeflow/tf-operator 1082 zoyun Pending Sep 12 ChanYiLin, Jimexist, gaocegege, richardsliu XS Support for ppc64le
kubernetes 82473 Arvinderpal Pending Sep 12 aojea, dixudx, fabriziopandini, kad, neolit123, yastij L WIP: Kubeadm DualStack Support for List of Service IPs
sig-release 786 saschagrunert Pending Sep 12 cartyc, kcmartin, onyiny-ang, paulbouwer XS WIP: Release notes handbook update
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 148 yuyulei Pending Sep 12 cofyc, saad-ali, yuyulei S add prefix check for adding pv to cache
kubernetes 82449 paulbouwer Pending Sep 12 guineveresaenger, onyiny-ang, saschagrunert S [PR Template] Add codeblock to capture primary sig associated with PR
website 16303 deepgorthi Pending Sep 12 sftim, stewart-yu XS Update cluster-intro.html
kubernetes 82567 sofat1989 Pending Sep 12 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong M pod restart when init containers are changed
kubernetes 76411 WanLinghao Pending Sep 12 alejandrox1, andrewsykim, bskiba, cblecker, neolit123, timothysc XL Refactor and clean up e2e framework utils
kubernetes 81263 draveness Pending Sep 12 Huang-Wei, NickrenREN, ahg-g, alculquicondor, bsalamat, draveness, everpeace, k82cn L feat: update scheduling queue with options
kubernetes 79925 dixudx Pending Sep 12 Random-Liu, msau42, rootfs, vikaschoudhary16, vishh, yujuhong M fix mounting Hostpath devices
kubernetes 82572 tnozicka Pending Sep 12 lavalamp, liggitt L Fix RS expectations for recreate case
kubernetes 80456 zhangguanzhang Pending Sep 12 coffeepac, monotek, piosz, zhangguanzhang XS Update kibana-deployment.yaml
kubeflow/katib 735 gaocegege Pending Sep 12 DeeperMind, garganubhav XXL WIP: Suggestion Refactor PoC
website 16160 af12066 Pending Sep 12 af12066, cstoku, inductor, nasa9084, oke-py L Translate tasks/configure-pod-container/assign-cpu-resource/ in Japanese
kubernetes 78150 vonsago LGTM Sep 12 chenrui333, ghodss, idealhack, mengqiy, seans3 S fix_translation_zh_CN
test-infra 13507 clarketm Pending Sep 12 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, clarketm, matthyx, mirandachrist, stevekuznetsov L deck config snippet implementation, #9079
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 589 alvaroaleman Pending Sep 12 DirectXMan12, droot L :sparkles: Client option types implement client option interfaces
kubeflow/pipelines 2093 dushyanthsc Pending Sep 12 IronPan, neuromage S pipeline-lite/metadata: Update readme
kubernetes 77242 paulgmiller Pending Sep 12 JieJhih, bowei, m1093782566, matchstick, paulgmiller, thockin M Allow kube-proxy could return unhealthy if endpoints/services don't update
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 353 jieyu Pending Sep 12 jsafrane, leakingtapan XL Add a cmdline option to add extra volume tags
dashboard 4276 ajatprabha Pending Sep 12 PeWu, ajatprabha, feloy, ianlewis M Add docs for plugin development
kubernetes 82597 aramase Pending Sep 12 andyzhangx, brendandburns, feiskyer, justaugustus, khenidak XS Fix ipv6 ip allocation method for standard lb
kubernetes 82431 m3ngyang Pending Sep 12 andrewsykim, cheftako, deads2k, jpbetz, jsafrane, khenidak, lavalamp, m3ngyang, sttts L extract cluster cidrs process to generic controller manager
community 4058 jeefy Pending Sep 12 geekygirldawn, guineveresaenger, jeefy, justaugustus, tpepper S Add more milestone info to the release doc
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 51 sunyuan3 Pending Sep 12 aoxn, cheyang XS just for testing prow
kubernetes 81856 damemi Pending Sep 12 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, bsalamat, damemi, oomichi, ravisantoshgudimetla, resouer L Convert TaintBasedEvictions e2e to integration test
kubernetes 82059 k-toyoda-pi Pending Sep 12 BenTheElder, Huang-Wei, Katharine, ixdy, k-toyoda-pi S Fix shellcheck failure in cluster/pre-existing/
kops 2765 gianrubio Pending Sep 12 justinsb L Add scale instancegroup command
kops 3053 justinsb Pending Sep 12 L WIP: Populate bastion DNS name with name of ELB
kubernetes 81280 yqwang-ms LGTM Sep 12 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, tallclair, yqwang-ms, yujuhong S Fix Container exit message lost due to FallbackToLogsOnError is not compatible with ContainerCannotRun
kops 6329 sergeylanzman Pending Sep 12 chrisz100, justinsb, lorantonodipo, robinpercy XXL Support terraform 0.12 hcl syntax
kops 6230 justinsb Pending Sep 12 chrisz100, rdrgmnzs XL WIP: Rename kops API group to be compatible with CRDS:
kops 5984 justinsb Pending Sep 12 chrisz100, gambol99, justinsb, rdrgmnzs XL Add GCE support to node-authorizer
kops 6373 joshbranham Pending Sep 12 joshbranham, justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy M WIP: EBS Root Volume Termination
kops 6465 ari-becker Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy M Allow local filesystem state stores (to aid CI pull-request workflows)
kops 6685 KashifSaadat Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S WIP: Update CoreDNS to v1.4.0
kops 6687 mariusv Pending Sep 12 justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS added all new IAM role policy
kops 7112 hobosteaux Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy L Cache ASGs, LCs, and AMIs
kops 6797 vivekgarg20 Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S Run coreDNS as DaemonSet on master nodes.
kops 6870 j-halbert Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS Add required action to read ACM certificates
kops 6872 Smirl Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S Allow custom CNI to use IPIP protocol
kops 6880 justinsb Pending Sep 12 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS WIP: Don't mount /etc/hosts in etcd-manager
kops 6997 murali-reddy LGTM Sep 12 chrisz100, granular-ryanbonham, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy, zetaab S Update Weave Net to version 2.5.2
istio/installer 372 johscheuer Pending Sep 12 morvencao XS Make envoy configMap optional
kops 7020 nr17 LGTM Sep 12 andrewsykim, justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS Add arg min-port=1024 to dnsmasq container in kube-dns
kops 7005 justinsb LGTM Sep 12 mikesplain, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XXL kops-controller using the cluster-api
kops 7081 ripta Pending Sep 12 KashifSaadat, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy L Proposal: Boot-time Script Extension Point
kops 7146 granular-ryanbonham Pending Sep 12 drobinson123, lorantonodipo, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy L WIP: Update single-to-master-migration docs for etcd-manager
kops 7118 gambol99 Pending Sep 12 KashifSaadat, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S LaunchTemplate Version Name Fix ..
kops 7170 qw1mb0 Pending Sep 12 chrisz100, gambol99, rdrgmnzs S allow tcp/udp/icmp traffic from node to master on GCE
kops 7186 rralcala Pending Sep 12 andrewsykim, chrislovecnm, justinsb, rdrgmnzs XXL Support custom kube-scheduler configuration
kops 7240 KashifSaadat Pending Sep 12 andrewsykim, gambol99 M WIP: Canal v3.8.0
kops 7243 tariq1890 Pending Sep 12 chrislovecnm, mikesplain XXL replace jteeuwen/go-bindata with go-bindata/go-bindata
kops 7309 vgunapati Pending Sep 12 chrislovecnm, chrisz100, gambol99, gjtempleton, justinsb, vgunapati S Allow configuring the MTU (Calico)
kops 7319 lcrisci Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, robinpercy XS Fix template clusterName behavior
kops 7322 rifelpet Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, robinpercy M Update static pod labels to use recommended keys
kops 7381 zetaab Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, mikesplain, robinpercy S use iptables legacy mode when using buster
kops 7406 gjtempleton Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, robinpercy S WIP - Add CapacityOptimized to list of supported spot allocation strategies
kops 7544 mikesplain Pending Sep 12 mikesplain, robinpercy, zetaab XS Remove calico open port
kops 7402 maruina Pending Sep 12 dbyron0, granular-ryanbonham, robinpercy M [WIP] Upate Lyft CNI to v0.5.0
kops 7439 mccare Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, rifelpet, robinpercy M Updated documentation on how to move from single to multi master
kops 7489 xrl Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, zetaab M Nodeup should skip managing docker on amazon linux 2
kops 7521 jacksontj Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, zetaab XXL (WIP) Memberlist gossip implementation
kops 7496 justinsb Pending Sep 12 robinpercy, zetaab XXL WIP: kops-controller
kops 7545 mazzy89 Pending Sep 12 granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, mazzy89, robinpercy M Complete support for Flatcar 16324 congfairy Pending Sep 12 XS zh trans /docs/reference/glossary/ 16323 congfairy Pending Sep 12 XS Zh trans /docs/reference/glossary/ 16322 ahmetb Pending Sep 12 XS Document: how to install/distribute plugins with Krew
charts 17085 caarlos0 Pending Sep 12 XS [stable/prometheus-nats-exporter]: upgrade
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2786 rphillips Pending Sep 12 XS fix selinux label on volume mount directory creation
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5166 liupeng0518 Pending Sep 12 XS Update main.yml
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5166 liupeng0518 Pending Sep 12 XS Update main.yml
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2786 rphillips Pending Sep 12 XS fix selinux label on volume mount directory creation
community 4083 cantbewong Pending Sep 12 derekwaynecarr, jdumars M Initial Draft VMware User Group
website 16324 congfairy Pending Sep 12 stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao S zh trans /docs/reference/glossary/
kubernetes 81796 gyuho Pending Sep 12 gmarek, gyuho, micahhausler, nckturner, shyamjvs, wojtek-t L cmd/kubemark: support custom auth provider (e.g. EKS)
minikube 5258 n0npax Pending Sep 12 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, n0npax L improve test coverage in service pkg
kubeflow/pipelines 2064 Ark-kun Pending Sep 12 IronPan, neuromage S Updated manifests to v01.29
website 16323 congfairy Pending Sep 12 stewart-yu, zhangxiaoyu-zidif S Zh trans /docs/reference/glossary/
kubeflow/pipelines 2091 neuromage Pending Sep 12 Ark-kun, IronPan, paveldournov L Update manifests to point to latest release.
kubernetes 72935 oomichi Pending Sep 12 atoato88, dshulyak, oomichi, smarterclayton, spiffxp M Add hack/
kubernetes 82062 k-toyoda-pi Pending Sep 12 BenTheElder, eparis, k-toyoda-pi, vishh L Fix shellcheck failure in cluster/gce/
website 16097 tengqm LGTM Sep 12 Rajakavitha1, kbhawkey, sftim, stewart-yu, tengqm L Tune feature-gates table
kubernetes 81688 hpandeycodeit Pending Sep 12 RainbowMango, hpandeycodeit, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, mkumatag, sjenning, tallclair M Fixed static check failures for pkg/volume/, pkg/kubelet, pkg/util and cmd/kubelet
kubernetes 82598 smarterclayton Pending Sep 12 brendandburns, cheftako, smarterclayton XL DO NOT MERGE - Experiment on filtering cluster resources by scope
kubernetes 82368 m3ngyang LGTM Sep 12 SataQiu, cwdsuzhou, draveness, hex108, k82cn, m3ngyang, timothysc M complete pkg/scheduler/util unit test
kubernetes 81061 k-toyoda-pi LGTM Sep 11 BenTheElder, jszczepkowski, k-toyoda-pi, spiffxp, verult M Fix shellcheck failure in gce/gci/
security 37 lukehinds Pending Sep 11 joelsmith, lukehinds, micahhausler, philips, tallclair L Add guide for both on/offboarding PSC members
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 915 dntczdx Pending Sep 11 EricEdens, adjackura, dntczdx, mikehaney24, zoran15 XXL Log wrapper usage/debug info to Firelog
kubernetes 81345 k-toyoda-pi LGTM Sep 11 BenTheElder, Katharine, juanvallejo, k-toyoda-pi, mikedanese S Fix shellcheck failures in cluster/
istio/installer 281 costinm Pending Sep 11 JimmyCYJ, costinm, howardjohn, linsun, myidpt, quanjielin, sdake XXL Beginning the work to improve SDS setup
istio/installer 295 clyang82 Pending Sep 11 clyang82, costinm, howardjohn, jmazzitelli, linsun, sdake L Add kiali operator
istio/installer 330 waret Pending Sep 11 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, sdake M fix istio-policy that istio-proxy sidecar depending on global.control…
istio/installer 374 johscheuer Pending Sep 11 clyang82 S Remove unnecessary defaults
istio/installer 383 clyang82 Pending Sep 11 S Correct telemetry installation
istio/installer 387 morvencao Pending Sep 11 M add missing pod annotations parameter to istio charts.
istio/installer 391 howardjohn Pending Sep 11 costinm, geeknoid, morvencao M Kill integration tests
istio/installer 343 douglas-reid Pending Sep 11 costinm, howardjohn, kyessenov, linsun, mandarjog, sdake S feat(proxy templates): reflect istio/istio templates additions
istio/installer 351 naphta Pending Sep 11 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, naphta, sdake S Add configurable sidecar injector webhook namespace selector
istio/installer 359 clyang82 Pending Sep 11 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, sdake XL Merge tracing provider
istio/installer 382 clyang82 Pending Sep 11 S Correct prometheus configurations
istio/installer 376 johscheuer Pending Sep 11 morvencao XS Correct Kiali Annotation in values.yaml
istio/installer 384 clyang82 Pending Sep 11 ayj, clyang82, jmazzitelli, jshaughn L Upgrade Kiali to support configure istio_component_namespaces
kubernetes 72535 tallclair Pending Sep 11 deads2k, k82cn, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, tallclair S Always set content-type & nosniff
kubeflow/pipelines 2088 strump LGTM Sep 11 Ark-kun, gaoning777, neuromage XS Fixed formatting of samples/core/tfx-oss/
kubeflow/website 1144 vjrantal Pending Sep 11 joeliedtke, nickchase, paveldournov L Add Fairing on Azure docs
kubernetes 82551 tallclair Pending Sep 11 BenTheElder, alejandrox1, bowei, liggitt, mikedanese, mwielgus, neolit123, spiffxp, tallclair, timothysc M Enable webhook authn in test
minikube 5318 tstromberg Pending Sep 11 RA489, sharifelgamal XL WIP: Switch to klog (has test failures)
kubernetes 77803 sttts Pending Sep 11 bowei, enj L WIP: unify etcd tests
kubernetes 75804 lxlxok Pending Sep 11 deads2k, jpbetz, lxlxok, mbohlool, sttts, yue9944882 S Make(--watch-cache-sizes) of kube-apiserver to set cache for CRD
kubernetes 82325 RainbowMango LGTM Sep 11 RainbowMango, caesarxuchao, ixdy, lavalamp, logicalhan S Cleanup staticcheck for package cache
kubernetes 81819 msau42 Pending Sep 11 jeffvance, jingxu97, msau42, verult XL add volume topology e2es
istio/proxy 2418 jplevyak Pending Sep 11 mandarjog XL Create .wasm files for metadata exchange and stats plugins.
kubernetes-client/python 840 ratanboddu Pending Sep 11 micw523, roycaihw L Added examples for Jobs and Hooks
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1496 alexeldeib Pending Sep 11 mengqiy, pwittrock S [WIP] fix: windows tests
kubernetes 82176 pohly LGTM Sep 11 alejandrox1, brendandburns, caesarxuchao, oomichi, pohly L Ginkgo update + stack fix
kubernetes 81239 dims Pending Sep 11 feiskyer, liggitt, roycaihw, sttts, thockin XS Commit generated openapi definitions
ingress-gce 751 reetasingh Pending Sep 11 MrHohn, bowei, reetasingh, yuwenma S Do not run as root by default in docker
kubernetes 82037 BobyMCbobs LGTM Sep 11 alejandrox1, neolit123, resouer, tallclair S Update ConfigMap test
kubernetes 81685 oomichi Pending Sep 11 andrewsykim, spiffxp, timothysc L Use log functions of core framework on [r-u]
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 339 msau42 Pending Sep 11 pohly, saad-ali XS WIP: Test hostpath driver with topology
kubernetes 82546 BobyMCbobs Pending Sep 11 BobyMCbobs, Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alejandrox1, draveness M Create PriorityClassName test
kubernetes 82491 saschagrunert Pending Sep 11 neolit123, saschagrunert, timothysc XS Validate container status in e2e pod status checks
kubernetes 75410 etrikp Pending Sep 11 gnufied, msau42 XS Per the JSON response object from the ScaleIO gateway API, the attrib…
kubernetes 68018 brahmaroutu Pending Sep 11 brahmaroutu, chakri-nelluri, foxish, verult L Test Flex Volume metrics with driver capability.
kubernetes 78910 pswica Pending Sep 11 apelisse, cheftako, wojtek-t XS Rejecting valid Environment Variable Names #47
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 221 SataQiu Pending Sep 11 chuckha, fabriziopandini, ncdc, neolit123 M Add a test to ensure that exactly one control plane machine initializes if there are multiple control plane machines defined
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 978 maur1th Pending Sep 11 M00nF1sh, bigkraig XS Add automountServiceAccountToken to example
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 689 alexeldeib Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, alexeldeib, pwittrock M 🏃 task: enable running tests in prow
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 136 justinsb LGTM Sep 11 krousey, vincepri M Allow InstanceTags to be set in MachineProviderSpec
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 137 justinsb LGTM Sep 11 krousey, vincepri M Allow serviceAccounts to be specified in provider config
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 135 justinsb Pending Sep 11 krousey M Allow metadata to be specified in GCEMachineProviderConfig
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 132 justinsb Pending Sep 11 krousey M machineactuator: Get cluster from metadata if not set
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 134 justinsb Pending Sep 11 krousey M Lazy-build token
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 129 justinsb Pending Sep 11 krousey M Add Image field, make machine-setup-config optional
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 128 justinsb Pending Sep 11 krousey L Set nodeRef on machines
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 119 masudur-rahman LGTM Sep 11 detiber, justinsb, krousey S Add NodeRole if nodeRole not provided
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 106 justinsb Pending Sep 11 krousey L Refactor metadata building into its own package
dashboard 4277 greenkeeper[bot] Pending Sep 11 PeWu, konryd L Update @angular/cli to the latest version 🚀
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 554 estroz Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, estroz, ironcladlou, joelanford, justinsb, mengqiy L :warning: DynamicRESTMapper that reloads on REST cache miss
googleforgames/agones 1048 pooneh-m LGTM Sep 11 cyriltovena XS Logging Agones version and port on the startup.
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4239 r0b2g1t Pending Sep 11 Miouge1, mirwan, rptaylor L Customize host root volume size by Terrafrom provisioning
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 314 daneharrigan Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, daneharrigan, droot XS 📖Update builtinToType comments to explain support for int32 and int64
kubernetes 80831 odinuge Pending Sep 11 ConnorDoyle, Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge, oomichi, sjenning L Add support for removing unsupported huge page sizes
kompose 1163 jvitor83 Pending Sep 11 cdrage, sebgoa L Treat network as namespace
dashboard 4278 greenkeeper[bot] Pending Sep 11 PeWu, danielromlein L Update @angular-devkit/build-angular to the latest version 🚀
website 16203 aimeeu Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, aimeeu, piosz, sftim, thecrudge XL Remove third-party Stackdriver, Elasticsearch content from Tasks/Monitoring.. and Concepts/Cluster Admin/Logging Arch
kubernetes 82222 Huang-Wei LGTM Sep 11 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, hex108, keerthigd, resouer M Set 0 sync period in scheduler integration test 16319 kakts Pending Sep 11 XS ja-trans:Translate concepts/services-networking/service/ into Japanese (#14917) 16318 enj Pending Sep 11 XS Deprecate authorization mode ABAC in v1.17 16317 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 XS Update 1.16 config.toml 16316 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 XS Update config.toml(release-1.12) for 1.16 16315 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 XS Update config.toml(release-1.13) for 1.16 16314 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 XS Update config.toml(release-1.14) for 1.16 16313 brb Pending Sep 11 XS kubeadm: Add optional step to disable kube-proxy
charts 17080 stefansedich Pending Sep 11 mfpierre XS [stable/datadog] Configure DD_APM_NON_LOCAL_TRAFFIC 16312 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 XS Update config.toml(release-1.15) for 1.16
charts 17079 jayenzo Pending Sep 11 jlegrone XS [stable/couchdb] Include pod tolerations within statefulsets 16311 jiaj12 Pending Sep 11 XS zh-trans docs/reference/kubectl/
charts 17078 pivotal-jamie-klassen Pending Sep 11 XS [stable/concourse] Concourse v5.6.0
charts 17073 startnow65 Pending Sep 11 XS [stable/spinnaker] Support assume role s3 flag and setup env var for hal init container
charts 17072 michal-hudy Pending Sep 11 nitisht XS [stable/minio] Migrate MinIO chart to the newest version of Kubernetes API
charts 17071 eMCeee89 Pending Sep 11 mgoodness XS [stable/prometheus] add server.extraFlags values array
charts 17068 armab Pending Sep 11 XS [stable/etcd-operator] Fix Tolerations to be a list
helm 6415 qmhu Pending Sep 11 XS feat(helm): add templates subcmd to 'helm inspect'
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 217 suneeth51 Pending Sep 11 gnufied, lpabon, pohly XS Pass ControllerExpandVolumeSecret info to the VolumeExpand CSI tests
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 31 anfernee Pending Sep 11 andrewsykim, anfernee, cheftako, mcrute XL Agent supports reconnect
kubernetes 73868 Ramyak Pending Sep 11 brendandburns, dchen1107, deads2k, neolit123 M Remove \0 in zone key
istio/proxy 2417 istio-testing Pending Sep 11 bianpengyuan M [release-1.3] Use per filter config in route instead of route entry
community 4017 hpandeycodeit Pending Sep 11 parispittman, tpepper S Added Shadow Role section for each events-team and Activities to Project Management events team
kubernetes 81816 jennybuckley Pending Sep 11 apelisse, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller, lavalamp L [server-side apply] Cap the number of managedFields entries for updates at 10
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 992 joelanford Pending Sep 11 Liujingfang1, pwittrock M Add KB/SDK integration design document
kubernetes 82056 surki Pending Sep 11 dshulyak, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, surki, yliaog M Support TLS Server Name overrides in kubeconfig file
website 16319 kakts Pending Sep 11 makocchi-git, nasa9084 XL ja-trans:Translate concepts/services-networking/service/ into Japanese (#14917)
kubernetes 75992 aaron-prindle Pending Sep 11 aaron-prindle, caesarxuchao, cheftako, lavalamp M fixed timeout handler to correctly log 500 errors
community 4052 ameukam LGTM Sep 11 castrojo, idealhack, jdumars, parispittman, spzala XS Add slack channel for sig-contribex issue triage team
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 983 camilamacedo86 Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot, joelanford, mengqiy M Setup user on docker image to run it as no root
istio/istio 17010 cebernardi Pending Sep 11 ayj, cebernardi, morvencao S added kubernetes_sd_configs parameter to values.yaml and configmap
kubernetes 80413 mumoshu LGTM Sep 11 caesarxuchao, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, dixudx, draveness, oomichi M Disable JSON Patch negative indices to be compliant with RFC 6902
community 4048 jimangel Pending Sep 11 justaugustus, tpepper S adding in doc to cover exceptions
kubeflow/kfctl 10 kkasravi Pending Sep 11 jlewi, kunmingg M [WIP] Tektoncd pipelines
kubeflow/kfserving 339 rakelkar Pending Sep 11 gaocegege, hougangliu XXL WIP: create a virtual service for v1 dataplane
kubernetes-csi/docs 207 bells17 Pending Sep 11 lpabon, saad-ali S Updated mdbook to v0.3.1 to support macOS
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 475 codenrhoden Pending Sep 11 akutz, andrewsykim XS Issue a clusterctl delete after e2e test
release 876 saschagrunert Pending Sep 11 AishSundar L WIP: Add release notes markdown template output
release 875 saschagrunert Pending Sep 11 lachie83 M Preserve markdown order when generating release notes
istio/cni 118 rlenglet Pending Sep 11 M Make file modifications atomic in
istio/cni 132 sbezverk Pending Sep 11 costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, john-a-joyce, jwendell, linsun, rlenglet, rshriram, sbezverk, tiswanso, venilnoronha XXL nftables implementation
istio/cni 167 geeknoid Pending Sep 11 costinm, john-a-joyce, linsun, rlenglet, rshriram, tiswanso, venilnoronha L WIP: Work on getting CI targets working with the build-tools container
googleforgames/open-match 788 yfei1 Pending Sep 11 XXL Move pkg/pb to pkg/gopb
website 16307 houjun41544 Pending Sep 11 msau42, saad-ali, sftim XS VolumeSubpathEnvExpansion feature gate is enabled by default from v1.15
kubernetes 81585 wojtek-t Pending Sep 11 alejandrox1, liggitt, wojtek-t XL Cachable object support
website 16318 enj Pending Sep 11 deads2k, liggitt XS Deprecate authorization mode ABAC in v1.17
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1244 akutz Pending Sep 11 akutz, detiber, justinsb, ncdc, vincepri L 📖 Doc for updating v1a1 provider to v1a2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1400 tangle329 Pending Sep 11 detiber, vincepri XS 🐛 cleanup infrastructure configuration object after bootstrap clone error
kubernetes 81971 laddng Pending Sep 11 adohe, ghodss, soltysh M Added a new `--sort-by` flag to kubectl api-resources command
kubernetes 82527 torubylist Pending Sep 11 ingvagabund, smarterclayton, torubylist XS add more comment info for podEvictionTimeout
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1116 tahsinrahman Pending Sep 11 detiber, joonas, ncdc, sethp-nr, tahsinrahman, vincepri XXL ✨ Add validating webhooks
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1318 moshloop Pending Sep 11 chuckha, detiber, joonas, moshloop, ncdc, neolit123, vincepri M 📖 Add interoperability docs re cluster certificates
test-infra 14281 alvaroaleman Pending Sep 11 krzyzacy, sebastienvas, stevekuznetsov S Fix broken boskosctl sample
kube-state-metrics 883 CodeJuan Pending Sep 11 LiliC, zouyee XS fix: typo autosharding
kubernetes 81358 bclau Pending Sep 11 kow3ns, mikedanese, mortent, soltysh L tests: Replaces Redis image with Agnhost
kubernetes 82540 enj Pending Sep 11 enj, jpbetz, liggitt, mikedanese, sttts XS Deprecate authorization mode ABAC in v1.17
enhancements 978 barney-s Pending Sep 11 Joseph-Irving, janetkuo, kow3ns, liggitt, mattfarina, prydonius, soltysh M KEP for Graduating CronJob to GA
autoscaler 1866 frobware Pending Sep 11 aleksandra-malinowska, alvaroaleman, frobware, piosz, vikaschoudhary16 XXL Add cluster-api based cloudprovider
kubernetes 81914 wojtek-t Pending Sep 11 cjcullen, fgrzadkowski, jpbetz, liggitt, wojtek-t XXL Cache serializations across watchers
kubeflow/kubeflow 4091 kkasravi Pending Sep 11 lluunn, swiftdiaries S [WIP] enabling composable pipelines for kubeflow/components
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 153 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Sep 11 aveshagarwal XXL Bump kubernetes
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 161 reetasingh Pending Sep 11 aveshagarwal M Making test table driven
cloud-provider-openstack 756 jichenjc Pending Sep 11 adisky, edisonxiang XS Add info about v2 VPI not support in CSI
kubernetes 82006 Zhuzhenghao LGTM Sep 11 SataQiu, jbeda, logicalhan, piosz S fix static check failures in component-base/metrics
website 16189 medmedchiheb Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, jaypipes, jsafrane, ryanmcginnis XS Issue with
kubernetes-client/haskell 55 irvifa Pending Sep 11 brendandburns, guoshimin, jonschoning L Using generator version v4.1.0.
website 16317 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 alexbrand, aveshagarwal, gochist, makoscafee XXL Update 1.16 config.toml
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 133 MOZGIII Pending Sep 11 cofyc, saad-ali M Host file name label
website 16221 SatoruItaya Pending Sep 11 SatoruItaya, cstoku, nasa9084, oke-py L Translate concepts/configuration/assign-pod-node/ in Japanese
ingress-gce 850 wojtek-t Pending Sep 11 MrHohn, bowei, freehan S Cherrypick to 1.7 branch: Use protobufs for communication with apiserver
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 312 wojtek-t Pending Sep 11 kawych, piosz, wojtek-t, x13n XS Use protobufs for communication with apiserver
ingress-gce 849 wojtek-t Pending Sep 11 bowei, freehan S Cherrypick to 1.6 branch: Use protobufs for communication with apiserver
website 16173 af12066 Pending Sep 11 MasayaAoyama, cstoku, inductor, oke-py L Translate tasks/configure-pod-container/quality-service-pod/ into Japanese
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 532 saschagrunert Pending Sep 11 mrunalp, runcom XXL WIP: Vendor Kubernetes 1.16.0-rc.1
website 16316 simplytunde Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, jimangel, makoscafee M Update config.toml(release-1.12) for 1.16
kubernetes 80420 cwdsuzhou Pending Sep 11 jingxu97, jsafrane, verult L Merge attach and detach common func
kubernetes-client/python-base 124 andyhd Pending Sep 11 mbohlool, yliaog XS Strip trailing slashes from `idp-issuer-url` to avoid 404 on refreshing token 16308 aimbot31 Pending Sep 11 XS WIP: docs-fr | docs | concepts | architecture | 16307 houjun41544 Pending Sep 11 XS VolumeSubpathEnvExpansion feature gate is enabled by default from v1.15 16306 jiaj12 Pending Sep 11 XS zh_trans content/en/docs/reference/setup-tools/kubeadm/generated/kube… 16305 zhangx501 Pending Sep 11 XS Create 16304 gochist Pending Sep 11 XS Fix typo 16303 deepgorthi Pending Sep 11 XS Update cluster-intro.html 16301 tabern Pending Sep 11 XS Added AWS ALB Ingress Controller 16299 purelledhand Pending Sep 11 XS Translate concepts/services-networking/dns-pod-service in Korean
charts 17061 malinoff Pending Sep 11 sameersbn XS [stable/mongodb] Use persistence.existingClaim when running in StatefulSet
charts 17059 Markbnj Pending Sep 11 XS stable/unbound: Add an OWNERS file
helm 6408 marckhouzam Pending Sep 11 XS feat-v3(cli): Dynamic completion for global flags
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5162 jsecchiero Pending Sep 11 mattymo XS update docker-ce to 18.09.7 (#4973) for release 2.10
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5162 jsecchiero Pending Sep 11 mattymo XS update docker-ce to 18.09.7 (#4973) for release 2.10
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder-alpha 422 yue9944882 Pending Sep 11 XS Feat: Support protobuf code-generation/serialization
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder 422 yue9944882 Pending Sep 11 XS Feat: Support protobuf code-generation/serialization
kubernetes 79649 Joseph-Irving Pending Sep 11 Joseph-Irving, dchen1107, draveness, gmarek, nilebox, smarterclayton, thockin, vllry XXL Add container.lifecycle.type to api (sidecars KEP)
website 16308 aimbot31 Pending Sep 11 abuisine, remyleone L WIP: docs-fr | docs | concepts | architecture |
autoscaler 2286 micahhausler Pending Sep 11 andrewsykim, losipiuk, micahhausler XXL [cluster-autoscaler] Fixed go module builds
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 327 mucahitkurt Pending Sep 11 davidz627, msau42, mucahitkurt, verult L Use csiNode informer to prevent hitting the API server for all time
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 335 xing-yang Pending Sep 11 jsafrane, msau42 XXL WIP: Update snapshot CRD to v1beta
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 337 mucahitkurt Pending Sep 11 lpabon, sbezverk, verult L Use Node informer to prevent hitting the API server for all time
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 78 jsafrane Pending Sep 11 jsafrane, msau42, pohly, saad-ali L Remove external-attacher and add CSIDriver
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 85 zhucan Pending Sep 11 msau42, pohly, saad-ali, zhucan M implement optional ControllerPublishVolume
website 16301 tabern Pending Sep 11 sftim, stewart-yu XS Added AWS ALB Ingress Controller
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5162 jsecchiero Pending Sep 11 Miouge1, mattymo, mirwan S update docker-ce to 18.09.7 (#4973) for release 2.10
website 16304 gochist Pending Sep 11 ClaudiaJKang, ianychoi XS Fix typo
kubernetes 81917 hwdef LGTM Sep 11 ghodss, juanvallejo, nikhita, soltysh XS Fix typo in kubectl docs
kubernetes 82328 verb Pending Sep 11 david-mcmahon, mattjmcnaughton, thockin, verb L Always check alpha fields in ephemeral containers
cloud-provider-openstack 745 BugRoger LGTM Sep 11 NickrenREN, adisky, jichenjc XS Update Docker build to use Golang 1.12
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 10 KnicKnic Pending Sep 11 PatrickLang, ddebroy XXL Linux node selector adder
kubernetes 75583 sandeeppsunny Pending Sep 11 abrarshivani, divyenpatel, frapposelli, gnufied, jingxu97 M Added e2e test to verify zone support across datacenters
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 313 carlosedp Pending Sep 11 kawych, piosz S Added new targets to allow pushing manifest lists
kubeflow/fairing 354 hamedhsn Pending Sep 11 abhi-g, jinchihe, karthikv2k L generate docstring for config, deplyer, frameworks
website 14852 emedina Pending Sep 11 electrocucaracha, emedina, glo-pena, raelga, sftim XL Add content/es/docs/concepts_workloads_controllers/replicationcontroller_statefulset_and_ttl
website 14150 emedina Pending Sep 11 electrocucaracha, emedina, raelga L es/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers
kubernetes 80500 wongma7 LGTM Sep 11 chrislovecnm, copejon, leakingtapan L Automated cherry pick of #79552: Add support for windows to AWS EBS
kubeflow/testing 446 kkasravi Pending Sep 11 gabrielwen, kkasravi, scottilee XL [WIP] Argo client
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 422 yue9944882 Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, pwittrock XXL Feat: Support protobuf code-generation/serialization
kubernetes 82517 wojtek-t Pending Sep 11 yue9944882 L [WIP] Switch to metav1.ListOptions
kubernetes 82559 tedyu Pending Sep 11 derekwaynecarr, sofat1989, tallclair XS FindContainerStatusByName should find non-exited container
autoscaler 2012 krmayankk LGTM Sep 11 Jeffwan, MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, bskiba, mwielgus XS use lease api
kubernetes-client/java 697 brendandburns Pending Sep 11 mbohlool, yue9944882 M Fix error handling.
kubernetes-client/java 701 brendandburns Pending Sep 11 mbohlool, yue9944882 S Fix exec to look up container name if absent.
website 16126 leakingtapan Pending Sep 11 ialidzhikov, sftim, stewart-yu, thockin XS Update AWS EBS Migration Feature state
kubeflow/pipelines 2085 IronPan LGTM Sep 11 dushyanthsc, neuromage, paveldournov XS Not throw exception if no row change for update run call
istio/istio 15952 FrimIdan Pending Sep 11 douglas-reid, kyessenov, mandarjog XS Add destination service attributes to inbound TCP filter mixer attributes
kubernetes-client/java 700 brendandburns Pending Sep 11 mbohlool, yue9944882 M Improve close behavior some.
kubernetes 82228 beautytiger Pending Sep 11 lavalamp, saad-ali, vishh XS test error message correction in helpers_test.go
kubernetes 82334 beautytiger Pending Sep 11 BenTheElder, beautytiger, cblecker, k-toyoda-pi, vishh M fix shell checks errors in build/lib/
kubernetes 82475 tealee1992 LGTM Sep 11 derekwaynecarr, dixudx, neolit123 XS fix error strings end with punctuation or a newline
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 599 joelanford Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, droot L ✨ Bump dependencies for Kubernetes 1.15.3
kubernetes 82524 SataQiu Pending Sep 11 fabriziopandini, neolit123, rosti M kubeadm: enhance certs check-expiration to report CA lifetimes
kubeflow/katib 753 gaocegege Pending Sep 11 Akado2009, garganubhav XL feat: Support HyperOpt
kubernetes 82561 nojima Pending Sep 11 derekwaynecarr, mengqiy XS Fix typo: nameName -> newName
kubernetes 82235 mrkm4ntr LGTM Sep 11 ahg-g, k82cn, mrkm4ntr, wgliang M Fix numPDBViolations when victims on same node are assigned same PDB
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 598 joelanford Pending Sep 11 DirectXMan12, droot XXL 🏃 Remove dep usage and Gopkg.* 16295 aimeeu Pending Sep 11 sftim XS Enhance Triage and categorize issues section 16294 sftim Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1 XS Tweak glossary entry for kube-apiserver 16293 sftim Pending Sep 11 bradtopol XS Add glossary entry for proxy 16292 sftim Pending Sep 11 chenopis XS Add glossary entry for disruption 16291 sftim Pending Sep 11 zparnold XS Revise glossary entry for Device Plugin
charts 17055 Constantin07 Pending Sep 11 flah00 XS [stable/sumologic-fluentd] Add support for DaemonSet annotations (#17…
kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog 2705 jberkhahn Pending Sep 11 XS DO NOT MERGE
website 16088 bells17 Pending Sep 11 MasayaAoyama, bells17, cstoku, inductor, nasa9084 M Translate docs tasks administer cluster developing cloud controller manager in ja
kubernetes 82542 lzang Pending Sep 11 mwielgus, vishh M Automated cherry pick of #82314: Add dns capability to GCE window cluster
kubernetes 82096 logicalhan Pending Sep 11 adohe, cblecker, liggitt, logicalhan, neolit123, rosti, seans3, sttts XL remove pkg/version and some of redundant copies of it
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5125 mcayland Pending Sep 11 Miouge1, mirwan L terraform/openstack: add support for volume boot
website 16040 christophercarney Pending Sep 11 cody-clark, onlydole XS Fix broken links in container pattern blog
website 15956 relyt0925 LGTM Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, jsafrane, sftim, stewart-yu XS remove section saying static pods can't have health checks
website 16291 sftim Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu, zparnold S Revise glossary entry for Device Plugin
website 16293 sftim Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, stewart-yu S Add glossary entry for proxy
website 16294 sftim Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu S Tweak glossary entry for kube-apiserver
website 16292 sftim Pending Sep 11 Rajakavitha1, chenopis, stewart-yu S Add glossary entry for disruption
kubernetes 80179 cmluciano Pending Sep 10 caseydavenport, cmluciano, liggitt, thockin XL ingress: rename backend to defaultBackend for ingress v1
test-infra 13644 alvaroaleman Pending Sep 10 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Branchprotector and Tide: Use GetPresubmits
kubeflow/kubeflow 3691 mattnworb LGTM Sep 10 abhi-g, gabrielwen, kunmingg XS select CURR_NODE_PORT by name, not index
kubernetes 82123 xiaoanyunfei LGTM Sep 10 jingxu97, mattjmcnaughton, rootfs, saad-ali M replace iteration with hashmap in *state_of_world
kubernetes 81574 BobyMCbobs Pending Sep 10 devaips, draveness, mortent, smarterclayton, soltysh, tnozicka XS Rewrite ReplicaSet Pod quota limit
kubernetes 77811 soltysh Pending Sep 10 caesarxuchao, deads2k, jpbetz, sttts, yliaog M Wait for CRD discovery to be successful once before reporting success
kubeflow/pipelines 2047 rmgogogo LGTM Sep 10 IronPan, jessiezcc, jingzhang36, rileyjbauer S add us to OWNERS for SHA
website 16276 MichaelaShtilmanMinkin Pending Sep 10 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu S Clarify expected format for maxUnavailable and maxSurge
website 16282 hardy4yooz Pending Sep 10 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS Add a example for union operator in the shell env
website 16101 aimeeu Pending Sep 10 Rajakavitha1, aimeeu, jaypipes, kbhawkey, steveperry-53, stewart-yu M Add references to Content guide alongside Style guide
kubernetes 71269 DeliangFan LGTM Sep 10 dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, tmrts S Set the oom_score_adj of sandbox to -999
kubeflow/kfctl 11 swiftdiaries Pending Sep 10 kkasravi, krishnadurai S adds kfctl_k8s_istio config as a pre-submit test
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2705 jberkhahn Pending Sep 10 mszostok, piotrmiskiewicz XS DO NOT MERGE
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 592 guymguym Pending Sep 10 droot, pwittrock L 🐛 Fix #537 - add FastRESTMapper (optional)
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 593 alvaroaleman Pending Sep 10 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock M :running: Remove travis.yaml
kubeflow/kubeflow 3949 swiftdiaries Pending Sep 10 abhi-g, jlewi, pdmack M builds, pushes kfctl to GCS as part of pre and post submits
istio/istio 15218 dgn Pending Sep 10 L [WIP] Custom root certificates for JWKSResolver (#15086)
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1184 tariq1890 Pending Sep 10 Raffo, linki S upgrade go version to 1.13 in external-dns
kubernetes 81030 ricky1993 Pending Sep 10 liggitt, mikedanese, resouer, ricky1993, wojtek-t, yue9944882 XL migrate leader election to lease API
kubernetes 81419 mgdevstack LGTM Sep 10 cmluciano, ixdy, mattjmcnaughton, mgdevstack, oomichi L Update e2e testing nodePort service listening on same port but different protocols
kubernetes 77797 tedyu Pending Sep 10 mattjmcnaughton, smarterclayton, tallclair, tedyu, tmrts M Fill ContainerStateTerminated with value from kubecontainer.PodStatus
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 139 xing-yang Pending Sep 10 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang, yuxiangqian XXL Update VolumeSnapshot CRD version to v1beta
kubernetes 80501 wongma7 LGTM Sep 10 chrislovecnm, leakingtapan, rootfs L Automated cherry pick of #79552: Add support for windows to AWS EBS
test-infra 11942 akutz Pending Sep 10 amwat, clarketm XXL [WIP] bazinga - a golang replacement for sh2ju
test-infra 14081 juandiegopalomino Pending Sep 10 cblecker, clarketm XS Adding the triage/deprecated label
kubernetes 82300 paulnivin LGTM Sep 10 dashpole, dchen1107, krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, paulnivin, vllry M pkg/kubelet: fix uint64 overflow when elapsed UsageCoreNanoSeconds exceeds 18446744073
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 927 devkid Pending Sep 10 M00nF1sh, bigkraig M Add healthcheck-enabled annotation and make the default `false`
kubeflow/examples 481 govindKAG Pending Sep 10 cwbeitel, lluunn, texasmichelle XS reduced number of layers
autoscaler 2207 jhohertz Pending Sep 10 aleksandra-malinowska, losipiuk, piosz XS add kops instance group label to ignore list for similar node group identification.
kubernetes 82504 immutableT Pending Sep 10 cjcullen, vishh M Simplify the logic of configuring integration with CloudKMS.
googleforgames/agones 1052 pooneh-m Pending Sep 10 markmandel S Adding namespace for multi-cluster allocation policy
website 16193 ashishbharthi Pending Sep 10 ashishbharthi, jaypipes, mikedanese, sftim S Missing "Manifest" from glossary #13546
repo-infra 122 mikedanese Pending Sep 10 BenTheElder, fejta, ixdy, mikedanese XL Actually setup gopath properly in go_genrule
kubernetes 77437 mikedanese Pending Sep 10 awly, deads2k, krousey, mikedanese, mortent, tedyu XL add a barrier to smplify ds controller
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 94 spiette Pending Sep 10 dlipovetsky, justinsb M fix #77: add `--listen-address` and --advertise-address`
test-infra 12300 asifdxtreme Pending Sep 10 hzxuzhonghu, shyamjvs M [kubernetes-sigs/kube-batch] Enable pull-kube-batch-e2e 16289 gochist Pending Sep 10 XS Fix links to locate Korean docs 16286 sftim Pending Sep 10 XS [WIP] Rename architecture section 16284 bells17 Pending Sep 10 XS Translate docs/tasks/administer-cluster/running-cloud-controller/ in …
charts 17042 pedrohdz Pending Sep 10 XS [stable/spinnaker] Add GitHub configuration support
charts 17036 jmvizcainoio Pending Sep 10 XS [stable/stolon] Stolon ssl
charts 17034 santinoncs Pending Sep 10 taharah XS New resource vpa for deployment controller resources
helm 6405 icanhazbroccoli Pending Sep 10 XS [WIP] Implemented secondary repository indexing refs #1904
ingress 4551 jacksontj Pending Sep 10 ElvinEfendi XS Attempt AAAA before A
ingress 4550 actgardner Pending Sep 10 XS Add support for configmap of headers for auth-url per ingress
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2781 saschagrunert Pending Sep 10 XS WIP: Add multi hostIP support for IPv6 host networks
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2781 saschagrunert Pending Sep 10 XS WIP: Add multi hostIP support for IPv6 host networks
website 15733 sftim Pending Sep 10 Bradamant3, aimeeu, cheftako, chenopis, deads2k, jimangel, kbhawkey, nitinjain999, sftim, zacharysarah, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L [WIP] Add concept page about Controllers
website 16286 sftim Pending Sep 10 Rajakavitha1, jaypipes, sftim, stewart-yu XS Rename architecture section
website 14642 Abhik1998 Pending Sep 10 Abhik1998, bprashanth, cody-clark, sftim, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XS Removing Loadbalancer IP from the sample service file
kubeflow/kubeflow 4050 vjrantal LGTM Sep 10 gabrielwen, yanniszark XS Use info message when waiting for the namespace
release 869 justaugustus Pending Sep 10 claurence, idealhack XL [WIP] cmd/branchff: Initial commit of Go-based branchff tool
website 16247 mcurtiscmu Pending Sep 10 jaypipes, mcurtiscmu, saad-ali, sftim, thockin XS add resourceGroup to Azure disk params
website 16244 mcurtiscmu Pending Sep 10 brendandburns, jaypipes, makoscafee, saad-ali, sftim XS Changed language to either/or
googleforgames/agones 1038 markmandel LGTM Sep 10 jkowalski, joeholley, markmandel, roberthbailey M E2E test for Unhealthy GameServer on process crash
googleforgames/agones 1019 aLekSer Pending Sep 10 M Build examples as a new CI step
googleforgames/agones 1007 aLekSer Pending Sep 10 aLekSer, markmandel, roberthbailey XXL Add Sidecar log level parameter to GS specification
googleforgames/agones 986 aLekSer Pending Sep 10 L Initial version of EKS terraform config
googleforgames/agones 876 FelixKlauke Pending Sep 10 XL Add Java SDK.
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 20 verb Pending Sep 10 Liujingfang1, seans3, soltysh XL Add to plugins
community 4033 hogepodge Pending Sep 10 andrewsykim, cheftako, nikhita, smarterclayton XS Update SIG-Cloud-Provider leadership
kubeflow/internal-acls 153 eterna2 Pending Sep 10 aronchick, theadactyl XS Adds eterna2 to kubeflow org
kubeflow/kubeflow 4048 hougangliu Pending Sep 10 gabrielwen, kkasravi M Remove katib v1alpha1
googleforgames/agones 786 BrainBacon Pending Sep 10 XS Add status mocking to Local Development Guide
kubeflow/kubeflow 3968 gabrielwen Pending Sep 10 jlewi, lluunn, richardsliu L [WIP] update release doc
website 16268 dpandhi-git Pending Sep 10 jaypipes, krousey, stewart-yu XS removed longer version to fetch labels for pods #14778
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5153 dwerder Pending Sep 10 Miouge1, dwerder, mattymo, mirwan S Fix gather_facts for usage kubespray with playbook_import
kubeflow/pipelines 2015 pahask8 Pending Sep 10 Ark-kun, gaoning777 S 2014: support a docker context in kfp compiler
kubernetes 81964 BobyMCbobs Pending Sep 10 BobyMCbobs, MrHohn, alejandrox1, devaips, johnbelamaric XS Promote Pod DNS configurability
ingress-nginx 4551 jacksontj Pending Sep 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf XS Attempt AAAA before A
kubernetes 69246 warmchang Pending Sep 10 deads2k, vishh, yliaog XS fix golint errors in pkg/quota
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1154 fernandocarletti Pending Sep 10 Raffo, linki, njuettner L Use ingress gateway service as target instead of hard-coded ones
kubernetes 78306 hoyho Pending Sep 10 hoyho, jsafrane, msau42, oomichi, pohly, rootfs, saad-ali XL feat(e2e): refactor hard-coded provision size
enhancements 1222 lmdaly Pending Sep 10 ConnorDoyle, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, kad, klueska, lmdaly L Added updates to KEP based on design discussion decisions
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 254 whyvez Pending Sep 10 brancz, piosz XS Update fix official doc link
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5156 richard-scott Pending Sep 10 Miouge1, holmsten, woopstar XS Updated
website 16289 gochist Pending Sep 10 ClaudiaJKang, ianychoi M Fix links to locate Korean docs
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 273 markgeraty Pending Sep 10 kawych, piosz XS Update link to Embargo Policy in SECURITY_CONTACTS
website 16277 geunho LGTM Sep 10 ClaudiaJKang, gochist, ianychoi M Fix links to locate Korean docs
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 201 vjdhama LGTM Sep 10 DirectXMan12, kawych, piosz, rajholla S run metrics server as non privileged user and in non rootfs
kubernetes-client/csharp 300 blushingpenguin Pending Sep 10 DavidParks8, blushingpenguin, brendandburns, krabhishek8260 XL improved async support for watches
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1060 titilambert Pending Sep 10 hjacobs, linki, njuettner, titilambert M Add --zone-name-filter option for azure provider
kubeflow/pipelines 2080 eterna2 Pending Sep 10 IronPan, neuromage L [api-server] Make pipelineFolder a configurable param
kubernetes 82273 beautytiger LGTM Sep 10 eparis, fejta, xichengliudui XS fix regex for go file, make it more accurate
examples 326 Dominik-Robert Pending Sep 10 idvoretskyi, sebgoa L rc and pod packed in deployments and added rbac
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 687 jlamillan Pending Sep 10 Raffo, linki, njuettner L Add --watchers flag to allow controller to respond automatically to Ingress or Service updates
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 239 eromanova Pending Sep 10 chrigl, eromanova, flaper87, jichenjc, krousey, xunpan M Provide SecurityGroups attachment to machines
kubernetes 81859 bells17 Pending Sep 10 andrewsykim, bells17, derekwaynecarr, thockin L Modified providerID to unified format
kubernetes 81916 hwdef LGTM Sep 10 brendandburns, davidz627, mattjmcnaughton S fix typo in pkg 16282 hardy4yooz Pending Sep 10 XS Add a example for union operator in the shell env 16277 geunho Pending Sep 10 XS Fix links to locate Korean docs 16276 MichaelaShtilmanMinkin Pending Sep 10 XS Clarify expected format for maxUnavailable and maxSurge
charts 17001 halkeye Pending Sep 10 XS [stable/sonarqube] Make sure the sonarqube data directories have the right owner to be written to 16275 yuxiaobo96 Pending Sep 10 XS 16274 zhangx501 Pending Sep 10 XS Create
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5156 richard-scott Pending Sep 10 XS Updated
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5156 richard-scott Pending Sep 10 XS Updated
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder-alpha 421 yue9944882 Pending Sep 10 XS Chore: Go mod support for apiserver-boot
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder 421 yue9944882 Pending Sep 10 XS Chore: Go mod support for apiserver-boot
kubernetes 77757 deads2k Pending Sep 10 lavalamp, pmorie, yastij M tighten pod status validation
website 16198 MathieuLavigneCC Pending Sep 10 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS Fix curl URL to match path regex
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 421 yue9944882 Pending Sep 10 DirectXMan12, pwittrock XL Chore: Go mod support for apiserver-boot
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5152 robinelfrink Pending Sep 10 Miouge1, mirwan XS Add RotateCertificates to kubelet config
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1149 dkeightley Pending Sep 10 Raffo, njuettner M Add RBAC manifest, update wording around IAM policy
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1146 rverma-nikiai Pending Sep 10 hjacobs, linki, njuettner S Add support for publish podIps when using even a no headless service
kops 4619 vfarcic Pending Sep 10 KashifSaadat XS YouTube tutorial
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 900 cristian-radu Pending Sep 10 cristian-radu, justinsb, kris-nova, shashidharatd XXL refactor/extend crd source; add support for dns zones
test-infra 14235 alvaroaleman LGTM Sep 10 alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Tide: Use a lister for ProwJobs
kubeflow/manifests 331 chethanmahadevaiah Pending Sep 10 jlewi, kkasravi, nrchakradhar, rileyjbauer L To support uniform and unique configmaps names across kubeflow applications
kubernetes-csi/docs 202 bells17 Pending Sep 10 bells17, msau42, saad-ali XS Fix broken link
kubeflow/pipelines 1873 jingzhang36 Pending Sep 10 IronPan, jingzhang36, neuromage L Add necessary data types to api and database to support pipeline version.
kubeflow/manifests 324 xaniasd Pending Sep 10 ashahba, hougangliu, nrchakradhar, swiftdiaries, xaniasd XXL Pachyderm
kubernetes 78886 yanghaichao12 Pending Sep 10 mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, sjpotter S Move test tool function to the test file
cloud-provider-openstack 671 jichenjc Pending Sep 10 NickrenREN, adisky, hogepodge, jichenjc M create tags and descriptions for snapshot
kubernetes 74525 gliush Pending Sep 10 RainbowMango, erictune, gliush, josephburnett, mwielgus, php-coder, robstrong, sttts, tedyu, thockin XXL Configurable HorizontalPodAutoscaler
kubernetes 82016 xiaoanyunfei Pending Sep 10 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, vishh, xiaoanyunfei S convert cpuset.Builder from struct to pointer
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1519 sunny0826 Pending Sep 10 Liujingfang1, droot, justinsb L zh example:chart,secret generator plugin 16273 tanjunchen Pending Sep 10 XS add new file content/zh/docs/user-journeys/users/application-developer/ 16271 praseodym Pending Sep 10 VineethReddy02, daminisatya, danwinship, sethmccombs, simplytunde, thockin XS Add instructions for switching to iptables-legacy 16270 oke-py Pending Sep 10 cstoku XS Translate tasks/access-application-cluster/connecting-frontend-backend/ into Japanese 16268 dpandhi-git Pending Sep 10 XS removed longer version to fetch labels for pods #14778
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1146 pjferrell Pending Sep 10 marun XS #1083: use unstructured runtime.Object for more detailed reflector logging
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 383 gangchen03 Pending Sep 10 XS Update the Barcelona contributor page as first PR
kubernetes 82432 draveness Pending Sep 10 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, draveness, hex108 M feat(scheduler): expose kubernetes client in the framework handle
kubernetes 82458 BenTheElder Pending Sep 10 SataQiu, dims, juanvallejo XL remove hack/e2e.go
kubernetes 58925 louyihua Pending Sep 10 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, louyihua, mtaufen, ncdc, yujuhong M Add timeout option for docker's exec operation
kubernetes 80458 tatsuhiro-t LGTM Sep 10 lavalamp, sttts, tatsuhiro-t, yliaog L Fix informer-gen to honor nonNamespaced tag
kubernetes 82472 draveness Pending Sep 10 caesarxuchao, deads2k, jingxu97 L feat: cleanup several GA feature flags which should be removed in 1.17
kubernetes 76452 mfojtik Pending Sep 10 cheftako, hzxuzhonghu, liggitt, mfojtik, misterikkit, p0lyn0mial, stewart-yu, sttts L Handle termination gracefully for controller manager and scheduler
googleforgames/open-match-docs 44 yfei1 Pending Sep 10 XS Updated title of Guides.API page to a more meaningful name
kubernetes 74031 sttts Pending Sep 10 lavalamp, mbohlool, roycaihw, smarterclayton, sttts XL kube-aggregator: towards one openapi spec for many APIServices + periodic local spec update
sig-release 780 josiahbjorgaard Pending Sep 9 nikopen, soggiest, xmudrii M [WIP] Bug triage hb update
kubernetes 78141 amila-ku Pending Sep 9 deads2k, ghodss XXL fix golint failures in pkg/kubectl/cmd/top
kubernetes 82388 marun Pending Sep 9 jpbetz, liggitt, marun, resouer, roycaihw, sttts L Add support for type checking Unstructured event objects via GVK to client-go's reflector
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 366 davidz627 Pending Sep 9 davidz627, msau42, verult S Set requests for CPU and MEM for controller containers
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 453 adohe Pending Sep 9 DirectXMan12, mengqiy, pwittrock M :sparkles: cleanup CRDs when use existing cluster as test environment
kubernetes-client/python-base 158 qlemaire22 Pending Sep 9 mbohlool, roycaihw, yliaog XS Check is not None in safe_get
website 15951 nathansmyth Pending Sep 9 krousey, shavidissa, stewart-yu XS Update cheatsheet based on deprecation
website 16021 juanitomint Pending Sep 9 bowei, jimangel, thockin L more readable pod and svc names
minikube 5290 11janci Pending Sep 9 RA489, medyagh, tstromberg M Include port names in the 'minikube service' cmd's output
kubeflow/examples 596 fdasilva59 Pending Sep 9 jlewi, lluunn XXL [WIP] Pix2Pix TF2.0 Pipelines Notebook - Request for intial feedback
istio/test-infra 1784 howardjohn Pending Sep 9 XS Disable integration test for installer
istio/test-infra 1635 howardjohn Pending Sep 9 fejta, geeknoid, sdake XXL Remove Bazel usage from the repo
kubernetes-sigs/addon-operators 25 stealthybox Pending Sep 9 dholbach, fabriziopandini, neolit123 XXL addon-installer POC
kubernetes 82470 markus1189 Pending Sep 9 alejandrox1, caesarxuchao, liggitt, markus1189 M Allow lock errors on kubeconfig files that are never written
kubernetes 82398 SataQiu Pending Sep 9 RainbowMango, andrewsykim, cheftako XS deprecate external-cloud-volume-plugin command line flag in controller-manager
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1409 chuckha Pending Sep 9 detiber, ncdc XS 🏃 Adds chuckha to maintainers list
website 16270 oke-py Pending Sep 9 cstoku, makocchi-git, nasa9084 L Translate tasks/access-application-cluster/connecting-frontend-backend/ into Japanese
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 236 figo Pending Sep 9 frapposelli, sflxn XL WIP: e2e tests of different specs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 271 sidharthsurana Pending Sep 9 figo, krousey, roberthbailey, sflxn, sidharthsurana, vincepri M Explicitly delete the node object bound to the Machine on deletion
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 321 moshloop Pending Sep 9 akutz, fabriziopandini, moshloop, sflxn XXL add ESXi support with thin cloning support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 322 moshloop LGTM Sep 9 akutz, andrewsykim, figo, moshloop, sflxn S refactor: reduce logging verbosity + add additional context
kubeflow/kfctl 30 xaniasd Pending Sep 9 gabrielwen, jlewi, kunmingg M Use custom image registry
istio/ 4798 janitha09 Pending Sep 9 adammil2000, frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake, venilnoronha XS $FORTIO_POD and tls.mode: disable
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 911 rofuentes Pending Sep 9 adjackura XS Fix reference to imported source disk.
enhancements 650 Monkeyanator Pending Sep 9 Monkeyanator, brancz, calebamiles, dashpole, idvoretskyi, justaugustus, lavalamp, mattfarina, mikedanese, wojtek-t L Propose KEP: Leveraging Distributed Tracing to Understand Kubernetes Object Lifecycles
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 328 moshloop Pending Sep 9 akutz, figo M add
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 385 codenrhoden Pending Sep 9 akutz, andrewsykim, dims, frapposelli, sflxn, yastij M wip: PROPOSAL: release process
kubernetes 76297 kitfre Pending Sep 9 seans3, vishh S golint fixes for cmd-proxy
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 468 anthonyho007 Pending Sep 9 DirectXMan12, anthonyho007, droot, pwittrock L ✨ unstructured client should key off unstructured
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 5 Liujingfang1 Pending Sep 9 pwittrock, seans3 L add apply test for raw configs
googleforgames/open-match-docs 41 yfei1 Pending Sep 9 L Added more documentations for using Open Match via gRPC and HTTP
kubernetes 81516 RobertKrawitz Pending Sep 9 RobertKrawitz, dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, sjenning, yastij XS Issue 81523: do not ignore writable layer when on a device other than rootFS
test-infra 14214 wojtek-t LGTM Sep 9 chases2, mborsz, mm4tt M Add node throughput test for containerd
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5146 qingkunl LGTM Sep 9 Miouge1, holmsten, mirwan, woopstar L Parameterize gcr, quay, and docker image repo defines
charts 16996 paroxp Pending Sep 9 XS [stable/sentry] Bump dependencies and allow dependency naming
charts 16988 naphta Pending Sep 9 XS [stable/rabbitmq-ha] Update entrypoint and args to support always setting erlang cookie 16264 RainbowMango Pending Sep 9 XS [zh] translate debug application introspection
helm 6400 adamreese Pending Sep 9 adamreese XS ref(pkg/cli): refactor environment variable setup
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5153 dwerder Pending Sep 9 XS Fix gather_facts for usage kubespray with playbook_import
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5153 dwerder Pending Sep 9 XS Fix gather_facts for usage kubespray with playbook_import
kubernetes 82247 m3ngyang Pending Sep 9 caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, liggitt, m3ngyang, nikhiljindal, yue9944882 M register cloud controller manager when necessary
enhancements 1080 yanirq Pending Sep 9 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, k82cn, misterikkit, yanirq L Node Maintenance Controller KEP
test-infra 14045 stevekuznetsov Pending Sep 9 cblecker, cjwagner, nikhita, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov L Allow configuring the Prow URL for command help
kubernetes 82409 RainbowMango LGTM Sep 9 RainbowMango, enj, logicalhan, mikedanese S Add authentication overall latency metrics
kubernetes 82223 rikatz Pending Sep 9 andrewsykim, neolit123, rikatz M Check first if ipvs module is builtin
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1506 Liujingfang1 Pending Sep 9 droot, monopole, richardmarshall S add release note for v3.2.0
kubernetes 82495 yastij Pending Sep 9 Huang-Wei, andrewsykim, liggitt, wlan0 M consolidate consts to prune dependencies to k/k
kubeflow/pipelines 2068 Bobgy Pending Sep 9 IronPan, neuromage, rmgogogo M Add external links that make some content easier to discover
kubernetes 80572 knight42 Pending Sep 9 apelisse, juanvallejo, knight42, lavalamp, liggitt, rootfs, sttts L Fix missing resource version when updating the scale subresource of custom resource
kubernetes 81880 MikeSpreitzer LGTM Sep 9 dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, smarterclayton, thockin, yliaog XS Bumped the number of times a node tries to lookup itself
klog 94 tianyuansun LGTM Sep 9 detiber, pohly XS fix: misspell in comments
kubeflow/manifests 339 chethanmahadevaiah Pending Sep 9 gabrielwen, jlewi, kkasravi, yanniszark M Parameterize container image name and image tag to read from kfDef fi…
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 580 shawn-hurley Pending Sep 9 DirectXMan12, joelanford, pwittrock, shawn-hurley M [WIP] :sparkles: Adding timeout while waiting for cache to sync
kubeflow/testing 454 derekhh Pending Sep 9 ellis-bigelow, gabrielwen, jlewi XS [WIP] Add subdirectories to JUnit artifacts
kubernetes 82333 tlereste Pending Sep 9 ghodss, liggitt, rootfs, seans3 L Fix kubectl top sort-by cpu and sort-by memory options
kubernetes 82423 sallyom Pending Sep 9 rootfs, smarterclayton, soltysh M kubectl: remove usage info from bad flag msg, only print help tip
klog 93 bianXiaoTuan LGTM Sep 9 andyxning, jayunit100, neolit123 XS fix readme error: replace log-file, log-dir to log_file, log_dir
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 384 renovate-bot Pending Sep 9 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS chore(deps): update com_github_grpc_grpc commit hash to 5a5dc33
klog 79 scaat LGTM Sep 9 DirectXMan12, hoegaarden, scaat, tallclair, yagonobre S Add trace message output
cloud-provider-azure 222 kkmsft Pending Sep 9 feiskyer, karataliu M Add liveness probe and example yaml
website 14760 awaddiz Pending Sep 9 anthonydahanne, rbenzair, remyleone S WIP: docs-fr | concepts | services-networking | ingress-controllers
kubernetes 82439 smarterclayton Pending Sep 9 krzyzacy, pohly XS test/e2e: Delete test namespaces asynchronously
kubernetes-sigs/kind 777 barkbay Pending Sep 9 BenTheElder, neolit123 M Allow additional images when building the node image
enhancements 1230 draveness Pending Sep 9 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, bsalamat, k82cn L Add KEP on deprecating priorities and predicates function
kubernetes 81944 carlory Pending Sep 9 alejandrox1, carlory, cheftako, deads2k, nikhita, soltysh, sttts M fix static check failures in staging pkg
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5145 alijahnas Pending Sep 9 Miouge1, holmsten S fix crictl install fail 347 munnerz Pending Sep 9 cblecker, cpanato, ixdy, munnerz, nikhita, sttts, thockin XXL Bump cert-manager to v0.9.1
community 4045 wozniakjan Pending Sep 9 deads2k, geekygirldawn, jdumars, lavalamp, wozniakjan M Add namespace status conditions
test-infra 14216 vdemeester Pending Sep 9 alvaroaleman, matthyx, vdemeester L Bump tekton dependency to 0.6.0 and use
enhancements 1235 RainbowMango Pending Sep 9 piosz XS Update broken links from keps/sig-instrumentation
kubeflow/manifests 266 swiftdiaries Pending Sep 9 IronPan, Tomcli, animeshsingh, kkasravi, swiftdiaries XL adds containerRuntimeExecutor var for containerd overlay
kubeadm 1750 stealthybox Pending Sep 9 SataQiu, fabriziopandini, neolit123, stealthybox, xumisyou L Move kinder to kind v0.5.1, update deps
kubernetes 79136 p0lyn0mial Pending Sep 9 cheftako, deads2k, p0lyn0mial, smarterclayton, sttts, yliaog L propagates local availability status of service to the aggregation ha…
kubernetes 79784 cwdsuzhou Pending Sep 9 cwdsuzhou, jingxu97, jsafrane, saad-ali, screeley44 XS Bugfix: remove PV dir when umount raw block device
kubernetes-client/python-base 52 aogier Pending Sep 9 M binary websocket streams
website 15584 wolmi Pending Sep 9 alexbrand, electrocucaracha, glo-pena, raelga, wolmi L Add content/es/doc/contribute/start
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4815 skolekonov Pending Sep 9 Miouge1, mirwan M Create storage class for AWS provider
kubernetes 81970 ehashman Pending Sep 9 brancz, logicalhan M [WIP] Add a feature flag for showing hidden metrics
kubernetes 81170 bclau Pending Sep 9 BenTheElder, aojea, bclau, benmoss, ixdy, johnSchnake, listx, luxas, mkumatag, oomichi, spiffxp XL Centralizes images into agnhost (part 4)
website 16086 sftim Pending Sep 9 Rajakavitha1, steveperry-53, stewart-yu XS Improve Restrictions section of
website 16202 sftim Pending Sep 9 jaredbhatti, mikedanese, thockin S Update
website 15690 gouthamchilakala Pending Sep 9 Kashomon, madhusudancs, sftim, xiangpengzhao XS Update
website 14469 kevinsimper Pending Sep 9 davidopp, foxish, sftim, steveperry-53 XS Add description when a PDB is needed
website 14681 sftim Pending Sep 9 bprashanth, davidopp, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm L Reword Service Accounts docs
kubernetes 82403 chendave Pending Sep 9 ixdy, mkumatag XS Remove ARM archs from base images list of sample-apiserver 15899 MikeSpreitzer Pending Sep 9 XS [WIP] Add priority and fairness
kubernetes-sigs/volcano 890 akashiro96 Pending Sep 9 XS add shadowGroup's CreationTimestamp
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5152 robinelfrink Pending Sep 9 XS Add RotateCertificates to kubelet config
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5152 robinelfrink Pending Sep 9 XS Add RotateCertificates to kubelet config
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4205 ssbarnea Pending Sep 9 Miouge1, ant31, mirwan XS Avoid gather facts on entire inventory when calling reset
test-infra 14008 ccojocar LGTM Sep 9 alvaroaleman, ccojocar, clarketm, matthyx, stevekuznetsov S Add a flag to hook options which allows to disable the plugin-help endpoint
kubernetes 80747 danwinship Pending Sep 9 RobertKrawitz, danwinship, liggitt, nckturner, zmerlynn M aws: sort addresses of multiple interfaces correctly
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5126 deathowl Pending Sep 9 holmsten, mattymo, mirwan L Custom hostname support in inventory builder
kops 7506 dzoeteman Pending Sep 9 angeloskaltsikis, dzoeteman, granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, robinpercy S Add download link for etcd-manager-ctl, clarify restarting etcd
website 15895 avigailof Pending Sep 9 avigailof, brendandburns, jaypipes, jimangel, mikedanese, zacharysarah, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XS Update Platform9 service offering links
website 16104 zacharysarah LGTM Sep 9 Rajakavitha1, jimangel, sftim, xiangpengzhao M Upgrade 1.13 to Hugo 0.57.2
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4497 kmadnani Pending Sep 9 Miouge1, chadswen, kmadnani, mirwan, woopstar M Added changes to optimize cluster upgrade.
kubernetes 82237 SataQiu Pending Sep 9 BenTheElder, MrHohn, cblecker, zmerlynn M Fix shellcheck failures of cluster/addons/addon-manager/
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5136 Timoses Pending Sep 9 Miouge1, holmsten XL Clean up download role
kubernetes 82450 paulbouwer Pending Sep 9 onyiny-ang, saschagrunert S [PR Template] Add codeblock to capture deprecation note associated with PR
kubeflow/kubeflow 4092 QxiaoQ Pending Sep 9 kkasravi, kunmingg XS update kfctl readme
cloud-provider-openstack 719 adisky LGTM Sep 9 adisky, dklyle, gonzolino, hogepodge, ramineni L Cinder CSI Inline volume support
istio/ 4811 johscheuer Pending Sep 9 adammil2000, frankbu, geeknoid, johscheuer, rcaballeromx, sdake M Update docs for CoreDNS newer than 1.3.2
kubernetes 78844 xychu Pending Sep 9 brendandburns, draveness, mikedanese L Add non-preemptible policy to PriorityClasses
kubernetes 79814 k-toyoda-pi LGTM Sep 9 MrHohn, juanvallejo, k-toyoda-pi, oomichi M Add e2e test for kubectl describe cronjob
kubernetes 81834 yue9944882 Pending Sep 9 CaoShuFeng, MikeSpreitzer, aaron-prindle, adohe, cblecker, deads2k, lavalamp, tedyu, yue9944882 XXL Rebase and merging feature-rate-limiting into master
kubernetes 78438 11janci LGTM Sep 9 11janci, deads2k, hongchaodeng, liggitt, yue9944882 M Match label and fields selectors in ComponentStatus List API
website 15899 MikeSpreitzer Pending Sep 9 MikeSpreitzer, aaron-prindle, adohe, alexbrand, bart0sh, deads2k, jaypipes, kbhawkey, lavalamp, sftim, yliaog, yue9944882 L [WIP] Add priority and fairness 16260 yuxiaobo96 Pending Sep 9 XS
charts 16951 torstenwalter Pending Sep 9 XS WIP: [stable/jenkins] update Kubernetes URL to 'https://kubernetes.default:443'
charts 16950 jtnz Pending Sep 9 mgoodness XS [stable/prometheus] Prometheus Alertmanager Deployment strategy references wrong variable
kubernetes 78719 yanghaichao12 Pending Sep 9 andrewsykim, caseydavenport, draveness, yanghaichao12 L extract new method to get linkindex and adjust err messages
ingress-nginx 4533 dz0ny Pending Sep 8 ElvinEfendi, aledbf XS 404 has been removed
istio/api 1078 styblope Pending Sep 8 XS refine NetworkEndpoints fromRegistry field description
kubernetes-client/csharp 302 DavidParks8 Pending Sep 8 brendandburns, krabhishek8260 L Add another couple of constructors to Fix #279
kubernetes 76133 ping035627 Pending Sep 8 SataQiu, chuckha, dixudx, neolit123, ping035627, rosti, yagonobre XL Refactor performEtcdStaticPodUpgrade to reduce its complexity
kubernetes 76905 gnufied Pending Sep 8 davidz627, oomichi, saad-ali XS Pod must be returned from wait function for latest version
test-infra 14238 losipiuk Pending Sep 8 bskiba, chases2 M [WIP] Presubmit job to Cluster Autoscaler E2E tests
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 151 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Sep 8 aveshagarwal M Start using kind for e2e tests
helm 6391 karuppiah7890 Pending Sep 8 XS Helm3: fix list showing multiple revisions of release
enhancements 912 CsatariGergely Pending Sep 8 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, thockin L KEP for critical container feature
kubernetes 74161 gaorong LGTM Sep 8 Random-Liu, dashpole M delete the mirror pod with uid precondition in mirror pod manager
test-infra 11289 justinsb Pending Sep 8 cjwagner, liztio XS aws-janitor: don't mix glog and klog
kubernetes-sigs/kind 835 BenTheElder Pending Sep 8 BenTheElder, munnerz, neolit123, tao12345666333 M use providerless build in CI
kubernetes 74717 tnozicka Pending Sep 8 cwdsuzhou, eparis, smarterclayton, soltysh, tnozicka XL Fix `kubectl get` watches
test-infra 14234 sbueringer LGTM Sep 8 alvaroaleman, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XS Update
website 16188 xichengliudui LGTM Sep 8 markthink, tengqm, xiangpengzhao XL [WIP] ZH-trans: add
website 15860 xichengliudui LGTM Sep 8 SataQiu, chenrui333, markthink, tengqm, xiangpengzhao L ZH-trans: add
website 15814 pythonton Pending Sep 8 markthink, tengqm, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 253 mmirecki Pending Sep 8 Ethyling, kad, marquiz, zvonkok L Report feature capacity
cluster-registry 273 poothia Pending Sep 8 madhusudancs, perotinus M CI check for correct Errors package 16258 ahanabi Pending Sep 8 XS zh-tran-ahanabi-1
helm 6389 marckhouzam Pending Sep 8 XS v3: fix(completion): --flag=val breaks zsh completion
kubernetes 71898 wenjun93 Pending Sep 8 rootfs, verult XS pvc protection should skip unbound pvc
charts 16946 mariusv Pending Sep 8 XS [stable/k8s-spot-termination-handler] Call for maintainers for charts with a single OWNER
charts 16945 mariusv Pending Sep 8 XS [stable/efs-provisioner]Call for maintainers for charts with a single OWNER
helm 6388 marckhouzam Pending Sep 8 XS v2: Allow to run acceptance tests from main Helm repo
helm 6386 marckhouzam Pending Sep 8 XS Check connectivity to cluster for helm test run
kubernetes 71674 grayluck Pending Sep 8 bowei, davidopp, grayluck, markturansky, rramkumar1 M Change XPN firewall change msg. Should be required by security admin
kubernetes 81670 liggitt Pending Sep 7 deads2k, jpbetz L WIP - Change to
istio/api 987 waret Pending Sep 7 geeknoid, kyessenov M correct sample of handler api
kubernetes 69821 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Sep 7 AlexeyPerevalov, bboreham, caseydavenport, dcbw, freehan, johscheuer, khenidak, liggitt, thockin L Use ip address from CNI output
istio/api 756 kyessenov Pending Sep 7 mandarjog L mixer: allow setting empty header if necessary
istio/api 787 douglas-reid Pending Sep 7 andraxylia, kyessenov XS Add attributes for destination rules and virtual services
kubernetes 82392 seans3 Pending Sep 7 liggitt, rootfs, soltysh XXL Rewrite tests for printing internal versions of resources
kubernetes 76406 zawachte-msft Pending Sep 7 dineshgovindasamy, feiskyer, ksubrmnn, zawachte-msft L Fixing DSR by adding outbound nat endpoint policy
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4738 Miouge1 Pending Sep 7 Atoms, Miouge1, mattymo, woopstar S [WIP] Add VMI event output
kubernetes 82188 haircommander Pending Sep 7 BenTheElder, haircommander, juanvallejo, purva-n, vishh XS hack/e2e.go: Download kubetest as recommended
kubernetes 80854 aojea Pending Sep 7 BenTheElder, andrewsykim, aojea, danwinship, dcbw, dchen1107, johnbelamaric, johscheuer, khenidak, mattjmcnaughton, thockin XL Add IPv6 support to kubenet hostport
kubernetes 80813 liggitt Pending Sep 7 RainbowMango, caesarxuchao, jpbetz, liggitt, yliaog M Honor umask settings when writing cache files
kubernetes-client/python-base 126 fatal-exception Pending Sep 7 mbohlool, yliaog M Support multiple expires-on field formats
kubernetes 77734 moshe010 LGTM Sep 7 dchen1107, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, neolit123, smarterclayton XS Fix typo in fakefs RemoveAll to Remove
istio/ 4251 irisdingbj Pending Sep 7 M add istioctl info to help user easily adopt Istio
website 15986 yofriadi Pending Sep 7 girikuncoro, irvifa, qbl M WIP: Adding Bahasa Indonesia translation for cluster networking page
kubernetes 78810 khrd Pending Sep 7 ghodss, khrd, mattjmcnaughton, palnabarun, sttts S Fix some golint failures of pkg/kubectl/cmd/wait
istio/istio 12748 mmerrill3 Pending Sep 7 ZackButcher, andraxylia, costinm, diemtvu, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, mandarjog, mmerrill3, morvencao, nmittler, ostromart, rshriram, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm M Implementing proxy protocol
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 588 munnerz Pending Sep 7 DirectXMan12, pwittrock L ✨ Bump dependencies for Kubernetes 1.16 16247 mcurtiscmu Pending Sep 7 XS Deleted word, moved placement
kubernetes-sigs/kind 663 tao12345666333 Pending Sep 7 BenTheElder, krzyzacy, munnerz, tao12345666333 S doc: configuring kubelet garbage collection
community 3711 mittalyashu Pending Sep 7 Bradamant3, calebamiles, mittalyashu, nikhita, zacharysarah M SIG docs Hindi team
istio/ 1035 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Sep 7 XXL [WIP] Tutorial
istio/ 4287 pitlv2109 Pending Sep 7 frankbu, geeknoid, pitlv2109, rcaballeromx, rlenglet, sdake S Improve doc for RBAC group task
istio/ 4432 lei-tang Pending Sep 7 costinm, lei-tang, rcaballeromx, tmshort L Add instructions of configuring a basic Vault server for illustration purpose
istio/ 4704 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Sep 7 ericvn, frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm L Create the first pages of the tutorial
istio/ 4710 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Sep 7 frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm L add a task about Kubernetes Services for egress
istio/ 4776 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Sep 7 ZackButcher, andraxylia, ayj, costinm, esnible, frankbu, geeknoid, louiscryan, nmittler, rcaballeromx, rshriram, sdake, smawson, vadimeisenbergibm L Blog post about using Istio multi-mesh for isolation and boundary protection
istio/ 4817 mrshengzyzy Pending Sep 7 geeknoid, rootsongjc S zh: Translate i18n for zh 16244 mcurtiscmu Pending Sep 7 makoscafee XS Changed language to either/or
charts 16939 nicolasps Pending Sep 7 XS stable/elasticsearch Valid readinessProbe for client-deployment
helm 6381 thomastaylor312 Pending Sep 7 XS Ref/cmd output
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2778 haircommander Pending Sep 7 XS WIP set up rhel8 with e2e
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2778 haircommander Pending Sep 7 XS WIP set up rhel8 with e2e
kubernetes-sigs/kind 839 takmatsu Pending Sep 7 BenTheElder, aojea, munnerz, neolit123, takmatsu M Make CLI-output more rich
kubernetes 80973 xiaoanyunfei Pending Sep 7 chakri-nelluri, ivan4th, jsafrane, rootfs, tedyu, xiaoanyunfei, zhan849 M fix orphaned pod flexvolume can not be cleaned up
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1219 richgerrard LGTM Sep 7 jsafrane, wongma7 XS [aws-efs] Update base image to Alpine 3.10
kubernetes 80799 justaugustus Pending Sep 7 BenTheElder, SataQiu, cblecker, dims, neolit123, yastij M build/external: Move dependencies.yaml and update OWNERS
kubernetes 82353 zouyee Pending Sep 6 neolit123, tallclair S fix runtimeclass e2e failing test
kubeflow/pipelines 1940 xaniasd Pending Sep 6 IronPan, ajchili, neuromage, xaniasd M configure db host and port from from config file
kubernetes 77698 fejta Pending Sep 6 fejta XS Fake change for testing
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 91 cofyc Pending Sep 6 msau42, wongma7 M WIP: Cleanup a bit
website 16090 Ethyling Pending Sep 6 Rajakavitha1, vishh M Add NVIDIA GPU node labeller to
istio/operator 266 ostromart Pending Sep 6 morvencao, richardwxn XL WIP: Add force flag to bypass validation
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 997 dansimone Pending Sep 6 hjacobs, linki L Support for multiple targets per hostname, enabling DNS round robining
test-infra 14177 krzyzacy Pending Sep 6 Katharine, ixdy M Let's still build older kubekins images for a while
istio/tools 239 howardjohn Pending Sep 6 costinm, howardjohn, mandarjog, utka M Various fixes to istio install setup
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 302 ivelichkovich LGTM Sep 6 brancz, kawych, piosz S duplicate pod metrics shouldnt break all metric storage
kubernetes 78814 Mikulas Pending Sep 6 juanvallejo, soltysh XS Update CLI builder Label and Field selector docs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1391 chuckha Pending Sep 6 detiber, justinsb, liztio, ncdc M 📖 Create documentation for machine contracts between components
minikube 5283 n0npax Pending Sep 6 RA489, medyagh M improve test coverage for sshutil package
charts 16934 sukrit007 Pending Sep 6 XS stable/kong: Add ability to add secrets as a volume in Kong.
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2777 haircommander Pending Sep 6 XS Allow pause static compilation to be optional
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2775 nalind Pending Sep 6 XS WIP: manifest-lists
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1142 marun Pending Sep 6 XS Ensure validation schema of federated types is openapi compatible
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2777 haircommander Pending Sep 6 XS Allow pause static compilation to be optional
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2775 nalind Pending Sep 6 XS WIP: manifest-lists
kubernetes-sigs/go-open-service-broker-client 129 firasnajjar Pending Sep 6 S add a mangler to enable adding headers on requests
kubernetes-sigs/go-open-service-broker-client 45 richardfung Pending Sep 6 M Add OAuth2 support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1390 chuckha Pending Sep 6 justinsb, liztio, vincepri M 📖 Adds a cluster controller document
kubernetes 78813 Mikulas Pending Sep 6 seans3, smarterclayton XS Improve kubectl prune-whitelist format error message
test-infra 12388 hh Pending Sep 6 ixdy, spiffxp L Add apiserver audit-log support to experiment/
kubeflow/manifests 277 kkasravi Pending Sep 6 ashahba XL [WIP] add skylake device info to tf-job-operator
kubeflow/manifests 335 kkasravi Pending Sep 6 IronPan XL [WIP] added config files for kfctl_gcp_iap, kfctl-gcp-e2e-pipelinerun.yaml
kubeflow/manifests 321 krishnadurai Pending Sep 6 ashahba, krishnadurai, lluunn S Restores Istio README
minikube 5243 rajalokan Pending Sep 6 RA489, tstromberg L removes heapster
kubernetes 80470 zouyee Pending Sep 6 dashpole, dcbw, jethrogb, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, sjpotter, thockin S fix autogenerated container port name conflicts with multiple hostports
kubernetes 82371 deads2k Pending Sep 6 deads2k, enj, hongchaodeng, liggitt, mikedanese XL add ability to authenticators for dynamic update of certs for delegated authn
kubernetes 82189 deads2k Pending Sep 6 deads2k, lavalamp, smarterclayton, soltysh, yliaog L add conditions for remaining object totals during ns termination
kubernetes 81319 neolit123 Pending Sep 6 kad, neolit123, rosti M kubeadm: add a upgrade health check that deploys a DaemonSet
kubernetes 81226 bclau Pending Sep 6 dashpole, feiskyer L tests: Replaces images used with agnhost (part 4)
kubernetes 82410 nikhita Pending Sep 6 aanm, munnerz, sttts, wojtek-t XXL informer-gen: allow package names containing dots
website 15396 supersam654 Pending Sep 6 steveperry-53, xiangpengzhao, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L Replace social_sprite.png with font icons.
kops 6889 vaibhavrtk Pending Sep 6 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS Added net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time to sysctls.go
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 760 nzoueidi Pending Sep 6 mengqiy XS Use pointers for replicas field in the gitbook
kubernetes 71653 liucimin Pending Sep 6 bboreham, dcbw, freehan, lavalamp, liucimin, nikopen, thockin, yujuhong M No timeout when Kubelet Calling cni plugin
kubernetes 76828 bclau Pending Sep 6 PatrickLang, ixdy, luxas, mkumatag S images: Adds GOARM to images' Makefiles
kubernetes 82155 zhlhahaha Pending Sep 6 dchen1107, krmayankk, vishh XS Add NonRoot image to whitelist in e2e test
kubernetes 77862 bclau Pending Sep 6 bclau, bowei, chrisohaver, luxas L tests: Replaces dnsmasq usage with CoreDNS
test-infra 13737 fediazgon Pending Sep 6 alvaroaleman, chases2, fediazgon, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Add unit tests for checkconfig flags 16241 hwdef Pending Sep 6 zacharysarah XS translate
charts 16917 nickrobertssky Pending Sep 6 juliens XS [stable/traefik] allow labels and annotations to be specified
charts 16914 mwalser Pending Sep 6 XS [stable/postgresql] Allow setting the mount path of initdb scripts
helm 6368 RyanSiu1995 Pending Sep 6 XS Support the legacy client flag for better backward compatibility
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5146 qingkunl Pending Sep 6 woopstar XS Parameterize gcr and quay image repo defines
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5146 qingkunl Pending Sep 6 woopstar XS Parameterize gcr and quay image repo defines
istio/istio 16505 naphta Pending Sep 6 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, morvencao, ostromart, sdake XS Update namespaceSelector to be configurable on sidecar injector webhook
kubernetes 77341 wgliang Pending Sep 6 apelisse, brendandburns, bsalamat, k82cn, lavalamp, wgliang XXL Add feature of pod affinity/anti-affinity supports Gt and Lt operators
enhancements 1168 poelzi Pending Sep 6 bsalamat, derekwaynecarr, k82cn, poelzi, smarterclayton L Propose KEP Teardown Pressure & Teardown Priority
kubeflow/pipelines 1643 rileyjbauer Pending Sep 6 IronPan, neuromage, rmgogogo, yebrahim L Allows uploading a pipeline in new run form
kubernetes-sigs/kind 840 tao12345666333 Pending Sep 6 BenTheElder, Vaccano, neolit123, tao12345666333 S doc: Add Docker on Windows to known issues.
kubernetes 76471 m1kola Pending Sep 6 adohe, m1kola, neolit123, seans3, soltysh XL Adds --prefix flag to the kubectl log command
kubeadm 1772 RA489 Pending Sep 6 kad, neolit123 M WIP: update kubeadm/kinder tests for 1.16
website 16154 phanama Pending Sep 6 girikuncoro, irvifa, phanama XXL Translate Volume page to Indonesian
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1163 adipascu Pending Sep 6 Raffo, njuettner XS Fix confusing arrow direction
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 362 leakingtapan Pending Sep 6 wongma7 L Update to use 1.16.0-beta.2 with inline test enabled
dashboard 4224 shu-mutou Pending Sep 6 cheld, floreks, maciaszczykm, shu-mutou L Migrate docs for Accessing Dashboard
kubernetes 74977 mgdevstack LGTM Sep 6 aojea, bclau, bgrant0607, dcbw, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack, smarterclayton, spiffxp S Promote DNS e2e verifying PQDN resolution for cluster
kubernetes 81648 yuyulei Pending Sep 6 kow3ns, krmayankk, soltysh M Apply hash to label(controller-revision-hash) of statefulsetPod
kubernetes 82376 SataQiu Pending Sep 6 Huang-Wei, SataQiu, ahg-g XS scheduler: remove the defer function cost from benchmark
kubeflow/kubeflow 3952 butuzov Pending Sep 6 jlewi, mameshini XXL macOS's custom `df` path
kubeflow/pipelines 1971 Bobgy Pending Sep 6 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, gaoning777 XL Test KFP lite deployment upgradability
kubernetes 79475 DaiHao LGTM Sep 6 ScorpioCPH, foxish, janetkuo, k82cn, neolit123, soltysh XS do not delete terminating pods again 16239 dfang Pending Sep 6 haibinxie XS localization: logging architecture 16237 savitharaghunathan Pending Sep 6 bradtopol XS Adding review changes from PR 15604
charts 16909 wvidana Pending Sep 6 davidkarlsen XS [stable/cerebro] Adding wvidana as collaborator
helm 6363 jlegrone Pending Sep 6 XS Remove run test subcommand and --cleanup flag, print test status
kubernetes 81940 carlory Pending Sep 6 carlory, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, mikedanese L fix static check failures
google/cadvisor 2304 ohsewon Pending Sep 6 M Add hugepage info to v1 node structure
minikube 5201 BlackHole1 Pending Sep 6 RA489, afbjorklund L (WIP): optimizing Chinese translation
kubernetes 71402 gaorong LGTM Sep 6 chakri-nelluri, rootfs, saad-ali, sjenning, verult S fix no volume plugin matched error when reconstruct volume information
kubernetes 82383 javier-b-perez Pending Sep 5 BenTheElder, Katharine XS cluster: test: get-kube print if call will use token
kubeflow/pipelines 1944 Ark-kun Pending Sep 5 gaoning777, hongye-sun L SDK - Refactoring - Replaced the *Meta classes with the *Spec classes
kubernetes 82206 tedyu Pending Sep 5 lavalamp, liggitt, sttts XS WithAuthentication should wrap WithMaxInFlightLimit
kubeflow/pipelines 1938 Ark-kun Pending Sep 5 gaoning777, hongye-sun L SDK - Containers - Do not create GCS bucket unless building the image
kubernetes 82066 ivan-cai Pending Sep 5 Lion-Wei, MrHohn, bowei, cmluciano, freehan XS bugfix for pr#71114. if we use ipvs mode on node which linux version …
bazelbuild/rules_docker 992 renovate-bot Pending Sep 5 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 XS Update dependency bazel_skylib to v0.9.0
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 154 krmayankk Pending Sep 5 Huang-Wei, aveshagarwal, bsalamat, krmayankk, ravisantoshgudimetla XXL Runtime Even Pod Spreading
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 153 ggriffiths Pending Sep 5 ggriffiths, jsafrane, lpabon, msau42, xing-yang L Add exponential backoff retries to CreateSnapshot
kubernetes 82196 MikeSpreitzer Pending Sep 5 aaron-prindle, brendandburns, deads2k, lavalamp, yliaog, yue9944882 XXL Extend PR 81834 for flexibility and Exempt bit flips
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 382 daveRendon Pending Sep 5 guineveresaenger, jberkus, parispittman XS create 354 stp-ip Pending Sep 5 cblecker, mikedanese S Add txtdirect staging repo
kubernetes 78819 justaugustus Pending Sep 5 BenTheElder, aleksandra-malinowska, aojea, calebamiles, cjcullen, justaugustus, listx, philips, squeed, sumitranr, thockin, tpepper M cni: Update CNI version to v0.8.2
minikube 5251 tstromberg Pending Sep 5 afbjorklund, josedonizetti XS WIP: Upgrade kube-addon-manager to v9.0.2
minikube 5173 gknauth Pending Sep 5 RA489, medyagh, tstromberg XS Fix docker-machine{-driver,}-parallels doc typo
kubernetes-sigs/krew 302 corneliusweig Pending Sep 5 ahmetb, corneliusweig, ferhatelmas, juanvallejo M Forbid long lines in manifests during validation
minikube 4999 bhanu011 Pending Sep 5 bhanu011, medyagh, tstromberg M Warn when a user tries to set a profile name that is unlikely to be valid 346 dims Pending Sep 5 cblecker, justinsb, mikedanese, nikhita, thockin XXL Add support for non-k8s-infra (and existing) mailing lists 16229 MJ-CJM Pending Sep 5 XS zh-trans:docs/concepts/extend-kubernetes/
charts 16903 jhohertz Pending Sep 5 XS [stable/datadog] allow for setting annotations on cluster checks pod
charts 16901 cezarsa Pending Sep 5 XS [stable/cluster-autoscaler] Allow individual envs from secrets
charts 16897 rjasper-frohraum Pending Sep 5 sameersbn XS [stable/redis] Parameterize sysctls
charts 16893 0x46616c6b Pending Sep 5 steven-sheehy, unguiculus XS [stable/mongo-replicaset] use bitnami/mongodb-exporter
helm 6360 wxdao Pending Sep 5 XS Fix chartutil.Save returning empty path when passing a non-existent directory (Resolves #6344)
ingress 4533 dz0ny Pending Sep 5 XS 404 has been removed
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5145 alijahnas Pending Sep 5 XS fix crictl install fail
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5145 alijahnas Pending Sep 5 XS fix crictl install fail
kubernetes 81748 lavalamp Pending Sep 5 MikeSpreitzer, dchen1107, lavalamp, riking, tedyu, yliaog, yue9944882 XXL [DO NOT SUBMIT] lavalamp comments on "Feature rate limiting"
kubernetes 82282 hainesc Pending Sep 5 dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, vishh M kubelet: create container in parallel
kubernetes-sigs/aws-fsx-csi-driver 70 wongma7 Pending Sep 5 justinsb, leakingtapan L Add volume context and parameters validation to ValidateVolumeCapabilities
kubernetes 80917 aarnaud Pending Sep 5 RenaudWasTaken, sjenning M Add deviceManager in windows container manager
kubernetes 82171 mgdevstack LGTM Sep 5 dcbw, freehan, johnbelamaric, mattjmcnaughton M Add LinuxOnly tag to e2e testing session affinity
kubeflow/kfctl 28 NathanHowell Pending Sep 5 NathanHowell, gabrielwen, kkasravi S Build kfctl in Dockerfile with Alpine based image
kubernetes 82355 hoyho Pending Sep 5 shiywang, smarterclayton XS fix kubectl logs if no container name specificed
website 15742 kbhawkey Pending Sep 5 jimangel, tengqm, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XXL [WIP] testing restyled kubectl ref
istio/istio 16850 JacksChoco Pending Sep 5 S CEL expression add replaceAll
community 3686 mattjmcnaughton Pending Sep 5 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr XS Update kubelet cri networking
kops 7026 caraboides Pending Sep 5 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy L update kube-router to 0.3.1
istio/istio 16847 shakti-das Pending Sep 5 XS Disable secureGrpc if sidecar is used for control plane mTLS
kubernetes 76443 mgdevstack Pending Sep 5 PatrickLang, bgrant0607, dineshgovindasamy, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack, oomichi, smarterclayton, spiffxp, thockin M Promote e2e "verifying service's sessionAffinity for ClusterIP and NodePort services" to Conformance
kubernetes 71814 booxter Pending Sep 5 jbeda, zmerlynn XS build: use the first ip address in 'ip address' list for ALLOW_HOST
kubernetes 80545 spiffxp Pending Sep 5 bgrant0607, bsalamat, johnbelamaric, smarterclayton S Promote preemption e2e tests to Conformance
kubernetes 80290 Moriadry Pending Sep 5 brendandburns, cblecker, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, johnbelamaric, thockin S upgrade vishvananda/netlink to v1.0.0
kubernetes 71316 hoegaarden Pending Sep 5 Random-Liu, brendandburns, deads2k, haiyanmeng, hoegaarden, tallclair, yujuhong L [WIP] Limit output of exec probes
kubernetes 76615 JieJhih Pending Sep 5 JieJhih, Random-Liu, SataQiu, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, neolit123, resouer, vishh, yujuhong S stop all running containers when stop sand box
kubernetes 80957 alaypatel07 Pending Sep 5 alaypatel07, cheftako, dchen1107, janetkuo, tnozicka L TTL for cleaning up Pods after they finish
kubernetes 76985 globervinodhn Pending Sep 5 johnbelamaric, oomichi, ravisantoshgudimetla, spiffxp M Promote existing e2e test for pod eviction on no-execute taint to conformance
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 261 adrianchiris LGTM Sep 5 Ethyling, adrianchiris, balajismaniam, kad, zvonkok M Add RDMA capable feature to PCI Features
kubernetes 82116 liuxu623 Pending Sep 5 Random-Liu, andrewsykim, danwinship, derekwaynecarr, dnardo, liuxu623, nicksardo L only manage kubernetes masquerade and postrouting iptables rules in kubelet 355 stp-ip Pending Sep 5 cblecker, nikhita XS Add stp-ip to CoreDNS staging group
kubernetes 76310 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Sep 5 bsalamat, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, ravisantoshgudimetla, vikaschoudhary16 L Relax namespace restriction for critical pods
test-infra 14204 adelina-t Pending Sep 5 PatrickLang, bclau, chases2 XS Update Windows presubmit job
examples 309 SunRunAway Pending Sep 5 idvoretskyi, sebgoa M https-nginx: remove unused go file and clean up Makefile
kubernetes 81158 zouyee LGTM Sep 5 brendandburns, liggitt, neolit123, thockin, zouyee L fix unsafe JSON construction
kubernetes 81327 zaneb Pending Sep 5 caesarxuchao, lavalamp, liggitt, zaneb M jsonpath: Correctly handle string key names in dicts
kubernetes 80394 jingweno Pending Sep 5 bhagwat070919, gnufied, jingweno, justinsb, micahhausler M Allow UDP for AWS NLB
kubernetes 78373 tedyu LGTM Sep 5 mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, tallclair, tedyu, vllry, yujuhong S Sort init container statuses using non-nested loop
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 269 marquiz Pending Sep 5 Ethyling, zvonkok XXL Switch to using go modules
charts 16888 nickrobertssky Pending Sep 5 cpanato XS [stable/jaeger-operator] Update to version 1.14.0.
charts 16871 ReillyProcentive Pending Sep 5 XS [stable/sumologic-fluentd] Update sumologic fluentd collector to 2.4.2
charts 16870 frayer Pending Sep 5 XS [stable/redis-ha] Correcting the number of arguments to toYaml 16223 hwdef Pending Sep 5 SataQiu XS trans-Why-Kubernetes-Doesnt-Use-Libnetwork 16221 SatoruItaya Pending Sep 5 XS Translate concepts/configuration/assign-pod-node/ in Japanese
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1264 Random-Liu Pending Sep 5 jterry75, mikebrow, yujuhong XS Add Implementation for WCOW process isolation support.
kubernetes 82363 yuxiaobo96 Pending Sep 5 dchen1107, jsafrane, smarterclayton XS update spelling mistakes 227 stp-ip Pending Sep 5 cblecker, stp-ip, thockin L [WIP] Add redirector service
kubernetes 75163 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Sep 5 dchen1107, kow3ns, msau42, zhangxiaoyu-zidif M add OwnerReference for PVC created from PVC template in statefulset case
kubernetes 82145 shivi28 Pending Sep 5 SataQiu, bowei, cblecker, shivi28, sttts M nodeipam-controller:fix static check failures
dashboard 4138 greggbjensen LGTM Sep 5 ianlewis, konryd, maciaszczykm S Specified Linux as OS in nodeSelector, to make compatible with AKS cluster with Windows nodes
org 1159 yue9944882 Pending Sep 5 brendandburns XS Add yue to kubernetes java client admin
repo-infra 82 mariantalla Pending Sep 5 cblecker, hoegaarden, ixdy, nikhita, spiffxp, tao12345666333 XL Script to automatically add licence headers
website 16220 oke-py Pending Sep 5 cstoku, makocchi-git L Translate tasks/configure-pod-container/share-process-namespace/ into Japanese
kubeflow/manifests 342 kkasravi Pending Sep 5 kunmingg, lluunn XXL App instance
kubernetes 72850 yanghaichao12 LGTM Sep 5 dashpole, neolit123, yifan-gu XS Fix typos
kubernetes 71833 zhuguihua LGTM Sep 5 caesarxuchao, deads2k, rootfs, wenjiaswe XS change glog flush interval comment to klog
kubernetes 74506 littleroad Pending Sep 5 Random-Liu, dashpole, yguo0905, yujuhong S Make the annotation of ListContainerStats keep consistent with the in…
kubernetes 68699 enj Pending Sep 5 caesarxuchao, deads2k, enj, hongchaodeng, janetkuo, jpbetz XL Correctly handle TTLs on update
kubernetes 78717 Pingan2017 Pending Sep 5 dixudx, seans3, soltysh S remove Storage from kubectl top help message
kubeflow/community 288 scottilee Pending Sep 5 jlewi, scottilee, zabbasi S Cal Update Service Account
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1062 Sn0rt Pending Sep 5 Sn0rt, davidewatson, dennisme, detiber, randomvariable, rudoi, sethp-nr, vincepri XL support amazon-vpc-cni-k8s CNI 16220 oke-py Pending Sep 5 cstoku XS Translate tasks/configure-pod-container/share-process-namespace/ into Japanese
charts 16866 mstevanic Pending Sep 5 Miouge1 XS stable/oauth2-proxy Fix Google credentials
charts 16865 bitnami-bot Pending Sep 5 XS [stable/orangehrm] Release 6.1.3
charts 16859 AlexsJones Pending Sep 5 XS [stable/nifi] Adding Nifi chart into the helm repository (New chart)
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2769 mrunalp Pending Sep 5 XS [1.16] Switch to kubernetes 1.16 for tests
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2769 mrunalp Pending Sep 5 XS [1.16] Switch to kubernetes 1.16 for tests
website 15320 dahuins Pending Sep 5 gochist, seokho-son XS Update
website 15717 gue-ni LGTM Sep 5 mkorbi, rlenferink XS Fixed spelling mistake
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 334 mcronce Pending Sep 5 jsafrane, lpabon, saad-ali M Readable volume names
kubernetes 82315 beautytiger Pending Sep 5 andyzhangx, beautytiger, brendandburns, hwdef, ixdy L fix staticcheck errors in legacy-cloud-providers/azure
kubeflow/website 975 kunmingg Pending Sep 5 abhi-g, nickchase, richardsliu, sarahmaddox S add deployment trouble shooting instruction
kubeflow/website 1076 ajchili Pending Sep 5 Ark-kun, IronPan, ajchili, carmine, neuromage, sarahmaddox L Add Documentation for new Python Based Visualizations
kubernetes 76663 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Sep 5 bsalamat, ravisantoshgudimetla, sjenning, smarterclayton M Fix preemption race conditions on heavy utilized nodes in e2e tests
kops 5688 nareshku Pending Sep 5 chrisz100, justinsb, nareshku M Kops should delete correct masterPublicName records in aws
istio/tools 223 utka Pending Sep 4 costinm, howardjohn, mandarjog XS Fixing undefined var in bash
kubernetes 73110 micahhausler Pending Sep 4 awly, eparis, erictune, micahhausler, mikedanese, neolit123 XXL Added support for external signing of Service Account tokens
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4527 martin31821 Pending Sep 4 Miouge1, mirwan S [WIP] Add support for the flannel IPSec backend
kops 6895 adammw Pending Sep 4 justinsb, mikesplain, rdrgmnzs XS Add usesNAT flag to control nonMasqueradeCIDR check for custom CNI networking
website 16192 ashishbharthi Pending Sep 4 ashishbharthi, deads2k, liggitt, sftim S Add “API group” to glossary #15906
enhancements 1097 mikedanese Pending Sep 4 awly, deads2k, enj, liggitt, mikedanese, smarterclayton, yastij L Retroactive KEP: Certificates API
kubeflow/manifests 208 kkasravi Pending Sep 4 ashahba, hougangliu XXL add application to pipelines
enhancements 944 haiyanmeng Pending Sep 4 deads2k, enj, haiyanmeng, janetkuo, liggitt, mikedanese, smarterclayton, tallclair L Add a KEP for Node-Scoped Daemonset
kubernetes 68004 saravanan30erd Pending Sep 4 coffeepac, krmayankk, piosz M isolate logging resources in separate namespace
kubernetes 81934 carlory Pending Sep 4 brendandburns, cheftako, chrislovecnm, deads2k, vishh M fix staticcheck failures in 'pkg/client pkg/credentialprovider pkg/ku…
kubernetes 82257 prameshj Pending Sep 4 andrewsykim, cheftako M Support specifying a custom subnet for ILB ip in GCE
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 398 renovate-bot Pending Sep 4 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1 S chore(deps): update dependency io_bazel_rules_go to v0.19.4
kubernetes 82299 tedyu Pending Sep 4 bowei, freehan XS Return error when connection attempt encounters too many FDs
kubernetes 81311 BobyMCbobs Pending Sep 4 ahg-g, devaips, k82cn, spiffxp, timothysc L Split limitrange tests
website 16122 idvoretskyi LGTM Sep 4 castrojo, cody-clark, idvoretskyi, kbarnard10, kbhawkey, mrbobbytables, parispittman, sftim, vonguard L added
kube-state-metrics 801 andyxning Pending Sep 4 LiliC, andyxning, brancz, mxinden, tariq1890 XL enable useless code check and more strict comment check
cloud-provider-vsphere 245 andrewsykim Pending Sep 4 dougm, dvonthenen, imkin L refactor to initialize shared informer only once
enhancements 874 justinsb LGTM Sep 4 brendandburns, justaugustus, tpepper M Artifact Serving: Proposal for milestone-0
kubeflow/pipelines 1999 siganakis LGTM Sep 4 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun, siganakis M Allow for pipeline archives to be uploaded via CLI
kops 7384 tmjd Pending Sep 4 granular-ryanbonham, mikesplain, robinpercy XL Update Calico manifests to better match the latest release
kubernetes 78289 dpandhi-git Pending Sep 4 ahg-g, dpandhi-git, feiskyer, misterikkit L Moved `GetPodPriority` into a common library kubernetes#78220
cluster-registry 275 chases2 LGTM Sep 4 cjwagner, font, madhusudancs, perotinus, pmorie XS Update to k8s-ci-robot's command list
charts 16857 ryanpardieck Pending Sep 4 XS [stable/sonarqube] Fix indentation in Sonarqube deployment template
charts 16853 vishiy Pending Sep 4 XS incubator/azuremonitor-containers - August 2019 release - (Bug fixes & Cluster Health Private preview)
charts 16850 yurrriq Pending Sep 4 XS [stable/cluster-autoscaler] Add olemarkus as reviewer/approver
charts 16837 yurrriq Pending Sep 4 XS [stable/cluster-autoscaler] Support fullnameOverride
charts 16834 bitnami-bot Pending Sep 4 XS [stable/drupal] Release 5.1.6
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5142 teozkr Pending Sep 4 chadswen XS Limit registry-proxy access to localhost
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5142 teozkr Pending Sep 4 chadswen XS Limit registry-proxy access to localhost
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 269 marquiz Pending Sep 4 XS Switch to using go modules
kubernetes 77087 zlseu-edu Pending Sep 4 JieJhih, dcbw, dineshgovindasamy, feiskyer, ksubrmnn M Fix winkernel proxy delete being used hnsendpoint
kubernetes 77517 shiywang Pending Sep 4 deads2k, soltysh S [WIP] add -o templatefile/go-template-file support read from stdin
minikube 4780 marekschwarz Pending Sep 4 RA489, josedonizetti, marekschwarz, medyagh, tstromberg XXL Added option to delete all profiles
kubernetes 73711 Ramyak Pending Sep 4 Ramyak, bsalamat, k82cn, neolit123, resouer, szuecs, wgliang M In SelectorSpreadPriority, consider all pods when scoring for zone
kubernetes-sigs/kind 685 neolit123 Pending Sep 4 BenTheElder, amwat, neolit123 M [WIP] enable concurrent join of both worker and control-plane nodes
istio/istio 15819 plumcraft Pending Sep 4 costinm, ostromart XS WIP: Add env variables on kiali chart 225 stp-ip Pending Sep 4 BenTheElder, cblecker, idvoretskyi, misterikkit, stp-ip, thockin M Migrate shortener to TXTDirect
kubernetes 82183 smarterclayton Pending Sep 4 david-mcmahon, mikedanese M Allow private key reuse from certificate managers for server certs
ingress-nginx 4373 alanjcastonguay Pending Sep 4 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, cgilmour M Passthrough DD_TRACE_ANALYTICS_ENABLED environment variable
kubernetes 82264 multi-io Pending Sep 4 FengyunPan2, anguslees XS openstack: Don't Delete LB in Case of Security Group Reconciliation Errors
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5142 teozkr Pending Sep 4 chadswen, holmsten, mirwan XS Limit registry-proxy access to localhost
kubernetes 82070 olivierlemasle Pending Sep 4 mengqiy, pwittrock, soltysh M kubectl cluster-info dump: use file extension according to output format
kubernetes-sigs/legacyflag 4 alejandrox1 Pending Sep 4 mtaufen, sttts XS Implemented VarValue.Value method
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 412 renovate-bot Pending Sep 4 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS chore(deps): update dependency com_google_protobuf to v3.9.1
kubernetes 82336 richardmarshall Pending Sep 4 ghodss, soltysh M Enable setting status code for kubectl errors in diff sub-command
community 3771 cblecker Pending Sep 4 castrojo, jaypipes, mrbobbytables S Amend Slack policy to drop support for commercial channels
test-infra 12326 brahmaroutu Pending Sep 4 brahmaroutu, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov, taragu XL Provide automated way of updating repo project boards.
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 186 marquiz Pending Sep 4 Ethyling, marquiz S e2e test integration in Travis CI
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 267 zvonkok Pending Sep 4 Ethyling, kad, marquiz, zvonkok S Added verify target to Makefile
autoscaler 2275 realdimas Pending Sep 4 Joseph-Irving, MaciekPytel, bskiba, jbartosik, realdimas L VPA: find topmost well-known or scalable controller
kubernetes 77485 ping035627 Pending Sep 4 derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, resouer, yastij XS Take event.Reason as part of spamKey for event Filter
website 16003 dianaabv16 Pending Sep 4 Potapy4, Rajakavitha1, dianaabv16, sftim, steveperry-53 L Init russian localization
ingress-nginx 4087 MRoci Pending Sep 4 ElvinEfendi, aledbf M Define Modsecurity Snippet via ConfigMap
kubernetes 81928 carlory Pending Sep 4 carlory, cheftako, dcbw, johnSchnake, lavalamp S fix staticcheck faulures in 'cmd' pkg
test-infra 12836 alvaroaleman Pending Sep 4 alvaroaleman, krzyzacy, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XXL Allow configuring presubmits inside the tested repo via a `prow.yaml`
charts 16829 invidian Pending Sep 4 XS [stable/external-dns] Add support for creating Azure secret
test-infra 13683 nikhita Pending Sep 4 amwat, cblecker, cjwagner, fejta, hongkailiu, nikhita, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov L Replace fejta-bot with k8s-triage-robot
kubeflow/arena 257 asdfsx Pending Sep 4 denverdino, wsxiaozhang XS add replicas in chief & evaluator
kubernetes 81978 carlory Pending Sep 4 bskiba, foxish, krzyzacy, oomichi L cleanup test code in upgrades and autoscaling pkg
kubeflow/pipelines 1683 Ark-kun Pending Sep 4 Ark-kun, IronPan, SinaChavoshi, gaoning777, hongye-sun, kevinbache S SDK - Hiding Argo's workflow.uid placeholder behind DSL
kubernetes 76641 ping035627 Pending Sep 4 Klaven, fabriziopandini, luxas, neolit123, ping035627, rosti L Refactor RetrieveValidatedConfigInfo to reduce its complexity
kubernetes 80019 hex108 Pending Sep 4 bsalamat, k82cn L Add GetKubernetesHandler for FrameworkHandle
kubeflow/katib 726 gaocegege Pending Sep 4 Akado2009, DeeperMind, gaocegege, hougangliu, johnugeorge L [docs] Add suggestion proposal
kubernetes 82260 fankangbest Pending Sep 4 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen XS always update pod's status when ContainerDied occurs
test-infra 14115 magicsong LGTM Sep 4 alvaroaleman, clarketm, magicsong, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XS add kubesphere to prow userlist
kubernetes 82277 gaorong Pending Sep 4 gaorong, mtaufen, xiaoanyunfei, yujuhong S fix getnericPLEG still return an empty podIP when get podIP from older cached status
kubeflow/pipelines 2011 numerology Pending Sep 4 Ark-kun, gaoning777 L [WIP] Move image specifications into config.yaml
kubeflow/pipelines 1894 Tomcli Pending Sep 4 animeshsingh, neuromage XL Katib-AIF360 pipeline example
kubeflow/pipelines 1031 neuromage LGTM Sep 4 IronPan, neuromage, vicaire L Use Remote Build Execution for Bazel builds.
kubeflow/pipelines 1832 Ark-kun Pending Sep 4 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun XS SDK/DSL - Made ContainerOp.output_artifact_paths private
kubernetes 74224 jayunit100 Pending Sep 4 ingvagabund, jayunit100, jpbetz, resouer XS Fix to #74223 , leaderelection.go affirming creation of new log and l…
kubernetes 77962 jackfrancis Pending Sep 4 feiskyer, jackfrancis, justaugustus, karataliu L [WIP] test: add unit tests for azure cloudprovider backoff implementation
charts 16818 austinbv Pending Sep 4 XS Update docs to reflect 1.1.0 16213 inductor Pending Sep 4 XS WIP: Feature/translate taint and toleration 16203 aimeeu Pending Sep 4 XS [WIP] App Cluster Logging - remove third-party content
website 16213 inductor Pending Sep 4 cstoku, makocchi-git L WIP: Feature/translate taint and toleration
community 3677 mattjmcnaughton LGTM Sep 4 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, thecrudge M Update CRI validation (link to canonical docs)
kubernetes 82294 rphillips Pending Sep 4 Random-Liu, dashpole, sjenning M kubelet: fix removeTerminatedContainers and removeTerminatedPods
kubernetes 82157 lmaffeo LGTM Sep 4 brendandburns, dchen1107, zacharysarah XS Made some grammar edits to the README
dashboard 4249 shu-mutou Pending Sep 4 cheld, cupofcat L Migrate docs for Access control
kubeflow/manifests 338 mattnworb Pending Sep 4 lluunn, richardsliu S add livenessProbe to ml-pipeline-ui
kubeflow/manifests 336 hougangliu Pending Sep 3 ashahba, kkasravi, swiftdiaries XXL Remove katib-v1alpha1
test-infra 12386 ashishranjan738 Pending Sep 3 andyzhangx, ashishranjan738, feiskyer, krzyzacy, ritazh, wojtek-t M enhance(jobs): adds jobs for azurefile csi driver
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 52 atoato88 Pending Sep 3 droot, justinsb, monopole L Add dashboard 1.10.1 manifests to channels
kubernetes 82231 Pingan2017 Pending Sep 3 ivan4th, rata, saad-ali S Remove ready file for emptydir after umount
kubernetes 78359 tedyu Pending Sep 3 janetkuo, smarterclayton XS Delete multiple controller revision in case of error for truncateHistory
website 16159 sozercan Pending Sep 3 Rajakavitha1, jimangel, stewart-yu XS add CSIInlineVolume feature flag to kube-apiserver
kubernetes-sigs/kind 832 alejandrox1 Pending Sep 3 BenTheElder, alejandrox1, aojea, munnerz, neolit123, tao12345666333 M [WIP] Adding more detail to the v1alpha3 config godocs
kubeflow/pipelines 1555 Ark-kun Pending Sep 3 gaoning777, hongye-sun, kevinbache XS SDK/Compiler - Preventing pipeline entrypoint template name from clashing with other template names
kubernetes 81818 Klaven Pending Sep 3 Klaven, derekwaynecarr, detiber, neolit123, rosti, yastij M removal of klog from validaters
website 16157 Benjamintf1 Pending Sep 3 davidopp, sftim, stewart-yu S Update pod tolerations doc to include full pod example
kubernetes 81895 praseodym Pending Sep 3 dominikh, ixdy, mkumatag, praseodym M Fix staticcheck failures for test/images
kubernetes-sigs/krew 326 corneliusweig Pending Sep 3 ahmetb, corneliusweig, juanvallejo, soltysh L Include list of merged pull requests in release notes
google/cadvisor 2302 thomasf1234 Pending Sep 3 dashpole S Exporting container_memory_kernel from memory.kmem.usage_in_bytes
kubernetes-incubator/ip-masq-agent 48 varunmar LGTM Sep 3 MrHohn, bowei, thockin XS Add varunmar and grayluck to the owners list
charts 16813 stevehipwell Pending Sep 3 XS [stable/jira-software] Add jira-software chart
charts 16808 caarlos0 Pending Sep 3 XS [stable/elasticsearch-exporter]: improved healthchecks
charts 16804 christianhuening Pending Sep 3 XS [stable/consul] allow to add extra annotations to consul 16202 sftim Pending Sep 3 XS Update 16198 MathieuLavigneCC Pending Sep 3 XS Fix curl URL to match path regex
community 3245 eduartua LGTM Sep 3 eduartua, guineveresaenger, idvoretskyi, nikhita, parispittman L Developers guide update [WIP]
kubernetes 82177 zouyee Pending Sep 3 BenTheElder, SataQiu, lavalamp, liggitt, xichengliudui S remove dead KUBE_TEST_API_VERSIONS from test-integration
enhancements 897 Liujingfang1 LGTM Sep 3 monopole, pwittrock, seans3, soltysh L Add kep for exending kustomize patches to patch multiple targets
kubernetes 79984 Mmduh-483 Pending Sep 3 bowei, vishh, zmerlynn XS Change KUBE_ENABLE_CLUSTER_DNS to ENABLE_CLUSTER_DNS
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1090 shashidharatd Pending Sep 3 marun M Document Aggregated status feature
kubernetes 82256 arjunrn Pending Sep 3 fgrzadkowski, jianhuiz XXL [WIP] Added scaling constraints for the HPA
kubernetes 82162 krmayankk Pending Sep 3 david-mcmahon, lavalamp, m1093782566 S API: maxUnavailable for StatefulSet
kubernetes 81246 oomichi Pending Sep 3 alejandrox1, andrewsykim, spiffxp, timothysc, zmerlynn M WIP: Check e2e code for avoiding circular dependency
kubernetes 81336 vikaschoudhary16 Pending Sep 3 derekwaynecarr, eparis, justinsb, liggitt, ncdc, smarterclayton, vincepri M Kube drain fix
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 979 mkumatag Pending Sep 3 Liujingfang1, droot, pwittrock XS Ship arm64 and ppc64le binaries
kops 6881 hhuuggoo Pending Sep 3 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy M Cuda10 support
test-infra 13974 bobcatfish Pending Sep 3 alvaroaleman, bobcatfish, ccojocar, cjwagner, matthyx L Add documentation for using Tekton with Prow 🙌
test-infra 12557 alexeldeib Pending Sep 3 DirectXMan12, krzyzacy, wojtek-t L task: add kubebuilder, controller-tools, controller-runtime to prow
kubernetes 82136 sttts Pending Sep 3 DirectXMan12, lavalamp, wojtek-t M WIP: code-generator: tags for namers
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 951 justinsb Pending Sep 3 droot, mengqiy S Use gofmt, not goimports
istio/istio 16404 morvencao Pending Sep 3 XS add image pull secret for istio init chart.
klog 91 dims Pending Sep 3 DirectXMan12, andyxning, hoegaarden, liggitt, munnerz, vincepri, yagonobre S Starting v2 release following API break
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4676 mabushey Pending Sep 3 Miouge1, mirwan S create local.my_avail_zones
kubernetes 78597 jazzdan Pending Sep 3 mbohlool, smarterclayton, sttts XS Fix typo in SubjectAccessReview description
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 855 p53 Pending Sep 3 chrislovecnm, hjacobs, linki M Add enforce template option
kubernetes 77163 tnqn Pending Sep 3 adohe, brendandburns, dshulyak M Fix named service port issue in port-forward
website 16135 yue9944882 Pending Sep 3 cody-clark, mrbobbytables, sftim, yue9944882 L blog introducing java controller framework
kubernetes 82219 darshanime Pending Sep 3 cmluciano, danwinship S Allow ingress without backends
kubeflow/testing 434 kkasravi Pending Sep 3 gabrielwen, kunmingg XXL [WIP] support TektonCD pipeline
charts 16795 Lunik Pending Sep 3 nitisht XS [stable/minio] Allow to add custom labels on Ingress
charts 16794 Pinpin31 Pending Sep 3 scottrigby XS [stable/couchdb] Add annotations in stateFulSet
charts 16791 daixiang0 Pending Sep 3 XS [incubator/zookeeper]: fix a typo
kubernetes 77477 danielqsj Pending Sep 3 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, krmayankk, tallclair, vishh XS don't use unit-specific suffix in time naming
enhancements 930 MikeSpreitzer Pending Sep 3 MikeSpreitzer, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, yue9944882 XL Added proposal with priority but assured concurrency and fairness
kubernetes 81586 moshe010 Pending Sep 3 ConnorDoyle, adrianchiris, dchen1107, klueska, mindprince, moshe010 XXL topologymanager: Add Merge method to Policy
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 180 nlamirault Pending Sep 3 corneliusweig, juanvallejo M New plugin : role-summary
website 16176 ashishbharthi Pending Sep 3 ashishbharthi, mikedanese, sftim, stewart-yu XL Create a Task for 'Creating your own secrets' #16006
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4678 diguage Pending Sep 3 Miouge1, mirwan XS add setuptools
kubernetes 80640 wojtek-t Pending Sep 3 krousey, smarterclayton, wojtek-t M [WIP][DO NOT REVIEW] Deprecate SelfLink field
kubernetes 77151 chardch LGTM Sep 3 chardch, jiayingz, listx, mkumatag, neolit123 S Update CudaVectorAdd test image to be built with Cuda10.1 docker image
enhancements 1158 feiskyer Pending Sep 3 alexeldeib, andrewsykim, cheftako, craiglpeters, feiskyer, hogepodge, justaugustus, justinsb, khenidak, kkmsft, smarterclayton L KEP: Support Instance Metadata Service with Cloud Controller Manager