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Open Kubernetes PRs (3599)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
istio/istio 15592 JimmyCYJ LGTM Jul 18 geeknoid, quanjielin XS update log scope
istio/istio 15573 clyang82 Pending Jul 18 clyang82, esnible, golangcibot, irisdingbj, nmittler XXL Support kube-uninject for istioctl command
istio/istio 15612 canthefason LGTM Jul 18 bianpengyuan, douglas-reid, kyessenov S fix stackdriver adapter getting shutdown bug
kubeflow/tf-operator 1028 goodluckbot LGTM Jul 18 Jimexist, cheyang, johnugeorge XS Update gang scheduler name
kubernetes 80257 yue9944882 Pending Jul 18 nikhiljindal, piosz XXL [FEATURE BRANCH] Flow-control models implementation (storage, validation, defaulting..)
kubernetes-sigs/release-notes 75 saschagrunert Pending Jul 18 Drogglbecher, justaugustus, onyiny-ang, saschagrunert XXL Add notes for Kubernetes 1.16.0-alpha.1
istio/istio 15614 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 18 GregHanson, ostromart M cluster: fix original dst lb type (for 1.2.x)
kubernetes 77866 Fodoj Pending Jul 18 deads2k, lavalamp, soltysh XS Allow aggregate-to-view roles to get jobs status
kubernetes 76423 globervinodhn Pending Jul 18 globervinodhn, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack M Promote existing E2E test to ensure successful job completion after initial failure to conformance
kubernetes 79879 jiatongw Pending Jul 18 adelina-t, alejandrox1, andrewsykim, bclau, bsalamat, draveness, jiatongw, timothysc L [e2e] Refactor and Move node related methods to framework/node package[1]
enhancements 1015 jpbetz Pending Jul 18 deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, roycaihw, sttts, wojtek-t, yue9944882 M sig-api-machinery: Add scale targets to CRDs to GA KEP
istio/istio 15609 mnktsts2 LGTM Jul 18 rshriram XS WIP: [Fix] retain HealthyPanicThreshold even if it's set to 0 for disabling Envoy's panic mode (#13682)
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 400 jichenjc Pending Jul 18 gyliu513, roberthbailey XXL upgrade cluster-api version to 0.1.4
istio/istio 15613 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 18 ostromart, rshriram M cluster: fix original dst cluster type
kubernetes 76130 globervinodhn Pending Jul 18 bgrant0607, globervinodhn, johnbelamaric, kow3ns, mgdevstack, neolit123 S Promote orphan pod adoption E2E test for Jobs to conformance
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 404 sbueringer Pending Jul 18 chrigl, iamemilio M fix generate-yaml by escaping newlines
enhancements 1010 krmayankk Pending Jul 18 RobertKrawitz, bgrant0607, janetkuo, kargakis, kow3ns, krmayankk, prydonius, smarterclayton L update proposal for maxUnavailable for statefulsets
dashboard 4046 shu-mutou Pending Jul 18 PeWu, floreks, maciaszczykm, shu-mutou M Support dashboard-metrics-scraper on development container
minikube 4759 serhatcetinkaya Pending Jul 18 medyagh, serhatcetinkaya, sharifelgamal, tstromberg S WIP: Compare specified kubernetes version with oldest supported version
kubernetes 80277 draveness Pending Jul 18 BenTheElder, bowei, bsalamat, deads2k, mikedanese, soltysh, vishh L Revert "feat: cleanup pod critical pod annotations feature"
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1366 mmb Pending Jul 18 Liujingfang1, droot M Preserve namespace prefix in ingress auth-tls-secret
website 15325 krlooss Pending Jul 18 alexbrand, raelga S Translate Pod Priority to spanish
website 14792 irvifa Pending Jul 18 girikuncoro, irvifa, raelga, sftim XXL Initialize Secret in Bahasa Indonesia.
kubeflow/kfserving 255 johnugeorge Pending Jul 18 gaocegege, hougangliu, rakelkar S Updating docs
kubernetes 80254 hex108 Pending Jul 18 bsalamat, draveness, hex108, k82cn, wgliang L Send a reject message to permit plugin when preempting a WaitingPod
istio/istio 15575 clyang82 Pending Jul 18 clyang82, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, sdake M Set Resource Limits
enhancements 1134 matthyx Pending Jul 18 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jaypipes M Adding some justifications for startupProbe
kubeflow/tf-operator 1046 asdfsx Pending Jul 18 Jimexist, wackxu XS fix bug: When executing `tf-operator.v1 -version`, GitSHA is always 'not provided'
kubernetes 80284 danielqsj Pending Jul 18 lavalamp, mbohlool XS Fix a racing issue in client-go UpdateTransportConfig
enhancements 660 SidakM Pending Jul 18 SidakM, calebamiles, gnufied, janetkuo, justaugustus, kow3ns, mlmhl, smarterclayton L Add StatefulSet Volume Expansion Kep
kubeflow/fairing 320 abcdefgs0324 LGTM Jul 18 abcdefgs0324, abhi-g, jinchihe, jlewi, zhenghuiwang S Avoid converting to different path if running preprocessor multiple times
istio/istio 15503 Monkeyanator Pending Jul 18 Monkeyanator, costinm, elevran, golangcibot, howardjohn, incfly, myidpt, ostromart L Improve how citadel decides which set of namespaces to operate on [Issue #14828]
kubernetes 80134 tao12345666333 Pending Jul 18 cblecker, lavalamp, listx, neolit123, nikhita, tao12345666333 M [release-1.15] Update to go 1.12.7
kubeflow/kfserving 250 jinchihe Pending Jul 18 bhupc, gaocegege, jinchihe, johnugeorge, yuzisun M kfservice python sdk package
kubernetes 78966 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jul 18 MikeSpreitzer, adohe, brendandburns, deads2k, lavalamp, wojtek-t, yue9944882 L Started drafting the skeleton of the request management filter
autoscaler 2195 bskiba Pending Jul 18 jbartosik, mwielgus M Add support for cronjobs in VPA
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 88 lavalamp Pending Jul 18 apelisse, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller XXL Optimize benchmarks; permit serialization
kubernetes 78319 egernst LGTM Jul 18 ahg-g, brendandburns, bsalamat, dchen1107, draveness, egernst, tallclair L Scheduler changes to introduce alpha support for Pod Overhead
google/cadvisor 2268 qingwave Pending Jul 18 XS docs: update running flag for current process metrics
kubernetes 80234 tallclair LGTM Jul 18 dashpole, dims, vishh L Cleanup kubelet authz tests & make explicit
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 130 mattymo Pending Jul 18 cofyc, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali M Add notes about using Filesystem on block devices
istio/istio 15608 howardjohn Pending Jul 18 L Refactor pilot test organization
istio/istio 15561 rshriram Pending Jul 18 golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, utako XXL EnvoyFilter: Validation & Pre-processing
minikube 4797 medyagh Pending Jul 18 sharifelgamal, tstromberg L Adding Translation formatting
kube-openapi 166 yue9944882 Pending Jul 18 p0lyn0mial, sttts, yue9944882 XL Support x-kubernetes-v2-spec extension
minikube 4800 sharifelgamal Pending Jul 18 medyagh, tstromberg L Templatizing more calls to console
community 3906 vllry Pending Jul 18 idvoretskyi, jdumars S Set sig-usability mailing list and meeting doc
kubernetes 80285 d-kuro Pending Jul 18 adohe, apelisse, dshulyak XS Fix code block for kubectl book.
website 14581 kakts Pending Jul 18 MasayaAoyama, cstoku, inductor, kakts, nasa9084, sftim M Translate concepts/workloads/pods/podpreset/ in Japanese (#14544)
istio/installer 282 silentdai Pending Jul 18 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, sdake XS fix typo in README
kubernetes 79667 mgdevstack LGTM Jul 18 andrewsykim, fabriziopandini, johnbelamaric, kawych, mgdevstack, oomichi L Add service reachability test util function
community 3877 nasa9084 Pending Jul 18 cstoku, guineveresaenger, justaugustus, kbarnard10, makocchi-git, nasa9084, oke-py L Translate/contributor cheatsheet into Japanese
community 3905 vllry Pending Jul 18 jdumars, jeefy XS Add sig-usability Slack channel
istio/operator 93 morvencao Pending Jul 18 ayj, costinm, martonsereg, ostromart, rcernich, sdake, waynz0r XXL tune proto workflow.
kubernetes 72046 m1093782566 Pending Jul 18 andrewsykim, erictune, imroc, johnbelamaric, tallclair, thockin, vishh, wojtek-t XXL Service Topology implementation
istio/istio 15611 waret Pending Jul 18 geeknoid, golangcibot, nmittler S Fetching ingressgateway address supports NodePort type service
kubernetes-sigs/kind 716 EleanorRigby Pending Jul 18 amwat, munnerz XS Add log info messages for build config
kubeflow/arena 209 cheyang Pending Jul 18 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang M support priority class for arena
ingress-nginx 4326 Vlatombe Pending Jul 18 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Add support for annotations to set x-forwarded-proto and x-forwarded-port
community 3895 andrewsykim LGTM Jul 18 Katharine, abgworrall, andrewsykim, cantbewong, cblecker, frapposelli, jeefy, justaugustus, mrbobbytables, spiffxp, spzala, timothysc XL Transition all cloud provider SIGS as subprojects of SIG Cloud Provider
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 401 sbueringer Pending Jul 18 chrigl, flaper87, jichenjc, krousey XXL Adds Managed APIServer Loadbalancer
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1365 richardmarshall Pending Jul 18 droot, mengqiy XS Fix kustomize install in integration test
minikube 4744 tstromberg Pending Jul 18 RA489, afbjorklund L Allow users to skip pod health checks with --wait=false
kubernetes 75493 wgliang Pending Jul 18 davidz627, verult XS Avoid unnecessary volume mount repetitive operations
kubernetes-sigs/krew 273 ahmetb Pending Jul 18 ahmetb, corneliusweig, juanvallejo L semver: add wrapper for SemVer functionality
kubernetes 75369 wgliang Pending Jul 18 Huang-Wei, bsalamat, hex108, neolit123, ravisantoshgudimetla, resouer, wgliang XS scheduler: handle and log preemption return error
kubernetes-sigs/aws-encryption-provider 27 rajatjindal Pending Jul 18 micahhausler, sethpollack S Fix socket exists
istio/proxy 2313 yangminzhu Pending Jul 18 diemtvu, myidpt L WIP: validate trust domain in authn filter
kubernetes 79169 YueHonghui Pending Jul 18 YueHonghui, cheftako, justinsb, liggitt L add flag concurrent-statefulset-syncs to kube-controller-manager
minikube 4785 reegnz Pending Jul 18 afbjorklund, sharifelgamal, tstromberg XS Upgrade nginx ingress to 0.25.0
kubernetes 79539 bclau Pending Jul 18 adelina-t, yujuhong L tests: Adds Windows RunAsUserName tests
kubernetes 77760 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 18 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, bsalamat, krmayankk XXL Even Pods Spread - 2. Calculating Predicates Metadata
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1006 alex1545 Pending Jul 18 nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 M Allow testing for image non-determinism
istio/istio 15604 lei-tang Pending Jul 18 diemtvu, golangcibot, lei-tang, myidpt, wattli, wenchenglu XXL Prototype of Istio Webhook Controller
istio/istio 15569 howardjohn LGTM Jul 18 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram L Make all proxies, even gateways, have SidecarScope
kubernetes 80281 neolit123 Pending Jul 18 dims S pkg/volume/portworx: use libopenstorage/openstorage v2.0.0
minikube 4798 tstromberg Pending Jul 18 sharifelgamal XS Partially templatize calls to exit.* and console.*
kubernetes 80274 cblecker Pending Jul 18 ghodss, juanvallejo S Add calling binary envvar to kubectl plugin
kubernetes-client/java 623 yue9944882 Pending Jul 18 brendandburns, yue9944882 L Chore: Add [in|out-of] cluster examples and enhance docs
kubeflow/examples 599 rem20806 Pending Jul 18 IronPan, karthikv2k XXL Added azure pipeline example for Kubeflow
kubeflow/metadata 96 dreamryx Pending Jul 18 neuromage, zhenghuiwang M update Dockerfile to support power
node-problem-detector 314 riverzhang Pending Jul 18 Random-Liu, andyxning XS Building image on centos/rhel 7 requires a systemd-devel package
istio/istio 15586 morvencao Pending Jul 18 cmluciano, linsun, ostromart, sdake M Add configurable rolling update strategy.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1096 michaelgugino Pending Jul 18 detiber, enxebre, michaelgugino, ncdc, vincepri XL Machine controller: drain node before machine deletion
istio/istio 15595 ericvn Pending Jul 18 ericvn, golangcibot L [WIP] Update license checker to use modules instead of packages
istio/istio 15568 pitlv2109 Pending Jul 18 golangcibot, myidpt, pitlv2109, quanjielin L Default sds-based Citadel to use trustworthy jwts only
istio/proxy 2312 PiotrSikora Pending Jul 18 bianpengyuan, rshriram, silentdai S Update Envoy-WASM SHA to latest.
enhancements 1141 ddebroy Pending Jul 18 PatrickLang, ddebroy, jingxu97, michmike, msau42, tallclair, wongma7, yujuhong L KEP: Support for CSI Plugins on Windows Nodes
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 265 haiyanmeng Pending Jul 18 DirectXMan12, haiyanmeng, mengqiy, pwittrock XS Add a lock for mutual-exclusively accessing a given Package
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2667 jasiu001 Pending Jul 18 MHBauer, jberkhahn, mszostok XXL Add controller Service Instance test
istio/test-infra 1502 fejta LGTM Jul 18 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, sbezverk, sdake S Modernize operator-test-master
kubernetes 80024 RainbowMango Pending Jul 18 RainbowMango, detiber, kad, leakingtapan, neolit123, rosti, yagonobre XS kubeadm should always fall back to client version when there is any internet issue
kubernetes 79552 wongma7 Pending Jul 18 PatrickLang, andyzhangx, justinsb, leakingtapan, rootfs, wongma7 L Add support for AWS EBS on windows
istio/istio 15585 rshriram Pending Jul 18 howardjohn, mandarjog, nmittler, rshriram, sdake, silentdai L Cleanup hacky virtual inbound listener code
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 907 Sn0rt Pending Jul 18 detiber, ncdc, rudoi XS feature: support set metric address
kubeflow/kubeflow 3621 jlewi Pending Jul 18 jlewi, kkasravi, kunmingg, yanniszark L Create a module for managing google cloud source repos.
kubernetes 76303 stealthybox Pending Jul 18 lavalamp, liggitt, nikhiljindal, stealthybox, stewart-yu, tallclair L Add NewStrictUniversalDecoder() as a temporary, strict equivalent of CodecFactory.UniversalDecoder()
kubeflow/kubeflow 3596 fyuan1316 Pending Jul 18 kkasravi, lluunn XS Fix statefulset can not rollback from a broken state
kubernetes 79465 shiyan2016 Pending Jul 18 Huang-Wei, congliu01, misterikkit, shiyan2016, wgliang L Scheduler: reduce iteration and conversion to improve perfermance
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2643 nzoueidi Pending Jul 18 M support display and filter broker
kubernetes 80215 huangjiasingle Pending Jul 18 krmayankk, mortent M fix issue #79211
website 14673 kakts Pending Jul 18 cstoku, inductor, kakts, nasa9084 L Translate concepts/containers/runtime-class/ in Japanese (#14670)
kubernetes 80180 hantaowang Pending Jul 18 davidz627, hantaowang, jingxu97, mikedanese, wojtek-t M add new function to return instance or error
kubeflow/kubeflow 3503 avdaredevil Pending Jul 18 avdaredevil, jlewi, prodonjs, yanniszark XXL [WIP] Multi-User Isolation PR
istio/istio 15603 pitlv2109 LGTM Jul 18 fpesce, myidpt, quanjielin M Add unit test for increase test coverage (#15599)
kubeflow/pipelines 1640 Ark-kun Pending Jul 18 gaoning777, hongye-sun XS SDK - Stop compressing the artifacts
charts 15662 xynova Pending Jul 18 XS [stable/sonatype-nexus] Allow for additional ingress/service customisation
charts 15661 branttaylor Pending Jul 18 XS [stable/prometheus-node-exporter] removed errant space
ingress 4327 leki75 Pending Jul 18 ElvinEfendi XS Add proxy_ssl_* directives
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2624 mrunalp Pending Jul 18 haircommander XS Release 1.14.9
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2624 mrunalp Pending Jul 18 haircommander XS Release 1.14.9
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1200 jterry75 Pending Jul 18 XS Assign ImageSpec User if SecurityContext is not set
istio/cni 130 rlenglet Pending Jul 18 XS Remove outdated istio-cni*.yaml manifests
istio/cni 129 rlenglet Pending Jul 18 XS Migrate from dep to Go modules
istio/cni 118 rlenglet Pending Jul 18 XS Make file modifications atomic in
istio/istio 10651 clyang82 Pending Jul 18 clyang82, ozevren, sushicw L Enhance global.configValidation support
kubernetes 80088 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Jul 18 ZP-AlwaysWin, draveness, eparis, gnufied, lavalamp, rootfs L Fix golint failure in pkg/controller/volume/expand
kubernetes 80280 zgfh Pending Jul 18 smarterclayton, xichengliudui XS delete no use define: "err"
istio/operator 86 sbezverk Pending Jul 18 ayj, costinm, golangcibot, martonsereg, ostromart, rcernich, sdake, waynz0r M WIP Dynamic validation
kubernetes 80275 tedyu Pending Jul 18 tmrts, vishh XS Check InitContainerStatuses in Kubelet#syncPod
istio/istio 15602 JimmyCYJ LGTM Jul 18 JimmyCYJ, golangcibot, quanjielin L Add SDS connection information into CSR logs
ingress-nginx 4327 leki75 Pending Jul 18 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Add proxy_ssl_* directives
kubernetes 80276 tallclair Pending Jul 18 enisoc, jennybuckley, smarterclayton, stevesloka XS Don't expect pod to stay up during node upgrade
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1039 yselkowitz Pending Jul 18 font, irfanurrehman, yselkowitz S Fix build on other Linux architectures
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 33 SataQiu Pending Jul 18 SataQiu, ashish-amarnath, fabriziopandini, luxas, ncdc, timothysc, vincepri L Move control plane locker from CAPA
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 525 awesomenix Pending Jul 18 droot, mengqiy, pwittrock L :sparkles: :warning: support delete validation in validator interface
kubernetes 80176 liyanhui1228 Pending Jul 18 PatrickLang, dashpole, feiskyer, liyanhui1228, mtaufen, tallclair, yujuhong M Add CPU usage nano cores for windows nodes
kubernetes 78875 pswica LGTM Jul 18 asalkeld, deads2k, lavalamp, roycaihw, yliaog M Kubectl user exec should accept zero-length environment values #652
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 350 davidz627 LGTM Jul 18 ddebroy, leakingtapan, msau42 S Activate ALL in-tree GCE PD tests for Migration (modulo disruptive/serial/other skipped on purpose tests)
kubernetes 76354 mtaufen Pending Jul 18 andrewsykim, fabriziopandini, jpbetz, mtaufen, stealthybox, sttts M Clarify MapStringString NoSplit option by renaming to DisableCommaSeparatedPairs
istio/istio 15405 howardjohn Pending Jul 18 ZackButcher, costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mandarjog, rshriram, sdake, vadimeisenbergibm XL Refactor pilot pushing logic
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 49 wongma7 Pending Jul 18 jsafrane, leakingtapan XL Refactor node tests to be table-driven
bazelbuild/rules_docker 999 xiaohegong Pending Jul 18 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 L Update new pusher to consume container_image output
minikube 4717 priyawadhwa Pending Jul 18 RA489, balopat, ianlewis, medyagh, priyawadhwa M [wip] Rebuild gvisor image for integration tests
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 356 mkimuram LGTM Jul 18 guineveresaenger, jberkus, nikhita M Add PR template
minikube 4665 medyagh Pending Jul 18 balopat, medyagh, tstromberg XXL WIP: Run integration tests in profile in parallel
test-infra 13480 mirandachrist Pending Jul 18 cjwagner, fejta M Add rerun permissions specification to job config
kubernetes 79897 hantaowang Pending Jul 18 davidz627, hantaowang, jingxu97, msau42, verult, wojtek-t M add ability for gce to bulk verify attached disks
website 15465 SmallTree2018 Pending Jul 18 chenrui333, pigletfly, stewart-yu XS Update
kubeflow/pipelines 1634 IronPan Pending Jul 18 IronPan, neuromage, rileyjbauer, vicaire S update persistent agence to only store the argo spec
website 15234 atshakil Pending Jul 18 jimangel, neolit123, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao XS Fix troubleshooting instruction at
kubernetes 79195 xychu Pending Jul 18 BenTheElder, dshulyak, juanvallejo, xychu L Fix shellcheck failures in test/cmd/{d,l}.*.sh
istio/operator 41 richardwxn Pending Jul 18 ostromart, richardwxn XS Initial implementation of translation of value.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 349 davidz627 Pending Jul 18 hantaowang, jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali M Migrate to k8s integration tests to kubetest
website 15332 ialidzhikov LGTM Jul 18 Smana, cstoku, nasa9084, remyleone XS Remove kubelet --allow-privileged flag for etcd HA setup with kubeadm
website 15418 ialidzhikov LGTM Jul 18 MasayaAoyama, chenrui333, rekcah78, zacharysarah XS Recommend installing calico 3.8
kubeflow/kubeflow 3652 jlewi Pending Jul 18 gabrielwen, kunmingg XXL KfctlServer should take KfDef as the request payload.
istio/operator 79 richardwxn Pending Jul 18 ayj, costinm, geeknoid, martonsereg, ostromart, rcernich, richardwxn, sdake, waynz0r XXL Create values proto and go struct
istio/operator 35 richardwxn Pending Jul 18 ayj, golangcibot, ostromart, richardwxn XL Initial implementation of fetcher of remote charts url
istio/istio 15508 yangminzhu Pending Jul 18 diemtvu, golangcibot, pitlv2109, quanjielin, yangminzhu XXL rbac: refactor with better modular and unit tests
kubeflow/pipelines 1635 rileyjbauer Pending Jul 18 IronPan, jingzhang36, neuromage, yebrahim XXL Add recurring run column to run lists
minikube 4691 josedonizetti Pending Jul 18 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, medyagh, tstromberg M Warn if hyperkit version is old
kubeflow/manifests 211 IronPan LGTM Jul 18 abhi-g, jlewi, kunmingg, neuromage M switch third party images to gcr
kubernetes 74758 Rajat-0 Pending Jul 18 cwdsuzhou, logicalhan, piosz, smarterclayton S Use RESTMapper for checking scope of metrics
kubeflow/pipelines 1591 zanedurante Pending Jul 18 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun, zanedurante XXL Added image captioning sample to samples/notebooks
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4912 rptaylor Pending Jul 18 Miouge1, ant31, mirwan M configure docker_options directly with template
minikube 4607 dfang Pending Jul 18 RA489, balopat, tstromberg S Minikube start respects MINIKUBE_ prefixed env now
kubeflow/manifests 210 neuromage Pending Jul 18 IronPan, lluunn, zhenghuiwang M Bump metadata version.
istio/tools 217 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 18 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, mandarjog L Saim: Added (pilot + mixer policy)
istio/tools 214 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 18 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, mandarjog M Added deployments version functionality
minikube 4497 palnabarun Pending Jul 18 RA489, balopat, palnabarun, tstromberg M WIP: Remove the requirement of a shell to run commands with ExecRunner
istio/operator 92 ostromart Pending Jul 18 ayj, costinm, golangcibot, martonsereg, morvencao, rcernich, richardwxn, sdake, waynz0r XL Add flags to dump-config command
kubeflow/kfserving 248 jc2729 Pending Jul 18 ellis-bigelow, jc2729 XL More TF2OpenAPI Unit Tests
kubernetes 80220 alculquicondor Pending Jul 18 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, bsalamat, draveness, k82cn, wgliang M Use scheduler cache in affinity priority functions
minikube 4510 yinzara Pending Jul 18 afbjorklund, balopat, medyagh, tstromberg, yinzara S Add 'no-native-ssh' flag to 'minikube start'
kubeflow/pipelines 1636 ajchili Pending Jul 18 IronPan, vicaire XL Changed arguments parameter type to be string rather than repeated string
istio/operator 81 ostromart Pending Jul 18 ayj, costinm, golangcibot, martonsereg, morvencao, ostromart, rcernich, richardwxn, sdake, waynz0r XXL Cleanup validate
kubeflow/kfserving 247 jc2729 Pending Jul 18 ellis-bigelow, jc2729, jiwang576 L TF2OpenAPI E2E Tests
kubernetes 79993 aramase Pending Jul 18 aojea, bowei, davidopp L [WIP] Allow multiple node cidr masks in kube-controller-manager
kubeflow/pipelines 1637 rileyjbauer LGTM Jul 18 IronPan, ajchili, yebrahim S Sets min widths for buttons to avoid text wrapping
ingress-gce 789 spencerhance Pending Jul 18 MrHohn, bowei, freehan, spencerhance XXL Add support for L7-ILB (take 2)
kubernetes 79516 mikedanese Pending Jul 18 CaoShuFeng, deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, mikedanese M add --advertise-port to kube-apiserver
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 851 droot Pending Jul 18 DirectXMan12, droot, mengqiy, pwittrock XXL :book: multiple version tutorial
kubeflow/katib 498 achalshant Pending Jul 18 Akado2009, garganubhav, hougangliu XXL Decoupling DB interface from katib manager
test-infra 13472 chases2 Pending Jul 18 Katharine, chases2, krzyzacy, michelle192837 L Testgrid Configuration Sharding
istio/istio 15484 fpesce Pending Jul 18 ZackButcher, costinm, ericvn, fpesce, geeknoid, howardjohn, incfly, johnma14, kyessenov, mandarjog, nmittler, ozevren, rlenglet, rshriram, sdake L Add a Dockerfile linter to our tests
enhancements 1148 tallclair Pending Jul 18 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jessfraz, liggitt L KEP for promoting seccomp to GA
kubernetes-sigs/krew 276 ahmetb Pending Jul 18 corneliusweig, juanvallejo M Update plugin listings to use install receipts
istio/installer 281 costinm Pending Jul 18 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, sdake XXL Beginning the work to improve SDS setup
ingress-gce 788 spencerhance Pending Jul 18 MrHohn, bowei, freehan, rramkumar1, spencerhance XXL Integrate composite types into controller
kubernetes-sigs/windows-gmsa 13 wk8 Pending Jul 18 PatrickLang, ddebroy XXL Accounting for beta API changes in v1.15
istio/istio 12276 Nino-K Pending Jul 18 costinm, golangcibot, nmittler, rshriram XXL Incremental MCP for SyntheticServiceEntries
website 15347 jcjesus Pending Jul 17 femrtnz, jcjesus, stewart-yu M WIP: Adding China unicom Case Study
istio/tools 215 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 17 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, mandarjog M Added cleanup capability
istio/pkg 35 pitlv2109 Pending Jul 17 andraxylia, douglas-reid, geeknoid, ozevren M Add CurrentValue method for non-dimensional metrics
kubeflow/pipelines 1621 IronPan LGTM Jul 17 eshiroma, neuromage, vicaire XXL add GCP marketplace application manifest for kubeflow pipelines
kubernetes 79921 s-ito-ts LGTM Jul 17 bsalamat, dims, k82cn, ravisantoshgudimetla XS e2e test: Remove unnecessary return value check
istio/bots 50 tangiel Pending Jul 17 geeknoid, golangcibot XL add support for pointer types in Spanner layer
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 48 wongma7 Pending Jul 17 d-nishi, justinsb M Update to CSI v1.1.0
istio/pkg 37 geeknoid Pending Jul 17 ozevren XS README update.
kubernetes-client/javascript 282 edvald Pending Jul 17 brendandburns, drubin, edvald, itowlson, mbohlool L feat: add support for exec client cert authentication
istio/test-infra 1498 howardjohn Pending Jul 17 fejta, icygalz, utka XXL Update dependency
istio/istio 15223 Monkeyanator Pending Jul 17 JimmyCYJ, diemtvu, douglas-reid, myidpt, pitlv2109 M Migrate Citadel secret controller metrics from prometheus to open census
istio/istio 15563 Monkeyanator Pending Jul 17 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, nmittler XS Add e2e test for Citadel dashboard
kubernetes 75645 mucahitkurt Pending Jul 17 jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, mucahitkurt, saad-ali L Simplify CleanupMountPoint workflow
kubernetes 78240 globervinodhn LGTM Jul 17 Huang-Wei, bgrant0607, bsalamat, johnbelamaric S Promote E2E tests for taint-tolerations in predicates to conformance
test-infra 13493 k8s-ci-robot Pending Jul 17 krzyzacy XXL Update prow to v20190717-ee3256c78, and other images as necessary.
kubernetes 80273 tallclair LGTM Jul 17 bowei, freehan, matchstick XS Don't delete service endpoints when a generic error occurs
kubernetes 74429 m3ngyang Pending Jul 17 andrewsykim, bowei, cheftako, gmarek, liggitt, m3ngyang M notify route controller to reconcile when node event happens
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1170 jiatongw Pending Jul 17 figo S Build manager binary inside a container
test-infra 12326 brahmaroutu Pending Jul 17 brahmaroutu, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov, taragu XL Provide automated way of updating repo project boards.
istio/istio 15520 nmittler LGTM Jul 17 GregHanson, geeknoid, golangcibot, howardjohn, mandarjog, nmittler XXL Consolidate all Istio annotations into a common place
kubernetes 75805 brahmaroutu Pending Jul 17 brahmaroutu, gnufied, jsafrane, rootfs S Adding metrics to nfs driver
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-docker 89 ashish-amarnath Pending Jul 17 ashish-amarnath, chuckha, detiber, liztio, vincepri L Implement versioninfo for capd binaries
kubernetes 79694 tiffanyfay LGTM Jul 17 Random-Liu, andrewsykim, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, jsafrane, justinsb, khenidak, liggitt, mcrute, vishh XL Automated cherry pick of #75585: Updated client-go expiration cache to take in expiration #75587: Remove aws cred provider dep on cloud provider
istio/test-infra 1487 fejta LGTM Jul 17 cjwagner, fejta, geeknoid, howardjohn, icygalz, utka S Enable size, trigger and wip across all istio orgs
community 3904 nzoueidi LGTM Jul 17 castrojo, jdumars, mrbobbytables, parispittman S Add nzoueidi to Youtube and Zoom
istio/test-infra 1496 utka LGTM Jul 17 fejta, icygalz XS Adding sheets api to the image for go lint be happy
kubeflow/kubeflow 3653 axelborja Pending Jul 17 Jeffwan, mameshini XS Add `` option to istio-ingress
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 783 hpandeycodeit Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, droot, hpandeycodeit, jimmidyson, mengqiy M Switched to "images" tag
kops 7251 liranp Pending Jul 17 KashifSaadat, geojaz S Spotinst: Rolling update always reports NeedsUpdate
istio/istio 15601 esnible Pending Jul 17 esnible, fisherxu, golangcibot, howardjohn S Ignore envoy.admin.v2alpha.ScopedRoutesConfigDump
kubernetes 80271 tedyu Pending Jul 17 enisoc, janetkuo S Traverse Pod array once in filterPods
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 386 renovate-bot Pending Jul 17 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 XS chore(deps): update io_bazel_rules_jsonnet commit hash to a7983a4
kubernetes 78033 rajansandeep LGTM Jul 17 cblecker, chrisohaver, fabriziopandini, johnbelamaric, lavalamp, liggitt, neolit123, rajansandeep, rosti, yagonobre L Add the ability to migrate CoreDNS configmap in kubeadm
kubernetes 77828 Huang-Wei LGTM Jul 17 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, bsalamat, krmayankk XXL Even Pods Spread - 3. Predicates Core
kops 7252 liranp Pending Jul 17 chrisz100, rdrgmnzs L Spotinst: New hybrid integration mode
kops 7237 zetaab LGTM Jul 17 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS do not append admissionplugins, cherrypick #7182 to 1.14
org 1017 nzoueidi Pending Jul 17 justaugustus, mrbobbytables XS Add members 2019-07-17
istio/test-infra 1492 ChristinaLyu0710 Pending Jul 17 ChristinaLyu0710, fejta, howardjohn, icygalz, utka L Read error
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1327 jbrette Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, monopole, pwittrock L ResId.Equals usable for VariableRef.
istio/test-infra 1497 howardjohn LGTM Jul 17 fejta, utka XL Create code to generate prow configs
istio/test-infra 1490 fejta Pending Jul 17 cjwagner, geeknoid, howardjohn, icygalz, utka M Enable opt-in plugins everywhere
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1326 jbrette Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, droot, mengqiy XL Residequals patchtransformer
test-infra 11832 xmudrii LGTM Jul 17 alvaroaleman, munnerz, nikhita, stevekuznetsov, xmudrii XL Add option to skip trusted org members for DCO check
istio/pkg 36 nmittler Pending Jul 17 geeknoid, golangcibot, ozevren XXL Migrating common utilities from istio/istio.
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1363 Liujingfang1 Pending Jul 17 damienr74, mengqiy, monopole L update edit fix to convert the old patches to new extended patches
sig-release 728 javier-b-perez Pending Jul 17 aleksandra-malinowska, neolit123, sumitranr XS Add note about amd64 container images archives
istio/istio 15594 costinm Pending Jul 17 costinm, geeknoid, howardjohn, mandarjog S Usability improvements for using custom templates
kubeflow/pipelines 1594 eterna2 Pending Jul 17 Ark-kun, gaoning777 L [Feature] Set ttlSecondsAfterFinished in argo workflow with PipelineConf
kubernetes 80268 jingxu97 LGTM Jul 17 davidz627, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XL Automated cherry pick of #71276: WIP: Handle failed attach operation leave uncertain
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4975 mattymo Pending Jul 17 holmsten, mirwan L Refactor calico route reflector to run in k8s cluster
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1360 waldiTM Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, justinsb, mengqiy XS Add further storage class name refs
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 523 hpandeycodeit Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, droot XL 🏃Re-enabling the golangci-lint
bazelbuild/rules_docker 996 renovate-bot Pending Jul 17 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 XS Update io_bazel_rules_go commit hash to b2968ca
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1316 jbrette Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, monopole, pwittrock XL Diamond import of base folders
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 641 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Jul 17 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update rules_docker version
bazelbuild/rules_docker 997 renovate-bot LGTM Jul 17 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 XS Update io_bazel_rules_scala commit hash to e1f6697
istio/test-infra 1459 ChristinaLyu0710 Pending Jul 17 fejta, utka L rewrite config with new branches
kubernetes 80229 javier-b-perez Pending Jul 17 jszczepkowski, mwielgus S gce: configure: use 'amd64' in kube core images manifest
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1308 jbrette Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, droot L Demonstrate need for Var.DeepEqual method equivalent
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 39 amy Pending Jul 17 amy, chuckha, davidewatson, justinsb, vincepri M [WIP] Add a watch for machines to config mapping
enhancements 1144 smarterclayton Pending Jul 17 BenTheElder, derekwaynecarr, jdumars, justinsb, liggitt, smarterclayton L Describe appropriate use of node role labels and fixes that should be made
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1217 jbrette Pending Jul 17 monopole, pwittrock XXL Automatic Creation of 'vars:' and 'varReferences:' sections
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 637 renovate-bot Pending Jul 17 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update dependency bazel_gazelle to v0.18.1
kubeflow/website 945 josiemundi Pending Jul 17 IronPan, gaoning777 M Getting started Docker Desktop
kubernetes 75071 mkimuram Pending Jul 17 bswartz, copejon, janetkuo, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, oomichi L Move disruptive tests to testsuites and add ones for block volume
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1208 jbrette Pending Jul 17 ian-howell, jbrette, monopole XXL Improve robustness and capabilities of variable inlining
kubeflow/website 921 OfficePop LGTM Jul 17 DanSanche, OfficePop, joeliedtke, paveldournov, sarahmaddox, texasmichelle M Updates to KFP End-to-end tutorial (Issue #860)
istio/istio 15580 ozevren Pending Jul 17 geeknoid, golangcibot, nmittler, ozevren XXL [collab-galley] Complete the new config processor
istio/istio 15551 douglas-reid LGTM Jul 17 andraxylia, costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, mandarjog L feat(node metadata): add bits to extract metadata via sidecar injector
test-infra 13487 mm4tt LGTM Jul 17 krzyzacy, wojtek-t XS Send SIGINT instead of SIGABRT on timeout to ginkgo
istio/istio 15593 gargnupur Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid, gargnupur, kyessenov, mandarjog M Make redis tests reliable
kubernetes 80247 jsafrane Pending Jul 17 copejon, davidz627, jsafrane, msau42, verult L Add e2e test for CSI volume limits
istio/test-infra 1480 howardjohn Pending Jul 17 fejta, utka XXL Generate prow config from simpler config file
minikube 4780 marekschwarz Pending Jul 17 RA489, josedonizetti, tstromberg L WIP: Added option to delete all profiles
kubernetes 73026 deads2k LGTM Jul 17 enisoc, mbohlool, roycaihw XS provide resource type in error from CRD handler
minikube 4719 josedonizetti Pending Jul 17 afbjorklund, tstromberg XL WIP: Bump to 1.15.0 306 cblecker Pending Jul 17 ameukam, cblecker, dims, listx, nikhita, thockin L [WIP] Terraform GKE Config
enhancements 686 vinaykul Pending Jul 17 AkarshES, ConnorDoyle, DirectXMan12, PatrickLang, ScorpioCPH, bsalamat, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, hex108, jellonek, justaugustus, kgolab, krmayankk, mwielgus, oomichi, resouer, schylek, sjenning, thockin, vinaykul, yujuhong L Migrate Karol Golab's KEP for in-place update of pod resources to k/enhancements
istio/istio 15172 qfel Pending Jul 17 ozevren, qfel XL Add sample traffic conformance tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1169 vincepri Pending Jul 17 chuckha, justinsb, ncdc, vincepri M Set control-plane-ready annotation on Cluster
enhancements 1147 j-griffith LGTM Jul 17 childsb, j-griffith, msau42, saad-ali XS Update KEP to reflect volume cloning beta in 1.16
istio/test-infra 1489 fejta LGTM Jul 17 cjwagner, geeknoid, howardjohn, icygalz, utka S Add plugins back to istio, proxy and test-infra
kubernetes 80084 bertinatto Pending Jul 17 bertinatto, draveness, k82cn, msau42, wgliang L Add separate cache for CSINode
minikube 4778 afbjorklund Pending Jul 17 afbjorklund, medyagh, tstromberg M Various fixes for the none driver
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 864 droot Pending Jul 17 Liujingfang1, mengqiy, pwittrock M :sparkles: Add support for the resource scope marker
kubernetes 80270 jingxu97 Pending Jul 17 gnufied, jeffvance XL Automated cherry pick of #71276: WIP: Handle failed attach operation leave uncertain
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 859 rofuentes Pending Jul 17 rofuentes, zmarano XL Create Windows Server build from ISO wf and doc
istio/api 756 kyessenov LGTM Jul 17 mandarjog L mixer: allow setting empty header if necessary
istio/api 764 rcernich Pending Jul 17 XXL istio/istio#8772 add kube types, informers, clients, listers for istio crd types
istio/ 3443 myidpt Pending Jul 17 XS Improve the plug-in-cert task.
istio/api 882 lei-tang Pending Jul 17 XXL Add extensible AuthnMethod for Istio Authn policy
istio/cni 102 luksa Pending Jul 17 XXL [WIP] Experimental sidecar injection from within Istio CNI
istio/ 3911 chenvista Pending Jul 17 SataQiu XS zh: filename error
istio/istio 15107 ozevren Pending Jul 17 golangcibot XXL WIP: not for checkin. Basic demo of Config analysis pipeline.
istio/istio 15545 pitlv2109 Pending Jul 17 JimmyCYJ, pitlv2109, quanjielin L Use OpenCensus for SDS metrics + update dependency
kubernetes-client/python 738 tomplus Pending Jul 17 caesarxuchao, roycaihw, tomplus, yliaog XXL [WIP] feat: client generated by openapi-generator
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1103 linki Pending Jul 17 Raffo, hjacobs M Allow to force usage of CNAME over ALIAS
minikube 4512 djmgit Pending Jul 17 afbjorklund, fenglixa, medyagh M WIP: Add option to list all profiles
minikube 4620 mikeroySoft Pending Jul 17 balopat, medyagh XS WIP: Update with details to install vmware driver with brew
minikube 4667 johntellsall Pending Jul 17 medyagh, sharifelgamal XS WIP: update docs about config list (needs CLA)
minikube 4674 tstromberg Pending Jul 17 balopat, medyagh XXL WIP: Implement docs website using the docsy theme
istio/proxy 2285 gargnupur Pending Jul 17 XS Add TCP Flow test
minikube 4713 kairen Pending Jul 17 balopat, kairen, tstromberg S WIP: Add prefix for the kubeconfig context and the VM name
test-infra 13471 mucahitkurt Pending Jul 17 mborsz, mucahitkurt, wojtek-t L add periodic job definitions for ephemeral volumes perf/scalability test cases
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 30 chuckha Pending Jul 17 amy, chuckha, fabriziopandini, vincepri XXL Controller logic2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 908 detiber Pending Jul 17 ncdc, vincepri S [WIP] Do not update LB attachments or providerID in Exists
minikube 4786 reegnz Pending Jul 17 afbjorklund, medyagh, tstromberg M WIP (failing test): Remove ingress-nginx default backend
perf-tests 653 mucahitkurt Pending Jul 17 krzysied, mm4tt, wojtek-t XS Update override files for ephemeral volumes perf test cases
minikube 4525 afbjorklund Pending Jul 17 RA489, k8s-ci-robot, medyagh M Show info about the minikube linux distribution
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 263 droot Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, liggitt, mengqiy, pwittrock, sttts L :sparkles: metadata field changes for structural schema
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 136 mrwulf Pending Jul 17 aveshagarwal, mrwulf, ravisantoshgudimetla M Care about namespace when evaluating pods in the duplicate strategy
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 830 LalatenduMohanty Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock L Golangci lint fixes for scaffold projects
kops 7185 jacksontj Pending Jul 17 KashifSaadat, rdrgmnzs M replace behavior for @aws hostnameOverride
istio/istio 15590 howardjohn LGTM Jul 17 geeknoid, nmittler, rshriram S Fix FQDN for docker using test framework
kubernetes 80259 Arvinderpal Pending Jul 17 fabriziopandini, kad, neolit123, timothysc, yastij L Kubeadm Networking Configuration E2E Tests
kubernetes 78364 globervinodhn LGTM Jul 17 bsalamat, johnbelamaric, resouer, spiffxp S Promote existing E2Es for SchedulerPreemption to conformance
kubernetes 79983 pohly Pending Jul 17 copejon, cwdsuzhou, kfox1111, pohly, saad-ali, vladimirvivien L persistent and ephemeral csi volumes
kubeflow/kfserving 253 johnugeorge Pending Jul 17 bhupc, gaocegege XS Initialize status each time before reconcile
kubeflow/code-intelligence 12 hamelsmu Pending Jul 17 inc0, jlewi M Document location of Secrets & Clean up readme
kubernetes 79985 jsafrane Pending Jul 17 jingxu97, rootfs M Fix CSI volume reconstruction
kubernetes 76463 j-griffith LGTM Jul 17 j-griffith, juanvallejo, mengqiy, msau42 M Add DataSource to PVC describe
enhancements 1086 freehan Pending Jul 17 andrewsykim, apelisse, bowei, danwinship, dcbw, freehan, lavalamp, thockin, vllry, wojtek-t L KEP: EndpointSlice API
istio/istio 14911 ibm-jason Pending Jul 17 ibm-jason, sdake, utka M Add the separate download script for istioctl.
istio/istio 15390 gargnupur Pending Jul 17 L Add status when returning QuotaResult from RedisQuota Adapter
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-bootstrap-provider-kubeadm 38 chuckha Pending Jul 17 amy, chuckha, detiber, vincepri M Use a ready/bool instead of phase
org 1015 kfox1111 Pending Jul 17 mikedanese, tallclair XS Add kfox1111 to wg-multitenancy
kubernetes-sigs/krew 261 corneliusweig Pending Jul 17 ahmetb, corneliusweig, juanvallejo L Make files in `spec.platforms[]` optional
kubernetes 79828 akremsa LGTM Jul 17 MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, bsalamat, k82cn L Removed equivalence cache tests
minikube 4745 blueelvis Pending Jul 17 RA489, afbjorklund, medyagh, tstromberg M WIP: hyperv: Assert that the user has correct permissions
kubernetes 79062 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 17 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, bsalamat, krmayankk, tedyu XXL Even Pods Spread - 4. Preemption Support
minikube 4596 gustavomassa Pending Jul 17 balopat, gustavomassa, sharifelgamal, tstromberg M WIP: Add example script to setup minikube with none driver on Debian
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 1 ksubrmnn Pending Jul 17 PatrickLang, benmoss, ksubrmnn, michmike, mkostersitz, neolit123 XXL [WIP] Script to set up Windows node with Kubeadm
kubernetes 79125 globervinodhn Pending Jul 17 bgrant0607, bsalamat, johnbelamaric, misterikkit XS Promote test for scheduling the pod on a node it can tolerate to conformance
kubernetes 74315 globervinodhn Pending Jul 17 globervinodhn, jbeda, johnbelamaric, k-toyoda-pi, pontiyaraja, spiffxp M Add e2e to verify preStop hook behaviour on completed pod
istio/api 985 mergify[bot] Pending Jul 17 S cherry-pick warning from release-1.1 (bp #977)
website 13861 thaJeztah LGTM Jul 17 Rajakavitha1, mistyhacks, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao M Redirect go package vanity import URLs ( to
kubernetes-client/csharp 276 tomkerkhove Pending Jul 17 brendandburns, krabhishek8260 XS Add repository location to NuGet package information
kubernetes 78350 globervinodhn LGTM Jul 17 bsalamat, johnbelamaric, misterikkit S Promote existing E2Es for hostport/HostIP resolution to conformance
minikube 4758 blueelvis Pending Jul 17 RA489, medyagh, tstromberg S WIP: hyperv: Run "sudo poweroff" before stopping VM
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 261 adrianchiris Pending Jul 17 Ethyling, balajismaniam, kad, zvonkok M Add RDMA capable feature to PCI Features
release 830 saschagrunert LGTM Jul 17 AishSundar, Bubblemelon, justaugustus S Beautify markdown for multi-line release notes 225 stp-ip Pending Jul 17 BenTheElder, cblecker, idvoretskyi, misterikkit, stp-ip, thockin M Migrate shortener to TXTDirect
minikube 4494 ianlewis LGTM Jul 17 afbjorklund, balopat, priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal, tstromberg L Update gvisor runsc version (refs #4482)
istio/istio 15581 elevran Pending Jul 17 geeknoid, kyessenov M enable multiple Set-Cookie headers
istio/proxy 2308 elevran Pending Jul 17 JimmyCYJ, kyessenov, silentdai M Unfold Set-Cookie header on direct response from Mixer
kubernetes 80182 wongma7 Pending Jul 17 benmoss, ddebroy, jingxu97, neolit123, wongma7, yujuhong XS Create C:\tmp if DNE
frakti 354 cclauss Pending Jul 17 feiskyer, resouer M Use print() function in both Python 2 and Python 3
org 1012 runyontr Pending Jul 17 mikedanese, tallclair, tashimi XS Update multitenant wg maintainers to include runyontr
enhancements 1114 smarterclayton Pending Jul 17 deads2k, lachie83 XS Update server-side get to GA proposal with 1.16 commitments and final state
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 426 codenrhoden Pending Jul 17 akutz, andrewsykim, codenrhoden, yastij L WIP: Add hack/ script
istio/istio 15591 mergify[bot] Pending Jul 17 M Update bookinfo images to 1.15.0 (bp #14995)
charts 15657 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/external-dns] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15656 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/mongodb] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15655 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/dokuwiki] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15654 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/orangehrm] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15653 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/parse] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15652 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/phabricator] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15651 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/phpbb] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15650 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/redis] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15649 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/redmine] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15648 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/testlink] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15647 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/opencart] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15646 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/owncloud] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15645 ElizabethSvit Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/spinnaker] Making permissions to write for user/group as a variable
charts 15644 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/phpmyadmin] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15643 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/postgresql] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15642 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/rabbitmq] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15641 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/nats] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15640 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/prestashop] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15639 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/moodle] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15638 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/kubewatch] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros:
charts 15637 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/wordpress] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15636 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/odoo] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15635 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/suitecrm] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15634 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/ghost] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15633 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/drupal] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15632 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/jasperreports] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15631 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/joomla] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15630 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/mariadb] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
charts 15629 carrodher Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/mediawiki] Implement again "Standardize 'fullname' and 'name' macros"
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 321 moshloop Pending Jul 17 akutz, fabriziopandini, moshloop, sflxn XXL add ESXi support with thin cloning support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 271 sidharthsurana Pending Jul 17 figo, krousey, roberthbailey, sflxn, sidharthsurana, vincepri M Explicitly delete the node object bound to the Machine on deletion
charts 15628 okgolove Pending Jul 17 maorfr XS [stable/sentry] Sentry resources related changes
charts 15627 sgoodliff Pending Jul 17 XS support dashboard ingress path
charts 15626 SharpEdgeMarshall Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/kube2iam] Upgrade version, Add prometheus service annotations
charts 15624 jhohertz Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/datadog] allow setting tolerations for clusterchecks
charts 15620 PaulFarver Pending Jul 17 prydonius XS [stable/rabbitmq] Fix healthchecks for non-bitnami images
charts 15590 mogaal Pending Jul 17 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-cloudwatch-exporter] Fix documentation typos ( 15465 SmallTree2018 Pending Jul 17 XS Update 15464 eric-hu Pending Jul 17 XS add an example of editing a secret
ingress 4326 Vlatombe Pending Jul 17 XS Add support for annotations to set x-forwarded-proto and x-forwarded-port
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2623 vrothberg Pending Jul 17 mrunalp XS [1.15] Return if error loading cgroup CleanupConmonCgroup
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2621 mariusgrigoriu Pending Jul 17 XS Return if error loading cgroup CleanupConmonCgroup
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 4987 vi7 Pending Jul 17 riverzhang XS [backport] kubeadm join path fixed for RH linux
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 4987 vi7 Pending Jul 17 riverzhang XS [backport] kubeadm join path fixed for RH linux
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 261 adrianchiris Pending Jul 17 balajismaniam XS Add RDMA capable feature to PCI Features
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2623 vrothberg Pending Jul 17 mrunalp XS [1.15] Return if error loading cgroup CleanupConmonCgroup
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2621 mariusgrigoriu Pending Jul 17 XS Return if error loading cgroup CleanupConmonCgroup
enhancements 1132 andrewsykim Pending Jul 17 caseydavenport, johnbelamaric, thockin M Service Topology: add graduation criteria
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1199 sofat1989 Pending Jul 17 XS always update image in cri image store
kops 7257 tmjd Pending Jul 17 chrislovecnm, justinsb S Update Calico to v3.8.0
kubernetes 80230 tedyu LGTM Jul 17 adohe, neolit123, rootfs XS Skip unnecessary copy of Selector
kubernetes 80055 sbangari Pending Jul 17 dineshgovindasamy, ksubrmnn, madhanrm XS Automated cherry pick of #78874: Fix the creation of load balancer policy for the NodeIp when
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 416 akutz Pending Jul 17 akutz, figo, sidharthsurana XXL Provide default SSH access to machines
community 3901 eparis Pending Jul 17 carolynvs, parispittman XS code of conduct: expand the list of people whose privacy will be respected
kubernetes 80179 cmluciano Pending Jul 17 caseydavenport, thockin L ingress: rename backend to defaultBackend for ingress v1
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 260 haiyanmeng Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, droot L Add a new `namespace` field into the RBAC marker
kubernetes 78941 jsafrane Pending Jul 17 humblec, saad-ali L WIP: Fix iscsi logout issues
kubernetes 79136 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 17 cheftako, deads2k, p0lyn0mial, smarterclayton, sttts, yliaog L propagates local availability status of service to the aggregation ha…
ingress-nginx 4271 aledbf Pending Jul 17 ElvinEfendi, bowei S WIP: Add support for multi-arch images
kubernetes 79758 hzxuzhonghu LGTM Jul 17 bsalamat, draveness, hex108, hzxuzhonghu, k82cn, resouer XS Remove duplicate logging
kubernetes 79796 jsafrane Pending Jul 17 dshulyak, jeffvance, jsafrane, mkimuram L Add test for mismatched usage of filesystem/block volumes
kubernetes 79916 alejandrox1 Pending Jul 17 alejandrox1, mtaufen, rosti, stealthybox M Refactored kube-proxy to use legacyflags
minikube 4720 josedonizetti Pending Jul 17 afbjorklund, balopat, josedonizetti, medyagh M Validate driver is supported on current OS
minikube 4734 afbjorklund Pending Jul 17 josedonizetti, medyagh, sharifelgamal, tstromberg L WIP: Add minikube support for the "generic" VM driver
kubernetes 80163 hex108 Pending Jul 17 bsalamat, draveness, hex108, wgliang S Refactor to make it clear that only one queue sort plugin can be enabled
kubernetes 74051 dims Pending Jul 17 Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, dims, lavalamp, neolit123, rosti, timothysc, yujuhong XL [WIP] Initial-cut of cri-dockerd
website 15451 danwinship Pending Jul 17 danwinship, destijl, kbhawkey, sftim, smarterclayton M Add documentation about kernel module autoloading security
istio/ 4677 sdake Pending Jul 17 frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake XS Document preference to using an NLB with gateways
kubernetes 74518 rakol-ms Pending Jul 17 hongchaodeng, lavalamp, mikedanese M Adding ownerReferences.uid as a selector for pods api
kops 7221 srikiz Pending Jul 17 andrewsykim, chrisz100, justinsb, srikiz, timoreimann M [Issue-7148] Legacyetcd support for Digital Ocean
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4249 yannprvst Pending Jul 17 Miouge1, mirwan, riverzhang S Cluster node scale failed with CoreOs (or OS with other python interp…
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 182 carlosedp Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, kawych S Added new targets to allow pushing manifest lists
kubernetes 80238 smarterclayton Pending Jul 17 cheftako, fabriziopandini, k82cn, liggitt, neolit123, smarterclayton, timothysc L Clarify use of node-role labels within Kubernetes
kubernetes 75632 globervinodhn Pending Jul 17 johnbelamaric, kow3ns, mgdevstack, neolit123, soltysh, tnozicka XS Correct test name for existing E2E related to backofflimit in jobs
kubernetes 80045 justinsb Pending Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, eparis, errordeveloper, michaelgugino XL WIP: Make drain library more reusable
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4987 vi7 Pending Jul 17 Miouge1, mirwan, riverzhang XS [backport] kubeadm join path fixed for RH linux
website 15203 vllry Pending Jul 17 castrojo, geekygirldawn, kbarnard10, liggitt, onlydole, vllry, vonguard, zacharysarah M Add blog post about upcoming API removals
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 236 figo Pending Jul 17 frapposelli, sflxn XL WIP: e2e tests of different specs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 260 corrieb Pending Jul 17 frapposelli, sflxn S Replace relative path with absolute for ssh call
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 322 moshloop LGTM Jul 17 akutz, andrewsykim, figo, moshloop, sflxn S refactor: reduce logging verbosity + add additional context
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 352 codenrhoden Pending Jul 17 akutz, andrewsykim, figo, sflxn M Create simple make target for container images
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 385 codenrhoden Pending Jul 17 akutz, andrewsykim, dims, frapposelli, sflxn, yastij M wip: PROPOSAL: release process
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 328 moshloop Pending Jul 17 akutz, figo M add
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 306 figo Pending Jul 17 akutz, andrewsykim, sflxn S allow user config of rpm, deb repos and cni version
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 92 liyanhui1228 Pending Jul 17 PatrickLang, adelina-t, liyanhui1228, pjh, yujuhong M Add readme for running unit tests on windows node
kubernetes 74423 lmdaly LGTM Jul 17 ConnorDoyle, RenaudWasTaken, balajismaniam, cbf123, jiayingz, kad, klueska, lmdaly, vishh L Device Plugin API change to include Topology Info in Devices
kops 7256 rifelpet Pending Jul 17 KashifSaadat, justinsb M Add documentation example for running Kops in a CI environment
kubernetes 80232 shihan9 LGTM Jul 17 cjcullen, filbranden, immutableT, jszczepkowski M remove function apply-encryption-config in configure-helper
istio/istio 15588 mergify[bot] Pending Jul 17 linsun, utka L Publishes istioctl binaries to GCS for separate download. (bp #15422)
perf-tests 579 krzysied Pending Jul 17 krzysied, mm4tt, prameshj, wojtek-t L ClusterLoader - Adding service_creation_latency measurement
kubernetes 74977 mgdevstack LGTM Jul 17 bclau, dcbw, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack, spiffxp M Promote DNS e2e verifying PQDN resolution for cluster
kubernetes 78273 tedyu Pending Jul 17 hex108, k82cn, resouer, tedyu S Search among all Binders for one interested in Pod
kubernetes 79627 tedyu LGTM Jul 17 dashpole, draveness, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, vishh XS Un-export CachedNodeInfo in kubelet
kubernetes 80231 liggitt LGTM Jul 17 jpbetz, khenidak, roycaihw, sttts XXL WIP - Promote admissionreview to v1
kubernetes-client/python 873 TomasTomecek Pending Jul 17 mbohlool, micw523, roycaihw, yliaog XS die is not a command
kubernetes 79999 tedyu Pending Jul 17 caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, sttts, tedyu L Introduce cache for speeding up APIServices lookup
kubernetes 80121 saschagrunert LGTM Jul 17 mattjmcnaughton, resouer, sjpotter S Automated cherry pick of #79245: kunsupported cgroup setup causes kubelet to emit a warning
community 2609 scottrigby Pending Jul 17 calebamiles, cblecker, idvoretskyi L Add importable diagram libraries for icon sets and logo
kubeflow/pipelines 1577 cclauss LGTM Jul 17 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun XS tox.ini: Add flake8 tests to find Python syntax errors and undefined names
kubeflow/pipelines 1483 Ark-kun Pending Jul 17 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun L SDK - Using Airflow ops in Pipelines
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 520 awesomenix Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, droot M :bug: surface controller options when using builder
kubeflow/pipelines 1542 hongye-sun LGTM Jul 17 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun M Add gcp-connector label and remove pod name
kubernetes 79614 verb Pending Jul 17 caesarxuchao, david-mcmahon XXL WIP: Improve API documentation for ephemeral containers
kubernetes 79216 verb Pending Jul 17 brendandburns, caesarxuchao XXL Add integration test for ephemeral containers
kubernetes 80027 ramineni Pending Jul 17 andrewsykim, dchen1107, yastij XS WIP: Move Openstack provider to staging
kubernetes 74357 lmdaly Pending Jul 17 ConnorDoyle, balajismaniam, klueska, lmdaly, sjenning, tmrts M Updates to container manager and internal container lifecycle to accommodate TopologyManager
website 15423 vorburger Pending Jul 17 Rajakavitha1, neolit123, sftim, vorburger, xiangpengzhao S porting some information from to
kubernetes 80252 ajatprabha Pending Jul 17 munnerz, sttts XS Update deprecated diff.ObjectGoPrintDiff method
kubernetes 79899 avorima Pending Jul 17 lavalamp, wojtek-t, yliaog, yue9944882 M Refactor generate*
website 15349 micheleberardi Pending Jul 17 rlenferink, xiangpengzhao XXL new pages in italian
kubernetes 76828 bclau Pending Jul 17 PatrickLang, ixdy, luxas, mkumatag S images: Adds GOARM to images' Makefiles
kubernetes 78369 tedyu Pending Jul 17 mattjmcnaughton, tmrts, vllry, yifan-gu S Delay sorting of evictUnits slice in kuberuntime_gc
kubernetes 79074 tedyu Pending Jul 17 MaciekPytel, fgrzadkowski S Handle the error return from updateStatusIfNeeded
kubernetes 79712 tedyu Pending Jul 17 dchen1107, resouer, yujuhong S Utilize runtime cache when cleaning up orphaned pod dirs
kubernetes-client/java 624 cizezsy Pending Jul 17 brendandburns, cizezsy, mbohlool, yue9944882 XL Add workqueue support
kubeflow/kubeflow 3644 ferrgo Pending Jul 17 abhi-g, pdmack XS fix: Fix #3610 - ks profile needs admin
kubernetes 77398 bclau Pending Jul 17 ixdy, luxas XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 2)
kubeflow/kfserving 222 krabhishek8260 Pending Jul 17 animeshsingh, ellis-bigelow, gaocegege, hougangliu, krabhishek8260, rakelkar L Add model initialization for CustomSpec
kops 7255 cclauss Pending Jul 17 KashifSaadat, rdrgmnzs M Use print() function in both Python 2 and Python 3
kubeflow/kfserving 237 cliveseldon Pending Jul 17 animeshsingh, cliveseldon, ellis-bigelow, hougangliu, jinchihe, yuzisun L Update Spec for Explainers
kubernetes 79018 saschagrunert Pending Jul 17 dashpole, jaypipes, liggitt, saschagrunert, wojtek-t, yastij, yujuhong XS Update node image names to use ID as fallback
kubernetes 77269 bclau Pending Jul 17 ixdy, mkumatag XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 3)
kubernetes 80218 oxddr Pending Jul 17 bowei, freehan, mm4tt, oxddr, thockin, wojtek-t XS kube-proxy: change buckets used by NetworkProgrammingLatency
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 69 saada Pending Jul 17 S add rbac-user plugin
kubernetes 80225 draveness Pending Jul 17 bsalamat, ravisantoshgudimetla, wgliang L fix: remove RegisterPriorityFunction and update interpod predicates
kubernetes-incubator/bootkube 1040 tomgco Pending Jul 17 aaronlevy, rphillips M Handle AppsV1 resources inside bootkube recover
website 14970 JasonHaley LGTM Jul 17 JasonHaley, castrojo, jaypipes, kbarnard10, mrbobbytables, sftim, tengqm, vonguard, zhangqx2010 L New getting started blog post
kubernetes 80233 alculquicondor Pending Jul 17 ahg-g, alculquicondor, draveness, resouer, wgliang M Remove NodeLister from Scheduler Configurator
website 14998 crquan LGTM Jul 17 destijl, ericchiang XS TLS is Transport Layer Security; not level
kubernetes 80169 weiwei04 Pending Jul 17 draveness, errordeveloper, sjenning, smarterclayton, weiwei04, yliaog L update kubelet.conf after rotate certificate
klog 75 vincepri LGTM Jul 17 DirectXMan12, neolit123, pohly XS Add go modules files
community 3875 timothysc Pending Jul 17 BenTheElder, bgrant0607, deads2k, jbeda, justinsb, lavalamp, liggitt, ncdc, philips, smarterclayton, thockin, timothysc M Update API review document to be more explicit
website 15464 eric-hu Pending Jul 17 Rajakavitha1, mikedanese, sftim M add an example of editing a secret
kubernetes 78362 tedyu LGTM Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton L Remove nested loop in pruneInitContainersBeforeStart of kuberuntime_container
kubeflow/kfserving 245 jinchihe Pending Jul 17 bhupc, hougangliu, jinchihe, johnugeorge, yuzisun XL add basic sdk api and sample notebook
kubernetes 78642 tedyu Pending Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, draveness, jaypipes, krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, miguelbernadi, resouer, tedyu, yujuhong M Return error from CgroupManager#Validate
kubernetes 80240 tedyu Pending Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, vishh S Parallelize reference operation in TestSecretCacheMultipleRegistrations
kubernetes 80139 tedyu Pending Jul 17 deads2k, ncdc M Fold delta dedup into DeltaFIFO#queueActionLocked
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 320 jsafrane Pending Jul 17 msau42, saad-ali L [1.1] Cherry pick: Retry provisioning of volumes after transient error
kubernetes 80173 gaorong LGTM Jul 17 gaorong, liggitt, tallclair, vishh, wojtek-t S make node lease renew interval more heuristic
kubernetes 80213 bclau Pending Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, freehan, johnbelamaric, neolit123, tallclair M tests: Skips Windows-unrelated tests on Windows
kubernetes 80155 gaorong Pending Jul 17 Random-Liu, gaorong, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair S kubelet: add a context at lookup ip from node name by DNS when setting node status
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 638 iirina Pending Jul 17 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 M Add load statement for rules_java.
kubernetes 80253 pohly Pending Jul 17 bowei, neolit123 L Failure logging
kubernetes-client/python-base 143 TomasTomecek Pending Jul 17 TomasTomecek, mbohlool, roycaihw S stream, ws: disallow timeout<0 when provided timeout is >=0
kubernetes 80222 krzysied Pending Jul 17 krzysied, wojtek-t, yastij XS Events corev1: adding eventTime initialization
kubernetes 79214 chendave Pending Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, erictune, smarterclayton XS cleanup: `Taint.Value` is optional
kubernetes 79565 tedyu Pending Jul 17 davidopp, egernst, neolit123, tallclair M Return the error from validateOverhead in RuntimeClass#Validate
dashboard 4030 eloyekunle Pending Jul 17 floreks, olekzabl M [WIP] - CRD Support - Frontend
website 15196 patrick-east Pending Jul 17 kbhawkey, patrick-east, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao S Add "Admission Controller" to the glossary
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1042 xunpan Pending Jul 17 onyiny-ang, shashidharatd M WIP event for kubefedcluster
kubernetes 80246 sttts Pending Jul 17 brendandburns, smarterclayton XS Add OWNERS for generated openapi spec package
website 15446 Jueun-Park LGTM Jul 17 gochist, ianychoi, seokho-son M Update
kubernetes 75814 piontec Pending Jul 17 Rajat-0, eparis, roberthbailey XS add 'cluster-autoscaler-priority-expander' CM to RBAC for CAS
website 15298 yunxji Pending Jul 17 brendandburns, jaredbhatti, mikedanese, sftim, yunxji S Add something about Tencent Cloud
istio/ 4676 linsun Pending Jul 17 frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake XS remove duplicated row for cert management
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1084 jonasrmichel Pending Jul 17 Raffo, jonasrmichel, linki, njuettner XXL Add source implementation for Heptio Contour IngressRoute
cloud-provider-openstack 426 jichenjc LGTM Jul 17 Fedosin, FengyunPan2, adisky, jborg, jichenjc, lingxiankong, zetaab M Add application id into ccm
autoscaler 2008 piontec LGTM Jul 17 Jeffwan, MaciekPytel, feiskyer, gjtempleton, losipiuk, piontec, seh L fix: correctly handle lack of capacity of AWS spot ASGs
kubernetes 74452 runyontr Pending Jul 17 gmarek, spiffxp, vishh, zmerlynn S allow use of ITERATIONS argument in make test-cmd
enhancements 1070 apelisse Pending Jul 17 apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt L Update union KEP: Don't guess and rename discriminatedBy
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4299 nmiculinic Pending Jul 17 Miouge1, mirwan, nmiculinic, rhockenbury M Flannel cross platform support
kubernetes-client/java 525 adohe LGTM Jul 17 adohe, brendandburns, mbohlool, yue9944882 XL add workqueue implementation for kube-style controller
kubeflow/kubeflow 3385 holdenk LGTM Jul 17 gabrielwen, kkasravi, yanniszark XS Don't mutate the go installation during build.
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1102 xunpan LGTM Jul 17 Raffo, hjacobs, linki M add option for coredns to specify prefix name
kops 7248 Coolknight Pending Jul 17 gambol99, geojaz, rdrgmnzs XS Add some permissions to cluster-autoscaler clusterrole
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 94 adelina-t Pending Jul 17 PatrickLang, michmike XS Copy index.html to right path in httpd image
kubernetes 74966 hoegaarden Pending Jul 17 cheftako, hoegaarden, jsafrane, sjpotter, vladimirvivien XXL CSI: remove global vars
kubernetes 78418 mysunshine92 Pending Jul 17 derekwaynecarr, fisherxu, resouer XS fix typos in /test/e2e_node
kubeflow/examples 581 dsdinter Pending Jul 17 dsdinter, jinchihe, texasmichelle M Lint fixes mnist
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 140 ArdaXi Pending Jul 17 ArdaXi, mattmoyer, nckturner M Add cache functionality for tokens
charts 15589 jlyheden Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/eventrouter] Configurable pod securityContext
charts 15588 mhrabovcin Pending Jul 17 desaintmartin XS [stable/dex] Add initContainers support
charts 15584 GaneshSPatil Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/gocd] Bump up gocd app version to 19.6.0
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1042 xunpan Pending Jul 17 XS event for kubefedcluster
kubernetes 80249 chendave Pending Jul 17 BenTheElder, vishh XS Add missing e2e testcase for webhook
kubeflow/kubeflow 3040 royxue Pending Jul 17 ellis-bigelow, lluunn, texasmichelle S Add KUBEFLOW_KS_API_SPEC env variable
release 828 saschagrunert Pending Jul 17 AishSundar, Bubblemelon, jeefy, saschagrunert XXL Add rev-parse feature for new CLI parameters `start-rev` and `end-rev`
kubernetes 78477 YoubingLi Pending Jul 17 Huang-Wei, YoubingLi, ahg-g, bsalamat, draveness, goodluckbot, hex108, misterikkit, resouer L Fixes 78001 The implementation of Filter extension for the new framework
autoscaler 1866 frobware Pending Jul 17 aleksandra-malinowska, alvaroaleman, frobware, piosz, vikaschoudhary16 XXL Add cluster-api based cloudprovider
kubernetes-sigs/kind 714 tao12345666333 Pending Jul 17 BenTheElder, amwat, krzyzacy, tao12345666333 S Add note for docker permission
test-infra 13444 alvaroaleman Pending Jul 17 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov M Allow defining jobs as hidden
kubernetes 80056 sbangari Pending Jul 17 dineshgovindasamy, draveness, feiskyer XS Automated cherry pick of #78874: Fix the creation of load balancer policy for the NodeIp when
kubernetes 80241 wojtek-t Pending Jul 17 dchen1107, liggitt, smarterclayton, zmerlynn M Automated cherry pick of #80157 #80236 upstream release 1.15
website 15393 alicek106 Pending Jul 17 gochist, seokho-son M Translate content/ko/docs/concepts/overview/working-with-objects/fiel…
cloud-provider-openstack 675 jichenjc Pending Jul 17 Fedosin, adisky, anguslees, jichenjc M Fix sanity test (part)
cloud-provider-openstack 698 ramineni Pending Jul 17 mrhillsman M Remove cinderv1 support from cloudprovider
kubernetes 79641 yqwang-ms LGTM Jul 17 Huang-Wei, hex108, k82cn, ravisantoshgudimetla, wgliang, yqwang-ms S Fix default scheduler crash if scheduler extender filter returns a not found node
cloud-provider-openstack 688 ramineni Pending Jul 17 FengyunPan2, gonzolino, jichenjc, ramineni M Fix GetMaxVolLimit to return correct value
istio/ 4637 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Jul 17 rcaballeromx, vadimeisenbergibm L Egress blog part 3
istio/operator 89 morvencao Pending Jul 17 ayj, costinm, martonsereg, morvencao, ostromart, rcernich, sdake, waynz0r XXL fix broken probe in generated manifests.
kubernetes-sigs/release-notes 74 saschagrunert Pending Jul 17 marpaia, tpepper XXL Update dependencies and fix popper.js include
istio/istio 10925 clyang82 Pending Jul 17 ozevren XS Remove citadel dependency for galley
istio/istio 12195 kyessenov Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid, geeknoid, mandarjog XS mixer: add grpc message counter test
istio/istio 12547 morvencao Pending Jul 17 XS add condition for remote resources.
istio/istio 12721 leecalcote Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid XS Mixer grammar
istio/istio 12748 mmerrill3 Pending Jul 17 nmittler, ostromart M Implementing proxy protocol
istio/istio 13183 kyessenov Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid, geeknoid XS [not for 1.2] mixer: enable CEL for httpaccesslog
istio/istio 13345 mmckane Pending Jul 17 gyliu513 XS Allow Helm users to specify sds secrets lookup namespace
istio/istio 13593 quanjielin LGTM Jul 17 costinm, diemtvu, mandarjog XL secure connection between workload and pilot,mixer through sds
istio/istio 13603 douglas-reid Pending Jul 17 howardjohn XS test(e2e_mixer): update e2e_mixer to use new istio-installer
istio/istio 13613 mbanikazemi Pending Jul 17 L This prevents RootNamespace from being set to Istio-system
istio/istio 13631 howardjohn Pending Jul 17 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram XXL Make ServiceEntry follow Sidecar isolation
istio/istio 13672 incfly Pending Jul 17 XXL [Code Mauve] E2E tests for mesh expansion.
istio/istio 13800 bianpengyuan Pending Jul 17 kyessenov XS Add integration test for out of process policy checks
istio/istio 13802 incfly Pending Jul 17 XS Add RPM to cloud build.
istio/istio 13943 ragetti Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid XS Added contextPath to deployment to allow for path base ingress
istio/istio 13965 MarcosDY LGTM Jul 17 costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, lei-tang, myidpt, quanjielin XXL Spire integration
istio/istio 13976 gargnupur Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid, golangcibot XL Ratelimit External Requests
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1098 Jason-ZW Pending Jul 17 Jason-ZW, Raffo, hjacobs, njuettner XXL Add rancher dns(RDNS) provider
istio/istio 14186 djazayeri Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid XS Add a grpcToHttp(String) function to cexl
istio/istio 14303 su225 Pending Jul 17 XL [WORK-IN-PROGRESS] [test-framework][13466] first implementation of kube environment supp…
istio/istio 14325 YonkaFang Pending Jul 17 howardjohn, rshriram XS Let configgen depend on plugin interface rather than impl
istio/istio 14346 mbanikazemi Pending Jul 17 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mbanikazemi, sdake S Deals with wildcarded virtual hosts for ports other than port 80
istio/istio 14383 ChangyuWang Pending Jul 17 GregHanson, howardjohn L cluster endpoints conflicts when creating internal serviceentry
istio/istio 14413 howardjohn Pending Jul 17 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, sdake XS Add option to not debounce EDS pushes
istio/istio 14441 incfly Pending Jul 17 XS Initial native test component package and moving newSecretCache out of `main.go`
istio/istio 14501 brian-avery Pending Jul 17 golangcibot XXL [WIP] On-demand RDS/VHDS using the sidecar CRD
website 15452 neolit123 Pending Jul 17 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, jimangel M kubeadm: modify the step for upgrading control plane kubelets
istio/istio 14578 pnovotnak Pending Jul 17 XXL Thrift Support
istio/istio 14684 kyessenov Pending Jul 17 gargnupur L TCP policy check e2e test
istio/istio 14723 1mentat Pending Jul 17 XS also forward opentracing header (as other apps do)
istio/istio 14779 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 M WIP:Update Inbound cluster LbEndpoint address to public ones instead of loopback
istio/istio 14809 silverlyra Pending Jul 17 XS Fix tag name validation to match Kubernetes
istio/istio 14831 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 ozevren M separate mcp initial requests send and response receive
istio/istio 14834 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 XS Some minor cleanup for mcp source
istio/istio 14946 c0d1ngm0nk3y Pending Jul 17 howardjohn M Also report number of virtual services known to pilot.
istio/istio 14986 clyang82 Pending Jul 17 howardjohn XS Overwrite istio-system namespace
istio/istio 15003 qfel Pending Jul 17 L Better support for Go modules
kubernetes 79474 snowplayfire Pending Jul 17 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, congliu01, draveness, misterikkit, snowplayfire, tedyu XL abandon iteration in InterPodAffinityPriority to improve affinity performance
istio/istio 15011 Nino-K Pending Jul 17 S Allow same port numbers with different protocols for ServiceEntry validation
istio/istio 15014 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram XL enable locality weighted lb by default
istio/istio 15015 hzxuzhonghu LGTM Jul 17 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram S cleanup for applyLocalityLBSetting
istio/istio 15578 johscheuer Pending Jul 17 costinm, nmittler S WIP: Add specific DestinationRule for SimpleIngress test
istio/istio 15153 jcantosz LGTM Jul 17 howardjohn XS Update config URL
istio/istio 15160 venilnoronha Pending Jul 17 XS Add venilnoronha to Pilot OWNERS
istio/istio 15181 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu M handle envoy exit when killed by accident
kubeflow/mpi-operator 132 davidstack Pending Jul 17 cheyang, davidstack, gaocegege, terrytangyuan M create lancher and worker togther
istio/istio 15231 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 M Additional VirtualService Hosts verify
istio/istio 15356 c0d1ngm0nk3y Pending Jul 17 utka XS Improve scripts for local releases
istio/istio 15372 clyang82 Pending Jul 17 jmazzitelli, morvencao XS Upgrade kiali
istio/istio 15420 quanjielin Pending Jul 17 costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, nmittler, quanjielin L pilot agent change to support sds at bootstrap time
istio/istio 15440 howardjohn Pending Jul 17 golangcibot, icygalz, nmittler, qfel, utka L WIP Experimental new install integration
istio/istio 15460 johscheuer Pending Jul 17 nmittler, utka S Add securityContext to enable e2e tests with PSP
istio/istio 15476 douglas-reid Pending Jul 17 douglas-reid, howardjohn, rshriram XL fix(pilot dash): refactor pilot dash to improve ux
istio/istio 15510 zhaohuabing Pending Jul 17 GregHanson, hzxuzhonghu L Fix: Consul high CPU usage (#15509)
istio/istio 15512 nrjpoddar Pending Jul 17 GregHanson, costinm, douglas-reid, golangcibot, rshriram M Added TCP telemetry for BlackHole/Passthrough cluster
istio/istio 15531 howardjohn Pending Jul 17 costinm, golangcibot, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, ostromart, rshriram L Remove legacy non-isolation EDS code
istio/istio 15546 jwendell Pending Jul 17 costinm, linsun, morvencao S Get rid of helm value
istio/istio 15552 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 17 howardjohn, incfly, vadimeisenbergibm L remove legacy code
kubernetes 79615 jakepearson Pending Jul 17 caesarxuchao, deads2k, yliaog, yue9944882 S Allow discovery fake to return an error if it is set in the reactor
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 987 xunpan Pending Jul 17 marun, onyiny-ang, shashidharatd, xunpan L when ftc target version changed, sync controller should be refreshed
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 154 krmayankk Pending Jul 17 Huang-Wei, aveshagarwal, bsalamat, krmayankk, ravisantoshgudimetla XXL Runtime Even Pod Spreading
cloud-provider-openstack 620 ramineni LGTM Jul 17 adisky, edisonxiang, gonzolino, ramineni L Add resize support for Cinder CSI
kubernetes 80020 draveness Pending Jul 17 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, draveness, ricky1993, shiyan2016, wgliang S feat: use nodeInfo.Pods to get pods in predicates
website 15426 devholic Pending Jul 17 gochist, ianychoi, seokho-son L Translate glossary components tagged with `Fundamental` into korean
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 140 guessi Pending Jul 17 ahmetb, corneliusweig, juanvallejo M Add kubectl-grep
kubernetes 78306 hoyho Pending Jul 17 hoyho, jsafrane, oomichi, pohly, rootfs, saad-ali L feat(e2e): refactor hard-coded provision size
kubeflow/pipelines 1592 IronPan Pending Jul 17 hongye-sun, neuromage, vicaire XXL Delete go CLI
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 141 serbrech Pending Jul 17 awesomenix, roberthbailey, tariq1890 M [WIP] fix: config structure to support Kustomize 2.x
istio/ 4675 truongnh1992 Pending Jul 17 frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake XS Updating the bash script for upgrading sidecar
kubeflow/kfserving 242 krabhishek8260 Pending Jul 17 ellis-bigelow, hougangliu, jinchihe, krabhishek8260, yuzisun L Allow all annotations to be set except the disallowed list
kubernetes 76805 stealthybox Pending Jul 17 gmarek, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, luxas, neolit123, stealthybox, stewart-yu, sttts, tallclair L Implement CodecFactoryOptions allowing clients to opt-in to Pretty encoders and Strict Decoders
kubernetes 76742 aaron-prindle LGTM Jul 17 deads2k, enj, yue9944882 S Add warning messages to RequestManagement flags. Fix typo
enhancements 1145 kolorful Pending Jul 17 kow3ns, mortent, prydonius L Add KEP for new cronjob concurrency policy: CatchUp
kubernetes 73780 mgdevstack Pending Jul 17 imkin, k-toyoda-pi, mgdevstack, mikedanese, mtaufen, sjenning, spiffxp M [WIP] Add e2e to verify blocking behavior of preStop hook
istio/installer 267 clyang82 Pending Jul 17 howardjohn S Pass enableNamespacesByDefault to istio config
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1027 font Pending Jul 17 font, irfanurrehman, marun, quinton-hoole, shashidharatd, xunpan XL Validation for KubeFedCluster API
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 2771 cruwe Pending Jul 17 M enable usage of Calico network policies on MS Azure
kops 7171 m0rganic Pending Jul 17 chrisz100, geojaz XS Support for WARM_IP_TARGET config on aws-vpc-cni
kubernetes 76985 globervinodhn Pending Jul 17 johnbelamaric, ravisantoshgudimetla, spiffxp M Promote existing e2e test for pod eviction on no-execute taint to conformance
kubernetes 80083 imeoer Pending Jul 17 draveness, imeoer, logicalhan, smarterclayton, sttts M Add label "configuration_name" for admission webhook metric, fix #79832
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 283 zhucan Pending Jul 17 humblec, j-griffith, msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang, zhucan L Need to check VolumeContentSource if creating volume from snapshot
kubernetes 73799 lorenz Pending Jul 17 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, fredkan, gnufied, jingxu97, lorenz, msau42, tmrts, yujuhong S Automatically remove orphaned pod's empty volumes
publishing-bot 197 nikhita Pending Jul 17 dims, mfojtik, sttts, tao12345666333 XS Bump default Go version to 1.12.7
kubernetes 75539 globervinodhn Pending Jul 17 PatrickLang, johnbelamaric, rramkumar1 S Promote Nodeport service creation E2E test to conformance
kubernetes 77688 sudeshsh Pending Jul 17 ahg-g, bsalamat, gaorong, hex108, k82cn, krmayankk, sudeshsh, wojtek-t XL Extending RequestedToCapacityRatio priority function to support resource bin packing of extended resources
kubernetes 80102 draveness Pending Jul 17 erictune, lavalamp, tallclair L fix: remove ExternalID from NodeSpec
kubernetes 80096 ZP-AlwaysWin LGTM Jul 17 BenTheElder, ZP-AlwaysWin, cmluciano, dcbw, freehan, spiffxp, xichengliudui, zmerlynn XS Fix golint failure in pkg/util/netsh/testing/
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1041 font Pending Jul 17 onyiny-ang, quinton-hoole XL WIP: Add KubeFedConfig validation e2e test
charts 15583 fnavarijo Pending Jul 17 prydonius XS [stable/metabase] Adding helm namespace support
charts 15582 jnaulty Pending Jul 17 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] fix #15572 alertmanager
charts 15581 benjigoldberg Pending Jul 17 davidkarlsen XS [stable/kafka-connect] Create a Kafka Connect Chart
charts 15579 YoussB Pending Jul 17 XS [stable/concourse] #13019 remove workerKeyPub from worker statefulset
charts 15578 mirandawork Pending Jul 17 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Updated the kube-state-metrics svc matchlabels
charts 15574 alice-sawatzky Pending Jul 17 XS [incubator/patroni] add schedulerName option 15452 neolit123 Pending Jul 17 jimangel XS kubeadm: modify the step for upgrading control plane kubelets 15451 danwinship Pending Jul 17 XS Add documentation about kernel module autoloading security
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1041 font Pending Jul 17 XS WIP: Add KubeFedConfig validation e2e test
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1040 font Pending Jul 17 gyliu513, irfanurrehman XL WIP: Generalize validation e2e tests for each validating resource type
kubernetes 80195 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 17 humblec, jsafrane, verult L Automated cherry pick of #79920: Bugfix: csi raw block that does not need attach mounted
kubernetes 80197 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 17 gnufied, jsafrane L Automated cherry pick of #79920: Bugfix: csi raw block that does not need attach mounted
kubernetes 80196 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 17 jsafrane, rootfs L Automated cherry pick of #79920: Bugfix: csi raw block that does not need attach mounted
kubernetes 79875 BobyMCbobs Pending Jul 17 BobyMCbobs, bgrant0607, devaips, hh, johnbelamaric S Promote pod readiness gates
enhancements 1133 xing-yang Pending Jul 17 childsb, jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali M Bring Volume Snapshot to Beta
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 42 zhangxiaoyu-zidif LGTM Jul 17 jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XS Correct repository name of driver-registrar
kubernetes 80153 BobyMCbobs LGTM Jul 17 deads2k, devaips, dvn0, hh, liggitt S Promote API metadata return value
kubernetes 79738 josiahbjorgaard Pending Jul 17 MikeSpreitzer, cheftako, janetkuo, tallclair XS Changed comment on ScaledValue
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 258 mengqiy Pending Jul 17 DirectXMan12, droot S :bug: use the correct flect library
kubernetes 78547 MikeSpreitzer LGTM Jul 17 MikeSpreitzer, cmluciano, danwinship, dcbw, dnardo L Make iptables and ipvs modes of kube-proxy MASQUERADE --random-fully if possible
utils 100 codenrhoden LGTM Jul 17 dashpole, dims, mengqiy, msau42, thockin XXL Add mount package from k/k/pkg/util/mount
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 173 bergerx Pending Jul 17 ahmetb, corneliusweig M plugins: add ksd.yaml (ashleyschuett/kubernetes-secret-decode)
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 432 vijaykatam Pending Jul 17 akutz, andrewsykim, figo, sidharthsurana S Cluster actuator needs delete permission for secret.
kubernetes-sigs/dashboard-metrics-scraper 18 MarkDeckert Pending Jul 17 floreks, jeefy XS change to nonroot user
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4582 electrocucaracha Pending Jul 17 EppO, Miouge1, mirwan, okamototk, woopstar L Update CRI-O in CentOS
kubernetes 77964 globervinodhn LGTM Jul 17 Huang-Wei, bsalamat, johnbelamaric, spiffxp M Promote existing E2E tests for pod eviction on Node Taint to conformance
kubernetes-client/python-base 144 mogaika Pending Jul 17 mbohlool, roycaihw, yliaog XS Improve similarity with kubectl in handling of oidc kubeconfigs
test-infra 13479 mirandachrist Pending Jul 16 Katharine, cjwagner, fejta, mirandachrist M Reduce use of query params for /rerun
test-infra 13153 adshmh LGTM Jul 16 adshmh, alvaroaleman, fejta, matthyx, stevekuznetsov, taragu XL branchprotector checks restrictions section user/team for authorisation
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 314 davidz627 Pending Jul 16 bswartz, jsafrane, lpabon, msau42 M Remove redundant mount options test and fold into normal provisioner test
istio/operator 68 morvencao Pending Jul 16 howardjohn, ostromart, sdake XS add yaml separator for generated manifest.
istio/istio 15565 douglas-reid LGTM Jul 16 howardjohn, icygalz, utka S fix(tests): remove empty integ-telemetry-local-presubmit test
istio/istio 15206 douglas-reid Pending Jul 16 geeknoid, golangcibot, mandarjog, ozevren L fix(mcp metrics): refactor stats context to avoid race with registration
kubernetes 80094 ZP-AlwaysWin LGTM Jul 16 SataQiu, cheftako, derekwaynecarr, vishh XS Fix golint failure in pkg/quota/v1/evaluator/core
kubeflow/pipelines 1630 Ark-kun Pending Jul 16 gaoning777, hongye-sun L Samples - Removed the immediate_value sample
kubernetes 75423 mattmoor Pending Jul 16 lavalamp, mattmoor, munnerz, nikhita, smarterclayton S Increase the default resync period in the sample controller.
kubeflow/pipelines 1626 Ark-kun Pending Jul 16 gaoning777, hongye-sun M SDK - Lightweight - Added support for "None" default values
kubernetes 78331 mgdevstack LGTM Jul 16 bgrant0607, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack, smarterclayton, timothysc, xichengliudui, yliaog L Promote resourceQuota e2e verifying 'object count quota' and 'quota scope' to Conformance
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 632 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Jul 16 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update rules_go version
kubeflow/pipelines 1628 carolynwang Pending Jul 16 Ark-kun, Jeffwan, gaoning777, kalyc XL Add SageMaker HPO component and sample usage in a pipeline
istio/istio 15468 douglas-reid LGTM Jul 16 gargnupur, linsun, mandarjog L feat(dashboards): add config stats to mesh dashboard
kubernetes 78543 cheftako Pending Jul 16 andrewsykim, anfernee, caesarxuchao, cheftako, dchen1107, deads2k, liggitt, mikedanese, p0lyn0mial, tallclair, wenjiaswe XXL Get network-proxy working with GCE.
kubernetes 78823 ereslibre Pending Jul 16 ereslibre, kad, rosti M WIP: kubeadm: do not use an initconfiguration when generating tokens
kubernetes 79033 Arvinderpal Pending Jul 16 Arvinderpal, aojea, dcbw, dchen1107, fabriziopandini, kad, neolit123, timothysc, yastij L [WIP] Dual-Stack Integration with Kubeadm
cloud-provider-openstack 641 tghartland Pending Jul 16 anguslees, hogepodge L Add more information to gophercloud user-agent string
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 123 h0tbird Pending Jul 16 cofyc, jsafrane, msau42 L Set PV owner reference
kubernetes 80009 misterikkit LGTM Jul 16 copejon, davidz627, divyenpatel, jeffvance M Clean up error output in ginkgo test
kubernetes 77878 andrewsykim Pending Jul 16 andrewsykim, cheftako, gmarek, yastij L PoC: 2nd phase leader election for controller migration
kubeflow/katib 671 andreyvelich Pending Jul 16 johnugeorge, richardsliu S [WIP] E2E test for NAS RL Algorithm in v1alpha2
kubernetes 80223 ahg-g LGTM Jul 16 bsalamat, k82cn, thockin XS Nominate Abdullah Gharaibeh to scheduler reviewers.
kubernetes 80105 ASankaran Pending Jul 16 ASankaran, Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, dims, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, tallclair, yujuhong L Add ImageFSInfo, ContainerStats, and ListContainerStats impl for linux to dockershim
website 15106 ljnaresh LGTM Jul 16 jimangel, kbhawkey, ljnaresh, sftim, tengqm, zhangxiaoyu-zidif S Adding cgroups to glossary
kubeflow/kubeflow 3632 IronPan LGTM Jul 16 hongye-sun, jlewi, pdmack, zabbasi XS Remove the Pipeline SDK from Notebook image
istio/operator 90 sdake Pending Jul 16 ayj, costinm, martonsereg, ostromart, rcernich, waynz0r XS DNM Test of the prow gates
kubernetes-sigs/krew 260 corneliusweig Pending Jul 16 ahmetb, corneliusweig, juanvallejo L Add script to generate plugin overview page
kubernetes 80148 BobyMCbobs Pending Jul 16 BobyMCbobs, draveness, hh, mortent, timothysc S Promote ReplicaSet Pod quota limit
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1161 vincepri Pending Jul 16 amy, chuckha, detiber, justinsb, ncdc M Update bootstrap proposal: document Status.Ready
test-infra 13420 krzyzacy Pending Jul 16 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, krzyzacy, matthyx, stevekuznetsov M Use patch instead of replace for prowjobs in plank
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 247 damemi Pending Jul 16 DirectXMan12, pwittrock XS 🐛Add simple +required marker
kubeflow/pipelines 1631 Ark-kun Pending Jul 16 gaoning777, hongye-sun L Samples - Cleaned up unnecessary usage of PipelineParam
website 15378 bclau Pending Jul 16 PatrickLang, adelina-t, bclau, ddebroy, jaypipes, jimangel, michmike L Windows: Adds RunAsUserName related documentation
website 15374 sftim Pending Jul 16 jaypipes, lavalamp, sftim, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao, zparnold XXL Add reference documentation for built-in controllers
website 15373 sftim Pending Jul 16 ahmetb, bprashanth XXL Preview changes to controller documentation
kubernetes 80125 sttts LGTM Jul 16 dchen1107, fejta, ixdy, lavalamp, roycaihw, spiffxp, sttts S bazel: add openapi generation for non-main spec and fix main spec
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4984 woopstar Pending Jul 16 holmsten, mirwan M Remove unused handlers from Flannel CNI
kubernetes 74245 tuanvcw Pending Jul 16 castrojo, deads2k, liggitt, tuanvcw M Update many deprecated links
kubernetes 73232 mattsmithdatera Pending Jul 16 jsafrane, krmayankk, mattsmithdatera M [WIP] Adding conditional volume ownership change support
kubernetes 73106 BK1603 Pending Jul 16 eparis, lavalamp, neolit123 XS Fixes GoLint errors for pkg/capabilities
kubernetes 71781 seunghunee Pending Jul 16 derekwaynecarr, krmayankk, oomichi, seunghunee M e2e: delete and post the first node
enhancements 1142 bertinatto Pending Jul 16 bertinatto, bsalamat, childsb, gnufied, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XS Update Volume Scheduling Limits KEP to address topology
kubeflow/kubeflow 3384 holdenk LGTM Jul 16 kkasravi, kunmingg S Clarify the dependency build step
istio/ 4674 geeknoid Pending Jul 16 fpesce, frankbu S Improve control for auto-cherry picking to specific release branches.
cloud-provider-vsphere 216 frapposelli LGTM Jul 16 BaluDontu, codenrhoden, dvonthenen, imkin M Fix repo owners file
website 15369 neolit123 Pending Jul 16 Rajakavitha1, fabriziopandini, jimangel M kubeadm: update the docs for HA with --control-plane-endpoint
test-infra 13468 justaugustus Pending Jul 16 abgworrall, dashpole M sig-release: Migrate orphaned release jobs
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 862 mengqiy Pending Jul 16 DirectXMan12, droot M :sparkles: use kustomize edit set image
kubeflow/kubeflow 3665 IronPan LGTM Jul 16 neuromage, yebrahim S switch the third party images to gcr
kubernetes 79227 mariantalla Pending Jul 16 caesarxuchao, yliaog L Support single logical operation in jsonpath
enhancements 1112 j-griffith Pending Jul 16 childsb, j-griffith, saad-ali, wongma7 L Propose KEP for namespace transfer API
kubernetes-csi/cluster-driver-registrar 18 humblec Pending Jul 16 davidz627, lpabon, vladimirvivien XS Document function details.
kubernetes-csi/cluster-driver-registrar 45 jsafrane LGTM Jul 16 childsb, jsafrane, lpabon, msau42, saad-ali, vladimirvivien M Add Changelog for 1.1.0
kubernetes 59416 verb Pending Jul 16 apelisse, bgrant0607, caesarxuchao, dchen1107, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, verb, yujuhong XXL Add Ephemeral Containers to the Kubernetes core API
kubernetes 65262 dixudx Pending Jul 16 Random-Liu, dixudx, liggitt, peter-wangxu, tallclair, yujuhong L Implement lifecycle tcp hook
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1034 queeno Pending Jul 16 font, gyliu513, marun, queeno, shashidharatd M Adding documentation to solve the kubefed-admission-webhook timeout
kubernetes 79068 tedyu Pending Jul 16 foxish, mortent XS Remove unnecessary loop for lowering expectations
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 180 nlamirault Pending Jul 16 corneliusweig, juanvallejo M New plugin : bindrole
istio/installer 279 howardjohn Pending Jul 16 costinm, fejta, linsun, sdake L Make demo directly install citadel
charts 15570 emas80 Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/spinnaker] - cleaning kube context name
charts 15569 oleg-nenashev Pending Jul 16 XS Jenkins Helm Chart: Replace "slave" by "agent" in the documentation
charts 15565 isindir Pending Jul 16 viglesiasce XS [stable/jenkins] Change the value name for docker image tags - standartise to what is accepted standard in all charts - tag; this also allows auto-deployments using weaveworks flux
charts 15564 mced Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/spinnaker] Add ecr as docker registry with --password-command parameter
charts 15562 djsly Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/ambassador] adding annotation support on the admin service
charts 15560 ArieLevs Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/superset] Add extra annotation / labels for deployment resource
charts 15559 bilalcaliskan Pending Jul 16 XS fix mount path of config map
charts 15558 vi7 Pending Jul 16 desaintmartin XS [stable/dex] fixes and improvements
charts 15556 pavdmyt Pending Jul 16 davidkarlsen XS [stable/cerebro] fix ValidationError
charts 15555 dippynark Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/openvpn] Fix CRL keystore secret permissions
charts 15553 JSchlarb Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/influxdb] Set default value for ingress.annotations
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1040 font Pending Jul 16 XS WIP: Generalize validation e2e tests for each validating resource type
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 4984 woopstar Pending Jul 16 XS Only reload docker when is_atomic for Flannel
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 4984 woopstar Pending Jul 16 XS Only reload docker when is_atomic for Flannel
kops 6003 wendorf Pending Jul 16 mikesplain, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy M Configurable apiserver resources (limits/requests)
kubernetes 59484 verb Pending Jul 16 Random-Liu, tallclair, yujuhong XXL WIP: Add support for Ephemeral Containers to the kubelet
kubernetes 79312 mvladev Pending Jul 16 Random-Liu, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, mvladev, tallclair, vishh, yujuhong L envar support for Master service of type ExternalName
enhancements 959 johnbelamaric Pending Jul 16 alejandrox1, bgrant0607, bowei, derekwaynecarr, hh, johnSchnake, johnbelamaric, neolit123, oomichi, spiffxp, timothysc L Add KEP for Behavior-driven Conformance Testing
kubernetes 79430 yue9944882 Pending Jul 16 hongchaodeng, juanvallejo L [Experimental] Migrate pods/logs's REST to connector
kubernetes 78921 devaips Pending Jul 16 Huang-Wei, devaips, hh, spiffxp XS Promote LimitRange e2e test to Conformance
kubernetes 80093 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Jul 16 andrewsykim, deads2k, janetkuo, luxas M Fix golint failure in test/e2e/lifecycle/bootstrap
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1137 pablochacin Pending Jul 16 detiber, justinsb, ncdc, pablochacin, vincepri L Externalize provider specific specs and status in separated CRDs
kubernetes-sigs/kind 613 BenTheElder LGTM Jul 16 BenTheElder, amwat, munnerz, neolit123 L introduce logging shim
kubernetes-sigs/kind 614 BenTheElder Pending Jul 16 aojea, krzyzacy L [WIP] switch to log shim
kubernetes 79426 damemi Pending Jul 16 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, bsalamat, damemi, k82cn, liggitt, ravisantoshgudimetla, resouer L Scheduler config validation
kubernetes 79661 rosti Pending Jul 16 chuckha, fabriziopandini, neolit123, timothysc XXL [WIP] POC: kubeadm: extract public API
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1030 pjferrell Pending Jul 16 font, irfanurrehman, shashidharatd, xunpan L Kubefedcluster: support ignore tls
kubernetes 80019 hex108 Pending Jul 16 bsalamat, k82cn L Add GetKubernetesHandler for FrameworkHandle
kubernetes 80097 josephburnett Pending Jul 16 MaciekPytel, krzysztof-jastrzebski, mwielgus L Separate spec and status replicas by type.
perf-tests 569 kzmrv Pending Jul 16 gmarek, mborsz XXL Add code for logviewer
kubernetes-client/python-base 56 fabianvf Pending Jul 16 fabianvf, roycaihw, yliaog XXL Dynamic Client
test-infra 12751 adshmh Pending Jul 16 adshmh, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov L Expose PR's changed files to (Pre|Post)Submit jobs through downward api
kubeflow/examples 596 fdasilva59 Pending Jul 16 jlewi, lluunn XXL [WIP] Pix2Pix TF2.0 Pipelines Notebook - Request for intial feedback
test-infra 13450 tehcyx Pending Jul 16 Katharine, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov L Ghproxy request metrics for token usage and token requests
istio/api 973 Phlak106 Pending Jul 16 Phlak106, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram, venilnoronha, wattli XL Add TLS certificate default validation options
istio/istio 14815 anandkumarpatel Pending Jul 16 costinm, sdake M make third party repo image names configurable
kops 6465 ari-becker Pending Jul 16 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy M Allow local filesystem state stores (to aid CI pull-request workflows)
kubeflow/website 898 yanniszark Pending Jul 16 hongye-sun, richardsliu, sarahmaddox, yanniszark L kubeflow on kubernetes: existing_arrikto: add instructions for connecting with LDAP/AD
cloud-provider-openstack 671 jichenjc Pending Jul 16 NickrenREN, adisky, hogepodge, jichenjc M create tags and descriptions for snapshot
test-infra 13342 alvaroaleman Pending Jul 16 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov L Sketch out structure and signatures for inrepoconfig
kubernetes 78763 oxddr Pending Jul 16 cjcullen, jingax10, mborsz, mm4tt S GCE: add an option to disable creation of Windows nodes.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1156 ncdc LGTM Jul 16 davidewatson, detiber, vincepri S [0.1] Update lodash gitbook dependency to address CVE
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1686 davidmccormick Pending Jul 16 c-knowles, danielfm S daemonset roll out settings
kubernetes 76443 mgdevstack Pending Jul 16 dineshgovindasamy, johnbelamaric, spiffxp, thockin M Promote e2e "verifying service's sessionAffinity for ClusterIP and NodePort services" to Conformance
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1685 davidmccormick Pending Jul 16 c-knowles, danielfm S v0.14.x: daemonset roll out settings
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1684 davidmccormick Pending Jul 16 c-knowles, mumoshu S v0.13.x: daemonset roll out settings
kubernetes 79961 sukeesh Pending Jul 16 adohe, brendandburns, mengqiy XS throw an error if extra invalid args are found in the command
kubernetes 80144 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 16 Huang-Wei, draveness, k82cn, krmayankk M scheduler: make ApplyFeatureGates() stateless
istio/istio 15513 mergify[bot] LGTM Jul 16 frankbu, vadimeisenbergibm XS Update base image version for bookinfo-reviews sample app (bp #15480)
kubernetes 79111 bclau Pending Jul 16 listx, mkumatag M tests: Bumps test image versions (Windows support added)
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1681 davidmccormick Pending Jul 16 dominicgunn, redbaron M plugin: upgrade helper - more fixes and features
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1683 davidmccormick Pending Jul 16 danielfm, dominicgunn M v0.14.x plugin: upgrade helper - more fixes and features
enhancements 965 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jul 16 kow3ns, mattfarina M [WIP]Init KEP to Add OwnerReference for PVC created from PVC template in s…
enhancements 1136 wojtek-t Pending Jul 16 deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, wojtek-t L Create KEP for deprecating and removing SelfLink
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1682 davidmccormick Pending Jul 16 danielfm, mumoshu M v0.13.x plugin: upgrade helper - more fixes and features
istio/ 4672 linwenjun Pending Jul 16 SataQiu, fleeto, frankbu, geeknoid, gyliu513, loverto, rootsongjc S zh: 英文官方文档同步
kubernetes-client/haskell 51 akshaymankar Pending Jul 16 akshaymankar, brendandburns, jkachmar XL First draft: Kube config loader
kubernetes 79429 bertinatto Pending Jul 16 ahg-g, bertinatto, bsalamat, gnufied, msau42 L [WIP] Implement Volume Scheduling Limits missing bits
kubeflow/kubeflow 3666 jlewi Pending Jul 16 lluunn, richardsliu L [WIP] C2d loadtest
kubernetes 78731 bclau LGTM Jul 16 MrHohn, bclau, cblecker, johnbelamaric, krmayankk, timothysc M Sets HostNetwork to False for tests which do not require it
charts 15550 minhdanh Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/grafana] Fix custom dashboard folders breakage
charts 15549 chrissng Pending Jul 16 edsiper XS [stable/fluent-bit] Stackdriver backend 15446 Jueun-Park Pending Jul 16 XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2617 saschagrunert Pending Jul 16 XS WIP: Add template and command line flags validation
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2617 saschagrunert Pending Jul 16 XS WIP: Add template and command line flags validation
kubeflow/manifests 195 krishnadurai Pending Jul 16 gabrielwen, kkasravi, krishnadurai, kunmingg XXL Kubeflow On-Premise Authentication and Authorization Prototype
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4759 pablomartinez Pending Jul 16 MarkusTeufelberger, Miouge1, chadswen, mirwan, pablomartinez S Removing hardcoded pypy reference so it can be treated as a _download…
autoscaler 2171 nilo19 LGTM Jul 16 feiskyer, hello2mao, losipiuk, piosz L fix: ignore agentpool label when looking for similar node groups with Azure provider
perf-tests 639 cclauss Pending Jul 16 freehan, mikedanese S Use print() function in both Python 2 and Python 3
autoscaler 2191 cclauss Pending Jul 16 aleksandra-malinowska, piosz S xrange() was removed in Python 3 in favor of range()
kubernetes 80066 vkhromov LGTM Jul 16 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, neolit123, rosti, yastij S kubeadm: fix ignored `certificate-authority` in discovery file
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4804 lunarthegrey Pending Jul 16 Miouge1, mirwan XS Update docs, add pip3 install of other requirements.txt
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4607 electrocucaracha Pending Jul 16 Miouge1, mirwan S Add proxy support to CRI-O service
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 189 johnugeorge Pending Jul 16 kunmingg M update release script; fix post submit
kubeflow/community 267 johnugeorge Pending Jul 16 richardsliu, theadactyl XXL Update github_users.json to the latest
minikube 4681 RA489 Pending Jul 16 RA489, afbjorklund, balopat, josedonizetti, tstromberg S WIP: Add warn about old driver version (hyperkit, kvm)
website 14735 kakts Pending Jul 16 cstoku, inductor, kakts, nasa9084 M Translate concepts/workloads/controllers/ttlafterfinished/ in Japanese #14734
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4895 liuxu623 Pending Jul 16 Miouge1, liuxu623, mattymo, mirwan S re-run kubeadm init when kubeadm_config_changed
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 188 kunmingg LGTM Jul 16 andreyvelich, johnugeorge, jose5918, richardsliu M update release script; fix post submit
utils 103 bart0sh Pending Jul 16 andrewsykim, apelisse, bart0sh, thockin, yastij M net: add GetHostname API
minikube 4751 afbjorklund Pending Jul 16 sharifelgamal, tstromberg M WIP: Improve the release and tarballs
test-infra 13346 oxddr LGTM Jul 16 mm4tt, wojtek-t XS Enable kube-proxy scrapping in gce5000.
kops 6630 justinsb Pending Jul 16 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S WIP: chattr runc to be immutable everywhere
website 15421 vorburger Pending Jul 16 luxas, mikedanese XS clarify better where 10-kubeadm.conf comes from in kubeadm/
kubernetes 79717 takutakahashi Pending Jul 16 Random-Liu, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, takutakahashi L Add warning event to Pod stats: when duplicated env are defined in multiple Configmap/Secret
kubernetes 80074 yue9944882 LGTM Jul 16 deads2k, mbohlool, p0lyn0mial, roycaihw, yue9944882 M Fixes missing path parameter to CRD restful container
kops 6505 justinsb Pending Jul 16 chrisz100, rdrgmnzs L WIP: Support building runc patch
kubernetes 78430 byteor LGTM Jul 16 BenTheElder, ghodss, soltysh XS [pkg/kubectl/cmd/rollout]: fixup typo and tidy up imports
kops 6490 justinsb Pending Jul 16 chrisz100, robinpercy S package task: cleaner behaviour when package is installed
kops 6054 coufalja LGTM Jul 16 chrisz100, justinsb, mikesplain, robinpercy M Make kuberouter more configurable
kops 5991 phspagiari Pending Jul 16 chrisz100, justinsb, robinpercy M fix to allow multiple node roles
kops 5965 pahud Pending Jul 16 idealhack, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS Update
kubernetes 77794 saiyan86 LGTM Jul 16 andrewsykim, bowei, feiskyer, johnbelamaric, nicksardo, pohly, saiyan86, thockin M Use TCP/UDP instead of ICMP to check outbound connectivity
publishing-bot 196 nikhita Pending Jul 16 liggitt, sttts L [WIP] sync-tags: add support for versioned imports
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 184 johnugeorge LGTM Jul 16 andreyvelich, gaocegege XS Minor fix to add CoreV1 to scheme
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 126 yuyulei Pending Jul 16 cofyc, saad-ali, wongma7 S auto remove the pv with hardware problems
kubernetes 80192 roycaihw Pending Jul 16 ncdc, saad-ali M [DO NOT MERGE] Experiment CRD openapi spec update latency
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 309 Madhu-1 Pending Jul 16 Madhu-1, j-griffith, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali L fix pvc and source PVC storageclass name comparison for pvc datasource
kubernetes 79849 nasa9084 Pending Jul 16 adohe, seans3 XS Create OWNERS for ja
kubernetes 79909 vinicyusmacedo Pending Jul 16 SataQiu, andrewsykim, vinicyusmacedo, zmerlynn L Moving e2e boilerplate to separate functions
charts 15546 tlmiller Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/grafana] Removed default value for rolling update key
charts 15544 obeyler Pending Jul 16 maorfr XS [stable/grafana] apply comment on last PR
charts 15543 cirocosta Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/concourse] Remove `nodePort` in tsa addr template
charts 15541 cirocosta Pending Jul 16 XS [stable/concourse] add missing credhub mtls auth 15443 gochist Pending Jul 16 XS Sixth Korean l10n work for release-1.14
helm 6026 bacongobbler Pending Jul 16 XS ref(rollback): use `helm upgrade` logic for `helm rollback`
kubeflow/website 937 joeliedtke Pending Jul 16 abhi-g, paveldournov S WIP commit for containerization doc
website 14767 kakts Pending Jul 16 MasayaAoyama, cstoku, nasa9084 L Translate concepts/workloads/controllers/daemonset/ in Japanese #14761
istio/istio 14858 mergify[bot] Pending Jul 16 costinm L Add redirect params as annotations to pod resolves issue #12906 (bp #14171)
kubernetes 79784 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 16 jingxu97, jsafrane, saad-ali, screeley44 XS Bugfix: remove PV dir when umount raw block device
kubernetes 78960 xiaoanyunfei LGTM Jul 16 mattjmcnaughton, resouer, tallclair, vishh S rm unnecessary fs.Manager
website 15443 gochist Pending Jul 16 ClaudiaJKang, seokho-son XXL Sixth Korean l10n work for release-1.14
kubernetes-sigs/kubeadm-dind-cluster 315 cscetbon Pending Jul 16 ivan4th, luxas M Add pause/unpause options
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 835 Azadehkhojandi Pending Jul 15 DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, mengqiy XS minor typo fix in kind string format validation
istio/bots 49 therealmitchconnors Pending Jul 15 geeknoid, golangcibot L WIP: Allow testresults to be synced.
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 51 PatrickLang Pending Jul 15 adelina-t, daschott, michmike M Starting a troubleshooting script
sig-release 721 alejandrox1 Pending Jul 15 jberkus, mariantalla XS Fixed links in ci signal handbook
istio/api 787 douglas-reid LGTM Jul 15 andraxylia, kyessenov XS Add attributes for destination rules and virtual services
kubernetes 79649 Joseph-Irving Pending Jul 15 Joseph-Irving, dchen1107, draveness, gmarek, nilebox, smarterclayton, thockin, vllry XXL Add container.lifecycle.type to api (sidecars KEP)
kubernetes-incubator/ip-masq-agent 42 grayluck Pending Jul 15 bowei, thockin XS Update RFC references for reserved IP ranges.
istio/installer 253 anandkumarpatel Pending Jul 15 S make all images configurable
kubernetes-incubator/ip-masq-agent 45 aramase Pending Jul 15 MrHohn, bowei, thockin, varunmar L Support for IPv6
kubeflow/kubeflow 3534 jlewi Pending Jul 15 gabrielwen, kkasravi XXL [WIP] Preview of a bunch of changes
kubernetes 80138 tedyu Pending Jul 15 justinsb, xiang90 XS Use read lock for DeltaFIFO#HasSynced
test-infra 12460 nikhita LGTM Jul 15 cblecker, cjwagner, danwinship, fejta, matthyx, nikhita, petemounce, stevekuznetsov XL verify-owners: respect OwnersDirBlacklist while traversing
kubernetes 80075 krmayankk Pending Jul 15 gjtempleton, jennybuckley, madhusudancs, roberthbailey XS fix hpa comment and command line help
kubernetes 79587 yue9944882 Pending Jul 15 liggitt, roycaihw, sttts, yue9944882 L DO NOT publish openapi specs containing bad types
kubeflow/kubeflow 3645 kkasravi Pending Jul 15 gabrielwen, jlewi, kkasravi, yanniszark S create a default profile for the gcp platform
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 384 renovate-bot Pending Jul 15 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 XS Update com_github_grpc_grpc commit hash to c007642
istio/istio 14731 harryge00 Pending Jul 15 XXL [WIP] Add Mesos serviceRegistry
kubeflow/manifests 189 IronPan LGTM Jul 15 ashahba, swiftdiaries S update pipeline runner permission
bazelbuild/rules_docker 973 xwinxu Pending Jul 15 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 M [DO NOT REVIEW YET] Implement createImageConfig binary using Go containerregistry
istio/test-infra 1465 fejta LGTM Jul 15 icygalz, utka L Configure most things at the org level
kubeflow/manifests 173 holdenk LGTM Jul 15 kkasravi, swiftdiaries, yanniszark S Clarify must be checked out into a directory called manifests
test-infra 13182 tehcyx Pending Jul 15 Katharine, cjwagner, stevekuznetsov, tehcyx XL Introduce GitHub metrics to be consumed by monitoring setup
istio/test-infra 1470 fejta Pending Jul 15 fejta, geeknoid, howardjohn, icygalz, utka L Simplify, consistent branch protection
kubernetes 79941 tedyu Pending Jul 15 cheftako, hongchaodeng, wojtek-t, yliaog XS Use read lock for processorListener#shouldResync
kubernetes 79914 hh Pending Jul 15 BenTheElder, hh, thockin L WIP: Gherkin BDD for e2e support via godog
ingress-nginx 3967 ElvinEfendi Pending Jul 15 aledbf, bowei M [wip] Offline plugin configuration
kubernetes-sigs/kubeadm-dind-cluster 313 wk8 Pending Jul 15 jellonek S Fixing linuxkit detection on the latest versions of Docker for Mac
kubernetes 71230 pbarker Pending Jul 15 WanLinghao, brendandburns, gmarek, lavalamp, mvladev, pbarker, shturec, tallclair XXL Dynamic Audit Policy
enhancements 1088 RobertKrawitz LGTM Jul 15 RobertKrawitz, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr L Add beta milestone criteria
kubernetes-csi/drivers 157 kmova Pending Jul 15 chakri-nelluri, lpabon XS fix the broken link to sample drivers
community 3595 gregwebs Pending Jul 15 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, verb XS Add a reference to aylei/kubectl-debug
community 3580 verb Pending Jul 15 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr XL Remove legacy Troubleshooting Running Pods proposal
kubernetes 79956 johnharris85 Pending Jul 15 eparis, seans3 S Fix 'concurrency' logs typo
kube-state-metrics 822 int-tt Pending Jul 15 andyxning, brancz, int-tt, mxinden, tariq1890 S Support for job_status_duration_time metrics
istio/test-infra 1475 howardjohn Pending Jul 15 costinm, fejta, rshriram XS Add racetest to testgrid
kubernetes 79871 BobyMCbobs Pending Jul 15 hh, smarterclayton, timothysc XS Promote return chunks of results for list calls to conformance
kubernetes 77865 mgdevstack Pending Jul 15 caseydavenport, cmluciano, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack M Promote e2e verifying different types of services and their behaviours 15439 vharsh Pending Jul 15 XS Fix Prev/Next navigation buttons when viewing article
charts 15538 nbkrause Pending Jul 15 XS [stable/ambassador] Major Release v3.0.0
charts 15537 itburkealert Pending Jul 15 XS [stable/minecraft] Correction to README Documentation
charts 15532 JGodin-C2C Pending Jul 15 XS [stable/nginx-ldap-proxy] Add protocol configuration for nginx-ldap-proxy
charts 15527 PHameete Pending Jul 15 XS [stable/datadog] Fix error in readme configuration parameter
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2613 saschagrunert Pending Jul 15 XS WIP: Bump AMI runc version to v1.0.0-rc8
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2613 saschagrunert Pending Jul 15 XS WIP: Bump AMI runc version to v1.0.0-rc8
istio/istio 15511 morningspace Pending Jul 15 kyessenov, mandarjog S Add missing quotes for the sample snippet in tracespan template
kubeflow/manifests 207 kkasravi Pending Jul 15 gabrielwen, hougangliu, jlewi, kkasravi, kunmingg, swiftdiaries, yanniszark M Kfctl create profile for user by default
website 15424 vorburger LGTM Jul 15 luxas, mikedanese, neolit123, vorburger M remove doc from which is duplicated in
klog 76 michaelgugino Pending Jul 15 DirectXMan12, liggitt, michaelgugino, neolit123, yagonobre S Add Writer type to support io.Writer interface
kubernetes 73920 nolancon Pending Jul 15 cbf123, klueska, krmayankk, lmdaly, moshe010, mtaufen, nolancon L Changes to make CPU Manager a Hint Provider for Topology Manager
kubernetes 80003 wongma7 Pending Jul 15 danwinship, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, tmrts, wongma7, yujuhong L Fix cloud reported hostname being overridden if nodeIP set
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 953 marun Pending Jul 15 font, irfanurrehman, marun, shashidharatd, xunpan L WIP Report NamespaceNotFederated in propagation status
dashboard 4002 eloyekunle Pending Jul 15 bryk, eloyekunle, floreks, ianlewis, maciaszczykm XXL Migrate e2e tests to Cypress
dashboard 4034 shu-mutou Pending Jul 15 konryd, maciaszczykm, shu-mutou XXL Bump gts to 1.0.0
test-infra 13441 spiffxp Pending Jul 15 BenTheElder, amwat, chases2, stevekuznetsov L Rewrite
kubernetes 75407 goodluckbot Pending Jul 15 resouer, wgliang XL Add new priority functions for all resources
kubernetes 76776 wwitzel3 LGTM Jul 15 caesarxuchao, sttts, wwitzel3, yliaog, yue9944882 M Add tests for NewFilteredDynamicSharedInformerFactory
kubernetes 80104 mattjmcnaughton Pending Jul 15 dashpole, feiskyer S Improve readability for image manager tests
kubernetes 77713 zjj2wry Pending Jul 15 cheftako, deads2k, liggitt, mikedanese, neolit123, zjj2wry M add secret back to the workqueue with delay time, avoid expired bootstrap tokens not being deleted
enhancements 1140 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jul 15 draveness, janetkuo, resouer, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L [WIP] Enhance daemonset on rollingupdate.
kubernetes 79623 aaronbbrown LGTM Jul 15 Random-Liu, dchen1107, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton S quote container name in container already use error matching
website 15202 ejez LGTM Jul 15 Rajakavitha1, neolit123, stewart-yu XS Change "--experimental-control-plane" with "---control-plane"
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 858 zmarano Pending Jul 15 hopkiw M Add some useful packages to Debian 10 and move repo configs to common names.
website 15439 vharsh Pending Jul 15 Rajakavitha1, jimangel XS Fix Prev/Next navigation buttons when viewing article
kubernetes 77592 MorrisLaw Pending Jul 15 MorrisLaw, SataQiu, andrewsykim, timothysc XL [WIP] refactor: move kubectl related functions out of util
enhancements 1066 harche Pending Jul 15 BenTheElder, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, harche, justinsb, lumjjb, mattjmcnaughton, pires, stefanberger L Add Image Decryption KEP
kubernetes 79443 tedyu LGTM Jul 15 bowei, draveness, gmarek, ingvagabund XS Correct typo for TaintManager
kubernetes 77532 WanLinghao Pending Jul 15 figo, mtaufen, timothysc S Refactor and clean up e2e framework utils, this patch handles test/e2e/framework/perf_util.go file
kubernetes 77027 tedyu Pending Jul 15 deads2k, erictune, neolit123 S Bundle multiple creation observations
kops 6997 murali-reddy LGTM Jul 15 chrisz100, granular-ryanbonham, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy, zetaab S Update Weave Net to version 2.5.2
website 15396 supersam654 Pending Jul 15 steveperry-53, xiangpengzhao, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L Replace social_sprite.png with font icons.
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 697 jarrpa Pending Jul 15 humblec, jarrpa, obnoxxx, wongma7 L Various small cleanups to glusterfile
kubernetes 80059 dcbw Pending Jul 15 danwinship, m1093782566, thockin M bandwidth: handle new 'chain X' output from 'tc filter show dev XYZ'
kubernetes 80085 poelzi Pending Jul 15 dashpole XL [WIP] Implement TeardownPressure Predicate
istio/ 4661 athlonxpgzw Pending Jul 15 frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake XS FIx wrong service name
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 126 sohankunkerkar Pending Jul 15 DirectXMan12, alegacy, j-vizcaino, pwittrock, sohankunkerkar, sttts, vincepri L ✨ Add support for the interface member
utils 98 yastij Pending Jul 15 apelisse, lavalamp, thockin XL add the version package to utils
kops 7214 mikesplain Pending Jul 15 chrislovecnm, geojaz S Update rules go and rules docker
kubeflow/arena 199 xiechengsheng Pending Jul 15 denverdino, wsxiaozhang XXL add cpu and mem info in node side
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1668 koen92 Pending Jul 15 danielfm, dominicgunn M Fix VPCRef
kubernetes 79386 khenidak Pending Jul 15 andrewsykim, aojea, apelisse, khenidak, vllry XXL WIP: Phase 2 dualstack
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 271 hoyho Pending Jul 15 hoyho, jsafrane, msau42, sbezverk M fix provision fail when volume size is unknown
kubernetes 80150 BobyMCbobs Pending Jul 15 BobyMCbobs, dims, draveness, kow3ns S Promote StatefulSet Replica scaling
istio/api 965 mpvl Pending Jul 15 XXL Add proto to OpenAPI to support CUE constraints pipeline
kubernetes-client/gen 124 yue9944882 Pending Jul 15 brendandburns XS Revert "preserve field manager types (#123)"
kubernetes 80166 chendave Pending Jul 15 deads2k, saad-ali XS cleanup: remove useless code
kops 6399 rajatjindal Pending Jul 15 chrisz100, drekle, rajatjindal, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XL move pkg to cmds
kubeflow/arena 205 xiechengsheng Pending Jul 15 denverdino, wsxiaozhang XS Fix unfriendly travis output errors
enhancements 1127 alculquicondor Pending Jul 15 ahg-g, ahmad-diaa, alculquicondor, andrewsykim, draveness, embano1, hogepodge L Create KEP for Instance Host Labelling
charts 15520 clamoriniere Pending Jul 15 XS [stable/datadog] update default image versions 15427 sishydishy Pending Jul 15 Rajakavitha1, kevin-wangzefeng XS Changed inter-pod affinity section
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-lib-external-provisioner 50 fredkan Pending Jul 15 jsafrane, wongma7 XS fix pvc annotation configured issues
autoscaler 2101 d-mo Pending Jul 15 MaciekPytel, losipiuk XXL Add support for Packet
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder-alpha 368 yue9944882 Pending Jul 15 DirectXMan12, pwittrock S Doc: Extending streaming/long-running sub-resource
dashboard 4028 medmedchiheb Pending Jul 15 floreks, maciaszczykm, medmedchiheb L Add graphs cluster, nodes, overview, workloads, daemon sets, deployments, pods, rc, rs, and stateful sets
kubernetes 80095 ZP-AlwaysWin LGTM Jul 15 brendandburns, draveness, lavalamp, xichengliudui S Fix golint failure in pkg/util/labels
kubernetes 79963 RainbowMango Pending Jul 15 cheftako, davidopp, krousey S Fix typo for shared informer
enhancements 1104 rosti Pending Jul 15 luxas, mtaufen, neolit123, rosti, squeed, stealthybox, sttts, thockin, vllry L kube-proxy component config graduation to beta
cloud-provider-openstack 660 jichenjc Pending Jul 15 hogepodge, rootfs S provide error log by default
kops 7249 michalschott Pending Jul 15 mikesplain, rdrgmnzs XS Bumping calico to 3.7.4.
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4897 fisx Pending Jul 15 Miouge1, mirwan XS Fix: overly strict hostname sanity checking.
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 187 zlcnju LGTM Jul 15 andreyvelich, gaocegege, johnugeorge, richardsliu, tossmilestone, zlcnju L use init container for worker pod to wait master pod ready
kubeflow/katib 673 dreamryx Pending Jul 15 Akado2009, andreyvelich, dreamryx, hougangliu L update some dockerfiles to support power
istio/ 4402 johnma14 Pending Jul 15 johnma14, sdake XL Add feature to generate diffs for helm values.yaml file between releases
kubernetes 69719 zhangmingld Pending Jul 15 Huang-Wei, aveshagarwal, bsalamat, resouer, zhangmingld L fix matchall semantic in some antiaffinity
website 15427 sishydishy LGTM Jul 15 Rajakavitha1, davidopp, kevin-wangzefeng XS Changed inter-pod affinity section
website 15372 RA489 Pending Jul 15 Rajakavitha1, kbhawkey, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XS Issue with…
website 15411 rcythr Pending Jul 15 Rajakavitha1, fabriziopandini, neolit123, zhangxiaoyu-zidif S Clean up the kubeadm high availability instructions. Fixes Issue 15284
kubernetes 77553 s-urbaniak LGTM Jul 15 brancz, lavalamp, logicalhan, neolit123, s-urbaniak, thockin L pkg/util/workqueue/prometheus: fix double registration
ingress-nginx 3915 kd7lxl Pending Jul 15 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, sthombare M fix forwarding of auth header to GRPC backends
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 392 jichenjc Pending Jul 15 chaosaffe, flaper87 S workaround master and node failed to start
kubernetes-client/javascript 244 silasbw Pending Jul 15 brendandburns, drubin, itowlson, lbogdan, mbohlool, silasbw XXL First pass at fluent bindings
enhancements 1135 dixudx Pending Jul 15 draveness, mattfarina, prydonius M Supports PreSidecars and PostSidecars
charts 15518 VenkataMutyala Pending Jul 15 XS Update
charts 15515 Gottox Pending Jul 15 jasongwartz XS [stable/openvpn]: add support for connecting to istio services.
kubeflow/community 201 zmhassan Pending Jul 15 IronPan, gaocegege, texasmichelle, zmhassan M Adding apache beam operator proposal for streaming data pipelines
enhancements 866 resouer Pending Jul 15 Random-Liu, dchen1107, dims, liggitt, resouer, squeed, tallclair, yujuhong, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L Init KEP to migrate in-tree dockershim to out-of-tree
website 15425 donhui Pending Jul 15 donhui, tengqm, xichengliudui XL zh-trans: add content/zh/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/
kubernetes 79976 imroc Pending Jul 15 bowei, freehan, imroc, lbernail, m1093782566, neolit123, rosti M [kube-proxy/ipvs] Add flag to disable ipvs for external ip
bazelbuild/rules_docker 992 renovate-bot Pending Jul 15 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 XS Update dependency bazel_skylib to v0.9.0
kubeflow/examples 543 mnmainguy Pending Jul 15 Jeffwan, jinchihe, jlewi, lluunn L Enhanced readme for MNIST example to include working S3 documentation (#466)
community 3382 brendandburns Pending Jul 15 ackintosh, deads2k, lavalamp S Swagger
kubeflow/kubeflow 3026 swiftdiaries Pending Jul 15 ellis-bigelow, jlewi L [WIP] adds kfctl onprem
kubeflow/manifests 208 kkasravi Pending Jul 14 ashahba, hougangliu L add application to pipelines
kubeflow/website 924 MaanavD Pending Jul 14 abhi-g, lluunn, sarahmaddox, thedriftofwords XL Front page overhaul: Smooth scroll, upgraded cards
kubeflow/kubeflow 3528 kkasravi Pending Jul 14 gabrielwen, jlewi, kkasravi, kunmingg, lluunn, yanniszark XXL [WIP] Remove ksonnet. Move kfctl, bootstrap to v2
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 920 eddycharly Pending Jul 14 M00nF1sh, bigkraig L ignore unreachable rules in alb listener
kubernetes 80135 aojea Pending Jul 14 BenTheElder, jeffvance, jsafrane, saad-ali M use sudo only if exists for e2e local storage tests
kubeflow/examples 502 yehiyam Pending Jul 14 cwbeitel, jlewi, richardsliu XXL fix typo
kubeflow/website 903 abhi-g Pending Jul 14 neuromage, richardsliu L WIP: Initial docs for multi-user isolation. unfinished
enhancements 1139 aojea Pending Jul 14 BenTheElder, caseydavenport, lachie83, thockin M Graduate IPv6 support to beta
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 39 pohly LGTM Jul 14 msau42, saad-ali XS update to Go 1.12.4
kubernetes-sigs/kind 671 tao12345666333 LGTM Jul 14 BenTheElder, aojea L doc: reorganize docs
kubernetes 80011 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 14 ahg-g, bsalamat, krmayankk XXL Even Pods Spread - 6. Integration Test
website 15383 zacharysarah LGTM Jul 14 Bradamant3, castrojo, cody-clark, kbarnard10, mrbobbytables, xiangpengzhao S Add aliases for blog owners and reviewers
kubernetes 79908 wenjiaswe LGTM Jul 14 awly, bowei, vishh, yguo0905 XS Remove unused aggregator ca key 15426 devholic Pending Jul 14 XS Translate glossary components tagged with `Fundamental` into korean 15425 donhui Pending Jul 14 XS zh-trans: add content/zh/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/replicat… 15424 vorburger Pending Jul 14 XS remove doc from which is duplicated in 15423 vorburger Pending Jul 14 XS porting some information from to 15421 vorburger Pending Jul 14 XS clarify better where 10-kubeadm.conf comes from in kubeadm/ 15418 ialidzhikov Pending Jul 14 XS Recommend installing calico 3.8
charts 15511 hectorj2f Pending Jul 14 XS [stable/traefik] add support for setting auth response headers
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 158 dndungu Pending Jul 14 aveshagarwal, ravisantoshgudimetla, seanmalloy XXL Adding support for go modules
test-infra 13333 aojea Pending Jul 14 BenTheElder, michelle192837, munnerz, neolit123 M Set up kind jobs for 1.15 release
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 248 DirectXMan12 Pending Jul 14 droot, pwittrock XXL :sparkles: Help!
kubernetes 79144 tedyu Pending Jul 14 jennybuckley, jsafrane, tedyu, verult, vladimirvivien M Remove recursion in csiAttacher#waitForVolumeAttachmentInternal
kubernetes 80129 michaelgugino Pending Jul 14 adohe, draveness, eparis M Add support for daemonset.get 403 when draining
kubernetes 73121 ringtail LGTM Jul 14 deads2k, jkzhao, krmayankk, lavalamp, mbohlool, ringtail, sttts S change OpenAPI AggregationController log level
kubernetes 80137 ialidzhikov Pending Jul 14 cblecker, cjcullen XS Rename dashboard-controller.yaml to dashboard-deployment.yaml
kubernetes 80136 vorburger Pending Jul 14 chuckha, pipejakob XS very minor grammar fix in 10-kubeadm.conf ('generate' instead of 'generates')
kubernetes 74525 gliush Pending Jul 14 erictune, gliush, josephburnett, mwielgus, php-coder, robstrong, sttts, thockin XXL Configurable HorizontalPodAutoscaler 15415 vorburger Pending Jul 14 XS use log_path busybox.log instead of busybox/0.log in
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 4975 mattymo Pending Jul 14 XS Refactor calico route reflector to run in k8s cluster
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 4975 mattymo Pending Jul 14 XS Refactor calico route reflector to run in k8s cluster
website 15415 vorburger Pending Jul 14 Random-Liu, feiskyer XS use log_path busybox.log instead of busybox/0.log in
kubernetes 80116 wawa0210 Pending Jul 14 BenTheElder, andyzhangx, brendandburns, feiskyer, smarterclayton, wawa0210 XS Update go mod hcsshim version to fix the kube-proxy 1.15 issue
kubernetes-sigs/kind 701 aojea Pending Jul 14 BenTheElder, aojea, krzyzacy S [WIP] Run k/k PR presubmit tests with kind
kubernetes-sigs/kubeadm-dind-cluster 312 wk8 Pending Jul 14 jellonek, luxas L Adding support for version 1.15
kubernetes 78635 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 14 AkihiroSuda, bowei, johnbelamaric, mattjmcnaughton, vishh S Ignore sysctl errors when running in UserNS
test-infra 11626 adelina-t LGTM Jul 14 BenTheElder, krzyzacy S aks-engine deployer: add enableAutomaticUpdates
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1150 dongwangdw Pending Jul 14 detiber, justinsb L issue-934: Add doctoc for docs updating
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 470 Random-Liu Pending Jul 14 feiskyer, runcom, yujuhong L Add a stress test to test concurrent image pull. 15411 rcythr Pending Jul 14 fabriziopandini, neolit123 XS Clean up the kubeadm high availability instructions. Fixes Issue 15284 15410 rieckpil Pending Jul 14 XS Fix possible copy paste issue for label name for sample deployment
kubernetes 79263 draveness LGTM Jul 14 caesarxuchao, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, jennybuckley, yue9944882 S feat: remove several types in runtime serializer
kubernetes 78620 taragu Pending Jul 14 saad-ali, taragu, vishh XXL Add metrics for plugin operations for plugin manager
kubernetes-sigs/kubeadm-dind-cluster 314 wk8 Pending Jul 14 jellonek, pigmej XS DO NOT REVIEW
kubernetes-client/python-base 122 zach-nervana Pending Jul 14 mbohlool, roycaihw XS Don't fail if tmp files have been deleted
test-infra 11806 akutz Pending Jul 13 akutz, cjwagner, krzyzacy, stevekuznetsov S Documentation for pod utilities ARTIFACTS env var
website 15410 rieckpil Pending Jul 13 Rajakavitha1, jimangel XS Fix possible copy paste issue for label name for sample deployment
kubernetes 71079 justinsb Pending Jul 13 jingxu97, rootfs XS photon provider: guard against wrong cloudprovider type
kops 5984 justinsb Pending Jul 13 chrisz100, gambol99, justinsb, rdrgmnzs XL Add GCE support to node-authorizer
test-infra 13343 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 alvaroaleman, calebamiles, spiffxp, tpepper M sig-release: Add/update jobs for building debs/rpms
test-infra 12932 jimangel LGTM Jul 13 alejandrox1, jimangel, liggitt, spiffxp XS adding kubectl GCE test to master blocking
charts 15505 eg-bot Pending Jul 13 XS Update Express Gateway Images to v1.16.7 15409 manishbansal8843 Pending Jul 13 bradtopol XS Improved PodPreset documentation
kubernetes-csi/drivers 154 szalai1 Pending Jul 13 lpabon, saad-ali XS Update drivers link in
kubernetes 78431 humblec Pending Jul 13 jsafrane, msau42, verult, vladimirvivien M Add ControllerClient to csiClient
kubernetes 78444 humblec Pending Jul 13 davidz627, gnufied L Add ControllerSupportPublishUnpublish call to csiClient
kubernetes 78745 palnabarun Pending Jul 13 deads2k, dixudx, draveness, palnabarun XS Fixes lint issues in pkg/kubectl/cmd/delete
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 212 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 awesomenix, serbrech XXL [WIP] Add e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 216 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 awesomenix, serbrech XXL Update Azure dependencies (6/10/19)
kubernetes 79005 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 13 jingxu97, jsafrane, tedyu, vladimirvivien XS Remove recursion in waitForVolumeDetachmentInternal
kubernetes 79041 RobertKrawitz Pending Jul 13 brendandburns, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton XS Promote LocalStorageCapacityIsolationFSQuotaMonitoring to beta
kubernetes 79091 pswica Pending Jul 13 deads2k, dixudx, draveness, pswica, seans3 S Removing command redundant arguments in get.go
kubernetes 79105 configurator Pending Jul 13 configurator, jpbetz, justinsb, lavalamp, luxas XS Add comment to ListOptions.LabelSelector field
kubernetes 79139 bclau Pending Jul 13 feiskyer, freehan, thockin L Incremental logging time for kube-proxy & kubelet
kubernetes 79295 kandros Pending Jul 13 dixudx, draveness, kandros, shiywang M Improve no resource found error messages for `get` command
kubernetes 79604 liggitt Pending Jul 13 jpbetz, roycaihw, sttts XXL WIP - promote CRD to v1
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 230 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 awesomenix, juan-lee, serbrech, soggiest M Update bazel workspace (7/4/19)
test-infra 13340 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 amwat, ixdy M sig-release: Add ci-kubernetes-build-canary to canary release tooling
test-infra 13400 rdrgmnzs Pending Jul 13 alvaroaleman, matthyx XXL WIP: Add ability to use S3 to spyglass
kops 6352 kimxogus Pending Jul 13 chrisz100, rdrgmnzs M modify default kube-proxy resource request
kops 6320 joubertredrat Pending Jul 13 chrisz100, robinpercy XS Fix dashboard config url
kubernetes 74133 sttts Pending Jul 13 cheftako, ixdy, liggitt, mvladev, roycaihw, sttts XXL Separate OpenAPI specs for delegated API servers
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-ibmcloud 268 jichenjc Pending Jul 13 gyliu513, xunpan XL WIP:Add cert reconcile and avoid ssh
website 15409 manishbansal8843 Pending Jul 13 bradtopol, jessfraz, xiangpengzhao XS Improved PodPreset documentation
kubernetes 71987 zhangmingld Pending Jul 13 diafour, ghodss, shiywang, smarterclayton, zhangmingld M fix wrong info when did a rollout status to a non-update statefulset
kubernetes-client/python-base 78 ceridwen Pending Jul 13 csko S The websockets client should not assume everything is UTF-8 encoded on Python 3
istio/test-infra 1472 fejta Pending Jul 13 geeknoid, howardjohn, icygalz, utka L Configure tide at the org level, add functionality
kubeflow/examples 590 SaschaHeyer Pending Jul 13 SaschaHeyer, jinchihe, texasmichelle XXL added named entity recognition example 15405 donhui Pending Jul 13 XS zh-trans: update relref to zh website
charts 15504 Aisuko Pending Jul 13 XS [stable/influxdb] Reformat the broken format code
charts 15502 asherf Pending Jul 13 XS [stable/prometheus-postgres-exporter] Bump to prometheus-postgres-exporter v0.5.1 + use prometheus-postgres-exporter.chart
kubeflow/kubeflow 3648 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 13 ioandr, kkasravi XS [auto PR] Update the jupyter-web-app image to e8a8a6f
kubernetes 73466 mysunshine92 LGTM Jul 13 dchen1107, freehan, gmarek, janetkuo, neolit123 M Replace klog.V(0).Infof with klog.Infof in some files
kubernetes 78811 mysunshine92 LGTM Jul 13 brendandburns, childsb, k82cn, smarterclayton XS update Feature:ScheduleDaemonSetPods in kube_features.go
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 444 GrigoriyMikhalkin Pending Jul 13 DirectXMan12, droot, mengqiy, pwittrock L ✨ added per controller leader election
kubernetes 70424 stlaz Pending Jul 13 feiskyer, tallclair, wangzhen127, yifan-gu, yujuhong L kubelet: Add an option for default seccomp profile
community 3890 dwmkerr Pending Jul 13 pwittrock, seans3 L docs: design document for kubectl config directory
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 220 posox Pending Jul 13 chaosaffe, chrigl, flaper87, jichenjc L Create floatingip for machines
website 15405 donhui Pending Jul 13 markthink, xiangpengzhao XS zh-trans: update relref to zh website
website 14696 kakts Pending Jul 13 cstoku, makocchi-git L Translate concepts/workloads/controllers/statefulset/ in Japanese #14679
website 15221 maabou512 Pending Jul 13 cstoku, inductor, nasa9084 L ja-trans: content/ja/case-studies/chinaunicom
website 15060 rajeshdeshpande02 Pending Jul 13 Rajakavitha1, mikedanese, rajeshdeshpande02, tengqm XS Reference to learn more about labels and selector
kubernetes 80118 draveness Pending Jul 13 deads2k, dshulyak, juanvallejo, seans3 XL feat: remove obj is not a table case in table printer
kubernetes 79919 peter-wangxu Pending Jul 13 cofyc, lichuqiang, msau42 M [GH-79888]Fix pod with pvc scheduling issue
kubernetes 72049 linxiulei Pending Jul 13 caesarxuchao, derekwaynecarr, jingxu97, linxiulei, saad-ali M Fix hang when unmounting disconnected nfs volume
kubernetes 79417 draveness Pending Jul 13 draveness, janetkuo, kow3ns, krmayankk, mikedanese, misterikkit M feat: use scheduler.New in daemonset integration test
charts 15500 nbkrause Pending Jul 13 XS [stable/ambassador] Make ports configuration flexible to allow for TCPMapping ports
charts 15495 jaypatrickhoward Pending Jul 13 XS incubator/sentry-kubernetes: add support for additional environment variables
ingress 4318 aledbf Pending Jul 13 ElvinEfendi XS Remove limits from configuration endpoint
kubernetes 80117 j-griffith Pending Jul 13 copejon, verult M Add e2e tests for CSI PVCDataSources
kops 6234 justinsb Pending Jul 13 chrisz100, rdrgmnzs L WIP: Use bazel by default in makefile
release 826 hoegaarden LGTM Jul 13 listx XS Fix Dockerfile for k8s-cloud-builder
kubernetes 80109 andrewsykim Pending Jul 13 andrewsykim, gmarek, khenidak, wojtek-t, yastij L routes controller: clean up locking and use RWMutex
ingress-nginx 4318 aledbf Pending Jul 13 ElvinEfendi, bowei XS Remove limits from configuration endpoint
kubernetes 75385 n-i-x Pending Jul 12 mbohlool, piosz, roycaihw XS mark HorizontalPodAutoscalerStatus.conditions as optional
kubernetes-sigs/kind 457 hh Pending Jul 12 BenTheElder, amwat, aojea, hh, neolit123, yashbhutwala L add audit-logging to kind/hack/ci/
kubernetes 79526 yastij Pending Jul 12 andrewsykim, chuckha, dixudx, neolit123, rosti, yastij M consolidate constants of kubeadm to remove k/k dependencies
kubernetes 76264 mrIncompetent Pending Jul 12 cheftako, deads2k, liggitt, mrIncompetent, smarterclayton, sttts M Set sane defaults for the proxy transport
kops 7244 denniswebb Pending Jul 12 gambol99, mikesplain S Sets ECU on t3a instance family
kubernetes 80113 alexeldeib Pending Jul 12 adohe, smarterclayton M chore: make DrainCmdOptions.drainer public
test-infra 12927 stevekuznetsov Pending Jul 12 cjwagner, fejta, kargakis, stevekuznetsov XL [WIP] DRY out handling of interrupt signals
kubernetes 72170 jpbetz Pending Jul 12 devdattakulkarni, hongchaodeng, jpbetz, liggitt, smarterclayton, wojtek-t, xiang90 L Make resourceVersion parameter semantics consistent across all storage.Interface implementations
kops 7243 tariq1890 Pending Jul 12 chrislovecnm, mikesplain XXL replace jteeuwen/go-bindata with go-bindata/go-bindata
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 630 renovate-bot Pending Jul 12 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update dependency bazel_skylib to v0.9.0
test-infra 13393 brycecr LGTM Jul 12 Katharine, brycecr, fejta, ixdy, krzyzacy XS Update experimental bazel version to 0.28.0
community 1733 linericyang Pending Jul 12 ConnorDoyle, LinEricYang, dakshinai, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, thockin, vishh L Add processor cache management proposal
enhancements 1116 yastij Pending Jul 12 andrewsykim, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, jingxu97, liggitt, saad-ali, smarterclayton, wojtek-t, yastij, yujuhong L add node shutdown KEP
kubeflow/metadata 82 prodonjs LGTM Jul 12 prodonjs, rileyjbauer, zhenghuiwang XXL Adds grouping/expansion to Artifacts List view
charts 15494 BailyTroyer Pending Jul 12 XS [stable/jaeger-operator] Fixing typo in NOTES.txt
charts 15488 willejs Pending Jul 12 XS [stable/sonarqube] remove redundant test pod from sonarqube chart
charts 15487 kiall Pending Jul 12 yuchaoran2011 XS [incubator/sparkoperator] Move webhook hooks from post to pre
charts 15483 hacktron95 Pending Jul 12 adamreese XS Specifying container name
charts 15482 ArchiFleKs Pending Jul 12 sameersbn XS [stable/kiam] Update to latest app version and fix PSP 15396 supersam654 Pending Jul 12 XS Replace social_sprite.png with font icons. 15393 alicek106 Pending Jul 12 XS Translate content/ko/docs/concepts/overview/working-with-objects/fiel…
helm 6014 riconnon Pending Jul 12 XS Use watcher with retries to wait for resources
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 873 TomasTomecek Pending Jul 12 XS die is not a command
kubernetes 79955 msau42 Pending Jul 12 jsafrane, msau42, rootfs, verult S Update csi hostpath driver in e2e
ingress-nginx 4201 ShimiT Pending Jul 12 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Lua shared dict from config-map
utils 99 yastij Pending Jul 12 andrewsykim, apelisse, thockin, yastij XL [WIP] Move get kernelVersion and IPVSMods to utils
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 365 sbueringer Pending Jul 12 chaosaffe, chrigl, m1093782566 M Support fixedRouterIP
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 231 tamalsaha Pending Jul 12 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock L :warning: Update Kubernetes client libraries to 1.15.0 release
enhancements 1123 kwiesmueller Pending Jul 12 apelisse, jennybuckley M [WIP] add status wiping section to apply kep
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 86 apelisse Pending Jul 12 jennybuckley, lavalamp XXL WIP: Set as interface
kubeflow/metadata 93 jinchihe Pending Jul 12 gaoning777, zhenghuiwang XXL check in openapi_client to avoid traceback
kubernetes 76213 zhouhaibing089 Pending Jul 12 lavalamp, liggitt, zhouhaibing089 L admission: add FinalizerRestriction admission
kubernetes 80072 houjun41544 LGTM Jul 12 RenaudWasTaken, mattjmcnaughton, mindprince, vishh XS Remove the obsolete comments
website 15269 ryanzidago Pending Jul 12 Smana, jygastaud, ryanzidago, sftim S docs-fr | reference | glossary |
kubernetes 79978 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 12 cwdsuzhou, msau42, rootfs, saad-ali S Fix host path test clean up
kubernetes 76483 alrs LGTM Jul 12 mengqiy, neolit123, seans3 S kubectl/cmd: Fix dropped errors
enhancements 1130 rosti Pending Jul 12 fabriziopandini, neolit123, rosti, timothysc S kubeadm: Extracted config APIs & v1beta2 update
kubernetes 79722 randomvariable LGTM Jul 12 BenTheElder, dims, jpbetz, randomvariable, wenjiaswe M Make etcd world-executable in Docker image
kubernetes 80091 bertinatto Pending Jul 12 bswartz, humblec, j-griffith, jingxu97 L [WIP] Add new iSCSI refcounter
kubernetes 78153 amimof Pending Jul 12 dshulyak, ghodss, seans3, shiywang L Feature: kubectl create ingress
kubernetes 77807 matthyx Pending Jul 12 Random-Liu, brendandburns, caesarxuchao, matthyx, thockin XXL Add startupProbe to health checks
kubernetes 79444 cezarsa Pending Jul 12 andrewsykim, bowei, cezarsa, dnardo, lbernail, tedyu M proxy/ipvs: Only compute node ip addresses once per sync
kubernetes 79992 deads2k Pending Jul 12 deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, sttts XL add protection for reserved API groups
kubernetes 74300 mm4tt Pending Jul 12 bowei, brendandburns, freehan, wojtek-t, yagonobre XS Expose kube-proxy metrics on by default
website 15330 daverick LGTM Jul 12 Smana, oussemos XS Change the translation for logging to "journalisation des évènements"
enhancements 937 alok87 Pending Jul 12 Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, yujuhong L KEP proposing to move streaming library to a new home
enhancements 1137 awly Pending Jul 12 liggitt, mikedanese, tallclair L KEP for external credential provider
kubernetes 76838 bclau Pending Jul 12 PatrickLang, bclau, dims, ixdy, johnSchnake, listx, luxas, mkumatag, neolit123, spiffxp, yujuhong XL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 1)
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1103 michaelgugino Pending Jul 12 chuckha, detiber, justinsb, michaelgugino, ncdc, vincepri XXL [0.1] Machine controller: drain node before machine deletion
kubernetes 80064 vkhromov Pending Jul 12 SataQiu, luxas, neolit123, randomvariable, rosti M kubeadm: mount K8s certs dir into scheduler pods
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 31 jia-jerry Pending Jul 12 aoxn, cheyang XS Fix return value of InstanceExistsByProviderID, node could be evicted…
release 798 hoegaarden Pending Jul 12 justaugustus, pswica L Fix shell script tests
release 812 hoegaarden Pending Jul 12 justaugustus, pswica M Fix git checkout and kube cross
ingress-nginx 4198 s-shirayama Pending Jul 12 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Enable canary with multiple uri path
test-infra 13426 krzysied Pending Jul 12 mm4tt, wojtek-t XS Increasing gce 5k load test qps to 20
release 825 hoegaarden Pending Jul 12 idealhack, justaugustus, lachie83 S Refactor image building
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4960 peter-c-larsson Pending Jul 12 Miouge1, holmsten XS Fix when openstack_cacert starts with a slash
kubernetes 78170 DaiHao LGTM Jul 12 ScorpioCPH, janetkuo, k82cn, mortent, smarterclayton S ignore failed pods to not block rolling update daemonset
kubeflow/pipelines 1433 elikatsis Pending Jul 12 Ark-kun, gaoning777 L Reorganize ResourceOp samples
kubeflow/tf-operator 1027 swiftdiaries Pending Jul 12 gaocegege, jinchihe, johnugeorge, richardsliu, swiftdiaries XXL adds sdk for tf-operator from OpenAPI Spec
kops 7239 KashifSaadat Pending Jul 12 andrewsykim, rdrgmnzs XL WIP: Kubelet node labels
website 15365 zlcnju Pending Jul 12 Rajakavitha1, sftim, vishh XS Update
kubernetes 77593 tathagatachowdhury Pending Jul 12 bowei, caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, neolit123, oomichi, song-jiang, tathagatachowdhury XL Added code for e2e tests for network policy.
istio/istio 15053 PhilipGough LGTM Jul 12 kyessenov XL Embed integration testdata
website 15313 ArnabRaxit Pending Jul 12 bprashanth, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao XS [WIP] Update : inserted missing word
kubernetes 76462 dilyevsky Pending Jul 12 gmarek, sttts XS [api/admissionregistration/v1beta1]: Fix protobuf annotations.
kubernetes-sigs/yaml 26 laverya Pending Jul 12 deads2k, lavalamp, laverya, neolit123 XXL use instead of
website 15212 SupriyaSirbi Pending Jul 12 Rajakavitha1, jimangel, steveperry-53, tengqm XS Issue #15098- Update for Gateway error
kubeflow/arena 203 xiaozhouX Pending Jul 12 cheyang, wsxiaozhang L add mpijob statefulset and job events
kubernetes-client/java 618 runzexia Pending Jul 12 mbohlool, runzexia, yue9944882 S serverside apply & example
kubernetes 74307 truongnh1992 LGTM Jul 12 dchen1107, humblec, lavalamp, wenjiaswe S Removing many redundant words in comment
kubernetes 79655 qingsenLi Pending Jul 12 caseydavenport, freehan S use klog.Info instead of klog.V(0).Info
istio/istio 14623 johnma14 Pending Jul 12 johnma14, sdake M [1.1] Modify `docker build` commands in the sample apps Dockerfile to use `… 15383 zacharysarah Pending Jul 12 castrojo, kbarnard10 XS Add aliases for blog owners and reviewers
charts 15471 milesmatthias Pending Jul 12 XS [stable/jenkins] Add Jenkins backendconfig values
charts 15470 cronolio Pending Jul 12 XS [stable/redis] support for setting up ClusterIP
charts 15469 zzh8829 Pending Jul 12 XS [stable/openvpn] Make openvpn work in Headless Services and HostPort mode
charts 15468 mattshin Pending Jul 12 rendhalver XS [stable/fluentd] Prefix configuration files with numbers to clarify o…
charts 15466 titilambert Pending Jul 12 XS [stable/jaeger-operator] Add WatchNamespace option to jaeger-operator
charts 15465 keweilu Pending Jul 12 mattfarina XS [stable/kubernetes-external-secrets]: add kubernetes-external-secrets chart
helm 6011 thomastaylor312 Pending Jul 12 XS feat(*) Adds atomic flag to v3
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 749 sfzylad Pending Jul 12 deads2k, detiber, ncdc, sfzylad L [WIP] Node draining
website 14331 sftim Pending Jul 12 jimangel, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm, vishh L [WIP] Update device plugin documentation + related pages
enhancements 1038 clamoriniere Pending Jul 12 WanLinghao, clamoriniere, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, yastij L [sig-node] Kubelet Node Endpoint
kubernetes 79063 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 12 ahg-g, bsalamat, krmayankk XXL Even Pods Spread - 5. Priority Core
test-infra 13380 clarketm LGTM Jul 12 Katharine, clarketm, fejta L triage - upgrade py2 -> py3, #13164
istio/test-infra 1443 utka LGTM Jul 12 fejta, howardjohn, icygalz XS Added always run option to distroless test
kubernetes 68022 jingxu97 Pending Jul 11 davidz627, jingxu97, msau42, verult XS Add a log in verifyDevicePath
kubernetes 72756 zhouhaibing089 Pending Jul 11 mikedanese, smarterclayton, wenjiaswe, yue9944882, zhouhaibing089 M etcd check: use url.Parse to parse server list
kubernetes 80058 xing-yang Pending Jul 11 copejon, msau42, verult S WIP: Test VolumeSnapshot CRD v1beta1
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 762 rofuentes Pending Jul 11 adjackura, rofuentes, zmarano L Import: Windows Server 2019
enhancements 1003 andrewsykim Pending Jul 11 andrewsykim, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, garo, justinsb, thockin, vishh, yastij L KEP: Node Readiness Gates
kubeflow/katib 683 karthikv2k Pending Jul 11 Akado2009, andreyvelich, garganubhav XS Upgrading ks version for e2e testing
kubernetes 76082 knightXun Pending Jul 11 tmrts, vishh XS Add default timeout for httpClient
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 857 helen-fornazier Pending Jul 11 hopkiw, zmarano M image_test: don't rely on logger
kops 7102 ReillyProcentive LGTM Jul 11 andrewsykim, granular-ryanbonham, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S Use readinessProbe for weave-net instead of livenessProbe
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 368 grantr Pending Jul 11 DirectXMan12, grantr, logicalhan, pwittrock XXL :sparkles: Add OpenCensus controller metrics
kubernetes 78541 deads2k LGTM Jul 11 dcbw, lavalamp, ncdc S choose a more unique request timeout default
kubeflow/kubeflow 3641 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 11 kkasravi, pdmack XS [auto PR] Update the jupyter-web-app image to 7f319fd
istio/ 4432 lei-tang Pending Jul 11 costinm, lei-tang, tmshort L Add instructions of configuring a basic Vault server for illustration purpose
kubernetes 74073 uablrek LGTM Jul 11 brendandburns, dcbw M Issue #70020; Flush Conntrack entities for SCTP
kubernetes 79553 ahmedtd Pending Jul 11 MaciekPytel, MrHohn, ahmedtd, mikedanese L GCP config: gke-exec-auth-plugin for ValidatingAdmissionWebhook
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 139 xing-yang Pending Jul 11 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali XL Update VolumeSnapshot CRD version to v1beta
kubernetes 78000 mkimuram Pending Jul 11 davidz627, gnufied, mkimuram, msau42 XL Move volume_expand tests to storage e2e testsuites
ingress-nginx 4006 ElvinEfendi Pending Jul 11 aledbf, bowei XS [WIP] fix potential issue with shutdown
istio/tools 201 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 11 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, mandarjog M Add crds definitions creation
kubernetes 79964 zhiweiyin318 Pending Jul 11 cjcullen, enj, liggitt M add QPS and Burst limits flags to auth options
enhancements 1105 mkimuram Pending Jul 11 bowei, caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, mkimuram, norrs, thockin, vllry L sig-network: Add egress-source-ip-support KEP
ingress-nginx 3164 rikatz Pending Jul 11 aledbf, antoineco, johanfleury L Initial support for CRL in Ingress Controller
community 3887 mtaufen Pending Jul 11 calebamiles, grodrigues3, idvoretskyi XS Add instructions on how to get access permissions to wg-component-standard notes
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 847 mengqiy LGTM Jul 11 Liujingfang1, droot XS :book: update kubebuilder version 15378 bclau Pending Jul 11 XS Windows: Adds RunAsUserName related documentation
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1077 aaronhenshaw Pending Jul 11 Raffo, linki, vsimon, zzh8829 M Expose ExternalIP of Node as annotation on headless service
kubernetes 78357 sbueringer Pending Jul 11 juanvallejo, lavalamp M Fix golint issues in pkg/util/env & pkg/util/labels
kubernetes 79772 zouyee Pending Jul 11 mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, yifan-gu, yujuhong, zouyee XS fix `config` option could not overwrite kubelet flags
kubernetes 78648 mrkm4ntr LGTM Jul 11 jingxu97, mattjmcnaughton, mrkm4ntr, mtaufen, saad-ali, yujuhong S Unify determination of whether a volume is ephemeral
kubeflow/pipelines 1578 Ark-kun Pending Jul 11 gaoning777, hongye-sun XS SDK - Improve errors when ContainerOp.output is unavailable
enhancements 839 andrewsykim Pending Jul 11 andrewsykim, bsalamat, hogepodge, jagosan, liggitt, msau42, mtaufen, saad-ali, thockin L Promoting cloud provider labels to GA
istio/istio 15166 ericvn Pending Jul 11 XS [WIP] Test go mod on prow-staging branch
kops 7240 KashifSaadat Pending Jul 11 andrewsykim, gambol99 M WIP: Canal v3.8.0
kubernetes 78587 kad LGTM Jul 11 dashpole, kad, klueska, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning M Use go standard library for common bit operations
kubernetes 79696 yittg Pending Jul 11 msau42, saad-ali, thockin, yittg M fix pv-controller sync check node affinity for scheduled claim
kubernetes 75329 dixudx Pending Jul 11 sjpotter, wojtek-t L WIP: Add a kubelet /podProxy endpoint
kops 6687 mariusv Pending Jul 11 justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS added all new IAM role policy
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1100 prankul88 Pending Jul 11 detiber, dlipovetsky, prankul88, vincepri M Update glossary doc with terminology
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1096 simon-k8s Pending Jul 11 Raffo, hjacobs, linki L updated openstack designate tutorial
istio/proxy 2305 martinbaillie Pending Jul 11 crazyxy, silentdai L Add support for RS384 and RS512 algorithms in JWT filter (#15380) (#2301)
enhancements 760 hogepodge Pending Jul 11 andrewsykim, jagosan M Update KEP template for Out of Tree Provider for OpenStack
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4961 m1keru Pending Jul 11 Miouge1, holmsten XS Current config failing with such msg:
test-infra 13375 krzyzacy LGTM Jul 11 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, fejta, krzyzacy, matthyx, munnerz, stevekuznetsov XS Allow 404 on DeleteComment
kubernetes 79903 mikebrow LGTM Jul 11 mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, resouer, sjenning XS update todo to reflect current status
kubernetes 75163 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jul 11 dchen1107, kow3ns, msau42, zhangxiaoyu-zidif M add OwnerReference for PVC created from PVC template in statefulset case
cluster-registry 279 poothia Pending Jul 11 madhusudancs, perotinus L Adding TOC in the docs.
cluster-registry 278 poothia Pending Jul 11 madhusudancs, perotinus XS Updating development guide for how to update TOC
charts 15454 tongpu Pending Jul 11 unguiculus XS [stable/cosbench] add me as maintainer for cosbench
charts 15450 ms32035 Pending Jul 11 XS [stable/airflow] remove secret subpath
charts 15418 ufou Pending Jul 11 XS [stable/rabbitmq-ha] add option to force creation of erlang cookie 15374 sftim Pending Jul 11 zparnold XS Add reference documentation for built-in controllers 15373 sftim Pending Jul 11 XS Preview changes to controller documentation 15372 RA489 Pending Jul 11 XS Issue with…
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1039 yselkowitz Pending Jul 11 XS Fix build on other Linux architectures
kubernetes 78675 hex108 Pending Jul 11 brendandburns, dchen1107, jpbetz, smarterclayton XS Fix error case for ExtractFieldPathAsString
kubernetes 79984 Mmduh-483 Pending Jul 11 bowei, vishh, zmerlynn XS Change KUBE_ENABLE_CLUSTER_DNS to ENABLE_CLUSTER_DNS
website 15082 sftim Pending Jul 11 bprashanth, kbhawkey, sftim, stewart-yu XS [WIP] Fixup Service page
kubernetes 79974 tembleking Pending Jul 11 hex108, lavalamp, nikhiljindal, piosz XS Add the Sysdig Platform provider to the list of Custom Metrics Providers
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 274 jichenjc Pending Jul 11 chrigl, roberthbailey S Add providerID
website 14681 sftim Pending Jul 11 bprashanth, davidopp, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm L [WIP] Reword Service Accounts docs
website 14816 mhamdisemah LGTM Jul 11 bowei, mhamdisemah, sftim, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XS Issue with
kubernetes 79475 DaiHao Pending Jul 11 foxish, janetkuo, k82cn, neolit123, soltysh XS do not delete terminating pods again
kubernetes 76194 y-taka-23 Pending Jul 11 bsalamat, resouer XS Allow extenders to access the root paths of webhook servers without redirection
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 238 alok87 Pending Jul 11 DirectXMan12, piosz XS Reference PR - EKS installation requires InternalIP
kubernetes 75303 obitech Pending Jul 11 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, obitech, sjenning, soltysh, vishh L Fix golint failures in some pkg/kubelet packages
istio/ 4660 wusphinx Pending Jul 11 SataQiu, fleeto, frankbu, geeknoid, gyliu513, loverto, rootsongjc S fix number err from `5` to `2`
kubernetes 79015 zhucan Pending Jul 11 davidz627, jingxu97, xing-yang L E2E storage: test snapshot semantics
kubernetes 80004 Miciah Pending Jul 11 deads2k, enisoc, neolit123 L Prefer to delete doubled-up pods of a ReplicaSet
kubernetes-client/gen 122 yue9944882 Pending Jul 11 brendandburns, mbohlool, yue9944882 M Skip fetching swagger from upstream using `OPENAPI_SKIP_FETCH_SPEC` env
kubernetes 79969 stlaz LGTM Jul 11 juanvallejo, smarterclayton XS cluster-info dump: don't feed stdout with state message
kubernetes 75475 fanux Pending Jul 11 derekwaynecarr, fanux, jshachm, krmayankk, mtaufen, resouer M Let kubelet support lxcfs
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1028 pjferrell Pending Jul 11 font, marun, quinton-hoole, xunpan M controller/kubefedcluster: fixes for delete handling and suppress changes due to status updates
kubernetes 79555 zouyee Pending Jul 11 mattjmcnaughton, tmrts, vishh XS when kubelet restarted, the status of the running pod would not set initialValue
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 519 ekuefler Pending Jul 11 DirectXMan12, droot XS :running: Only log CRD name during installation
charts 15411 minhdanh Pending Jul 11 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Upgrade grafana chart to version 3.5.10
charts 15407 7AC Pending Jul 11 Flydiverny XS ambassador: add podSecurityPolicies 15369 neolit123 Pending Jul 11 fabriziopandini, jimangel XS kubeadm: update the docs for HA with --control-plane-endpoint
website 15179 mhamdisemah LGTM Jul 11 ClaudiaJKang, gochist, medmedchiheb, mhamdisemah, seokho-son, zhangqx2010 XS Issue with
kubernetes 73494 mtaufen Pending Jul 11 alejandrox1, luxas, misterikkit, mtaufen, rosti, stewart-yu, sttts, thockin XXL WIP Kflag example
website 14452 TatsuyaYamamoto LGTM Jul 11 MasayaAoyama, nasa9084 XS fix typo in ja expose-intro.html
istio/tools 205 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 11 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, golangcibot, mandarjog L Extend Response Sizes
istio/tools 204 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 11 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, golangcibot, mandarjog L Extended Sleep Feature
kubernetes 76268 JieJhih Pending Jul 11 SataQiu, ixdy, listx XS Use RWMutex for resource consumer handler
security 37 lukehinds Pending Jul 11 joelsmith, lukehinds, micahhausler, tallclair L Add guide for both on/offboarding PSC members
kubernetes 57741 dixudx Pending Jul 11 dixudx, liggitt, tallclair, vishh, yujuhong M Omit nil or empty field when calculating hash value
kubernetes 75120 tnozicka Pending Jul 11 caesarxuchao, liggitt, sttts L Handle watch.Errors in Until* 213 hh LGTM Jul 10 cblecker, hh, nikhita, spiffxp, thockin XXL Initial Auditing Configuration and Usage of the GCP Organization
istio/tools 209 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 10 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, golangcibot, mandarjog XXL Tratis - Multiple call-graphs
istio/tools 207 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 10 costinm, duderino, geeknoid, golangcibot, mandarjog XXL New Tool: Tratis
kubernetes 79241 odinuge Pending Jul 10 derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, ixdy, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge L Add real world hugetlb e2e node test
kubernetes 79246 pswica Pending Jul 10 apelisse, dshulyak, nikhita, seans3, soltysh S Moving pkg/kubectl/util/*.go to staging
kubernetes 79574 justaugustus Pending Jul 10 BenTheElder, andrewsykim, andyzhangx, apelisse, feiskyer, khenidak, liggitt, smarterclayton, vllry L [WIP] Azure SDK updates (6/30/19)
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 68 justinsb Pending Jul 10 dims, listx L Simplify code around reading from registries
istio/proxy 2304 yangminzhu Pending Jul 10 JimmyCYJ, fpesce, lizan M [1.2] Fix jwt crash on invalid RSA public keys
kubeflow/pipelines 1294 rileyjbauer Pending Jul 10 IronPan, ajayalfred, vicaire, yebrahim XL Correct input height
kubernetes 76428 koesie10 Pending Jul 10 caesarxuchao, mbohlool, wojtek-t M Fix code-generator compatibility with Windows
kubernetes 77327 Huang-Wei LGTM Jul 10 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, brendandburns, bsalamat, krmayankk, lavalamp, liggitt, tedyu XXL Even Pods Spread - 1. API changes
kubernetes 79140 cuericlee Pending Jul 10 cuericlee, davidz627, linyouchong, verult XS "no volume plugin matched" error , Failed to register all plugins when one of plugin fails at 1st prob. Always consume events to add health plugins drivers to avoid registry failure.
website 14332 leodido Pending Jul 10 ericchiang, leodido, radhikapc, sftim, stewart-yu, sttts M Explain Kubernetes auditing with Falco
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1060 titilambert Pending Jul 10 hjacobs, linki, njuettner, titilambert M Add --zone-name-filter option for azure provider
kubernetes 79671 odinuge Pending Jul 10 cheftako, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge S Cherry pick of #78495: Fix issues in kubelet for Aarch64 resulting in kubelet crashing on starup
kubernetes 74026 mkimuram Pending Jul 10 abrarshivani, andyzhangx, mkimuram, wongma7 XL Separate staging/publish and unstaging/unpublish logics for block
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 233 jichenjc Pending Jul 10 chrigl, roberthbailey M use network from cluster definition if needed.
kops 7186 rralcala Pending Jul 10 andrewsykim, chrislovecnm, justinsb, rdrgmnzs XXL Support custom kube-scheduler configuration
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 384 james65535 Pending Jul 10 akutz, andrewsykim, figo, james65535 L Update Getting Started Doc With Custom Kubeadm Instructions
release 818 justaugustus Pending Jul 10 hoegaarden L Unify deb/rpms packaging with and Makefile
charts 15395 pipo02mix Pending Jul 10 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Add option to only deploy ServiceMonitors of subchart components
charts 15391 pho-enix Pending Jul 10 XS [stable/kubernetes-dashboard]: Add networkPolicy
charts 15388 ClementGautier Pending Jul 10 alexvicegrab, nicolapaoli XS [stable/hlf-ca] Fix affiliations rendering
charts 15383 oba11 Pending Jul 10 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus] add the option to add alert_relabel_configs in prometheus.yml
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2595 giuseppe Pending Jul 10 XS server: support cgroupv2
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 4961 m1keru Pending Jul 10 XS Current config failing with such msg:
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 4961 m1keru Pending Jul 10 XS Current config failing with such msg:
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2595 giuseppe Pending Jul 10 XS server: support cgroupv2
ingress-nginx 4086 jeroen92 Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, bowei L Resolve #4038, move X-Forwarded-Port variable to the location context
kubernetes 79814 k-toyoda-pi Pending Jul 10 MrHohn, juanvallejo M Add e2e test for kubectl describe cronjob
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 50 atoato88 Pending Jul 10 johnsonj, monopole, pwittrock S [WIP] Implement Create method in FakeClient
kubeflow/examples 481 govindKAG Pending Jul 10 cwbeitel, lluunn, texasmichelle XS reduced number of layers
git-sync 165 filmil Pending Jul 10 stp-ip, thockin XS exec: adds an option to log the command line
kubeflow/examples 569 axsaucedo Pending Jul 10 axsauze, texasmichelle XXL Reusable Pipeline Steps for NLP
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 846 justinsb Pending Jul 10 Liujingfang1, droot L Support --pattern=addon flag that generates an addon operator
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 495 tamalsaha Pending Jul 10 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock XL :warning: Update Kubernetes client libraries to 1.15.0 release
ingress-nginx 4255 koushki Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf S Add support to define a tag for syslog messages
ingress-nginx 3876 aledbf Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, bowei L WIP: Add support for global use-service-upstream
ingress-nginx 3479 ElvinEfendi Pending Jul 10 aledbf, antoineco L [WIP] refactor default config handling
ingress-nginx 3783 ElvinEfendi Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, bprashanth M [wip] Lua tracing
ingress-nginx 4118 JorritSalverda Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Add opentracing operation name settings
cloud-provider-aws 45 Preskton Pending Jul 10 gnufied, zmerlynn M WIP/Proposal - Cluster name-prefixed load balancers
istio/ 3854 sterchelen Pending Jul 10 XS Add prometheus resources variables to installation options index file
bazelbuild/rules_docker 868 scele Pending Jul 10 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1, xingao267 L Remove symlinks from lang image runfiles
kubernetes 78862 bclau Pending Jul 10 bclau, mikedanese, smarterclayton XS tests: Removes node created by test
kubernetes 78819 justaugustus Pending Jul 10 BenTheElder, aleksandra-malinowska, calebamiles, cjcullen, listx, philips, squeed, sumitranr, thockin, tpepper M cni: Update CNI version to v0.8.1
ingress-gce 795 mcfedr Pending Jul 10 MrHohn, thockin L Implement custom request headers for backend config
kubernetes 79890 oke-py LGTM Jul 10 adohe, brendandburns, draveness, seans3 XS fixed a typo in kubectl book
release 731 justaugustus Pending Jul 10 AishSundar, claurence, sumitranr, tpepper S Update CNI to v0.8.1
kubeflow/kubeflow 3607 ryandawsonuk LGTM Jul 10 SachinVarghese, gabrielwen, kunmingg, pdmack, yanniszark M parameterise auth redirects and hmac
kubernetes 74898 tnozicka Pending Jul 10 deads2k, jpbetz, sttts, tnozicka, yliaog L Set RV on List calls for fake dynamic client
kubernetes 78461 mysunshine92 Pending Jul 10 ahg-g, k82cn, resouer XS correct the return information in scheduler.go
enhancements 924 wojtek-t Pending Jul 10 deads2k, jpbetz, justinsb, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, wojtek-t L Add KEP for avoid serializing the same object multiple times
kubernetes 71915 nfons Pending Jul 10 caesarxuchao, cheftako, jessfraz, madhusudancs, nfons, wojtek-t M Adding OnSync Method to differentiate Sync vs Update
kubernetes 79379 hectorj2f Pending Jul 10 SataQiu, detiber, fabriziopandini, hectorj2f, neolit123, rosti M kubeadm: add property to define the DNS policy for the API Server
website 15360 otzoran Pending Jul 10 Rajakavitha1, zhangxiaoyu-zidif S streamline `grep` usage in minikube_before_you_begin
website 15322 ryanzidago Pending Jul 10 AWKIF, oussemos, ryanzidago S docs-fr | reference | glossary |
kubernetes 71227 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 10 cheftako, deads2k, fgrzadkowski, lavalamp, p0lyn0mial L [WIP] provides a mechanism for exposing health checks from controllers
test-infra 12440 matthyx Pending Jul 10 cblecker, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XL WIP - Implement ConfigTree in approve plugin
kubernetes 75258 smileusd Pending Jul 10 cwdsuzhou, rootfs, saad-ali, smileusd M firstly get rbd adminid and secret from pv
kubernetes 76432 leopoldxx Pending Jul 10 k82cn, misterikkit XS Fix PreemptionVictims metric
kubernetes 69206 Lion-Wei Pending Jul 10 Lion-Wei, brendandburns, lbernail L [wip] ipvs support localhost:nodePort
ingress-nginx 4304 zgfh Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf XS fix request_duration_seconds description
charts 15380 georgekaz Pending Jul 10 zakkg3 XS [stable/drone] Add support for custom volumes in drone agent 15365 zlcnju Pending Jul 10 XS Update
ingress 4304 zgfh Pending Jul 10 XS fix request_duration_seconds description
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 4960 peter-c-larsson Pending Jul 10 XS Fix when openstack_cacert starts with a slash
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 4960 peter-c-larsson Pending Jul 10 XS Fix when openstack_cacert starts with a slash
enhancements 1131 klueska Pending Jul 10 ConnorDoyle, cbf123, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, moshe010 XS Modify GetTopologyHints() for per-resource hints in the TopologyManager
kubernetes 74252 lrx0014 Pending Jul 10 david-mcmahon, deads2k, liggitt, smarterclayton, sttts, thockin L add unit tests to registry/rbac packages
enhancements 1044 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jul 10 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, draveness, mattjmcnaughton, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L Add Pod Level Resource Quota
node-problem-detector 250 mkumatag Pending Jul 10 Random-Liu, andyxning, ixdy, mkumatag, wangzhen127 L Add multiarch support and push fat manifest
kubernetes 77155 draveness Pending Jul 10 andrewsykim, draveness, jiatongw, spiffxp, timothysc, vishh XXL refactor: move service related functions in service pkg
kubernetes 79931 skarthiksrinivas Pending Jul 10 copejon, divyenpatel, frapposelli, imkin L Provision vSphere volume as per selectedNode
kubernetes-sigs/kubeadm-dind-cluster 303 morningspace Pending Jul 10 ivan4th, roberthbailey L [Not Ready for Review] Address already in use error
kubernetes 79679 devaips Pending Jul 10 devaips, draveness, k82cn XS Promote Scheduler Preemption e2e test to Conformance
kops 7146 granular-ryanbonham Pending Jul 10 drobinson123, lorantonodipo, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy L WIP: Update single-to-master-migration docs for etcd-manager
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 184 monder Pending Jul 10 mattlandis, nckturner M Add support for multiple regions
kops 7096 austinmoore- Pending Jul 10 geojaz, rdrgmnzs, rifelpet, robinpercy XXL Configuration to specify no SSH key
kubernetes 76394 shinytang6 Pending Jul 10 XS scheduler: add missing readonly judgement in isVolumeConflict
kubernetes 76372 goodluckbot Pending Jul 10 bsalamat, resouer L Remove duplicate victim pods from scheduler extender
kubernetes 71033 yue9944882 Pending Jul 10 gmarek, liggitt, roycaihw XS Forbid inter unstructured conversion in default converter
kubernetes 69252 warmchang Pending Jul 10 cheftako, krmayankk, roberthbailey, thockin, warmchang L fix golint errors in pkg/ssh 15360 otzoran Pending Jul 10 XS streamline `grep` usage in minikube_before_you_begin
charts 15370 denniswebb Pending Jul 10 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] doc: README Update instructions to 5 CRDs from 4.
charts 15368 kpurdon Pending Jul 10 anubhavmishra XS [stable/atlantis] Support additional environment variables from kubernertes secrets
helm 6000 jdolitsky Pending Jul 10 XS Helm 3: Add acceptance test suite
kubernetes 79682 houjun41544 Pending Jul 10 Huang-Wei, k82cn XS Fix errors in log informations
kubernetes 78245 k-toyoda-pi Pending Jul 10 janetkuo, k-toyoda-pi, mortent, smarterclayton L add e2e test for cronjob failedJobsHistoryLimit
kubernetes 79905 davidxia Pending Jul 10 davidxia, nikhiljindal, wojtek-t L Add more tests for fake clientsets
kubeflow/website 857 mbaijal LGTM Jul 10 hongye-sun, nickchase, sarahmaddox S Update ssh configuration for aws nodegroup
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1121 humblec Pending Jul 10 caesarxuchao, derekwaynecarr, wongma7 XXL Update kube dependency to v1.13.2
kubernetes 75498 FillZpp Pending Jul 10 foxish, janetkuo, kow3ns XS fix StatefulSetStatus currentReplicas calculating
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 28 tashimi Pending Jul 10 davidopp, easeway, rjbez17, srampal, tashimi M Create
enhancements 904 bsalamat Pending Jul 9 MaciekPytel, bsalamat, derekwaynecarr, detiber, kow3ns, liggitt, mattfarina, ncdc, smarterclayton, timothysc L Add a KEP for graduating PodDisruptionBudget to stable
kubernetes 68719 jlegrone Pending Jul 9 dixudx, janetkuo, jlegrone, kow3ns, saad-ali, smarterclayton, tnozicka M Add label
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1046 olusinae Pending Jul 9 Raffo, linki XXL Add Istio VirtualService source
kubernetes-sigs/kind 685 neolit123 Pending Jul 9 BenTheElder, amwat, neolit123 M [WIP] enable concurrent join of both worker and control-plane nodes
istio/installer 258 sdake Pending Jul 9 XS Add helm linting to the repository
kops 4799 valdisrigdon LGTM Jul 9 chrislovecnm, justinsb, mikesplain, valdisrigdon L Adds a number of flags/options
istio/installer 188 djazayeri Pending Jul 9 XS Support grpc response (mapped to http code) in logs and metrics
kubernetes 74722 mfojtik Pending Jul 9 gmarek, liggitt, mbohlool, sttts, thockin, yliaog M util/wait: add exponential backoff with context helper
enhancements 1115 smarterclayton LGTM Jul 9 deads2k, jdumars, liggitt, smarterclayton L Bring gzip compression for API server to GA
kubernetes 75229 andrewsykim Pending Jul 9 andrewsykim, cheftako, dchen1107, liggitt, mcrute, mtaufen M kubelet: lookup node address for external provider if none is set
test-infra 12095 midnightconman Pending Jul 9 fejta, stevekuznetsov S Added Config Slice For GitHub API Endpoints
kubernetes 69648 justinsb LGTM Jul 9 copejon, davidz627, jberkus, justinsb, msau42, oomichi, rootfs, saad-ali S subpath e2e tests: reduce wait time when we expect it to fail
kubernetes-sigs/kind 692 aojea Pending Jul 9 Arvinderpal, krzyzacy, munnerz M [WIP] Add dual stack support
website 14720 kakts Pending Jul 9 MasayaAoyama, nasa9084, sftim L Translate concepts/workloads/controllers/garbage-collection/ in Japanese (#14718)
website 14805 kakts Pending Jul 9 cstoku, makocchi-git, nasa9084 L Translate concepts/services-networking/dns-pod-service/ in Japanese #14777
website 14889 jkkitakita Pending Jul 9 cstoku, makocchi-git, nasa9084 M WIP: Translate concepts/services-networking/ingress-controllers/ in Japanese(#14886)
website 14916 kakts Pending Jul 9 MasayaAoyama, makocchi-git, nasa9084 M Translate concepts/storage/dynamic-provisioning/ in Japanese #14847
test-infra 13148 justaugustus Pending Jul 9 cblecker, fejta, justaugustus, matthyx S prow: Update cherry pick comment
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 58 kingsylin Pending Jul 9 cheyang, xlgao-zju S NodeConditionPredicate: When the node is a master role, determine wheth…
charts 15360 madddi Pending Jul 9 XS [stable/fluent-bit] adds option to start fluent-bit in privileged mode
charts 15356 auhlig Pending Jul 9 XS [stable/prometheus-node-exporter] Allow mounting configmaps
charts 15354 Aisuko Pending Jul 9 XS WIP[incubator/mysqlha] Add the way that how to test the master and slave work well into NOTES.txt
charts 15353 maartenszeker Pending Jul 9 XS [incubator/fluentd-cloudwatch] Added busybox repo parameters
charts 15351 sebdoido Pending Jul 9 davidkarlsen XS [stable/cerebro] cerebro: iterate over .Values.env to set specific auth settings
charts 15345 KealanM Pending Jul 9 benjigoldberg XS [incubator/kafka] Adding the ability to define a pod disruption budget for brokers
kubernetes-client/python 865 ymalen Pending Jul 9 caesarxuchao, mbohlool, roycaihw, yliaog XS Update
istio/installer 268 c0d1ngm0nk3y Pending Jul 9 XS Add PR validation to check if generated files are still in sync
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1324 asauber Pending Jul 9 mengqiy, pwittrock M Fix multibases documentation
kubernetes 79874 mybesthd LGTM Jul 9 draveness, fejta, oomichi, smarterclayton XS Use framework.ExpectEqual() for e2e tests
kubernetes 75020 pontiyaraja Pending Jul 9 Random-Liu, brahmaroutu, liggitt, mtaufen, pontiyaraja, yujuhong M added unit test coverage for serial pod admit without sorting
test-infra 12168 nzoueidi Pending Jul 9 Katharine, ixdy, stevekuznetsov S [WIP] Fixing prow badge jobs status
istio/ 4625 yuxintong-github Pending Jul 9 S zh: update of rabc-groups for content_zh OF release-1.2
kubernetes 74717 tnozicka Pending Jul 9 eparis, smarterclayton, soltysh, tnozicka XL Fix `kubectl get` watches
website 13806 derekwaynecarr Pending Jul 9 PatrickLang, Rajakavitha1, sftim, xiangpengzhao M Pod pid limit
kubernetes 76067 seans3 Pending Jul 9 david-mcmahon, deads2k, seans3 L [WIP] Moves humanreadable printer into cli-runtime; out of core
kubernetes 79942 apelisse Pending Jul 9 andrewsykim, brendandburns XXL WIP: ManagedFields Trie as list
kubernetes-sigs/application 98 corinnekrych Pending Jul 9 ant31, kow3ns S Fix kustomize 2.o error: Error: rawResources failed to read Resources…
kubernetes 79925 dixudx Pending Jul 9 Random-Liu, msau42, rootfs, vikaschoudhary16, vishh, yujuhong M fix mounting Hostpath devices
kubernetes 79235 justinsb Pending Jul 9 deads2k, soltysh S kubectl attach test: wait for input before proceeding
kubernetes-sigs/addon-operators 21 dholbach Pending Jul 9 justinsb, stealthybox L Write your own operator doc
kubernetes 78630 liorokman Pending Jul 9 caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, liorokman, yue9944882 M Translate Unstructured objects to concrete instances
kubernetes 76373 goodluckbot Pending Jul 9 misterikkit, resouer M Misc fix for scheduler test cases
kubernetes 72535 tallclair Pending Jul 9 deads2k, k82cn, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, tallclair S Always set content-type & nosniff
kubernetes 72875 Pingan2017 Pending Jul 9 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, vishh XS deprecate image-gc-high-threshold and image-gc-low-threshold
kubernetes 79857 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 9 davidz627, jingxu97, jsafrane, vladimirvivien M Avoid to write vol data frequently when raw block devices mount failed
kubernetes 73053 evanphx Pending Jul 9 apelisse, eparis, evanphx, liggitt, neolit123, seans3, smarterclayton XS Preserve file mode when copying files out of a pod
kubernetes 79846 aramase LGTM Jul 9 aramase, caseydavenport, danwinship, neolit123 M Fix golint failures in pkg/proxy
enhancements 1121 klueska Pending Jul 9 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, klueska, moshe010 M Add proposal for GetPreferredAllocations() to TopologyManager KEP
kubernetes 76926 mikedanese Pending Jul 9 CaoShuFeng, liggitt XS test/integration: detect the correct fixture path when running under bazel
kubernetes 79910 k-toyoda-pi Pending Jul 9 deads2k, rootfs M Replace KubeDescribe with ginkgo.Describe in e2e/kubectl
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 167 y-taka-23 Pending Jul 9 aveshagarwal S Validate the targetThresholds the same as the thresholds
kubernetes 68882 PrasadG193 Pending Jul 9 PrasadG193, bowei, caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, oomichi L Fix golint issues in some pkg/controller packages
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 855 p53 Pending Jul 9 chrislovecnm, hjacobs, linki M Add enforce template option
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1419 mfmmiyano Pending Jul 9 L feat: Node pools backed by Spotinst Elastigroup
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1562 kylehodgetts Pending Jul 9 danielfm, kylehodgetts, mumoshu, redbaron L Init command refactor
charts 15344 zenglian Pending Jul 9 XS Update readme of nginx-ingress with L4 mapping 15349 micheleberardi Pending Jul 9 XS new pages in italian
istio/proxy 2283 PiotrSikora Pending Jul 9 bianpengyuan XS Always use Bazel-0.25 for macOS on CircleCI (release-1.2).
istio/proxy 2282 PiotrSikora Pending Jul 9 bianpengyuan, crazyxy XS Always use Bazel-0.22 for macOS on CircleCI (release-1.1).
istio/proxy 2258 bianpengyuan Pending Jul 9 XS Add opencensus library
istio/proxy 2145 gargnupur Pending Jul 9 XS WIP: Dynamic Encoding Library
istio/proxy 2137 kyessenov Pending Jul 9 JimmyCYJ, PiotrSikora, duderino, qiwzhang XS telemetry: add grpc message counters
community 3880 stealthybox Pending Jul 9 guineveresaenger, idvoretskyi, kbarnard10 XS Delete placeholder
kubeflow/tf-operator 1041 asdfsx Pending Jul 9 Jimexist, asdfsx, gaocegege, johnugeorge, wackxu XXL add rpc_layer param into TFConfig
kubeflow/tf-operator 907 wangzewang Pending Jul 9 ddysher, gaocegege, richardsliu, willb XXL Add rpclayer in TFConfig
cloud-provider-openstack 639 jichenjc Pending Jul 9 adisky, anguslees, dklyle, jichenjc, ramineni S check not found before return error
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 177 justaugustus Pending Jul 9 awesomenix, juan-lee XXL [WIP] Add support for an existing vnet
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4947 ledroide Pending Jul 9 Miouge1, mirwan XS fix dead link 404 in
kubernetes 78328 lojies Pending Jul 9 dchen1107, lojies, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning M not check initContianer status when all container status is running
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 113 ghouscht LGTM Jul 9 dlipovetsky, justinsb S only download etcd archive if it does not exist
kubernetes 71384 SidakM Pending Jul 9 SidakM, enisoc, erictune, foxish, gnufied, janetkuo, kow3ns, liggitt, mlmhl, msau42, smarterclayton L [Need-Feedback] Support Volume Expansion Through StatefulSets 15347 jcjesus Pending Jul 9 XS WIP: Adding China unicom Case Study
charts 15333 tariq1890 Pending Jul 9 XS [stable/sumologic-fluentd]update sumologic-fluentd to the latest version
charts 15331 fr-ser Pending Jul 9 XS [stable/grafana] Allow secrets for sidecar (#13492)
charts 15330 agguzman Pending Jul 9 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] fixes #15275 Default alertmanager logfmt for better experience when deploying
charts 15329 tchellomello Pending Jul 9 paulczar XS [stable/katafygio] Added volume definition to inherent persistence configuration
charts 15328 hfukada Pending Jul 9 XS stable/superset: Add deployment.yml level annotations
istio/istio 15218 dgn Pending Jul 9 XS [WIP] Custom root certificates for JWKSResolver (#15086)
istio/istio 14652 smanpathak Pending Jul 9 jwendell XS Fix istio RPM build
istio/istio 14289 jackge007 Pending Jul 9 XS ilbgateway service Annotations not only for gke
istio/api 961 venilnoronha Pending Jul 9 XS Add venilnoronha to OWNERS
istio/api 957 jasonwzm Pending Jul 9 geeknoid XS Check in initial openAPI spec for Istio APIs
istio/api 953 hap2712 Pending Jul 9 XS Add ProtocolOptions to DestinationRule
istio/api 949 fleeto Pending Jul 9 XS Fix envoy links for 1.1
istio/api 941 sniperking1234 Pending Jul 9 brian-avery XS fix spell mistake
istio/api 940 pnovotnak Pending Jul 9 XS Add Thrift definitions
istio/api 918 yangminzhu Pending Jul 9 XS Add authorization v1alpha2 API
istio/api 912 silentdai Pending Jul 9 costinm, silentdai XS proxy: Reserve a inbound port field in mesh config
istio/api 906 GregHanson Pending Jul 9 XS removed port name from the port selector
istio/api 897 julianvmodesto Pending Jul 9 XS Enable HTTP options in the Gateway.
istio/api 864 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 9 costinm, rshriram XS Add hzxuzhonghu to owner files
istio/api 855 ghost Pending Jul 9 XS Add HTTP protocol options
istio/tools 199 saimsalman36 Pending Jul 9 XS Added multiple clients
istio/api 845 tkishore1192 Pending Jul 9 XS adding DestinationRule
istio/api 799 devincd Pending Jul 9 XS Add idle timeout
istio/api 783 jacobboykin Pending Jul 9 liminw XS Fix Invalid Example Manifests in Policy Proto
istio/api 696 jeffmendoza Pending Jul 9 XS Protoc gen validate
istio/api 649 lei-tang Pending Jul 9 XS Add selectors for workload oriented authn policy
istio/tools 156 lei-tang Pending Jul 9 XS Add two performance tests for SDS Vault CA flow
istio/tools 146 incfly Pending Jul 9 XS Refinements of load tests for CDS in 1K workloads.
istio/api 556 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Jul 9 XS add server type to gateway server
istio/tools 127 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 sdake XS Kafka stabiltiy test
istio/ 4523 rcaballeromx Pending Jul 9 rcaballeromx XS Testing PR to troubleshoot Hugo bug
istio/api 537 douglas-reid Pending Jul 9 XS [Proposal] Generate files for all packages
istio/tools 124 sdake Pending Jul 9 mandarjog XS An internal load generator and Istio stress manifest
istio/ 4502 rcaballeromx Pending Jul 9 XS Add new Traffic management concept.
istio/api 480 mandarjog Pending Jul 9 XS Add Script modeling to VirtualService
istio/tools 116 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 XS Add tcp load test
istio/tools 113 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 sdake XS Update istio-upgrader
istio/ 4287 pitlv2109 Pending Jul 9 frankbu, geeknoid, rcaballeromx, sdake XS Improve doc for RBAC group task
istio/tools 111 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 sdake XS Fix removed install steps
istio/ 4251 irisdingbj Pending Jul 9 XS add istioctl info to help user easily adopt Istio
istio/tools 101 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 costinm, mandarjog XS Add CNI install option
istio/tools 54 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 XS Add external traffic test
istio/ 4080 voanhduy1512 Pending Jul 9 XS Add outlier check column in proxy config command
istio/ 3939 linsun Pending Jul 9 XS [WIP]remove http 1.0 workaround portion
istio/test-infra 1200 utka Pending Jul 9 fejta XS Add go get mason_client to Docker image
istio/ 3899 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Jul 9 XS Egress by Kubernetes services
istio/ 1035 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Jul 9 XS Tutorial
website 15320 dahuins Pending Jul 9 gochist, seokho-son XS Update
kubernetes 76347 sjenning LGTM Jul 9 Random-Liu, dchen1107, sjenning, stevekuznetsov M kubelet: dockershim: fix image removal/untagging and add logging
kubeflow/katib 675 kunmingg Pending Jul 8 DeeperMind, YujiOshima, andreyvelich, hougangliu, kunmingg, richardsliu M add release scripts
kubernetes-csi/docs 181 j-griffith Pending Jul 8 lpabon, msau42, saad-ali XS Add note about storage classes to cloning doc
kubeflow/internal-acls 116 ccarpentiere Pending Jul 8 richardsliu, theadactyl XS Update org.yaml
kubernetes 79164 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 8 cwdsuzhou, kow3ns, krmayankk, msau42, mucahitkurt M Bugfix:statefulSet would not recreate the pvc when a pvc is deleted before a pod
kubernetes 72015 NickrenREN Pending Jul 8 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr L Expose EmptyDir metrics
kubernetes 73576 AdamDang Pending Jul 8 adohe, rootfs XL Complete the translation for zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/k8s.po
kubernetes 70794 lojies Pending Jul 8 adohe, dshulyak, soltysh XS remove duplicate setting of NormalizeFunc
kubernetes 79751 aojea Pending Jul 8 BenTheElder, aojea, bgrant0607, sjenning, yujuhong M Add e2e test for downward API with host network
kubernetes 75815 ddongchen Pending Jul 8 ConnorDoyle, dashpole, dchen1107, ddongchen, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, thockin, vishh M make pod with extended resources pass predicate check when kubelet restart
kubernetes 63641 lovejoy Pending Jul 8 derekwaynecarr, dims, jingxu97, lovejoy, msau42, saad-ali, sjenning, thockin S Add size limit to tmpfs
website 14986 iamneha Pending Jul 8 captn3m0, iamneha, kbhawkey, xiangpengzhao, zhangxiaoyu-zidif, zparnold S WIP - Display CVE Hub in table
kubernetes 78345 obitech LGTM Jul 8 Random-Liu, caesarxuchao, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, juanvallejo, mattjmcnaughton M Fix golint pkg/kubelet/stats/client.go
enhancements 1113 bowei Pending Jul 8 cmluciano, dcbw, thockin L Ingress GA, updated KEP, merged review comments (recovered version of #1036)
test-infra 13040 oomichi Pending Jul 8 dims, johnSchnake, timothysc XS Set E2E_VERBOSITY 8 for API operation logs
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 624 droot Pending Jul 8 DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, mengqiy, pwittrock L :running: Design for CRD version conversion
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 163 ljakimczuk Pending Jul 8 ahmetb, juanvallejo S Adding edit-secret plugin
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 118 jglick Pending Jul 8 corneliusweig M New plugin: gke-exec-credential 15344 anvera Pending Jul 8 XS Update deploy-intro.html 15343 manishbansal8843 Pending Jul 8 jimangel XS Sentence correction for Info section on concepts/architecture/nodes
charts 15319 msharbaji Pending Jul 8 XS Adding PodDisruptionBudget for Prometheus (server, alertmanager, pushgateway) deployment or statefulset
charts 15318 sharon-vendrov Pending Jul 8 hectorj2f XS [stable/fluentd] Add service annotations
charts 15315 jesstruck Pending Jul 8 XS [incubator/gogs]
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 2582 haircommander Pending Jul 8 rhatdan XS Make integration tests more reliable
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 2582 haircommander Pending Jul 8 rhatdan XS Make integration tests more reliable
kubernetes 74665 erhudy Pending Jul 8 caseydavenport, dcbw, dchen1107 L #66067: fixes hostport interaction with systemd-resolved
enhancements 1111 deads2k Pending Jul 8 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, jbeda, jdumars, jpbetz, justinsb, lavalamp, liggitt, neolit123, sttts, timothysc L protect kubernetes community owned API groups in CRDs
website 15344 anvera Pending Jul 8 Rajakavitha1, stewart-yu XS Update deploy-intro.html
kubernetes 78610 jpbetz LGTM Jul 8 caesarxuchao, cheftako, cwdsuzhou, jpbetz, liggitt, roycaihw, sttts M Add trace to webhook invocations
community 3844 tashimi Pending Jul 8 ameukam, jdumars, parispittman M Create
kubernetes 79178 jpbetz Pending Jul 8 janetkuo, soltysh M Automated cherry pick of #77475: fix the metainternalversion.List change error
kubernetes 79187 jpbetz Pending Jul 8 hongchaodeng, smarterclayton M Automated cherry pick of #71855: Fix issue where missing external IP address breaks SSH
test-infra 13350 k8s-ci-robot LGTM Jul 8 Katharine, michelle192837 S Run ./hack/ --patch
kubernetes 67438 dongjun666 LGTM Jul 8 dcbw, dnardo, johscheuer, m1093782566, matchstick, squeed, xiaoxubeii XS Correct bandwitdh value passed to bandwidth CNI
kubernetes 78762 klueska Pending Jul 8 ConnorDoyle, klueska, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, resouer, sjenning XL Add ability to inherit from init containers in CPUManager static policy
kubernetes 75831 kiall Pending Jul 8 alvaroaleman, anguslees, kiall L Support mixed protocol LBs
kubernetes 79495 liggitt LGTM Jul 8 jpbetz, roycaihw, sttts L fix multi-version CRD + admission webhook
utils 95 connor1989 Pending Jul 8 apelisse, connor1989, wojtek-t M Adds support for initializing Trace with output options defined.
kubernetes 78174 gaorong LGTM Jul 8 gaorong, mattjmcnaughton, tmrts, yujuhong XS enrich kubelet system oom event message info
kubernetes 78986 liggitt Pending Jul 8 deads2k S Improve TLS unit test reporting in bazel
klog 20 munnerz Pending Jul 8 DirectXMan12, justinsb, munnerz, neolit123, pohly, thockin L Add SetLogger function to intercept klog output with logr
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 206 Ntr0 Pending Jul 8 gnufied, jsafrane, msau42 L [WIP] Implement NodeExpandVolume test
community 3361 bradtopol Pending Jul 8 bgrant0607, bradtopol, brahmaroutu, dims, johnbelamaric, mattfarina, quinton-hoole, quinton-hoole-2, stevekuznetsov, timothysc M Add Description of Validation Suites
community 3716 jroper Pending Jul 8 jaypipes, jbeda, jroper, liggitt XS Added note about the different names of LastHeartbeatTime
kubernetes 69253 saravanan30erd Pending Jul 8 deads2k, pmorie, spiffxp, sttts S add import-boss restrictions - staging/src/
kubernetes 77243 danielqsj LGTM Jul 8 Huang-Wei, apelisse, bowei, caesarxuchao, danielqsj, neolit123, nicksardo, oomichi S fix bugs reported by sonarcloud
kubernetes 76279 JieJhih Pending Jul 8 deads2k XS If pod unready do not show endpoints
kubernetes 72851 surajssd Pending Jul 8 resouer S [WIP] change sysctl admission type
kubernetes 79844 oke-py LGTM Jul 8 draveness, ghodss, soltysh XS removed extra hyphen in kubectl book
kubernetes 79609 answer1991 Pending Jul 8 answer1991, cheftako, jpbetz, logicalhan, sttts L distinguish logical processing timeout and response body write timeout
kubernetes 79146 oomichi Pending Jul 8 spiffxp, timothysc XS WIP: Output API logs
kubernetes 72233 JishanXing Pending Jul 8 janetkuo, seans3 L kubectl rollout status should support multiple resources #72216
kubernetes 74595 liucimin Pending Jul 8 liucimin, nikhita, sttts XS fix sample-controller klog not initflag
kubernetes 75330 dixudx Pending Jul 8 cheftako, liggitt XL remove deprecated ssh tunneling functionality in API Server
kubernetes 78466 yuwenma LGTM Jul 8 MaciekPytel, MrHohn, mborsz, mwielgus, tallclair, wojtek-t, yuwenma M Revert "Revert "[Re-Apply][Distroless] Convert the GCE manifests for master containers.""
kubernetes 74363 aanm Pending Jul 8 aanm, caesarxuchao, erictune, lavalamp, roycaihw, smarterclayton, wenjiaswe M client-go/rest: fix finalURLTemplate for url base == "/"
kubernetes 79075 pswica Pending Jul 8 apelisse, odinuge, pswica, seans3, soltysh M Improving Error messages in cp.go
kubernetes 79154 seans3 Pending Jul 8 soltysh XS [WIP] Moves kubectl config command to staging
kubernetes 79180 Fedosin Pending Jul 8 anguslees S OpenStack cloud provider: ensure kubeconfig path exists
kubernetes 78884 Pingan2017 Pending Jul 8 Pingan2017, odinuge, rootfs, soltysh XS fix a bug for check src stats in kubectl cp
kubernetes 78688 nikhita Pending Jul 8 jennybuckley, jpbetz, liggitt, neolit123, sttts M Add benchmarks for yaml marshaling and unmarshaling
kubernetes 76090 alok87 Pending Jul 8 alok87, liggitt, msau42, nikhita L Moving streaming library to staging/cri-api/pkg/streaming
kubernetes 78392 gaorong Pending Jul 8 mbohlool, smarterclayton S move client-go/util/connrotateion -> client-go/rest/dialer
kubernetes 78634 palnabarun LGTM Jul 8 deads2k, draveness, fejta, palnabarun, prksu M Fix golint issues in pkg/kubectl/cmd/annotate
kubernetes 76496 danielqsj Pending Jul 8 brancz, bsalamat, danielqsj, dcbw, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, smarterclayton, wenjiaswe, wojtek-t XL Clean deprecated metrics
kubernetes 76556 mtaufen Pending Jul 8 feiskyer, liggitt, mtaufen, rosti L migrate several Kubelet flags to config
kubernetes 78237 drizzd Pending Jul 8 deads2k XS suppress "pod deleted" output on quiet run
kubernetes 76418 peter-wangxu Pending Jul 8 Random-Liu, tmrts, yastij M If sandbox changed, related containers should be killed explicitly
kubernetes 77948 yujuhong Pending Jul 8 tmrts, yujuhong S TEST/DO NOT REVIEW: kubelet: don't reset status for non-termianted pods
kubernetes 75753 smarterclayton Pending Jul 8 CaoShuFeng, mbohlool, smarterclayton XL DO NOT MERGE - use something besides gorestful for determining which paths get answered
kubernetes 76078 Fedosin Pending Jul 8 FengyunPan2 L Allow to specify a Tenant Domain Name/ID for the OpenStack cloud provider
kubernetes 79873 tedyu Pending Jul 8 dashpole, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton S Set runtimeState when RuntimeReady is not set or false
kubernetes 71407 Pingan2017 Pending Jul 8 dchen1107 XS re-register the Node if Node API object removed
kubernetes 72671 yanghaichao12 LGTM Jul 8 Random-Liu, dashpole, mtaufen, yanghaichao12 XS validate KubeletCgroups and KubeReservedCgroup
kubernetes 76408 zouyee Pending Jul 8 yujuhong M Optimize ExtractInvalidPods testing scenarios
kubernetes 71563 goodluckbot Pending Jul 8 erictune, goodluckbot, soltysh L Add ProgressDeadlineSeconds to Job 227 stp-ip Pending Jul 8 cblecker, stp-ip, thockin L [WIP] Add redirector service
website 15264 nicolaspascual Pending Jul 8 bgrant0607, chenopis, mikedanese XS Fixed bug on downloading kubectl in linux
kubernetes 76250 pontiyaraja Pending Jul 8 feiskyer, neolit123, pontiyaraja XS promote e2e should wait gracefully terminated pod until preStop hook completes the process to conformance
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 48 justinsb Pending Jul 8 justinsb, listx XL WIP: Promotion for non-container artifacts
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 306 hchenxa Pending Jul 8 chrigl, gyliu513, hidekazuna, jichenjc, roberthbailey S do not hard code the ubuntu distributor name
kubernetes 79261 draveness Pending Jul 8 brendandburns, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, smarterclayton M feat: bump prometheus common to v0.1.0
kops 6329 sergeylanzman Pending Jul 8 chrisz100, justinsb, lorantonodipo, robinpercy XXL Support terraform 0.12 hcl syntax
kubernetes 79137 qingsenLi LGTM Jul 8 cblecker, ixdy, mattjmcnaughton, rootfs, saad-ali, thockin M fix golint failures for pkg/volume/scaleio and pkg/volume/storageos
utils 87 soltysh Pending Jul 8 seans3, smarterclayton, soltysh, thockin L Merge interrupt history from Kubernetes into
kubernetes 75019 clkao LGTM Jul 8 RenaudWasTaken, dashpole, msau42, saad-ali, tmrts XS avoid watching deep directories for plugin socket discovery
utils 85 danielqsj LGTM Jul 8 apelisse, brancz, danielqsj S Add metrics pkg including SinceInMicroseconds and SinceInSeconds
kubernetes 71303 smarterclayton Pending Jul 8 caesarxuchao, erictune, jpbetz, liggitt S Log when connection is reset and print decimal status code
kubernetes-sigs/yaml 19 neolit123 Pending Jul 8 errordeveloper, liggitt, nikhita, smarterclayton, sttts L switch the json backend to json-iterator
kubernetes 78204 stewart-yu LGTM Jul 8 JieJhih, dcbw, dnardo, feiskyer, stewart-yu, thockin, vllry M get rid of the redundancy field in kube-proxy option
kubernetes-csi/docs 170 vladimirvivien Pending Jul 8 kfox1111, lpabon, msau42, pohly, saad-ali, vladimirvivien M Doc update for CSI inline ephemeral volume support
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1013 p53 Pending Jul 8 linki, njuettner, p53 S Fix txt prefix bug, should be lowercased because when writing to dns …
kubernetes 75763 lovejoy Pending Jul 8 cheftako, deads2k S add delete prority for rs
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1092 Raffo Pending Jul 8 hjacobs, linki, njuettner L Add initial KEP for external DNS.
website 15343 manishbansal8843 Pending Jul 8 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, jimangel XS Sentence correction for Info section on concepts/architecture/nodes
website 15308 manishbansal8843 Pending Jul 8 jimangel, xiangpengzhao XS Powershell note for kubectl patch command
dashboard 4013 ajatprabha Pending Jul 8 cheld, maciaszczykm XXL Create plugin/base branch to act as boilerplate for new plugins
kube-state-metrics 801 andyxning Pending Jul 8 LiliC, andyxning, brancz, mxinden, tariq1890 XL enable useless code check and more strict comment check
kubernetes 77534 WanLinghao Pending Jul 8 alejandrox1, fejta, smarterclayton, timothysc S Refactor and clean up e2e framework utils, this patch handles test/e2e/framework/psp_util.go file
website 15337 simplytunde Pending Jul 8 XS Official 1.16 Release Docs
charts 15307 DandyDeveloper Pending Jul 8 hectorj2f XS [stable/fluent-bit] Added support to run as privileged user in container
charts 15306 aramase Pending Jul 8 XS [stable/chart] Add aad-pod-identity chart 15337 simplytunde Pending Jul 8 XS Official 1.16 Release Docs
autoscaler 2172 wccsama Pending Jul 8 feiskyer, hello2mao XS add new owner for baiducloud
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4417 svc-ems-build LGTM Jul 8 ant31, mirwan, riverzhang S Missing reset.yml
website 12849 AWKIF Pending Jul 8 AWKIF, lledru, perriea XL WIP: Translate contribute/intermediate in french
enhancements 1097 mikedanese Pending Jul 8 awly, deads2k, liggitt, mikedanese, smarterclayton, yastij L Retroactive KEP: Certificates API
kubernetes 79818 KielChan Pending Jul 8 Huang-Wei, KielChan, draveness, gmarek S fix HardPodAffinitySymmetricWeight typos
kubernetes 68949 ddebroy Pending Jul 8 bowei, ddebroy, deads2k, linyouchong, msau42, oomichi, saad-ali, verult M Skip e2e tests for default storageclass if default storageclass absent
website 14173 tengqm Pending Jul 8 Rajakavitha1, kbhawkey, tengqm, xiangpengzhao L Adjust string translation for Chinese localization
kubernetes 79827 hainesc Pending Jul 8 juanvallejo, lavalamp, neolit123 XS Fix wrong indentation in shell
website 14277 FlyingOnion Pending Jul 8 jimangel, stewart-yu, xiangpengzhao S update some Permalinks to RelPermalinks
charts 15305 DandyDeveloper Pending Jul 8 XS [stable/redis-ha] Added HAProxy to support exposed Redis environments.
charts 15304 n0rad Pending Jul 8 scottrigby XS [stable/unbound] add clusterIP 15332 ialidzhikov Pending Jul 8 XS Remove kubelet --allow-privileged flag for etcd HA setup with kubeadm
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 89 utkuozdemir Pending Jul 7 M add pv-migrate plugin
kubernetes 79851 jparklab Pending Jul 7 rootfs, verult M Fix nil pointer dereference error in volume_stat_calculator 15330 daverick Pending Jul 7 XS Change the translation for logging to "journalisation des évènements" 15325 krlooss Pending Jul 7 XS ammend signature
charts 15301 KadenLNelson Pending Jul 7 juliens XS [stable/traefik] values.yaml support for extraVolumes and extraVolume…
charts 15295 mrueg Pending Jul 7 XS [stable/coredns] WIP: Add ReadinessProbe
charts 15272 Jasstkn Pending Jul 7 XS #15271 [stable/logstash] Override for default logstashJavaOpts
helm 5985 mentos1386 Pending Jul 7 XS feat(helm:create): allow absolute paths when specifying starter template path [dev-v3]
kubernetes 79858 FujiHaruka LGTM Jul 7 draveness, dshulyak, smarterclayton XS Fix broken link in the kubectl book
kubernetes 74796 sanoojm Pending Jul 7 MaciekPytel, caesarxuchao, liggitt S Update doc.go import for staging/src/
kubernetes 79850 liucimin Pending Jul 7 draveness, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, vishh XS WIP: fix cpuCFSQuotaPeriod is changed bug
enhancements 1092 alvaroaleman Pending Jul 7 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, fejta, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Add KEP for presubmit config in tested repo
kubernetes 71653 liucimin Pending Jul 7 bboreham, dcbw, freehan, lavalamp, liggitt, liucimin, thockin, yujuhong M No timeout when Kubelet Calling cni plugin
kubernetes 74951 zhangg LGTM Jul 7 munnerz, nikhita XS Fix a typo in sample-controller
kubernetes 79852 oke-py LGTM Jul 7 brendandburns, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, odinuge XS removed duplicated kubectl get
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4714 digger18 Pending Jul 7 Elufimov, Miouge1, digger18, mirwan, pbasov XXL Upgraded Cilium to version v1.5.0
kubernetes 71293 ehmm Pending Jul 7 jbeda, msau42, saad-ali XS Add -s to du commands to not traverse other file systems
kubernetes 71846 aoxn Pending Jul 7 Random-Liu, andrewsykim, aoxn, changyaowei, dchen1107, mtaufen, resouer, yifan-gu L do not report container runtime status when runtimeState is not initi…
kubernetes 74392 longkb Pending Jul 7 caesarxuchao, erictune, mbohlool, neolit123, smarterclayton XS Update deprecated links in json 15322 ryanzidago Pending Jul 7 XS docs-fr | reference | glossary |
kubernetes 77497 tnqn LGTM Jul 6 aojea, dshulyak, smarterclayton, soltysh S Fix kubectl proxy not accepting requests against [::1]
kubernetes 70574 denverdino Pending Jul 6 lavalamp, liggitt, roycaihw, smarterclayton, wojtek-t XS staing/apimachinery: replace json.NewEncoder to jsoniter
kops 6645 msessa Pending Jul 6 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS [spotinst-controller] Allow ServiceAccount to list pod metrics
kubernetes 78490 mrunalp Pending Jul 6 PatrickLang, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, mrunalp, yujuhong XL cri: Add termination_grace_period for Pod Sandbox 15320 dahuins Pending Jul 6 XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1059 asauber Pending Jul 6 asauber, davidewatson, detiber, vincepri S [WIP/DNM] Update gitbook dependency installation instructions for implementors.
test-infra 11111 tralexa LGTM Jul 6 Katharine, paulangton, stevekuznetsov XS unhide errors
kubernetes 69578 kad Pending Jul 6 aojea, bowei, caseydavenport, kad, liggitt, tallclair S Check loopback interfaces for unicast IP in ChooseBindAddress
kubernetes 79771 tealee1992 Pending Jul 6 BenTheElder, SataQiu, draveness, krzyzacy, oomichi, tealee1992 S use expectEqual in framework
website 15233 ahmedtd Pending Jul 6 derekwaynecarr, thockin S ImagePolicyWebhook: config can be embedded
kubernetes 77669 dixudx Pending Jul 6 cheftako, deads2k, dixudx, fabriziopandini, neolit123, rosti, timothysc XL move out bootstrap token utils in versioned apis
kubernetes 67465 fanzhangio Pending Jul 6 gnufied, jsafrane, rootfs S Fix CSI controller plugin excessive polls by adding retry
kubernetes 74480 truongnh1992 LGTM Jul 6 bowei, kawych, piosz S Securing many http links to https links 15313 ArnabRaxit Pending Jul 6 XS Update : inserted missing word
charts 15287 asherf Pending Jul 6 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-node-exporter] Bump version
charts 15286 xtof2all Pending Jul 6 XS [stable/kong] Allow for declarative configuration (#15284)
charts 15283 LaurentGoderre Pending Jul 6 XS [stable/pachyderm] Added ability to deploy the pachyderm dashboard
kops 5978 gitlabbin Pending Jul 6 chrisz100, geojaz, gitlabbin, justinsb, rdrgmnzs L multiple ssh public keys for bastion, master, nodes of kubernetes
kubernetes 74752 vagababov Pending Jul 6 caesarxuchao, soltysh XS Update the error returned from fixture.go on unknown patch type.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 275 chrigl Pending Jul 5 ainmosni, chrigl, flaper87, jichenjc, m1093782566 L Implemented nova schedulerhints
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 136 xing-yang Pending Jul 5 lpabon, saad-ali L WIP: Use go modules to replace $GOPATH based dependencies
community 3874 praseodym Pending Jul 5 cblecker, idvoretskyi S Remove expired placeholder files
charts 15282 EppO Pending Jul 5 flah00 XS [stable/sumologic-fluentd] Fix daemonset template
charts 15280 rblank96 Pending Jul 5 anubhavmishra XS [stable/atlantis] for bitbucket server credentials: baseURL name consistency
charts 15269 alantang888 Pending Jul 5 XS [stable/prometheus-to-sd] Add tolerations support
charts 15268 christianhuening Pending Jul 5 XS update chart to use 1.13.1 and make WATCH_NAMESPACE configurable 15308 manishbansal8843 Pending Jul 5 XS Improvement for kubectl patch command
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1034 queeno Pending Jul 5 shashidharatd XS Adding documentation to solve the kubefed-admission-webhook timeout
enhancements 923 kwiesmueller Pending Jul 5 apelisse, deads2k, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller, lavalamp, liggitt L Add a KEP for introducing declarative fieldManager
kubernetes 69821 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jul 5 AlexeyPerevalov, bboreham, caseydavenport, dcbw, freehan, liggitt, thockin L Use ip address from CNI output
enhancements 1054 akutz Pending Jul 5 akutz, fabriziopandini, justinsb, mtaufen, neolit123, randomvariable, rosti, timothysc, tstromberg L [WiP] kubeadm: Kubeadm Machine/Structured Output
website 14960 remyleone Pending Jul 5 abuisine, anthonydahanne, rekcah78, remyleone L Translate CCM page in French
kubernetes 77772 sttts Pending Jul 5 caesarxuchao, jbeda, liggitt, roycaihw, sttts M apiextensions: remove nullable roundtrip hacks after go-openapi gained support
kubernetes 72105 giuseppe Pending Jul 5 derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, giuseppe, mrunalp, sjpotter S kubelet: delay cgroups cleanup
ingress-nginx 4139 choffmeister Pending Jul 5 Alexx-G, ElvinEfendi, aledbf, anders-olofsson, choffmeister, dotLou S Always collect metrics when --metrics-per-host=false
kubernetes 74345 lmdaly Pending Jul 5 ConnorDoyle, RenaudWasTaken, balajismaniam, cbf123, kad, klueska, lmdaly, moshe010, resouer, vikaschoudhary16 L Added support for Topology Manager to Device Manager
kubernetes 75090 peibingit Pending Jul 5 jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XS Fix function comment to consistent with its name
perf-tests 611 wojtek-t LGTM Jul 5 bprashanth, caesarxuchao, mm4tt XXL Remove original ClusterLoader
kubernetes 79433 sttts Pending Jul 5 deads2k, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller L WIP: apiextensions: wire structural schema into server-side-apply 15301 alexcpn Pending Jul 5 XS Update 15298 yunxji Pending Jul 5 jaredbhatti XS Add something about Tencent Cloud
helm 5978 mentos1386 Pending Jul 5 XS feat(helm:create): allow absolute paths when specifying starter template path
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 4947 ledroide Pending Jul 5 XS fix dead link 404 in
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 4947 ledroide Pending Jul 5 XS fix dead link 404 in
website 15287 ryanzidago LGTM Jul 5 rekcah78, remyleone S docs-fr | reference | glossary | cri
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4129 pathcl Pending Jul 5 Miouge1, mirwan XS fix http(s) environment for downloading && yum.conf on centos bootstrap
enhancements 1072 fudali113 Pending Jul 5 fudali113, k82cn, kow3ns, mattfarina, prydonius M implement job allocation completions index enhancement
website 15301 alexcpn Pending Jul 5 jimangel, xiangpengzhao XS Update
kubernetes 79259 ramnar Pending Jul 5 MrHohn, caseydavenport, rramkumar1 M Bug fix 72757.Removed deprecated label
kubernetes 79550 lzang Pending Jul 5 mtaufen, pjh, yujuhong M GCE window nodes: configure the bridge based on pod cidr config.
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1190 Uzuku Pending Jul 5 jsafrane, wongma7 XS [nfs-provisioner] Add error check for endpoints list when validating …
kubernetes 53076 roycaihw Pending Jul 5 caesarxuchao, juanvallejo, mbohlool, roycaihw L Rest client uses per-request context timeout instead of HTTP client timeout
community 3540 jdforsythe Pending Jul 4 cblecker, jdumars, parispittman, thockin S Add shape libraries for from icon set
kubernetes 79285 jackkleeman Pending Jul 4 apelisse, cjcullen, jackkleeman, liggitt, sttts L Reload apiserver certificates from disk every 15 minutes
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 381 grantr Pending Jul 4 DirectXMan12, pwittrock XL :sparkles: [WIP] A fake client using client-go reactors
kubeflow/kubeflow 3609 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 4 kimwnasptd, kkasravi XS [auto PR] Update the jupyter-web-app image to 6f790f8
kubernetes 79221 Fedosin Pending Jul 4 Fedosin, FengyunPan2, andrewsykim, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, mrunalp, sjenning L Ensure that OpenStack cloud provider is initialized before making a call
kubernetes-client/python 795 oz123 Pending Jul 4 caesarxuchao, juliantaylor, micw523, oz123, roycaihw L Allow creation from dict
kubernetes 66761 joshkurz Pending Jul 4 deads2k, eparis, liggitt, neolit123 L Adding Label Selector Support for Exec
kubernetes 73600 palash25 Pending Jul 4 hzxuzhonghu, jpbetz, mourya007, palash25, sttts, tallclair XS buffered_test.go: Refactor create object, launch goroutine pattern
kubernetes 74204 truongnh1992 LGTM Jul 4 DirectXMan12, derekwaynecarr, msau42, neolit123, saad-ali, smarterclayton XS Correct the word "Contribution" in many files
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 763 ironcladlou Pending Jul 4 DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, droot, mengqiy XS Add support for the resource scope marker 15287 ryanzidago Pending Jul 4 XS docs-fr | reference | glossary | cri
charts 15253 ArchiFleKs Pending Jul 4 XS [stable/node-problem-detector] support PSP
charts 15252 ArchiFleKs Pending Jul 4 XS [incubator/fluentd-cloudwatch] support PSP
charts 15250 jackge007 Pending Jul 4 XS stable/redis
charts 15248 wgaldino Pending Jul 4 XS [stable/grafana] Add quotes to the value of the labels
kubernetes 74956 mfojtik Pending Jul 4 deads2k, liggitt, sttts XS apiserver: switch authorization to use protobuf client
kubernetes 74194 longkb LGTM Jul 4 leakingtapan, neolit123, wojtek-t XS Replacing 'HTTP' by 'HTTPS' for securing kubernetes links
kubernetes 75106 mfojtik Pending Jul 4 a-robinson, deads2k, erictune, jpbetz M events: add NewBroadcasterWithNoSpamFilter broadcaster
kubernetes 75664 tralexa Pending Jul 4 caesarxuchao, smarterclayton, wojtek-t XS fix panic when name is "-"
kubernetes 75958 JieJhih Pending Jul 4 lavalamp, smarterclayton XS Small gofmt fix
kops 6685 KashifSaadat Pending Jul 4 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S WIP: Update CoreDNS to v1.4.0
kubernetes 79804 yqwang-ms Pending Jul 4 Huang-Wei, k82cn S Extender bind should respect IsInterested
kubernetes 79223 rosti LGTM Jul 4 fabriziopandini, neolit123, rosti XL kubeadm: component configs versioned
kubernetes 78720 goodluckbot LGTM Jul 4 dashpole, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong XS Fix log level for runtime error in kubelet.go
website 13936 avidLearnerInProgress Pending Jul 4 Rajakavitha1, avidLearnerInProgress, jimangel, mittalyashu, vaibhavsingh97 M Localised update-imported-docs/ to Hindi
cluster-registry 277 poothia Pending Jul 4 font, perotinus S Cleanup of typos
cluster-registry 276 poothia Pending Jul 4 font, madhusudancs S Automated script to verify spelling.
kops 6686 jingpengw Pending Jul 4 rdrgmnzs, robinpercy XS Update
ingress-nginx 2380 Dm3Ch Pending Jul 4 Dm3Ch, antoineco L Proxy protocol for SSL passthrough
kubernetes 79264 chengxiangwang Pending Jul 4 chengxiangwang, janetkuo, lavalamp, neolit123, quinton-hoole XS job controller support modify sync flag
kubernetes 78438 11janci Pending Jul 4 deads2k, hongchaodeng, yue9944882 M Match label and fields selectors in ComponentStatus List API
kubernetes 79760 andyzhangx LGTM Jul 4 jingxu97, jsafrane, rootfs XS Automated cherry pick of #79529: fix: change timeout value in csi plugin
kubernetes 79761 andyzhangx LGTM Jul 4 jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XS Automated cherry pick of #79529: fix: change timeout value in csi plugin 15277 ryanzidago Pending Jul 4 AWKIF XS docs-fr | reference | glossary |
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 865 ymalen Pending Jul 4 mbohlool XS Update
dashboard 3593 jeefy Pending Jul 4 PeWu, mhenc M Support $KUBECONFIG
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder-alpha 314 yue9944882 Pending Jul 4 brancz, jimmidyson XXL Update k/k vendor dependency to 1.13
website 15277 ryanzidago LGTM Jul 4 AWKIF, rekcah78 S docs-fr | reference | glossary |
kubernetes 79403 imroc LGTM Jul 4 dashpole, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, resouer XS fix inotify unused warning
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1158 Ephemera Pending Jul 4 childsb, jsafrane XS Fix a broken link
kubernetes 79163 hex108