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Open Kubernetes PRs (3773)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2096 wfernandes LGTM Jan 18 moshloop, randomvariable, vincepri XS 📖Remove link to broken REGISTRY env var doc
kubernetes 87285 joakimr-axis Pending Jan 18 BenTheElder, hwdef, joakimr-axis L Fix shellcheck warnings/errors in /build/lib/
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1380 otterley Pending Jan 18 Raffo, hjacobs, njuettner L Update AWS documentation
kubernetes 87081 dims LGTM Jan 18 YoyinZyc, bowei, cheftako, derekwaynecarr, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, odinuge, yujuhong XXL Updating protobuf (v1.3.1) and grpc (v1.26.0)
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2060 fabriziopandini LGTM Jan 18 fabriziopandini, ncdc, vincepri XL ✨clusterctl: create the object graph for move
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2070 wfernandes Pending Jan 18 chuckha, fabriziopandini, justinsb, vincepri L ✨Add clusterctl labels to labels provider components
istio/istio 20196 lei-tang Pending Jan 18 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, lei-tang, myidpt L Set Citadel as the default provider for Pilot certificate
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 752 vincepri LGTM Jan 18 AmitKumarDas, gerred, pwittrock, shawn-hurley, vincepri L ⚠ Add testenv support for CRDv1/CRDv1beta1 + update to k8s 1.16.4
website 18754 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 18 bprashanth, sftim, zparnold XS feat: add ephermeral container approach inside pod debug page.
kops 8162 michalschott Pending Jan 18 KashifSaadat, gjtempleton, joshbranham, michalschott, nvanheuverzwijn, robinpercy S Expose etcd metrics.
website 18661 sftim Pending Jan 18 kbhawkey, makoscafee, sftim, zacharysarah S Fix references to @kubernetes/sig-docs-l10n-admins
kops 8358 nothinux Pending Jan 18 joshbranham, robinpercy XS update docs: updating kops
kubernetes 87113 wawa0210 Pending Jan 18 jingxu97, pmorie, riking, saad-ali, wawa0210 S Fix mount error when the parent directory where the file is located does not exist, when using the hostpath in FileOrCreate mode
kubernetes 87326 wawa0210 Pending Jan 18 andrewsykim, caesarxuchao, dchen1107 S Bump golang/mock version to v1.3.1
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5035 praseodym Pending Jan 18 Miouge1, mirwan, woopstar XS Configure Ansible to not display skipped hosts
kubernetes 80724 cceckman Pending Jan 18 cceckman, lavalamp, liggitt, mikedanese, mtaufen, mvladev, nikhiljindal XXL Provide OIDC discovery for service account token issuer
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1468 bhargavmad Pending Jan 18 chuckha, davidewatson, vincepri L :sparkles: Adds test case to verify High Availability
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1325 Adirio Pending Jan 18 Adirio, camilamacedo86, joelanford XL [WIP] Move configuration file related types and functions to separate package
istio/istio 20068 shamsher31 Pending Jan 18 brian-avery, dgn, shamsher31 L [test] Add test for Health Checking of Istio Services
kubernetes 87350 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jan 18 aaron-prindle, deads2k, lavalamp, smarterclayton, yue9944882 L Refactored QueueSet configuration into two phases
istio/istio 20126 mandarjog Pending Jan 18 bianpengyuan, costinm, diemtvu, gargnupur, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, linsun, mandarjog, rshriram, yxue XL Adding Alpn for TCP metadata exchange support
kubernetes 82886 niharikabhavaraju Pending Jan 18 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, mikedanese S Fixes #68026: revise some golint errors in some packages
istio/istio 20296 ramaraochavali Pending Jan 18 howardjohn M ads: ensure ads refuses connections when caches are not synced
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 208 seanmalloy Pending Jan 18 aveshagarwal, damemi, seanmalloy L Streamline Deployment Docs For End Users
enhancements 1438 janosi Pending Jan 18 andrewsykim, caseydavenport, janosi, liggitt, sftim, thinalai, thockin L Different protocols in the same Service definition with type=LoadBalancer
kubernetes 87353 aojea Pending Jan 18 aojea, aramase, khenidak, liggitt, m1093782566, nicksardo, thockin M kube-proxy: validate dual-stack cidrs
kubernetes 76428 koesie10 Pending Jan 18 caesarxuchao, lavalamp, mbohlool, wojtek-t M Fix code-generator compatibility with Windows
kops 8282 hakman Pending Jan 18 hakman, johngmyers, joshbranham, justinsb, rifelpet, robinpercy S Update default instance types for AWS
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1323 Adirio LGTM Jan 18 camilamacedo86, estroz, mengqiy M Order linters
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 240 alex1989hu Pending Jan 18 jingxu97, saad-ali, xing-yang L fix: go module requirements for semantic versioning
kubernetes 86869 SataQiu Pending Jan 18 SataQiu, aojea, caseydavenport, freehan, liggitt, thockin L kube-proxy: fix the bug that kube-proxy could not restart automatically after changing kube-proxy configmap
enhancements 1466 feiskyer Pending Jan 18 craiglpeters, khenidak S Mark KEP Support Out-of-Tree Azure Cloud Provider as implementable
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 255 ZeroMagic Pending Jan 18 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx, pohly L feat: add inline volume support
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 60 justinsb Pending Jan 18 DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, atoato88, justinsb L Fetch manifests over http/https
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 62 justinsb Pending Jan 18 atoato88, droot, johnsonj, justinsb, pwittrock L Support multiple packages in a channel manifest file
enhancements 1429 lachie83 Pending Jan 18 aojea, caseydavenport, liggitt, smarterclayton, thockin S [sig-network/dualstack] Update dualstack graduation criteria for 1.18
website 18762 gaoguangze111 Pending Jan 18 SataQiu, pigletfly, tanjunchen XS Add additional ways to contribute part to update zh doc
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 61 justinsb Pending Jan 18 johnsonj, mengqiy, pwittrock XS Replace yaml.v2 with
cluster-registry 275 chases2 LGTM Jan 18 cjwagner, font, madhusudancs, perotinus, pmorie XS Update to k8s-ci-robot's command list
kubernetes-sigs/krew 468 rajatjindal Pending Jan 18 ahmetb, soltysh XS add documentation about automating release using krew-release-bot
kops 8119 justinsb Pending Jan 18 joshbranham, robinpercy L WIP: Addons: Support arbitrary additional objects
kops 8117 justinsb Pending Jan 18 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL WIP: Add nodelocaldns controller to kops-controller
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 763 alenkacz Pending Jan 18 pwittrock, shawn-hurley XS ✨ (:sparkles, minor) APIServer defaults deduplication
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 762 alenkacz Pending Jan 18 DirectXMan12, droot S 📖 (:book:, docs) Remove references to ''
kubernetes-csi/external-attacher 200 cwdsuzhou Pending Jan 18 cwdsuzhou, jsafrane, liggitt, lpabon, msau42 L update volumeAttachment to v1
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1324 Adirio LGTM Jan 18 Adirio, DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, estroz, joelanford, mengqiy S Order Travis stages
website 16869 shundezhang Pending Jan 18 kbarnard10, mrbobbytables, onlydole, parispittman, vonguard XL Create
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 442 antitree Pending Jan 18 ahmetb, antitree, corneliusweig M new plugin: net-forward
kubernetes 86895 smarterclayton Pending Jan 18 aojea, caesarxuchao, danwinship, dcbw, derekwaynecarr, khenidak, liggitt, smarterclayton, thockin XXL service: Handle single stack service errors when dual-stack flag enabled
gengo 162 wzshiming Pending Jan 18 sttts, wojtek-t XS Update plural_namer.go
website 18761 gaoguangze111 Pending Jan 18 SataQiu, pigletfly S Update zh
charts 20225 d0x2f Pending Jan 18 XS [incubator/kubeless] Update kubeless version and fix resource issues
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5220 matjazp Pending Jan 18 Miouge1, ant31, holmsten, matjazp, mirwan XS fix using systemd cgroup driver for containerd 18760 gaoguangze111 Pending Jan 18 XS Update source-ip documentation 18757 gavinfish Pending Jan 18 dchen1107 XS Fix broken links for zh tasks/administer-cluster/
helm 7432 dastrobu Pending Jan 18 XS fix(helm): sort hooks by kind for equal weight
helm 7431 dastrobu Pending Jan 18 XS WIP: feat(helm): add recreate update (rollback) strategy
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1380 otterley Pending Jan 18 XS Update AWS documentation
website 18760 gaoguangze111 Pending Jan 18 SataQiu, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L Update source-ip documentation
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1255 aojea Pending Jan 18 BenTheElder, aojea XL [WIP][DO NOT MERGE] Test dual stack PR
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5500 qvicksilver Pending Jan 18 Miouge1, ant31, holmsten L Fix recover-control-plane to work with etcd 3.3.x and add CI
test-infra 15940 ameukam LGTM Jan 18 BenTheElder, cblecker, munnerz S Add Github labels for repo
website 18193 tom1299 Pending Jan 18 daminisatya, sftim, tengqm, tom1299 XS Remove link to deprecated cluster monitoring
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 127 justinsb Pending Jan 18 akutz, moshloop, qqshfox L imagebuilder: Add stretch images for 1.16 and 1.17
minikube 6341 afbjorklund Pending Jan 18 josedonizetti, medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg XS WIP: Change the compression methods used on the iso
kubernetes 87342 Huang-Wei Pending Jan 18 dashpole, wgliang XL [WIP] Move GeneralPredicates logic to kubelet.
kubernetes 82779 sofat1989 Pending Jan 18 Random-Liu, mtaufen XS wait for newer cache and stop the container in created status
kubernetes 87351 yiyang5055 Pending Jan 18 mtaufen, savitharaghunathan, stealthybox S move kubelet flag --kubeconfig to config
kubeflow/website 1529 EDGsheryl LGTM Jan 18 carmine, jlewi, sarahmaddox, suleisl2000, texasmichelle, wackxu S update mxjob docs
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1269 BenTheElder Pending Jan 18 BenTheElder, aojea, munnerz XL kind test MVP
istio/ 6133 mossinfan Pending Jan 18 ilylia M zh-translation:zh/docs/ops/best-practices/security/ #5990
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2089 tahsinrahman Pending Jan 18 chuckha, justinsb, ncdc L Use kind as library for create and delete
kubernetes-sigs/aws-encryption-provider 58 rajatjindal Pending Jan 18 justinsb, micahhausler M allow debug logging and add logging to encrypt/decrypt operations
istio/istio 20232 su225 Pending Jan 18 dgn, su225 L (#18285) test for TCP traffic shifting
kubeflow/code-intelligence 77 jlewi LGTM Jan 18 hamelsmu, inc0, jlewi M Use json logging to log information about the issue being processed when exceptions occur
istio/istio 19527 johscheuer Pending Jan 18 incfly, myidpt L Validate cert chain for Kubernetes secrets
kubernetes 82403 chendave Pending Jan 18 ixdy, mkumatag XS Remove ARM archs from base images list of sample-apiserver
kops 8318 johngmyers Pending Jan 18 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL Remove addons only applicable to unsupported versions of Kubernetes
community 4419 cblecker LGTM Jan 18 Phillels, nikhita, parispittman M Update chairs and teams for Contributor Experience
org 1569 cblecker LGTM Jan 18 mrbobbytables, nikhita, parispittman S Update sig-contributor-experience-leads
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1322 hatkyinc2 Pending Jan 18 DirectXMan12, estroz, mengqiy, pmorie, pwittrock S Improve controller-gen installer task
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 505 rohansingh Pending Jan 18 alex1545, chrislovecnm, nlopezgi, smukherj1 L Parse stamp variables in substitutions
istio/tools 681 carolynhu Pending Jan 18 XS [WIP] Collect istio-proxy container cpu and memory for fortio pods
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2114 mortent Pending Jan 18 droot, mengqiy, mortent, pwittrock XL Restructure the Apply command to separate printing from the code that actually does the work
istio/istio 20169 esnible Pending Jan 18 ayj, esnible, howardjohn, nmittler XXL istioctl describe: fixes, test case, remove deprecated code
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1288 rajatjindal Pending Jan 18 linki, njuettner S allow to associate aws dns records with health checks
website 18750 lightlace LGTM Jan 18 gochist, seokho-son, ysyukr S Use monospace for HostFolder and VM in the korean Minikube setup guide.
kubernetes 85319 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jan 18 MikeSpreitzer, aaron-prindle, bjrara, deads2k, jktomer, lavalamp, mars1024, yliaog, yue9944882 XXL Added request filter and configuration controller
istio/istio 20225 howardjohn Pending Jan 18 elfinhe, howardjohn, mandarjog XXL Turn on v2 telemetry for http by default
kubernetes 85617 andrewsykim Pending Jan 18 andrewsykim, bowei, danwinship, thockin L proxier: only get local addresses once per sync loop
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 170 listx Pending Jan 18 dims, justinsb, thockin XXL Auditor e2e test
kubernetes 87253 SaranBalaji90 LGTM Jan 18 dchen1107, justinsb, lavalamp, liggitt, micahhausler, smarterclayton S Update aws-sdk-go dependency to v1.28.2
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 455 davidz627 Pending Jan 18 jingxu97, msau42, verult S Update volume limits for new machine types:
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 399 zetsub0u Pending Jan 18 davidz627, msau42 M add pvc metadata to createvolume req
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2093 clayvan Pending Jan 18 moshloop, ncdc, randomvariable, vincepri XS 📖 Fixing a small documentation typo
kubernetes 87320 bharaththiruveedula Pending Jan 18 deads2k, mengqiy XS Fix the kubectl taint documentation
kubernetes-sigs/execution-hook 5 ashish-amarnath Pending Jan 18 ashish-amarnath, liyinan926, prydonius, xing-yang XXL Implement ExecutionHook CRDs API Types
kubernetes 87348 bharaththiruveedula Pending Jan 18 feiskyer, tallclair S Add --version-json flag to kubelet to get complete information
istio/istio 20259 bianpengyuan Pending Jan 18 bianpengyuan, costinm, howardjohn, linsun, mandarjog, rshriram M Add stats and metadata wasm plugin into proxy image
kubernetes 87335 dims LGTM Jan 18 dashpole, derekwaynecarr, dims, neolit123, oomichi, yujuhong M switch to docker command line in tests/e2e_node
kubernetes 83738 bashofmann Pending Jan 18 NickrenREN, anguslees, dims XS Automated cherry pick of #82264: openstack: do not delete LB in case of security group
kubernetes 85588 windayski Pending Jan 18 msau42, roberthbailey S Release 1.15 volume expand of flexvolume
kubernetes 87096 andrewsykim LGTM Jan 18 jdef, thockin, yastij L Automated cherry pick of #87043: Ensure a provider ID is set on a node if expected
kubernetes 87208 bhagwat070919 LGTM Jan 18 M00nF1sh, jsafrane, nckturner, zmerlynn M Automated cherry pick of #84265: Fixes unnecessary creation of default SG and trying to delete
kubernetes 87144 andy-wolf168 Pending Jan 18 a-robinson, andrewsykim, mattjmcnaughton XXL do not evict high priority pods when diskPressure in k8s 1.15
kubernetes 87186 rosti Pending Jan 18 dixudx, rosti, yagonobre S Automated cherry pick of #82267: kubeadm: Form correct URL for IPv6 in HTTPProxy check
kubernetes 87310 nilo19 LGTM Jan 18 feiskyer, justaugustus S cherry pick of #87246: Fix the bug PIP's DNS is deleted if no DNS label service annotation isn't set.
kubernetes 83565 zouyee Pending Jan 18 humblec, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42 XS Automated cherry pick of #83104: IP validates if a string is a valid IP address
kubernetes 83737 bashofmann Pending Jan 18 FengyunPan2, NickrenREN XS Automated cherry pick of #82264: openstack: do not delete LB in case of security group
kubernetes 85262 matthyx LGTM Jan 18 dchen1107, krmayankk, odinuge, vishh L Automated cherry pick of #84279: Add startupProbe result handling to kuberuntime
kubernetes 85264 matthyx Pending Jan 18 Random-Liu, feiskyer, vishh, yujuhong M Automated cherry pick of #84291: Clarify startupProbe e2e tests
kubernetes 85587 windayski Pending Jan 18 jsafrane, saad-ali S Release 1.16 flexvolume expand
kubernetes 87207 bhagwat070919 LGTM Jan 18 M00nF1sh, nckturner, zmerlynn M Automated cherry pick of #84265: Fixes unnecessary creation of default SG and trying to delete
kubernetes 86825 nikopen Pending Jan 18 bowei, cmluciano, mattjmcnaughton M Automated cherry pick of #71653: fix cni timeout
kubernetes 87022 wawa0210 Pending Jan 18 kawych, piosz XS Automated cherry pick of #83362: Bind metrics-server containers to linux nodes to avoid
kubernetes 87045 kwiesmueller Pending Jan 18 apelisse, cheftako, deads2k, jennybuckley, justaugustus, thockin XS bump smd to version with backported bugfixes
kubernetes 87066 huchengze Pending Jan 18 BenTheElder, dims, huchengze, mkumatag XS [Step 2] Build mips64le v1.0.0 debian-base image
kubernetes 87095 andrewsykim LGTM Jan 18 jszczepkowski, thockin, yastij L Automated cherry pick of #87043: Ensure a provider ID is set on a node if expected
kubernetes 87287 aojea Pending Jan 18 dcbw, dnardo, johnbelamaric, justaugustus, thockin L Automated cherry pick of #85993: kubenet: replace gateway with cni result
kubernetes 87311 nilo19 LGTM Jan 18 andyzhangx, feiskyer M cherry pick of #87246: Fix the bug PIP's DNS is deleted if no DNS label service annotation isn't set.
kubernetes 87316 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 18 lavalamp, mkumatag S Automated cherry pick of #87106: Update to golang@1.13.6
kubernetes 87206 bhagwat070919 LGTM Jan 18 M00nF1sh, justinsb, nckturner M Automated cherry pick of #84265: Fixes unnecessary creation of default SG and trying to delete
kubernetes 87286 aojea LGTM Jan 18 dcbw, justaugustus, nicksardo, thockin L Automated cherry pick of #85993: kubenet: replace gateway with cni result
kubernetes 86777 huchengze Pending Jan 18 gnufied, jsafrane, verult XS Add DynamicPluginProber for startVolumeExpandController in release 1.17
kubernetes 87020 wawa0210 LGTM Jan 18 RainbowMango, kawych, loburm, x13n XS Automated cherry pick of #83362: Bind metrics-server containers to linux nodes to avoid
kubernetes 87094 andrewsykim LGTM Jan 18 quinton-hoole, wlan0, yastij L Automated cherry pick of #87043: Ensure a provider ID is set on a node if expected
kubernetes 87312 nilo19 LGTM Jan 18 feiskyer, justaugustus, khenidak M cherry pick of #87246: Fix the bug PIP's DNS is deleted if no DNS label service annotation isn't set.
kubernetes 87315 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 18 lavalamp, listx S Automated cherry pick of #87106: Update to golang@1.13.6
kubernetes-client/go 32 thinkerou Pending Jan 18 brendandburns, yliaog L Add go module
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-lib-external-provisioner 61 davidz627 Pending Jan 18 childsb, jsafrane, msau42 M Change so that provisioners 'shouldDelete' a volume if it is 'migrated-to' the provisioner in question
kops 8366 lazzarello LGTM Jan 18 KashifSaadat, johngmyers, joshbranham, lazzarello, rifelpet, robinpercy S Use IAMPrefix() for hostedzone
kubeflow/pipelines 2865 Ark-kun Pending Jan 18 numerology XL SDK - Components refactoring
googleforgames/open-match 1059 calebatwd Pending Jan 18 Laremere, yfei1 XL feature: release tickets api
kubernetes-csi/external-resizer 71 windayski LGTM Jan 18 msau42, pohly XS fix incorrect link
website 18662 zacharysarah LGTM Jan 18 caniszczyk, celestehorgan, kbarnard10, onlydole, zacharysarah M Add blog post: Reviewing 2019 in Docs
kubeflow/pipelines 2850 rui5i LGTM Jan 18 Bobgy, IronPan, numerology, rui5i L [Test] Add KFP MKP deployment for e2e tests
minikube 6200 laozc Pending Jan 18 RA489, josedonizetti, laozc, medyagh S wip: Use profile name as cluster/node name
minikube 6264 laozc Pending Jan 18 RA489, blueelvis XL Create Hyper-V External Switch 18756 sharjeelaziz Pending Jan 18 XS Make content consistent according to style guidelines. 18754 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 18 XS feat: add ephermeral container approach inside pod debug page. 18753 gedimitr Pending Jan 18 jimangel, neolit123 XS Fix typo in manifests path 18752 merkata Pending Jan 18 zparnold XS en: Fix minor semantical issue 18751 lightlace Pending Jan 18 nasa9084 XS Use monospace for HostFolder and VM in japanese Minikube setup guide 18750 lightlace Pending Jan 18 gochist XS Use monospace for HostFolder and VM in the korean Minikube setup guide. 18749 lightlace Pending Jan 18 feloy XS Use monospace for HostFolder and VM in the French Minikube setup guide. 18748 lightlace Pending Jan 18 kbhawkey XS Use monospace for HostFolder and VM (english)
charts 20223 jfrancisco0 Pending Jan 18 XS [stable/verdaccio] Add environment variables definition
charts 20222 kjake Pending Jan 18 XS [stable/graylog] Update elasticsearch dependency version.
charts 20221 spiette Pending Jan 18 XS [stable/fluent-bit] add extraConfigMapEntries value
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3128 lumjjb Pending Jan 18 XS [1.16] Add image decryption capabilities
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3128 lumjjb Pending Jan 18 XS [1.16] Add image decryption capabilities
istio/istio 20085 ayj Pending Jan 18 ayj, howardjohn L remove the ability for pilot to register CRDs itself
istio/proxy 2629 gargnupur Pending Jan 18 bianpengyuan, mandarjog L Add TCP Metrics in stats filter similar to Istio 1.4
istio/istio 20291 richardwxn Pending Jan 18 L Update manifest migrate based on IOP API change
website 18756 sharjeelaziz Pending Jan 18 kbarnard10, mikedanese L Make content consistent according to style guidelines.
kubernetes 87166 jingxu97 Pending Jan 18 dashpole, derekwaynecarr, msau42 L Fix issue in kubelet getMountedVolumePathListFromDisk
website 18657 ten2ton Pending Jan 18 pigletfly, tengqm XXL zh-trans update content/zh/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/deploy…
minikube 6339 inductor Pending Jan 18 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, medyagh L Update Japanese translation
istio/proxy 2628 bianpengyuan Pending Jan 18 L [release-1.4] Add extra labels to sd logging
istio/api 1233 igsong Pending Jan 18 dcberg, geeknoid, igsong, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson S Add the HeaderMatch field and type for supporting all the header match types of Envoy
kubeflow/manifests 715 kubeflow-bot Pending Jan 18 hougangliu, krishnadurai S [auto PR] Update the profile-controller image to commit vmaster-g960587ac
test-infra 15564 justaugustus Pending Jan 18 chases2, stevekuznetsov, tpepper S [WIP] Update k8sVersions in test_config.yaml to use latest-x.y version markers
dns 340 sambdavidson Pending Jan 18 bowei, prameshj, sambdavidson S Fixed negative Prometheus counter panic in DNS sidecar.
kubeflow/manifests 714 kubeflow-bot Pending Jan 18 ashahba, jlewi XS [auto PR] Update the centraldashboard image to commit vmaster-g69497cd2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 365 noamran Pending Jan 18 CecileRobertMichon, justaugustus L add unit tests for internalloadbalancers
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 147 pytimer Pending Jan 18 chuckha, dlipovetsky, justinsb, pytimer L Add renew certificates subcommand
minikube 6338 medyagh Pending Jan 18 priyawadhwa, tstromberg XL wip: Unify bootstrappers for both VM and contianer
kubernetes 87167 tallclair Pending Jan 18 deads2k, mikedanese, sttts, tallclair L Always include remoteAddr in source IP list for audit
ingress-gce 995 skmatti Pending Jan 18 freehan, rramkumar1, skmatti, thockin M Make frontend resource deletion test verify that ingress VIP is unchanged
website 18745 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 18 Colstuwjx, jsafrane, sftim, thockin XS fix: adding csi link and correct some words used to clarify access mode.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 364 CecileRobertMichon Pending Jan 18 juan-lee, justaugustus XXL Add 3 control plane cluster E2E test
kubernetes 87188 claudiubelu Pending Jan 18 claudiubelu, listx, mkumatag M test images: Image Promoter fixes
istio/istio 20252 elfinhe Pending Jan 18 ostromart L Translate ICP into IOP when istioctl upgrade gets ICP as input.
website 18752 merkata Pending Jan 18 Bradamant3, savitharaghunathan, steveperry-53, zparnold XS en: Fix minor semantical issue
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 22 jingxu97 Pending Jan 18 ddebroy, msau42 XS Enable unit test
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5547 rodrigc Pending Jan 18 ant31, holmsten, mattymo, mirwan, rodrigc M Change to
test-infra 14081 juandiegopalomino Pending Jan 18 clarketm, nikhita, zacharysarah XS Adding the triage/deprecated label
enhancements 1462 skilxn-go Pending Jan 18 janetkuo, kow3ns, mattfarina, prydonius L Add kep of inplace-update-pods-for-apps
enhancements 1463 denkensk Pending Jan 18 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, hex108 L KEP for co-scheduling plugin based on scheduler framework
kubeflow/pipelines 2868 Ark-kun Pending Jan 18 hongye-sun, numerology L Samples - Updated the Data passing in python tutorial
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 437 alonyb Pending Jan 18 ahmetb, alonyb, corneliusweig M Migrate to GitHub workflow
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 146 pytimer Pending Jan 18 chuckha, dlipovetsky, justinsb M Add backoff retry when join member at the same time
kubeflow/pipelines 2866 omesser Pending Jan 18 IronPan, jingzhang36 M Enable forcing minio client to v2 signature
kubernetes 80973 xiaoanyunfei LGTM Jan 18 chakri-nelluri, ivan4th, jsafrane, rootfs, rphillips, tedyu, thockin, xiaoanyunfei, zhan849 S fix orphaned pod flexvolume can not be cleaned up
enhancements 1406 nckturner Pending Jan 18 Random-Liu, cheftako, derekwaynecarr, glyn, mattmoor, mikedanese, smarterclayton, tallclair, yujuhong L Credential provider extraction
kubernetes 87329 nicks Pending Jan 18 david-mcmahon, deads2k, mml L cache: add error handling to informers
kubeflow/fairing 448 abhi-g Pending Jan 18 S WIP: testing logging in tiny steps
istio/istio 20173 JimmyCYJ Pending Jan 18 JimmyCYJ, howardjohn, liminw XL Add integration test that covers STS flow from Envoy to Auth backend
test-infra 15937 fejta Pending Jan 18 Katharine, michelle192837 M Declare some trusted service accounts
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1938 neeleshkorade Pending Jan 18 chuckha, detiber, ncdc, neeleshkorade, vincepri L ✨Update APIVersion for bootstrap references for Machine* resources #1852
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1264 danielhelfand Pending Jan 18 BenTheElder, danielhelfand, krzyzacy, neolit123 XS Edit kind delete clusters --all Description
kubernetes 85870 Jefftree LGTM Jan 18 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, enj, liggitt L Use Network Proxy with Authentication & Authorizer Webhooks
kubernetes 87256 BobyMCbobs LGTM Jan 18 ncdc, smarterclayton, timothysc S Promote: Namespace patch test
kubernetes 87317 YuikoTakada Pending Jan 18 alejandrox1, ixdy, timothysc S Use e2eskipper package in test/e2e/framework/
kops 8367 maruina Pending Jan 18 joshbranham, robinpercy XS Update lyft CNI to v0.5.3
minikube 6318 sharifelgamal Pending Jan 17 afbjorklund, medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg XL WIP: Add the Node interface
kubernetes 85819 nan-yu Pending Jan 17 fabriziopandini, kow3ns, mortent, nan-yu, soltysh L Add more tests for the pod disruption budget endpoints
kubernetes-sigs/krew 461 alonyb Pending Jan 17 RubenBaez, ahmetb, alonyb, corneliusweig, ferhatelmas, soltysh M Migrate to GitHub workflows
test-infra 14677 adshmh Pending Jan 17 adshmh, cblecker, michelle192837, stevekuznetsov M Peribolos skip team repo if permissions invalid
enhancements 1077 NickrenREN Pending Jan 17 NickrenREN, cdickmann, childsb, richardelling, saad-ali, xing-yang L PV health monitor KEP
test-infra 15848 google-oss-robot Pending Jan 17 chases2, shyamjvs M Update TestGrid for GoogleCloudPlatform
kubeflow/website 1538 avdaredevil Pending Jan 17 avdaredevil, jlewi, kwasi, sarahmaddox M [CentralDashboard] Docs added for central-dashboard
kubeflow/manifests 713 kubeflow-bot Pending Jan 17 kimwnasptd, krishnadurai XS [auto PR] Update the jupyter-web-app image to commit vmaster-g51fb79ad
ingress-nginx 4878 BrianKopp Pending Jan 17 BrianKopp, ElvinEfendi, aledbf, cmluciano XS Add documentation to cookie path attribute
ingress-gce 992 skmatti Pending Jan 17 MrHohn, thockin XL Graduate backendconfig to GA
ingress-nginx 4943 KashifSaadat Pending Jan 17 aledbf, cmluciano S Update client_golang dependency to v1.3.0
enhancements 1395 tallclair Pending Jan 17 Random-Liu, caesarxuchao, cheftako, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, mrunalp, smarterclayton, tallclair, yujuhong L Cleaning up container streaming requests
minikube 6219 afbjorklund Pending Jan 17 RA489, priyawadhwa L Update the crio.conf instead of overwriting it
kubernetes-client/csharp 348 jurgyy LGTM Jan 17 brendandburns, krabhishek8260, tg123 XS File.Open changed to File.OpenRead
kubeflow/kfserving 628 dylanpiergies Pending Jan 17 bhupc, jinchihe L Replace minio library with boto3 for S3 access
kubernetes-client/java 738 yue9944882 Pending Jan 17 brendandburns, mbohlool, yue9944882 XXL Generic kubernetes api client
kubernetes 83526 eloyekunle Pending Jan 17 eloyekunle, justinsb, smarterclayton, sttts L WIP: import-boss reverse import
kubernetes 80394 jingweno Pending Jan 17 bhagwat070919, gnufied, jingweno, justinsb, micahhausler M Allow UDP for AWS NLB
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 246 google-oss-robot Pending Jan 17 BenTheElder, fejta M Bump prow from v20200117-6b79ed4ed to v20200117-903ce628f
test-infra 15952 k8s-ci-robot Pending Jan 17 fejta M Update prow to v20200117-6384054e3, and other images as necessary.
istio/test-infra 2285 istio-testing Pending Jan 17 Katharine, chases2, cjwagner, clarketm, fejta, michelle192837 M Bump prow from v20200117-6b79ed4ed to v20200117-903ce628f
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 46 danehans Pending Jan 17 bowei, thockin XL Adds enhancement docs
website 18753 gedimitr LGTM Jan 17 gochist, jimangel, makoscafee, neolit123 XS Fix typo in manifests path
test-infra 15554 istio-testing Pending Jan 17 chases2, shyamjvs XXL Update TestGrid for istio
test-infra 15875 justaugustus Pending Jan 17 BenTheElder, Katharine, chases2, cpanato, justaugustus, saschagrunert, tpepper XXL releng: Remove 1.14 jobs, shift beta version marker, and regenerate tests
kubernetes 81742 praseodym Pending Jan 17 SataQiu, deads2k, eparis M Fix staticcheck failures for pkg/registry/...
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2042 outofmem0ry LGTM Jan 17 chuckha, moshloop, randomvariable XS 📖 Fix target management cluster broken link
istio/istio 17941 johnma14 Pending Jan 17 diemtvu, geeknoid, howardjohn, incfly, linsun, rshriram M Enable rewriteAppHTTPProbe by default for better UX
istio/istio 18254 utako Pending Jan 17 ayj, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram, sushicw, utako XL move ingress status controller to galley
istio/istio 18333 cebernardi Pending Jan 17 cebernardi, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, ramaraochavali, rshriram XL Render istio-proxy environment variables from `global.proxy.env` or `environmentOverride` annotation
istio/istio 18364 burmanm Pending Jan 17 burmanm, sushicw L Add analyzers for DestinationRules
istio/istio 18529 marshallford Pending Jan 17 JimmyCYJ, marshallford, morvencao L allows for customization of sds ingress secrets namespace from helm chart
istio/istio 18866 quanjielin Pending Jan 17 JimmyCYJ, howardjohn, myidpt, quanjielin XS add configure citadel max-workload-cert-ttl through helm
istio/istio 18959 ChangyuWang Pending Jan 17 S Set dnsLookupFamily by node ip
istio/istio 20280 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 elfinhe XXL Move webhook to pilot component
istio/istio 19266 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 costinm, douglas-reid, geeknoid, linsun, rshriram M xds: enable skip node ID
kubernetes 87340 janosi Pending Jan 17 WanLinghao, ncdc, smarterclayton, sttts, yliaog M JSONPath support to filter on non-existent fields
istio/istio 19284 irisdingbj Pending Jan 17 christian-posta, costinm, esnible, geeknoid, howardjohn, irisdingbj, linsun, rshriram L Support IstioControlPlane cr and --set for istioctl verify-install
istio/istio 19313 nak3 Pending Jan 17 geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XS Print default health check values
istio/istio 19357 lei-tang Pending Jan 17 howardjohn XS Automatically config the ClusterRole based on certificates setting
istio/istio 19374 ckcd Pending Jan 17 ckcd, mandarjog XS tweak outlier detection stats
istio/istio 19404 Jingzhao123 Pending Jan 17 Jingzhao123, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram M Enable Istio build on Arm64 platform
istio/istio 19525 johscheuer Pending Jan 17 morvencao L WIP: Remove Jobs in istio-init
istio/istio 19530 kyessenov Pending Jan 17 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, kyessenov S traffic direction: set egress to INBOUND
istio/istio 19533 richardwxn Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram M pilot agent not exit when coredump is enabled
istio/istio 19537 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jan 17 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram M Remove legacy networkview
istio/istio 19553 johscheuer Pending Jan 17 irisdingbj, johscheuer S Add DestinationRule for Citadel
istio/istio 19623 kebe7jun Pending Jan 17 howardjohn XS Exit PortForwarder after 'lost connection to pod'
istio/istio 19670 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 rshriram, sdake M Remove Dockerfile.proxytproxy
istio/istio 19675 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 howardjohn, nak3, nmittler, sdake XXL Add testing for minimal profile with knative
istio/istio 19715 lambdai Pending Jan 17 M WIP envoy2envoy
istio/istio 20228 ostromart Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, ostromart, rshriram, sdake M Updating charts readme
istio/istio 19782 kuzaxak Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, kuzaxak, liamawhite, linsun, rshriram XL [WIP] Add possibility to inject readinessGates via Sidecar Injector
kubeflow/fairing 447 xauthulei Pending Jan 17 abhi-g, jinchihe M Enhance the logging info output in the debug model
istio/istio 19784 nicktrav Pending Jan 17 bianpengyuan, costinm, howardjohn, linsun, myidpt, nicktrav, rshriram XXL Update Stackdriver dependency to v0.12.8
istio/istio 19811 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jan 17 hzxuzhonghu, lambdai M Replace use_original_dst with original_dst listener filter
istio/istio 19820 therealmitchconnors Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram, therealmitchconnors M WIP: Add istioctl wait to split horizon test.
istio/istio 19844 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jan 17 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, rshriram S only compareEndpoints when resource version updates
istio/istio 19852 pnovotnak Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, pnovotnak, rshriram L Thrift routing and rate limiting
istio/istio 19858 martinbaillie Pending Jan 17 ayj, frankbu XS Allow re-use of base.yaml
istio/istio 19879 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 JimmyCYJ M Use consistent logging scope names
istio/istio 19893 bianpengyuan Pending Jan 17 bianpengyuan, gargnupur, howardjohn, mandarjog, richardwxn XL Add sd e2e test
istio/istio 19898 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 costinm, douglas-reid, linsun, rshriram XL Move dashboard test to integration test
istio/istio 19915 jjjighg Pending Jan 17 brian-avery, costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, rshriram M Add support for building arm64 images using local envoy.
istio/istio 19937 sdake Pending Jan 17 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XS Place istio/istio on BUILD_WITH_CONTAINER=1 plan
istio/istio 19989 panjf2000 Pending Jan 17 douglas-reid, panjf2000 L Improve proto.Buffer pool performance
istio/istio 20036 douglas-reid Pending Jan 17 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, kyessenov, linsun, mandarjog, rshriram M feat(grpc status codes): report grpc status codes via mixer
istio/istio 20043 yxue Pending Jan 17 PiotrSikora, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, kyessenov, yxue M add tls_inspector for virtual inbound listener
istio/istio 20067 dgn Pending Jan 17 howardjohn M Actually test the duplicate CSR case
istio/istio 20099 su225 Pending Jan 17 brian-avery, costinm, dgn, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram, su225 L An test for circuit breaker (#18287)
istio/istio 20103 myidpt Pending Jan 17 JimmyCYJ, howardjohn L Fix SDS server blocked resp handling and tests.
istio/istio 20114 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jan 17 ayj, hzxuzhonghu XL Asynchronously handle mcp response
istio/istio 20125 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, rshriram L Cleanup racetest targets
istio/istio 20131 jmazzitelli Pending Jan 17 howardjohn, jmazzitelli XXL [kiali] use kiali operator to install and manage kiali
istio/istio 20148 irisdingbj Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, irisdingbj, linsun, ostromart, rshriram XS copy over operator pr 742
istio/istio 20150 morvencao Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, morvencao, ostromart, rshriram L sync operator prs.
istio/istio 20167 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 ramaraochavali M Add metric for the reason a push was triggered
istio/istio 20176 ostromart Pending Jan 17 howardjohn, morvencao L Sync missed changes from operator
istio/istio 20186 lambdai Pending Jan 17 lambdai, rlenglet XL DONTMERGE: explore running istio-iptables with user and group id 1337
istio/istio 20191 julisman Pending Jan 17 kyessenov S add istio-system namespace on sample policy
istio/istio 20205 luksa Pending Jan 17 rcernich M Fix finalization in operator
istio/istio 20217 MitaliBo Pending Jan 17 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XS Version update to resolve security issue in multiple modules
istio/istio 20226 JimmyCYJ Pending Jan 17 liminw XXL Add more tests for proxy STS flow
istio/istio 20231 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jan 17 diemtvu, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, rshriram L Fix headless service access in strict mode when autoMTLS enabled
istio/istio 20242 bianpengyuan Pending Jan 17 bianpengyuan, howardjohn, mandarjog XS Skip stats filter test when operator is not used
istio/istio 20244 richardwxn Pending Jan 17 L check enablement from values pass through
istio/istio 20258 gargnupur Pending Jan 17 bianpengyuan, gargnupur, howardjohn, mandarjog, ostromart, richardwxn XXL Turn on v2 telemetry on by default for http and tcp
istio/istio 20267 howardjohn Pending Jan 17 XS Remove certmanager CRD from e2e test, fixing test flakes
kubernetes 85445 shaloulcy Pending Jan 17 caesarxuchao, deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, mm4tt, mml, shaloulcy, wojtek-t L add indexer for storage cacher
kubernetes 87338 deads2k Pending Jan 17 derekwaynecarr, ncdc S add crash protection to wait functions that were missing it
kubeflow/manifests 338 mattnworb Pending Jan 17 gabrielwen, lluunn, richardsliu S add livenessProbe to ml-pipeline-ui
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 21 kkmsft Pending Jan 17 ddebroy, jingxu97 L [WIP] IsLikelyNotMountPath implementation
kubernetes-sigs/execution-hook 4 ashish-amarnath Pending Jan 17 ashish-amarnath, kow3ns, xing-yang XXL Implement executionhook controller
istio/api 1236 richardwxn Pending Jan 17 dcberg, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson M fix toleration type for operator
kops 8333 gjtempleton Pending Jan 17 joshbranham, robinpercy S CoreDNS default image bump to 1.6.6 to resolve CVE
website 18701 wojtekidd LGTM Jan 17 mfilocha, nvtkaszpir XS tą instalację -> tę instalację
kubeflow/kubeflow 4662 avdaredevil Pending Jan 17 avdaredevil, kwasi, prodonjs XS [CentralDashboard] Registration flow onError delay removed
website 18252 sftim Pending Jan 17 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, kbhawkey, mikebrow, tengqm M Cleanup pod lifecycle page
enhancements 1187 konghui Pending Jan 17 deads2k, konghui, lavalamp, liggitt, php-coder L User can check HTTP Probe with status code and response content
kubernetes 87337 smarterclayton Pending Jan 17 hongchaodeng, zmerlynn XXL DO NOT MERGE: service: Default IPFamily when reading from the server as configured
kubernetes 83455 tedyu Pending Jan 17 Random-Liu, dchen1107, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, tedyu, yujuhong S Update pod status if last update is too old
kubernetes 86816 deads2k Pending Jan 17 deads2k, kabakaev, lavalamp, mikedanese, neolit123 L add dynamic reloading for CSR signing controllers
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 45 bowei Pending Jan 17 alexgervais, bowei, hbagdi, howardjohn, ironcladlou, jpeach, robscott, szuecs, thockin, youngnick XL GatewayClass concepts
kops 8145 mccare Pending Jan 17 joshbranham, robinpercy XL Enabling JSON output for Terraform instead of writing the HCL syntax …
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1346 Toxicable Pending Jan 17 Toxicable, alex1545, gregmagolan, nlopezgi, smukherj1 L add layer for npm packages
kubernetes 87266 claudiubelu Pending Jan 17 deads2k, dims, yliaog XL WIP: tests: Refactor agnhost image pod usage
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 17 kkmsft Pending Jan 17 andyzhangx, ddebroy, jingxu97, kkmsft, msau42 XXL Volume APIs
sig-release 961 alejandrox1 Pending Jan 17 justaugustus, lachie83, mrbobbytables S Updated RT lead handbook with onboarding information
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2127 mortent Pending Jan 17 droot, mengqiy M Fix printing to make sure always match setting colors with a reset
website 18748 lightlace Pending Jan 17 aaron-prindle, balopat, kbhawkey S Use monospace for HostFolder and VM (english)
kubernetes 86408 julianvmodesto LGTM Jan 17 apelisse, jennybuckley, juanvallejo, julianvmodesto, soltysh, tedyu XXL Support server-side dry-run in cli-runtime REST Helper
ingress-gce 991 prameshj Pending Jan 17 MrHohn, freehan, prameshj, rramkumar1, skmatti XXL Add a controller for handling L4 Internal LoadBalancer services
enhancements 1351 prameshj Pending Jan 17 bowei, caseydavenport, johnbelamaric, prameshj, sftim, thockin S GA graduation criteria for NodeLocal DNSCache
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 47 codenrhoden Pending Jan 17 akutz, codenrhoden, detiber, justinsb, moshloop M OVA: Make ubuntu preseed not rely on internet
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 173 seanmalloy Pending Jan 17 aveshagarwal S Use correct GCR staging registry
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 129 codenrhoden Pending Jan 17 moshloop, vincepri L Add RHEL 7 support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1476 randomvariable Pending Jan 17 ingvagabund, justinsb M [held] ⚠️ ELB uses separate security group
kubernetes 86476 munnerz Pending Jan 17 deads2k, liggitt, mikedanese, munnerz L CertificateSigningRequest 'signerName' field API additions
kubeflow/website 1535 sarahmaddox Pending Jan 17 aronchick, kunmingg M WIP early commit for banner on archived docs.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1487 cpanato LGTM Jan 17 cpanato, ncdc, sethp-nr, vincepri M :sparkles: Add liveness/readiness probes
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 63 colek42 Pending Jan 17 Madhu-1, colek42, lpabon, pohly, sbezverk S [WIP] Support for multi-arch
perf-tests 988 YangLu1031 LGTM Jan 17 krzysied, mborsz, mm4tt, oxddr, pjh, wojtek-t, yliaog XS Slow down the speed of pods creation to 1 pod / 30s
website 18751 lightlace Pending Jan 17 makocchi-git, nasa9084, oke-py S Use monospace for HostFolder and VM in japanese Minikube setup guide
kubernetes 87267 RaunakShah Pending Jan 17 deads2k, juanvallejo, yuxiaobo96 XS Fix golint errors for pkg/registry/apps/statefulset/storage
kubeflow/website 1469 ammarn911 Pending Jan 17 aronchick, carmine, knkski, lluunn, neuromage, ofaz, sarahmaddox L Update
website 18749 lightlace Pending Jan 17 feloy, rbenzair, yastij S Use monospace for HostFolder and VM in the French Minikube setup guide.
dashboard 4803 dependabot-preview[bot] Pending Jan 17 floreks, olekzabl XS Bump @types/node from 13.1.7 to 13.1.8
kops 8248 hakman LGTM Jan 17 johngmyers, joshbranham, justinsb, rifelpet, robinpercy XS Fix issues with older versions of k8s for basic clusters
minikube 6334 priyawadhwa Pending Jan 17 RA489, tstromberg L Remove addon manager
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 136 jpbetz Pending Jan 17 apelisse, jennybuckley, jpbetz, lavalamp XXL Add reflector based implementation of value interface
kubernetes 87179 Jefftree Pending Jan 17 Jefftree, apelisse, caesarxuchao, cheftako, dberkov, deads2k L UDS + GRPC Support for Network Proxy
kubernetes 86933 munnerz Pending Jan 17 deads2k, liggitt, mikedanese, munnerz XL Add CertificateApproval admission plugin
website 18716 prameshj Pending Jan 17 bowei, bradtopol, prameshj, sftim M Update with config steps.
istio/istio 20117 panjf2000 Pending Jan 17 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, linsun, panjf2000, rshriram L Avoid memory allocations when converting string to byte slice
kubernetes 86795 tedyu Pending Jan 17 jingxu97, jsafrane, mattjmcnaughton, msau42, tedyu, verult M Check kubeClient against nil for reconciler
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1442 vincepri Pending Jan 17 detiber, ncdc, sethp-nr L :sparkles: Support cross zone load balancing option
istio/istio 20271 EvertonSA Pending Jan 17 M feat: add helm values to docs
kubernetes 87265 oomichi Pending Jan 17 alejandrox1, neolit123, oomichi, spiffxp, sttts L Enable verify-import-boss check for e2e framework
istio/tools 677 richardwxn Pending Jan 17 carolynhu, howardjohn, mandarjog, richardwxn L add recent updates to perf benchmark
minikube 6322 chancez Pending Jan 17 priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal, tstromberg L Configure etcd and kube-proxy metrics to listen on minikube node IP
minikube 6236 tstromberg Pending Jan 17 blueelvis, sharifelgamal S Check for nil ref and img before passing them into go-containerregistry
minikube 6243 afbjorklund Pending Jan 17 RA489, medyagh, tstromberg XS Do not use an arch suffix for the coredns name
minikube 6266 sshukun Pending Jan 17 afbjorklund, medyagh XS Fix typo and improve documents
minikube 6273 tstromberg Pending Jan 17 josedonizetti, medyagh, priyawadhwa M Only grab post-mortem logs if VM is running
minikube 6279 afbjorklund Pending Jan 17 priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal S WIP: Add platform option when downloading images
minikube 6325 afbjorklund Pending Jan 17 josedonizetti, medyagh, tstromberg XS Stop minikube dashboard from crashing at start
perf-tests 991 alejandrox1 Pending Jan 17 krzysied, mborsz M Enable HA support for resource metric measurements
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 725 wfernandes Pending Jan 17 andrewsykim, sidharthsurana M Add clusterctl labels to CAPV components
kubeflow/manifests 709 enriquedacostacambio LGTM Jan 17 IronPan, ajchili, kkasravi XS Upgrade pipeline-visualization-service to 0.1.31
charts 20220 eyenx Pending Jan 17 XS Bug/fix solr requirements
charts 20219 mcdan Pending Jan 17 XS [incubator/kafka] Add same secrets the brokers get to the job so it can setup topics
charts 20215 lohmag Pending Jan 17 XS [stable/rabbitmq] Improvements
charts 20211 rowanruseler Pending Jan 17 XS [stable/pgadmin] upgrade to 4.17 and more
charts 20209 ekeih Pending Jan 17 XS [stable/redis-ha] Fix label selector of haproxy servicemonitor
istio/tools 644 carolynhu Pending Jan 17 carolynhu, howardjohn L perf number mild and extreme outlier detection
kube-openapi 178 mariantalla Pending Jan 17 apelisse, mariantalla, roycaihw, sttts, yujuhong L Support +mapType, +structType markers
helm 7427 poelzi Pending Jan 17 XS Use /usr/bin/env for bash
ingress 4943 KashifSaadat Pending Jan 17 XS Update client_golang dependency to v1.3.0
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3127 haircommander Pending Jan 17 XS WIP: fail on network stop
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3126 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 XS Allow server to start without config
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3127 haircommander Pending Jan 17 XS WIP: fail on network stop
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3126 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 XS Allow server to start without config
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 213 mdavidsen Pending Jan 17 XS Update examples to support v1.16.0+
dashboard 4802 dependabot-preview[bot] Pending Jan 17 jeefy, konryd XS Bump @types/jasmine from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 46 caesarxuchao Pending Jan 17 Jefftree, anfernee, caesarxuchao, cheftako, dberkov XXL Make proxy work even if proxy server is HA and is behind a LB
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 352 Fei-Guo Pending Jan 17 resouer, zhuangqh L [incubator][VC]Add sync controller for StorageClass resource
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1488 wfernandes Pending Jan 17 justinsb, randomvariable M ✨Add clusterctl labels to CAPA components
googleforgames/agones 1283 aLekSer Pending Jan 17 devjgm, dzlier-gcp, markmandel XS CPP SDK example code: detach threads
googleforgames/agones 1282 aLekSer Pending Jan 17 pooneh-m, roberthbailey L Conformance test for CPP SDK
googleforgames/agones 1279 markmandel Pending Jan 17 EricFortin, dzlier-gcp L Fix for Pod deletion during unavailable controller
kubeflow/pipelines 2859 rui5i Pending Jan 17 Bobgy, IronPan, numerology L [WIP]Testing - Add kfp deployment method in test post submit script
kubernetes-sigs/krew 466 chriskim06 Pending Jan 17 ahmetb, corneliusweig XS Add link to sample-cli-plugin in developer guide
googleforgames/agones 1202 rib Pending Jan 17 cyriltovena, markmandel XS Rust SDK: Add passthrough openssl feature
kubeflow/pipelines 2817 magencio Pending Jan 17 neuromage, numerology XXL Add new Ops to Azure Databricks for KFP: secretscope, workspaceitem & dbfsblock
website 18245 anshprat LGTM Jan 17 Rajakavitha1, anshprat, jimangel, kbhawkey, ryanmcginnis, sftim, zacharysarah S Add codenew shortcode to style guide
test-infra 15946 smarterclayton Pending Jan 17 chases2, hongkailiu, stevekuznetsov XS testgrid/openshift: Add bparees to owners
kubernetes 87297 alculquicondor Pending Jan 17 hex108, wgliang L Replace Scheduler.GetBinder with a method
website 18235 julianvmodesto Pending Jan 17 anshprat, apelisse, bradtopol, julianvmodesto, liggitt, sftim M Document dry-run authorization requirements
community 4422 alban Pending Jan 17 jdumars, parispittman XS New slack channel for Inspektor Gadget
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2049 JoelSpeed Pending Jan 17 JoelSpeed, chuckha, enxebre, vincepri L :sparkles: Add MachineHealthCheck types
kubernetes 82350 damemi Pending Jan 17 SataQiu, ahg-g, bsalamat, damemi, draveness, hex108, ravisantoshgudimetla, smarterclayton, spiffxp L Fix preemption race conditions on heavily utilized nodes for e2e tests
test-infra 13731 adshmh Pending Jan 17 adshmh, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Use git client in tide to get the list of files changed by each PR
kubernetes-sigs/application 133 barney-s Pending Jan 17 janetkuo, kow3ns, mortent, pwittrock XXL [WIP] Move from gopkg to gomod and newer dependencies
kubernetes 87299 mikedanese Pending Jan 17 ahg-g, alculquicondor, liggitt XXL WIP: DRAFT: context in client-go
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1005 devkid Pending Jan 17 L Headless service: retrieve endpoints via Endpoints resource; evaluate spec.publishNotReadyAddresses
dashboard 4502 desaintmartin Pending Jan 17 cupofcat, davidalger, desaintmartin, floreks, maciaszczykm, olekzabl XXL Add Helm Chart
autoscaler 2748 krzysied Pending Jan 17 bskiba, jbartosik, krzysied L VPA - Quick OOM for all containers
website 17578 serathius LGTM Jan 17 RainbowMango, brancz, logicalhan, sftim L Document control plane monitoring
website 18272 wawa0210 LGTM Jan 17 ClaudiaJKang, benmoss, gochist, seokho-son XS Remove redundant information when deploy flannel on kubernetes include windows node
community 4168 jianzzha Pending Jan 17 ConnorDoyle, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jianzzha, kad, lmdaly S added --reserved-cpus option
enhancements 1353 pohly Pending Jan 17 NickrenREN, cdickmann, childsb, cofyc, jsafrane, msau42, pohly, saad-ali, satoru-takeuchi, vishnuitta, xing-yang XL Storage Capacity Constraints for Pod Scheduling
kubernetes 87281 tedyu Pending Jan 17 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, tedyu, yifan-gu L Respect timeout in ExecInContainer
kubernetes 87273 SaranBalaji90 Pending Jan 17 SaranBalaji90, dchen1107, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, zhouya0 M Add support for disabling /logs endpoint in kubelet
autoscaler 2742 krzysied Pending Jan 17 bskiba, jbartosik, krzysied, mwielgus L Vpa - Component status
kubernetes 79083 jackkleeman Pending Jan 17 caesarxuchao, deads2k, jackkleeman, liggitt, mikedanese, smarterclayton L Add ability to reload client certificates from disk
kubernetes 86305 saschagrunert LGTM Jan 17 BenTheElder, Random-Liu, bowei, feiskyer, mikedanese M Update cri-tools to v1.17.0
enhancements 1319 Levovar Pending Jan 17 ConnorDoyle, Levovar, bg-chun, derekwaynecarr, ipuustin, jianzzha L Support configuring an exact cpuset as "system-reserved" KEP
perf-tests 978 yiyang5055 Pending Jan 17 liu-cong, yiyang5055 L add e2e_scheduling_duration_seconds in the scheduler perf dashboard
release 1023 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 hoegaarden, justaugustus L WIP: Add first patch release changelog integration test
kubernetes 78620 taragu Pending Jan 17 saad-ali, taragu, vishh XXL Add metrics for plugin operations for plugin manager
release 1008 j0n3lson LGTM Jan 17 cpanato, hasheddan, hoegaarden, j0n3lson, jeefy, justaugustus, onyiny-ang, saschagrunert L Add support for using arbitrary Go template when generating markdown.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1963 Arvinderpal Pending Jan 17 detiber, fabriziopandini, jiatongw, ncdc, vincepri XL :warning: clusterctlv2: add file system backend implementations for provider's repository
kube-state-metrics 948 pigletfly Pending Jan 17 LiliC, brancz, pigletfly, tariq1890, zouyee S Add PostStartHookError to kube_pod_container_status_waiting_reason
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 42 ironcladlou Pending Jan 17 bowei, ironcladlou, robscott, thockin XXL Vendor controller-gen to allow version pinning
minikube 6150 alonyb Pending Jan 17 RubenBaez, afbjorklund, atoato88, medyagh, priyawadhwa, rosti XL wip: Update kubeadm api version from v1beta1 to v1beta2, fixes #6106
kubernetes 87156 vaibhavk Pending Jan 17 Pingan2017, c3y1huang, dixudx, jingxu97, pmorie, pre, svart63, vaibhavk S Refactor MakeDir and MakeFile logic
enhancements 1449 mariantalla Pending Jan 17 apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp L [WIP] Document topology compatibility for server-side apply
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1358 devkid Pending Jan 17 hjacobs, linki, njuettner XXL Add istio-virtualservice source
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5438 frelon Pending Jan 17 Rolinh, frelon, holmsten, mattymo S Cilium updates
kubernetes 86578 tnqn Pending Jan 17 caseydavenport, cmluciano, thockin, tnqn S Validate Except of IPBlock for NetworkPolicy spec
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1314 Adirio Pending Jan 17 Adirio, Liujingfang1, camilamacedo86, joelanford M Offer a flag to change the image name
kubernetes 87242 ingvagabund Pending Jan 17 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor S SchedulerPredicates [Serial] validates resource limits of pods that are allowed to run - set resource requests as well
autoscaler 2432 aleksandra-malinowska Pending Jan 17 MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, krzysztof-jastrzebski, losipiuk XL Simplify building equivalence groups in scale up
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5468 scienty Pending Jan 17 ant31, holmsten, mattymo XS Fix local path provisioner enabled for artifact download
cloud-provider-openstack 881 gman0 LGTM Jan 17 anguslees, gonzolino, hogepodge, tombarron, tsmetana L [csi-manila] return ABORTED on simultaneous CreateVolume/Snapshot
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1377 jasper-d Pending Jan 17 hjacobs, njuettner XS Fix updates of unchanged records for Azure Private DNS
kubernetes 85433 columbus9963 Pending Jan 17 MrHohn, andrewsykim, danwinship, lavalamp M enhance preformance of Service change in userspace
kubernetes 87308 KobayashiD27 Pending Jan 17 BenTheElder, gmarek S Fix staticcheck in pkg/controller/podgc
website 18740 xichengliudui Pending Jan 17 jaredbhatti, neolit123, php-coder, sftim XS Fix formatting error
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5491 alijahnas Pending Jan 17 Atoms, alijahnas, holmsten, mikejoh L External OpenStack Cloud Controller Manager implementation
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5492 alijahnas LGTM Jan 17 chadswen, holmsten M Fix Cinder CSI bugs
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1313 Adirio Pending Jan 17 Adirio, camilamacedo86, droot, estroz XL Include PROJECT file information into model.Universe
website 18729 Colstuwjx LGTM Jan 17 Colstuwjx, php-coder, pweil-, sftim, tallclair XS doc: add pod security policy reference link to document.
website 18743 zhouya0 LGTM Jan 17 oke-py, xichengliudui XS Fix broken links in api_changes doc
website 18391 grischdian Pending Jan 17 kbhawkey, msau42, thockin XS Add docu for fstype Parameter for GCE PD
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 760 qinqon Pending Jan 17 alenkacz, joelanford, pwittrock, qinqon S Parameterize webhook key/cert name :sparkles
website 16832 pohly LGTM Jan 17 kbarnard10, kfox1111, mrbobbytables, msau42, pohly L blog: introduce CSI support for ephemeral inline volumes
enhancements 1291 hpandeycodeit Pending Jan 17 hpandeycodeit, jchesterpivotal, pwittrock, sftim, soltysh, vincentheet, vllry L KEP for kubectl events
autoscaler 2745 bskiba Pending Jan 17 jbartosik, mwielgus XL Propagate scaling mode to containers. Correctly update ResourcePolicy and UpdatePolicy on update.
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 761 alenkacz Pending Jan 17 DirectXMan12, droot, shawn-hurley XS Add 'alenkacz' as reviewer
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5493 electrocucaracha LGTM Jan 17 holmsten, mattymo XS Add CNI version multus arg
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5523 bcreane LGTM Jan 17 chadswen, holmsten XS update Calico CNI description
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5522 zobelhelas LGTM Jan 17 holmsten, mirwan XS Honor bastion host config from inventary
kubernetes 87275 zhouya0 Pending Jan 17 brendandburns, dims, jglick, shiywang M Fix describe ingress annotations not sorted
enhancements 1409 pohly Pending Jan 17 childsb, msau42, pohly, saad-ali, satoru-takeuchi L CSI inline volume size
release 1024 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 marpaia, onyiny-ang XS Fix release notes heading for failing-test kinds
kubernetes 80102 draveness Pending Jan 17 erictune, lavalamp, tallclair L fix: remove ExternalID from NodeSpec
kubernetes 86769 wojtek-t Pending Jan 17 MrHohn, mm4tt, wojtek-t L [WIP] [DO NOT REVIEW] Stress test progress notify POC
cloud-provider-openstack 906 ramineni Pending Jan 17 anguslees, dixudx L [DNM] test migration 18745 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 17 XS fix: adding csi link and correct some words used to clarify access mode. 18744 sftim Pending Jan 17 XS Revise pull request template 18743 zhouya0 Pending Jan 17 XS Fix broken links in api_changes doc 18740 xichengliudui Pending Jan 17 XS Fix formatting error 18736 xieyanker Pending Jan 17 hanjiayao XS fix chinese title jump
charts 20208 voxmaster Pending Jan 17 XS fix typo in README
charts 20206 spring-bu Pending Jan 17 XS [stable/influxdb] Adds missing headless service configuration.
charts 20205 ganga1980 Pending Jan 17 XS [incubator/azuremonitor-containers] updates related to december agent and 1.16 support
charts 20203 chrissng Pending Jan 17 XS [stable/traefik] Allow specifying access log filters
sig-release 960 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 evillgenius75, justaugustus L Change release notes template accordingly to generator
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1378 marcellodesales Pending Jan 17 XS update existing external-dns to enable Istio Gateway DNS for customers
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5482 kesslerdev Pending Jan 17 Miouge1, holmsten XS Fix invalid variable in host inventory script
utils 132 27149chen Pending Jan 17 gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane L Improve the workflow of xfs devices filesystem check and mount
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5511 desaintmartin LGTM Jan 17 Miouge1, holmsten XS Python bootstrap: upgrade pypy to 3.6-7.2.0.
website 18744 sftim Pending Jan 17 ryanmcginnis, xiangpengzhao M Revise pull request template
enhancements 1347 cdickmann Pending Jan 17 andrewsykim, cdickmann, childsb, pohly, saad-ali, thockin, vishnuitta, xing-yang, yastij L KEP: StoragePool API for Advanced Storage Placement
website 17184 prabangkoro Pending Jan 17 girikuncoro, irvifa, phanama, prabangkoro L Translating network plugins
website 18451 maabou512 Pending Jan 17 MasayaAoyama, atoato88, inductor, maabou512 L ja-trans:conetent/ja/casestudies/spotify
kubeflow/pipelines 2080 eterna2 Pending Jan 17 IronPan, neuromage L [api-server] Object store folder path is configurable and can work with AWS (secure and region flag, and IAM credentials)
kubernetes 87314 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jan 17 aaron-prindle, apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, wojtek-t, yue9944882 L Update QueueSet to enable checking before create/update
test-infra 15367 stevekuznetsov LGTM Jan 17 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, fejta, matthyx, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov XXL git: implement a next-generation git client
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 181 jw-s Pending Jan 17 aveshagarwal, ingvagabund, jw-s L Respect Node taints with tolerations (if exist)
kubeflow/manifests 712 Bobgy Pending Jan 17 Jeffwan, jlewi, kimwnasptd L Add istio sidecar inject false to deployments in kubeflow ns
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1356 spohner Pending Jan 17 Raffo, linki, njuettner XL Adding hostedZoneID and alias to endpoints to assist deletion of alias entries on AWS
kubernetes 79555 zouyee Pending Jan 17 mattjmcnaughton, tmrts, vishh XS when kubelet restarted, the status of the running pod would not set initialValue
kubernetes 82537 irajdeep Pending Jan 17 RobertKrawitz, dashpole, irajdeep, jingxu97, krmayankk M [WIP] Reflect projects in /etc on kubelet restart
community 4416 Avni-Sharma LGTM Jan 17 Avni-Sharma, castrojo, idealhack, parispittman XS Add service-binding slack channel
kubernetes 87059 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jan 17 MikeSpreitzer, aaron-prindle, bjrara, deads2k, enj, tedyu, wojtek-t L Simplified and corrected logic around context cancelation
kubernetes 80411 konghui Pending Jan 17 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, justinsb, konghui, mattjmcnaughton, neolit123, php-coder L user can set a successCode list to indicate which status code they need in the probe
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1472 sirao Pending Jan 17 bhargavmad, davidewatson, ingvagabund, sirao, vincepri L 🏃 Automate cluster creation when vpc limit was already hit
release 1017 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 hasheddan, hoegaarden, justaugustus, saschagrunert XXL Split-up git test into unit and integration parts
website 18736 xieyanker Pending Jan 17 chenrui333, gavinfish, hanjiayao, markthink, xieyanker XS fix chinese title jump
website 18493 saschagrunert Pending Jan 17 dchen1107, neolit123, saschagrunert, sftim S Unify runtime references
dashboard 4784 shu-mutou Pending Jan 17 atoato88 S Update Japanese translation
website 17893 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 17 Colstuwjx, madhusudancs, quinton-hoole, sftim M Fixed invalid links and update outdated content for federation v1.
enhancements 1454 palnabarun LGTM Jan 17 jeremyrickard, justaugustus, kacole2, lachie83, palnabarun S Adds the 1.18 milestone tracking shet link to README
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1378 marcellodesales Pending Jan 17 Raffo, njuettner M update existing external-dns to enable Istio Gateway DNS for customers
kubernetes 84103 sumitb Pending Jan 17 ixdy, sttts, vishh L Remove packages which doesn't exist in hack/.golint_failures
kubernetes 82622 calmkart LGTM Jan 17 deads2k, dixudx, jpbetz, warmchang S MOD:fix typo errors
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 350 zhuangqh Pending Jan 17 Fei-Guo, adohe L [incubator][VC] access to tenant own master
kubeflow/fairing 439 xauthulei Pending Jan 17 abhi-g, jinchihe, karthikv2k, xauthulei M Enhance the runing time info in the debug model
kubeflow/manifests 707 kubeflow-bot Pending Jan 17 jlewi, krishnadurai M [auto PR] Update the kfam image to commit vmaster-g982d9038
enhancements 1461 SaranBalaji90 Pending Jan 17 SaranBalaji90, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, riking L [WIP] Add plugin support for pod admission handler
kubeflow/website 1520 sarahmaddox Pending Jan 17 abhi-g, jbottum, jlewi, pdmack, sarahmaddox, theadactyl L Added a support page for Kubeflow v1.0.0
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 255 MATRIX4284 Pending Jan 17 andreyvelich, gaocegege M Added The Pytorch GPU Docker under the appropriate folder
enhancements 1423 Colstuwjx LGTM Jan 17 robscott XS Correct max endpoints per slice flag.
enhancements 1116 yastij Pending Jan 17 PatrickLang, andrewsykim, aojea, dashpole, liggitt, misterikkit, saad-ali, sftim, smarterclayton, thockin, wojtek-t, xing-yang, yastij L add node shutdown KEP
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5554 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 17 ant31, holmsten, mirwan S Skip kube-proxy addon phase when needed and fix kube-proxy post deployment removal
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1374 tariq1890 Pending Jan 17 Raffo, hjacobs L remove context.TODO()s in external-dns
enhancements 1460 julianvmodesto Pending Jan 17 apelisse, julianvmodesto, seans3, soltysh L [WIP] Start kep for kubectl diff
kops 8304 bittopaz Pending Jan 17 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL Alicloud: Refactor LoadBalancerWhiteList to LoadBalancerACL
googleforgames/open-match 1055 yfei1 Pending Jan 17 XL Rename Mmlogic to Queryservice
kubernetes-csi/docs 263 wuxueyi19 Pending Jan 17 lpabon, msau42, saad-ali, wuxueyi19 XS Add Huawei CSI support
kubernetes 87302 c3y1huang Pending Jan 17 jingxu97, pwittrock, saad-ali, sttts XS Fix static check failure for pkg/volume/util/fsquota/common
website 18727 tanjunchen LGTM Jan 17 SataQiu, chenrui333 M sync content/zh/docs/reference/issues-security/ en zh
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5505 yujunz Pending Jan 17 Atoms, Miouge1, holmsten XS Add OWNERS file for recover_control_plane
kubernetes 86430 wojtek-t Pending Jan 17 caesarxuchao, jpbetz, liggitt, smarterclayton, wenjiaswe, wojtek-t L Avoid thundering herd of relists on etcd
kubernetes 87072 fenggw-fnst LGTM Jan 17 lavalamp, neolit123, thockin S Fix typo in comments for func GetFullContainerName
kubernetes 87269 RainbowMango Pending Jan 17 RainbowMango, cheftako, mikedanese, neolit123, wojtek-t XS Treat empty cloud provider as external
istio/tools 678 carolynhu Pending Jan 17 XL [WIP] Add graph plotting page for rendering user uploaded testing data
istio/api 1234 gargnupur Pending Jan 17 dcberg, geeknoid, kyessenov, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, rshriram, smawson S Add option INSERT_FIRST in EnvoyFilter.Patch.Operation
kubernetes-csi/docs 260 xing-yang Pending Jan 17 msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang L Update snapshot docs for beta
kubernetes-sigs/application 114 jbrette Pending Jan 17 ant31, mattfarina XXL Update to Kubernetes 1.16
charts 20202 xguang666 Pending Jan 17 XS bugfix for stable/consul/templates/consul-ingress.yaml : .Values.uiIngress.path
charts 20201 taroface Pending Jan 17 keith-mcclellan XS [stable/cockroachdb]: correct and update README
charts 20200 jeffscelza Pending Jan 17 XS Update datadog-yaml-configmap.yaml
helm 7423 hoozecn Pending Jan 17 XS compat: UpdatedReplicas is missing in statefulset in k8s version < v1.12.0
helm 7417 robbie-demuth Pending Jan 17 XS Update values.yaml linting to respect value options flags
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5554 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 17 XS Skip kube-proxy addon phase when needed and fix kube-proxy post deployment removal
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5554 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 17 XS Skip kube-proxy addon phase when needed and fix kube-proxy post deployment removal
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1377 jasper-d Pending Jan 17 hjacobs XS Fix updates of unchanged records for Azure Private DNS
enhancements 1148 tallclair Pending Jan 17 AkihiroSuda, PatrickLang, cpuguy83, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jessfraz, justincormack, liggitt, mayakacz, mrunalp, tallclair L KEP for promoting seccomp to GA
test-infra 14295 amwat Pending Jan 17 amwat, ixdy, krzyzacy, sebastienvas, stevekuznetsov L Allow mason destruct.
kubernetes-sigs/application 128 ant31 Pending Jan 17 kow3ns, mattfarina XS Add ant31 to the approvers list
kubernetes 80954 zachomedia Pending Jan 17 deads2k, mikedanese, resouer XS Fix leader election lock release when using LeaseLocks
community 4319 thecrudge LGTM Jan 17 jeefy, markyjackson-taulia, parispittman, tpepper XS Cody's Unconference Team Updates
kubernetes 86550 hase1128 LGTM Jan 17 dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, yifan-gu M Fix typo and spelling inconsistency
website 18195 jmyung Pending Jan 17 ClaudiaJKang, gochist, ianychoi, jmyung, seokho-son, ysyukr XXL Translate content/ko/docs/concepts/services-networking/service in Korean
kubernetes 87098 davidz627 Pending Jan 17 ddebroy, jsafrane, leakingtapan, misterikkit, msau42, saad-ali L Add annotation annealing for migration for PVs and PVCs
kubernetes-client/csharp 347 kkmsft Pending Jan 17 brendandburns, kkmsft, tg123 XXL [WIP] Client cache + informers - phase1
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1136 jnevelson LGTM Jan 17 M00nF1sh, alejandrox1 M Add ALB attribute to configure dropping invalid headers
kubernetes 87071 qingsenLi LGTM Jan 17 brendandburns, lavalamp, liggitt, saschagrunert XS Add to
kubeflow/manifests 710 kubeflow-bot Pending Jan 17 abhi-g, animeshsingh S [auto PR] Update the profile-controller image to commit vmaster-g446df4c9
enhancements 1105 mkimuram Pending Jan 17 bowei, caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, mkimuram, norrs, thockin, vllry L sig-network: Add egress-source-ip-support KEP
website 18629 sftim LGTM Jan 17 jimangel, kbhawkey, mtaufen, sftim L Revise “Reconfigure a Node's Kubelet in a Live Cluster”
kubernetes 80384 zouyee Pending Jan 17 mattjmcnaughton, rootfs, saad-ali S fix volume added desiredStateOfWorld even set deletetimestamp
kubernetes 87155 kolorful LGTM Jan 17 enisoc, foxish, php-coder XS Fix a comment in job_controller
kubernetes 87243 SenXuDC LGTM Jan 17 Katharine, eparis, matthyx XS fix static check in cluster/images/etcd-version-monitor
website 16787 furukawa3 Pending Jan 17 ahmetb, awly, furukawa3, kbhawkey, zacharysarah XXL Remove trailing spaces from EN documents(#16742)
kubernetes 86837 inductor LGTM Jan 17 deads2k, inductor, juanvallejo, mengqiy, nasa9084, zacharysarah XXL Update po file for kubectl Japanese translation
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 349 yiqigao217 Pending Jan 17 adrianludwin, rjbez17, srampal L Automate controller performance tests
website 18198 sh-miyoshi Pending Jan 17 cstoku, inductor, nasa9084, oke-py, sftim, sh-miyoshi L ja-docs: translate install-kubeadm into Japanese
kubeflow/pipelines 2860 Ark-kun Pending Jan 17 numerology S SDK - Components - Made it easier to access component spec classes
website 18517 kbhawkey Pending Jan 17 Bradamant3, kbhawkey, simplytunde, tengqm L clean up makefile, config
enhancements 1450 damemi LGTM Jan 17 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, damemi, k82cn, liggitt L Promote taint based evictions to GA
kubernetes-csi/external-resizer 70 gnufied Pending Jan 17 davidz627, mlmhl, msau42, saad-ali XXL Add volume capability to ControllerExpandVolume CSI call
kubernetes 87212 BobyMCbobs LGTM Jan 17 BobyMCbobs, Random-Liu, oomichi, tallclair M Add: ConfigMap lifecycle test
test-infra 15919 adshmh Pending Jan 17 michelle192837, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov L handle invalid assign/review comment
kubeflow/pipelines 2720 descampsk Pending Jan 17 IronPan, jingzhang36, neuromage, rmgogogo S add support for AWS S3 in minio client
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 952 justinsb Pending Jan 17 DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1 M Start to introduce go testing instead of ginkgo
enhancements 1246 barney-s Pending Jan 17 kow3ns, prydonius XL Proposal to standardize status for core resources
utils 87 soltysh Pending Jan 17 seans3, smarterclayton, soltysh, thockin L Merge interrupt history from Kubernetes into
kubernetes 87134 draveness Pending Jan 17 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, draveness, hex108 L feat(scheduling): implement mandatory plugins
website 18679 garciarodrigor Pending Jan 17 Bradamant3, jaredbhatti, sftim, zacharysarah XS Update
kubernetes 87270 YuikoTakada LGTM Jan 17 Random-Liu, SataQiu, feiskyer, oomichi, tanjunchen M Use e2eskipper package in test/e2e/common/
website 18572 aburomaissae Pending Jan 16 aburomaissae, ahmetb, kbhawkey, makoscafee, sftim S Appending the kustomization.yaml issue
kubernetes 87234 KobayashiD27 Pending Jan 16 deads2k, nikhiljindal, sttts XS fix golint error in plugin/pkg/auth/authorizer/rbac/bootstrappolicy
kubeflow/frontend 3 kwasi Pending Jan 16 avdaredevil XXL Migrate <LineageView> component and `mlmd` module
kubernetes-sigs/aws-fsx-csi-driver 130 chyz198 Pending Jan 16 d-nishi, justinsb XL Add support for FSx for lustre create API deployment type
website 17141 DarrienG Pending Jan 16 DarrienG, Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, mikebrow, mikedanese, sftim XS Update to reflect imagePullPolicy behavior
website 18023 stealthybox Pending Jan 16 Rajakavitha1, sftim M kubeadm: document alpha addon-installer init phase/feature-gate
kube-openapi 183 jennybuckley Pending Jan 16 apelisse, jennybuckley M Bump structured-merge-diff dependency to version 3
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1290 estroz Pending Jan 16 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot, estroz, joelanford, shawn-hurley XXL [WIP] feature: implement plugin proposal in #1250
kube-openapi 181 jennybuckley Pending Jan 16 gmarek, philips M [Do not merge] Bump structured-merge-diff dependency to version 2
website 18717 lachie83 Pending Jan 16 aramase, khenidak, sftim XS Update dualstack kube-controller-manager flag default
website 18715 lightlace Pending Jan 16 Bradamant3, soltysh XS Change back cronjob timezone note to UTC
website 17952 RA489 Pending Jan 16 RA489, aaron-prindle, dlorenc, sftim XS Document none driver compatibility with non docker runtime.
website 17474 mortent Pending Jan 16 Rajakavitha1, guineveresaenger, sftim XS [WIP] PDB GA documentation
website 16090 Ethyling Pending Jan 16 Rajakavitha1, sftim, vishh M Add NVIDIA GPU node labeller to
kubernetes 87262 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 16 bgrant0607, derekwaynecarr, dims, johnbelamaric S Promote: Secret patching test
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1289 dionysius LGTM Jan 16 Adirio, DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, camilamacedo86, dionysius, estroz M don't depend on shared controller-gen which could be too old, use expected version directly
enhancements 1448 kkmsft LGTM Jan 16 PatrickLang, Random-Liu, jterry75, michmike, mikebrow M Add runtime handler as annotations to ImageSpec
istio/glog 6 coryrc Pending Jan 16 XXL Fix project to compile and enable setting V-level
kubernetes 87250 starizard LGTM Jan 16 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, lavalamp, starizard M Adding taint toleration error reasons
kubernetes 87237 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 16 liggitt, yujuhong XS Clean up commented assertions in tests
istio/proxy 2606 bianpengyuan Pending Jan 16 bianpengyuan, kyessenov, mandarjog L add a fake stackdriver image for testing
kops 8016 bittopaz Pending Jan 16 geojaz, granular-ryanbonham, zetaab S Alicloud: etcd-manager support
kubernetes-sigs/krew 457 artmello Pending Jan 16 ahmetb, corneliusweig, soltysh L Show updated plugin manifests and available upgrades
kubernetes 81320 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 16 BobyMCbobs, bowei, cmluciano, danwinship, johnbelamaric, spiffxp M Fix test to use PublishNotReadyAddresses instead of deprecated annotation
cloud-provider-gcp 127 awly LGTM Jan 16 cheftako, mikedanese, saad-ali, sambdavidson S Allow override of image registry with IMAGE_REGISTRY env var
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2045 huxiaoliang Pending Jan 16 chuckha, detiber, huxiaoliang, justinsb, ncdc, timothysc, vincepri M WIP: add managed kubernetes provider proposal
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 2078 fabriziopandini Pending Jan 16 justinsb, vincepri XL [WIP] ✨clusterctl: add the delete command
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1952 juan-lee Pending Jan 16 CecileRobertMichon, justinsb, ncdc XL ⚠️ MachinePool API Controller Implementation
kops 8175 hakman Pending Jan 16 joshbranham, robinpercy L [WIP] containerd: Check e2e tests
ingress-nginx 4932 aledbf Pending Jan 16 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano XS Cleanup dev-env script
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 335 nader-ziada Pending Jan 16 CecileRobertMichon, justaugustus XXL add v1alpha3 api types
kubernetes 87258 verult Pending Jan 16 gnufied, jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali XL Parallelize attach operations across different nodes for volumes that allow multi-attach
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 432 howardjohn Pending Jan 16 ahmetb, corneliusweig S Add new plugin, `kubectl resources`
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1195 aojea Pending Jan 16 BenTheElder, krzyzacy L autodetect advertises address with IPv6
kubernetes 87187 Aresforchina Pending Jan 16 matthyx, ritazh, sttts XS pkg/volume/azure_dd/
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2105 dmayle Pending Jan 16 justinsb, monopole S When using CRDs, register scheme so that strategic patches work
kubernetes 86910 RaunakShah LGTM Jan 16 SataQiu, copejon, lavalamp, oomichi, saad-ali L Fix golint errors in test/e2e/storage/vsphere
website 18677 Vageesha17 Pending Jan 16 makoscafee, mtaufen, rajeshdeshpande02 XS PR for issue #18617
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 248 MATRIX4284 Pending Jan 16 andreyvelich, johnugeorge M Added Pytorch Cuda Docker Image as the Image pytorch/pytorch:1.0-cuda10.0-cudnn7-runtime in not having cuda so cannot used GPU
kubeflow/examples 705 amygdala Pending Jan 16 Ark-kun, jinchihe, karthikv2k L 'simple pipeline' notebook update to reflect SDK changes and KF notebook image changes
kubernetes 86975 dims Pending Jan 16 PatrickLang, alculquicondor, caseydavenport, dashpole, dcbw, dims, liggitt, smarterclayton, stevekuznetsov, thockin XXL Update hcsshim v0.8.7 and containerd v1.3.2
istio/klog 2 coryrc Pending Jan 16 geeknoid M Enable V-level to be set
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5531 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 16 chadswen, holmsten, riverzhang L Fix kube-router config generation
website 18092 sftim Pending Jan 16 Rajakavitha1, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm L Add cross-references to fundamental concepts
website 18660 evankanderson Pending Jan 16 Bradamant3, jimangel, makoscafee XS Update docs for 1.9 and 1.15 resource count quotas
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5503 verwilst LGTM Jan 16 Miouge1, ant31, holmsten XS Set helm 3.0 as default
enhancements 1050 tallclair Pending Jan 16 dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, egernst M [PodOverhead] Clarify interactions with other resource features
enhancements 1367 serathius Pending Jan 16 44past4, DirectXMan12, Vlaaaaaaad, bgrant0607, brancz, dashpole, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, dims, ehashman, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, mtaufen, piosz, pohly, richm, serathius, smarterclayton, stealthybox, thockin, timothysc, vincepri, vishh, wojtek-t XL [KEP][sig-instrumentation] Structured logging
kubernetes 77675 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 16 bowei, brancz, ialidzhikov, mikedanese, neolit123 L Purge from all addons
test-infra 15849 idealhack Pending Jan 16 cjwagner, michelle192837, stevekuznetsov L prow/plugins: removed require-sig
kubernetes 87183 Aresforchina LGTM Jan 16 BenTheElder, SataQiu, msau42 XS fix-staticcheck:pkg/volume/scaleio/
ingress-gce 998 spencerhance Pending Jan 16 freehan, thockin L Add changelog for v1.8.0
charts 20199 sermilrod Pending Jan 16 bismarck XS stable/prometheus-operator fix: add affinity and tolerations to admissionWebhook patch jobs
charts 20196 preved911 Pending Jan 16 XS add postgres monitoring over prometheus operator
charts 20192 jantoebes Pending Jan 16 XS Update jenkins as a code plugin version
kubernetes-sigs/application 132 barney-s Pending Jan 16 janetkuo, kow3ns, mattfarina XS Adding barney-s to approvers
kubernetes 87219 BobyMCbobs LGTM Jan 16 BobyMCbobs, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, oomichi, sjenning M Add: PodTemplate lifecycle test 18729 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 16 XS doc: add pod security policy reference link to document. 18728 jijordre Pending Jan 16 XS Solve to and from selector example inconsistencies 18727 tanjunchen Pending Jan 16 XS sync content/zh/docs/reference/issues-security/ en zh
helm 7410 tiendc Pending Jan 16 XS Add unit test for Reverse() in pkg/releaseutil/sorter.go
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3123 saschagrunert Pending Jan 16 XS Add support for crio drop-in configuration files
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3122 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Jan 16 saschagrunert XS [release-1.17] Extend image pull metrics
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5549 alijahnas Pending Jan 16 Miouge1 XS AWS EBS CSI implementation
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5549 alijahnas Pending Jan 16 Miouge1 XS AWS EBS CSI implementation
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3123 saschagrunert Pending Jan 16 XS Add support for crio drop-in configuration files
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3122 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Jan 16 saschagrunert XS [release-1.17] Extend image pull metrics
kube-state-metrics 1013 clamoriniere Pending Jan 16 LiliC, brancz, clamoriniere, lbernail, tariq1890, zouyee L Add "Terminating" status in kube_pod_status_phase metrics
kubernetes 79047 hpandeycodeit Pending Jan 16 janetkuo, mtaufen, thockin XS Changed the default terminated-pod-gc-threshold to 500
klog 100 liztio Pending Jan 16 DirectXMan12, andyxning, liggitt, yagonobre S Add LogToStderr, a programatic way to log exclusively to stderr or not
test-infra 15368 stevekuznetsov Pending Jan 16 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, clarketm, fejta XXL git: duplicate all tests using v2 client
kubernetes 87260 BobyMCbobs LGTM Jan 16 johnbelamaric, rramkumar1, smarterclayton, spiffxp XS Promote: find Kubernetes Service in default Namespace
enhancements 1456 benmoss LGTM Jan 16 benmoss, fabriziopandini, justinsb, michmike, neolit123, timothysc L Update kubeadm Windows KEP to reflect new DaemonSet-based approach
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 19 jingxu97 Pending Jan 16 ddebroy, msau42 XXL Add SMB APIs to csi-proxy
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 722 yastij Pending Jan 16 akutz, sidharthsurana XXL [WIP] HA Support using NSX-T Load balancers
website 18699 neo502721 Pending Jan 16 gavinfish, neo502721, sftim, simplytunde, soltysh, xiangpengzhao XS change the job example url to
kubeflow/manifests 708 pshiko Pending Jan 16 ashahba, krishnadurai, kunmingg XS remove users
kubernetes 86770 qianlei90 LGTM Jan 16 deads2k, yliaog S #79612 fix(client-go): return error in fake discovery
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 49 Jefftree LGTM Jan 16 Jefftree, anfernee, cheftako, dberkov XXL Remove vendor and change Dockerfile to support go.mod
enhancements 1457 robscott Pending Jan 16 bowei, caseydavenport, cmluciano, thockin L Clarifying Ingress V1 class field and resource
kubeflow/kubeflow 4340 krishnadurai Pending Jan 16 kkasravi, kunmingg, yanniszark XS [WIP] Removes legacy ordering from kustomize.go
autoscaler 2709 losipiuk Pending Jan 16 Jeffwan, MaciekPytel, feiskyer XXL Scheduler Framework based PredicateChecker
enhancements 1447 mortent LGTM Jan 16 kow3ns, liggitt, mattfarina, mortent S Update KEP for taking PDBs to GA with additional tasks 535 chris-short Pending Jan 16 chris-short, dims, ixdy, thockin S K8s YouTube vanity URL
perf-tests 984 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jan 16 liu-cong, mborsz, mm4tt L update scheduler metrics
kops 8348 zetaab Pending Jan 16 granular-ryanbonham, rifelpet, zetaab XXL update gophercloud dependency
kubernetes-sigs/kube-storage-version-migrator 47 sanchezl Pending Jan 16 caesarxuchao, deads2k, sanchezl XXL move to go.mod
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5549 alijahnas Pending Jan 16 Atoms, Miouge1, holmsten XL AWS EBS CSI implementation
kubernetes-client/python-base 144 mogaika Pending Jan 16 mbohlool, mogaika, pshchelo, roycaihw, yliaog XS Improve similarity with kubectl in handling of oidc kubeconfigs
kubernetes 86751 mattjmcnaughton Pending Jan 16 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, mtaufen, vishh, yifan-gu, yujuhong XS Rename `kubelet/errors.go` to `kubelet/network_errors.go`
kubernetes 80744 Joseph-Irving Pending Jan 16 Joseph-Irving, draveness, jayunit100, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, smarterclayton, thockin, tomwans, zhan849 XXL Sidecar kubelet implementation
kops 8338 johngmyers Pending Jan 16 joshbranham, robinpercy XS Don't load nonexistent calico-client cert when CNI is Cilium
istio/ 6343 adammil2000 Pending Jan 16 frankbu XS Clarifying automatic sidecar injection
kubernetes 87223 yechenglin007 Pending Jan 16 RenaudWasTaken, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton XL Add release api in device plugin
kubernetes 87074 yuxiaobo96 LGTM Jan 16 ixdy, justinsb, saad-ali, xichengliudui XS fix staticcheck: pkg/volume/awsebs
website 17860 RA489 Pending Jan 16 RA489, Rajakavitha1, mhamdisemah, sftim S Add KIND as the options for spinning up a test kubernetes environment
minikube 6330 pelegrim Pending Jan 16 josedonizetti, medyagh XS fix echoserver image uri
website 18728 jijordre Pending Jan 16 caseydavenport, thockin XS Solve to and from selector example inconsistencies
kubernetes 87139 yuxiaobo96 LGTM Jan 16 msau42, sttts XS fix staticcheck:pkg/volume/cinder
kubeflow/kfserving 630 yuzisun Pending Jan 16 ellis-bigelow, hougangliu, jinchihe XXL Upgrade KFServing to depend on knative serving 0.11 and kubernetes 1.15
kubernetes 87129 Aresforchina Pending Jan 16 jingxu97, sttts XS fix staticcheck:pkg/volume/flocker
kubernetes 87176 libnux LGTM Jan 16 brendandburns, danwinship, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair, vishh, yujuhong XS Change log level to 3 when --random-fully is not supported in ipvs mode
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 283 nilo19 Pending Jan 16 andyzhangx, feiskyer, justaugustus XS Enrich dns label doc.
website 18704 inductor Pending Jan 16 MasayaAoyama, cstoku XXL [WIP][DNM]First Japanese l10n work for release-1.16
kops 8275 bittopaz Pending Jan 16 joshbranham, robinpercy L WIP: Add doc for development with Alicloud
kubeflow/pipelines 2833 dldaisy Pending Jan 16 Ark-kun, dldaisy, hongye-sun, jingzhang36, numerology L [Sample] CI Sample: helloworld
kubernetes 85602 krzysied Pending Jan 16 oxddr, wojtek-t XS Revert "Revert "enabling fluentd on kubemark""
dashboard 4789 dependabot-preview[bot] Pending Jan 16 floreks, ianlewis L Bump @angular/cli from 8.3.22 to 8.3.23
kubernetes 87058 huchengze Pending Jan 16 BenTheElder, cblecker, huchengze, mkumatag, ydcool S [Step 1] Build mips64le kube-cross and v2.0.0 debian-base images
enhancements 1370 giuseppe Pending Jan 16 AkihiroSuda, PatrickLang, Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, giuseppe, squeed, yujuhong L add KEP for cgroups v2 support 18722 LinshanYu Pending Jan 16 XS remove seeAlso 18721 lkaybob Pending Jan 16 XS Translate docs/tasks/access-application-cluster/ in Korean
charts 20187 foosinn Pending Jan 16 XS [stable/mariadb] quote annotation value
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1375 spohner Pending Jan 16 hjacobs XS Add subdomain filter to AWS provider
kubernetes 83246 tnqn Pending Jan 16 dchen1107, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, sjpotter S Remove unneeded nil check and type conversion
kubernetes 82066 ivan-cai Pending Jan 16 Lion-Wei, MrHohn, andrewsykim, bowei, cmluciano, freehan XS bugfix for pr#71114. if we use ipvs mode on node which linux version …
kubernetes 87138 markusthoemmes LGTM Jan 16 caesarxuchao, cheftako, piosz, sttts, tallclair M Fix error-string-capitalization in clientset generator.
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 738 knabben Pending Jan 16 alenkacz, joelanford, pwittrock M :running: Verification of leak goroutine on controller and manager
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1375 spohner Pending Jan 16 hjacobs, njuettner L Add subdomain filter to AWS provider
kubernetes 87172 dooman87 Pending Jan 16 cjcullen, krousey XS FIX: Typos in GCP auth plugin comments.
istio/istio 19985 ayj Pending Jan 16 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XL (NOT READY FOR REVIEW) - Make pilot use the new webhook controller and server packages (3 of 3)
minikube 6156 nanikjava Pending Jan 16 Eelis, afbjorklund, medyagh, nanikjava, tstromberg S Customizing host path for dynamically provisioned PersistentVolumes
kubernetes 85779 hwdef Pending Jan 16 brendandburns, dchen1107, lavalamp XS pkg/ssh: Fix static check failures
kubeflow/pipelines 2852 Ark-kun Pending Jan 16 Bobgy L [WIP] Frontend - Metadata - Switching to contexts
website 18721 lkaybob Pending Jan 16 gochist, ianychoi L Translate docs/tasks/access-application-cluster/ in Korean
test-infra 15895 oxddr LGTM Jan 16 mborsz, mm4tt, shyamjvs XS logexported: collect also probers' logs
test-infra 15926 mm4tt Pending Jan 16 shyamjvs, wojtek-t XS Add sig-scalability-leads to logexporter/OWNERS
enhancements 1072 fudali113 Pending Jan 16 fudali113, k82cn, kow3ns, mattfarina, prydonius M implement job allocation completions index enhancement
kubernetes 84846 Gerry-Lee LGTM Jan 16 josephburnett, matthyx, piosz S refactor the func convertDesiredReplicasWithRules()
minikube 6073 sayboras Pending Jan 16 blueelvis, tstromberg L WIP: Bump go-containerregistry to latest
cloud-provider-openstack 903 cambierr Pending Jan 16 NickrenREN, ramineni L Multi region support
kubernetes 87182 Aresforchina Pending Jan 16 hwdef, jsafrane S fix-static:pkg/volume/rbd
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1126 hhamalai Pending Jan 16 alejandrox1, bigkraig, hhamalai, mogren XXL Add support for enabling AWS Shield Advanced protection
cloud-provider-openstack 905 jichenjc Pending Jan 16 lingxiankong, mrhillsman S check block model then skip mount check
kubernetes 86450 tedyu Pending Jan 16 caesarxuchao, lavalamp L Remove comment about restricting error for failedGroups
website 18709 camper42 LGTM Jan 16 ClaudiaJKang, gochist, ysyukr XS Fix typo: default-manager -> default-scheduler
website 18632 giovanism Pending Jan 16 girikuncoro, irvifa, sftim L Add DaemonSet docs ID localization
release 1018 hoegaarden Pending Jan 16 justaugustus L [gcb/build] multiarch
kubernetes 84397 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jan 16 Random-Liu, SaranBalaji90, derekwaynecarr, erictune, micahhausler, xiaoanyunfei M Add --profiling flag to kubelet
kubeflow/kfserving 622 pugangxa Pending Jan 16 gaocegege, hougangliu, jinchihe, pugangxa M Remove the "file://" storage type
kubernetes 87239 lemonli Pending Jan 16 mikedanese, tallclair S clean up node_authorizer code: verb judgement
kubernetes 87241 RainbowMango Pending Jan 16 RainbowMango, coffeepac, logicalhan, x13n L Support test deprecated metrics
enhancements 1425 neolit123 Pending Jan 16 LucaLanziani, chuckha, detiber, ereslibre, fabriziopandini, justaugustus, neolit123, rosti, timothysc, tpepper, yastij XL kubeadm: add KEP for moving kubeadm out of k/k
kubernetes 86637 YuikoTakada Pending Jan 16 brendandburns, smarterclayton XS Fix 404 urls
kubernetes 86413 ohsewon Pending Jan 16 derekwaynecarr, oomichi, yifan-gu, yujuhong XS Fix cpu manager e2e test typo
kubeflow/pipelines 2856 Ark-kun Pending Jan 16 IronPan, dushyanthsc, neuromage S Backend - Removed Tensorflow from backend WORKSPACE
kubernetes 87010 Toper2035 LGTM Jan 16 nicksardo, wgliang S Overflows when using strconv.Atoi and downcasting the result 18717 lachie83 Pending Jan 16 XS Update dualstack kube-controller-manager flag default 18716 prameshj Pending Jan 16 XS Update with config steps. 18715 lightlace Pending Jan 16 XS Change back cronjob timezone note to UTC
charts 20184 ajayk Pending Jan 16 andyxning XS [stable/node-problem-detector] Ability to choose ServiceMonitor ns
charts 20181 dpetersen Pending Jan 16 XS [stable/prometheus-postgres-exporter] Allow constantLabels argument to be passed
helm 7409 akazemis Pending Jan 16 XS log.Printf replaced to fix the helm upgrade log issue
kubernetes 87178 YuikoTakada Pending Jan 16 SataQiu, andyxning, vishh XS Fix static check failures in test/e2e/instrumentation/logging/st…
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5547 rodrigc Pending Jan 16 mirwan XS Change to
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1374 tariq1890 Pending Jan 16 XS remove context.TODO()s in external-dns
kubeflow/pipelines 108 Ark-kun Pending Jan 16 gaoning777, hongye-sun XS Notebooks - Stopped printing huge amount of info to notebook
googleforgames/open-match 1050 yfei1 Pending Jan 16 L Add AUTH tests to Redis implementation
googleforgames/open-match 1038 yfei1 Pending Jan 16 Laremere, sawagh L Enable and establish Redis connections via Sentinel
enhancements 1458 dashpole Pending Jan 16 bgrant0607, piosz S Tracing KEP: Address feedback from sig-apimachinery
kubernetes 87000 Aresforchina Pending Jan 16 Aresforchina, BenTheElder, johnSchnake, liu-cong, msau42 XS fix staticcheck:test/integration/ttlcontroller/
website 18490 saschagrunert LGTM Jan 16 MasayaAoyama, chenrui333, inductor, kbarnard10, xichengliudui XXL Remove outdated Japanese/Chinese notes in favor of default
dashboard 4742 zehuaiWANG Pending Jan 16 bryk, konryd S Dashboard fix pod status
kubeflow/pipelines 2843 SinaChavoshi Pending Jan 16 Ark-kun, gaoning777, numerology XL Kfp diagnose_me pipeline
kubernetes 87190 yuxiaobo96 Pending Jan 16 bowei, k82cn, soltysh S fix staticcheck:pkg/controller/daemon and pkg/controller/nodeipam
kubernetes-sigs/kind 832 alejandrox1 Pending Jan 16 BenTheElder, alejandrox1, aojea, munnerz, neolit123, tao12345666333 M [WIP] Adding more detail to the v1alpha3 config godocs
kubeflow/kfctl 181 animeshsingh Pending Jan 16 gabrielwen, kkasravi XS Adding myself in Owners file
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 133 kwiesmueller Pending Jan 16 apelisse, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller L [WIP] add extended remove method for typed values
test-infra 15924 listx Pending Jan 15 aleksandra-malinowska, cpanato S add pull-cip-auditor-e2e test
kubernetes 83335 rikatz Pending Jan 15 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, hpandeycodeit, kvokka, rikatz M Support for non-exitent objects into kubectl wait
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 169 listx Pending Jan 15 justinsb, ps882, thockin M add auditor testing entrypoint
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 511 connor1989 Pending Jan 15 DirectXMan12, connor1989, droot, pwittrock S :sparkles Add env support for setting ErrorIfCRDPathMissing during testing
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 523 hpandeycodeit Pending Jan 15 DirectXMan12, droot XL 🏃Re-enabling the golangci-lint
kubernetes 86214 shsjshentao Pending Jan 15 juanvallejo, matthyx, shiywang XS return success if cordon node by replace
kops 8200 johngmyers Pending Jan 15 johngmyers, joshbranham, rifelpet, robinpercy M Add missing priorityClassName for critical pods
cloud-provider-openstack 873 jichenjc Pending Jan 15 NickrenREN, adisky, lingxiankong L modify webhook doc
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 43 danehans Pending Jan 15 Miciah, bowei, danehans, szuecs M Changes HTTPRoute hostname field to be singular
kubernetes 81246 oomichi Pending Jan 15 alejandrox1, andrewsykim, spiffxp, timothysc, zmerlynn M WIP: Check e2e code for avoiding circular dependency
kubernetes 85861 ingvagabund Pending Jan 15 ahg-g, cblecker, draveness, hex108, ingvagabund, liggitt, liu-cong L Collect some of scheduling metrics and scheduling throughput
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 33 Sh4d1 LGTM Jan 15 CamelCaseNotation, Jefftree, Sh4d1, anfernee, cheftako L add a simple kubernetes example
kubernetes 86477 RainbowMango LGTM Jan 15 RainbowMango, beorn7, brancz, brian-brazil, cheftako, dims, liggitt L Introduce promlint to guarantee metrics follow Prometheus best practices
kubernetes 87080 aojea Pending Jan 15 BenTheElder, liggitt, m1093782566, rramkumar1, spiffxp L fix flakes on e2e test TCP CLOSE_WAIT timeout
kubernetes 84428 lpf7551321 Pending Jan 15 enisoc, krmayankk, matthyx XS fix golint warning for /test/e2e/apps/deployment.go
enhancements 1389 Jefftree Pending Jan 15 caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, lavalamp S Remove KMS and image policy wh from network proxy beta requirements
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 259 nlamirault Pending Jan 15 ahmetb, corneliusweig, juanvallejo M Add plugin: kubeval
kubernetes 85064 LionelDer Pending Jan 15 josephburnett, matthyx, mwielgus XS fix golint
website 18706 remyleone Pending Jan 15 rbenzair, remyleone, yastij XL Add French version of persistent volume page concept page
kubernetes 82062 k-toyoda-pi Pending Jan 15 BenTheElder, MrHohn, eparis, k-toyoda-pi, oomichi, vishh, yujuhong L Fix shellcheck failure in cluster/gce/
kubernetes 85057 aj-lee Pending Jan 15 brendandburns, dchen1107, matthyx S Fix golint errors for kubernetes/pkg/util/labels/labels_test.go
kubernetes 84529 adityadani Pending Jan 15 lpabon, matthyx, saad-ali XS Enable ReadOnlyMany AccessMode for Portworx Volumes.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 279 mcastelino Pending Jan 15 krousey, vincepri XS 🐛 Specify correct URL for custom subnetwork setup
test-infra 14373 joelanford Pending Jan 15 DirectXMan12 M controller-runtime: bump test to go 1.13
perf-tests 983 mm4tt Pending Jan 15 mborsz, oxddr S DO NOT SUBMIT: Hack to make apiserver profiles work in single master …
kubernetes 87255 klueska Pending Jan 15 lavalamp, vpickard, yifan-gu S Remove check for empty activePods list in CPUManager removeStaleState
kubernetes 80179 cmluciano Pending Jan 15 caseydavenport, cmluciano, liggitt, thockin XL ingress: rename backend to defaultBackend for ingress v1
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1064 helen-fornazier Pending Jan 15 zmarano XS test-infra: update FreeBSD images
kubernetes 83408 cmluciano Pending Jan 15 deads2k, gmarek XS core: fix dead links in core api comments
test-infra 15911 ixdy LGTM Jan 15 fejta, ixdy, krzyzacy L Fix a few bugs in the Boskos GCP janitor
test-infra 15903 tony-yang Pending Jan 15 chases2, fejta, michelle192837, stevekuznetsov, tony-yang M Add test result properties from the junit xml report
minikube 6257 afbjorklund Pending Jan 15 blueelvis, priyawadhwa M Allow building storage-provisioner for other arch
kubernetes 84756 verult Pending Jan 15 gnufied, jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali, verult L [WIP] Prototype - Parallelize attach operations across different nodes for volumes that allow multi-attach
kubeflow/kfserving 618 MATRIX4284 Pending Jan 15 MATRIX4284, ellis-bigelow, hougangliu, jinchihe, yuzisun XS Null Value Will be returned in CLUSTER_IP in line 100 for cluster not…
enhancements 1216 mvladev Pending Jan 15 deads2k, khenidak, lavalamp, mvladev, riking, thockin L Add Master Service of type ExternalName KEP
kubernetes-client/python 1038 micw523 Pending Jan 15 micw523, roycaihw, scottilee, yliaog S Grammar fixes to contributing doc
ingress-nginx 4851 wayt Pending Jan 15 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano L Allow custom log_format per Ingress
istio/common-files 177 howardjohn Pending Jan 15 XS Add output file to excluded directories
istio/proxy 2626 bianpengyuan Pending Jan 15 PiotrSikora XS Update bazel version to 2.0.0
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 1860 nstogner Pending Jan 15 detiber, fabriziopandini, ncdc, nstogner, vincepri XXL [WIP] ✨Add support for defining KubeadmConfig files by reference (ConfigMap & Secret)
ingress-nginx 4845 LinshanYu LGTM Jan 15 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano XS Fix inaccessible URL
kops 8312 simonmacklin LGTM Jan 15 hakman, johngmyers, joshbranham, robinpercy, simonmacklin M Add cloud ntp addresses
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 714 jayunit100 Pending Jan 15 andrewsykim, jayunit100, sflxn S Update
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5547 rodrigc Pending Jan 15 XS Change to
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5545 mattymo Pending Jan 15 XS use correct ip for checking kubeconfig kube-apiserver ip
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 606 joelanford Pending Jan 15 DirectXMan12, joelanford, rajathagasthya M :warning: Bump to Go 1.13
website 17010 anthonydahanne Pending Jan 15 oussemos, yastij L docs-fr | setup | Réaligner la documentation francophone (installation) avec la version
kubernetes 86144 tahsinrahman Pending Jan 15 liggitt, mtaufen, tahsinrahman L Do not serialize internal types in ComponentConfig tests
test-infra 15791 adelina-t LGTM Jan 15 PatrickLang, andyzhangx, chases2, chewong M Update sig-windows config with Windows 1909 job. 18712 andrewsykim Pending Jan 15 imroc, johnbelamaric, sftim XS Add common examples to Service Topology documentation 18709 camper42 Pending Jan 15 XS Fix typo: default-manager -> default-scheduler 18706 remyleone Pending Jan 15 remyleone XS WIP: Add French version of persistent volume page concept page 18704 inductor Pending Jan 15 XS [DNM][WIP]First Japanese l10n work for release-1.16
kubernetes-sigs/kind 692 aojea Pending Jan 15 Arvinderpal, BenTheElder, aojea, krzyzacy, munnerz, song-jiang XL Add dual stack support
charts 20173 Ealenn Pending Jan 15 dtomcej XS [stable/traefik] Add Image Pull Policy
charts 20171 vasartori Pending Jan 15 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] feature/add tolerations on webhoook jobs
charts 20166 lhotrifork Pending Jan 15 vi7 XS [stable/dex] Add liveness and readiness probes.
charts 20164 salarmgh Pending Jan 15 XS Update percona to 5.7.26 and fix manifest to use apps/v1
charts 20162 bouge Pending Jan 15 asherf XS [stable/prometheus-cloudwatch-exporter] - Add annotations to serviceAccounts for EKS IAM
helm 7405 invidian Pending Jan 15 XS pkg/chart/chart: add Manifests field for untemplated manifests
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3119 haircommander Pending Jan 15 XS remove NET_RAW capability by default
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5545 mattymo Pending Jan 15 XS use correct ip for checking kubeconfig kube-apiserver ip
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3119 haircommander Pending Jan 15 XS remove NET_RAW capability by default
autoscaler 2740 losipiuk Pending Jan 15 Jeffwan, feiskyer L Remove filterOutSchedulableSimple
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 31 aledbf Pending Jan 15 aojea, bowei, youngnick S Reduce size of docker image
kubernetes 85642 claudiubelu Pending Jan 15 BenTheElder, adelina-t, claudiubelu, listx, mkumatag M test images: Updates agnhost guestbook subcommand
kubernetes 81226 claudiubelu Pending Jan 15 aojea, claudiubelu, danwinship, dashpole, feiskyer XXL tests: Replaces images used with agnhost (part 4)
kubernetes 80943 obitech Pending Jan 15 lavalamp, neolit123, obitech, rosti, stealthybox, sttts L Add a YAML MetaFactory
kubernetes 82192 tedyu Pending Jan 15 jsafrane, liggitt, saad-ali, verb M Allow container visitor to operate on selected container types
kubernetes 76838 claudiubelu Pending Jan 15 PatrickLang, bclau, dims, ixdy, javier-b-perez, johnSchnake, listx, luxas, mkumatag, neolit123, spiffxp, yliaog, yujuhong XL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 1)
enhancements 1439 mtaufen Pending Jan 15 justinsb, liggitt, luxas, mtaufen, neolit123, obitech, rosti, stealthybox, sttts, timothysc L KEP: Instance-specific ComponentConfig
website 18712 andrewsykim Pending Jan 15 imroc, johnbelamaric, sftim, steveperry-53 L Add common examples to Service Topology documentation
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 122 akutz Pending Jan 15 codenrhoden, davidewatson, ncdc L Support for CentOS 8
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 916 cmaster11 Pending Jan 15 njuettner L Filter NodePort service target IPs by node label
kubernetes 77398 claudiubelu Pending Jan 15 ixdy, luxas XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 2)
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 754 joelanford Pending Jan 15 DirectXMan12, joelanford, pwittrock L :warning: Bump to Kubernetes 1.17 dependencies
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 393 taaraora Pending Jan 15 lpabon, misterikkit, msau42, sbezverk, taaraora L issue-384, A single "default" storage class secret is added
kubernetes 83906 michaelgugino Pending Jan 15 justinsb, liggitt, michaelgugino, mortent, wojtek-t L Allow deletion of pending pods when using PDBS
enhancements 978 barney-s Pending Jan 15 Joseph-Irving, barney-s, janetkuo, kow3ns, liggitt, mattfarina, mortent, prydonius, soltysh, vllry XL KEP for Graduating CronJob to GA
kubernetes 84923 zouyee Pending Jan 15 ahg-g, alculquicondor, brendandburns L introduce FeatureGate to kubescheduleconfig
enhancements 1455 gnufied Pending Jan 15 childsb, saad-ali XS Update pod info and skip attach keps
kubernetes 86374 snowplayfire Pending Jan 15 k82cn, liu-cong, resouer, snowplayfire M Add some necessary metrics for scheduler
kubernetes 84731 verb Pending Jan 15 Random-Liu, dchen1107, feiskyer, mrunalp, mtaufen, verb, yujuhong XXL Add namespace targeting mode to CRI and kubelet
perf-tests 981 oxddr Pending Jan 15 mborsz, mm4tt, wojtek-t S probers: log to file
kubernetes-client/python-base 171 Ark-kun Pending Jan 15 mbohlool, roycaihw XS Fixed Watch.unmarshal_event when data is not a JSON-serialized object
kubernetes 87215 egernst Pending Jan 15 ahg-g, alculquicondor, neolit123 L WIP: E2e scheduler: introduce e2e test for PodOverhead
kubernetes 86670 tedyu Pending Jan 15 gnufied, jingxu97, mattjmcnaughton, msau42, saad-ali, tedyu, verult, wojtek-t L Don't try to create VolumeSpec immediately after underlying PVC is being deleted
cloud-provider-vsphere 272 andrewsykim Pending Jan 15 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel XL [WIP] add experimental support for Service Type=LoadBalancer w/ NSX-T
istio/istio 20204 blhagadorn Pending Jan 15 XS Update operator --set help text
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5135 champtar Pending Jan 15 Miouge1, mirwan XS switch default container_manager to containerd 539 moshloop Pending Jan 15 ameukam, mikedanese, nikhita, thockin S add k8s-infra-staging-scl-image-builder group
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 935 droot Pending Jan 15 Liujingfang1, pwittrock S :sparkles: set preserveUnknownFields in crd conversion patch
kubernetes 86656 tanjunchen Pending Jan 15 Liujingfang1, juanvallejo, monopole, seans3, soltysh, surajnarwade XS correct invalid urls and close issue
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 242 timoreimann LGTM Jan 15 jsafrane, pohly S Add NodeUnpublishVolume test for when the volume is missing
kubernetes 79969 stlaz Pending Jan 15 juanvallejo, seans3, smarterclayton XS cluster-info dump: don't feed stdout with state message
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5545 mattymo Pending Jan 15 Miouge1, holmsten, woopstar S use correct ip for checking kubeconfig kube-apiserver ip
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 753 joelanford LGTM Jan 15 DirectXMan12, gerred, joelanford, pwittrock S :bug: When loading client config, check os/user.HomeDir if $HOME is unset
sig-release 954 tpepper LGTM Jan 15 AishSundar, cpanato, idealhack, nikhita, saschagrunert XS Feb. 2020 patch release schedule
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 687 jlamillan Pending Jan 15 L Add --watchers flag to allow controller to respond automatically to Ingress or Service updates
istio/ 6337 jhonmike Pending Jan 15 jhonmike L pt-br-translation: translated small files
community 4407 idealhack Pending Jan 15 geekygirldawn, jeefy, mrbobbytables XS eu-summit-2020: add shadows for current content team
website 17499 robertrafay Pending Jan 15 brendandburns, mikedanese, xiangpengzhao XS Update
community 4287 k82cn LGTM Jan 15 ConnorDoyle, balajismaniam, castrojo, mrbobbytables, timothysc S Update ML-WG org.
website 18368 Fale Pending Jan 15 Fale, fabriziopandini, sftim L Add IT localization for overview/components/
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1363 chuckha Pending Jan 15 ashish-amarnath, justinsb XS 🐛 POC same cluster name different namespaces
website 18683 eyobofficial Pending Jan 15 aanm, ahmetb XXL Patch 1
kubernetes 87077 soltysh Pending Jan 15 liggitt, pwittrock, seans3, soltysh XXL Remove kubectl run generators
website 17561 dblugeon Pending Jan 15 abuisine, feloy, remyleone, yastij XS little correction
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5211 micheelengronne Pending Jan 15 chadswen, holmsten, mattymo, mirwan S WIP: Use Kubespray as an ansible collection
website 18178 hase1128 Pending Jan 15 MasayaAoyama, cstoku, nasa9084 M Translate tasks/administer-cluster/ in Japa…
website 17782 sftim Pending Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm M [WIP] Reword Pod concept (overview page)
website 18069 jpbetz Pending Jan 15 bradtopol, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, sftim M Followup fixes for: Add resource version section to api-concepts
website 18060 NargiT Pending Jan 15 kbarnard10, piosz, x13n XS Document tail -f behaviour
website 17462 PatrickLang Pending Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, michmike XS doc:containerd alpha in 1.17
website 17971 niaiwomattt Pending Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS Meaning of CPU
website 17476 christophercarney Pending Jan 15 christophercarney, enisoc, foxish, sftim, tfogo S Update DaemonSet scheduling version inconsistency
website 18110 jayeshmahajan Pending Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, kbarnard10, krousey, sftim XS Update
website 18317 sftim Pending Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol S Fix glossary definitions for cluster infrastructure & operations
kubernetes 84913 serathius Pending Jan 15 RainbowMango, ravisantoshgudimetla, serathius S Add show-hidden-metrics-for-version to scheduler
website 18400 sftim Pending Jan 15 fabriziopandini, micheleberardi, sftim S Revise Italian code of conduct localization 18701 wojtekidd Pending Jan 15 mfilocha XS tą instalację -> tę instalację 18699 neo502721 Pending Jan 15 XS change the job example url to
ingress 4932 aledbf Pending Jan 15 XS Cleanup dev-env script
website 17914 danpopSD Pending Jan 15 danpopSD, saad-ali, sftim, thecrudge, thockin XS updated persistent
website 18015 tom1299 Pending Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, sftim, tengqm, zparnold XS Refined unclear sentence on 3rd party dependencies
kubernetes 75645 mucahitkurt Pending Jan 15 jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, mucahitkurt, saad-ali L Simplify CleanupMountPoint workflow
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4815 skolekonov Pending Jan 15 Miouge1, mattymo, mirwan M Create storage class for AWS provider
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 139 okartau Pending Jan 15 jsafrane, msau42 S [WIP] NodeVolumeUnpublish: tolerate repeated requests
website 17557 sagarvelankar Pending Jan 15 davidopp XS Fix wording for Assigning Pods to Nodes
website 18059 vishakhanihore LGTM Jan 15 Rajakavitha1, nikhita, parispittman, sftim, vishakhanihore, zparnold S enh: Adding contribution best practices in contribute docs
website 17949 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 15 bprashanth, madhusudancs XXL Kill all federation v1 related tasks pages.
website 17930 daschott Pending Jan 15 PatrickLang, michmike, sftim L Expand Windows docs network troubleshooting
website 18128 tom1299 Pending Jan 15 jessfraz, sftim L [WIP] Harmonize PodPreset examples
website 18173 jimangel Pending Jan 15 jimangel, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm XS fixing information about dev contrib
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1146 rverma-nikiai Pending Jan 15 XXL Add support for publish podIps when using even a no headless service
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 381 arjunrn Pending Jan 15 DirectXMan12, droot, sttts M ✨ Change Quantity type to int-or-string
website 18433 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jan 15 Colstuwjx, andrewsykim, jessfraz, sftim, tengqm, zacharysarah, zhangxiaoyu-zidif M Sort cloud provider and add alibaba
kubernetes 84894 hwdef Pending Jan 15 aveshagarwal, bowei, enisoc, foxish, gmarek, janetkuo, kow3ns S pkg/controller: fix staticcheck warning
kubernetes 83340 YuikoTakada Pending Jan 15 BenTheElder, YuikoTakada, eparis, mtaufen, yujuhong M WIP: Fixes shellcheck warning in cluster/gce/gci/
istio/community 262 JHDST Pending Jan 15 XS add JHDST to the org
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 20 27149chen Pending Jan 15 j-griffith, saad-ali M enable debug log in unittests
test-infra 13719 srinivashegde86 Pending Jan 15 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, krzyzacy, matthyx XXL Use instead of
kubernetes 83939 pigletfly Pending Jan 15 Random-Liu, feiskyer, johscheuer, mattjmcnaughton M fix: change labels to follow kubernetes styles
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 229 okartau Pending Jan 15 lpabon, pohly, saad-ali L WIP: sanity/node.go: add repetition loop to test idempotency
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 491 sbueringer Pending Jan 15 flaper87, jichenjc, sbueringer, wangxiyuan XXL [WIP] add initial Zuul jobs
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 126 yuyulei Pending Jan 15 cofyc, saad-ali, wongma7 S auto remove the pv with hardware problems
kubernetes 82475 tealee1992 LGTM Jan 15 derekwaynecarr, dixudx, neolit123 XS fix error strings end with punctuation or a newline
kubernetes 82567 sofat1989 Pending Jan 15 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, sofat1989, yujuhong M pod restart when init containers are changed
kubernetes 83378 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 15 BobyMCbobs, johnbelamaric, timothysc, wgliang XS Promote pod PreemptionExecutionPath verification
kubernetes 82546 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 15 BobyMCbobs, Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alejandrox1, draveness, johnbelamaric, timothysc M Create PriorityClassName test
kubernetes-sigs/kind 955 mauilion Pending Jan 15 aojea, munnerz L WIP: Added kind get images subcommand
kubernetes 76443 mgdevstack Pending Jan 15 PatrickLang, bgrant0607, claudiubelu, dineshgovindasamy, johnbelamaric, mgdevstack, oomichi, smarterclayton, spiffxp, thockin M Promote e2e "verifying service's sessionAffinity for ClusterIP and NodePort services" to Conformance
kubernetes 82297 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 15 BobyMCbobs, SataQiu, alejandrox1, caesarxuchao, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, timothysc, xichengliudui L Create new API chunking test
kubernetes-client/python-base 152 sergei-maertens Pending Jan 15 roycaihw S Refs. #151 -- detect binary payloads and send the correct opcode
charts 20151 seanson Pending Jan 15 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] fix runbookUrl consistency
charts 20146 travisgroth Pending Jan 15 XS [stable/pomerium] Add deprecation notice
charts 20121 redradrat Pending Jan 15 XS [postgresql] fix StatefulSet naming 18688 sftim Pending Jan 15 XS Revise version requirements for Distribute Credentials Securely Using Secrets 18687 php-coder Pending Jan 15 XS ru/docs/tutorials/ sync with English translation
kubernetes 86802 Aresforchina LGTM Jan 15 bowei, derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, vishh, yujuhong M add some comments for const variables
website 18678 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 15 Colstuwjx, kbhawkey, markthink, sftim, tengqm S WIP: add indoclink for fixing multilingual linking issue.
kubernetes-sigs/addon-operators 37 njhale Pending Jan 15 dholbach, johnsonj, njhale XXL Addon Discovery PoC
kubernetes 85486 spiffxp LGTM Jan 15 hh, resouer, vishh XS Promote a TCP socket probe test to Conformance
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 15 howardjohn Pending Jan 15 bowei, danehans, thockin M Fix GatewayClass scope
kops 8256 yuxiaobo96 LGTM Jan 15 joshbranham, justinsb, rifelpet, robinpercy, tanjunchen XL staticcheck:update import package aliases
kubernetes 87079 gavinfish LGTM Jan 15 aleksandra-malinowska, oomichi, sttts, vishh S Fix typo from reseting to resetting
enhancements 1421 yuzhiquan LGTM Jan 15 Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, tallclair XS cleanup(enhancements): typo
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5534 liupeng0518 Pending Jan 15 Atoms, holmsten, mattymo L Add tls cipher suites support
security 65 mayakacz Pending Jan 15 liggitt, lukehinds, tallclair XS Add cross-link back to PSC page
kubernetes 80364 wangxiaoq Pending Jan 15 kow3ns, mortent XS Update the replicas count after deletion of pod
website 14850 emedina LGTM Jan 15 alexbrand, electrocucaracha, emedina, raelga XXL Add content/es/docs/concepts_workloads_controllers/deployment_and_gc
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 147 apelisse Pending Jan 15 jennybuckley, lavalamp L WIP: Add example of testing compatibility change
kubernetes 87114 DasyDong LGTM Jan 15 MaciekPytel, mm4tt, oomichi, serathius, x13n XS Fix typo on words situations and response
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1270 wongma7 Pending Jan 15 childsb, humblec M Replace all extensions/v1beta1
kubernetes 87201 aojea Pending Jan 15 BenTheElder, aojea, aramase, bowei, oomichi, thockin M e2e dual-stack test fixes to run inside KIND
website 14792 irvifa Pending Jan 14 girikuncoro, irvifa, raelga, sftim XXL Initialize Secret in Bahasa Indonesia.
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 413 jnaulty Pending Jan 14 bertinatto, ddebroy, leakingtapan S Patch k8scsi sidecars CVE-2019-11255
enhancements 967 prameshj Pending Jan 14 caseydavenport, chrisohaver, dbyron0, johnbelamaric, prameshj, thockin L Add a KEP for DNS Autopath in pod API
kubernetes 80545 spiffxp Pending Jan 14 bgrant0607, bsalamat, damemi, johnbelamaric, smarterclayton S Promote SchedulerPreemption e2e tests to Conformance
website 17986 julienMichaud Pending Jan 14 mhamdisemah, rbenzair, remyleone XXL wip fr-trans add content/fr/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/
kubernetes 86793 prameshj Pending Jan 14 MrHohn, bowei, dims, jingax10, prameshj L Attach a new finalizer in GCE ILB creation.
enhancements 1342 vinaykul Pending Jan 14 Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, egernst, liggitt, mwielgus, riking, thockin, vinaykul L In-Place Vertical Pod Scaling KEP to implementable, and mini-KEP for CRI extensions
test-infra 15808 justaugustus Pending Jan 14 BenTheElder, Katharine S autobumper: Test job generation via releng/
kubernetes 80958 lzhfromustc LGTM Jan 14 jiayingz, mattjmcnaughton, mindprince, vikaschoudhary16 XS Add critical section to protect m.allocatedDevices
kubernetes-client/python-base 169 jfrabaute Pending Jan 14 mbohlool, yliaog S config: Fix persist_config flag and function calls
istio/operator 711 richardwxn Pending Jan 14 elfinhe, ostromart, richardwxn L add service to k8s spec
istio/operator 727 richardwxn Pending Jan 14 ostromart, richardwxn M Check enablement from values part as well
kubernetes-incubator/custom-metrics-apiserver 61 guineveresaenger Pending Jan 14 DirectXMan12, kawych XXL Remove glide
enhancements 1422 robscott Pending Jan 14 aojea, dcbw, feiskyer, khenidak, robscott, thockin L KEP: Adding AppProtocol to Services and Endpoints
kubernetes 87130 yue9944882 Pending Jan 14 davidopp, lavalamp, ncdc M Fork out a suggested global-default from catch-all to handle unclassified flows
kubernetes 87046 tedyu Pending Jan 14 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, yliaog S Remove redundant counting of gracePeriod
kubernetes 85958 chewong Pending Jan 14 kkmsft M [WIP] Add Azure Disk CSI Driver as part of CSI test suite
kubernetes 86101 PatrickLang Pending Jan 14 PatrickLang, Random-Liu, benmoss, feiskyer, jterry75, marosset, wawa0210, yujuhong L Fix cpu resource limit on Windows
kubernetes-client/csharp 345 brendandburns Pending Jan 14 krabhishek8260, tg123 S Rev dotnet to 3.1
kubernetes 81574 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 14 devaips, draveness, hh, mortent, smarterclayton, soltysh, timothysc, tnozicka XS Rewrite ReplicaSet Pod quota limit
kubernetes 86858 BobyMCbobs Pending Jan 14 BobyMCbobs, mtaufen, sjenning, spiffxp M Create test to ensure that an event can be fetched, patched, deleted, a…
website 18062 lucky-sideburn Pending Jan 14 cody-clark, kbarnard10, parispittman, zacharysarah L Create
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 145 jennybuckley Pending Jan 14 apelisse, jennybuckley, lavalamp M Make fieldset v1 serialization alphabetical
kops 8201 mccare Pending Jan 14 joshbranham, robinpercy L GCE: Naming of google_compute VPC route now includes cluster name
website 18091 sftim Pending Jan 14 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, cmluciano, thockin L Improve network policies concept
ingress-nginx 4913 yehudamakarov Pending Jan 14 aledbf, cmluciano XS Update
community 4401 tallclair Pending Jan 14 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr XL Archive SIG-Node meeting notes 2019
kubernetes 86968 gnufied Pending Jan 14 davidz627, gnufied, saad-ali L Add extra fields in node expansion CSI call
kops 8250 mccare Pending Jan 14 geojaz, joshbranham, mccare, robinpercy L GCE: Delete cluster will also delete the DNS entries created by kubernetes
website 18688 sftim Pending Jan 14 ryanmcginnis, zparnold XS Revise version requirements for Distribute Credentials Securely Using Secrets
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 233 hopkiw Pending Jan 14 chases2, krzyzacy S add new repos for guest OS
website 18687 php-coder Pending Jan 14 dianaabv, msheldyakov S ru/docs/tutorials/ sync with English translation
istio/community 260 sniperking1234 Pending Jan 14 smawson XS Add sniperking1234 to the org
istio/community 261 zqzzq Pending Jan 14 smawson XS Add zqzzq to the org
kubernetes 83032 hpandeycodeit Pending Jan 14 liggitt M Allow all special characters in the environment variable name except "="
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 645 DirectXMan12 Pending Jan 14 droot, pwittrock XXL [wip] :warning: Secure Serving & Webhook Support in envtest
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 133 MOZGIII Pending Jan 14 cofyc, saad-ali M Host file name label
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 237 bells17 Pending Jan 14 saad-ali, xing-yang XXL Add feature listsnapshots secrets 18683 eyobofficial Pending Jan 14 XS Patch 1 18679 garciarodrigor Pending Jan 14 jaredbhatti XS Update 18678 Colstuwjx Pending Jan 14 XS WIP: add indoclink for fixing multilingual linking issue. 18677 Vageesha17 Pending Jan 14 XS PR for issue #18617 18676 koneko096 Pending Jan 14 girikuncoro, phanama XS Adding Bahasa Indonesia translation for Device Plugin page
charts 20119 pshanoop Pending Jan 14 XS [stable/fluentd] Fix: Typo on fluentd
charts 20116 miecio45 Pending Jan 14 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Operator RBAC: move some critical permission to Role
charts 20114 Aeysol Pending Jan 14 XS [stable/ambassador] Fix service annotation data type
charts 20111 cablespaghetti Pending Jan 14 lachie83 XS [incubator/zookeeper] Add Prometheus Operator PrometheusRule support
charts 20109 kamil-rafalko Pending Jan 14 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Add Prometheus ingress extra paths to prepend to every host configuration
helm 7401 hiddeco Pending Jan 14 XS fix(kube): use non global Scheme to convert
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3112 saschagrunert Pending Jan 14 XS Fix man page header
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3112 saschagrunert Pending Jan 14 XS Fix man page header
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1376 Zyqsempai Pending Jan 14 Random-Liu XS Cgroupv2: Added CPU, Memory metrics
community 4400 tallclair Pending Jan 14 enj, liggitt, mikedanese XL Archive SIG-Auth 2019 meeting notes
website 18253 gprasath LGTM Jan 14 krousey, sftim XS Remove namespace reference in kubectl cheatsheet
website 17004 snehalj2009 Pending Jan 14 Rajakavitha1, sftim, tengqm XS Moving 'Horizontal Pod Autoscaler' to Concepts section
minikube 6255 afbjorklund Pending Jan 14 RA489, afbjorklund, medyagh, tstromberg S Fix syntax of minikube kubectl example command
ingress-nginx 4768 AndiDog Pending Jan 14 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano L Add annotation to skip certificate hostname verification (allow using certificates with mismatching CN/SAN)
enhancements 1070 apelisse Pending Jan 14 apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt L Update union KEP: Don't guess and rename discriminatedBy
enhancements 1259 shturec Pending Jan 14 deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, shturec, tallclair XL Dynamic Audit Policy KEP
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 30 howardjohn Pending Jan 14 bowei, thockin XXL Automated protobuf generation
website 18542 sftim Pending Jan 14 liggitt, sftim, sttts XS Use built-in version check & metadata for CRD versions task
kubernetes 87054 changyaowei Pending Jan 14 changyaowei, dashpole, dims, liggitt, vishh XS Made the flag which defined in cadvisor can be used when kubelet config start cmd
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1374 sirao Pending Jan 14 bhargavmad, chuckha, detiber, ncdc, rudoi, sirao, vincepri XL 🏃Add tests for testing cluster naming validation
istio/installer 641 taylorreece Pending Jan 14 howardjohn, morvencao S Disable mTLS for connections to kube-dns.kube-system
kubernetes 85898 tsmetana Pending Jan 14 alejandrox1, bertinatto, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, tsmetana L Fix multinode storage e2e tests for multizone clusters
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1255 Adirio Pending Jan 14 Adirio, DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, mengqiy XXL Two-step resource creation
kubernetes 80909 hoegaarden Pending Jan 14 ameukam, hoegaarden, justaugustus, lavalamp, mkumatag, tallclair, thockin L [build/debian*] Cleanup of image building and allow building on Darwin
autoscaler 2737 dggondol Pending Jan 14 Jeffwan, aleksandra-malinowska XS Change the regex to match the providerID used by Fargate on EKS.
community 4138 stealthybox Pending Jan 14 bgrant0607, mtaufen, nikhita, sttts S Document component-standard issues /w custom content
kubernetes 85597 zhouya0 LGTM Jan 14 apelisse, caesarxuchao, lavalamp, yliaog, yue9944882, zhouya0 S fix wrong cached klog message
kubernetes 81350 yastij Pending Jan 14 andrewsykim, cheftako, deads2k S remove controller_utils' validation dependency to k/k
kubernetes 83959 hpandeycodeit Pending Jan 14 deads2k, juanvallejo, soltysh L Added condition to wait on jsonpath
kubernetes 83229 FengyunPan2 Pending Jan 14 FengyunPan2, tallclair, tedyu S The cgroup name can't be nil while systemReserved is designated
kubernetes 83061 zouyee Pending Jan 14 BenTheElder, cblecker, liggitt, odinuge, oomichi, soltysh, stevesloka, sttts, zouyee S Ensure that `make test-e2e-node` can be executed anywhere
kubernetes 86726 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 14 deads2k, matthyx, smarterclayton, sttts XS Use alpine as sample-apiserver base image
kubernetes 74966 hoegaarden LGTM Jan 14 cheftako, derekwaynecarr, hoegaarden, jsafrane, sjpotter, tallclair, vladimirvivien XXL CSI: remove global vars
kubernetes 87009 tanjunchen LGTM Jan 14 Jefftree, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, hwdef, tallclair, tanjunchen S pkg/controller/: cleanup staticcheck
kubernetes 83784 mattjmcnaughton Pending Jan 14 Random-Liu, mattjmcnaughton, saad-ali, taragu M Protect against DOS Plugin Registration
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5255 mirandawork Pending Jan 14 holmsten, mirwan L Add support for running CI tests on vagrant
minikube 5844 rajula96reddy Pending Jan 14 josedonizetti, medyagh, tstromberg M Prevent minikube from crashing if namespace or service doesn't exist
community 4398 zhouya0 Pending Jan 14 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr S fix runtime client server links
website 18669 ttonline6 Pending Jan 14 pigletfly, xiangpengzhao XS The translation of this passage is not smooth
kops 7912 chilland Pending Jan 14 chilland, danigosa, granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, rifelpet, zetaab L Add cuda 10 support
kubernetes 79649 Joseph-Irving Pending Jan 14 Joseph-Irving, dchen1107, draveness, gmarek, liggitt, nilebox, smarterclayton, thockin, vllry, zhan849 XXL Add container.lifecycle.type to api (sidecars KEP)
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5487 Miouge1 Pending Jan 14 S [WIP] Add Vagrant CI
kubernetes 76828 claudiubelu Pending Jan 14 PatrickLang, ixdy, luxas, mkumatag XS images: Adds GOARM to images' Makefiles
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5525 woohhan Pending Jan 14 Miouge1, chadswen, holmsten M Fix to Vagrant config.rb apply correctly
website 18676 koneko096 Pending Jan 14 girikuncoro, irvifa, phanama L Adding Bahasa Indonesia translation for Device Plugin page
kubernetes 87117 aojea Pending Jan 14 andrewsykim, aojea, danwinship, thockin L kube-proxy crash when load balancers use a different IP family
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5537 EppO Pending Jan 14 Miouge1, chadswen, holmsten XL Kubernetes 1.16.4 backport into 2.12 branch 18669 ttonline6 Pending Jan 14 XS The translation of this passage is not smooth
kubernetes 69821 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jan 14 AlexeyPerevalov, bboreham, caseydavenport, dcbw, freehan, johscheuer, khenidak, liggitt, thockin L Use ip address from CNI output
website 18626 sftim Pending Jan 14 Bradamant3, daminisatya M Tidy page about Poseidon/Firmament scheduler
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 743 clamoriniere Pending Jan 14 pwittrock, shawn-hurley L ✨ Add httpserver.Server and `pkg/debug` for pprof support
autoscaler 1866 frobware Pending Jan 14 aleksandra-malinowska, alvaroaleman, frobware, hardikdr, piosz, vikaschoudhary16 XXL Add cluster-api based cloudprovider
kube-state-metrics 1020 LiliC Pending Jan 14 LiliC, andyxning, brancz, tariq1890 XS internal/store/hpa.go: Set kube_hpa_status_current_metrics_average_value metric for the External metric source
kubernetes 83571 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jan 14 Random-Liu, ixdy, jiayingz, mattjmcnaughton, mkumatag S create DevicePluginPath folder under the kubelet root directory
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 438 rfranzke Pending Jan 14 bertinatto, d-nishi, leakingtapan L Implement different driver modes and AWS Region override for controller service
kubernetes 82850 viviyww Pending Jan 14 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, vishh XS Change the enforce-node-allocatable option usage
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1252 Adirio Pending Jan 14 Adirio, DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, mengqiy L Named arguments for path formatting
kubeflow/manifests 691 Tomcli LGTM Jan 14 animeshsingh, krishnadurai, yanniszark L Add kfdef for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
kubernetes 75493 wgliang Pending Jan 14 davidz627, verult XS Avoid unnecessary volume mount repetitive operations
cloud-provider-openstack 901 ramineni Pending Jan 14 Fedosin, mrhillsman S [cinder-csi-plugin] Add cloning docs
cloud-provider-openstack 671 jichenjc Pending Jan 14 NickrenREN, adisky, hogepodge, jichenjc M create tags and descriptions for snapshot
cloud-provider-openstack 849 kayrus Pending Jan 14 anguslees, lingxiankong, ramineni XXL Remove cinder orphaned code / volume code deduplication
kubernetes 83572 chendotjs Pending Jan 14 MrHohn, andrewsykim, bowei, chendotjs, danwinship, dcbw, dixudx, freehan, johscheuer, khenidak, m1093782566, squeed XL bandwidth: use regexp to handle tc output and add IPv6 support
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 125 adelina-t Pending Jan 14 PatrickLang, michmike M Add 1909 windows aks-engine template.
kubernetes 86921 mikedanese Pending Jan 14 ahmedtd, enj, lavalamp, logicalhan, mikedanese, wojtek-t S token cache: make fetch_total a counter
cloud-provider-openstack 889 npu21 Pending Jan 14 chaosaffe, lingxiankong XS update links in pr template
kubernetes 87140 chendotjs Pending Jan 14 m1093782566, nicksardo S kube-proxy: add interface type assertions for ipvs proxier
istio/common-files 173 seflerZ Pending Jan 14 S Fixed the Istio docker build failure
kubernetes 86128 chendotjs Pending Jan 14 andrewsykim, chendotjs, dcbw, islinwb, m1093782566, thockin S ipset: remove unneccesary judgement in IsNotFoundError() and fix comm…
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1122 nitrag Pending Jan 14 M00nF1sh, alejandrox1 XS Docs: Duplicate port warning.
kubeflow/pipelines 2835 avdaredevil Pending Jan 14 Bobgy, avdaredevil, kwasi M [Windows] PowerShell script added to start proxies for front-end UI
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 245 utkarshmani1997 Pending Jan 14 gnufied, jsafrane, msau42 XS Add parameters in ExpandVolume rpc call
website 18594 ysyukr Pending Jan 14 ClaudiaJKang, ianychoi XXL Translate storage/ in Korean.
kubernetes 82916 changyaowei Pending Jan 14 Random-Liu, mattjmcnaughton, yifan-gu XS Avoid too many log about pod
charts 20100 mcdan Pending Jan 14 XS [incubator/zookeeper] Add ability to pipe other settings to zoo.cfg for things like auth, 18662 zacharysarah Pending Jan 14 onlydole XS Add blog post: Reviewing 2019 in Docs 18661 sftim Pending Jan 14 zacharysarah XS [WIP] Fix references to @kubernetes/sig-docs-l10n-admins 18660 evankanderson Pending Jan 14 XS Update docs for 1.9 and 1.15 resource count quotas
kubernetes 86801 likakuli Pending Jan 14 janetkuo, krmayankk, likakuli, neolit123, smarterclayton, soltysh L fix a bug that orphan revision cannot be adopted and statefulset cannot be synced
kubernetes 87012 dixudx LGTM Jan 14 BenTheElder, spiffxp XS pass through KUBE_BUILD_PLATFORMS to enable build on specified platforms
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1060 titilambert Pending Jan 14 njuettner, titilambert M Add --zone-name-filter option for azure provider
kubernetes 86603 npu21 Pending Jan 14 derekwaynecarr, dims XS update defaultconfig link
minikube 6267 bfotland Pending Jan 14 RA489, medyagh XS Update
istio/proxy 2624 douglas-reid Pending Jan 14 S feat(stats): support grpc status codes in metrics
kubernetes 62093 feiskyer Pending Jan 14 PatrickLang, ksubrmnn, lavalamp, smarterclayton S Add support of local traffic policy for winkernel proxy
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 756 mengqiy Pending Jan 14 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock L :sparkles: support restconfig to target the control plane
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 35 danehans Pending Jan 14 bowei L Adds support for per route user-specified tls config
kubeflow/kfserving 613 vpavlin Pending Jan 14 bhupc, hougangliu, vpavlin, yuzisun S Initialize SecurityContext in injected containers and improve logging
kubernetes-sigs/krew 464 aimbot31 LGTM Jan 14 ahmetb, corneliusweig, soltysh M Ensure DownloadPath is always clean
test-infra 15796 ialidzhikov LGTM Jan 14 BenTheElder, chases2 XS Switch 1.17 to golang@1.13.5
kubernetes 85029 serathius LGTM Jan 13 RainbowMango, davidz627, logicalhan M Remove references to prometheus is test/e2e
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 389 gerred Pending Jan 13 DirectXMan12, droot XS Update OWNERS_ALIASES
minikube 5962 tstromberg Pending Jan 13 blueelvis, medyagh, tstromberg XXL WIP: Add 'pause' command to freeze Kubernetes cluster
minikube 5693 marekschwarz Pending Jan 13 josedonizetti, medyagh, sharifelgamal, tstromberg XXL move delete logic to a pkg
community 4396 jonasrosland Pending Jan 13 parispittman, tpepper XS Add Barcelona 2019 retro and survey feedback
enhancements 1444 saschagrunert Pending Jan 13 BenTheElder, aojea, tallclair L KEP for promoting AppArmor to GA
autoscaler 2493 adammw Pending Jan 13 adammw, aleksandra-malinowska, losipiuk, piosz L Add support for passing custom ignored labels
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 699 MnrGreg Pending Jan 13 akutz, sflxn, sidharthsurana S cater for cloud provider region & zone vsphere tags during manifest generation
test-infra 12440 matthyx Pending Jan 13 cblecker, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XL WIP Implement ConfigTree in approve plugin
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1046 olusinae Pending Jan 13 XXL Add Istio VirtualService source
test-infra 14753 hasheddan Pending Jan 13 cjwagner, hasheddan, krzyzacy, stevekuznetsov M prow checkconfig: ignore gerrit jobs when validating trigger plugin enabled
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1370 renovate-bot Pending Jan 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Update io_bazel_rules_rust commit hash to a9103cd
kubernetes 83966 mickaelalibert Pending Jan 13 andyxning, caseydavenport, jbeda S :arrow_up: Update Apigroup extensions to apps
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1310 rbtr Pending Jan 13 hjacobs, linki, njuettner S add service annotation to set public/private iface for NodePort
kops 8316 olemarkus Pending Jan 13 johngmyers, joshbranham, olemarkus, rifelpet, robinpercy M WIP: Cilium eni
kubeflow/website 1518 SinaChavoshi Pending Jan 13 IronPan, aronchick, joeliedtke S Update
kubernetes 87105 BenTheElder LGTM Jan 13 BenTheElder, dims, liggitt, spiffxp M s/slave/replica in guestbook app
kubernetes 84381 Sh4d1 Pending Jan 13 Jefftree, Sh4d1, caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, hzxuzhonghu S Use network proxy for node connections
minikube 5545 blueelvis Pending Jan 13 afbjorklund, blueelvis, medyagh, sharifelgamal, tstromberg XL Add support for CIFS Mounts on Windows
kubernetes 86982 gnufied Pending Jan 13 adohe, caesarxuchao, gnufied, jsafrane, msau42 M Add events to PV when mount fails on filesystem mismatch
kubernetes 86274 liggitt Pending Jan 13 cheftako, smarterclayton M WIP - Consider whether a type can be encoded as protobuf when negotiating a serializer
istio/test-infra 2277 sdake Pending Jan 13 S Remove installer master from tide
istio/test-infra 2276 sdake Pending Jan 13 howardjohn S Remove operator master jobs from prow
kubeflow/kubeflow 4645 joeliedtke LGTM Jan 13 jinchihe, pdmack, zabbasi XS Updates to install Fairing from PyPI 18657 ten2ton Pending Jan 13 XS zh-trans update content/zh/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/deploy… 18656 merkata Pending Jan 13 jimangel, php-coder XS en: Remove kubectl duplicate example 18652 gavinfish Pending Jan 13 daminisatya, php-coder XS Fix typo for tasks/access-kubernetes-api/ 18650 helight Pending Jan 13 XS update zh-translation: /docs/concepts/storage/
charts 20093 aprattes Pending Jan 13 XS [stable/minio] Add gateway configuration for distributed mode
charts 20091 hutr Pending Jan 13 XS [stable/minio]: fix extraArgs values being ignored by minio binary inside pod
charts 20084 ytsarev Pending Jan 13 XS EtcdCluster CRD image override
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5537 EppO Pending Jan 13 Miouge1 XS Kubernetes 1.16.4 backport into 2.12 branch
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5537 EppO Pending Jan 13 Miouge1 XS Kubernetes 1.16.4 backport into 2.12 branch
kubernetes 76776 wwitzel3 LGTM Jan 13 caesarxuchao, deads2k, sttts, wwitzel3, yliaog, yue9944882 M Add tests for NewFilteredDynamicSharedInformerFactory
kubernetes-client/python 984 tmm88 Pending Jan 13 micw523, roycaihw, tmm88, yliaog S [docs/enhancmente/fixing minor typos] - kubernetes-client/python - fi…
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5454 EppO Pending Jan 13 Atoms, Miouge1, holmsten S Update to kubernetes v1.16.4
kubernetes 86072 rosti Pending Jan 13 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, neolit123, timothysc L [WIP] kubeadm: distinguish between generated and user supplied config (config map present implementation)
kubernetes 86075 rosti Pending Jan 13 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, neolit123 L kubeadm: Carry over new component config versions
website 18652 gavinfish LGTM Jan 13 cheftako, daminisatya, lavalamp, php-coder XS Fix typo for tasks/access-kubernetes-api/
kubernetes 86810 bart0sh Pending Jan 13 Klaven, SataQiu, akutz, bart0sh, ereslibre, fabriziopandini, kad, neolit123, rosti L kubeadm config images list: implement structured output
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 375 davidz627 Pending Jan 13 jingxu97, msau42 M Add pprof output for cpu and mem in debug mode (dev overlay and tests)
kubernetes 71766 chenchun Pending Jan 13 dashpole, dchen1107, mtaufen S If runtimeCgroups, kubeletCgroups and cgroupRoot are explicit configu…
kubernetes 86977 RochesterinNYC Pending Jan 13 derekwaynecarr, juanvallejo XS Add '-n <namespace' to kubectl attach command output after session detach
kubernetes 86929 mortent Pending Jan 13 derekwaynecarr, enisoc, tnozicka L Add Conditions to status for PDBs
kubernetes 86918 rphillips Pending Jan 13 andrewsykim, aojea, danwinship, gnufied, nckturner, rphillips, zmerlynn M aws: add ipv6 addresses for NodeAddresses
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 260 nader-ziada Pending Jan 13 detiber, maisem, nader-ziada, wfernandes XL 🏃 add tests for gcp_machine_controller
website 18656 merkata LGTM Jan 13 hw-qiaolei, jimangel, php-coder XS en: Remove kubectl duplicate example
git-sync 199 bewing Pending Jan 13 stp-ip, thockin L Add support for process signalling
kube-state-metrics 939 mrueg Pending Jan 13 LiliC, tariq1890 S Update to prometheus 2.13.0, kubernetes 1.16.1
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1307 Adirio Pending Jan 13 Adirio, camilamacedo86, droot S Update OWNERS and OWNERS_ALIASES files to new format
kubernetes 86855 tedyu Pending Jan 13 deads2k, justinsb, liggitt, robscott, tedyu S Provide variant which skips sorting Requirement slice
kubernetes 86044 tedyu Pending Jan 13 mwielgus, piosz M Check the GroupVersionKind of pod metrics
kubernetes 83942 johscheuer Pending Jan 13 jszczepkowski, piosz XS WIP: Ignore delete pods for the number of replicas calculation
kubernetes 80564 ziyi-yan Pending Jan 13 brendandburns, derekwaynecarr, mengqiy, pigletfly M refine chinese translation for kubectl
website 18613 php-coder Pending Jan 13 aisonaku, dianaabv S ru/docs/concepts/ use English names for kinds
website 18650 helight Pending Jan 13 chenrui333, xiangpengzhao XS update zh-translation: /docs/concepts/storage/
kubernetes 86904 gaorong Pending Jan 13 Random-Liu, gaorong, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong M kubelet stats interface segregate
istio/api 1156 ckcd Pending Jan 13 ckcd, dcberg, geeknoid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson S Add support of http retry priority
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 19 27149chen Pending Jan 13 27149chen, childsb, j-griffith, saad-ali L delete individual volume
kubernetes 86636 zhouya0 Pending Jan 13 juanvallejo, smarterclayton, thockin XS fix kubectl create deployment image name
kubernetes 83886 whs-dot-hk Pending Jan 13 dshulyak, ghodss, johscheuer, whs-dot-hk XS Fix typo all
kops 8246 bittopaz Pending Jan 13 joshbranham, robinpercy L Alicloud: support modification of LaunchConfiguration
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 955 devkid Pending Jan 13 M00nF1sh, bigkraig L Pod readiness gates 18643 phanama Pending Jan 13 girikuncoro, wahyuoi XS Add id/resource_quotas localization
charts 20082 eliaoggian Pending Jan 13 XS [stable/etcd-operator] Added etcdCluster.repository parameter to the template in order to specify a custom registry
charts 20078 D1abloRUS Pending Jan 13 XS [stable/prometheus-operator]Fixed kind for serviceperreplica and portName variable
charts 20075 AlpherJang Pending Jan 13 XS Fix stable/bitcoind deployment.yaml: update apiVersion from apps/v1beta2 to apps/v1 (#20073)
helm 7387 etashsingh Pending Jan 13 XS Refactored alpine-pod.yaml file to make the chart work.
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5534 liupeng0518 Pending Jan 13 XS Add tls cipher suites support
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5534 liupeng0518 Pending Jan 13 XS Add tls cipher suites support
website 18608 reneluria LGTM Jan 13 bart0sh, vincepri XS Update
test-infra 15877 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 13 Katharine, stevekuznetsov XS Switch master to go@1.13.6
kubernetes 68745 dixudx Pending Jan 13 mlmhl, tianshapjq, yujuhong S add restartCountLimit for pod
website 18289 npu21 LGTM Jan 13 Rajakavitha1, mhamdisemah, sftim, tengqm XS update link
website 18360 inductor Pending Jan 13 sftim, tengqm XS add cri redirect for Japanese
website 18516 remyleone LGTM Jan 13 oussemos, rbenzair, remyleone, sftim, yastij XXL Add French deployment concept page
website 18560 Kartik494 Pending Jan 13 Kartik494, kbhawkey, savitharaghunathan, zparnold XS Update Doc
kops 8271 johngmyers Pending Jan 13 johngmyers, joshbranham, robinpercy XXL Option to increase concurrency of rolling update within instancegroup
kubeflow/pipelines 2784 dldaisy Pending Jan 13 Ark-kun, Bobgy, dldaisy, gaoning777, jingzhang36, numerology XXL [Sample] Demonstrate Continuous Integration
kubernetes 86481 tdihp LGTM Jan 13 deads2k, feiskyer, lavalamp, sttts, tdihp, weinong L aad fallback to real auth if refresh token fails, fixes #82776
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1469 bhargavmad Pending Jan 13 chuckha, ncdc M [WIP] ✨ Adds NAT gateway reconcilation test case to e2e
website 18643 phanama Pending Jan 13 girikuncoro, irvifa, wahyuoi XL Add id/resource_quotas localization
website 15986 yofriadi Pending Jan 13 girikuncoro, irvifa, qbl L Adding Bahasa Indonesia translation for cluster networking page
kops 8326 rifelpet LGTM Jan 13 granular-ryanbonham, johngmyers, zetaab L Automated cherry pick of #8317: Don't output empty sections in the manifests
kubeflow/website 1308 sarahmaddox Pending Jan 13 alecglassford, sarahmaddox, thedriftofwords L Kubeflow v1.0: Versioning policy and app stability indicators 18641 shiveshabhishek Pending Jan 13 XS Update
kubernetes 83726 cofyc Pending Jan 13 ahg-g, alculquicondor, cofyc, foxish, msau42 XL scheduler: Move all volume binding code into VolumeBinding plugin
website 18625 0xC45 LGTM Jan 13 Bradamant3, Rajakavitha1, jaredbhatti, neolit123 XS Install legacy iptables binaries for Ubuntu/Debian
kubernetes 87118 ohsewon Pending Jan 13 dchen1107, dims L [WIP] Add e2e_node test for container level hugepage isolation
test-infra 14754 justinsb LGTM Jan 12 Katharine, fejta, michelle192837, stevekuznetsov XS phaino: Default mount path to mount/<name>
kubernetes 83752 DirectXMan12 Pending Jan 12 caesarxuchao, cheftako, resouer L Move leader election cancelation to lock level
kubernetes 76452 mfojtik Pending Jan 12 cheftako, deads2k, hzxuzhonghu, liggitt, mfojtik, misterikkit, p0lyn0mial, stewart-yu, sttts L Handle termination gracefully for controller manager and scheduler
kubernetes 86122 squeed Pending Jan 12 brendandburns, danwinship, freehan XL [wip] proxy: Simplify ServiceChangeTracker
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1255 mcayland Pending Jan 12 devkid, linki, mcayland, njuettner L designate: fix deletion of TXT records
kubeflow/kubeflow 3865 tmc LGTM Jan 12 kimwnasptd, prodonjs, vkoukis XS Fix typo in notebook creation form
kubernetes-sigs/application 109 halfcrazy Pending Jan 12 janetkuo, prydonius XS Enable status subresource, update manifest
charts 20068 y-spreen Pending Jan 12 XS [stable/nfs-server-provisioner] Clarify multiple replica default class problem.
charts 20066 ofek Pending Jan 12 XS Fix typo 18639 sftim Pending Jan 12 XS Update v1.18 OWNERS_ALIASES
ingress 4913 yehudamakarov Pending Jan 12 XS Update
kubernetes 82645 samifruit514 Pending Jan 12 deads2k, seans3, soltysh L kubectl: namespace support in resource edits
kubernetes 83883 snowplayfire Pending Jan 12 dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair M optimize syncLoopIteration performance and reduce pod startup latency
website 18639 sftim Pending Jan 12 VineethReddy02 S Update v1.18 OWNERS_ALIASES
kubernetes 82820 odinuge Pending Jan 12 ConnorDoyle, bart0sh, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, markturansky, odinuge L Add support for pre-allocated hugepages with 2+ sizes
minikube 6285 afbjorklund Pending Jan 12 medyagh, priyawadhwa XS Switch from MBR to GPT for the ISO partitioning
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5489 msh111 Pending Jan 12 Miouge1, holmsten, woopstar L Add AWS ALB Ingress Controller
minikube 6283 afbjorklund Pending Jan 12 medyagh, priyawadhwa S Use the complete filenames for the packages
kops 8294 liranp Pending Jan 12 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL Spotinst: Support for Taints and Subnets in Ocean Launch Spec
charts 20065 krichter722 Pending Jan 12 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Add information that prometheusOperator.admissionWebhooks.enabled=false workaround requires prometheusOperator.tlsProxy.enabled=false
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 225 ZeroMagic Pending Jan 12 ZeroMagic, jsafrane, lpabon, pohly S [WIP]sanity: check the error after removing MountTargetLocation
kubernetes 82269 gaorong Pending Jan 12 dchen1107, sjpotter S reset contianer status to nil in pod runtime cache instead of deleting
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1314 HansK-p Pending Jan 12 Raffo, hjacobs, linki L Support encrypted DNS txt records
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5387 feder89 Pending Jan 12 ant31, chadswen M Release 2.11
kops 8255 geojaz Pending Jan 12 joshbranham, justinsb, rifelpet, robinpercy XS Adds johngmyers to reviewers because he's been awesome
website 16791 furukawa3 LGTM Jan 12 gochist, seokho-son XXL Remove trailing spaces from ko documents(#16742)
kubernetes 73121 ringtail LGTM Jan 12 deads2k, jkzhao, krmayankk, lavalamp, mbohlool, ringtail, sttts S change OpenAPI AggregationController log level
kops 5856 Cryptophobia Pending Jan 12 Cryptophobia, justinsb, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy S Support for hooks on bastion instance groups
kops 8199 hakman Pending Jan 12 hakman, joshbranham, justinsb, robinpercy L containerd: Add support for tar.gz package
kops 8151 justinsb Pending Jan 12 drekle, johngmyers, joshbranham, justinsb, mitch000001 XXL WIP: Support cluster-api for non-master instancegroups, on GCE
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 15 ddebroy Pending Jan 12 andyzhangx, jingxu97, kkmsft, msau42 XXL WIP Disk APIs 18632 giovanism Pending Jan 12 XS Add DaemonSet docs ID localization 18631 starchx Pending Jan 12 XS Fixed outdated ECR credential debug message 18629 sftim Pending Jan 12 XS Revise “Reconfigure a Node's Kubelet in a Live Cluster”
charts 20061 hmlkao Pending Jan 12 mattfarina XS [doc] Fixed links in
charts 20060 hmlkao Pending Jan 12 XS [stable/dex] Add podLabels support
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3102 mrunalp Pending Jan 12 XS WIP: Check for context errors before returning from longer requests
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3102 mrunalp Pending Jan 12 XS WIP: Check for context errors before returning from longer requests
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 1 wk8 Pending Jan 12 ddebroy, jingxu97, msau42, pjh, wk8 XXL Adding protobuf definitions for the 1st version of the API
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1023 rifelpet Pending Jan 12 M00nF1sh, micahhausler L [WIP] Upgrade controller-runtime
website 18631 starchx Pending Jan 11 jaredbhatti, thockin XS Fixed outdated ECR credential debug message
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 184 monder Pending Jan 11 nckturner, wongma7 M Add support for multiple regions
kubernetes 81277 kdada Pending Jan 11 kdada, lavalamp, liggitt, soltysh, yue9944882 XL Add dns cache to client-go
kubernetes 80720 silenceshell Pending Jan 11 danwinship, dcbw, johnbelamaric L move OpenLocalPort to package utils
website 17974 remyleone Pending Jan 11 Sh4d1, jygastaud, mhamdisemah, rbenzair, remyleone, sftim, yastij L Add web-ui-dashboard to French
kops 8313 johngmyers Pending Jan 11 drekle, robinpercy XXL WIP Option to surge during rolling update
website 18604 remyleone Pending Jan 11 abuisine, jygastaud, remyleone, sftim XL Add a French version of Secret concept page
kops 8237 srikiz Pending Jan 11 joshbranham, robinpercy, srikiz, timoreimann L [DigitalOcean] Add load balancer support for master HA
website 17699 PabloCastellano Pending Jan 11 PabloCastellano, Rajakavitha1, sftim S Fix typos and remove duplicate parts in Certificate Management with kubeadm
website 17944 sftim Pending Jan 11 Rajakavitha1, bowei, sftim M Improve(?) documentation for using Node-local DNS Cache add-on
charts 20059 bpdunni Pending Jan 11 XS [incubator/kafka] Added helm hook annotations to delay job until kafka is ready and cleanup job 18626 sftim Pending Jan 11 XS Tidy page about Poseidon/Firmament scheduler 18625 0xC45 Pending Jan 11 XS Install legacy iptables binaries for Ubuntu/Debian
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1375 jdewinne Pending Jan 11 XS Update for auth config
website 18046 sftim Pending Jan 11 Rajakavitha1, sftim, tengqm S [WIP] Reword glossary entry for ReplicationController
kubernetes 80413 mumoshu LGTM Jan 11 caesarxuchao, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, dixudx, draveness, oomichi M Disable JSON Patch negative indices to be compliant with RFC 6902
website 18342 sftim Pending Jan 11 jessfraz, tengqm L Tidy pages for PodPreset
website 18606 Potapy4 Pending Jan 11 dianaabv, msheldyakov XXL ru: add code of conduct page
kubernetes 82627 irajdeep LGTM Jan 11 RainbowMango, cheftako, irajdeep, lavalamp, logicalhan, smarterclayton S Deprecate ssh tunnel metrics, since ssh tunnel is a deprecated feature
kubernetes 82270 nolancon Pending Jan 11 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, nolancon XS Remove 'Experimental' prefix from TopologyManagerPolicy and edit comment spelling error.
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 449 rfranzke Pending Jan 11 davidz627, jingxu97, msau42 M Allow running the controller service separately
kubernetes 87067 cchord Pending Jan 11 Random-Liu, mattjmcnaughton, vishh, yujuhong XS set MemorySwap equal to Memory in dockershim.UpdateContainerResources
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 221 marquiz Pending Jan 11 Ethyling, balajismaniam XS Dockerfile: change the base image
community 4384 jeefy Pending Jan 11 detiber, jonasrosland, parispittman, tpepper XS Add M&G staff to AMS page
kubernetes 82861 danielqsj Pending Jan 11 cheftako, deads2k, yastij M Migrate the leader election to use v1beta1 Events
helm 7381 naseemkullah Pending Jan 11 XS [helm create] Add hpa boilerplate
helm 7380 desimone Pending Jan 11 XS feat(helm): reintroduce name flag
minikube 5730 govargo Pending Jan 11 RA489, blueelvis, govargo, medyagh, sharifelgamal L Fix `minikube start` in order to be able to start VM even if machine does not exist
enhancements 1263 p0lyn0mial Pending Jan 11 deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, p0lyn0mial, roycaihw, sttts, yue9944882 XL Kubernetes's OpenAPI v3 Specification
ingress-nginx 4903 naseemkullah Pending Jan 11 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano M Mirror backend URL
charts 20055 puckpuck Pending Jan 11 XS deprecate wavefront
charts 20054 bpdunni Pending Jan 11 XS [stable/neo4j] Added ability to use existing secret for neo4j password instead of creating secret 18613 php-coder Pending Jan 11 XS ru/docs/concepts/ use English names for kinds
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5531 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 11 riverzhang XS Fix kube-router config generation
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5531 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 11 riverzhang XS Fix kube-router config generation
kubernetes 85980 ping035627 Pending Jan 11 ingvagabund, smarterclayton XS Fix controller taintEvictionQueue.AddWork bug
website 18122 sftim Pending Jan 11 deads2k, jimangel, lavalamp, sftim S Tweak linking for Kubernetes object concept
website 18064 halindrome Pending Jan 11 bradtopol, caesarxuchao, dchen1107 XS Fix a minor type
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 410 samschlegel Pending Jan 11 alex1545, chrislovecnm, erain, nlopezgi, smukherj1 M Add .diff command
kubernetes 87090 bhcleek LGTM Jan 11 bhcleek, lavalamp, msau42, saschagrunert, smarterclayton XS changelog: clarify 1.17 upgrade requirements
community 4362 sd0408 Pending Jan 11 castrojo, idvoretskyi XS Adding aws-service-operator slack channel
website 18172 stevebang Pending Jan 11 Rajakavitha1, hw-qiaolei, zacharysarah XS Correct description of kubectl
kubernetes 46662 ixdy Pending Jan 10 BenTheElder, cjwagner, fejta, krzyzacy XS Add empty file to trigger PR testing
website 17841 lex111 LGTM Jan 10 Potapy4, Rajakavitha1, dianaabv, lex111, php-coder, tfogo, zacharysarah M Improve Russian translation of Home page
website 18233 sftim Pending Jan 10 Rajakavitha1, steveperry-53, tengqm M Cleanup container probes task
kubernetes 87057 oomichi Pending Jan 10 juanvallejo, seans3 XS Add logs of port-forward-tester pod
kubeflow/manifests 661 krishnadurai Pending Jan 10 animeshsingh, holdenk L Adds necessary roles and roleBinding to Spark service account
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 719 akutz LGTM Jan 10 andrewsykim, figo, yastij M Revert "e2e cleanup"
kubernetes 85164 msau42 LGTM Jan 10 gnufied, smarterclayton, spiffxp XS Promote "CSI volume limit information using mock driver should report attach limit when limit is bigger than 0" e2e test to Conformance
test-infra 15596 amwat Pending Jan 10 amwat, cjwagner L Add support for empty label to ignore voting in gerrit.
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5172 Timoses Pending Jan 10 Miouge1, holmsten XXL [WIP] Download revamp with caching and delegation
enhancements 1212 jfbai LGTM Jan 10 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, tallclair, yujuhong L KEP: add ReadOnlyBindAddress to KubeletConfiguration.
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5529 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 10 ant31, holmsten, mirwan XS Fix default value of kube_api_server_endpoint 18608 reneluria Pending Jan 10 XS Update 18606 Potapy4 Pending Jan 10 XS ru: add code of conduct page 18604 remyleone Pending Jan 10 remyleone XS Add a French version of Secret concept page
charts 20047 nagelflorian Pending Jan 10 viglesiasce XS [stable/spinnaker] Template Annotations for Spinnaker HAL Cleanup Job
charts 20040 Nilsty Pending Jan 10 XS [stable/drone] adding an option to configure a cloudsql-proxy
charts 20032 emas80 Pending Jan 10 XS [stable/sonatype-nexus]: added support for service account
charts 20030 AlfredApplejuice Pending Jan 10 XS Update
charts 20029 tbotrifork Pending Jan 10 XS [stable/oauth2-proxy] Add posibility for using environment values ins…
helm 7378 joelanford Pending Jan 10 XS go.mod,go.sum: bump Kubernetes dependencies 1.17.0
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5529 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 10 ant31 XS Fix default value of kube_api_server_endpoint
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5529 MrFreezeex Pending Jan 10 ant31 XS Fix default value of kube_api_server_endpoint
test-infra 15119 andrewsykim LGTM Jan 10 cblecker, chases2, krzyzacy XS disable auto approval of PRs in kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere
kops 7698 chotiwat Pending Jan 10 chrislovecnm, rifelpet, zetaab M Support setting --dynamic-config-dir to enable dynamic kubelet configuration
test-infra 14297 agnihotrigaurav Pending Jan 10 chases2, timothysc S Add dashboards to testgrid for OKE v1.13
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 12 danehans Pending Jan 10 bowei, danehans, howardjohn, ironcladlou L Refactors gateway api type to use label selectors
kubernetes 84740 mortent Pending Jan 10 johnbelamaric, liggitt S Promote PodDisruptionBudget e2e test to Conformance
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 667 enxebre LGTM Jan 10 akutz, figo, sidharthsurana XS Remove unused var
website 18468 phanama Pending Jan 10 danninov, girikuncoro, irvifa, phanama XL Add Indonesian Manage Compute Resources page
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 17 danehans Pending Jan 10 bowei, thockin L Adds SchedulingPolicy to Gateway api type
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 628 sidharthsurana Pending Jan 10 akutz, figo, sflxn, sidharthsurana, yastij XS Re-introduce the VM maintenance mode in v1alpha2
test-infra 15819 pjh Pending Jan 10 chases2, cpanato, yliaog M Use windows-testing instead of private repo for sig-release Windows test jobs.
enhancements 923 kwiesmueller Pending Jan 10 apelisse, deads2k, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller, lavalamp, liggitt, tedyu L Add a KEP for introducing declarative fieldManager
enhancements 1442 kwiesmueller Pending Jan 10 apelisse, kwiesmueller, lavalamp M [apply] add status header section
kubernetes 82611 viviyww Pending Jan 10 MrHohn, andrewsykim, danwinship, liggitt, viviyww M Add mixed argument validation
kubernetes 80479 tnozicka Pending Jan 10 cheftako, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton, tnozicka XS Make namespace controller aware of implicit finalizer on pods
istio/api 1221 kyessenov Pending Jan 10 alexburnos, bianpengyuan, dcberg, geeknoid, howardjohn, htuch, kyessenov, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, rshriram, smawson L sketch of an extension manifest
istio/ 6209 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Jan 10 ayj, frankbu, linsun, nmittler, rcaballeromx, smawson, vadimeisenbergibm S add mesh expansion to the deployment models document
autoscaler 2549 milesbxf Pending Jan 10 bskiba, jbartosik, milesbxf, mwielgus XXL vpa-recommender: fix history loading by using .QueryRange and use Prometheus client
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1296 gerred Pending Jan 10 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, mengqiy XS Update OWNERS_ALIASES
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1189 egernst Pending Jan 10 detiber, ncdc, sethp-nr S WIP: :sparkles: Support specifying IngressCidrBlocks for control plane ELB
kubernetes 86959 dprotaso Pending Jan 10 derekwaynecarr, dprotaso, liggitt, thockin S Updates to roundtrip package
kubernetes 87007 wojtek-t Pending Jan 10 liggitt, nikhiljindal, sttts, wojtek-t XL Cleanup manual conversions
kubernetes 86806 Aresforchina LGTM Jan 10 derekwaynecarr, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, sftim, sjenning S export type PatternWhitelist in pkg/kubelet/sysctl
kubernetes 84441 wojtek-t Pending Jan 10 wojtek-t XL [WIP] Cleanup metav1 conversions
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 154 krmayankk Pending Jan 10 Huang-Wei XXL Runtime Even Pod Spreading
kubernetes-sigs/kube-batch 924 ingvagabund Pending Jan 10 hzxuzhonghu, k82cn L Document framework, plugins and actions
git-sync 213 thockin Pending Jan 10 stp-ip L Use git mirror
kubernetes 82610 deeyes24 Pending Jan 10 dims, seans3, soltysh S Moved the sort-by flag fetch only if earlier sort-by option was enabled
kubernetes 71238 Jeffwan Pending Jan 10 M00nF1sh, chrislovecnm, jsafrane, mcrute, micahhausler L Remove stale loadbalancer for edge cases in aws
charts 20017 alexpopero Pending Jan 10 XS [stable/spinnaker] Adding option to enable HA for Spinnaker Services 18595 ysyukr Pending Jan 10 XS Translate controllers/ in Korean. 18594 ysyukr Pending Jan 10 XS Translate storage/ in Korean.
helm 7373 Sh4d1 Pending Jan 10 XS add option to bypass kubeconfig namespace
cloud-provider-openstack 861 kayrus Pending Jan 10 adisky, anguslees, kayrus, ramineni L Cinder CSI: poll block device size before resize
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5280 caruccio Pending Jan 10 Miouge1, caruccio, mattymo, mirwan M Add config coredns_external_zones
website 18228 CriaHu LGTM Jan 10 castrojo, kbarnard10, onlydole, sftim XS fix 404 urls number six
website 18581 locmai Pending Jan 10 ngtuna, sftim, truongnh1992 L Docs ref glossary fundamental 0
kubernetes 87063 huchengze Pending Jan 10 BenTheElder, huchengze, liggitt, mkumatag XS [Step 3] Build mips64le debian-hyperkube-base and debian-iptables images
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 141 gujingit Pending Jan 10 aoxn, xlgao-zju L update describe route entries api
kubernetes 87053 YuikoTakada Pending Jan 10 SataQiu, brendandburns XS fix spelling_failures in CHANGELOG
kubernetes 83710 edwardstudy LGTM Jan 10 Random-Liu, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, sjpotter XS Fix comment typos in pkg/kubelet/prober
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 951 justinsb Pending Jan 10 Adirio, camilamacedo86, droot, justinsb, mengqiy L Use gofmt, not goimports
kubeflow/kfctl 131 Bobgy Pending Jan 10 gaoning777, jlewi, kkasravi S Enable istio injection in Kubeflow namespace
website 18595 ysyukr Pending Jan 10 ClaudiaJKang, seokho-son L Translate controllers/ in Korean.
perf-tests 974 jberkus Pending Jan 10 jberkus, shyamjvs, wojtek-t M Create initial files for Application Performance & Benchmarking SP
cloud-provider-openstack 868 ramineni LGTM Jan 10 jichenjc, ramineni, zetaab L CinderCSI: Add cloning support
kubernetes 49632 FengyunPan Pending Jan 10 FengyunPan, caesarxuchao, piosz, xiangpengzhao S Return warning instead of Error when no cloud provider provided
minikube 6231 stoffen01 Pending Jan 10 RA489, tstromberg XS Update
kubernetes-client/python 1051 palnabarun Pending Jan 10 micw523, palnabarun, roycaihw, scottilee S Update README and CHANGELOG for 11.0.0 stable release
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1224 siddharthab Pending Jan 10 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 S Support compressed tarballs in container_load
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1223 siddharthab Pending Jan 10 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 M Support compressed tarballs in the loader
kubernetes 83821 mikedanese Pending Jan 10 BenTheElder, fejta, sttts S Updated repo_infra to pickup go_genrule cleanup.
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 732 ialidzhikov Pending Jan 10 droot, pwittrock M ✨ Update dependencies to Kubernetes v0.16.4
kubernetes 78635 AkihiroSuda Pending Jan 10 AkihiroSuda, Random-Liu, bowei, derekwaynecarr, johnbelamaric, mattjmcnaughton, vishh S Ignore sysctl errors when running in UserNS
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5136 Timoses Pending Jan 10 LuckySB, Miouge1, Timoses, holmsten XL Clean up download role
kubernetes 84205 TGPSKI Pending Jan 10 TGPSKI, caesarxuchao, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, mikedanese, smarterclayton, thockin L Add SOCKS5 proxy support for kubectl exec 18581 locmai Pending Jan 10 XS Docs ref glossary fundamental 0
charts 20002 travisgroth Pending Jan 10 XS [stable/nginx-ingress] Revert to appVersion 0.26.1
charts 19998 costimuraru Pending Jan 10 dwardu89 XS [stable/spinnaker] Make it possible to customize each k8s account (permissions, omitted ns etc.)
charts 19996 jseiser Pending Jan 10 ahsan-storm XS [stable/ingressmonitorcontroller] Image Bump and Config Map updates
helm 7372 absoludity Pending Jan 10 XS Memory driver Query should return ErrReleaseNotFound for zero results
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5525 woohhan Pending Jan 10 Miouge1 XS Fix to Vagrant config.rb apply correctly
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5525 woohhan Pending Jan 10 Miouge1 XS Fix to Vagrant config.rb apply correctly
kubernetes 86894 nilo19 Pending Jan 10 brendandburns, karataliu L [WIP] Provider/Azure: Enrich unit tests.
minikube 6177 q384566678 Pending Jan 10 medyagh, tstromberg XS pkg/drivers/kic: add judgment of stop status before Stop
kubernetes 81796 gyuho Pending Jan 10 gmarek, gyuho, micahhausler, nckturner, shyamjvs, wojtek-t L cmd/kubemark: support custom auth provider (e.g. EKS)
kubernetes 86566 ggriffiths Pending Jan 10 childsb, ggriffiths, gnufied, msau42 XS Change volume expand could not find plugin event to be type Normal
kubernetes-client/java 848 rawler Pending Jan 10 brendandburns, mbohlool, rawler, yue9944882 L Builder-modes for attach() and exec()
kubernetes-client/python 840 ratanboddu Pending Jan 9 micw523, roycaihw L Added examples for Jobs and Hooks
kubernetes 85472 dcbw LGTM Jan 9 johnbelamaric, nicksardo, thockin XS kubelet/network: add sig-network-approvers to OWNERS
kubernetes 85637 dims LGTM Jan 9 adisky, chrigl, dchen1107, lavalamp, ramineni XS Flip CSIMigrationOpenStack flag to be beta and off by default
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 334 richardcase Pending Jan 9 juan-lee, richardcase, vincepri XL [WIP] Make image parameters more user friendly
kubernetes 82844 johscheuer Pending Jan 9 AlexeyPerevalov, aojea, cmluciano, dcbw, dnardo, johscheuer, khenidak M Update cni spec version to 0.3.1 to support multiple ips
enhancements 1383 jeffvance Pending Jan 9 alarge, childsb, copejon, jeffvance, joejoevictor, jsafrane, saad-ali, travisn XL 1st pass of bucket provisioning KEP
enhancements 1003 andrewsykim Pending Jan 9 andrewsykim, danwinship, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, garo, justinsb, rlenglet, tedyu, thockin, vishh, wladyslaws, yastij L KEP: Node Readiness Gates
kubernetes 81237 johnSchnake Pending Jan 9 andrewsykim, bclau, jingxu97, kow3ns, neolit123, saiyan86, spiffxp XXL WIP: Replace uses of BusyBox with Agnhost
istio/test-infra 2254 clarketm Pending Jan 9 Katharine, chases2, cjwagner, clarketm, fejta, michelle192837 S migrate GitHub reporting from plank to crier
kubernetes 86953 rojkov LGTM Jan 9 SataQiu, awly, neolit123, rosti, yliaog L kubeadm: allow creating a cluster with ECDSA keys
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1250 joelanford Pending Jan 9 Adirio, DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot, estroz, joelanford, pwittrock, shawn-hurley L designs: extensible CLI and scaffolding plugins
kubernetes 86896 tedyu LGTM Jan 9 apelisse, caesarxuchao, liggitt, smarterclayton, sttts, tedyu, wojtek-t M Return the error from copyInto
kubernetes 84920 sttts Pending Jan 9 apelisse, deads2k, jennybuckley, liggitt, smarterclayton, sttts XXL apiextensions: validate list-type map+set uniqueness in CRs
kubernetes 83519 lavalamp Pending Jan 9 enj, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, mikedanese, sttts, tedyu XL Make authn cache join callers
kubernetes 82222 Huang-Wei LGTM Jan 9 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, hex108, keerthigd, resouer M Set 0 sync period in scheduler integration test
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1237 hypnoglow Pending Jan 9 L Add support for human-friendly TTL values
googleforgames/open-match-docs 134 yfei1 Pending Jan 9 M Update Open Match helm installation guide and fixed an invalid anchor
kubernetes 75992 aaron-prindle Pending Jan 9 aaron-prindle, caesarxuchao, cheftako, lavalamp M fixed timeout handler to correctly log 500 errors
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5523 bcreane Pending Jan 9 XS update Calico CNI description
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5522 zobelhelas Pending Jan 9 XS Honor bastion host config from inventary 18572 aburomaissae Pending Jan 9 XS Appending the kustomization.yaml issue 18560 Kartik494 Pending Jan 9 XS Update Doc
charts 19994 nestorsalceda Pending Jan 9 bencer XS [stable/falco] Upgrade Falco to 0.18.0 and revamp auditLog feature
charts 19986 desaintmartin Pending Jan 9 XS [stable/kube-state-metrics] Only create PSP RBAC if rbac.create is true.
charts 19985 hsychla Pending Jan 9 Miouge1 XS [stable/prometheus-snmp-exporter] Fix serviceMonitor params
charts 19979 educojr Pending Jan 9 XS Fix typo
charts 19974 YoninL Pending Jan 9 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Namespace override
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5523 bcreane Pending Jan 9 XS update Calico CNI description
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5522 zobelhelas Pending Jan 9 XS Honor bastion host config from inventary
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1358 devkid Pending Jan 9 XS [WIP] Add istio-virtualservice source
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1356 spohner Pending Jan 9 XS Adding hostedZoneID and alias to endpoints to assist deletion of alias entries on AWS
kubeflow/kfserving 614 cliveseldon Pending Jan 9 gaocegege, jinchihe M Explainer runtime parameters
test-infra 15609 odinuge Pending Jan 9 Random-Liu, cheftako, odinuge, vpickard, yguo0905 XS Switch to ubuntu 18.04 image for cpu-manager tests
website 18385 gaoguangze111 LGTM Jan 9 bradtopol, mrbobbytables, onlydole XS Correct links
kubernetes 82527 torubylist Pending Jan 9 ingvagabund, smarterclayton, torubylist XS add more comment info for podEvictionTimeout
utils 131 matte21 Pending Jan 9 andrewsykim, deads2k, mcrute L Add growing ring buffer benchmarks
enhancements 1203 bg-chun Pending Jan 9 ConnorDoyle, Levovar, Vladimare, bg-chun, cynepco3hahue, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, sjenning, wgliang L [WIP]Propose Memory Manager for NUMA awareness
website 18531 SupriyaSirbi Pending Jan 9 ClaudiaJKang, gochist XS Issue #18498 Convert URL Request and Hello World to Korean
klog 99 liztio Pending Jan 9 DirectXMan12, detiber, jayunit100, liggitt, liztio S Add LogToOutput, a one-stop shop for writing logs to a io.Writer
kubeflow/kubeflow 4537 fediazgon Pending Jan 9 pdmack, zabbasi XS jovyan owns /home/jovyan in tf-notebook images
kubernetes 87015 cwdsuzhou Pending Jan 9 humblec, msau42, vladimirvivien XS make csiTimeout variable
website 18446 lovebaby979 LGTM Jan 9 SataQiu, tanjunchen, xichengliudui S delete zh 查看其它 2
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 102 MartinWeindel Pending Jan 9 MartinWeindel, RaunakShah, akutz, codenrhoden, divyenpatel, mandelsoft M Support for running controller outside of cluster
website 14469 kevinsimper Pending Jan 9 davidopp, foxish, sftim, steveperry-53 XS Add description when a PDB is needed
enhancements 1380 fabriziopandini LGTM Jan 9 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, justinsb, ncdc, neolit123, rosti, timothysc L Kubeadm: Remove ClusterStatus from kubeadm-config
system-validators 11 odinuge Pending Jan 9 Random-Liu, RobertKrawitz, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, fabriziopandini, neolit123, odinuge, timothysc M Add preflight check for optional cgroups
kubernetes 86005 vboginskey LGTM Jan 9 Random-Liu, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton XS Fix kubelet_node_status log spam
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1229 anhongbin Pending Jan 9 XL Add support for Alibaba Cloud DNS weight policies
dashboard 4542 zehuaiWANG Pending Jan 9 floreks, jeefy, konryd, maciaszczykm, zehuaiWANG L Dashboard rollback
enhancements 1394 ibelle Pending Jan 9 seans3, sftim, soltysh L Add proposal for standardized structured output for K8s CLI tools.
kubernetes 85234 matthyx LGTM Jan 9 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, guineveresaenger, mrbobbytables, thockin XS Add matthyx to sig-node-reviewers in OWNERS_ALIASES
kubernetes 86778 huchengze Pending Jan 9 childsb, errordeveloper XS Add DynamicPluginProber for startVolumeExpandController in master
community 4373 matte21 Pending Jan 9 cben, derekwaynecarr, dims S Clarify scope of resource version metadata field in API conventions doc
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1133 mariantalla Pending Jan 9 Adirio, DirectXMan12, Liujingfang1, camilamacedo86, jdef, mariantalla, mengqiy M Support mixed case Kind
kubernetes 86506 dineshba Pending Jan 9 dineshba, dixudx, janetkuo, m1kola, soltysh M sts: rollout history will show the details of the sts if the revision is specfied
kubernetes 82967 beautytiger Pending Jan 9 deads2k, wojtek-t S portallocator: fix bug in AllocateNext
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5252 khawaga Pending Jan 9 chadswen, holmsten, mirwan XS Install python-setuptools (#4776)
kubernetes 85282 serathius Pending Jan 9 brancz, dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, yifan-gu, yujuhong S Add show-hidden-metrics-for-version to kubelet
kops 8293 vvbogdanov87 Pending Jan 9 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL Add config to KubeSchedulerConfig
charts 19972 etiennejournet Pending Jan 9 maorfr, zanhsieh XS [GRAFANA] Introduced GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD__FILE
helm 7367 tiendc Pending Jan 9 XS Fix a bug in Delete() in storage/driver/cfgmaps.go
helm 7365 fenggw-fnst Pending Jan 9 XS Add corresponding unit test to the function in parser.go
helm 7364 tiendc Pending Jan 9 XS Add unit test for Index() and Replace() in storage/driver/records.go
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1372 cofyc Pending Jan 9 XS update config syntax in
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1051 palnabarun Pending Jan 9 palnabarun XS Update README and CHANGELOG for 11.0.0 stable release
kubernetes-sigs/kind 909 BenTheElder Pending Jan 9 aojea, munnerz, neolit123 L [WIP] get coverage data for all the things
kubernetes 78244 stewart-yu Pending Jan 9 enisoc, ixdy, roycaihw, stewart-yu XL add script to check duplicate import in go file
kubernetes 61595 cpanato Pending Jan 9 cpanato, dchen1107, femrtnz, marceloboeira, mauri870, mengqiy, sttts XXL [WIP] add initial translation for pt_BR for kubectl
enhancements 1387 fuweid Pending Jan 9 AkihiroSuda, brancz, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, fuweid, serathius L [wip] Enhance ContainerStats message in CRI-API
kubernetes 82517 wojtek-t Pending Jan 9 yue9944882 L [WIP] Switch to metav1.ListOptions
dashboard 4534 shu-mutou Pending Jan 9 floreks, jeefy, maciaszczykm L Enable to switch context in kubeconfig
enhancements 1348 hase1128 Pending Jan 9 brancz, dashpole, enj, tallclair L Add KEP for Request ID
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1193 Sn0rt Pending Jan 9 Sn0rt, detiber, sethp-nr, vincepri L :warning: Use multi-AZ as default example configuration
kubernetes 83541 odinuge Pending Jan 9 bg-chun, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge, tmrts L Add support for reserving hugepages for system and kube in kubelet
kubeflow/manifests 698 kubeflow-bot Pending Jan 9 krishnadurai, lluunn M [auto PR] Update the jupyter-web-app image to 9419d4d
kops 8276 rifelpet Pending Jan 9 joshbranham, rdrgmnzs, robinpercy M Add support for custom env vars in amazon-vpc-cni
kubernetes-csi/docs 254 timyinshi Pending Jan 9 lpabon, msau42, timyinshi, xing-yang, yuxiangqian XS modify the error url of volumesnapshot
kubernetes-csi/docs 253 timyinshi Pending Jan 9 lpabon, saad-ali, timyinshi XS modify the error url of livenessprobe
kubernetes 86071 zhuangqh Pending Jan 9 alejandrox1, derekwaynecarr, timothysc, zhuangqh M e2e: fix: get kubelet port from node status instead of hard coding 18543 sftim Pending Jan 9 XS Revise “Scheduler Performance Tuning” 18542 sftim Pending Jan 9 XS Use built-in version check & metadata for CRD versions task 18538 sftim Pending Jan 9 XS [WIP] Italiano: Reword Kubernetes case studies title
charts 19958 bpdunni Pending Jan 9 lachie83 XS [incubator/zookeeper] Fixed strict lint errors by adding default values
charts 19950 bhood4 Pending Jan 9 XS stable/sonarqube templates/deployment.yaml initContainers.image value override
helm 7360 cristiklein Pending Jan 9 XS fix(tiller): Avoid corrupting storage via a lock
helm 7358 cristiklein Pending Jan 9 XS fix(helm): improve handling of corrupted storage
helm 7356 EItanya Pending Jan 9 XS --registry-config flag is not honored
ingress 4903 naseemkullah Pending Jan 9 XS Mirror backend host
website 18050 sftim Pending Jan 9 Rajakavitha1, sftim, tengqm XS Tweak object concept
website 18543 sftim Pending Jan 9 kbarnard10, kbhawkey M Revise “Scheduler Performance Tuning”
kubernetes 84841 lsytj0413 Pending Jan 9 caesarxuchao, hongchaodeng, tallclair S refactor(*): fix some staticcheck
kubernetes 84790 lsytj0413 LGTM Jan 9 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, roycaihw, smarterclayton XS refactor(*): return compare bool directly
istio/installer 643 eskp Pending Jan 9 XS Drop kube-state-metrics from kubernetes-services-monitor ServiceMonitor
minikube 6245 tstromberg Pending Jan 9 RA489, afbjorklund M Remove unnecessary code to elevate system privileges
website 17389 yashbhutwala Pending Jan 9 Rajakavitha1, sftim XS fix the percent to set to disable percentageOfNodesToScore
website 17995 sftim Pending Jan 9 Rajakavitha1, ahmetb L Update Cassandra StatefulSet tutorial
website 18044 sftim Pending Jan 9 Rajakavitha1, sftim, tengqm XS Tweak glossary entry for ServiceAccount 536 puerco Pending Jan 8 bartsmykla, dims M Add BigQuery auditing, enable compute and other changes
kubernetes 85983 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jan 8 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, mnaser S fix metrics kubelet_running_pod_count
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 437 wongma7 LGTM Jan 8 d-nishi, leakingtapan XS Add self to OWNERS
website 18538 sftim Pending Jan 8 mattiaperi, micheleberardi XS [WIP] Italiano: Reword Kubernetes case studies title
kubernetes 83112 cezarsa Pending Jan 8 cheftako, deads2k, ingvagabund, yliaog L Fix data race in leader election
website 18267 sftim Pending Jan 8 AWKIF, Rajakavitha1, mhamdisemah, sftim XS fr translation for project slogan
kubernetes 86564 roycaihw Pending Jan 8 SataQiu, neolit123 S [DO NOT MERGE] measure time spent in crd openapi e2e
website 18425 sftim Pending Jan 8 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, jimangel, tengqm, zacharysarah L Reword “Managing Compute Resources for Containers”
website 18427 alkallio Pending Jan 8 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, krousey, sftim XS List all pods that use a specific Secret
kubernetes 86826 chhsia0 Pending Jan 8 derekwaynecarr, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller, wojtek-t XS Added a protobuf tag for `Quantity.Format`.
kubeflow/manifests 666 krishnadurai Pending Jan 8 kkasravi, kunmingg, swiftdiaries XS Adding self to OWNERS
kubernetes 86139 jasimmons Pending Jan 8 Random-Liu, dims, jasimmons, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, riking, yifan-gu L Normalize HTTP lifecycle handlers with HTTP probers
autoscaler 2673 msau42 LGTM Jan 8 MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, losipiuk XS Add GCE PD CSI zone topology key to node template
minikube 6237 tstromberg Pending Jan 8 RA489, medyagh, sharifelgamal S Support --force for overriding the ssh check
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5399 BjoernT Pending Jan 8 ant31, holmsten S Adding new registry_port* options
istio/test-infra 2232 clarketm Pending Jan 8 geeknoid, howardjohn, scottilee M Automator: add job to update ref docs nightly
kubernetes 83147 roycaihw LGTM Jan 8 jpbetz, rmmh, roycaihw, stevesloka, sttts L apiextensions: use etag in openapi overlap protection integration test
test-infra 11942 akutz Pending Jan 8 amwat, clarketm XXL [WIP] bazinga - a golang replacement for sh2ju
kubernetes 68004 saravanan30erd Pending Jan 8 coffeepac, krmayankk, piosz M isolate logging resources in separate namespace
kubernetes 85599 claudiubelu LGTM Jan 8 adelina-t, listx, mkumatag L tests: Updates agnhost guestbook usage
kubernetes 75831 kiall Pending Jan 8 alvaroaleman, anguslees, kiall L Support mixed protocol LBs
community 4218 mariantalla Pending Jan 8 apelisse, liggitt S [WIP] Document patch strategy markers in api-conventions
kubernetes 83717 yiduyangyi LGTM Jan 8 ncdc, sttts, yliaog XS fix comment in genericapiserver.go NonBlockingRun function
enhancements 1411 michaelgugino Pending Jan 8 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, michaelgugino, sftim, timothysc, yastij L add KEP: Node Maintenance Lease
istio/api 1213 incfly Pending Jan 8 dcberg, geeknoid, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, linsun, louiscryan, rlenglet, rshriram, smawson, yxue L [WIP] Initial v1alpha1 Troubleshooting API
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 731 rajathagasthya Pending Jan 8 DirectXMan12, pwittrock, shawn-hurley M ✨Make workqueue rate limiter configurable during controller creation
istio/operator 728 morvencao Pending Jan 8 elfinhe XS fix ICP list unmarshal issue.
test-infra 15607 clarketm Pending Jan 8 chases2, cjwagner, fejta, jlewi XL Migrate Kubeflow
googleforgames/open-match-docs 124 Sumo-MBryant Pending Jan 8 XS Fix for typo "Opem".
charts 19948 davidjeddy Pending Jan 8 XS Normalizing human readable rule output.
charts 19947 davidjeddy Pending Jan 8 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Normalizing alert message output.
charts 19941 verwilst Pending Jan 8 XS [stable/newrelic-infrastructure] fix apiVersion for daemonset (deprecated api)
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5517 floryut Pending Jan 8 woopstar XS Update api-groups
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5517 floryut Pending Jan 8 woopstar XS Update api-groups
istio/istio 19977 elieser1101 Pending Jan 8 elieser1101, frankbu, howardjohn L Fix bug( #18283 ) add fault injection integration test for
kubernetes 85003 Rand01ph Pending Jan 8 Rand01ph, krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, verb, vishh, yujuhong L Refactor kubelet convertStatusToAPIStatus
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5153 dwerder Pending Jan 8 Miouge1, dwerder, mattymo, mirwan S Fix gather_facts for usage kubespray with playbook_import
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1263 or-shachar Pending Jan 8 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 S Migrate push.bzl to attr.output
kubernetes 84343 busser Pending Jan 8 busser, dixudx, smarterclayton, soltysh XL kubectl create: enforce namespace during dry run
kubernetes 82447 RickyRajinder LGTM Jan 8 Random-Liu, RickyRajinder, RobertKrawitz, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, xiaoanyunfei M Added validation for KubeReserved and SystemReserved in Kubelet Config
enhancements 1175 justinsb Pending Jan 8 cblecker, claurence, justaugustus M Fix hack/
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 713 jayunit100 Pending Jan 8 figo, sflxn XS Update
kubernetes 86863 lancelot1989 Pending Jan 8 dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, therc, yifan-gu XS add kubelet flag to provide capabilities for enable aws credetial provider
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-site 85 vishakhanihore Pending Jan 8 cblecker, kbarnard10, mrbobbytables, parispittman, vishakhanihore M Improvising ReadME and Code of Conduct section
kubernetes 86912 bertinatto Pending Jan 8 gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, pohly XS Switch external storage tests to use delayed binding
community 4338 vishakhanihore LGTM Jan 8 castrojo, cblecker, guineveresaenger, justaugustus, mrbobbytables, tpepper M feat: Addition of Reviewer's Guideline
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 670 tkrausjr Pending Jan 8 akutz, andrewsykim L API model validation library
enhancements 1417 cwocwo Pending Jan 8 cheftako, childsb, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, justaugustus XL Correct sig cloud provider link errors
website 17538 sftim Pending Jan 8 deads2k, liggitt, sftim XL Improve RBAC guide
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4286 hswong3i Pending Jan 8 Miouge1, hswong3i, mirwan, woopstar M Using /etc/docker/daemon.json instead of flags
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5517 floryut Pending Jan 8 holmsten, mattymo, woopstar M Update api-groups
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1738 bearium Pending Jan 8 Liujingfang1, jbrette, mengqiy, pwittrock XL Resolve Vars at a directory level
kubernetes 85299 tedyu Pending Jan 8 deads2k, juanvallejo, lavalamp, liggitt, mortent, tedyu L Allow to drain node with pod that has more than one Pod Disruption Budget
istio/ 5819 johscheuer Pending Jan 8 johscheuer, sdake M Make CoreDNS docs for Multi Cluster more precise
charts 19929 sebdoido Pending Jan 8 XS [rabbitmq] add http protocol to stats service name (matters with istio) 18531 SupriyaSirbi Pending Jan 8 XS Issue #18498 Convert URL Request and Hello World to Korean
helm 7349 tiendc Pending Jan 8 XS Add unit test for List() of pkg/storage/driver/memory.go
helm 7348 tiendc Pending Jan 8 XS Fix a bug in storage/driver/secrets.go Delete()
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3082 haircommander Pending Jan 8 XS [1.15] Set process label to privileged when host network is true
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3082 haircommander Pending Jan 8 XS [1.15] Set process label to privileged when host network is true
kubernetes 81056 neolit123 LGTM Jan 8 SataQiu, ereslibre, liggitt, neolit123, rosti L kubeadm: prevent bootstrap of nodes with known names
website 18281 gavinfish LGTM Jan 8 alexbrand, cstoku, electrocucaracha, inductor, rlenferink XS Upgrade command of homebrew installs minikube
enhancements 1404 jpbetz Pending Jan 8 answer1991, deads2k, detiber, enj, hormes, jingyih, jpbetz, lavalamp, wojtek-t L Provisional KEP: Consistent Reads from Cache
minikube 6194 q384566678 Pending Jan 8 RA489, afbjorklund S kic: add status detection to Unpause
website 16110 RA489 Pending Jan 8 RA489, dlorenc, sftim XL Remove dual-hosted content and content that should move to minikube d…
website 18443 rajattrt Pending Jan 8 Rajakavitha1, sftim, tengqm XS fix doc conflict regarding postStart
kubernetes 86752 SataQiu Pending Jan 8 Random-Liu, SataQiu, brendandburns, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, thockin XS Add error handler for rlimit.RlimitNumFiles
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 278 diversario Pending Jan 8 micahhausler, nckturner XS Allow server port customization
kops 8100 sdarwin Pending Jan 8 joshbranham, robinpercy S enable authenticationTokenWebhook for metrics-server
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 136 xing-yang Pending Jan 8 jsafrane, saad-ali XS WIP: Remove duplicate snapshotclass file
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 216 Masquerade0097 Pending Jan 8 Masquerade0097, andyzhangx, feiskyer L feat: Implement NodeGetVolumestats feature
kubernetes 85165 wk8 Pending Jan 8 lavalamp, sttts, wk8, wojtek-t L Moving the detection of manual conversion functions to a dedicated struct 18517 kbhawkey Pending Jan 8 XS [WIP]clean up makefile, config
charts 19922 krufab Pending Jan 8 sameersbn XS [stable/postgresql] Fix change ownership of NFS PV (#19921)
charts 19920 reflection Pending Jan 8 XS [stable/mongodb-replicaset] Fix metrics issue with unquoted --mongodb.uri connection string
charts 19915 MarcusSorealheis Pending Jan 8 viglesiasce XS [stable/superset] better branch name and clean PR.
kubernetes 78229 agowa338 Pending Jan 8 dashpole, janetkuo, mengqiy, xichengliudui XL Fix linting issues in pkg/kubectl/cmd/create
kubernetes 86679 oomichi LGTM Jan 8 dchen1107, fejta, neolit123, oomichi, tanjunchen L WIP: Move WaitForPod*() from e2e core framework
kubernetes 73711 Ramyak Pending Jan 8 Ramyak, bsalamat, k82cn, neolit123, resouer, szuecs, wgliang M In SelectorSpreadPriority, consider all pods when scoring for zone
kubernetes 85442 zouyee Pending Jan 8 ahg-g, ahmad-diaa, bsalamat, denkensk, ingvagabund, resouer, zouyee L Remove type and replace it with scheduler methods
kubernetes 86223 dashpole LGTM Jan 8 RainbowMango, Random-Liu, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong S Add dashpole as kubelet approver
test-infra 14311 praveensastry Pending Jan 8 Katharine, alvaroaleman, matthyx, praveensastry M [WIP] Add support for multiple /pony requests
istio/test-infra 2028 cjwagner Pending Jan 8 Katharine, clarketm, fejta, geeknoid, howardjohn, michelle192837 XS Stop using the the trigger plugin's trusted_org feature.
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 592 guymguym Pending Jan 8 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock L 🐛 Fix #537 - FilterDiscoveryClient (DynamicRESTMapperOption)
website 18509 jsonpang Pending Jan 8 tengqm, xichengliudui XS Update
enhancements 1277 yastij Pending Jan 7 andrewsykim, cheftako, hogepodge, jagosan, nckturner, yastij M update the ccm migration KEP
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 101 jsanda Pending Jan 7 jsafrane, msau42, vladimirvivien L Add support for running on multiple nodes
kubernetes 86883 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jan 7 deads2k, eparis, xiang90 L Extend sharedIndexInformer testing wrt resync periods
kubernetes 86828 mortent Pending Jan 7 SataQiu, jsafrane L Check if resources implement scale in disruption controller
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 5 Liujingfang1 Pending Jan 7 pwittrock, seans3 L add apply test for raw configs
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 161 reetasingh Pending Jan 7 damemi M Making test table driven
kubernetes-csi/csi-release-tools 62 Pensu Pending Jan 7 msau42, pohly S Run travis builds for ppc64le
website 14678 bureado Pending Jan 7 electrocucaracha, glo-pena, raelga L Add content/es/docs/concepts/overview/
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 234 xing-yang Pending Jan 7 jingxu97, yuxiangqian XS WIP: Update images
website 15584 wolmi Pending Jan 7 alexbrand, electrocucaracha, glo-pena, raelga, wolmi L Add content/es/doc/contribute/start
website 14851 emedina Pending Jan 7 alexbrand, glo-pena, raelga XL Add content/es/docs/concepts_workloads_controllers/jobs-run_and_replicaset
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 102 moondev Pending Jan 7 codenrhoden, figo L Add tutorial to the documentation gitbook for building/deploying images on vSphere and AWS
perf-tests 925 oxddr Pending Jan 7 wojtek-t XS WIP - Remove -min_confidence=0.9 from golint
kubernetes 82247 m3ngyang Pending Jan 7 caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, liggitt, m3ngyang, nikhiljindal, yue9944882 M register cloud controller manager when necessary
kubernetes 84016 caesarxuchao Pending Jan 7 caesarxuchao, cblecker, cheftako XXL [WIP] Implementing the storage version API
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 1994 iliazlobin Pending Jan 7 justinsb, monopole XXL Vault secret provisioning plugin
charts 19908 ira-shumacher Pending Jan 7 gianrubio XS change CoreDNSDown to monitor coredns job
charts 19901 bartveenstra Pending Jan 7 XS [stable/spring-cloud-data-flow] Add Ingress and externalised Maven configuration
charts 19897 mvandergiesen Pending Jan 7 XS Add scheme 18516 remyleone Pending Jan 7 remyleone XS WIP: Add French deployment concept page
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3076 haircommander Pending Jan 7 XS Sandbox: Don't use an infra container in some cases
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3076 haircommander Pending Jan 7 XS Sandbox: Don't use an infra container in some cases
kubeflow/examples 658 amygdala Pending Jan 7 jinchihe, lluunn XS pin the web-ui version of TF to 1.7-- same as training
kubernetes 86222 joshmsamuels LGTM Jan 7 apelisse, asalkeld, hongchaodeng, jennybuckley, joshmsamuels, sttts L added apply to client-go
enhancements 1382 julianvmodesto Pending Jan 7 deads2k, julianvmodesto, lavalamp M Update Server-Side Apply KEP with upgrade strategy from client-side apply
istio/community 252 rcaballeromx Pending Jan 7 adammil2000, frankbu, linsun, rcaballeromx L Add new Reviewer role with all the needed info
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 21 bysph Pending Jan 7 pwittrock, seans3, soltysh XS fix golint errors
kubernetes 86070 rosti Pending Jan 7 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, neolit123, timothysc XL [WIP] kubeadm: distinguish between generated and user supplied config (checksum implementation)
kubernetes 83100 ashish-billore LGTM Jan 7 lavalamp, soltysh, sttts, yliaog XS Updated example description and instructions
website 14760 awaddiz Pending Jan 7 anthonydahanne, rbenzair, remyleone S WIP: docs-fr | concepts | services-networking | ingress-controllers
kubernetes 79136 p0lyn0mial Pending Jan 7 cheftako, deads2k, p0lyn0mial, smarterclayton, sttts, yliaog L propagates local availability status of service to the aggregation ha…
kube-openapi 169 p0lyn0mial Pending Jan 7 mbohlool, sttts, yue9944882, yujuhong XL implements Schemas, SecuritySchemes and Paths of OASv3 spec
kubernetes 86833 kabakaev Pending Jan 7 fabriziopandini, neolit123, rosti L kubeadm: support for CA bundles
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1330 weihanglo Pending Jan 7 linki, njuettner L Generate SRV records from Services to respect K8s DNS spec
kubernetes 86184 vpickard Pending Jan 7 dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton L e2e-topology-manager: Initial commit for E2E tests
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5486 jperville Pending Jan 7 Atoms, Miouge1, ant31 S Configure http proxies for crio-o container engine
website 18430 pierwill Pending Jan 7 pierwill, sftim, steveperry-53, tengqm S Add note on `none` driver in minikube installation docs
website 18412 KYamani LGTM Jan 7 Rajakavitha1, mhamdisemah, yastij XS Update
kubeflow/tf-operator 1097 zionwu Pending Jan 7 ChanYiLin, Jimexist, gaocegege, hougangliu, richardsliu, zionwu M Add new condition JobReconcileFinished to fix performance issue
dashboard 4435 anshulahuja98 Pending Jan 7 anshulahuja98, maciaszczykm XXL Add cypress tests (navbar, userpanel) 18509 jsonpang Pending Jan 7 XS Update
charts 19893 pho-enix Pending Jan 7 XS [stable/traefik] Add NetworkPolicy
charts 19891 salarmgh Pending Jan 7 XS Add proxy support for grafana
helm 7339 truongnh1992 Pending Jan 7 XS Add files to .gitignore
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 16 27149chen Pending Jan 7 j-griffith, saad-ali S enable travis ci for this repo
node-problem-detector 336 Sh4d1 Pending Jan 7 Random-Liu, dchen1107 L Add multiarch support and docker manifests
kubernetes 86758 mysunshine92 Pending Jan 7 drsantos20, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge, resouer, vishh, yifan-gu S for every huge page resource, we need to remove it from allocatable memory when Updating Node Allocatable limit across pods
autoscaler 2479 aermakov-zalando Pending Jan 7 MaciekPytel, bskiba, jbartosik M VPA: handle quick OOMs in all containers
website 17639 yc-zc Pending Jan 7 pigletfly, tengqm XS Update translation in components
kubernetes 84154 ohsewon LGTM Jan 7 Random-Liu, bart0sh, derekwaynecarr, mtaufen, ohsewon L Implement support for setting hugepages limit on container cgroup sandbox.
kubernetes 84596 phil9909 Pending Jan 7 errordeveloper, mbohlool, smarterclayton M UpdateStrategy.RollingUpdate.Partition is lost when UpdateStrategy.Type is not set
kubernetes 85846 phil9909 Pending Jan 7 deads2k, dixudx, eparis XS Fix: describe of statefulset prints pointer not value
perf-tests 830 Jukie Pending Jan 7 krzysied, mborsz, mm4tt S WIP: Update master-ip flags and vars to plural
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 177 clarketm LGTM Jan 7 amwat, chases2, cjwagner, fejta L port over kubeflow config/plugins from k8s-prow
minikube 6223 truongnh1992 Pending Jan 7 blueelvis, medyagh XS Add files to .gitignore
kubernetes-client/python-base 140 ccamacho Pending Jan 7 mbohlool, roycaihw S Check if its possible to parse a chunked response
kubernetes-client/csharp 334 tg123 Pending Jan 7 brendandburns, krabhishek8260 XXL Gen v1.17.0
kubernetes 82965 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jan 7 draveness, sjpotter, vishh, yujuhong L pod sandbox recreated because of network unready for long time
kubernetes 85055 p50815 Pending Jan 7 deads2k, mbohlool XS fix golint: don't use underscores in Go names
kubernetes 84364 yastij Pending Jan 7 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, andrewsykim, liggitt, yastij M move taint keys to
charts 19884 arturrez Pending Jan 7 XS [stable/cockroachdb] added backup cronjob
kubeflow/metadata 191 avdaredevil Pending Jan 7 avdaredevil, kwasi L Initial run through on MLMD-Cases notebook
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1266 TomatoAres Pending Jan 7 cofyc, jsafrane XS Fix:ceph/rbd/pvc cannot get secrect
kubernetes 86409 sshukun LGTM Jan 7 BenTheElder, derekwaynecarr, dims, mattjmcnaughton, vishh XS Fix go-lint issues in package pkg/kubelet/checkpointmanager/testing/example_checkpoint_formats/v1
kubernetes 82454 beautytiger Pending Jan 7 BenTheElder, beautytiger, eparis, k-toyoda-pi, spiffxp L fix shell checks errors in cluster/
test-infra 15401 zhanw15 Pending Jan 7 michelle192837, mithrav XS update URL in
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 310 mcristina422 Pending Jan 7 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock XS :bug: Write YAML stream with correct start marker
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 387 tamalsaha Pending Jan 7 DirectXMan12, droot S 🐛 Add more apiextensions JSON type to known_types.go
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 384 mengqiy Pending Jan 6 DirectXMan12, droot XS :sparkles: make it possible for ldflags to substitute import path in deepcopy
kubernetes 85266 serathius Pending Jan 6 RainbowMango, huangyuqi, logicalhan, monotek, mtaufen M Refactor show-hidden-metric-for-version flag
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 446 alvaroaleman LGTM Jan 6 DirectXMan12, JoelSpeed, pires S :warning: Remove defaulting for leader election ID
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 735 alexeldeib Pending Jan 6 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock S :not-valid-thing: use new github action syntax
kubeflow/examples 708 dependabot[bot] Pending Jan 6 IronPan, lluunn L Bump handlebars from 4.0.11 to 4.5.3 in /code_search/src/ui
kubeflow/examples 702 dependabot[bot] Pending Jan 6 IronPan, lluunn M Bump lodash from 4.17.10 to 4.17.15 in /code_search/src/ui
kubeflow/examples 703 dependabot[bot] Pending Jan 6 jlewi, texasmichelle XS Bump flask from 0.12.2 to 1.0 in /demos/yelp_demo/ui
kubeflow/examples 700 dependabot[bot] Pending Jan 6 jlewi, texasmichelle XS Bump werkzeug from 0.12.2 to 0.15.3 in /github_issue_summarization
node-problem-detector 348 xueweiz Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, dchen1107, wangzhen127 XL Allow problem daemon plugins to define their command line options
node-problem-detector 374 wolszakp Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, dchen1107 S Update deployment configuration
node-problem-detector 385 bhcleek Pending Jan 6 andyxning, dchen1107, xueweiz XS update the testing example in
node-problem-detector 401 xueweiz Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, andyxning, wangzhen127, xueweiz, yeya24 L Rename problem metrics
node-problem-detector 384 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, andyxning XS add link for libsystemd-journal-dev install
website 15919 jhbiggs Pending Jan 6 jaypipes, jhbiggs, stewart-yu, thecrudge, xiangpengzhao, zacharysarah, zhangxiaoyu-zidif S #15788 removed vendor specific content
kubeflow/examples 678 dependabot[bot] Pending Jan 6 jinchihe, lluunn XS Bump notebook from 5.0.0 to 5.7.8 in /github_issue_summarization
node-problem-detector 347 xueweiz Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, andyxning, wangzhen127 L Make all existing exporters into plugins
node-problem-detector 358 gmemcc Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, andyxning, wangzhen127 M Feature support per rule interval
kubeflow/examples 695 umialpha Pending Jan 6 karthikv2k, texasmichelle S fix miscellaneous bugs for azurepipeline example
kubeflow/examples 704 dependabot[bot] Pending Jan 6 jlewi, texasmichelle XS Bump tensorflow from 1.15.0 to 2.0.0 in /financial_time_series/tensorflow_model
kubeflow/examples 596 fdasilva59 Pending Jan 6 jlewi, lluunn XXL [WIP] Pix2Pix TF2.0 Pipelines Notebook - Request for intial feedback
kubernetes 82051 roycaihw Pending Jan 6 lavalamp, sttts XS add roycaihw to reviewers in apiextensions-apiserver
istio/ 6217 vadimeisenbergibm Pending Jan 6 frankbu L [WIP] Clarify egress traffic control points
kubernetes 83640 lblackstone Pending Jan 6 caesarxuchao, lblackstone, roycaihw, soltysh S Cache the OpenAPI schema in the memory-cached discovery client
test-infra 14122 MrHohn Pending Jan 6 bowei, chases2, krzyzacy S Remove CI for service load balancer finalizer
kubernetes 79409 takmatsu LGTM Jan 6 dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, takmatsu, tallclair, vikaschoudhary16, vishh M Modify Kubelet Pod Resources API to get only active pods
enhancements 1434 MrHohn Pending Jan 6 jeremyrickard XS Update service finalizer KEP to implemented
kubernetes 82985 jfbai Pending Jan 6 deads2k, jfbai, liggitt, rootfs, seans3 XL fix: kubectl label output msg.
kubernetes 86734 katrogan Pending Jan 6 davidopp, liggitt, mbohlool, smarterclayton M Add quantity and ResourceList jsonpb unmarshaling
kubernetes 81516 RobertKrawitz Pending Jan 6 RobertKrawitz, dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, sjenning, yastij XS Issue 81523: do not ignore writable layer when on a device other than rootFS
kubernetes 85474 yyrdl Pending Jan 6 deads2k, timothysc, yliaog XS LeaseDurationSeconds can't be zero when update lease
kops 8168 simonmacklin Pending Jan 6 joshbranham, robinpercy XS added k8 audit logs to logrotate when enabled
kops 8272 johngmyers Pending Jan 6 joshbranham, robinpercy L Support the annotation on nodes
kubernetes 79264 chengxiangwang Pending Jan 6 chengxiangwang, janetkuo, lavalamp, neolit123, quinton-hoole XS job controller support modify sync flag
kubeflow/katib 988 toniz Pending Jan 6 Akado2009, gaocegege, garganubhav XS Update mysql version mysql:8.0.15
kubernetes-client/python-base 176 thoughteer Pending Jan 6 mbohlool, roycaihw, yliaog S Refresh OIDC tokens regularly
istio/api 1179 zerobfd Pending Jan 6 ayj, dcberg, geeknoid, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson, zerobfd L Add proto for analysis messages
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 467 oadivtal Pending Jan 6 gyliu513, jichenjc, sbueringer XXL Use Nova's Scheduler Hints
charts 19876 techmexdev Pending Jan 6 XS [stable/elasticsearch-curator] Update
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5497 pasqualet Pending Jan 6 Atoms, Miouge1, holmsten M Add variables to configure Containerd default runtime, untrusted runt… 18493 saschagrunert Pending Jan 6 neolit123 XS Unify runtime references
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 5511 desaintmartin Pending Jan 6 XS Python bootstrap: upgrade pypy to 3.6-7.2.0.
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 5511 desaintmartin Pending Jan 6 XS Python bootstrap: upgrade pypy to 3.6-7.2.0.
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-lib-external-provisioner 10 cofyc Pending Jan 6 cofyc, jsafrane, msau42, wongma7 L WIP: Able to remove annSelectedNode on failure
utils 116 matte21 Pending Jan 6 apelisse, deads2k, thockin S Simplify growing ring buffer implementation
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 247 kkmsft Pending Jan 6 andyzhangx, feiskyer L [WIP] Introduce CSI proxy calls
enhancements 912 CsatariGergely Pending Jan 6 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, thockin L KEP for critical container feature
kubernetes 86513 jfbai LGTM Jan 6 RainbowMango, dims, jfbai, liggitt, sttts S Count inflight request before completing.
test-infra 15612 justaugustus Pending Jan 6 cblecker, chases2, cpanato, fejta, justaugustus, spiffxp, tpepper M [WIP] releng: Fix bazel version markers, GCS locations, and update bazel-1.14
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 570 saschagrunert Pending Jan 6 Random-Liu, yujuhong XS Fix invalid log_path in docs 501 saschagrunert Pending Jan 6 bartsmykla, dims S Add GCB staging bucket for CRI-O
kubernetes 82986 luigi-riefolo Pending Jan 6 dshulyak, juanvallejo, seans3 L Feature/create configmap with labels 459 sbueringer Pending Jan 6 BenTheElder, dims, listx, mikedanese, nikhita, sbueringer, thockin L add script to create conformance buckets, add bucket for capo
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1039 devkid Pending Jan 6 M00nF1sh, alejandrox1, bigkraig, devkid M Try to prevent and don't count predictable AWS API errors
kubernetes-csi/docs 255 timyinshi Pending Jan 6 lpabon, msau42, pohly, saad-ali XS modify the error url of e2e-tests
kops 8220 olemarkus Pending Jan 6 aanm, joshbranham, robinpercy M Cilium nodeport
test-infra 14613 Jukie Pending Jan 6 Jukie, krzyzacy, mborsz, mm4tt, shyamjvs, wojtek-t S Add MASTER_IPS and MASTER_INTERNAL_IPS variables
perf-tests 835 oxddr Pending Jan 6 mborsz, shyamjvs S Integrate PerfDash with DNSProgrammingLatency measurement 18490 saschagrunert Pending Jan 6 XS Remove outdated Japanese/Chinese notes in favor of default 18480 hongliuliao Pending Jan 6 XS Update, make article reads more smoothly
charts 19872 antongorkovenko Pending Jan 6 gianrubio XS [stable/prometheus-operator] NetworkPolicy support
charts 19869 wopincm Pending Jan 6 zanhsieh XS [stable/prometheus] add hostAliases
dashboard 4365 anshulahuja98 Pending Jan 6 ajatprabha, anshulahuja98, mhenc, olekzabl L Support label based filtering to search for resources
kubernetes 84003 willdot LGTM Jan 6 cblecker, cheftako, gmarek, m3ngyang S Remove pkg/controller/route from golint failures
steering 148 idvoretskyi Pending Jan 6 cblecker, derekwaynecarr, nikhita, parispittman S CNCF Representative added
kubernetes 82320 kdada Pending Jan 6 apelisse, jennybuckley, mengqiy M Skip deleted keys in strategicpatch
website 18480 hongliuliao Pending Jan 6 SataQiu, bprashanth XS Update, make article reads more smoothly
charts 19865 abh Pending Jan 6 XS [stable/oauth2-proxy] Fixes to make Google templates work
kubernetes 86807 Aresforchina Pending Jan 6 Aresforchina, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong S change RuntimeAdmitHandler into AdmitHandler to export in pkg/kubelet
kubernetes 72671 yanghaichao12 LGTM Jan 6 Random-Liu, dashpole, mtaufen, yanghaichao12 XS validate KubeletCgroups and KubeReservedCgroup
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 141 jpbetz Pending Jan 5 apelisse, jennybuckley XXL [experimenta] Optimize value.reflector types that implement json.Marshal
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 927 devkid Pending Jan 5 M00nF1sh, bigkraig M Add healthcheck-enabled annotation and make the default `false`
kubernetes-client/python-base 126 fatal-exception Pending Jan 5 mbohlool, yliaog M Support multiple expires-on field formats
ingress-nginx 4868 aledbf Pending Jan 5 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano M Add support for OCSP
enhancements 866 resouer Pending Jan 5 Random-Liu, bg-chun, dchen1107, dims, liggitt, neolit123, resouer, squeed, tallclair, tedyu, yujuhong, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L Init KEP to migrate in-tree dockershim to out-of-tree
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 33 neolit123 Pending Jan 5 benmoss, ddebroy M add upgrade script for kubeadm
kops 7919 rajansandeep LGTM Jan 5 rifelpet, zetaab L Make CoreDNS the default DNS server
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 393 nelvadas Pending Jan 5 davidz627, verult XS Issue #391 Service account display name
kops 7384 tmjd Pending Jan 5 granular-ryanbonham, mikesplain, robinpercy XL Update Calico manifests to better match the latest release
kops 7837 mattouille Pending Jan 5 granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, zetaab L Add Policy Overrides (Managed Policies)
kubernetes-client/python-base 138 dbazhal Pending Jan 5 dbazhal, mbohlool, roycaihw M Fix data decode for watch/
istio/pkg 97 nak3 Pending Jan 5 M Add probe cobra command
charts 19862 halkeye Pending Jan 5 viglesiasce XS [stable/spotify-docker-gc] Switch away from the deprecated api for daemonset
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1821 chenrui333 Pending Jan 5 davidmccormick, mumoshu XXL Move to go modules
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1706 davidmccormick Pending Jan 5 dominicgunn, redbaron XS update ci golang version to 1.12.x
test-infra 14177 krzyzacy Pending Jan 4 Katharine, ixdy M Let's still build older kubekins images for a while
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5466 mikejoh Pending Jan 4 ant31, holmsten XS Add option and defaults to configure metrics exporting in containerd
website 18320 kbhawkey LGTM Jan 4 kbhawkey, mikedanese, sftim XL clean up secret generators
website 18404 sftim Pending Jan 4 ClaudiaJKang, gochist, sftim M [WIP] ko: update guidance on localizing object names
kubernetes-sigs/go-open-service-broker-client 45 richardfung Pending Jan 4 M Add OAuth2 support
kubernetes-sigs/go-open-service-broker-client 129 firasnajjar Pending Jan 4 S add a mangler to enable adding headers on requests 18468 phanama Pending Jan 4 irvifa XS Add Indonesian Manage Compute Resources page
website 17642 PabloCastellano Pending Jan 4 PabloCastellano, kbhawkey, mikedanese, sftim XS Improve wording about SecretGenerator
enhancements 1168 poelzi Pending Jan 4 bsalamat, derekwaynecarr, k82cn, poelzi, smarterclayton L Propose KEP Teardown Pressure & Teardown Priority 18451 maabou512 Pending Jan 4 XS ja-trans:conetent/ja/casestudies/spotify
kops 8221 hakman Pending Jan 4 joshbranham, justinsb, robinpercy XL Move "docker-healthcheck" to DockerBuilder
kubernetes 79475 DaiHao LGTM Jan 4 ScorpioCPH, foxish, janetkuo, k82cn, neolit123, soltysh XS do not delete terminating pods again
istio/istio 19308 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jan 4 abhide, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, lambdai, rshriram L Disable redirect calls to app itself via envoy 18446 lovebaby979 Pending Jan 4 XS delete zh 查看其它 2 18443 rajattrt Pending Jan 4 XS fix doc conflict regarding postStart
helm 7334 sudolibre Pending Jan 4 XS Ports `—strict` flag for repo update command from v2
helm 7332 jhvhs Pending Jan 4 XS Support the convention for multiple images, BOM and re-location in the chart template
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3067 mrunalp Pending Jan 4 XS [1.14] oci: Handle timeouts correctly for probes
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3066 mrunalp Pending Jan 4 XS oci: Handle timeouts correctly for probes
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3067 mrunalp Pending Jan 4 XS [1.14] oci: Handle timeouts correctly for probes
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3066 mrunalp Pending Jan 4 XS oci: Handle timeouts correctly for probes
kubernetes 86097 nan-yu Pending Jan 4 barney-s, foxish, mortent, nan-yu M Honor the RevisionHistoryLimit in StatefulSetSpec
kubeflow/manifests 690 benbrandt LGTM Jan 3 animeshsingh, krishnadurai, kunmingg XS Use GPU_POOL variable for nodePool name
test-infra 12698 mikesplain Pending Jan 3 chrislovecnm, justinsb S Add CRD verification to kops jobs
test-infra 13583 mucahitkurt Pending Jan 3 hantaowang, mborsz, mm4tt, msau42, wojtek-t L Add periodic job definitions of ephemeral volumes cluster wide perf test cases
test-infra 13964 alvaroaleman Pending Jan 3 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cblecker, chases2, fejta, stevekuznetsov S Add pull-test-infra-validate-manifests presubmit
test-infra 14264 justinsb Pending Jan 3 cblecker XS Assign a single reviewer to PRs
test-infra 14479 justinsb LGTM Jan 3 BenTheElder, chases2, chrislovecnm M kops pr e2e: Run the master jobs against master
test-infra 14513 moshloop Pending Jan 3 akutz, cblecker, chases2, codenrhoden, detiber, figo, justinsb, moshloop, neolit123, timothysc M [WIP] add image-builder jobs