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Open Kubernetes PRs (3662)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
istio/istio 25442 zerobfd Pending Jul 13 esnible M Split mirrors into separate path in virtualservice analyzers
istio/istio 25476 tbarrella Pending Jul 13 stevenctl S Feature labels test whitelist -> allowlist
istio/proxy 2904 bianpengyuan Pending Jul 13 kyessenov, lambdai, yangminzhu XXL Remove Istio JWT filter
kubernetes 91761 MikeSpreitzer LGTM Jul 13 MikeSpreitzer, deads2k, lavalamp, ncdc, wojtek-t, yue9944882 XL Add test for windup problem in APF
minikube 8715 medyagh Pending Jul 13 josedonizetti, medyagh, priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal XS improve advice when driver was auto-selected
test-infra 18293 k8s-ci-robot Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder XXL Update prow to v20200713-51d0bbcafb, and other images as necessary.
kops 9566 hakman Pending Jul 13 KashifSaadat, gjtempleton XL [WIP] Add ARM64 support for masters
kubernetes 93005 hh LGTM Jul 13 johnbelamaric, smarterclayton, thockin XS Add Aaron to conformance-behaviour-approvers OWNERS_ALIASES
istio/proxy 2903 douglas-reid Pending Jul 13 bianpengyuan, gargnupur M feat(testing): Update Stackdriver fake to support traces and edges retrieval.
kubernetes 90187 julianvmodesto LGTM Jul 13 apelisse, dchen1107, julianvmodesto, kwiesmueller, lavalamp XXL Implement server-side apply upgrade and downgrade
kubernetes 93038 Riaankl Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, aojea, cmluciano, liggitt, robscott XS Write readNetworkingV1NamespacedIngressStatus test - +1 endpoint coverage
kubernetes 93040 cmluciano Pending Jul 13 andrewsykim, thockin M ipvs: ensure selected scheduler kernel modules are loaded
kubernetes 92978 dekkagaijin Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, justaugustus XL [WIP] implement kube-addon-manager as a static binary
kubernetes 92968 andrewsykim Pending Jul 13 feiskyer, jsafrane L [WIP] Add Terminating Condition to EndpointSlice
kubernetes 91014 cici37 Pending Jul 13 andrewsykim, cheftako, cici37, dims L Move cmd/controller-manager to
kubernetes 93039 endocrimes Pending Jul 13 deads2k, liggitt, smarterclayton S deps: opencontainers/go-digest -> v1.0.0
kubeflow/manifests 1305 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 13 andreyvelich, krishnadurai S [auto PR] Update the pytorch-operator image to tag v1.1.0-gd596e904
istio/test-infra 2753 istio-testing Pending Jul 13 XS Automator: bump k8s-prow images
kubernetes 77269 claudiubelu Pending Jul 13 claudiubelu, ixdy, listx, mkumatag XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 3)
kubernetes 90822 deads2k LGTM Jul 13 deads2k, enj, jayunit100, liggitt, munnerz, tallclair XL allow setting different certificates for kube-controller-managed CSR signers
istio/istio 25474 dgn Pending Jul 13 howardjohn S manifests: fix injection of ProxyMetadata into init container
istio/istio 25460 shamsher31 Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, shamsher31 L Cleaned proxy config regression
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 238 yodahekinsew Pending Jul 13 listx, ps882, tpepper M moved WaitGroup drain to after request results processed
istio/istio 25472 howardjohn Pending Jul 13 ramaraochavali, stevenctl XS Tune benchmark test
istio/istio 25404 irisdingbj Pending Jul 13 costinm, esnible, howardjohn, irisdingbj, linsun, rshriram XXL add config map and envoy filter into istiod-remote
istio/istio 25446 knight42 Pending Jul 13 knight42, nschhina, yangminzhu XS test(security): deflake TestCreatePluggedCertCA
istio/istio 25418 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, ramaraochavali M ads: fix adsc version nonce handling
istio/istio 25279 stevenctl Pending Jul 13 douglas-reid, howardjohn, mandarjog, nmittler, yangminzhu L tests: remove pilot from echo config
kubernetes 77398 claudiubelu Pending Jul 13 claudiubelu, ixdy, listx, luxas, mkumatag L test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 2)
istio/istio 25251 istio-testing Pending Jul 13 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XXL Automator: update istio/api@master dependency in istio/istio@master
kubernetes 93012 giuseppe LGTM Jul 13 AkihiroSuda, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, krmayankk, resouer, sjenning XS kubelet, cgroupv2: make hugetlb optional
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3332 sedefsavas Pending Jul 13 detiber, justinsb L 🌱 [e2e] Install CNI with ClusterResourceSet
kubernetes 92744 uablrek Pending Jul 13 andrewsykim, davidopp, dims, rikatz, thockin S Implement ServiceSpec.AllocateLoadBalancerNodePorts
istio/ 7719 nschhina Pending Jul 13 XL [Release 1.7] Egress Gateway TLS Origination using SDS
autoscaler 3312 detiber Pending Jul 13 JoelSpeed, aleksandra-malinowska, detiber, elmiko, enxebre XXL [cluster-autoscaler][clusterapi] Remove internal types in favor of unstructured
kubernetes 89425 claudiubelu Pending Jul 13 adelina-t, brendandburns, justaugustus XXL test images: uses nanoserver
website 21444 xing-yang LGTM Jul 13 divyenpatel, msau42, sftim, thockin, xing-yang S Add doc for vSphere CSI Migration
kubernetes 92819 chendave LGTM Jul 13 Huang-Wei, liu-cong, wgliang L Change the node name from "machine" to "node"
istio/istio 25263 jasonwzm Pending Jul 13 costinm, howardjohn, jasonwzm, kyessenov, linsun, rshriram, therealmitchconnors XXL Move CRDs to v1
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6380 floryut Pending Jul 13 bozzo, holmsten L WIP - Testing some things
istio/istio 25479 tbarrella Pending Jul 13 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram M Replace misc. occurrences of whitelist/blacklist
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6334 MrFreezeex Pending Jul 13 EppO, MatthiasLohr, Miouge1, MrFreezeex, floryut M Adding kube-proxy-replacement support in cilium
istio/client-go 191 istio-testing Pending Jul 13 XS Automator: update istio/api@master dependency in istio/client-go@master
kubernetes 91742 jingxu97 LGTM Jul 13 davidz627, jeffvance, jingxu97, msau42 S Fix subPath tests for Windows
istio/ 7725 nschhina Pending Jul 13 XS Fix flaky mTLS origination test
istio/istio 25408 williamaronli Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, liminw, williamaronli, yangminzhu L Enable the workload cert rotate automatically used stored valid cert
kubernetes 92985 serathius Pending Jul 13 krmayankk, mtaufen M Move Kubelet Summary API to staging directory
kops 9560 olemarkus Pending Jul 13 johngmyers, zetaab L Determine fixedip during nodeup directly
website 21589 robscott Pending Jul 13 bowei, freehan, kbhawkey, robscott, savitharaghunathan, sftim, tengqm M Updating EndpointSlice documentation for Kubernetes 1.19
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3324 tvs Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, detiber, fabriziopandini, justinsb, tvs M ✨Allow KCP users to mutate node registration options
kubernetes 92349 jingyih Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, deads2k, jingyih, justaugustus, liggitt, neolit123, sttts, wojtek-t, zmerlynn M Update default etcd server to 3.4.9
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2829 jhvhs LGTM Jul 13 MHBauer, jberkhahn S Update
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 340 damemi Pending Jul 13 aveshagarwal, seanmalloy S Update e2e script to use Kind setup
googleforgames/agones 1483 aLekSer Pending Jul 13 EricFortin, aLekSer, akremsa, markmandel, pooneh-m XL Add Terraform GKE and Helm modules tests with Terratest
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 866 yiqigao217 Pending Jul 13 JimBugwadia, adrianludwin, rjbez17, yiqigao217 M Allow subnamespace deletion if parent/anchor is missing
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 277 dims Pending Jul 13 codenrhoden, dims, justinsb, vincepri S [WIP] Additional goss checks
kubernetes 92880 cici37 LGTM Jul 13 andrewsykim, cheftako, sttts XS Import cloud provider from
kubernetes 92490 neolit123 LGTM Jul 13 BenTheElder, RobertKielty, hasheddan, ixdy, lavalamp, neolit123 XS kubeadm: increase the timeout for cmd integration tests
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 523 Amos-85 Pending Jul 13 ddebroy, leakingtapan M Remove namespace field from manifests & template kubeletPath
test-infra 17884 alvaroaleman LGTM Jul 13 alvaroaleman, fejta, saschagrunert, sbueringer, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov, tseelbach XXL Give starter.yaml some love
istio/istio 25478 sdake Pending Jul 13 XS Remove DNS search namespace from injection
kubernetes 92001 huffmanca LGTM Jul 13 derekwaynecarr, gnufied, huffmanca, jsafrane, msau42, nikhiljindal, smarterclayton L Include CSIDriver capability to indicate fsGroup support
minikube 8705 hjmodi Pending Jul 13 blueelvis, tstromberg XS Update ingress images
website 22412 jpbetz Pending Jul 13 kbhawkey, lavalamp, smarterclayton M Document how to transfer ownership of server side applied fields
kubernetes 89616 FrankPetrilli LGTM Jul 13 ash2k, dixudx, mengqiy, seans3 XS Fix double-usage of kubectl in deprecation message
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1671 aleveille Pending Jul 13 hjacobs, njuettner L Azure: add support for SRV records
kubernetes 92755 chelseychen Pending Jul 13 chelseychen, johnbelamaric, liggitt, wojtek-t S Promote Event CRUD tests to conformance
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1004 berlin-ab Pending Jul 13 droot, gerred, shawn-hurley, vincepri XL Injectable service object to handle defaulting and validating.
istio/ 7724 sdake Pending Jul 13 XS Fixes:
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6381 rkamudhan Pending Jul 13 EppO, floryut XXL adding ovn4nfv-k8s-plugin in kubespray
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 779 cpanato Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, awesomenix, nader-ziada XS makefile: Add a make target to generate test coverage report
kubeflow/pipelines 4205 RedbackThomson Pending Jul 13 Jeffwan, mameshini XXL refactor(components): AWS SageMaker - Black format all files
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 240 justinsb Pending Jul 13 dims, hh M Add promobot-files to the staging image build
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 520 serathius Pending Jul 13 kawych, s-urbaniak L Dependency upgrade
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 450 serathius Pending Jul 13 piosz, s-urbaniak M [WIP] Setup watch with filter selector for running pods
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 783 alexeldeib Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato, devigned, justaugustus XXL 🌱 refactor skus client
kubernetes 92201 cici37 LGTM Jul 13 andrewsykim, cheftako, cici37, deads2k, jiahuif, liggitt, sttts, thockin S Remove dependency pkg/features from CCM
istio/api 1508 nschhina Pending Jul 13 JimmyCYJ, costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nschhina, rshriram, smawson M Add Comment to CredentialName explaining use with Gateway Proxy only
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 239 justinsb Pending Jul 13 listx, ps882 M Upgrade rules_docker so that it works with the latest bazel
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2713 Shell32-Natsu Pending Jul 13 monopole, mortent, pwittrock M Keep empty array in output
istio/istio 25424 nschhina Pending Jul 13 XS [WIP] Reenable GatewayTLSOrigination Test
kubernetes 92619 Riaankl LGTM Jul 13 caesarxuchao, derekwaynecarr, heyste, oomichi M Write checkAPIGroupPreferredVersion Test - +16 Endpoint coverage
kubernetes 92813 Riaankl LGTM Jul 13 Jefftree, johnbelamaric, logicalhan, smarterclayton, spiffxp, timothysc S Promote deleteCoreV1CollectionNamespacedEvent test - +1 endpoint coverage
istio/istio 25401 williamaronli Pending Jul 13 L Rotatecertforpush
kubeflow/kubebench 213 pingsutw LGTM Jul 13 andreyvelich, ramdootp, xyhuang XS Fix a typo
kubernetes-csi/docs 337 huffmanca Pending Jul 13 lpabon, msau42, xing-yang M Included fsGroupPolicy details for CSI Drivers
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 212 jqmichael Pending Jul 13 jqmichael, leakingtapan, wongma7 XL Started treating the efs-utils config dir stateful and also handles the static files installed at image build time
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-tweets 1 rajula96reddy Pending Jul 13 chris-short, parispittman M Initial setup to automate tweets through github action workflows
kubernetes 93023 krzysied LGTM Jul 13 coffeepac, kawych, serathius XS Using kubectl apply to create metric adapter
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6393 oomichi LGTM Jul 13 bozzo, floryut, holmsten XS Add oomichi to reviwers of MetalLB addon
kubeflow/pipelines 4178 NikeNano Pending Jul 13 Ark-kun, NikeNano, hongye-sun, numerology M feat(compiled): set pod disruption budget for pipelines. Fixes #3877
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1720 aojea Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, amwat, aojea, danwinship, munnerz XS use new portmap plugin
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6383 gaima8 LGTM Jul 13 EppO, gaima8, holmsten, oomichi M Option for MetalLB to talk BGP
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2683 Shell32-Natsu LGTM Jul 13 monopole, phanimarupaka, pwittrock L KRM Function benchmark
test-infra 18123 jsturtevant LGTM Jul 13 adelina-t, chewong, claudiubelu, ddebroy, jsturtevant, marosset, michmike, pjh, tpepper L Organizes sig-windows tests in test grid
istio/istio 25076 richardwxn Pending Jul 13 costinm, esnible, howardjohn, linsun, ostromart, richardwxn, rshriram XXL add uninstall by revision change
kubernetes 93029 rajansandeep LGTM Jul 13 caseydavenport, dcbw, hasheddan XS Fix failing DNS tests by removing deprecated option
kubernetes 93000 hakman Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, cblecker, hakman, mengqiy, oomichi, spiffxp S Skip arch dependent kubectl test for non AMD64 nodes 22495 sftim Pending Jul 13 XS Fix whitespace trimming for note callout shortcode 22493 sftim Pending Jul 13 XS Fix content type in front matter (id localization) 22491 pierreilki Pending Jul 13 steveperry-53 XS Add PKI information about ETCD-CA SAN and kube-proxy kubeconfig 22490 missingcharacter Pending Jul 13 steveperry-53 XS Remove `cluster/` reference
helm 8440 ashokponkumar Pending Jul 13 XS Add "SecurityContextConstraints" to kind_sorter.
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 288 EleanorRigby Pending Jul 13 detiber, vincepri M Add pretty print option to GOSS output
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3948 haircommander Pending Jul 13 XS oci: add debug logs for runtime state calls
istio/istio 25101 ZhengzheYang Pending Jul 13 ZhengzheYang, elfinhe, maasen M Documentation to extend VM tests
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6393 oomichi Pending Jul 13 floryut XS Add oomichi to reviwers of MetalLB addon
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6393 oomichi Pending Jul 13 floryut XS Add oomichi to reviwers of MetalLB addon
kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog 2829 jhvhs Pending Jul 13 MHBauer XS Update
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 340 damemi Pending Jul 13 XS Update e2e to use KUBECONFIG env var
kubernetes-client/java 1063 sarveshkaushal Pending Jul 13 brendandburns, mbohlool, yue9944882 XS Removing unused imports and adding a log parameter for placeholder
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 287 akhilesh2410 Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, akhilesh2410, detiber, justinsb, ncdc L Centos support for Azure
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 349 chewong Pending Jul 13 andyzhangx, feiskyer, nilo19 S fix: fix autoscaling job
website 22438 pohly Pending Jul 13 jimangel, msau42, pohly, savitharaghunathan, sftim, thockin L storage: GenericEphemeralVolume
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 286 EleanorRigby Pending Jul 13 EleanorRigby, codenrhoden, detiber, vincepri, voor M Add GOSS provisioner to node OVA builder
test-infra 18217 GeoBK Pending Jul 13 GeoBK, alvaroaleman, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov L Cache bugs for getRecursiveClones
enhancements 1438 janosi Pending Jul 13 TBBle, andrewsykim, bowei, caseydavenport, danwinship, janosi, liggitt, thinalai, thockin, timoreimann XL Different protocols in the same Service definition with type=LoadBalancer
istio/istio 25430 stevenctl Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly, rshriram, stevenctl, yangminzhu M sidecar scope matches ns for envoy filter and authn/z
istio/istio 25428 rshriram Pending Jul 13 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, rshriram XXL fix target ports in workload entries
kubernetes 93037 adammw Pending Jul 13 krmayankk, odinuge S [WIP] Add maxRegistrationAttempts flag to kubelet
test-infra 18297 BenTheElder Pending Jul 13 cblecker, chases2, dims XS remove spxtr/envoy from config
kubernetes 91977 varunmar LGTM Jul 13 MrHohn, bowei, mml, yujuhong S Allow the lifecycle of kube-proxy to be managed independently of the …
istio/istio 25456 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, ramaraochavali, rshriram L add gateway server name as stat prefix
kubernetes 93036 ZhiFeng1993 Pending Jul 13 juanvallejo, mwielgus M Fix staticcheck for e2e test autoscaling package
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 549 jingxu97 Pending Jul 13 davidz627, saad-ali M Update CI test configuration
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 516 serathius Pending Jul 13 loburm, s-urbaniak M Pool buffer in client to reduce allocations
kops 9565 rifelpet Pending Jul 13 KashifSaadat, zetaab XXL WIP Upgrade kubernetes dependencies to 1.19.0-rc.0
istio/istio 25344 esnible Pending Jul 13 esnible, howardjohn, therealmitchconnors L XDS-based replacement for /debug/syncz
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1277 EricEdens Pending Jul 13 EricEdens, dntczdx, zoran15 L An image import suite focused on translation logic.
kubernetes-sigs/application 201 nikhita LGTM Jul 13 janetkuo, kow3ns, michelleN, prydonius XS Remove inactive members from OWNERS
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 226 Tomcli Pending Jul 13 drewbutlerbb4, kevinyu98 M Add init tekton samples as part of the apiserver build
istio/istio 25438 costinm Pending Jul 13 L Add SDS service
kubernetes 93034 matthias50 Pending Jul 13 andyzhangx, feiskyer XS Skip ensuring VMSS in pool for nodes which should be excluded from lb
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1815 rudoi Pending Jul 13 chuckha, detiber, rudoi XXL WIP :sparkles: feat: add EKS bootstrap provider
website 20785 savitharaghunathan Pending Jul 13 idealhack, liggitt XL Official 1.19 Release Docs
istio/proxy 2901 mandarjog Pending Jul 13 douglas-reid, kyessenov, lambdai, mandarjog, nrjpoddar S Bind lifetime of http metadata to DownstreamRequest
istio/istio 25340 douglas-reid Pending Jul 13 ZhengzheYang, bianpengyuan, douglas-reid, howardjohn, mandarjog L feat(testing): Add VM-based Stackdriver tests for metrics and logs.
enhancements 1895 parambath92 Pending Jul 13 gjtempleton, mwielgus XS Corrected the "last-updated" field
minikube 8698 sharifelgamal Pending Jul 13 afbjorklund, medyagh, prasadkatti M multinode: fix control plane not ready on restart
website 21634 pohly Pending Jul 13 jsafrane, kbhawkey, msau42, pohly, savitharaghunathan, sftim, steveperry-53, thockin L storage: CSIStorageCapacity
website 21652 marosset Pending Jul 13 PatrickLang, craiglpeters, daschott, immuzz, michmike, savitharaghunathan, sftim M v1.19 Windows OS version support + containerd doc updates
website 22429 Huang-Wei LGTM Jul 13 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, savitharaghunathan, sftim, wojtek-t M Document the changes of scheduler PostFilter extension point
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 785 sedefsavas Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, awesomenix, devigned L 🌱[e2e] Install CNI using ClusterResourceSet for e2e tests
istio/istio 25068 irisdingbj Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, sdake S support remote KUBECONFIG for istiod
ingress-nginx 5887 dschwar Pending Jul 13 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L Add force-enable-realip-module
website 21689 alculquicondor Pending Jul 13 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, celestehorgan, jimangel, savitharaghunathan, sftim, xiangpengzhao M Docs for new default PodTopologySpread functionality and gate
kubernetes 91747 ZhiFeng1993 Pending Jul 13 SataQiu, ZhiFeng1993, enj, tanjunchen, zjj2wry L Add test coverage for subjectrulesreview
website 22495 sftim Pending Jul 13 celestehorgan, tengqm XS Fix whitespace trimming for note callout shortcode
test-infra 18296 hasheddan Pending Jul 13 aojea, danwinship, justaugustus XS Skip SCTP test on k8sbeta alpha features job
kubernetes 93031 spencerhance Pending Jul 13 cheftako, spiffxp XS Add List permissions for Secrets for glbc
istio/istio 25349 zufardhiyaulhaq Pending Jul 13 rshriram, sdake, shamsher31, zufardhiyaulhaq S Refactor Istiocoredns configuration and support other FQDN (multicluster)
website 22311 sabazubair LGTM Jul 13 celestehorgan, onlydole, zparnold XS Remove /static/js/anchor-4.1.1-min.js
website 22303 crixo Pending Jul 13 crixo, fabriziopandini, micheleberardi, sftim L upgrade translation for control-plane-node-communication
kubeflow/kfserving 925 salanki Pending Jul 13 Tomcli, ellistarn, pugangxa, salanki, yuzisun, yuzliu L Add LivenessProbe to Tensorflow Predictor
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1045 nikhita LGTM Jul 13 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, pwittrock, shawn-hurley, vincepri XS Remove inactive members from OWNERS_ALIASES
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1283 EricEdens Pending Jul 13 EricEdens, dntczdx, zoran15 XL Avoid resizing PDs on inflation worker during import.
website 22493 sftim Pending Jul 13 phanama, wahyuoi XS Fix content type in front matter (id localization)
enhancements 1590 smarterclayton Pending Jul 13 liggitt, mattfarina, prydonius, smarterclayton, tnozicka L DaemonSets should allow MaxSurge to minimize workload downtime during upgrade
kubernetes 93030 swetharepakula Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, thockin XL Endpoint tracker
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1810 richardcase Pending Jul 13 ashish-amarnath, randomvariable, richardcase, rudoi, vincepri XL ✨ refactor: cluster scope and service refactor for future EKS support
istio/proxy 2902 gargnupur Pending Jul 13 bianpengyuan, douglas-reid, gargnupur, kyessenov, mandarjog S Fix container name as app_container in telemetry v2
kubeflow/pipelines 4199 NikeNano Pending Jul 13 Ark-kun, NikeNano, animeshsingh, hlu09, numerology M feat(compiler): add dsl operation for parallelism on sub dag level
istio/istio 25443 douglas-reid Pending Jul 13 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XL feat(testing): Add traces and edge validation for Stackdriver testing
kubernetes 92974 Ghazgkull Pending Jul 13 DirectXMan12, kawych, monotek XS Update to version 2.5.1 of the fluent-plugin-kubernetes_metadata_filter
istio/ 7643 rcaballeromx Pending Jul 13 ayj, frankbu, nmittler, rcaballeromx, smawson M Implement new terminology for multicluster
enhancements 1667 PxyUp Pending Jul 13 PxyUp, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, matthyx, mattjmcnaughton, thockin L [KEP-1665] Add GRPC probe
website 22490 missingcharacter Pending Jul 13 lavalamp, steveperry-53, thockin S Remove `cluster/` reference
kubeflow/pipelines 3762 jackwhelpton Pending Jul 13 Ark-kun, NikeNano, hongye-sun, jackwhelpton, numerology M Adds composite upload functionality to GCS components
kubernetes 91177 MikeSpreitzer LGTM Jul 13 MikeSpreitzer, apelisse, brancz, dashpole, deads2k, dims, logicalhan XXL Introduce more metrics on concurrency
website 22491 pierreilki Pending Jul 13 daminisatya, kbarnard10, steveperry-53 S Add PKI information about ETCD-CA SAN and kube-proxy kubeconfig
kubernetes 93026 adtac LGTM Jul 13 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor M defaultpodtopologyspread: access listers in plugin instantiation
istio/istio 25462 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 13 ramaraochavali, rshriram XS For k8s registry the instance handler is redudant
cloud-provider-gcp 156 nikhita Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, cheftako, nicksardo XS Remove inactive members from OWNERS
test-infra 18268 cpanato Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, devigned XS Use kubekins-e2e 1.18 images for Cluster API provider Azure
istio/proxy 2896 vicentefb Pending Jul 13 bianpengyuan, vicentefb L Integration Test for AttributeGen WASM Filter
istio/istio 25454 esnible Pending Jul 13 howardjohn S Track deprecated Istio types
istio/istio 25458 shamsher31 Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, nschhina, shamsher31 M Cleanup RequireCerts from SDS Agent
kubernetes 91967 chriserik Pending Jul 13 andyzhangx, feiskyer, jingxu97, karataliu XS Fixes initial delay when starting Pods with AFS volumes
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1608 ttonline6 Pending Jul 13 chuckha, detiber, randomvariable XS fix err links:…
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1707 bagnaram Pending Jul 13 ashish-amarnath, justinsb L WIP: ✨ Etcd EBS Volumes
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1724 richardcase Pending Jul 13 ashish-amarnath, randomvariable XXL WIP: Adding eks control plane
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1753 andrewmyhre Pending Jul 13 detiber, randomvariable, sethp-nr XXL ✨ Support AWS multitenancy
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1756 andrewmyhre Pending Jul 13 detiber, randomvariable, voor M ✨ Bring your own control plane subnets
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1765 evalsocket Pending Jul 13 justinsb, ncdc, seh L Validation around fields that are passed in as AWS API parameters
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6166 electrocucaracha LGTM Jul 13 EppO, MrFreezeex, bozzo, electrocucaracha XS Enable multi-CPU architecture in Flannel CNI
website 22339 shuuji3 Pending Jul 13 makocchi-git, nasa9084, oke-py, shuuji3 L Translate tutorials/stateless-application/guestbook into Japanese
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1798 gab-satchi Pending Jul 13 ashish-amarnath, justinsb XXL 🏃 [WIP] Migrate rest of e2e tests to use clusterctl framework
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 338 ingvagabund Pending Jul 13 aveshagarwal, k82cn L Filter pods by namespaces
kubernetes 92948 cheftako LGTM Jul 13 deads2k, foxish, janetkuo, smarterclayton XS Adding cheftako to pkg/controller/OWNERS
kubernetes 89756 kaoet LGTM Jul 13 ash2k, mwielgus, saad-ali, smarterclayton XS Fix typo in comment of TaintNodePIDPressure
kubernetes 89793 huffmanca Pending Jul 13 dchen1107, hongchaodeng, msau42, xing-yang S Moving CSI Node storage version to v1
kubernetes 90013 wawa0210 Pending Jul 13 derekwaynecarr, yue9944882 XS Mirror pod registered to apiserver should ignore limitrange validate.
kubernetes 90231 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Jul 13 lavalamp, smarterclayton S Replace map with
kops 9377 justinsb Pending Jul 13 hakman, joshbranham, rdrgmnzs M Don't start kubelet in protokube
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-site 136 mrbobbytables Pending Jul 13 castrojo, justaugustus XXL Add community calendar
GoogleCloudPlatform/testgrid 143 itsazhuhere Pending Jul 13 chases2, itsazhuhere, michelle192837 XXL Integrate Healthiness into Summarizer
GoogleCloudPlatform/layer-definitions 948 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for Ubuntu1804 Clang layer from 2020-07-13
website 21202 serathius LGTM Jul 13 44past4, DirectXMan12, celestehorgan, dims, kbhawkey, piosz, savitharaghunathan, serathius, sftim, tengqm, x13n, zacharysarah L Document Structured Logging Enhancement
GoogleCloudPlatform/layer-definitions 947 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for Ubuntu1804 Python layer from 2020-07-13
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 263 chethanv28 Pending Jul 13 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel, xing-yang L Handling PVC updates during csi migration
istio/common-files 276 tbarrella Pending Jul 13 XS Allow setting MARKDOWN_LINT_ALLOWLIST instead of _WHITELIST
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 721 cpanato Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato, nader-ziada XXL WIP 💚 tests/e2e: testing network policies
test-infra 18273 michaelkolber Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, spiffxp L [WIP] Port triage/ to Go
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 256 RaunakShah Pending Jul 13 BaluDontu, xing-yang XXL vSphere CSI driver 2.1 release
istio/istio 25280 esnible Pending Jul 13 esnible, liamawhite L Config file and env var for istioctl --istioNamespace, --xds-address, and --cert-dir
googleforgames/agones 1673 akremsa Pending Jul 13 EricFortin, pooneh-m XXL Added new gen-install-alpha command
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 124 cheftako Pending Jul 13 Jefftree, Sh4d1, caesarxuchao L Added controllable test http server.
kubernetes-csi/docs 349 subodh01 Pending Jul 13 msau42, subodh01, xing-yang XS Nutanix CSI driver: Updated supported features
website 21663 rosti Pending Jul 13 fabriziopandini, neolit123, rajeshdeshpande02, rosti, savitharaghunathan, tengqm L kubeadm: component config updates in 1.19
website 22176 castrojo LGTM Jul 13 castrojo, celestehorgan, kbarnard10, mrbobbytables, onlydole, sftim, tengqm M Revise blog submission guidelines as per the blog subproject
autoscaler 3099 ysy2020 Pending Jul 13 Jeffwan, feiskyer, losipiuk XXL Add huaweicloud to list of supported cloud providers
kubernetes 93011 andyzhangx Pending Jul 13 feiskyer, karataliu L chore: add diskclient.ListByResourceGroup interface
minikube 8679 ghost Pending Jul 13 afbjorklund, priyawadhwa, tstromberg, usernameisnull0 XS logDir.Changed always true
kubernetes 92348 knabben Pending Jul 13 derekwaynecarr, knabben, mtaufen XL WIP: Merging proposal for KubeletConfiguration and KubeletInstanceConfiguration
kubernetes 93021 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 13 SataQiu, alenkacz, deads2k, smarterclayton XL integration test for dynamic certificate reload in the kube-aggregator
kubernetes 91607 gaurav1086 Pending Jul 13 gaurav1086, lavalamp, oomichi, sjenning, tanjunchen, yujuhong XS node pods e2e test: fix goroutine leak
kubernetes 91930 RenaudWasTaken LGTM Jul 13 Klaven, RenaudWasTaken, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, sjenning M Add DisableAcceleratorUsageMetrics Feature Gate
kubernetes-sigs/blobfuse-csi-driver 171 andyzhangx Pending Jul 13 ZeroMagic, feiskyer M test: add negative mount options e2e test
website 21679 CriaHu Pending Jul 13 bradtopol, daminisatya XS fix broken link:…
website 21998 sftim LGTM Jul 13 celestehorgan, makoscafee, steveperry-53 S Update page headers for documentation section
website 22213 fancc Pending Jul 13 tengqm, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L translate control plane-node communication into chinese
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1519 ruudk Pending Jul 13 Raffo, linki, njuettner S Warn when endpoint exists without being owned
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 497 yue9944882 Pending Jul 13 DirectXMan12, pwittrock XS Chore: Travis mod cache
kubernetes 93027 ialidzhikov Pending Jul 13 liggitt, therc, thockin M Add metav1.SetMetaDataLabel func
autoscaler 3314 detiber Pending Jul 13 detiber, feiskyer, frobware XXL [WIP][cluster-autoscaler][clusterapi] Add support for node autodiscovery to clusterapi provider
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6392 jeanfabrice Pending Jul 13 bozzo, holmsten XS Use proper openssl command to differentiate between host and ip in API certificate check
istio/proxy 2761 istio-testing Pending Jul 13 L Automator: update common-files@master in istio/proxy@master
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1506 seanmalloy Pending Jul 13 hjacobs, linki, seanmalloy XXL Add Initial BlueCat Provider Support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3267 superbrothers LGTM Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, benmoss, detiber, fabriziopandini, superbrothers, vincepri L 📖 Add CRD relationships diagrams
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1248 RainbowMango Pending Jul 13 hectorj2f, irfanurrehman, jimmidyson, shashidharatd, xunpan XS Fix service status not working issue
minikube 8682 sharifelgamal Pending Jul 13 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh, sharifelgamal, tstromberg L Automated GCP Credentials Addon Prototype
kubernetes 91389 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jul 13 MikeSpreitzer, deads2k, enj, lavalamp, mikedanese, yue9944882 L Introduce concurrency limits to PriorityLevelConfigurationStatus
community 4929 rajula96reddy Pending Jul 13 jeefy, markyjackson-taulia, mbbroberg, mrbobbytables, parispittman, rajula96reddy M Calendar template
GoogleCloudPlatform/layer-definitions 946 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for Ubuntu1604 Bazel layer from 2020-07-13
kubernetes 91824 khenidak Pending Jul 13 aojea, aramase, dcbw, derekwaynecarr, khenidak, lavalamp XXL WIP - DO NOT MERGE: dual stack services
kubernetes 93015 gnufied Pending Jul 13 jingxu97, jsafrane, saad-ali L Remove resize map code - unused code
website 21607 klueska LGTM Jul 13 Rajakavitha1, bradtopol, klueska, nolancon, savitharaghunathan, sftim, vpickard S Topology Manager docs update for 1.19
ingress-gce 1180 prameshj Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, freehan, rramkumar1 L Fix VM_IP_NEG creation and updates
istio/community 361 oaktowner Pending Jul 13 craigbox, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, jberkus, jdumars, knrc, linsun, nrjpoddar, oaktowner, rvennam, sdake, ssuchter, thisisnotapril XXL Updating Steering Committee charter
istio/istio 25461 irisdingbj Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, shamsher31 XS skip endpoint ready check if there is no istiod in cluster
website 22282 sozercan Pending Jul 13 jimangel, kbarnard10, tallclair XS Remove container level supplementalGroups and fsgroup from PSP standards doc
kops 9555 MoShitrit LGTM Jul 13 olemarkus, rifelpet M Adding feature stability table to docs and including one example for encryption support in cilium
kubernetes-sigs/kind 692 aojea Pending Jul 13 Arvinderpal, BenTheElder, aojea, krzyzacy, munnerz, song-jiang XXL Add dual stack support
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1725 jayunit100 Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, amwat, jayunit100, krzyzacy S Fix Mac OS X url
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 9295 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_bazel_docker_gcloud from 2020-07-13
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 9294 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for ubuntu1804_rbe from 2020-07-13
istio/istio 25332 bcheung Pending Jul 13 XXL Port Install CNI to golang
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1727 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 13 AkihiroSuda, BenTheElder, aojea, krzyzacy, neolit123 M Support Rootless Docker
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 9293 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_bazel from 2020-07-13
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 9292 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_rbe from 2020-07-13
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 9291 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_android_test from 2020-07-13
GoogleCloudPlatform/container-definitions 9290 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 13 alex1545, nlopezgi, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for ubuntu1604_webtest from 2020-07-13
minikube 8709 priyawadhwa Pending Jul 13 blueelvis, medyagh L Implement Download and DownloadProgress types for JSON output
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 201 haiyanmeng Pending Jul 13 barney-s, mortent, seans3 XL Add LastTransitionTime into kstatus/status.Compute return value
website 22292 CriaHu Pending Jul 13 bells17, inductor, makocchi-git XS fix broken link:
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 652 alexeldeib Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato, devigned, vincepri L ⚠ enable BYO IP for control plane
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 880 Divya063 Pending Jul 13 Divya063, JimBugwadia, phoenixking25, srampal, tashimi L [MTB]Added Remaining benchmarks
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6349 floryut Pending Jul 13 EppO, LuckySB, bozzo XS Remove allow-release-candidate-upgrades already include in experimental-upgrades flag
test-infra 18138 aojea LGTM Jul 13 BenTheElder, amwat, hasheddan, munnerz XS Increase resource request for kind ipv6 release blocking job
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1391 coufalja Pending Jul 13 coufalja, hjacobs, linki, njuettner L Publish externalIPs of Nodes running Pods in headless service
kubeflow/manifests 1374 Bobgy Pending Jul 13 jlewi, krishnadurai, rmgogogo XXL feat: Add application and common labels to KFP and various fixes
website 22209 zhanw15 Pending Jul 13 jimangel, steveperry-53 XS update ja site new value
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 4899 Miouge1 Pending Jul 13 mattymo, mirwan M [WIP] Add CI test for airgaped deploys
test-infra 18193 michaelkolber Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, michaelkolber, spiffxp XXL Port triage/ to Go
website 21988 bells17 Pending Jul 13 bells17, inductor, makocchi-git, oke-py L Translate /docs/setup/production-environment/tools/kubespray/ into Japanese
kubernetes 92995 gaurav1086 Pending Jul 13 caseydavenport, dcbw XS [kube-proxy] TestConfigChange: fix goroutine leak
website 22460 oke-py LGTM Jul 13 bells17, makocchi-git, nasa9084 S Translate glossary/image into Japanese
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 259 chethanv28 Pending Jul 13 BaluDontu, akutz, divyenpatel M Handling Pod updates for csi migration support
website 22411 ariscahyadi Pending Jul 13 danninov, phanama, wahyuoi M ID localization for administer cluster - network policy - calico
website 22444 ariscahyadi Pending Jul 13 danninov, girikuncoro, irvifa, phanama L ID localization for administer cluster - high available master
website 21986 oke-py Pending Jul 13 bells17, inductor, nasa9084 M Translate /docs/concepts/services-networking/ingress-controllers/ into Japanese
ingress-gce 1160 skmatti Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, bowei M Update generated code for frontendconfig CRD
test-infra 18148 chizhg Pending Jul 13 chaodaiG, cjwagner, fejta XXL Adding initial config files for Prow staging and refactor the experiment/autobumper tool
istio/istio 25367 costinm Pending Jul 13 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, knight42, linsun, myidpt, ramaraochavali, rshriram XXL Refactor interfaces that are used in pkg, to reduce copying and deps
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6359 chenguoquan1024 LGTM Jul 13 EppO, bozzo XS add calico-node selinux
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6373 MrFreezeex LGTM Jul 13 EppO, bozzo, holmsten S Add a way to deploy cilium alongside another CNI
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 777 alexeldeib Pending Jul 13 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato, devigned, justaugustus, nader-ziada XL ✨ implement ephemeral os
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6378 inercia LGTM Jul 13 EppO, LuckySB, Miouge1, ant31, floryut M Documentation for Ingress
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 348 nilo19 Pending Jul 13 andyzhangx, feiskyer, nilo19 XXL Update go module against
ingress-gce 1176 skmatti LGTM Jul 13 bowei, prameshj, rramkumar1, skmatti L Compute number of L4 ILBs in error and success state
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6391 tasekida LGTM Jul 13 EppO, LuckySB, floryut XS Update coredns to 1.7.0
googleforgames/agones 1688 aLekSer Pending Jul 13 EricFortin, roberthbailey XS Fix for `gcloud-terraform-cluster` make target
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6371 mariobris LGTM Jul 13 floryut, holmsten, mirwan XS [v2.12] fix test if openstack_cacert is a base64 string
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 965 randomvariable LGTM Jul 13 chuckha, detiber, ncdc L add support for the kube-vip flavor
test-infra 17779 sbueringer LGTM Jul 13 alvaroaleman, fejta, krzyzacy, sbueringer L prow: change job url prefix format for multiple concurrent storage providers
enhancements 1894 huffmanca Pending Jul 13 jsafrane, saad-ali M Updates the FSGroupPolicy KEP to match implementation
kubernetes 91587 KielChan Pending Jul 13 SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, deads2k, dixudx, liggitt, sttts M optimize insecure tls cipher checks within one loop
kubeflow/community 358 andreyvelich Pending Jul 13 gaocegege, hougangliu, jlewi, johnugeorge M [WIP] Add WG AutoML
kubeflow/kubeflow 4852 wdhorton Pending Jul 13 abhi-g, pdmack L Add Tolerations to PodDefault
kubeflow/community 356 gaocegege LGTM Jul 13 Jeffwan, andreyvelich, gaocegege, jlewi, johnugeorge, terrytangyuan L WIP: feat(wg): Add WG Training
website 21671 huffmanca Pending Jul 13 daminisatya, huffmanca, rajeshdeshpande02, savitharaghunathan, sftim, tengqm XS Include details on the CSIVolumeSupportFSGroup feature gate
kubeflow/pipelines 4182 Jeffwan Pending Jul 13 Ark-kun, eterna2, numerology L feat(sdk): Enable AWS ALB authentication in KFP SDK Client
minikube 8671 vinu2003 Pending Jul 13 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, medyagh, vinu2003 M upgrade: bump kube library version to latest 1.18.5
kubernetes 92818 andyzhangx Pending Jul 13 andyzhangx, davidopp, deads2k, feiskyer, liggitt, northtyphoon L fix: pull image error with azure managed identity
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6122 marvin0815 Pending Jul 13 EppO, holmsten XS Fix issue #5891 - always run set_fact for proxy env
istio/istio 25359 shamsher31 Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, lizan, shamsher31 M use include_eds in config_dump for proxy
website 22481 irvifa Pending Jul 13 ariscahyadi, girikuncoro, sftim, wahyuoi L docs: Add Translation to Assign Pods to Nodes using Node Affinity
kubernetes 84397 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jul 13 Random-Liu, SaranBalaji90, derekwaynecarr, erictune, micahhausler, xiaoanyunfei L Add --profiling flag to kubelet
istio/api 1509 ericvn Pending Jul 13 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson XS Remove extraneous file.
google/cadvisor 1577 pmorie Pending Jul 13 derekwaynecarr, pmorie S WIP: cut log spam associated with multiple-fs containers
kubernetes 92940 yuanchen8911 LGTM Jul 13 chendave, damemi, hex108, yuanchen8911 M Fix naming inconsistency in scheduler plugin interface comments
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 573 hidekazuna Pending Jul 13 detiber, dims, hidekazuna, jichenjc, sbueringer L ✨Add external network discovery
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 334 hanumanthan Pending Jul 13 damemi, hanumanthan, ingvagabund, k82cn, lixiang233, seanmalloy L Adding replica check when evicting managed pods from node
kubernetes 89748 ks864148379 Pending Jul 13 derekwaynecarr, ks864148379, mattjmcnaughton, resouer XS Kubelet bug: fix restart kubelet lead to node NotReady for a moment
enhancements 1754 44past4 Pending Jul 13 44past4, PurelyApplied, dashpole, ehashman, immutableT, logicalhan, serathius L KEP-1753: Kubernetes system components logs sanitization
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 530 jsafrane Pending Jul 13 bertinatto, wongma7 L Add tags that the in-tree volume plugin uses
website 21278 hasheddan LGTM Jul 13 hasheddan, pjbgf, saschagrunert, savitharaghunathan, sftim, tengqm XL Add documentation for Seccomp GA
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 587 jichenjc Pending Jul 13 dims, hidekazuna, vincepri XS Add 6443 port description
kubeflow/mpi-operator 244 NikeNano Pending Jul 13 carmark, gaocegege XXL Start of the e2e work
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3310 fabriziopandini Pending Jul 13 JoelSpeed, ncdc XS 🌱 Add a make target to generate test coverage report
kubernetes 92153 adrian LGTM Jul 13 SergeyKanzhelev, adrian, brendandburns, dixudx, soltysh M Add unit test to kubectl/cmd/run
kubernetes 91442 saschagrunert Pending Jul 13 hasheddan, pjbgf, saschagrunert L Update seccomp e2e test for GA
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3185 benmoss Pending Jul 13 benmoss, detiber, fabriziopandini, ncdc, sedefsavas, vincepri L ✨ Add MHC remediation to KCP
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 586 jichenjc Pending Jul 13 gyliu513, sbueringer S Add openstack ussuri into support list
website 22278 mick88 Pending Jul 13 Arhell, sftim, zacharysarah, zparnold XS Correct use of "comprising" in
kubernetes 92967 cezaryzukowski Pending Jul 13 pwittrock, sjenning XL Topology Manager Scope (container | pod) Feature
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3209 Boutheina-Dab Pending Jul 13 Boutheina-Dab, detiber, fabriziopandini, justinsb, ncdc, vincepri XL [WIP] Capi webhooks envtest
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 585 jichenjc Pending Jul 13 dims, hidekazuna, iamemilio XS nit: Add default egress rule description
kops 9559 olemarkus Pending Jul 13 KashifSaadat, hakman S When channel is unavailable, don't try to validate things from it
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 339 hanumanthan Pending Jul 13 damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn XXL HighNodeutilisation strategy
release 1404 saschagrunert Pending Jul 13 AkihiroSuda, justaugustus, listx XS kube-cross: overwrite user and group for etcd source
kubernetes 92806 hardikdr Pending Jul 13 bertinatto, hardikdr, hex108, paurosello, wgliang XS [1.17] Respect maxPDVols env-var against node allocatable
kubeflow/kfserving 932 yuzisun Pending Jul 13 Tomcli, ellistarn, pugangxa XS Fix tf2openapi dockerfile
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 701 krew-release-bot Pending Jul 13 ahmetb, corneliusweig S release new version v0.5.3 of gs
charts 23166 shunyy Pending Jul 13 XS [stable/datadog] fix daemonset templates for go 1.14
charts 23165 dpeckett Pending Jul 13 darioblanco XS [incubator/buzzfeed-sso] Allow Independent auth Ingress
charts 23162 estahn Pending Jul 13 lkysow XS [stable/atlantis] Use newer ingress API to be compatible with Kubernetes 1.16
helm 8438 donggangcj Pending Jul 13 XS feature(show): support jsonpath output for `helm show value`
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6392 jeanfabrice Pending Jul 13 XS Use proper openssl command to differentiate between host and ip in API certificate check
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6392 jeanfabrice Pending Jul 13 XS Use proper openssl command to differentiate between host and ip in API certificate check
kubeflow/pipelines 4203 jingzhang36 LGTM Jul 13 Bobgy, rmgogogo S feat(backend): sorting on run metrics - step 1
kubernetes 92801 knight42 Pending Jul 13 Huang-Wei, knight42, lavalamp, roycaihw, sttts M feat(informer-gen): add option WithCustomInformer
kops 9536 olemarkus Pending Jul 13 hakman, olemarkus, rifelpet M Validate cloud labels
kubernetes-client/python-base 201 Akasurde Pending Jul 13 palnabarun, roycaihw, yliaog S FileOrData: Handle None object
googleforgames/agones 1685 akremsa Pending Jul 13 dzlier-gcp, roberthbailey M Tests update: Use require package in fleets package
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 878 Divya063 Pending Jul 13 Divya063, JimBugwadia, tashimi L [MTB] Sort benchmarks according to profile level, category and id respectively
kubernetes 92863 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 13 AkihiroSuda, Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, giuseppe, nicksardo, tedyu L kubelet & kube-proxy: support rootless mode
kubeflow/pipelines 4168 IronPan LGTM Jul 13 Bobgy, rmgogogo XS Update
kubernetes 92811 aojea Pending Jul 13 MrHohn, bowei L [WIP][TEST} debug kubeproxy iptables lock
kubernetes 90708 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jul 13 AlexeyPerevalov, cbf123, david-mcmahon, derekwaynecarr XXL Topology aware scheduler: resources per numa approach
minikube 8692 Dean-Coakley Pending Jul 13 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh XS Update ingress addon images
kubeflow/gcp-blueprints 80 Bobgy Pending Jul 13 jlewi, rmgogogo S feat: enable istio sidecar for kubeflow namespace
kubeflow/kfserving 941 jinchihe Pending Jul 13 Tomcli, pugangxa M WIP: Kfserving tekton integration test
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5998 EppO Pending Jul 13 floryut, holmsten L [WIP] Make all etcd commands use ETCDCTL_API 3
kubernetes 93006 lixiaobing1 Pending Jul 13 chendave, k82cn, liu-cong, lixiaobing1 XS fix func addAllEventHandlers definition
release 1402 saschagrunert Pending Jul 13 jimangel, sethmccombs XS Add saschagrunert and alejandrox1 to SECURITY_CONTACTS
perf-tests 1383 tosi3k Pending Jul 13 oxddr, wojtek-t M [WIP] Remove service creation
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6385 StevenReitsma Pending Jul 13 LuckySB, alijahnas S Create a PodDisruptionBudget for the Cinder CSI controller plugin
kubernetes 89079 jenting Pending Jul 13 deads2k, eparis, monopole S Fix autoscale create object not ref to the name flag if present
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1625 haines Pending Jul 13 Raffo, hjacobs M Ignore wildcard hosts in Istio gateways
kubernetes 92846 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 13 ahg-g, chendave, hex108, resouer M Remove pvcLister from genericScheduler
kubernetes-sigs/azurefile-csi-driver 340 ZeroMagic Pending Jul 13 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx, feiskyer L [WIP]fix: retry on EnsureStorageAccount if it is throttled
kubernetes-client/java 1059 dddddai Pending Jul 13 brendandburns, dddddai, mbohlool, yue9944882 L Remove the lock and make the methods synchronized
istio/api 1503 shamsher31 Pending Jul 13 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, shamsher31, smawson S Update auth policy enum for proxy config
dashboard 5359 jeefy Pending Jul 13 floreks, maciaszczykm, mrbobbytables S Remove inactive members from OWNERS
sig-release 1123 saschagrunert Pending Jul 13 alejandrox1, hoegaarden, justaugustus, swinslow L Add technical lead onboarding requirements
test-infra 18290 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, cblecker, cpanato, dims, spiffxp, wojtek-t S releng: Publish fast builds to a separate subdirectory
org 2018 andyzhangx Pending Jul 13 feiskyer, justaugustus, khenidak XS add andyzhangx to cloud-provider-azure-admins
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 298 stevehipwell Pending Jul 13 aveshagarwal, damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn, seanmalloy, stevehipwell L Add Helm chart
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 105 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 13 DirectXMan12, atoato88 XS Checks for ignore reconciliation annotations
autoscaler 3028 johanneswuerbach Pending Jul 13 bskiba, jbartosik, johanneswuerbach, krzysied L VPA: Configurable container limit scaling 660 justinsb Pending Jul 13 detiber, dims, listx, mikedanese L WIP: Script creation of AWS test accounts
community 4936 saschagrunert Pending Jul 13 justaugustus, tpepper XS Add saschagrunert and alejandrox1 to slack release-team-leads
cloud-provider-openstack 1104 ramineni Pending Jul 13 hogepodge, ricolin XS [DNM] Check CI
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 879 zhuangqh Pending Jul 13 Fei-Guo, resouer, zhuangqh XXL [VC] setup e2e testing framework
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1237 hectorj2f Pending Jul 13 RainbowMango, deads2k, font, gyliu513, hectorj2f, irfanurrehman L docs: add kep about the status of the federated resources
website 22485 bluefriday Pending Jul 13 ianychoi, seokho-son L Translate tasks/administer-cluster/dns-custom-nameservers in Korean
kubernetes 92866 cofyc Pending Jul 13 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, smarterclayton L scheduler: Extend ExtenderFilterResult to include UnschedulableAndUnresolvable nodes
kubernetes 92138 ash2k Pending Jul 13 soltysh, sttts M Client library cleanups
kops 9554 olemarkus Pending Jul 13 johngmyers, olemarkus, zetaab L Openstack fixes
test-infra 18169 justaugustus Pending Jul 13 BenTheElder, cpanato, feiskyer, hasheddan, markyjackson-taulia, saschagrunert, spiffxp, tpepper, yguo0905 XL [WIP] releng: Add stable4 and remove beta generated jobs
kops 9500 WarpRat Pending Jul 13 hakman, mikesplain M Allow configurable backend modes for aws-iam-authenticator
kubeflow/website 2028 shawnzhu LGTM Jul 13 adrian555, animeshsingh, hongye-sun, neuromage, shawnzhu L Documents multi-tenant, auth-enabled deployment on IBM cloud
kubernetes 91602 sxllwx Pending Jul 13 deads2k, logicalhan, smarterclayton, sxllwx L Lock-free broadcaster
kube-state-metrics 1160 YuikoTakada Pending Jul 13 andyxning, tariq1890, zouyee S Add DeprecatedVersion to struct FamilyGenerator and func NewFamilyGenerator
istio/istio 23513 gargnupur Pending Jul 13 bianpengyuan, douglas-reid, howardjohn, mandarjog, nmittler L [WIP] Add Ratelimiting test using Envoy's Ratelimit Service
cloud-provider-openstack 1073 ramineni Pending Jul 13 adisky, hogepodge L WIP:[cinder-csi-plugin] support multi-node attachments
website 22084 hikkie3110 Pending Jul 13 hikkie3110, makocchi-git, nasa9084, oke-py L Update for v1.17
minikube 8697 medyagh Pending Jul 13 prasadkatti, priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal XS improve applying default service account
kubernetes 92254 snowplayfire LGTM Jul 13 mengqiy, soltysh XS lack a newline character when describe hpa
kubernetes-client/python 1197 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Jul 13 DiptoChakrabarty, roycaihw, yliaog L Delete from yaml
kubernetes 92954 sbueringer Pending Jul 13 sttts, wojtek-t S conformance-tests: make orpan RS created by deployment test more resilient
kops 9556 johngmyers Pending Jul 13 KashifSaadat, hakman L WIP Implement rotation of service-account signing key
website 21108 liggitt Pending Jul 13 jcbsmpsn, liggitt, mikedanese, savitharaghunathan, sftim M Rotate kubelet client certificates GA, CSR API GA
kubeflow/internal-acls 282 agnim25 Pending Jul 13 Bobgy, theadactyl XS Update org.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1238 hectorj2f Pending Jul 13 RainbowMango, font, gyliu513, hectorj2f, irfanurrehman, jimmidyson, pmorie, shashidharatd L docs: kep to propose a pull reconciliation model
kubernetes 92986 gnufied Pending Jul 13 jingxu97, jsafrane, saad-ali L Handle volume-in-use error during volume expansion 22485 bluefriday Pending Jul 13 XS Translate tasks/administer-cluster/dns-custom-nameservers in Korean
charts 23161 estahn Pending Jul 13 desaintmartin XS [stable/oauth2-proxy] Use newer ingress API to be compatible with Kubernetes 1.16
kubeflow/pipelines 4201 PatrickXYS Pending Jul 13 Bobgy, jingzhang36 XS fix(backend): fixes useless error message when visualization-server is not accessible. Fixes #4157
kubernetes 79925 dixudx Pending Jul 13 Random-Liu, msau42, rootfs, vikaschoudhary16, vishh, yujuhong L fix mounting Hostpath devices
kubernetes 93008 gaurav1086 Pending Jul 13 jpbetz, sttts XS [staging/apiextensions] StartTestServer: fix goroutine leak
website 22313 tengqm LGTM Jul 13 sftim, soltysh, sttts L Remove Falco from website
kubernetes 92998 SataQiu Pending Jul 13 dims, mengqiy, soltysh M Remove the dependency between autoscale command and generators
kubernetes 92975 gaurav1086 LGTM Jul 13 caesarxuchao, hzxuzhonghu XS TestCreateInvokeAdmissionControl: remove unnecessary goroutine in sequential processing
kubernetes-client/java 1062 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 13 brendandburns, mbohlool, yue9944882 XS Bump okhttp3-version from 3.14.3 to 4.8.0
kubernetes-client/java 1061 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 13 mbohlool, yue9944882 XS Bump mockito-core from 3.3.3 to 3.4.0
kubernetes 89649 hase1128 Pending Jul 13 caesarxuchao, hase1128, smarterclayton, sttts, yliaog XS Add test to AddAnnotationWithLevel func for improving coverage
website 22473 JarHMJ LGTM Jul 13 onlydole, tengqm XL Update fix format error
kubernetes 82082 ipochi Pending Jul 13 AmitKumarDas, cheftako, janetkuo, liggitt, piosz XXL Adding code for Pods to be cleaned up by TTL Controller
istio/istio 25432 stevenctl Pending Jul 13 howardjohn, nmittler L tests: allow pilot suite to run with more than one cluster
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 585 renovate-bot Pending Jul 13 fejta, michelle192837 XS Update dependency io_bazel_rules_docker to v0.14.4
cloud-provider-gcp 142 amwat Pending Jul 12 XS [DO-NOT-MERGE] Dummy PR to see if presubmits still work at HEAD.
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 582 dfinninger Pending Jul 12 chizhg, fejta, michelle192837 S Add a ".resolve" alias for the resolve task
website 21921 smarterclayton Pending Jul 12 kbarnard10, savitharaghunathan, sftim, smarterclayton, tengqm XS Update feature gate info for Service and Node exclusion labels
community 4935 mrbobbytables Pending Jul 12 castrojo, guineveresaenger XS Add description to contributor guide readme
istio/istio 25389 adiprerepa Pending Jul 12 JimmyCYJ, howardjohn, nschhina M Remove SDS refresh timeout
kubernetes 91474 cici37 Pending Jul 12 andrewsykim, cheftako, cici37, davidopp, jiahuif L Move client_builder to
kubernetes 91596 brahmaroutu LGTM Jul 12 brahmaroutu, caesarxuchao, msau42, nikhita, smarterclayton, thockin XXL Mount utils
kubernetes 91976 gnufied LGTM Jul 12 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, gnufied, jsafrane, saad-ali, thockin, xing-yang XL Implement API changes necessary for recovering from expansion failure
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 708 cpanato Pending Jul 12 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato, devigned, justaugustus, nader-ziada XXL ✨ cloud/services: add bastion host service
kubernetes 92291 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 12 deads2k, jennybuckley, p0lyn0mial, sttts, thockin XL aggregator retry
kubernetes 92524 kensipe Pending Jul 12 liggitt, ncdc, roycaihw L fixes apiserver staticchecks for u1000 not used
kubernetes 92663 AndersonQ LGTM Jul 12 SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dims, k8s-ci-robot, resouer, xichengliudui M cleanup: fix golint errors in /pkg/kubelet/stats
kubernetes 92765 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 12 deads2k, lavalamp, p0lyn0mial XL Av/aggregator cert reload review
kubernetes 92770 gnufied LGTM Jul 12 brendandburns, deads2k, gnufied, saad-ali, thockin, xing-yang XXL Allow volume expansion to be cancelled
kubernetes 92707 serathius Pending Jul 12 dims, feiskyer, logicalhan, nikhiljindal, smarterclayton, sttts M [WIP] Move klog flags to
website 22143 BruiserT Pending Jul 12 Kashomon, madhusudancs XS Update
website 22315 bitas-guoliang Pending Jul 12 tengqm, zacharysarah XS Update
kubernetes 92920 gaurav1086 Pending Jul 12 SataQiu, SergeyKanzhelev, gaurav1086, msau42, neolit123 XS [test/kubelet]: Fix deadlock in watch manager test
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 613 MartinForReal Pending Jul 12 JimBugwadia, MartinForReal, rjbez17 XXL [WIP]Migrate tenant controller to kubebuilder v2
kubernetes 89640 fudali113 Pending Jul 12 foxish, krmayankk, smarterclayton XL Reopen add completions index feature to Parallel Jobs
istio/istio 24594 morlay Pending Jul 12 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, morlay, rshriram S ARCH context change to make compiling for multi platform
istio/tools 1012 richardwxn Pending Jul 12 douglas-reid, howardjohn, mandarjog, richardwxn XL add skeleton for automated stability test
website 22479 imrenagi Pending Jul 12 girikuncoro, phanama, sftim, wahyuoi XL Add minikube translation for bahasa indonesia
kubernetes 92121 stantonxu Pending Jul 12 cheftako, dims, ixdy, jiahuif, justaugustus, stantonxu L Fix golint failure - "cmd/cloud-controller-manager/app/apis/config/v1alpha1" - replace PR #91869
website 19526 tengqm Pending Jul 12 bradtopol, chenopis, irvifa, jimangel, kbarnard10, sftim, tengqm, zacharysarah L Improve intra-site links (1)
kubernetes 78862 claudiubelu Pending Jul 12 bclau, mikedanese, smarterclayton XS tests: Removes node created by test
kubernetes 90110 xiaoanyunfei Pending Jul 12 gnufied, jingxu97, msau42 S fix multiple orphan volume with same name can't be cleaned up 811 justinsb LGTM Jul 12 mikedanese, neolit123, thockin M Add staging project for etcdadm
kubernetes 92909 brianpursley Pending Jul 12 brianpursley, soltysh, zhouya0 XS Add error if using kubectl run with generator other than run-pod/v1 1016 justinsb Pending Jul 12 nikhita, thockin L Create AWS test accounts using terraform
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6391 tasekida Pending Jul 12 LuckySB XS Update coredns to 1.7.0
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6391 tasekida Pending Jul 12 LuckySB XS Update coredns to 1.7.0
test-infra 17181 eddycharly Pending Jul 12 alvaroaleman, stevekuznetsov XXL [Pipeline] add v1beta1 codegen
kops 9533 rifelpet Pending Jul 12 hakman, justinsb, olemarkus L WIP Add tagging support for AWS Keypairs
community 4934 muenchdo LGTM Jul 12 castrojo, jdumars, parispittman XS Add channel for external-secrets
enhancements 1883 thockin Pending Jul 12 dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, thockin, vinaykul L Ask a bunch of questions on in-place pod resize
istio/istio 25434 howardjohn Pending Jul 12 costinm, howardjohn, rshriram L Enable initial auto registration of VMs
istio/istio 25178 esnible Pending Jul 12 GregHanson, howardjohn M 'istioctl kube-inject' warnings output to stderr AFTER yaml output to stdout
kubernetes 89065 smarterclayton Pending Jul 12 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton S DO NOT MERGE: kubelet: Do not set containerStatus.started when the gate is off
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 154 mdaniel Pending Jul 12 dlipovetsky, justinsb, mdaniel M Expose the peer and server certificate SAN list as command line flags
kubernetes 92897 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jul 12 lavalamp, sttts, wojtek-t M Fix description of conversion generator
kubernetes 92823 AliMirlou LGTM Jul 12 Joseph-Irving, deads2k, wojtek-t, xiang90 XS Fix a typo in comment
kubernetes 78837 danielqsj Pending Jul 12 cheftako, mikedanese, resouer, roycaihw, smarterclayton XS fix leader election LeaseDuration/RenewDeadline validation
kubernetes 90007 gavinfish Pending Jul 12 ahg-g, damemi, hex108, k82cn, mikedanese M Scheduler: remove direct import to /pkg/volume/util
istio/istio 25441 gargnupur Pending Jul 12 bianpengyuan, douglas-reid, kyessenov, mandarjog M Change to comma separated value for app_container
website 21996 kbhawkey Pending Jul 12 irvifa, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm L initial testing script to evaluate page links
kubernetes 92782 witcxc LGTM Jul 12 brendandburns, fejta XS fix golint errors in pkg/util/config
kubeflow/community 348 jlewi LGTM Jul 12 Jeffwan, abhi-g, andreyvelich, animeshsingh, aronchick, cliveseldon, ellistarn, gaocegege, jlewi, johnugeorge, terrytangyuan, theadactyl, vpavlin, yuzisun XL Proposal for Kubeflow WG Guidelines/Governance
kubernetes-client/c 19 ityuhui Pending Jul 12 brendandburns L [Readme] Update the usage example in about loading configuration.
kubeflow/pipelines 4146 Intellicode Pending Jul 12 Ark-kun, Bobgy, Intellicode, numerology S feat(sdk): Expose upload pipeline version
test-infra 18238 akshaymankar Pending Jul 12 shyamjvs, spiffxp, wojtek-t M Add a presubmit job for kubernetes-client/haskell [Attempt 2]
website 22446 jayunit100 Pending Jul 12 kow3ns, sftim, smarterclayton S Update
kops 9011 christianjoun Pending Jul 12 johngmyers, joshbranham, liranp, olemarkus, timothyclarke XXL WIP: Implemented API loadbalancer class, allowing NLB and ELB support on AWS.
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2828 anmolbabu Pending Jul 12 jberkhahn, mszostok M [WIP] Allow passing username & password as flags to broker register 22481 irvifa Pending Jul 12 ariscahyadi, girikuncoro, wahyuoi XS docs: Add Translation to Assign Pods to Nodes using Node Affinity 22479 imrenagi Pending Jul 12 girikuncoro, phanama XS Add minikube translation for bahasa indonesia
kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog 2828 anmolbabu Pending Jul 12 XS [WIP] Allow passing username & password as flags to broker register
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 339 hanumanthan Pending Jul 12 damemi, ingvagabund XS HighNodeutilisation strategy
kubernetes 92385 ashleyschuett LGTM Jul 12 SergeyKanzhelev, ashleyschuett, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, matthyx, pigletfly, sjenning, vishh S exit probe check during pod deletion
kubernetes 91934 SataQiu Pending Jul 12 SataQiu, janetkuo, soltysh XS kubectl: improve the warning message when doing kubectl apply to the resource without expected annotation
kubeflow/kfserving 936 yuzisun Pending Jul 12 Tomcli, hougangliu XXL Migrate controller tests to use BDD testing style
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 691 nathforge Pending Jul 12 ahmetb, corneliusweig M Add split-yaml plugin
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 646 yogeek Pending Jul 12 ahmetb, corneliusweig S Add node-rolling plugin
website 18221 icheikhrouhou LGTM Jul 12 AWKIF, oussemos, rbenzair, sftim L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | liveness readiness
website 18321 icheikhrouhou LGTM Jul 12 AWKIF, yastij L docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | namespace
kubernetes 89416 qingwave LGTM Jul 12 ash2k, cpanato, hoegaarden M [changelog] fix wrong changelog link
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1507 ruudk Pending Jul 12 hjacobs, linki, njuettner S Validate TXT prefix
kubeflow/pipelines 4200 Ark-kun Pending Jul 12 Bobgy, animeshsingh, chensun, numerology L Components - Added dataset_manipulation - split_data_into_folds component
kubeflow/pipelines 4074 Ark-kun LGTM Jul 12 Bobgy, chensun, gaoning777, numerology XS SDK - Components - Fixed examples in docstrings
kubeflow/pipelines 4137 Ark-kun LGTM Jul 12 Bobgy, chensun, numerology, rmgogogo S test: Added presubmit unit tests for the GCP components
kubeflow/pipelines 4134 Ark-kun LGTM Jul 12 Bobgy, chensun, numerology, rmgogogo S fix(sdk): SDK - Avoiding deprecated ContainerOp methods
kubeflow/pipelines 4135 Ark-kun LGTM Jul 12 Bobgy, chensun, numerology, rmgogogo S test: Added presubmit unit tests for the component.yaml definitions
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 533 sbueringer Pending Jul 12 Lion-Wei, jichenjc, sbueringer XL 🐛 [WIP] Fixup e2e test
kubernetes 92452 Cweiping Pending Jul 12 jingxu97, ritazh, rootfs, sttts S fix stack check pkg/volume/azure_dd
kubernetes 92416 Cweiping LGTM Jul 12 Cweiping, dixudx, pwittrock XS fix staticcheck failures from /cmd/scale
community 4928 lachie83 LGTM Jul 12 AevaOnline, cblecker, jdumars, lachie83, nikhita, parispittman, spiffxp, tashimi S Update Code of Conduct Committee election and nomination process
website 22474 nikhita LGTM Jul 12 jimangel, neolit123, sftim S Remove SCL reviewers/approvers from OWNERS_ALIASES
kubernetes 81934 carlory Pending Jul 12 brendandburns, cheftako, chrislovecnm, deads2k, vishh S fix staticcheck failures in 'pkg/client pkg/credentialprovider pkg/ku…
kubernetes 92988 nikhita LGTM Jul 12 listx, mkumatag XS test/images/pets: remove OWNERS to cleanup inactive members
charts 23158 xiagw Pending Jul 12 XS add nodeSelector and tolerations.
website 22478 tmrekk121 Pending Jul 12 inductor, makocchi-git, oke-py, tmrekk121 L Update outdated file dev-1.17-ja.3
istio/api 1499 richardwxn Pending Jul 12 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, ostromart, richardwxn, rshriram, smawson M add pending to operator status
kubernetes 92760 farah LGTM Jul 12 derekwaynecarr, farah, hongliang5316, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, tallclair M Add unit test coverage for boottime_util_linux.go
kubernetes 89066 smarterclayton Pending Jul 11 feiskyer, yifan-gu S DO NOT MERGE: kubelet: Do not set containerStatus.started when the gate is off
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5773 rodrigc Pending Jul 11 LuckySB, chadswen, holmsten XS Only check ansible_all_ipv4_addresses if it is defined
kubeflow/kfserving 933 yuzisun Pending Jul 11 hougangliu, pugangxa XXL WIP: Publish KFServing 0.4 release
istio/istio 24263 shamsher31 Pending Jul 11 esnible, howardjohn, ostromart, shamsher31 M Display warning if the installed Istio version is different
istio/istio 25165 howardjohn Pending Jul 11 M Incremental RDS requests
website 22427 dilekuzulmez Pending Jul 11 kbarnard10, zparnold S Removed shortcodes/announcement.html and shorcodes/deprecationwarning…
istio/istio 24691 howardjohn Pending Jul 11 L WIP fix pilot EDS ack
kubernetes 92992 gaurav1086 Pending Jul 11 jingxu97, saad-ali XS [volume/recyler_client_test] WatchPod: use buffered channel
kops 9548 hakman Pending Jul 11 KashifSaadat, gjtempleton, joshbranham M Backport of #9543: Remove the checksum workaround for Flannel VXLAN
kubeflow/testing 730 jlewi Pending Jul 11 Bobgy, NikeNano, rmgogogo, scottilee M notebook tests need to use a unique subdirectory
kubernetes 92994 knight42 Pending Jul 11 SataQiu, neolit123 S test(e2e): ensure agnhost-replica is not on the same node with primary 22478 tmrekk121 Pending Jul 11 inductor XS Update outdated file dev-1.17-ja.3 22477 yasensim Pending Jul 11 XS Add Antrea as one of the CNI solutions in kubeadm 22474 nikhita Pending Jul 11 neolit123 XS Remove inactive members from SCL reviewers/approvers 22473 JarHMJ Pending Jul 11 XS Update fix format error
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6389 bmelbourne Pending Jul 11 mattymo XS Upgrade JetStack Cert-Manager to v0.15.2
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6389 bmelbourne Pending Jul 11 mattymo XS Upgrade JetStack Cert-Manager to v0.15.2
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3946 haircommander Pending Jul 11 XS test: don't run cgroupfs with cgroupv2
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 338 ingvagabund Pending Jul 11 XS WIP: Filter pods by namespaces
website 22477 yasensim Pending Jul 11 onlydole, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim, yasensim S Add Antrea as one of the CNI solutions in kubeadm
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1594 camilamacedo86 Pending Jul 11 joelanford, pwittrock XS cleanup: Remove the word sanity from our codebase
kubernetes 92990 nikhita Pending Jul 11 Q-Lee, cjcullen, mikedanese XS cluster/addons/metadata-proxy: cleanup inactive members from OWNERS
website 21284 MorrisLaw Pending Jul 11 MorrisLaw, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm, zacharysarah M Remove third-party vendors from cloud provider docs
website 22470 tengqm Pending Jul 11 deads2k, lavalamp, sftim S Tweak paragraph to kill orphaned fragment
kubeflow/kubeflow 5124 nihir27 Pending Jul 11 jlewi, pdmack XS Automated cherry pick of #4468: notebook_controller.go: make clusterDomain an option Cherry pick of #4468 on v1.1-branch. #4468: notebook_controller.go: make clusterDomain an option
kubernetes 92987 nikhita Pending Jul 11 humblec, liggitt, thockin S apimachinery: remove inactive members from OWNERS
kubernetes 92972 brianpursley LGTM Jul 11 mengqiy, seans3, smarterclayton, soltysh, spiffxp S Mark kubectl e2e tests that use deprecated features with [Deprecated]…
kubernetes 92979 sethev Pending Jul 11 dims, sethev, yujuhong S Relax validation for dnsConfig searches
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6389 bmelbourne Pending Jul 11 bozzo, floryut, mattymo XXL Upgrade JetStack Cert-Manager to v0.15.2
kubernetes 91666 squeed Pending Jul 11 danwinship, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning S pkg/kubelet: add KUBE-FIREWALL-IN chain, move localnet rule to it
test-infra 18285 nikhita Pending Jul 11 dims, figo, wojtek-t XS cloud-provider-vsphere: remove inactive members from OWNERS
istio/istio 25374 linsun Pending Jul 11 linsun, morvencao M some update to this page
kubernetes 92845 oomichi LGTM Jul 11 divyenpatel, jingxu97, neolit123, oomichi, saad-ali L Remove DeprecatedMightBeMasterNode()
kubernetes 86855 tedyu Pending Jul 11 deads2k, justinsb, liggitt, robscott, tedyu S Provide variant which skips sorting Requirement slice
kops 7668 jhkimac LGTM Jul 11 andrewsykim, rifelpet, robinpercy, zetaab S nvidia-driver update for latest Torch in nvidia-device-plugin
kubernetes 87641 haosdent Pending Jul 11 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, haosdent, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, vishh M Respect `--image-pull-progress-deadline` flag when using containerd
kubernetes 92989 WLun001 Pending Jul 11 soltysh, zhouya0 S add kubectl fish shell completion
kubernetes 89155 tedyu LGTM Jul 11 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, dims, haosdent, rphillips, sjenning, yifan-gu S manager#syncPod should cover reconciliation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 288 rishi-anand Pending Jul 11 maisem, vincepri XS Fixing subnetworks url
kubernetes 92809 kwiesmueller Pending Jul 11 apelisse, kwiesmueller, liggitt, mikedanese L [WIP] Server-Side Apply: Status Wiping/Reset Fields implementation
gengo 172 liubog2008 Pending Jul 11 sttts, wojtek-t S add int8 and uint8 builtin types 22470 tengqm Pending Jul 11 XS Tweak paragraph to kill orphaned fragment
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1645 Benjile Pending Jul 11 hjacobs, linki, njuettner M Optionally ignore tls rules in ingress source
website 22205 bcheronn Pending Jul 11 Smana, perriea XXL Add "Ephemeral Container" to French glossary
minikube 8461 11janci Pending Jul 11 josedonizetti, medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg XL Add support for VolumeSnapshots
kubernetes 92966 gongguan Pending Jul 11 enisoc, kow3ns, smarterclayton, tnozicka L add backoff for statefulset pod to avoid fighting with kubelet when n…
kubernetes 89038 lubinsz Pending Jul 11 dims, ixdy, lubinsz, mikedanese XS integration test is not stable on Arm platform
kubernetes 92983 iobuf Pending Jul 11 enj, errordeveloper, liggitt XS [pkg/controller/certificates]: remove staled func comments
kubernetes 92957 r4f4 LGTM Jul 11 listx, mkumatag S Make nested /volume/ repo images overridable
minikube 8468 prasadkatti Pending Jul 11 RA489, afbjorklund, blueelvis, medyagh, prasadkatti, tstromberg L Move kubelet params to config file
istio/istio 24592 ostromart Pending Jul 11 L [WIP] Error scanning tool
website 22461 wahyuoi Pending Jul 11 girikuncoro, irvifa XL Replace EN links to ID links
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 332 xing-yang Pending Jul 11 lpabon, saad-ali M WIP: Add changelog for release 2.2.0
kubeflow/manifests 1378 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 11 andreyvelich, krishnadurai XS [auto PR] Update the centraldashboard image to tag v1.1.0-g35d7484a
kubeflow/manifests 1377 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 11 kimwnasptd, krishnadurai XS [auto PR] Update the notebook-controller image to tag v1.1.0-g35d7484a
kubeflow/kubeflow 5074 lalithvaka Pending Jul 11 avdaredevil, kimwnasptd, lalithvaka, vkoukis M Added gpu details to the notebook server table
kubeflow/manifests 1370 lalithvaka LGTM Jul 11 animeshsingh, krishnadurai S Automated cherry pick of #1335: added support for registration flow env variable Cherry pick of #1335 on v1.1-branch. #1335: added support for registration flow env variable
kubernetes-client/javascript 474 Leo7654 Pending Jul 11 brendandburns, drubin XS Update apply-example.ts
website 22466 pjhwa Pending Jul 11 ianychoi, seokho-son, yoonian XXL Update outdated files in dev-1.18-ko.8
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 307 Kartik494 Pending Jul 11 Kartik494, lpabon, saad-ali, xing-yang L [WIP] Added go modules for Apis and Client 22466 pjhwa Pending Jul 11 XS Update outdated files in dev-1.18-ko.8 22461 wahyuoi Pending Jul 11 XS Replace EN links to ID links 22460 oke-py Pending Jul 11 bells17, nasa9084 XS Translate glossary/image into Japanese 22458 hiyokotaisa Pending Jul 11 inductor XS ja: Make docs/setup/production-environment/windows/ follow v1.17 of the original text 22311 sabazubair Pending Jul 11 celestehorgan XS Remove /static/js/anchor-4.1.1-min.js #22040
charts 23156 gracedo Pending Jul 11 XS [stable/traefik] Remove check now that dash and prom metrics are decoupled
ingress 5881 timdeluxe Pending Jul 11 XS [WIP] Doc: Adding initial hardening guide
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3944 giuseppe Pending Jul 11 XS user namespaces: add support for userns-mode annotation
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3944 giuseppe Pending Jul 11 XS user namespaces: add support for userns-mode annotation
kubernetes 68004 saravanan30erd Pending Jul 11 coffeepac, krmayankk, piosz M isolate logging resources in separate namespace
istio/proxy 2893 vicentefb Pending Jul 11 bianpengyuan L AttributeGen Template fails test
kubernetes 89653 SataQiu Pending Jul 11 bowei, deads2k, ixdy, smarterclayton XS Fix staticcheck failures of pkg/controller/nodeipam
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1540 griffin Pending Jul 11 alex1545, smukherj1 XS fix launcher args not being passed correctly
kops 9492 johngmyers LGTM Jul 11 hakman, joshbranham XXL Remove support for legacy IAM permissions
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 327 huffmanca Pending Jul 11 lpabon, xing-yang M Remove snapshot Finalizer if content deletionPolicy changes
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2696 ioandr Pending Jul 11 justinsb, pwittrock L docs: Add guide for components
kubeflow/pipelines 4192 surajkota Pending Jul 11 Jeffwan, RedbackThomson, awcchungster, mameshini, surajkota L feat(components): [AWS SageMaker] Minimize inputs for mnist classification pipeline
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 233 bowei Pending Jul 11 danehans, hbagdi, jpeach, robscott, thockin M Expands on GatewayClass.spec.controller
kubeflow/pipelines 4161 akartsky Pending Jul 11 Jeffwan, akartsky, mameshini, mbaijal, surajkota S [AWS SageMaker] Fix small bugs
kubeflow/pipelines 4058 Ark-kun Pending Jul 11 Ark-kun, Bobgy, chensun, gaoning777, numerology L Samples - Added the Train until good pipeline
kubeflow/pipelines 4167 surajkota Pending Jul 11 Jeffwan, RedbackThomson, akartsky, mameshini, surajkota L feat(components): AWS SageMaker - Add functionality to stop SageMaker jobs on run termination
istio/api 1513 sudomann Pending Jul 11 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nschhina, rshriram, smawson XS Update virtual_service.proto
kubernetes 87919 SomtochiAma LGTM Jul 11 SomtochiAma, eloyekunle, erictune, janetkuo, jianhuiz, lavalamp, liggitt, soltysh, thockin XS Adds additional documentation for job status
test-infra 17946 b01901143 Pending Jul 11 b01901143, cjwagner, clarketm, spiffxp XL [wip] secret-sync-controller experiment
test-infra 18278 anthonyrtong Pending Jul 11 cjwagner, stevekuznetsov L Sidecar Support for Multiple Containers in Parallel
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 129 codenrhoden Pending Jul 11 codenrhoden, detiber, moshloop, vincepri, voor M Add RHEL 7 support
test-infra 17939 chizhg Pending Jul 11 alvaroaleman, chizhg, fejta L hook only unmarshals the hmac token secret when it's changed
enhancements 1888 ingvagabund Pending Jul 11 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, damemi L WIP: cost based scaling down of pods
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 986 nmiculinic LGTM Jul 10 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, joelanford, mengqiy, nmiculinic L ✨ KubeAwareEncoder -> Log kind and apiversion from schema if not set explicitly
kubernetes 92324 SidneyShen LGTM Jul 10 cheftako, mml, roycaihw XS Automated cherry pick of #92258: Add logic to check if local NVMe SSDs in node boot-up script
test-infra 18146 anthonyrtong Pending Jul 10 cjwagner, e-blackwelder, stevekuznetsov L podspec decoration changed to support multiple containers
community 4607 liggitt Pending Jul 10 derekwaynecarr, dims S WIP - plural/singular guidance
ingress-gce 1172 swetharepakula Pending Jul 10 freehan, thockin XXL Create corresponding Neg CRs when NEG CRD is enabled
istio/istio 25254 ostromart Pending Jul 10 howardjohn, morvencao, ostromart, richardwxn XL Run generate tests also through istioctl install and operator
kubernetes 92617 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Jul 10 SataQiu, dims, eparis M approval from any sig to merge change in .golint_failures and other dot files
istio/release-builder 313 howardjohn Pending Jul 10 brian-avery M Add RPMs to the build
istio/istio 25413 istio-testing Pending Jul 10 bison, brian-avery S [release-1.6] Fix tombstone recovery bug in Galley
kubernetes 90541 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jul 10 MikeSpreitzer, deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, tanjunchen, yue9944882 L Introduce delays in APF controller fights over FlowSchemaStatus
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1261 fiona-liu LGTM Jul 10 adjackura, dntczdx, fiona-liu XXL onestep image from AWS
kubernetes 68719 jlegrone Pending Jul 10 dixudx, janetkuo, jlegrone, kow3ns, liggitt, mikebrow, saad-ali, smarterclayton, tedyu, tnozicka M Add label
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1539 renovate-bot Pending Jul 10 alex1545, smukherj1 S Update dependency bazel_toolchains to v3.3.2
test-infra 17878 adshmh Pending Jul 10 alvaroaleman, clarketm, fejta XL Add a squash-merge-label plugin
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1022 Danil-Grigorev LGTM Jul 10 alvaroaleman, droot, shawn-hurley, vincepri M 🐛 Prefer reconciler from controller.Options
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 856 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Jul 10 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update rules_docker version
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 768 cpanato Pending Jul 10 CecileRobertMichon, awesomenix, cpanato, devigned, justaugustus XXL 💎 cloud: Refactor Subnets scope to interface
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1146 dntczdx Pending Jul 10 L [not for review] [Onestep] prototype
community 4933 kaslin Pending Jul 10 chris-short, mbbroberg, onlydole M Adding a folder with example resources for storytelling.
test-infra 17767 RobertKielty Pending Jul 10 RobertKielty, cjwagner, fejta, krzyzacy L Fixes 14718 implements FindConfigFileForLabel on Repoowners
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1043 joelanford LGTM Jul 10 alvaroaleman, droot L ✨ pkg/predicate.go: add And and Or predicates
dashboard 5357 dependabot-preview[bot] Pending Jul 10 PeWu, floreks L Bump @angular/cli from 9.1.11 to 10.0.2
istio/proxy 2865 howardjohn Pending Jul 10 PiotrSikora, howardjohn, jplevyak, mandarjog M Initial centos build
kubernetes 78153 amimof Pending Jul 10 amimof, dixudx, dshulyak, ghodss, seans3, shiywang, soltysh XL Feature: kubectl create ingress
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 775 kensipe Pending Jul 10 DirectXMan12, alenkacz, gerred, joelanford XS Add 'kensipe' as reviewer
test-infra 16822 k8s-ci-robot LGTM Jul 10 Katharine, chases2, fejta L Run ./hack/ --patch
kubernetes 89422 snowplayfire Pending Jul 10 mengqiy, soltysh S fix node role <none>
kubernetes 92917 maryamklabib LGTM Jul 10 dims, logicalhan, mikedanese, x13n XS Resolves staticcheck failures for component-base/metrics
charts 23154 deiga Pending Jul 10 vboulineau XS [stable/datadog] Change to use specified port instead of default
charts 23153 AlexandrePicosson Pending Jul 10 inzamam-iqbal XS [stable/hlf-peer] (URGENT) Configure chaincode builder and chaincode runtime image
charts 23151 mrueg Pending Jul 10 vsliouniaev XS [stable/prometheus-node-exporter] Version bump to 1.0.1
kubernetes-sigs/addon-operators 73 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 10 XS Kubectl plugin for resources that have a particular ownerref
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3942 danwinship Pending Jul 10 XS config: fix systemd version parsing
kubernetes 90439 SataQiu LGTM Jul 10 SataQiu, aojea, aramase, danwinship, davidopp, khenidak, nikhiljindal, thockin XS Dual-stack: make nodeipam compatible with existing single-stack clusters when dual-stack feature gate become enabled by default
kubernetes 92939 yuanchen8911 LGTM Jul 10 damemi, hex108, resouer XS Fix an error in PreBindPlugin comment
istio/istio 25387 ZhengzheYang Pending Jul 10 ZhengzheYang, stevenctl S Extend multi-cluster with VM testing
kubernetes 87054 changyaowei LGTM Jul 10 changyaowei, dashpole, dims, liggitt, vishh XS Made the flag which defined in cadvisor can be used when kubelet config start cmd
kubernetes 88841 KielChan Pending Jul 10 KielChan, dashpole, dchen1107, szuecs L add configurable metrics for kubelet cadvisor interface
istio/istio 25427 stevenctl Pending Jul 10 XS test analyzer does not fail unlabeled tests when suite is skipped
istio/proxy 2877 Shikugawa Pending Jul 10 Shikugawa, bianpengyuan, mandarjog L jwt_authn: replace with wasm buildable base64
kubernetes 91788 rahulkjoshi LGTM Jul 10 bowei, mml, roycaihw XS Add option to specify detect-local-mode during cluster configuration
istio/istio 25383 tariq1890 Pending Jul 10 howardjohn XXL always put sidecars to front of containers list in pods
test-infra 17590 gab-satchi Pending Jul 10 d-nishi, davidewatson L Adds prow jobs for new e2e test flow
kubernetes 91785 mattcary Pending Jul 10 caseydavenport, cheftako, deads2k, gnufied, humblec, jsafrane, liggitt, mattcary, misterikkit, msau42, tallclair L Specify a DialContext in storage plugin clients
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-filestore-csi-driver 45 saikat-royc Pending Jul 10 jingxu97, mattcary, msau42, saad-ali, saikat-royc XXL Upgrade driver to csi 1.3.0
kubernetes 90433 joakimr-axis LGTM Jul 10 cheftako, joakimr-axis, johscheuer, mikedanese, mml, phenixblue, spiffxp L Fix shellcheck w/e in cluster/gce/gci/
istio/istio 24995 justinwei2 Pending Jul 10 douglas-reid, justinwei2, rshriram L Azure Platform Support
istio/istio 25420 nschhina Pending Jul 10 nschhina, stevenctl XS Make IngressGateway Namespace configurable for Test Framework
minikube 8136 g9rga Pending Jul 10 Asarew, g9rga, josedonizetti, medyagh, priyawadhwa M Feature request #7604: use native docker bind mounts with driver-mounts option
kubernetes 92964 vponomaryov Pending Jul 10 claudiubelu, listx, luxas, mkumatag M agnhost image: use actual DNS domain instead of hardcoded cluster.local
kubernetes 91454 gaurav1086 Pending Jul 10 gaurav1086, jpbetz, lavalamp, wenjiaswe XS etcd_migrate_server: Fix goroutine leak. Replace goroutine with time.After() 939 ameukam Pending Jul 10 ameukam, bartsmykla, cjwagner, mikedanese, spiffxp, thockin M Deploy ghproxy
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1031 jpatel-pivotal Pending Jul 10 alenkacz, joelanford, jpatel-pivotal, vincepri S add a known limitations section to fake Client
istio/istio 25327 howardjohn Pending Jul 10 ramaraochavali XS Explicitly use v3 bootstrap
kubernetes 92614 tnqn Pending Jul 10 SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dims, tedyu, tnqn L Don't create a new sandbox for pod with RestartPolicyOnFailure if all containers succeeded
enhancements 1893 php-coder Pending Jul 10 caseydavenport, dcbw XS 1453-ingress-api/ fix a link
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 15 denkensk Pending Jul 10 Huang-Wei XS update coscheduling stage to beta
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 957 abhinavnagaraj Pending Jul 10 detiber, yastij M wait for staticIP to be set in VSphereVM
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1548 renovate-bot Pending Jul 10 alex1545, smukherj1 S Update dependency @types/node to v12.12.50
kubernetes 91059 andrewsykim Pending Jul 10 MrHohn, bowei XS [WIP] DO NOT MERGE
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 264 chethanv28 Pending Jul 10 BaluDontu, akutz, chethanv28, divyenpatel L Handling PV updates during csi migration
kubernetes 92938 lbernail Pending Jul 10 andrewsykim, brendandburns, thockin XS Disable sysctlRouteLocalnet to address CVE-2020-8558
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 252 chethanv28 Pending Jul 10 RaunakShah, xing-yang M CSI migration - Full sync modifications
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2827 alapidas Pending Jul 10 MHBauer, piotrmiskiewicz XL Fix typo in sc-design image
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 963 randomvariable Pending Jul 10 detiber, yastij S docs: Add notes on how to do a new release.
enhancements 1891 yash97 Pending Jul 10 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr M Sending Events in Distributed Manner
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 222 fenglixa Pending Jul 10 Tomcli L Support achive pipelinerun/taskrun logs to S3 storage
kubernetes 89582 fedepaol Pending Jul 10 brendandburns, cmluciano, danwinship, fedepaol, listx, luxas, mkumatag L Add SCTP Network Policy tests
kubernetes 92932 gnufied Pending Jul 10 gnufied, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XL Ensure that for RWX volumes expansion is called on all nodes
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6333 bozzo Pending Jul 10 ant31, floryut S [WIP] Add Gitlab CI tests for Fedora CoreOS
test-infra 18269 istio-testing Pending Jul 10 michelle192837, wojtek-t S Update TestGrid for istio
cloud-provider-vsphere 305 dvonthenen Pending Jul 10 SandeepPissay, andrewsykim, dvonthenen, frapposelli, imkin XXL Initial implementation for YAML based config
enhancements 1135 dixudx Pending Jul 10 draveness, mattfarina, prydonius, zhangxiaoyu-zidif M Supports PreSidecars and PostSidecars
enhancements 833 brendandburns Pending Jul 10 bboreham, bgrant0607, caesarxuchao, deads2k, detiber, ecordell, erictune, jzelinskie, lavalamp, mattfarina, sttts L Add a retrospective KEP for Custom Resource Definitions.
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 415 sschmitt Pending Jul 10 davidz627, mattcary, msau42, sschmitt XL Add support for multi-writer PD
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3293 prankul88 Pending Jul 10 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, ncdc, prankul88, vincepri, wfernandes L ✨ Add command `clusterctl get kubeconfig`
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1635 kbhandari Pending Jul 10 Raffo, hjacobs, njuettner XXL UltraDNS Provider
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3306 randomvariable Pending Jul 10 CecileRobertMichon, chewong, fabriziopandini, justinsb, vincepri L [WIP] Add conformance testing to clusterctl framework
ingress-nginx 5881 timdeluxe Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf L [WIP] Doc: Adding initial hardening guide
website 22344 wahyuoi Pending Jul 10 ariscahyadi, girikuncoro, irvifa, phanama L ID translation for static pod
kops 7780 justinsb Pending Jul 10 granular-ryanbonham, johngmyers, justinsb, robinpercy XXL Run node authorizer in kops-controller
kops 8198 justinsb Pending Jul 10 johngmyers, joshbranham, mitch000001, zetaab XXL WIP: cluster-api - boot nodes without state store access
kops 8580 justinsb Pending Jul 10 johngmyers, joshbranham, robinpercy XXL WIP: Bootstrapping using client certificates
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6360 hafe Pending Jul 10 EppO, floryut, hafe L Update calico crds and cr
kops 9352 justinsb Pending Jul 10 drekle, johngmyers XXL WIP: Simplified form of IAM Roles for ServiceAccounts
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 961 farodin91 Pending Jul 10 detiber, justinsb XS Bump from v1.0.0 to v1.1.0.
kops 9341 justinsb Pending Jul 10 hakman, johngmyers XXL WIP: Autopublish IAM Roles for Service Accounts JWKS doc
website 22441 ankeesler LGTM Jul 10 enj, ericchiang, lavalamp, savitharaghunathan, sftim S Update external credential providers docs with install hint details
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 444 GrigoriyMikhalkin Pending Jul 10 DirectXMan12, GrigoriyMikhalkin, alvaroaleman, mengqiy, pwittrock, vincepri XL ✨ added per controller leader election
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 966 vincepri Pending Jul 10 mengqiy, shawn-hurley XS :sparkles: Add controllerutil.ServerSideApply utility function
perf-tests 1381 tosi3k Pending Jul 10 krzysied, mborsz M WIP modify Prometheus
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-addons 73 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 10 johnsonj, justinsb XL Kubectl plugin for resources that have a particular ownerref
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 764 mboersma Pending Jul 10 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, justaugustus, mboersma L 💚 add test to validate accelerated networking for VMs
istio/common-files 273 ericvn Pending Jul 10 XS Change caching to `cached` in support of new file synchronization
kubeflow/pipelines 4185 hbrylkowski Pending Jul 10 Bobgy, IronPan, jingzhang36, rmgogogo S feat(backend): Increase maximum possible visualization size
test-infra 17014 harche Pending Jul 10 Random-Liu, harche, saschagrunert, yujuhong M [WIP] Add a crio tests
website 22371 shuuji3 Pending Jul 10 makocchi-git, nasa9084 L WIP: Translate concepts/configuration/configmap into Japanese
website 22458 hiyokotaisa Pending Jul 10 inductor, makocchi-git, nasa9084, oke-py M ja: Make docs/setup/production-environment/windows/ follow v1.17 of the original text
ingress-nginx 5833 rahmanme Pending Jul 10 ElvinEfendi, aledbf XS Use UseForwardedPort flag to set X-Forwarded-Port header
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 248 dongsupark Pending Jul 10 CecileRobertMichon, codenrhoden, detiber, dims, dongsupark XL capi: support Flatcar Container Linux
kubernetes 92956 zhouya0 Pending Jul 10 brianpursley, soltysh L Remove dependency of generators from create rolebinding
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1340 Bledai Pending Jul 10 jsafrane, wongma7 M Update pv name and path creation
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 60 pohly Pending Jul 10 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali XXL master: update release-tools
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 330 kad Pending Jul 10 Ethyling, zvonkok XS Update builder image to Go 1.13.12 19526 tengqm Pending Jul 10 jimangel, kbarnard10, zacharysarah XS Improve intra-site links (1)
charts 23150 mrueg Pending Jul 10 vsliouniaev XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Version bump alertmanager and prometheus
charts 23147 alexanderccc Pending Jul 10 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Version bump, deprecation of additionalScrapeConfigsExternal
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6385 StevenReitsma Pending Jul 10 XS Create a PodDisruptionBudget for the Cinder CSI controller plugin
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6385 StevenReitsma Pending Jul 10 XS Create a PodDisruptionBudget for the Cinder CSI controller plugin
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 330 kad Pending Jul 10 XS Update builder image to Go 1.13.12
perf-tests 1380 tosi3k Pending Jul 10 mborsz, oxddr M WIP modify Prometheus
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 329 ArangoGutierrez Pending Jul 10 Ethyling, kad, zvonkok XS Update go dep
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6379 kmlebedev Pending Jul 10 EppO, bozzo S add param calico_node_extra_envs
kubernetes 92355 wawa0210 Pending Jul 10 SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dchen1107, ddebroy, jsturtevant, michmike, vishh, wawa0210 L fix windows container root validate
kubernetes 88172 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 10 CaoShuFeng, MikeSpreitzer, SomtochiAma, l1b0k, lavalamp, logicalhan, sttts L Limits request until api is healthy
kubernetes 71269 DeliangFan Pending Jul 10 dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, sjenning, tmrts S Set the oom_score_adj of guaranteed pod to -997
test-infra 18257 bertinatto LGTM Jul 10 hakman, msau42, saad-ali S Skip ARM, use latest marker and new images in SELinux job
kubernetes 92935 r4f4 LGTM Jul 10 fabriziopandini, mkumatag, oomichi XS Fix range copy issue
kubernetes 77895 krmayankk Pending Jul 10 Katharine, aleksandra-malinowska, krmayankk, liggitt, losipiuk, roberthbailey XS make cluster auto scaler use leases
minikube 8652 hookak Pending Jul 10 RA489, priyawadhwa, tstromberg XS docs: update to specify profile name
kubernetes 90216 Gandem Pending Jul 10 Random-Liu, krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton XS Avoid overwriting podStatus ContainerStatuses in convertToAPIContainerStatuses
kubernetes 92936 r4f4 LGTM Jul 10 ixdy, mkumatag, oomichi XS Fix range copy issue
community 4925 makkes Pending Jul 10 lachie83, pmorie, quinton-hoole S update notes about SIG multicluster meeting
kubernetes 92487 JeremyOT Pending Jul 10 JeremyOT, aojea, liggitt, pmorie, thockin XXL [WIP] Add MCS support to kube-proxy with mcs-api staging repo
kubernetes 92027 juliantaylor LGTM Jul 10 cofyc, jsafrane, saad-ali XS fix expanding rbd volumes without ceph.conf 1004 justaugustus Pending Jul 10 dims, nikhita, spiffxp XS groups/psc: Update VMware distributors lists
kubernetes 88167 tedyu Pending Jul 10 MaciekPytel, josephburnett M Check the GroupVersionKind of pod metrics
kubernetes-client/python-base 38 amitsrivastava Pending Jul 10 XS Check if the cached temp conf file still exists before using it.
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 483 jacobmarble LGTM Jul 10 bertinatto, d-nishi, jacobmarble, leakingtapan, msau42 S Remove volume IOPS limit
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 445 niachary Pending Jul 10 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx XXL target Azure Stack APIs
sig-release 1138 saschagrunert Pending Jul 10 gianarb, hasheddan, justaugustus, markyjackson-taulia, onlydole, saschagrunert, savitharaghunathan XS Add Code Thaw deadline to 1.19 release cycle
kubernetes 92934 r4f4 Pending Jul 10 johnbelamaric, neolit123 S Automated cherry pick of #81093: Use imageutils instead of hardcoded image paths
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 102 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 10 SomtochiAma, atoato88, droot, justinsb L Adds Version Check
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 103 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 10 SomtochiAma, atoato88, justinsb, mengqiy M Adds function for parsing list
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 104 SomtochiAma Pending Jul 10 atoato88, justinsb, pwittrock L Base git repository working
kubernetes 90014 jacobmarble LGTM Jul 10 gnufied, jsafrane, justinsb, leakingtapan S AWS: remove volume IOPS limit
website 22329 shuuji3 LGTM Jul 10 bells17, makocchi-git, nasa9084, shuuji3 XXL Translate tutorials/stateful-application/basic-stateful-set/ into Japanese
website 22267 shuuji3 Pending Jul 10 inductor, nasa9084, oke-py, shuuji3 L Translate concepts/architecture/controller into Japanese
kubernetes 90941 Riaankl LGTM Jul 10 BobyMCbobs, Riaankl, heyste, johnbelamaric, krmayankk, oomichi, smarterclayton, tallclair S Promote: ConfigMap Lifecycle test - +2 conformance endpoint coverage
website 22440 sftim Pending Jul 10 rajeshdeshpande02, sftim, shuuji3, zacharysarah XS Add machine-readable hyperlinks to alternative translations
kubernetes 92952 Cweiping Pending Jul 10 lavalamp, soltysh M Automated cherry pick of #91485: fix: make fake.Clientset support streaming logs
dashboard 4534 shu-mutou Pending Jul 10 floreks, jeefy, maciaszczykm, shu-mutou XL Enable to switch context in kubeconfig
kubeflow/pipelines 3447 Ark-kun Pending Jul 10 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology, rui5i M SDK - Components - Making whole TaskSpec available to the container and graph handlers
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 226 svoskobo-vmware-com Pending Jul 10 BaluDontu, divyenpatel, xing-yang M Minor editorial changes
autoscaler 3308 bruecktech Pending Jul 10 Jeffwan, losipiuk S Fix priority expander falling back to random although higher priority matches
istio/istio 24348 howardjohn Pending Jul 10 howardjohn, ostromart L Allow json maps as strings in istioctl
cloud-provider-openstack 997 jichenjc Pending Jul 10 chrigl, zetaab S WIP: Add e2e test for snapshot
kubernetes 91190 mewais Pending Jul 10 RenaudWasTaken, dashpole, klueska, krmayankk, sjenning, tallclair, vishh XXL Add Deallocate and PostStopContainer to device plugin API
kubeflow/kubeflow 5086 lalithvaka LGTM Jul 10 avdaredevil, jlewi, kimwnasptd, lalithvaka, vkoukis M show all existing PVCs as dropdown under volumes for a new notebook server
kubeflow/community 357 karlschriek Pending Jul 10 jlewi, karlschriek, zabbasi S Moved calendar.yaml to calendar/calendar.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 522 nmpacheco Pending Jul 10 guineveresaenger, jberkus XS add nmpacheco to remote LEARNERS
kubeflow/pipelines 2334 Ark-kun Pending Jul 10 gaoning777, hongye-sun S SDK - DSL - Deprecated output_artifact_paths parameter in ContainerOp constructor
kubeflow/mxnet-operator 84 jasonliu747 Pending Jul 10 Jeffwan, KingOnTheStar, gaocegege, jasonliu747, terrytangyuan L Support success policy for MXJob
website 22447 bells17 Pending Jul 10 inductor, nasa9084, oke-py M Update setup/production-environment/tools/kubespray page en 22447 bells17 Pending Jul 10 XS Update setup/production-environment/tools/kubespray page en
charts 23141 sagile1 Pending Jul 10 XS [stable/fluentd] add support to deployment with scale
charts 23139 juliogreff Pending Jul 10 XS [stable/datadog] Support custom check definitions for CLC Runners
charts 23137 Andrei-Stepanov Pending Jul 10 XS Mount always ref/secrets.
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6383 gaima8 Pending Jul 10 XS Option for MetalLB to talk BGP
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 337 damemi Pending Jul 10 XS [wip] Rebase upstream 1.19
istio/tools 1070 carolynhu Pending Jul 10 L [WIP] Add fortio vs nighthawk interactive page
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 754 CecileRobertMichon Pending Jul 10 awesomenix, nader-ziada M 🐛 Add secondary network interface for node public IPs
kubernetes 92900 sachaos LGTM Jul 10 fedebongio, mikedanese, smarterclayton, thockin XS Fix typo in leaderelection.go and descriptor.proto
kubeflow/pipelines 3841 Ark-kun Pending Jul 10 Bobgy, animeshsingh, chensun, elikatsis, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology M SDK - Refactored ResourceOp deletion
istio/istio 25397 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 M kiali chart should not depend on global.yaml
test-infra 18244 spiffxp Pending Jul 10 chases2, michelle192837 XXL [wip] rebased secret-sync-controller PR
istio/istio 25402 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 S gateway charts should not depend on global.yaml
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 584 samschlegel Pending Jul 10 chizhg, michelle192837 M Add .diff target
test-infra 18189 lubinsz LGTM Jul 10 BenTheElder, chases2, dims, fejta, lubinsz, lubinszARM, zhlhahaha M add multi-arch support to images/alpine
istio/istio 25399 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 M prometheusOperator chart should not depend on global.yaml
istio/istio 25400 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 L istiod-remote chart should not rely on global.yaml
kubernetes 92669 Jefftree Pending Jul 10 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, cheftako, gmarek, mml M Separate network proxy flag for apiserver egress and starting pods
istio/istio 25398 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 M tracing chart should not depend on global.yaml
istio/istio 25393 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 L Remove istio-policy chart depdency on global.yaml
istio/istio 25396 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 M grafana chart should not depend on global.yaml 22446 jayunit100 Pending Jul 10 XS Update 22444 ariscahyadi Pending Jul 10 XS ID localization for administer cluster - high available master 22441 ankeesler Pending Jul 10 enj, savitharaghunathan XS Update external credential providers docs with install hint details 22440 sftim Pending Jul 10 XS Add machine-readable hyperlinks to alternative translations
kubeflow/tf-operator 1171 ChanYiLin Pending Jul 10 ChanYiLin, Jeffwan, Jimexist, ScorpioCPH, gaocegege, johnugeorge, terrytangyuan XXL Migrate controller implementation to kubeflow/common fashion
istio/istio 25394 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 10 L mixer-telemetry chart should not depend on global.yaml
kubeflow/katib 1259 sperlingxx LGTM Jul 10 andreyvelich, gaocegege, hougangliu M support trial meta injection in trial template rendering
kubernetes 72943 drastawi Pending Jul 10 caesarxuchao, cheftako, drastawi, gmarek, mikedanese M Add socks5 support
kubernetes 91829 mnussbaum LGTM Jul 10 brianpursley, michaelgugino, mnussbaum, shiywang, soltysh M Teach kubectl drain to evict on nodes in parallel
kubernetes 88813 nckturner Pending Jul 10 andrewsykim, cheftako, enj, mikedanese, nckturner, tallclair, wongma7 XL External registry credential provider extraction
kubernetes 88704 gavinfish Pending Jul 9 cheftako, dims, liggitt, mikedanese M Fix unsafe json construction for gce related classes
kubernetes 92556 kishorj Pending Jul 9 M00nF1sh, gnufied, jsafrane, nckturner L AWS NLB/ELB health check config based on service annotations
kubernetes 91568 ialidzhikov LGTM Jul 9 MrHohn, bowei, caseydavenport XS Update Calico cpva to v0.8.3
istio/proxy 2840 istio-testing Pending Jul 9 L Automator: update common-files@release-1.6 in istio/proxy@release-1.6
kubernetes 92927 colin404 LGTM Jul 9 cjcullen, fedebongio, wojtek-t XS fix the wrong function description
website 21884 sftim LGTM Jul 9 bradtopol, celestehorgan, tengqm, zparnold M Reduce header height when announcement shown
kubernetes 92605 colin404 LGTM Jul 9 cheftako, enj, wojtek-t XS fix the wrong function description
test-infra 18168 johngmyers LGTM Jul 9 BenTheElder, rifelpet M Remove nonfunctional kops canaries
istio/istio 24195 rramirz Pending Jul 9 morvencao S replace ldap with openid
test-infra 18141 wlynch Pending Jul 9 clarketm, fejta, michelle192837 M Allow /approval variant for Prow approve plugin.
istio/cni 344 istio-testing Pending Jul 9 S Automator: update common-files@release-1.6 in istio/cni@release-1.6
kubernetes 92945 tedyu Pending Jul 9 cpanato, karan, resouer, sjenning L Automated cherry pick of #92442: Respect grace period when removing mirror pod
kubernetes 92828 marload Pending Jul 9 fejta, hwdef, pwittrock S Refactoring: Deduplication
kubernetes 92831 marload Pending Jul 9 cblecker, fejta, sttts XS Refactoring: Safe Path Join
istio/istio 25188 jacob-delgado Pending Jul 9 costinm, jacob-delgado, lei-tang, myidpt, nrjpoddar M Add env to support RSA Key size for Istio self signed CA certificates
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 337 damemi Pending Jul 9 ingvagabund, seanmalloy XXL [wip] Rebase upstream 1.19
website 22420 sumodirjo Pending Jul 9 ariscahyadi, girikuncoro, irvifa, sftim L ID translation of /docs/tasks/administer-cluster/namespaces
kubeflow/pipelines 3983 IvyBazan Pending Jul 9 Jeffwan, mameshini, surajkota XS Updated components/aws/sagemaker/
kubernetes 84568 Miciah Pending Jul 9 janetkuo, kow3ns, smarterclayton XS test/e2e/apps: Skip or scale LB test per node count
istio/istio 25302 monsteredc Pending Jul 9 zerobfd XL Add feature to show exact error line number when using `istioctl analyze`
kubernetes 91571 saschagrunert Pending Jul 9 BenTheElder, aojea, mtaufen, pjbgf, resouer, rhatdan, saschagrunert L Add first localhost seccomp profile e2e test
ingress-gce 1137 bowei Pending Jul 9 bowei, freehan, rramkumar1, thockin L Add events for major lifecycle events
kubernetes 92064 roycaihw Pending Jul 9 caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, roycaihw XXL Serve storage-versions API in kube-apiserver
ingress-gce 1170 rramkumar1 Pending Jul 9 MrHohn, freehan XXL Translate HealthCheck in a single function call in healthchecks.go
website 22043 sftim Pending Jul 9 bradtopol, celestehorgan, onlydole M Remove hero header from documentation section
kubernetes 92682 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 9 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, chendave, soulxu, wgliang L Preemption plugin to fetch pod from informer cache
kubernetes 92887 huffmanca Pending Jul 9 deads2k, mbohlool S Adjust VolumeLifecycleModes to use a string set
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2822 mszostok Pending Jul 9 jberkhahn, piotrmiskiewicz XL [WIP] Fix setting userinfo field
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3320 benmoss Pending Jul 9 justinsb, vincepri XS 🌱 Add CAPD control plane toleration
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 129 adammw Pending Jul 9 jqmichael, leakingtapan, wongma7 XS Force use of AWS nameservers
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 193 chrigl Pending Jul 9 mortent, pwittrock, seans3 S Allow colons in object names
enhancements 1263 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 9 deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, p0lyn0mial, roycaihw, sttts, yue9944882 XL Kubernetes's OpenAPI v3 Specification
website 22038 adtac LGTM Jul 9 Huang-Wei, adtac, ahg-g, alculquicondor, sftim M update Reserve and Unreserve descriptions
kubeflow/community 360 Swikar Pending Jul 9 abhi-g, theadactyl XS Update calendar.yaml
git-sync 254 aneesh-joseph Pending Jul 9 stp-ip, thockin S add an option to source password from file
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 326 marquiz Pending Jul 9 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling, kad L nfd-master: implement --prune flag
helm 8426 wawa0210 Pending Jul 9 XS fix lint error if parent chart doesn't have template directory
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6383 gaima8 Pending Jul 9 XS Option for MetalLB to talk BGP
kubernetes 92739 cnphil Pending Jul 9 cnphil, deads2k, jennybuckley, liggitt, mikedanese, roycaihw, sttts S Add fail-open audit logs to validating admission webhook
minikube 8372 concaf Pending Jul 9 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh M Add an integration test for ambassador addon
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3314 vincepri Pending Jul 9 CecileRobertMichon, justinsb XS 🌱 Promote CecileRobertMichon as maintainer
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 991 bharathi-tenneti Pending Jul 9 alenkacz, bharathi-tenneti, camilamacedo86, gerred, hasbro17, joelanford L 🐛 Fix allowed levels for --zap-log-levels flag to align with logr levels
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1661 phillc Pending Jul 9 Raffo, njuettner XS Update link for linode cloud manager
test-infra 16848 clarketm Pending Jul 9 Katharine, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, clarketm M Deck configurable rerun: Part 2
kubernetes 89688 cprayer LGTM Jul 9 adohe, brianpursley, bseenu, cprayer, juanvallejo, neolit123, seans3, soltysh S Added 'No resources found' message to logs command
istio/api 1475 luksa Pending Jul 9 costinm, dcberg, dgn, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, luksa, rshriram, smawson XS Introduce HoldApplicationUntilProxyStarts MeshConfig option
kubernetes 92659 sttts Pending Jul 9 justinsb, mikedanese XS api: add port protocol default to allow use in CRDs
kubernetes 91513 jqmichael Pending Jul 9 brendandburns, caesarxuchao, justinsb, mogren, wongma7 M Upgraded aws-sdk-go dependency to v1.33.2 to support new regions like Milan
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3313 munnerz Pending Jul 9 fabriziopandini, munnerz, wfernandes XXL ✨ Upgrade cert-manager
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-lib-external-provisioner 83 RaunakShah Pending Jul 9 RaunakShah, jsafrane, wongma7 M Replace k8s client get requests with volume lister
ingress-nginx 5338 SzekeresB Pending Jul 9 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano XS Added custom reporter
ingress-nginx 5237 miklosn Pending Jul 9 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, cmluciano, miklosn S Add wait-before-shutdown command line option
ingress-nginx 5348 Antiarchitect Pending Jul 9 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano M Ability to separately disable access log in http and stream contexts
ingress-nginx 5627 nanorobocop Pending Jul 9 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, cmluciano XS Fix MaxWorkerOpenFiles calculation on high cores nodes
istio/istio 25166 ZhengzheYang Pending Jul 9 M Extend telemetry test for VMs
ingress-nginx 5855 bcarlsson Pending Jul 9 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano M New livez endpoint added with option to set shutdown grace period
kubernetes 92869 claudiubelu Pending Jul 9 aojea, ddebroy, michmike, saad-ali XL Windows: Fixes subpath volume persistance on container restart
minikube 8159 Asarew Pending Jul 9 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh M needs-cla:Support for mounting host volumes on start with docker driver
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1315 ipnextgen Pending Jul 9 M00nF1sh, bigkraig XS Add reminder to stickiness annotation to check target group type
istio/istio 25363 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 XXL Remove addons and Mixer from install templates
kubernetes 92878 jvanz Pending Jul 9 SergeyKanzhelev, humblec, jsafrane, jvanz, php-coder, serathius XS cleanup: decrease log level from warn to v3
kubeflow/internal-acls 277 karlschriek Pending Jul 9 Bobgy, jbottum, jtfogarty, karlschriek, rmgogogo, yuzliu XS Create calendar-admins.members.txt
istio/release-builder 307 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 XS Move grafana dashboards path
kubeflow/kubeflow 4940 saschagrunert Pending Jul 9 pdmack, saschagrunert, zabbasi M Cleanup APT in container images after all installs
kubernetes 91123 jingxu97 Pending Jul 9 davidz627, jingxu97, msau42, verult M add dismount volume during UnmountDevice for windows
community 4923 JimBugwadia Pending Jul 9 JimBugwadia, cblecker, ericavonb, hannibalhuang, mrbobbytables XS fix meeting time and URL
release 1397 saschagrunert Pending Jul 9 idealhack, justaugustus XXL Add release.SetReleaseVersion API
istio/istio 24320 shamsher31 Pending Jul 9 esnible, howardjohn, morvencao, ostromart, sdake, shamsher31 XS Display deprecation msg for istioctl manifest apply
utils 175 luigibk Pending Jul 9 dims, luigibk, mcrute, thockin L Add ebtables from kubernetes.
kubernetes 91968 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jul 9 MikeSpreitzer, hongchaodeng, jqmichael, mml, wojtek-t M Remove contemplation of invariant violations from delta_fifo.go
istio/tools 1054 lei-tang Pending Jul 9 carolynhu, howardjohn, nmittler, richardwxn XL Automated verification of security in multicluster
kubeflow/internal-acls 279 nicholas-abad Pending Jul 9 Bobgy, theadactyl XS updating org.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1039 tanjunchen Pending Jul 9 vincepri S feat:remove master flag
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1887 flah00 Pending Jul 9 danielfm, davidmccormick, flah00 L Upgrade aws auth, fix CF template bug
autoscaler 3203 detiber Pending Jul 9 detiber, elmiko, enxebre, hardikdr, losipiuk XXL [WIP][cluster-autoscaler] Support using --cloud-config for clusterapi provider
kubernetes 92127 vinaykul Pending Jul 9 PatrickLang, ahg-g, alejandrox1, andrewsykim, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, neolit123, tallclair, thockin, vinaykul, yue9944882, yujuhong XXL In-Place Pod Vertical Scaling feature
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6317 kmlebedev Pending Jul 9 bozzo, floryut, hafe, kmlebedev, woopstar M add audit webhook support
kubernetes 91511 ymmt2005 LGTM Jul 9 cheftako, eparis, feiskyer, jiahuif, lavalamp, mikedanese XS kube-controller-manager: fix description of service-cluster-ip-range option
kubernetes 86214 shsjshentao LGTM Jul 9 juanvallejo, matthyx, shiywang, soltysh XS return success if cordon node by replace
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 98 vanou Pending Jul 9 atoato88, johnsonj, justinsb, mengqiy, vanou XL Add Reconciliation Metrics Functionality
kubernetes 88276 tedyu LGTM Jul 9 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, matthyx, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, sjenning, tedyu, verb L Check ContainerState transition for ephemeral containers
kubernetes 88224 zgfh LGTM Jul 9 dims, mengqiy, neolit123, soltysh XS cleanup : keep use flags variable
kubernetes 89883 Asuforce LGTM Jul 9 caesarxuchao, jpbetz, sttts, yliaog XS Need something tag when use minikube
kubernetes 90352 junxu LGTM Jul 9 derekwaynecarr, matthyx, mattjmcnaughton S Remove unused func 'applyLimits'
kubernetes 92743 liggitt Pending Jul 9 caesarxuchao, jpbetz XL WIP - fix GC uid race
dashboard 5307 maciaszczykm Pending Jul 9 bryk, konryd XXL Add network policy support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-addons 72 rajansandeep LGTM Jul 9 atoato88, justinsb S Add new operators to test
kubeflow/website 2034 edwardstudy Pending Jul 9 nickchase, paveldournov XS Fix typo in
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 670 tkrausjr Pending Jul 9 akutz, andrewsykim, randomvariable, yastij L API model validation library
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 752 yastij Pending Jul 9 ncdc, randomvariable, yastij M Failure domains API to CAPV
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 890 yastij Pending Jul 9 detiber, justinsb, randomvariable L use capi's utils to watch for pause changes
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 917 alexander-demichev LGTM Jul 9 alexander-demichev, justinsb, ncdc, randomvariable, yastij S Get insecure flag value from provider config for session creation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 922 sedefsavas Pending Jul 9 justinsb, vincepri XXL [WIP] Refactor e2e tests to utilize the new CAPI test framework
kubernetes 92507 ingvagabund Pending Jul 9 alculquicondor, damemi, deads2k, enj, ingvagabund, knight42, liggitt, soltysh, sttts XL Initialize staging repository
google/cadvisor 2611 katarzyna-z Pending Jul 9 katarzyna-z, ppalucki L Aggregate perf metrics
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1705 guirish Pending Jul 9 amwat, munnerz XS Added support for cross building s390x kind binary and associated images
kubeflow/katib 1252 sperlingxx Pending Jul 9 andreyvelich, gaocegege, hougangliu, jinchihe, sperlingxx XXL [python sdk] add v1beta1 models
kubernetes 89815 bseenu Pending Jul 9 mengqiy, soltysh XS [KUBECTL-808] kubectl logs command with label selector option doesn't… 22438 pohly Pending Jul 9 XS WIP: storage: GenericEphemeralVolume
charts 23135 eyalleshem Pending Jul 9 XS enable overide alertRelabelConfigs by local values file
charts 23130 gowrisankar22 Pending Jul 9 maorfr, zanhsieh XS Update the app version to 7.0.5
helm 8425 wawa0210 Pending Jul 9 XS Rollback command support for max history
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3940 saschagrunert Pending Jul 9 XS Validate cgroupfs conmon cgroup on start
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3940 saschagrunert Pending Jul 9 XS Validate cgroupfs conmon cgroup on start
kubernetes 92343 knight42 Pending Jul 9 brianpursley, dixudx, soltysh, zhouya0 M fix(kubectl): pass all flags to plugin regardless of their place
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1529 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 9 XS allow disabling hugepages
kubernetes-csi/docs 272 lpabon Pending Jul 9 lpabon, msau42, pohly, saad-ali M CSI Extension for Ephemeral Volume Support
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-utils 44 aimuz Pending Jul 9 pohly, saad-ali S leaderelection add context
publishing-bot 219 Rajpratik71 Pending Jul 9 mfojtik, nikhita XS Some debian package manager tweaks
kubernetes 76428 koesie10 Pending Jul 9 caesarxuchao, lavalamp, mbohlool, wojtek-t M Fix code-generator compatibility with Windows
kubernetes 84217 whs-dot-hk LGTM Jul 9 ash2k, erictune, kow3ns, krmayankk, smarterclayton XS Remove revisions sorting inside UpdateStatefulSet
kubeflow/pipelines 4187 NikeNano Pending Jul 9 Ark-kun, animeshsingh XS fix(samples): fixes name error and unused parameter in samples for loop_parallelism
kubeflow/pipelines 4156 Ark-kun LGTM Jul 9 Bobgy, IronPan, chensun, numerology XL feat(sdk): SDK - Components - Replaced Kubernetes options with generic launcher options
kubernetes 91760 zhijianli88 Pending Jul 9 BenTheElder, dims, lavalamp XS hack/ Fix shutdown doesn't cleanup KUBE_TEMP
kubernetes 84945 maxstr Pending Jul 9 danwinship M Option to use CONNMARK instead of MARK for marking/matching service VIP traffic
kubernetes 85207 teraflik LGTM Jul 9 ash2k, caesarxuchao, mqliang, wojtek-t S Add peek function to heap data-store in client-go
website 22288 jiaj12 Pending Jul 9 SataQiu, tengqm, zhangxiaoyu-zidif S Update
perf-tests 1358 Catramen Pending Jul 9 krzysied, mm4tt, wojtek-t L use provider across clusterloader2.
kubeflow/manifests 1357 adrian555 LGTM Jul 9 Jeffwan, kkasravi, krishnadurai XXL Automated cherry pick of #1336: kfctl_ibm_dex support Cherry pick of #1336 on v1.1-branch. #1336: kfctl_ibm_dex support
perf-tests 1379 tosi3k Pending Jul 9 mm4tt XS Add override file for slow API calls allowance
kubernetes 91211 tedyu Pending Jul 9 Random-Liu, dashpole, dchen1107, loburm, mtaufen, rphillips, tedyu L Remove excess logs for inactive containers
cloud-provider-openstack 1115 jichenjc Pending Jul 9 adisky, chrigl, jichenjc, lingxiankong L [all][doc] Adjust doc by using doctoc tool
kops 9476 srikiz Pending Jul 9 gjtempleton, hakman, johngmyers, rifelpet, srikiz, zetaab L [Digital Ocean] Implement KOPS validate cluster
website 22145 wyyxd2017 Pending Jul 9 Arhell, chenrui333, xiangpengzhao XS fix a invalid url
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-iscsi 27 pohly Pending Jul 9 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
website 22408 deryrahman Pending Jul 9 ariscahyadi, girikuncoro, phanama L ID translation for tutorial deploy app
istio/istio 25183 williamaronli Pending Jul 9 XL Caclient1
kubernetes 80917 aarnaud Pending Jul 9 Random-Liu, RenaudWasTaken, aarnaud, cwdsuzhou, dchen1107, ddebroy, derekwaynecarr, matthyx, michmike, neolit123, sjenning, thomacos, yujuhong M Port deviceManager to windows container manager to enable GPU access
kubernetes 63641 lovejoy Pending Jul 9 dashpole, derekwaynecarr, dims, jingxu97, lovejoy, msau42, saad-ali, sjenning, thockin, xing-yang S Add size limit to tmpfs
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5743 mattymo LGTM Jul 9 Atoms, Miouge1, holmsten, woopstar S Use calicoctl patch for calico-rr setup on newer calicoctl
kubernetes 91541 bjrara LGTM Jul 9 bjrara, cheftako, jpbetz, lavalamp, liggitt, roycaihw, sttts, tpepper M Enhance apiextensions-apiserver in the standalone mode
kubernetes 90949 pjbgf Pending Jul 9 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, dims, hasheddan, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, saschagrunert, tallclair M Add seccomp least privilege for kuberuntime
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3190 n1r1 Pending Jul 9 benmoss, fabriziopandini, jan-est, n1r1, neolit123, vincepri L 📖 External Remediation Proposal
kops 9294 johngmyers Pending Jul 9 gjtempleton, joshbranham XXL WIP Remove InstanceGroup from NodeupModelContext
autoscaler 3223 nilo19 Pending Jul 9 Jeffwan, feiskyer, marwanad XL Azure: Add test cases for azure_agent_pool.go.
kubernetes-client/java 1034 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 9 mbohlool, yue9944882 XS Bump fmt-maven-plugin from 2.5.0 to 2.10
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5808 Miouge1 Pending Jul 9 bozzo, holmsten XS [WIP] Test prow
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5910 Miouge1 Pending Jul 9 bozzo, holmsten S [WIP] Do not require upgrade_cluster_setup=true for unsafe upgrades
istio/istio 25161 howardjohn Pending Jul 9 howardjohn, phsiao L Trigger endpoint update when pod comes in
istio/istio 24514 ostromart Pending Jul 9 howardjohn, richardwxn, therealmitchconnors XS Add feature coverage annotation to operator test
kops 8151 justinsb Pending Jul 9 drekle, johngmyers, joshbranham, justinsb, mitch000001 XXL WIP: Support cluster-api for non-master instancegroups, on GCE
kops 8117 justinsb Pending Jul 9 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL WIP: Add nodelocaldns controller to kops-controller
kubeflow/pipelines 3800 Ark-kun Pending Jul 9 Bobgy, IronPan, numerology, rmgogogo S Marketplace - Only use CloudSQL when connection is provided
kubernetes 92817 kmala Pending Jul 9 Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, kmala, tallclair L Check for sandboxes before deleting the pod from apiserver
kubernetes 82778 chendave Pending Jul 9 chendave, listx, mkumatag M Differentiate build process for non-amd platforms 22429 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 9 XS Document the changes of scheduler PostFilter extension point
charts 23129 scottrigby Pending Jul 9 XS [incubator/cockroachdb] deprecate missing chart
charts 23127 almahmoud Pending Jul 9 XS [stable/nextcloud] Explicit command and args
charts 23126 dylanpiergies Pending Jul 9 XS [stable/jenkins] Use StatefulSet instead of Deployment
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1245 RainbowMango Pending Jul 9 jimmidyson XS Set default log level for kubefed controller manager.
kubernetes-sigs/addon-operators 72 rajansandeep Pending Jul 9 XS Add new operators to test
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1528 mikebrow Pending Jul 9 XS Update to go 1.13 - experiment with go 1.15beta1
kubeflow/website 2032 lalithvaka Pending Jul 9 gaoning777, paveldournov M updated docs for self registration disable, resource quota spec sample, manage contributor manually
kubernetes 92249 loveRhythm1990 LGTM Jul 9 Random-Liu, mtaufen, sjenning, zhouya0 L Save container image when creating container, keep images in spec and…
kubeflow/tf-operator 1097 zionwu Pending Jul 9 ChanYiLin, Jimexist, gaocegege, hougangliu, richardsliu, zionwu M Add new condition JobReconcileFinished to fix performance issue
enhancements 1383 jeffvance Pending Jul 9 NicolasT, alarge, childsb, copejon, fredkan, jeffvance, joejoevictor, jsafrane, kfox1111, mmgaggle, saad-ali, smarterclayton, thockin, thotz, travisn, xing-yang L object bucket provisioning
website 21920 gnufied Pending Jul 9 msau42, savitharaghunathan, tengqm, thockin S Add recover expansion failure docs
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1245 RainbowMango Pending Jul 9 font, hectorj2f, jimmidyson XS Set default log level for kubefed controller manager.
website 20230 Heena-PyCloud LGTM Jul 9 jimangel, kbarnard10, zacharysarah XS Added line 35 to point new contributor to Contribute to Kubernetes docs link.
istio/istio 24821 costinm Pending Jul 9 L Adding back envoy next to Istiod, part 1
kubernetes 87891 kvaps Pending Jul 9 krousey, lavalamp, msau42, quinton-hoole XS Mutable nodeAffinity for PVs
kubernetes 88931 logicalhan LGTM Jul 9 bhagwat070919, lavalamp, sttts, timothysc, wenjiaswe XS modify etcd health check so that I don't end up getting confused by it once a year
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 194 seans3 Pending Jul 9 mortent, pwittrock L [WIP] Updates prune algorithm to use one inventory object
kubeflow/manifests 1367 kubeflow-bot Pending Jul 9 andreyvelich, krishnadurai S [auto PR] Update the pytorch-operator image to tag vmaster-g61fefa88
kubernetes 91661 saschagrunert LGTM Jul 9 feiskyer, mml, mtaufen, pjh, saschagrunert S [1.18] Update bucket location for cri-tools
kubernetes 90948 pjbgf LGTM Jul 9 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, dims, hasheddan, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, saschagrunert, tallclair S Add seccomp least privilege for docker sandbox
kubernetes 92893 tallclair Pending Jul 9 liggitt, sttts S Disable deprecated insecure port by default
kubernetes 92891 Riaankl Pending Jul 8 danwinship, nicksardo, spiffxp M Update and improve Endpoints resource lifecycle test
kubeflow/pipelines 4180 radcheb Pending Jul 8 Bobgy, IronPan XXL fix(frontend): fix parsing large workflow graph. Fixes #4179
kubernetes 92915 jingxu97 Pending Jul 8 XS Trigger Test
kubernetes 92885 errordeveloper Pending Jul 8 deads2k, justinsb, luxas, pwittrock, soltysh L Add cli-runtime package for handling manifests
test-infra 14915 adshmh Pending Jul 8 matthyx, stevekuznetsov L Retire optional contexts removed from repos
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6308 hunterli Pending Jul 8 EppO, bozzo, floryut, hunterli, oomichi XS Bug fix: play reset.yml error on ubuntu focal
test-infra 17895 evankanderson Pending Jul 8 cblecker, cjwagner, evankanderson, fejta, michelle192837 L Switch `ListTeamMembers` to collect direct members via GitHubv4 API.
istio/test-infra 2761 howardjohn Pending Jul 8 S Remove mixer jobs
istio/istio 25244 howardjohn Pending Jul 8 ericvn, liamawhite M Configure watched namespaces in kube
kubernetes 83135 zshihang Pending Jul 8 immutableT, liggitt, logicalhan, shihan9 L use grpc/health/grpc_health_v1 for kms provider health check
kubernetes 88891 jfbai Pending Jul 8 bhagwat070919, jpbetz, lavalamp, roycaihw, sttts S fix potential data race
utils 124 avorima Pending Jul 8 apelisse, avorima, cheftako, dims M Add test for inotify fd leak fix
kops 9471 johngmyers Pending Jul 8 KashifSaadat, olemarkus L Create one nodes instance group per zone
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1239 robinbraemer Pending Jul 8 RainbowMango, font, gyliu513, hectorj2f, jimmidyson XS Correct docs for a Cluster Selector case
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5781 rptaylor Pending Jul 8 Miouge1, holmsten XS fix incorrect documentation of use_access_ip
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 995 micnncim Pending Jul 8 alenkacz, gerred, vincepri S :warning: Update go-logr/logr v0.1.0 -> v0.2.0
release 1393 saschagrunert Pending Jul 8 hasheddan, justaugustus, saschagrunert L Set commands globally to verbose if log level >= Debug
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1282 dntczdx Pending Jul 8 EricEdens, zoran15 XL [New VMDK API adoption] verify the new API on PROD
kubernetes 90983 deads2k Pending Jul 8 hongchaodeng, lavalamp, liggitt L [wip] stop serving deleted APIs
istio/istio 25139 stevenctl Pending Jul 8 mandarjog, nmittler, stevenctl, yangminzhu L test framework: echo builder returns filterable Instances
GoogleCloudPlatform/layer-definitions 943 rbe-toolchains-robot Pending Jul 8 alex1545, smukherj1 XS Dependency Update for repository dependencies from 2020-07-08
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1634 ericrrath Pending Jul 8 hjacobs, jwitko, linki, njuettner L OCI provider: add support for OCI IAM instance principal authentication
website 22111 shuuji3 Pending Jul 8 inductor, nasa9084, oke-py, shuuji3 XL Fix Markdown syntax, rewrite some kanji to hiragana, and several minor errors
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1650 dansimone Pending Jul 8 linki, njuettner L Optional ability to use the host name defined on an ingress's annotations *instead* of its hosts stanza
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-addons 63 rajansandeep Pending Jul 8 johnsonj, justinsb L Move the framework for smoketests to a new test dir
kubernetes 87266 claudiubelu Pending Jul 8 RobertKielty, alejandrox1, claudiubelu, deads2k, dims, smarterclayton, yliaog XL tests: Refactor agnhost image pod usage
kubernetes 92850 tallclair Pending Jul 8 claudiubelu, listx, mkumatag L Enhance agnhost netexec for SSRF E2Es 22427 dilekuzulmez Pending Jul 8 XS Removed shortcodes/announcement.html and shorcodes/deprecationwarning… 22426 akitok Pending Jul 8 nasa9084 XS Translate /docs/concepts/configuration/manage-compute-resources-conta…
charts 23121 elad-yosifon Pending Jul 8 XS [incubator/druid] fix invalid default values.yaml configuration that crashes JVM
charts 23119 geekette86 Pending Jul 8 XS [stable/strapi ]add strapi helm chart
utils 164 borgerli Pending Jul 8 jingxu97, jsafrane XS use lazy umount to avoid pod terminating problems caused by volume mounting dir accessed by other pods
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3936 cynepco3hahue Pending Jul 8 XS WIP: Provide functionality to disable and enable back the CPU load balancing
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3939 haircommander Pending Jul 8 XS [1.18] oci: add debug logs for runtime state calls
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3936 cynepco3hahue Pending Jul 8 XS WIP: Provide functionality to disable and enable back the CPU load balancing
kubernetes 82162 krmayankk Pending Jul 8 LouisPlisso, david-mcmahon, janetkuo, krmayankk, lavalamp, liggitt, m1093782566 L API: maxUnavailable for StatefulSet
kubernetes 81571 mortent Pending Jul 8 bsalamat, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, mortent XXL Promote PodDisruptionBudget to GA
kops 9478 bwagner5 Pending Jul 8 bwagner5, geojaz, hakman, mikesplain XXL Add instance-selector cmd to toolbox
istio/istio 24452 therealmitchconnors Pending Jul 8 howardjohn L Fix istioctl wait and add integ test
minikube 8635 itchyny Pending Jul 8 medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg S Stop creating .minikube directory when the base of MINIKUBE_HOME is minikube
kubernetes 91181 zvier LGTM Jul 8 Joseph-Irving, MHBauer, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dims, ixdy, mattjmcnaughton, vishh, yifan-gu, zvier M fix golint errors for `pkg/kubelet/dockershim`
minikube 8164 afbjorklund Pending Jul 8 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh S Only reset docker/podman env if set by minikube
website 22023 kbhawkey Pending Jul 8 daminisatya, sftim, tengqm XXL create api ref update script, copy refs
kubernetes 84205 TGPSKI Pending Jul 8 TGPSKI, liggitt, logicalhan, mikedanese, sftim, thockin L Add SOCKS5 proxy support for kubectl exec
website 22404 inductor Pending Jul 8 derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, sftim, zacharysarah L kubectl create to apply
website 22417 Arhell LGTM Jul 8 Rajakavitha1, kbhawkey, makoscafee, sftim XS fix tooltip overflows
kubernetes 91049 ks864148379 Pending Jul 8 dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair XS change pod status not belong to kubelet log level
kubernetes 91875 Arvinderpal Pending Jul 8 Arvinderpal, aojea, danwinship, fabriziopandini, liggitt, neolit123, sftim L Update docs to reflect that the largest supported service subnet
minikube 8576 afbjorklund Pending Jul 8 RA489, afbjorklund, medyagh S cache: Only use docker client for docker runtime
kubernetes-sigs/wg-policy-prototypes 9 JimBugwadia Pending Jul 8 ericavonb, hannibalhuang, ycao56 L Feature/7 selectors
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1642 inercia Pending Jul 8 Raffo, hjacobs, njuettner L Support Ambassador Host resources as sources
googleforgames/agones 1626 aLekSer Pending Jul 8 aLekSer, cyriltovena, markmandel, pooneh-m L Fix Fleets RollingUpdate
kubernetes 91450 gaurav1086 LGTM Jul 8 andrewsykim, ash2k, rramkumar1, thockin XS kube-proxy-test: fix goroutine leak
kops 8275 bittopaz Pending Jul 8 joshbranham, rifelpet, robinpercy L Add doc for development with Alicloud
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3305 fabriziopandini LGTM Jul 8 detiber, randomvariable, vincepri S 📖 Improve HealthCheck docs
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1628 josephglanville Pending Jul 8 chengcheng-pei, josephglanville, linki, njuettner XXL Contour HTTPProxy support
enhancements 1858 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jul 8 AlexeyPerevalov, Huang-Wei, ahg-g, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, klueska, sjenning, swatisehgal L Simplified version of topology manager in kube-scheduler
istio/istio 25172 shamsher31 Pending Jul 8 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram, sdake, shamsher31 S Fix broken links and added few more reference links in README
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3298 fabriziopandini Pending Jul 8 fabriziopandini, ncdc, vincepri L 🐛 Make KCP supporting external etcd
release 1395 saschagrunert Pending Jul 8 cpanato, hasheddan, justaugustus XL Finish release.SetBuildVersion() implementation
kubeflow/testing 635 Tabrizian Pending Jul 8 gabrielwen, kunmingg S Update tektoncd pipelines to update Tensorflow manifests [WIP]
kubeflow/kubeflow 5118 axelgobletbdr Pending Jul 8 prodonjs, vkoukis XS Fix #4842 Pod resources limit
istio/istio 24003 yjbdsky Pending Jul 8 costinm, esnible, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, yjbdsky M Added the function of automatically finding adminPort from bootstrap in polito-agent request
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1330 weihanglo Pending Jul 8 Raffo, linki, njuettner L Generate SRV records from Services to respect K8s DNS spec
kubernetes 92679 RainbowMango Pending Jul 8 dims, lavalamp, sttts, xichengliudui XS remove etcd deprecated parameters in scripts
website 22426 akitok Pending Jul 8 makocchi-git, nasa9084, oke-py XL Translate /docs/concepts/configuration/manage-compute-resources-conta…
kubeflow/manifests 1359 yuzisun LGTM Jul 8 krishnadurai, richardsliu XS Automated cherry pick of #1340 upstream v1.1 branch
kubernetes 77822 YoubingLi Pending Jul 8 YoubingLi, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, neolit123 M Fix 77603 - Don't break the log line when it is more than 16K
kubernetes 92796 andyxning Pending Jul 8 davidopp, enisoc, foxish, gmarek, kow3ns, smarterclayton XS code clean for podgc
charts 23114 cesaralbloz Pending Jul 8 XS [stable/jenkins] Fix indentation in config.yaml
charts 23109 demon Pending Jul 8 zanhsieh XS stable/grafana: support setting revisionHistoryLimit on deployment
helm 8416 lemonli Pending Jul 8 XS test: improve repo_update test fatal message
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3935 adawolfs Pending Jul 8 XS Implement big_files_temporary_dir on crio.image toml table
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3935 adawolfs Pending Jul 8 XS Implement big_files_temporary_dir on crio.image toml table
enhancements 1371 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 8 AkihiroSuda, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, giuseppe, jaypipes, mattjmcnaughton, mrunalp, sjenning L sig-node: Rootless mode
kubeflow/pipelines 3965 NikeNano Pending Jul 8 IronPan, NikeNano, jingzhang36, rmgogogo M Workflow validation
website 21925 hpandeycodeit Pending Jul 8 kbhawkey, savitharaghunathan, sftim, thockin L Document `kubectl alpha events`
minikube 8413 n0npax Pending Jul 8 RA489, medyagh, n0npax XL Refactor docker env and podmanenv
enhancements 1870 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jul 8 AlexeyPerevalov, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, klueska, swatisehgal L Topology aware resource provisioning daemon
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1579 gabbifish Pending Jul 8 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot L Cherry-pick envtest example
enhancements 1887 povsister Pending Jul 8 deads2k, fedebongio, lavalamp, povsister L KEP-1886: Clarify and enhance JSONPath template syntax
kubernetes 90728 Joseph-Irving Pending Jul 8 Joseph-Irving, kow3ns, smarterclayton, soltysh XS Ensure item in Job queue to trigger a sync at end of active deadline
release 1394 saschagrunert Pending Jul 8 markyjackson-taulia, tpepper M Remove --build-at-head flag from anago and releaselib
minikube 8589 alonyb Pending Jul 8 josedonizetti, priyawadhwa S add new method to clean
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1643 Sh4d1 Pending Jul 8 Raffo, Sh4d1, jerome-quere, linki, njuettner XXL Add Scaleway DNS as a new provider
kubernetes 92637 phinphing LGTM Jul 8 caesarxuchao, cheftako, deads2k, fedebongio XS fix typo in runtime/interfaces.go
kubernetes 92351 andyzhangx LGTM Jul 8 aramase, feiskyer, jingxu97 M Automated cherry pick of #92331: fix: update max azure disk max count
kubernetes 92827 yuanhuaiwang Pending Jul 8 enisoc, janetkuo, kow3ns, krmayankk, smarterclayton XS Remove resync period for disruption controller
minikube 8670 YangKeao Pending Jul 8 RA489, tstromberg XS Add SCH_PRIO, SCH_SFQ and CLS_BASIC kernel module to add filter on traffic control
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1589 liusy182 Pending Jul 8 estroz, joelanford S set spec.preserveUnknownFields to false for Webhook conversion
kubernetes 92888 Jefftree Pending Jul 8 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, cheftako, sjenning L Add caller information to apiserver konnectivity egress
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 395 arjunrn Pending Jul 8 DirectXMan12, droot, pwittrock XXL ✨ Only prevent validation of top-level ObjectMeta field
perf-tests 1162 vamossagar12 Pending Jul 8 mborsz, vamossagar12, wojtek-t L Api availability measurement
istio/istio 25130 howardjohn Pending Jul 8 ayj, howardjohn L Move validation webhook to shared informers 22420 sumodirjo Pending Jul 8 XS ID translation of /docs/tasks/administer-cluster/namespaces 22417 Arhell Pending Jul 8 kbhawkey XS fix tooltip overflows 22415 jpbetz Pending Jul 8 XS WIP: Add resourceVersionMatch parameter documentation to API concepts
helm 8410 Akasurde Pending Jul 8 XS plugin: Add output format in list command
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3934 haircommander Pending Jul 8 XS retErr all the things
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3933 wgahnagl Pending Jul 8 XS Improves container memory usage stats
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6381 rkamudhan Pending Jul 8 XS adding ovn4nfv-k8s-plugin in kubespray
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6381 rkamudhan Pending Jul 8 XS adding ovn4nfv-k8s-plugin in kubespray
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6380 floryut Pending Jul 8 XS WIP - Testing some things
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6380 floryut Pending Jul 8 XS WIP - Testing some things
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6379 kmlebedev Pending Jul 8 XS add param calico_node_extra_envs
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6379 kmlebedev Pending Jul 8 XS add param calico_node_extra_envs
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3934 haircommander Pending Jul 8 XS retErr all the things
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1197 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Jul 8 XS Delete from yaml
kubernetes 90939 Riaankl Pending Jul 8 bgrant0607, caseydavenport, johnbelamaric, sftim, spiffxp S Promote Endpoints resource lifecycle test - +4 endpoint coverage
kubernetes-sigs/windows-gmsa 24 dkeightley Pending Jul 8 PatrickLang, wk8 M Add changes to support Windows clusters provisioned by Rancher
istio/istio 24737 luksa Pending Jul 8 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, luksa, rshriram, tariq1890 XXL WIP: Allow users to delay application start until proxy is ready
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1884 kfr2 Pending Jul 8 danielfm M [v0.16.x] Allow injection of CoreDNS configuration for non-root zones
website 22003 makocchi-git Pending Jul 8 inductor, oke-py L [ja] translate docs/setup/production-environment/
kubeflow/mpi-operator 276 allenzfan Pending Jul 8 allenzfan, carmark, gaocegege, terrytangyuan L support run workload on launcher
kubernetes 81557 praseodym Pending Jul 8 aermakov-zalando, bbbmj, foxish, janetkuo, kow3ns, krmayankk, mortent, praseodym, soltysh, vllry, yangkev L Fix CronJob missed start time handling
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 205 wongma7 Pending Jul 8 d-nishi, jqmichael, leakingtapan, wongma7 L Add encryptInTransit volume attribute
istio/istio 24867 esnible Pending Jul 8 rvennam L More output columns for 'istioctl pc routes' and 'clusters'
kubernetes 92829 marload Pending Jul 8 hwdef, ixdy, mikedanese XS Refactoring: Reduce unnecessary lines
kubeflow/website 1972 jingzhang36 Pending Jul 8 Bobgy, jingzhang36, joeliedtke, kunmingg L Add a brief user guide and a quick example for Kubeflow Pipelines benchmark
kubernetes 83649 tedyu Pending Jul 8 foxish, janetkuo, krmayankk, tnozicka XS StatefulSetStatus CurrentRevision should update with OnDelete update strategy
kubernetes 89983 zshihang Pending Jul 8 dashpole, jingxu97, mikedanese, msau42, saad-ali XL file mode should be consistent with readonly flag for ephemeral volumes
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-smb 28 animeshk08 Pending Jul 7 andyzhangx, animeshk08, msau42, pohly XXL fix: Add release-tools subtree
minikube 8581 afbjorklund Pending Jul 7 afbjorklund, medyagh, priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal L Generate cri-o container runtime preload tarball
googleforgames/agones 1658 steven-supersolid Pending Jul 7 EricFortin, cyriltovena, markmandel, steven-supersolid XXL Alpha SDK and example for Node.js (Player tracking)
googleforgames/agones 1648 moesy Pending Jul 7 aLekSer, dzlier-gcp, markmandel, moesy, roberthbailey L Agones 1641 Terraform GKE - Adding Subnetwork for custom VPC
googleforgames/agones 1578 danieloliveira079 Pending Jul 7 EricFortin, aLekSer, danieloliveira079, markmandel, pooneh-m, roberthbailey XXL Validate GameServer PodTemplateSpec
googleforgames/agones 1576 theminecoder Pending Jul 7 markmandel, roberthbailey M Add support for internal game server ports
enhancements 1418 anguslees Pending Jul 7 anguslees, asauber, danwinship, dcbw, mvladev, thockin L [WIP] Apiserver discovery URL env variable
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1652 dansimone Pending Jul 7 hjacobs, njuettner M Support wildcard records - Optional ability to replace the asterisk in generated registry TXT records with another string
kubernetes 88825 alena1108 Pending Jul 7 krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair XS Removed redundant hardcoded default for cpu-manager-policy flag
kubernetes 87399 tamalsaha Pending Jul 7 eparis, smarterclayton S kubectl wait should wait for non-existent resources.
kubernetes 92847 SergeyKanzhelev LGTM Jul 7 Random-Liu, dchen1107, thockin M SIG node owner files clean up
kubernetes 89546 verult Pending Jul 7 gnufied, misterikkit, saad-ali, verult L Prototype of OperationKey refactor for NestedPendingOperations
kubernetes 88136 tedyu Pending Jul 7 gnufied, jingxu97, msau42, tedyu M Check kubeClient against nil for reconciler
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3303 CecileRobertMichon LGTM Jul 7 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, alexeldeib, nader-ziada, vincepri S 📖 Update CAPZ quickstart variables to include new AZURE_JSON_B64 secret
charts 23104 gmaiztegi Pending Jul 7 XS [stable/openvpn] Add PodSecurityPolicy to OpenVPN
charts 23103 lheinlen Pending Jul 7 viglesiasce XS [stable/logdna-agent] Add the ability to set affinity on daemonset
charts 23097 ailox Pending Jul 7 XS [stable/janusgraph] bump k8s api to stable
kubeflow/website 2031 RFMVasconcelos Pending Jul 7 IronPan, joeliedtke XXL Added "outdated" banner to every docs page
istio/istio 25064 adiprerepa Pending Jul 7 adiprerepa, douglas-reid L Bootstrap GCP & Unknown VM tests
kubeflow/pipelines 3451 rui5i LGTM Jul 7 Ark-kun, rmgogogo M [Backend] Cache - Update max_cache_staleness logic
kubernetes-sigs/ip-masq-agent 52 JJJJJones Pending Jul 7 JJJJJones, MrHohn, mtaufen, varunmar M Solve SNAT race condition using --random-fully
website 22415 jpbetz Pending Jul 7 lavalamp, smarterclayton M WIP: Add resourceVersionMatch parameter documentation to API concepts
kubernetes 92312 Sh4d1 Pending Jul 7 Sh4d1, andrewsykim, aojea, lavalamp, thockin L Make Kubernetes aware of the LoadBalancer behaviour
kubernetes 92453 Cweiping Pending Jul 7 davidz627, jingxu97, mikedanese, sttts S fix stack check pkg/volume/gcepd
kubernetes 92757 deads2k Pending Jul 7 lavalamp, logicalhan, sttts L add command for insecure readyz
kubernetes 92732 serathius Pending Jul 7 huangyuqi, logicalhan, yue9944882 L [WIP] Refactor logs options to use logging config
kubernetes 92683 gfelixc Pending Jul 7 cheftako, resouer, smarterclayton L Custom print sections for always display defaults
kubernetes 92839 kishorj Pending Jul 7 M00nF1sh, justinsb, kishorj, micahhausler M AWS cloudprovider limit support to specific values for aws-load-balancer-type annotation 22412 jpbetz Pending Jul 7 XS Document how to transferring ownership of server side applied fields 22411 ariscahyadi Pending Jul 7 XS ID localization for administer cluster - network policy - calico 22408 deryrahman Pending Jul 7 XS ID translation for tutorial deploy app
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1661 phillc Pending Jul 7 XS Update link for linode cloud manager
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3933 wgahnagl Pending Jul 7 XS Improves container memory usage stats
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 329 ArangoGutierrez Pending Jul 7 XS Update go dep
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1527 mauriciovasquezbernal Pending Jul 7 XS [1.3 - DO NOT MERGE] User namespace support
enhancements 1600 julianvmodesto Pending Jul 7 apelisse, deads2k, julianvmodesto, kwiesmueller, lavalamp, liggitt M Plan to fix admission chain for subresources
kubernetes 91662 saschagrunert LGTM Jul 7 MaciekPytel, feiskyer, gmarek S [1.17] Update bucket location for cri-tools
kubernetes 91663 saschagrunert LGTM Jul 7 MaciekPytel, feiskyer, jingax10 S [1.16] Update bucket location for cri-tools
enhancements 1855 zshihang Pending Jul 7 jsafrane, liggitt, micahhausler, mikedanese, msau42, munnerz, seh, zshihang L propose a way to get service account token for csi driver
kubernetes 91348 justaugustus Pending Jul 7 lavalamp, mikedanese, ncdc L [1.18] build: Use repo-infra@v0.0.5
node-problem-detector 401 xueweiz Pending Jul 7 Random-Liu, andyxning, wangzhen127, xueweiz, yeya24 L Rename problem metrics
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 102 moondev Pending Jul 7 codenrhoden, figo L Add tutorial to the documentation gitbook for building/deploying images on vSphere and AWS
kubernetes 92714 damemi Pending Jul 7 jianhuiz, lavalamp, liggitt, m1093782566 S Add label selector value validation
kubernetes 89931 mwwolters LGTM Jul 7 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, lavalamp, liggitt, mwwolters S Switch node ssh tunneler health check to the healthz port
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3254 fabriziopandini Pending Jul 7 vincepri, wfernandes L [WIP] 🌱 Clusterctl move Cluster Principal
kops 9499 rifelpet Pending Jul 7 gjtempleton, joshbranham L Upgrade to go 1.14.4
kubernetes 92787 divyenpatel LGTM Jul 7 divyenpatel, gnufied, neolit123, oomichi XS fixed e2e vsphere statefulsets test
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 236 yodahekinsew Pending Jul 7 hh, listx L WIP: add a vulnerability check for the promoter
kubernetes 58925 louyihua Pending Jul 7 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, louyihua, mtaufen, ncdc, yujuhong M Add timeout option for docker's exec operation
istio/api 1414 costinm Pending Jul 7 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson L Initial draft to allow customization of Certificate signing
google/cadvisor 2612 piowag Pending Jul 7 dashpole L Add stats to stdout storage
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 530 jingxu97 Pending Jul 7 XS Dummy commit
istio/api 1425 nmittler Pending Jul 7 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nmittler, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson S Add Domain to ProxyConfig
kubeflow/fairing 517 yashjakhotiya Pending Jul 7 jinchihe, karthikv2k XS Add documentation for dependency installation feature
sig-release 1137 saschagrunert LGTM Jul 7 dims, dougm, markyjackson-taulia, tpepper M Improvements to the docs
istio/istio 25241 shamsher31 Pending Jul 7 howardjohn, shamsher31 L use native ProxyGet from client-go
google/cadvisor 2578 Creatone Pending Jul 7 L [WIP] Add perf event grouping.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3295 randomvariable Pending Jul 7 JoelSpeed, fabriziopandini, ncdc, randomvariable, vincepri M :book: Update CAEP template with requirements and security model
istio/istio 25276 piotrkpc Pending Jul 7 L [WIP] istioctl: add command to manage logging levels for istiod
kubernetes 89817 mars1024 Pending Jul 7 dchen1107, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, smarterclayton L add IP-format validation when getting host IP from node
kubernetes 92527 michaelbeaumont Pending Jul 7 derekwaynecarr, gmarek S Move pkg/kubelet/apis to
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6325 widgetpl Pending Jul 7 EppO, Miouge1, floryut, holmsten, widgetpl S [2.13] added azure_cloud parameter to Azure's cloud_config
website 22293 CriaHu Pending Jul 7 bells17, oke-py S fix broken link:
website 22123 lovebaby979 Pending Jul 7 inductor, oke-py XS update ja japan
website 22117 lovebaby979 Pending Jul 7 bells17, inductor XS update japan_minikube
kubernetes 86102 derekwaynecarr Pending Jul 7 deads2k, feiskyer, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge L WIP add support for hugepages in downward API
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery-operator 7 ArangoGutierrez Pending Jul 7 marquiz, zvonkok XS update
enhancements 1571 jfbai LGTM Jul 7 deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, wojtek-t XS use WithLastRev()
kubernetes-csi/docs 347 jontkong LGTM Jul 7 lpabon, xing-yang XS Add Storidge CIO to list of drivers
test-infra 17948 alejandrox1 LGTM Jul 7 bart0sh, bsdnet, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, vpickard M Added testgrid alert email annotation to containerd jobs
kubeflow/kubeflow 5112 ianhellstrom Pending Jul 7 kimwnasptd, prodonjs, vkoukis XS Fix #5111: Trim whitespace from custom images 22404 inductor Pending Jul 7 zacharysarah XS kubectl create to apply
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3932 saschagrunert Pending Jul 7 XS WIP: Enable more feature tests
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6378 inercia Pending Jul 7 XS Documentation for Ingress
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6378 inercia Pending Jul 7 XS Documentation for Ingress
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3932 saschagrunert Pending Jul 7 XS WIP: Enable more feature tests
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 276 voor Pending Jul 7 detiber, dims, moshloop, ncdc L Creating a container for image builder.
kubeflow/pipelines 4123 Ark-kun LGTM Jul 7 Bobgy, hongye-sun, numerology L chore(components): Components - De-hardcoded outputs paths in the GCP components
kubernetes 90971 fromanirh Pending Jul 7 alejandrox1, fromanirh, mattjmcnaughton, oomichi XL e2e: framework: clean up and export NUMA alignment utilites
kubeflow/pipelines 4147 rmgogogo LGTM Jul 7 Bobgy, rmgogogo M refactor(deployment): Update deployer ksa roles so that it can unblock MKP side change which refines deployer KSA's permissions
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 122 caesarxuchao Pending Jul 7 Jefftree, dberkov XS [WIP] Enable pprof in proxy server
enhancements 1884 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jul 7 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr S Add numaid and cpus into PodResources interface
perf-tests 1363 satishbellapu Pending Jul 7 mm4tt, satishbellapu, shyamjvs, wojtek-t M Run more linters with golangci-lint #1244
kubernetes 81922 chendave Pending Jul 7 ixdy, listx, mkumatag M Define the ARCH explictly for amd64
istio/istio 24319 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 7 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, incfly L Disable mtls for ORIGINAL_DST cluster
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 486 yue9944882 Pending Jul 7 DirectXMan12, pwittrock XS Register klog flags for configurable verbosity
kubeflow/pipelines 4155 Ark-kun Pending Jul 7 Bobgy, IronPan, chensun, numerology L feat(sdk): SDK - Components - Added support for editing components
kubernetes 92853 cosmo0920 Pending Jul 7 kawych, logicalhan S [fluentd/elasticsearch] Add mechanism to load simple sniffer class
kubernetes 92692 Pingan2017 Pending Jul 7 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali S fix bug for verify attached volume loop
kubeflow/pipelines 2679 prcastro LGTM Jul 7 Ark-kun, Bobgy, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology, rmgogogo XS feat(sdk/client): add cookie configuration to kfp client
kubeflow/kfserving 791 salanki Pending Jul 7 animeshsingh, cliveseldon, ellis-bigelow, jinchihe, pugangxa, salanki, yuzisun M Make KFServer HTTP requests asynchronous
kubernetes 87843 sureshpalemoni Pending Jul 7 Liujingfang1, adohe, alejandrox1, eparis, johngmyers, justinsb, pwittrock, seans3, soltysh XS Elaborate Pod Eviction Error Message to Specify Namespace during drain
kubernetes 92430 wangkai1994 Pending Jul 7 caesarxuchao, dims, k82cn, lavalamp XS Fix staticcheck failures for pkg/controller/garbagecollector/garbagecollector_test.go
charts 23087 jfrabaute Pending Jul 7 XS stable/jenkins: Switch from Deployment to StatefulSet
ingress 5855 bcarlsson Pending Jul 7 XS New livez endpoint added with option to set shutdown grace period
autoscaler 3295 johnzheng1975 Pending Jul 7 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3931 tedyu Pending Jul 7 XS Streamline how done channel is closed in Runtime#WaitContainerStateStopped
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3930 lumjjb Pending Jul 7 XS Return empty DecryptConfig when no keys to force decryption
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3931 tedyu Pending Jul 7 XS Streamline how done channel is closed in Runtime#WaitContainerStateStopped
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3930 lumjjb Pending Jul 7 XS Return empty DecryptConfig when no keys to force decryption
website 22217 fancc Pending Jul 7 pigletfly, xichengliudui S fix some errors
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 197 leakingtapan Pending Jul 7 jqmichael, justinsb, leakingtapan, wongma7 S Add arm64 support
kubeflow/manifests 1350 andreyvelich Pending Jul 7 gaocegege, johnugeorge, krishnadurai L Update Katib image tag to c3b38d8 on master
kubernetes 87461 bboreham Pending Jul 6 dashpole, dchen1107, dims, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning XS kubelet: ensure static pod UIDs are unique
kubernetes 92632 RenaudWasTaken LGTM Jul 6 RenaudWasTaken, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, dims M Move external facing podresources apis to staging
kubeflow/code-intelligence 160 label-bot-cd[bot] Pending Jul 6 inc0, zhenghuiwang S Commit created by prctl
kubernetes-sigs/reference-docs 160 joelsmith LGTM Jul 6 Rajakavitha1, kbhawkey, tengqm, xiangpengzhao XS Add "latest" version of API docs to provide more stable external link targets
website 21274 sftim Pending Jul 6 kbarnard10, onlydole L Add blog article for Require Transition from Beta
kubernetes-incubator/kube-aws 1883 kfr2 Pending Jul 6 danielfm, davidmccormick M [v0.15.x] Allow injection of CoreDNS configuration for non-root zones
istio/istio 25261 jwendell Pending Jul 6 XL Add IOR
istio/community 252 rcaballeromx Pending Jul 6 adammil2000, frankbu, linsun, rcaballeromx, smawson L Add new Reviewer role with all the needed info
website 21581 liggitt Pending Jul 6 deads2k, liggitt, savitharaghunathan, sftim L Deprecation warnings
ingress-gce 1174 spencerhance Pending Jul 6 freehan, thockin XL Implement support for Internal/Regional Static IP for L7-ILB
kubernetes 91942 alekc Pending Jul 6 alekc, cheftako, cici37, dims, jiahuif, liggitt, mikedanese, resouer, smarterclayton, sttts, wojtek-t L fix: leaderelection graceful release doesn't work
istio/istio 24503 irisdingbj Pending Jul 6 GregHanson, douglas-reid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, irisdingbj, liamawhite, linsun, stevenctl XL [WIP]support config change in remote cluster for central Istiod
perf-tests 1164 skurtzemann Pending Jul 6 krzysied, shyamjvs S Improve perf-dash container build and fix deployment
kubernetes 89718 xigang Pending Jul 6 derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, xigang, yujuhong, yuzhiquan XS improve procfs.PidOf return error
test-infra 18181 fejta Pending Jul 6 cjwagner, hasheddan, michelle192837, stevekuznetsov M Update gubernator tests and config
kubernetes 84357 rosti Pending Jul 6 ereslibre, fabriziopandini, liggitt, ncdc, neolit123, rosti, timothysc, yastij XXL kubeadm: Add ObjectMeta to v1beta3
google/cadvisor 2606 gaainf Pending Jul 6 S Add command arguments to GetProcessList
istio/api 1484 scraly Pending Jul 6 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson XS fix(requestauthentication): typo
node-problem-detector 438 sfxworks Pending Jul 6 Random-Liu, wangzhen127, xueweiz S Add RBAC and service account for daemonset
community 4917 rlenferink Pending Jul 6 mrbobbytables, sftim, zacharysarah S Move sig-docs channels to sig-docs/ subdirectory
kubernetes 89332 gavinfish Pending Jul 6 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, gmarek, liggitt, neolit123, shyamjvs M Migrate kubelet RootDirectory from flag to config
kubernetes 89828 wojtek-t Pending Jul 6 deads2k, enj, jingyih, jpbetz, liggitt, madhusudancs, smarterclayton, wojtek-t L Try to avoid etcd.Get as part of Delete operation
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1546 renovate-bot Pending Jul 6 alex1545, smukherj1 S Update dependency typescript to v3.9.6
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 274 voor LGTM Jul 6 codenrhoden, detiber, figo XS kubeadm template to allow overriding the location.
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3929 haircommander Pending Jul 6 XS Managed NS: update default configuration values
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3929 haircommander Pending Jul 6 XS Managed NS: update default configuration values
istio/istio 24877 howardjohn Pending Jul 6 costinm, howardjohn, ramaraochavali L Make TypeUrl handling generic in ADS
kubeflow/website 2015 PatrickXYS LGTM Jul 6 Jeffwan, PatrickXYS, hongye-sun, joeliedtke, neuromage M Add Support For AWS Dex Basic-Authentication
kubernetes 91592 jayunit100 Pending Jul 6 MrHohn, jayunit100, lavalamp XXL [WIP] [do not merge] [no review needed] CNI Validation Framework ported to e2e test suite
kubernetes 92518 Sh4d1 Pending Jul 6 MrHohn, bowei, thockin M Update LoadBalancer service on node IP change
kubernetes 74363 aanm Pending Jul 6 aanm, caesarxuchao, erictune, lavalamp, roycaihw, smarterclayton, wenjiaswe M client-go/rest: fix finalURLTemplate for url base == "/"
community 4922 rlenferink Pending Jul 6 idvoretskyi, mrbobbytables XS Add rlenferink as slack-config owner
kops 8293 vvbogdanov87 Pending Jul 6 joshbranham, robinpercy XXL Add config to KubeSchedulerConfig
kubernetes 86977 RochesterinNYC Pending Jul 6 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, juanvallejo XS Add '-n <namespace' to kubectl attach command output after session detach
perf-tests 1354 tosi3k Pending Jul 6 mborsz, oxddr XS WIP add verbose OOM logging
enhancements 1652 ttonline6 Pending Jul 6 justinsb, thockin, timothysc XS fix error url:…
kubernetes 85559 wlynch Pending Jul 6 dmage, liggitt, neolit123, sttts, wlynch, wojtek-t XS Use module friendly install path for
enhancements 1614 rabbitfang Pending Jul 6 dcbw, thockin L Create Service Fallback Selector KEP
istio/istio 25242 rshriram Pending Jul 6 S enable envoy dns capture for all tests
test-infra 18171 rikatz Pending Jul 6 cblecker, nikhita, thockin L Add different issue lifecycle for SIG Network issues
kubernetes 92392 tkashem Pending Jul 6 caesarxuchao, cjcullen, liggitt, p0lyn0mial, sttts, tkashem, wojtek-t M Define GetBody of http.Request for automatic retry
enhancements 1863 yanchenko-igor Pending Jul 6 janetkuo, kow3ns, mattfarina, smarterclayton, yanchenko-igor M Allow StatefulSets to surge if pods are terminating longer than DeletionGracePeriodSeconds.
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 329 huffmanca Pending Jul 6 AndiLi99, huffmanca, lpabon, xing-yang XS Deletes snapshot if associated content has a deletion timestamp
autoscaler 3293 JoelSpeed Pending Jul 6 feiskyer, frobware XXL Add DeepCopy generation for runtime.Objects within ClusterAPI provider
kubernetes 88120 alenkacz Pending Jul 6 alenkacz, deads2k, liggitt, logicalhan, p0lyn0mial XL Dynamically reload kube-aggregator certificates
test-infra 18145 michaelmdresser LGTM Jul 6 amwat, cofyc L Kubetest2 GCE Deployer can be configured with an arbitrary number of nodes
test-infra 18144 michaelmdresser Pending Jul 6 amwat, chases2, krzyzacy, michaelmdresser S Basic presubmit for Kubetest2 GCE deployer
enhancements 1881 aojea Pending Jul 6 aojea, aramase, danwinship, dcbw, lavalamp, sftim, thockin L KEP service subnet restrictions
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 275 voor LGTM Jul 6 codenrhoden, detiber, justinsb M Add Photon 3 AMI build
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3132 michaelgugino Pending Jul 6 benmoss, detiber, elmiko, fabriziopandini, michaelgugino, vincepri L 📖 CAEP: machine deletion phase hooks
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 450 pohly Pending Jul 6 jsafrane, pohly, saad-ali XXL WIP: storage capacity producer
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3273 michaelgugino Pending Jul 6 benmoss, detiber, fabriziopandini, michaelgugino, vincepri M ✨ Implement deletion lifecycle hooks
enhancements 1665 danwinship Pending Jul 6 andrewsykim, anguslees, aojea, cheftako, danwinship, khenidak, lachie83, liggitt, thockin, uablrek XL KEP-1664: Better Support for Dual-Stack Node Addresses
klog 172 bamboox Pending Jul 6 neolit123, tallclair, yagonobre S Fix rotate file
charts 23077 grapevineai Pending Jul 6 XS Added --protect flag to trigger password in client
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 634 hickeyma Pending Jul 6 feiskyer, yujuhong M WIP: Dockershim critest on Windows
googleforgames/agones 1675 comerford Pending Jul 6 aLekSer, dzlier-gcp, markmandel XS Add links to relevant AWS EKS documentation 22384 oke-py Pending Jul 6 XS [WIP] First Japanese l10n work for release-1.17
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3928 saschagrunert Pending Jul 6 XS Update golangci lint to v1.28.0
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3927 saschagrunert Pending Jul 6 XS Update golang dependencies
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3928 saschagrunert Pending Jul 6 XS Update golangci lint to v1.28.0
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3927 saschagrunert Pending Jul 6 XS Update golang dependencies
website 21185 johscheuer Pending Jul 6 Rajakavitha1, johscheuer, logicalhan, makoscafee, sftim M Add documentation for API server health checks
website 22384 oke-py Pending Jul 6 PatrickLang, nasa9084 XXL [WIP] First Japanese l10n work for release-1.17
kubeflow/community 355 jlewi Pending Jul 6 abhi-g, jtfogarty, zabbasi XXL Move the altair import to the top of the notebook
kubernetes 87404 gavinfish Pending Jul 6 deads2k, dixudx, xichengliudui S Staticcheck: vendor/ etc.
perf-tests 1372 pytimer Pending Jul 6 mborsz, oxddr XS Update etcd_disk_backend_commit_duration_seconds histogram to etcd_disk_backend_commit_duration_seconds_bucket
kubernetes 88737 phanimarupaka Pending Jul 6 brianpursley, derekwaynecarr, eparis, mortent, phanimarupaka, seans3, soltysh M Decouple cmd and ApplyOptions Complete()
kubeflow/community 354 RFMVasconcelos Pending Jul 6 abhi-g, theadactyl XS Update Canonical in member_organizations.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 460 FillZpp Pending Jul 6 droot, mengqiy XXL 🐛 Skip to generate properties for structs defined in
website 22314 tengqm LGTM Jul 6 kbarnard10, sftim L Remove Poseidon page
kubernetes 92163 knight42 LGTM Jul 6 bowei, freehan, knight42, mm4tt, nicksardo, thockin, wojtek-t L fix(e2e::network): eliminate the dependency of external ips
kubernetes 92800 knight42 Pending Jul 6 M00nF1sh, MQasimSarfraz, justinsb, knight42 M fix(aws): config source dest check on instance with multiple ENIs
release 1388 cpanato Pending Jul 6 cpanato, justaugustus, saschagrunert, tpepper L gcbmgr: add releases numbers tags to the cloudbuild
enhancements 1582 ttonline6 Pending Jul 6 dims, johnbelamaric, thockin XS fix error link:…
enhancements 1642 CriaHu Pending Jul 6 andrewsykim, cheftako XS fix broken link :…
enhancements 1644 CriaHu Pending Jul 6 nikhita, parispittman XS fix broken link :…
enhancements 1649 ttonline6 Pending Jul 6 deads2k, lavalamp XS fix borken url:…
enhancements 1650 ttonline6 Pending Jul 6 deads2k, lavalamp XS fix broken url:…
enhancements 1656 ttonline6 Pending Jul 6 kow3ns, prydonius, thockin XS fix error url:…
enhancements 1651 ttonline6 Pending Jul 6 andrewsykim, cheftako, thockin XS fix broken url:…
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-addons 49 SomtochiAma LGTM Jul 6 atoato88, justinsb, luxas, stealthybox XS Updates installer instructions for Mac OS
kubeflow/pipelines 3448 Ark-kun Pending Jul 6 hongye-sun, numerology, rui5i L SDK - Components - Refactoring - _resolve_graph_task now creates tasks directly
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5732 Cougar Pending Jul 6 chadswen, holmsten S Fix #4039 - take `bin_dir` from `hostvars` where `delegate_to` is used
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 527 leakingtapan Pending Jul 5 gnufied, jsafrane S Add arm support
kubernetes 88731 notpad Pending Jul 5 Random-Liu, SataQiu, aojea, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair XS clarify kubelet address flag and healthz-bind-address flag usage
website 21669 vinaykul Pending Jul 5 jimangel, savitharaghunathan, steveperry-53 M [WIP] Placeholder PR for In-Place Pod Vertical Scaling feature
test-infra 17869 alvaroaleman Pending Jul 5 clarketm, fejta XL Update kube dependencies to 1.18.3
kubernetes 92152 brianpursley Pending Jul 5 brianpursley, seans3, soltysh L Add warning if client/server version difference exceeds the supported skew 998 justinsb Pending Jul 5 dims, mikedanese M Manifests for promotion of kops 1.19.0-alpha.1 non-image artifacts 22371 shuuji3 Pending Jul 5 XS WIP: Translate concepts/configuration/configmap into Japanese
charts 23074 pavdmyt Pending Jul 5 edsiper XS [stable/fluent-bit] Add support for init containers
kubernetes 89291 lujinda Pending Jul 5 gnufied, humblec, lujinda, msau42, pohly L fix: #89290 CSI Inline volume panic when calling applyFSGroup
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2292 ahadrez Pending Jul 5 droot, monopole XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/application 140 barney-s Pending Jul 5 ant31, janetkuo, mattfarina, mortent M Proposal for inventory object
kubernetes-sigs/application 199 tamalsaha Pending Jul 5 kow3ns, mattfarina XL Update to Kubernetes v1.18.2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-proportional-autoscaler 92 mcavoyk Pending Jul 5 MrHohn, bowei XXL feat: use polymorphic scale client
kubernetes 89885 Fedosin Pending Jul 5 Fedosin, FengyunPan2, anguslees, sttts L Allow to read openstack cloud provider config from a secret
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 179 justinsb Pending Jul 5 dims, listx, tpepper L WIP: files: support file:// as a source
website 22265 jiazxjason LGTM Jul 5 chenrui333, markthink, sftim, xiangpengzhao L zh create trans
website 22336 oke-py Pending Jul 5 inductor, makocchi-git, nasa9084 XS ja: Make docs/setup/best-practices/ follow v1.17 of the original text
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 548 hanumanthan Pending Jul 5 hanumanthan, s-urbaniak, serathius L [WIP] Adding livez and readyz endpoints
kubernetes 92429 wawa0210 Pending Jul 5 BenTheElder, mwielgus, piosz, xichengliudui L fix pkg/controller/podautoscaler staticcheck
kubernetes 81516 RobertKrawitz Pending Jul 5 RobertKrawitz, dashpole, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, sjenning, yastij XS Issue 81523: do not ignore writable layer when on a device other than rootFS
istio/istio 25149 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 5 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, nirvanagit, phsiao, ramaraochavali, rshriram L eds: look in informer store before going to k8s
kubernetes 85668 jfbai Pending Jul 5 davidz627, jfbai, mattjmcnaughton, msau42, saad-ali XS Use apiserver cache in kubelet dswp.
kubernetes 87607 claudiubelu Pending Jul 5 listx, mkumatag S WIP: test staging registry new images
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 495 CriaHu Pending Jul 5 DirectXMan12, yue9944882 XS Remove redundant blobs / masters from links
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 494 CriaHu Pending Jul 5 pwittrock, yue9944882 XS fix broken link :…
kubernetes 91799 anguslees Pending Jul 4 mindprince, vishh L Rename deviceIDs -> device_ids to follow protobuf naming conventions
istio/istio 24549 stevenctl Pending Jul 4 hzxuzhonghu, nmittler, stevenctl XXL pilot integration tests use all configured clusters 22344 wahyuoi Pending Jul 4 XS ID translation for static pod 22339 shuuji3 Pending Jul 4 nasa9084 XS Translate tutorials/stateless-application/guestbook into Japanese 22336 oke-py Pending Jul 4 inductor XS ja: Make docs/setup/best-practices/ follow v1.17 of the original text
kubernetes 84899 clarklee92 Pending Jul 4 alejandrox1, andrewsykim, cheftako, copejon, oomichi XL Move /e2e/framework/ssh/ssh.go to framework package
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1310 rbtr Pending Jul 4 hjacobs, linki, njuettner S add service annotation to set public/private iface for NodePort
kubernetes 92294 nfyxhan Pending Jul 4 dims, seans3, whalecold M statefulSet: detailed revision view
kops 9229 johngmyers Pending Jul 4 joshbranham, zetaab L WIP Put versioned API of cluster into state store
kubernetes 88642 onesolpark Pending Jul 4 deads2k, mml, ncdc M Cleanup removed heapster bootstrap rbac 22329 shuuji3 Pending Jul 4 XS Translate tutorials/stateful-application/basic-stateful-set/ into Japanese 22327 Arhell Pending Jul 4 sftim XS fix heading text 22318 tengqm Pending Jul 4 XS Fix pages that reference removed API groups 22315 bitas-guoliang Pending Jul 4 XS Update 22314 tengqm Pending Jul 4 sftim XS Remove Poseidon page
helm 8396 Cweiping Pending Jul 4 XS fix helm test --logs command throws exception
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3926 rgo3 Pending Jul 4 XS oci: add runtime for Firecracker microVM
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3926 rgo3 Pending Jul 4 XS oci: add runtime for Firecracker microVM
website 22318 tengqm Pending Jul 4 chenopis, sftim, steveperry-53 M Fix pages that reference removed API groups
website 22327 Arhell LGTM Jul 4 sftim, zacharysarah XS fix heading text
istio/istio 24230 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 4 ramaraochavali, rshriram, sdake M add dynamic debounce support
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 473 jsafrane Pending Jul 4 bertinatto, d-nishi, jsafrane, leakingtapan L WIP: Add external Kubernetes tests
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 410 leakingtapan Pending Jul 4 wongma7 XS Remove more skip patterns
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 417 leakingtapan Pending Jul 4 bertinatto, jsafrane XS Switch to use 1.17.0 for e2e test
kubernetes 85064 LionelDer Pending Jul 4 josephburnett, matthyx, mwielgus XS fix golint
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 175 justinsb Pending Jul 4 listx, ps882 XL WIP: Files: add a command to upload files while also computing the manifest
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1232 LeeHampton Pending Jul 4 linki L Fix NodePort issues with SRV records and Node labels
kubernetes-csi/docs 181 j-griffith Pending Jul 4 j-griffith, jingxu97, lpabon, msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang XS Add note about storage classes to cloning doc
istio/istio 24339 howardjohn Pending Jul 4 costinm, howardjohn M Ensure properly synced before marking pilot ready
community 4631 k82cn LGTM Jul 4 dims, nikhita XS Updated ML-WG meeting info. 22313 tengqm Pending Jul 4 XS Remove Falco from website
charts 23070 nyvanga Pending Jul 4 XS [stable/cerebro] fixed typo
charts 23069 zhuheec Pending Jul 4 XS [incubator/druid] Fix local storage mounting path and permissions
charts 23068 viggys Pending Jul 4 dtomcej XS [stable/traefik] added support for dashboard basePath
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6373 MrFreezeex Pending Jul 4 XS Add a way to deploy cilium alongside another CNI
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6373 MrFreezeex Pending Jul 4 XS Add a way to deploy cilium alongside another CNI
kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog 2827 alapidas Pending Jul 4 XS Fix typo in sc-design image
website 22290 jiazxjason Pending Jul 4 soltysh, sttts, tengqm L Update zh trans
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5656 ServerNinja Pending Jul 4 LuckySB, ServerNinja, ant31, asubb, holmsten, riverzhang XS Make sure docker service uses systemd when running on systemd
website 18745 Colstuwjx Pending Jul 3 Colstuwjx, jsafrane, sftim, tengqm, thockin S fix: adding csi link and correct some words used to clarify access mode.
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2595 phanimarupaka Pending Jul 3 Liujingfang1, mengqiy, mortent S Error for null files while reading
website 22050 m9a Pending Jul 3 derekwaynecarr, onlydole, sftim S Document quota resources for priority class scope.
node-problem-detector 417 xueweiz Pending Jul 3 andyxning, dchen1107, wangzhen127 S Allow go cross-compilation in Makefile
kops 7381 zetaab Pending Jul 3 granular-ryanbonham, justinsb, mikesplain, robinpercy XS use iptables legacy mode when using buster
istio/tools 844 carolynhu Pending Jul 3 M add ingress gw run results into perf dashboard
istio/tools 1042 carolynhu Pending Jul 3 M Make dashboard rendering properly for 1.6 perf pipeline
kubernetes 87522 ipuustin Pending Jul 3 ConnorDoyle, klueska, marquiz, sjenning L cpu manager: handle reduced cpuset in root cgroup. 22303 crixo Pending Jul 3 XS upgrade translation for control-plane-node-communication
charts 23065 carlosjgp Pending Jul 3 benjigoldberg XS [incubator/schema-registry] feat: Make Pod deployment capabilities configurable
charts 23064 ahmed-mez Pending Jul 3 XS [stable/datadog] Support admission controller
charts 23063 vboulineau Pending Jul 3 XS [stable/datadog] Add support for scaling on DatadogMetrics
helm 8394 sdorra Pending Jul 3 XS support reading signing passphrase from file or stdin
community 4521 evankanderson Pending Jul 3 bowei, derekwaynecarr, dims, erictune, evankanderson, lavalamp, liggitt, seaneagan, smarterclayton, thockin M Update Condition guidance
git-sync 213 thockin Pending Jul 3 stp-ip XXL Use git mirror
istio/istio 25197 esnible Pending Jul 3 esnible, howardjohn XS Log XDS client rejections due to SPIFFE
kubernetes 92643 aojea Pending Jul 3 aojea, danwinship, dcbw, oomichi, wojtek-t M conntrack e2e test debug connections
kubernetes-csi/csi-release-tools 75 pohly Pending Jul 3 msau42, pohly, saad-ali L kind v0.7.0, revised CSI_PROW_KUBERNETES_VERSION handling
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1209 devkid Pending Jul 3 Raffo L Route53: retry single changes in a batch if the batch fails
kubernetes 89046 BenoitPerrot Pending Jul 3 tallclair, yifan-gu XS api: PodSpec: Document InitContainers as optional
kubernetes 87000 Aresforchina Pending Jul 3 Aresforchina, BenTheElder, johnSchnake, liu-cong, msau42 XS fix staticcheck:test/integration/ttlcontroller/
test-infra 18001 e-blackwelder Pending Jul 3 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, e-blackwelder L Deck: supporting restrictions on buckets/folders
istio/istio 25143 howardjohn Pending Jul 3 costinm, hzxuzhonghu, kyessenov, lambdai M pilot: incremental EDS requests
kubernetes-csi/external-attacher 236 divyenpatel Pending Jul 3 davidz627, lpabon, xing-yang XXL bump up csi-translation-lib to include vSphere CSI Migration
website 22283 thekad LGTM Jul 3 sftim, steveperry-53, zacharysarah S Removing duplicate custom-jekyll js
org 1976 irvifa Pending Jul 3 jimangel, kbhawkey XS Add irvifa as lead as a preparation step for transition
autoscaler 3227 povilasv Pending Jul 3 bskiba, jbartosik, krzysied, povilasv L VPA: Allow limiting VPA deployment to a namespace
website 22256 irvifa LGTM Jul 3 daminisatya, kbhawkey, sftim XS Add irvifa as lead as a preparation step for transition
website 22294 CriaHu Pending Jul 3 Rajakavitha1, zparnold XS fix broken link:… 22294 CriaHu Pending Jul 3 XS fix broken link:… 22293 CriaHu Pending Jul 3 XS fix broken link: 22292 CriaHu Pending Jul 3 XS fix broken link: 22290 jiazxjason Pending Jul 3 XS Update zh trans
charts 23059 KlavsKlavsen Pending Jul 3 XS [stable/kube-state-metrics] add support for running without cluster-admin privileges
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6371 mariobris Pending Jul 3 XS [v2.12] fix test if openstack_cacert is a base64 string
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6371 mariobris Pending Jul 3 XS [v2.12] fix test if openstack_cacert is a base64 string
kubernetes 87348 bharaththiruveedula Pending Jul 3 dchen1107, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair S Add --version-json flag to kubelet to get complete information
kubernetes 85003 Rand01ph Pending Jul 3 Rand01ph, krmayankk, mattjmcnaughton, verb, vishh, yujuhong L Refactor kubelet convertStatusToAPIStatus
kubernetes 88927 alculquicondor Pending Jul 3 SataQiu, deads2k S WIP Add autogenerated swagger docs for
sig-release 1135 cpanato Pending Jul 3 listx, saschagrunert, tpepper, xmudrii S branch-mgmt/book: add documenation about how to search past cloudbuilds in the google console
kubernetes 89115 smarterclayton Pending Jul 3 derekwaynecarr, jsafrane, liggitt, mwielgus, smarterclayton XS api: Improve godoc for container execution to clarify
website 21680 CriaHu Pending Jul 3 bradtopol, xiangpengzhao XS fix broken link:…
kubernetes 88616 cwdsuzhou Pending Jul 3 ahg-g, cwdsuzhou, k82cn, soulxu XS Do not return if removePod or addPod fails when preemption
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6366 velann21 Pending Jul 3 bozzo, floryut L Fix/imagepullbackoff
kubernetes 85355 AnitaNayak Pending Jul 3 BenTheElder, fejta, liggitt, mkumatag S Corrected ARCH
kubernetes 92288 zhijianli88 Pending Jul 3 BenTheElder, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dims, feiskyer, jingyih, jpbetz, jsafrane, lavalamp, neolit123, saad-ali, zhijianli88 S Cleanup tempfiles
dns 390 luigibk Pending Jul 3 MrHohn, prameshj, timja XXL Nodecache ebtables option
kubernetes 92658 AndersonQ Pending Jul 3 k8s-ci-robot, pwittrock, seans3, sttts S cleanup: fix golint errors in pkg/kubectl/cmd/convert
kubernetes 91687 SaiHarshaK Pending Jul 3 SaiHarshaK, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, jingxu97, johscheuer, jsafrane, lavalamp, sttts, vishh L fix golint for pkg/volume/vsphere_volume
node-problem-detector 336 Sh4d1 Pending Jul 3 Random-Liu, dchen1107, mkumatag, xueweiz L Add multiarch support and docker manifests
kubernetes 89695 towca Pending Jul 3 MrHohn, tallclair XS Bump Cluster Autoscaler to 1.16.5 22288 jiaj12 Pending Jul 3 XS Update 22283 thekad Pending Jul 3 XS Removing duplicate custom-jekyll js 22282 sozercan Pending Jul 3 XS Remove container level supplementalGroups and fsgroup from PSP standards doc 22278 mick88 Pending Jul 3 zparnold XS Correct use of "comprising" in
charts 23058 patrungel Pending Jul 3 Pluies XS incubator/kube-downscaler - Expand configuration options for service account
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3924 fidencio Pending Jul 3 XS runtime_vm: Ignore ttrpc.ErrClosed when shutting the container down
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3924 fidencio Pending Jul 3 XS runtime_vm: Ignore ttrpc.ErrClosed when shutting the container down
kubernetes 86278 shanesiebken Pending Jul 3 childsb, davidz627, ddebroy, jingxu97, leakingtapan L CSI Migration Unit Tests
ingress-nginx 5757 agile6v LGTM Jul 3 aledbf, cmluciano XS feat: support to define trusted addresses for proxy protocol in stream block
kubernetes 89693 towca Pending Jul 3 MrHohn, tallclair XS Bump Cluster Autoscaler to 1.18.1
kubernetes 89244 ZhengRongTan Pending Jul 3 cheftako, ingvagabund M fix issue #80968 Pods on node with temporary unknown status never marked ready again
kubernetes 89694 towca Pending Jul 2 MrHohn, tallclair XS Bump Cluster Autoscaler to 1.17.2
kubernetes 88352 kolyshkin LGTM Jul 2 derekwaynecarr, dims, feiskyer, mattjmcnaughton S Automated cherry pick of #88247: test/e2e/node: fix selinux test failure
kubernetes 88350 kolyshkin LGTM Jul 2 Random-Liu, dchen1107, mattjmcnaughton S Automated cherry pick of #88247: test/e2e/node: fix selinux test failure
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 415 hypnoglow Pending Jul 2 DirectXMan12, droot XS 🐛Fix panic on anonymous nested struct in CRD
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 198 codenrhoden Pending Jul 2 L WIP: Add build/deploy tutorial to gitbook
kubernetes 91877 knabben Pending Jul 2 aaronlevy, resouer, wojtek-t M Moving lock related flags to Kubelet configuration
kubernetes 92414 panpan0000 Pending Jul 2 BenTheElder, derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, mikedanese, panpan0000 S fix pkg/controller/resourcequota static check
kubernetes 92459 roycaihw Pending Jul 2 caesarxuchao XXL Add storageversion manager interface
kubernetes 78107 claudiubelu Pending Jul 2 bowei, caseydavenport, claudiubelu, freehan M tests: Simplifies resolv.conf test
istio/proxy 2800 Shikugawa Pending Jul 2 bianpengyuan, diemtvu, kyessenov, yangminzhu XXL authn: wasm implementation
kubernetes 90691 arjunrn Pending Jul 2 arjunrn, caesarxuchao, josephburnett, liggitt XXL Add container based scaling to HPA
charts 23050 maxbrunet Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/prometheus-pushgateway]: Fix release namespace
charts 23048 stevehipwell Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/fluentd] Update Fluentd image, service account annotations and documentation
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6366 velann21 Pending Jul 2 XS Fix/imagepullbackoff
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6366 velann21 Pending Jul 2 XS Fix/imagepullbackoff
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 267 voor Pending Jul 2 CecileRobertMichon, codenrhoden, detiber, nader-ziada, voor L Adding PhotonOS to Azure.
kubernetes 90405 joakimr-axis Pending Jul 2 BenTheElder, joakimr-axis, mtaufen, spiffxp, vishh XXL Fix shellcheck warnings/errors in cluster/gce/
website 22258 BenTheElder Pending Jul 2 mrbobbytables, rajeshdeshpande02, rlenferink, zparnold XS fix container build
release 1373 puerco LGTM Jul 2 hasheddan, jeefy, justaugustus, puerco, saschagrunert L Release notes mappings libraries and in krel release-notes
kubernetes 92631 zachmandeville Pending Jul 2 dims, hh, johnbelamaric, spiffxp XXL add endpoint-coverage.yaml to testdata
website 20331 icheikhrouhou Pending Jul 2 AWKIF, mhamdisemah, rbenzair, sftim XXL docs | tasks | configure-pod-container | Static Pods
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 21 yuanchen8911 Pending Jul 2 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, denkensk L [WIP] A refactoring of coscheduling code
website 22151 npu21 Pending Jul 2 Rajakavitha1, celestehorgan, steveperry-53 XS Remove /static/images/metadocs/
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1270 wongma7 Pending Jul 2 childsb, humblec, pnduati M Replace all extensions/v1beta1
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 999 DirectXMan12 Pending Jul 2 mengqiy, vincepri L [WIP] :sparkles: conversion webhook support in envtest
istio/istio 25104 mandarjog Pending Jul 2 bianpengyuan, duderino, howardjohn, lambdai, mandarjog, ostromart, richardwxn M Add example of runtime gateway configuration
kubernetes 92759 kumarvin123 Pending Jul 2 feiskyer, ksubrmnn, madhanrm M Updating the Reviewers / Approvers for WinKernel Proxier
kubernetes 92595 SataQiu Pending Jul 2 SataQiu, caesarxuchao, damemi, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, soltysh M Fix the bug that kubectl logs does not filter correctly with --since-time at fractions of a second
kubernetes 88412 stafot LGTM Jul 2 MrHohn, bowei, prameshj S Add node-local-dns headless service
kubernetes 91399 danwinship Pending Jul 2 aojea, bowei, danwinship, dcbw, johnbelamaric XL fix up headless service endpoint handling in dual-stack
kubernetes 83743 enxebre Pending Jul 2 dchen1107, enxebre, jpbetz, sttts XXL WIP: Introduce support for Immutable fields in CRDs
kubernetes 92335 farah LGTM Jul 2 cheftako, deads2k, erictune XS Delete unused interface
kubernetes 92735 munnerz Pending Jul 2 liggitt, munnerz, thockin M Update hack/ to handle unused indirect transitive dependencies
kubernetes 89217 hubv Pending Jul 2 BaluDontu, divyenpatel, imkin XS Automated cherry pick of #86001: Fix IPv6 addresses lost issue in pure ipv6 vsphere
kubernetes 92677 mlmhl Pending Jul 2 chendave, hex108, k82cn, mlmhl, soulxu, wojtek-t XS no need to check nominated pod exist or not as we always delete it first 22267 shuuji3 Pending Jul 2 XS WIP: Translate concepts/architecture/controller into Japanese 22265 jiazxjason Pending Jul 2 XS zh create trans
charts 23047 omerlh Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/prometheus-operator] Add volume mounts and volume
charts 23046 wonko Pending Jul 2 unguiculus XS [stable/mongodb-replicaset] liveness/startupProbe tuning
charts 23042 KinsheX Pending Jul 2 krisis XS [stable/minio] Support imagePullSecrets for StatefulSet.
charts 23040 kycheng Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/elasticsearch-exporter] elasticsearch-exporter add serviceMonitor metricRelabelings.
charts 23039 valeriano-manassero Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/presto] Prestosql version bump to 337
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1641 OmerKahani Pending Jul 2 linki, njuettner L [WIP] - Smart bisect faild change batch
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 180 gujingit Pending Jul 2 aoxn, xlgao-zju S support multiple region nodes
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 181 gujingit Pending Jul 2 aoxn, xlgao-zju L support modification protection by annotation service.beta.kubernetes…
website 21895 mokua Pending Jul 2 mokua, soltysh, sttts, tengqm M Update
kubernetes-csi/livenessprobe 65 windayski LGTM Jul 2 jsafrane, saad-ali, sbezverk XS fix link
kubernetes 85977 neolit123 Pending Jul 2 SataQiu, kad, neolit123, rosti, xlgao-zju, yagonobre L kubeadm: move taints to the kubelet phases
autoscaler 2970 JensErat Pending Jul 2 JensErat, bskiba, jbartosik, krzysied XXL Allow out-of-cluster operation of VPA
website 22167 Arhell LGTM Jul 2 bradtopol, kbhawkey, steveperry-53, tengqm XS fix table content
istio/istio 24766 synuwxy Pending Jul 2 ericvn XS fix bug: ninja is exist
kubernetes 88895 zioproto Pending Jul 2 dims, mcrute L Automated cherry pick of #88487: Use compute v1 api to specify network tier
kubernetes 88706 horis233 LGTM Jul 2 adohe, cwdsuzhou, eparis, horis233 L Fix golint for kubectl logs
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 121 caesarxuchao Pending Jul 2 Jefftree, Sh4d1 S [WIP] Close UDS listener after the server exits
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 10 denkensk Pending Jul 2 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, denkensk L KEP for Capacity scheduling for ML/DL workloads based on scheduler framework
cloud-provider-openstack 974 jichenjc Pending Jul 2 anguslees, hogepodge, ramineni M upgrade snapshot to v2.0.1 and provisioner to v1.5.0 22258 BenTheElder Pending Jul 2 XS fix container build
charts 23038 cw-niinuma Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/mysql] add imagePullSecrets for test
charts 23037 j771 Pending Jul 2 XS [stable/openvpn] Additional routes can be added to openvpn.conf
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 334 hanumanthan Pending Jul 2 XS Adding replica check when evicting managed pods from node
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 452 divyenpatel Pending Jul 2 jsafrane, msau42 XXL update csi-translation-lib dependency to include vSphere CSI Migration
test-infra 16812 zhlhahaha Pending Jul 2 cjwagner, michelle192837 M add ARM platform for kind-conformance test
perf-tests 1103 prameshj Pending Jul 2 bowei, timothysc S Update to dnsperf 2.3.0 in dns tests.
kubernetes 89773 gavinfish Pending Jul 2 deads2k, mikedanese, tallclair XS Beta OS/arch label should not be allowed update in admission test
kubernetes 88177 lavalamp Pending Jul 2 dchen1107, hzxuzhonghu S [WIP] [DNM]: run the e2e tests with priority and fairness on
kubernetes 92418 panpan0000 LGTM Jul 2 BenTheElder, jennybuckley, lavalamp, wawa0210, zmerlynn XS Fix static check failures for staging/src/
kubeflow/pipelines 4126 Tomcli Pending Jul 2 animeshsingh, hougangliu, numerology, rmgogogo L fix(samples): fix e2e-mnist example to work with kubeflow 1.0.2
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 120 caesarxuchao Pending Jul 2 Jefftree, Sh4d1, cheftako, dberkov M Add proxy server metrics
kubernetes 89673 YuikoTakada LGTM Jul 2 eparis, smarterclayton, spiffxp XS Fix non-ascii characters in pkg/apis
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 542 saikat-royc Pending Jul 2 jingxu97, msau42 S Increase provisioner and attacher op timeout
kubernetes 88771 prameshj Pending Jul 2 cheftako, mikedanese M Remove feature gate for ILB Custom Subnet.
kubernetes 88395 YuikoTakada LGTM Jul 2 jingxu97, saad-ali, spiffxp S Fix non-ascii characters in pkg/volume/util/atomic_writer.go
kubernetes 92534 yash97 Pending Jul 1 ixdy, lavalamp, mattjmcnaughton, yash97 S [WIP]Created verify-dockerless file
kubernetes 87340 janosi Pending Jul 1 WanLinghao, caesarxuchao, ncdc, smarterclayton, sttts, yliaog M JSONPath support to filter on non-existent fields
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 119 caesarxuchao Pending Jul 1 Sh4d1, cheftako, dberkov S Add agent dial latency metrics
kubernetes-sigs/kube-storage-version-migrator 68 caesarxuchao Pending Jul 1 deads2k, lavalamp S Log the group name as well to be more informative
kubernetes 88667 mborsz Pending Jul 1 freehan, lavalamp, mm4tt XL Implement endpointslice batching
kubernetes 81237 johnSchnake Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, bclau, jingxu97, kow3ns, saiyan86, spiffxp XXL WIP: Replace uses of BusyBox with Agnhost
kubeflow/pipelines 4076 Ark-kun Pending Jul 1 Bobgy, jingzhang36, rui5i M Backend - Cache - Explicitly specifying which attributes affect the cache key
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 458 munnerz Pending Jul 1 DirectXMan12, droot M 🏃 Bump to v1.0.0
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-lib-external-provisioner 78 humblec Pending Jul 1 jsafrane, wongma7 XXL Migrate controller, utils, gidallocator from glog to klog
community 4773 divya-mohan0209 LGTM Jul 1 derekwaynecarr, divya-mohan0209, jdumars, johnbelamaric, markyjackson-taulia, sftim, wabernatScality XS Updated
kubernetes 86122 squeed Pending Jul 1 brendandburns, danwinship, freehan XL [wip] proxy: Simplify ServiceChangeTracker
kubernetes 88592 smarterclayton Pending Jul 1 brendandburns L DO NOT MERGE: Debugging PR for kubelet logic
charts 23033 FlipEnergy Pending Jul 1 XS [stable/openvpn] fix multiple nameserver causing issue in OVPN configure script
charts 23029 morremeyer Pending Jul 1 XS [stable/openvpn] add .Values.openvpn.clientConfServer option
kubernetes 88603 justaugustus Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, mkumatag L [WIP] base-images: Remove debian-base
kubernetes 92491 BenTheElder Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, dims, gmarek, liggitt, thockin L compile out gofuzz from prod binaries
istio/istio 24849 stevenctl Pending Jul 1 XL [perf] Rollup EnvoyFilter patches
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 884 answer1991 Pending Jul 1 alenkacz, alvaroaleman L ✨ Add ListWatch Options to Manager 22256 irvifa Pending Jul 1 XS Add irvifa as lead as a preparation step for transition 22253 nishipy Pending Jul 1 nasa9084 XS Translate /docs/reference/access-authn-authz/authentication/ into Jap… 21767 OriHoch Pending Jul 1 makoscafee XS volume_attributes is now volume_context in CSI spec
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6360 hafe Pending Jul 1 XS Update calico crds and cr
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6359 chenguoquan1024 Pending Jul 1 XS add calico-node selinux
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6360 hafe Pending Jul 1 XS Update calico crds and cr
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6359 chenguoquan1024 Pending Jul 1 XS add calico-node selinux
kubernetes 92719 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 L test images: Adds Windows support for resource-consumer
kubernetes 92589 Riaankl Pending Jul 1 enisoc, krmayankk L Create AppsV1Deployment resource lifecycle test - +6 endpoint coverage
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1539 estroz Pending Jul 1 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, estroz, joelanford L docs: add/update CLI plugin docs
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6320 Miouge1 Pending Jul 1 EppO, floryut M [WIP] Move 5 CI jobs from Kubevirt to Vagrant
website 22253 nishipy Pending Jul 1 inductor, nasa9084, oke-py XL Translate /docs/reference/access-authn-authz/authentication/ into Jap…
ingress-nginx 5792 catap Pending Jul 1 ElvinEfendi, aledbf XS Added DataDome's Nginx Module v2.37
kubernetes 91440 liuxu623 Pending Jul 1 bowei, freehan XL [WIP] Make NodeIPAM controller support varialble sized CIDRs
kubernetes 91935 pacoxu Pending Jul 1 bowei, freehan S ipv6 site-local addresses shouldn't be allowed
kubernetes 92025 chendotjs Pending Jul 1 bowei, freehan S nodeipam: add markCIDRRangeBits to simplify Occupy and Release
kubernetes-client/python 1191 roycaihw Pending Jul 1 palnabarun XS [DO NOT MERGE] test: update python-base
kubernetes 92590 robinpercy Pending Jul 1 jeffvance, mikedanese XS fixing static checks for volume/testing
kubernetes 86918 rphillips Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, anguslees, aojea, danwinship, gnufied, nckturner, rphillips, zmerlynn M aws: add ipv6 addresses for NodeAddresses
kubernetes 86093 zachgersh Pending Jul 1 caesarxuchao, liggitt, sttts, zachgersh M clientcmd: add error wrapping to loader
kubernetes 86139 jasimmons Pending Jul 1 MorrisLaw, Random-Liu, dims, jasimmons, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, riking, yifan-gu L Normalize HTTP lifecycle handlers with HTTP probers
istio/istio 25123 howardjohn Pending Jul 1 hzxuzhonghu, nmittler, rshriram L namespace controller: use shared informer
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 240 snooyen Pending Jul 1 aramase, ritazh S Helm Chart Best Practices
enhancements 912 CsatariGergely Pending Jul 1 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, thockin L KEP for critical container feature
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 326 nckturner Pending Jul 1 wongma7 S Add 0.5.0 back to changelog
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1436 semoac Pending Jul 1 Raffo, hjacobs M chore(aws): Adds BestZoneMatch as an alternative way to target zones.
kubernetes 92181 aojea Pending Jul 1 bowei, nicksardo XL WIP kube-proxy require conntrack binary to run
kubernetes 92547 kensipe LGTM Jul 1 jingyih, sttts, wojtek-t M fix Apiserver staticchecks for bools
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 238 saintdle Pending Jul 1 RaunakShah, SandeepPissay, akutz, divyenpatel L OCP 4.x support
kubeflow/pipelines 3709 elikatsis Pending Jul 1 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, elikatsis, jingzhang36, numerology M Fix workflow.uid global variable usage
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1024 vincepri Pending Jul 1 DirectXMan12, gerred S Change other/minor emoji for PRs to :seedling:
website 21767 OriHoch Pending Jul 1 jsafrane, makoscafee, saad-ali XS volume_attributes is now volume_context in CSI spec
kubernetes-incubator/external-storage 1333 lowang-bh Pending Jul 1 humblec, jsafrane XS fix bug: gluster file params does not take effect
website 17053 editaxz Pending Jul 1 editaxz, glo-pena, raelga, sftim XL Add content/es/docs/concepts/secret 22217 fancc Pending Jul 1 XS fix some errors 22213 fancc Pending Jul 1 XS translate control plane-node communication into chinese 22212 zhanw15 Pending Jul 1 XS update ru site new value 22211 zhanw15 Pending Jul 1 XS update ko site new value 22210 zhanw15 Pending Jul 1 XS update fr site new value 22209 zhanw15 Pending Jul 1 XS update ja site new value 22207 fancc Pending Jul 1 XS translate 'set up Konnectivity service' into chinese 22205 bcheronn Pending Jul 1 XS Add "Ephemeral Container" to French glossary 22203 fancc Pending Jul 1 XS update `scheduling-hugepages` page 22201 fancc Pending Jul 1 XS translate enabling service topology into chinese
helm 8384 renatosuero Pending Jul 1 XS change the DNS name limit
helm 8379 semoac Pending Jul 1 XS Allow template to connect to the cluster if the user so requests
ingress 5833 rahmanme Pending Jul 1 XS Use UseForwardedPort flag to set X-Forwarded-Port header
website 21534 daschott Pending Jul 1 PatrickLang, daschott, michmike, savitharaghunathan, sftim M updating Windows networking section with new features
kubernetes 92146 gautierdelorme Pending Jul 1 lavalamp, sttts, thockin, wojtek-t L Fix CRD validation messages
kubernetes 89692 towca Pending Jul 1 MaciekPytel, MrHohn, tallclair XS Bump Cluster Autoscaler to 1.18.1
kubernetes 92654 iobuf Pending Jul 1 enisoc, mortent XS [pkg/controller/daemon]: fmt idiomatic go
kubernetes 92656 vinu2003 Pending Jul 1 derekwaynecarr, knight42, smarterclayton, vinu2003 S WIP: fix: improved the way CSR object fields(CN & O) displayed
kubernetes 89727 likakuli Pending Jul 1 mattjmcnaughton, mtaufen, sjenning XS fix a bug that pod with readiness probe configed may be considered to ready when kubelet start
autoscaler 3259 hajowieland Pending Jul 1 Jeffwan, feiskyer M Add c5a EC2 instance type for AWS
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6305 holmesb Pending Jul 1 bozzo, floryut M Fix issue 6294 - "All pods simultaneously restart during worker scaling"
kubernetes 91378 928234269 Pending Jul 1 deads2k, seans3, xichengliudui XS Fix static check failures for vendor/
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1498 drGrove Pending Jul 1 linki, njuettner M Cleanup Docker context and decrease build time
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1375 spohner Pending Jul 1 hjacobs, njuettner, spohner L Add subdomain filter to AWS provider
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1586 jgrumboe Pending Jul 1 Raffo, jgrumboe, njuettner XS Use porscheinformatik-images because zalando/teapot isn't built timely
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1446 sagor999 Pending Jul 1 Raffo, linki M Allow multiple services to share same dns record
istio/istio 22982 sdake Pending Jul 1 elfinhe, howardjohn, morvencao L Remove poorly maintained code.
enhancements 1830 pohly Pending Jul 1 liggitt, msau42, pohly, thockin, wojtek-t, xing-yang M generic ephemeral volumes: finish 1.19 review
minikube 8610 johscheuer Pending Jul 1 RA489, afbjorklund, johscheuer, medyagh M Update external-provisioner for storage provisioner for Kubernetes 1.18
kubernetes 73110 micahhausler Pending Jul 1 awly, eparis, erictune, micahhausler, mikedanese, neolit123 XXL Added support for external signing of Service Account tokens
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2594 mortent Pending Jul 1 Liujingfang1, mortent, phanimarupaka, pwittrock L Return an error if setting a value that is not legal for the type
enhancements 1882 CriaHu Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, cheftako XS fix broken link:…
istio/istio 24723 tariq1890 Pending Jul 1 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, jasonwzm, lei-tang, tariq1890 L update MutatingWebhook apiVersion to v1 and other minor fixes
kubernetes 91383 wawa0210 Pending Jul 1 dashpole, mtaufen XS Remove duplicate judgment logic 'utilfeature.DefaultMutableFeatureGate.SetFormMap
charts 23022 mmerrill3 Pending Jul 1 XS [prometheus-operator] Fixing scope issue (#23014)
charts 23021 sjdweb Pending Jul 1 XS [stable/distributed-jmeter] Add resource requests/limits and JVM_OPTS to JMeter
charts 23019 danihodovic Pending Jul 1 XS Change the Airflow Redis password key name
charts 23016 gmi7x Pending Jul 1 XS fix apiVersion of PodSecurityPolicy
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6349 floryut Pending Jul 1 LuckySB XS Remove allow-release-candidate-upgrades already include in experimental-upgrades flag
kubernetes 92206 mlmhl Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, cofyc, mlmhl, resouer, wojtek-t S scheduler: only watch CSINode events when CSI related plugins enabled
enhancements 1811 liuxu623 Pending Jul 1 aojea, dcbw, liuxu623, thockin XL Make NodeIPAM controller support varialble sized CIDRs
autoscaler 3229 TBBle Pending Jul 1 Jeffwan, TBBle, aleksandra-malinowska XS Fix Markdown link to k8s-node-drainer
enhancements 1140 zhangxiaoyu-zidif Pending Jul 1 draveness, janetkuo, krmayankk, mikedanese, pigletfly, resouer, wgliang, zhangxiaoyu-zidif L [WIP] Enhance daemonset on rollingupdate.
website 22158 npu21 Pending Jul 1 liggitt, mikedanese, onlydole XS Secrets documentation incorrectly states that kubelet/node compromise gives access to all secrets in the cluster
enhancements 1116 yastij Pending Jul 1 PatrickLang, andrewsykim, aojea, dashpole, liggitt, misterikkit, saad-ali, sftim, smarterclayton, thockin, wojtek-t, xing-yang, yastij L add node shutdown KEP
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3912 haircommander Pending Jul 1 XS WIP: [1.18] keep conmons created by execsyncs as direct children
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3911 haircommander Pending Jul 1 umohnani8 XS test: use correct flags instead of deprecated env var
kubeflow/kfctl 364 adrian555 Pending Jun 30 Tomcli, pdmack, shawnzhu L add kustomize fn to merge configmap for application
enhancements 1051 liyinan926 Pending Jun 30 jingxu97, jwmatthews, kow3ns, liyinan926, mattfarina, prydonius, saad-ali, xing-yang, yastij XL Added a KEP for the Stateful Application Data Management API
kubernetes 84740 mortent Pending Jun 30 johnbelamaric, liggitt S Promote PodDisruptionBudget e2e test to Conformance
kubernetes 92465 tnqn Pending Jun 30 SergeyKanzhelev, odinuge, resouer, tnqn S Convert exec probe timeout errors into failures
kubernetes 87452 ipuustin Pending Jun 30 2rs2ts, bg-chun, derekwaynecarr, ipuustin, klueska, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, yujuhong M Assign CPUset for system reserved cgroup.
kubernetes 90839 liuxu623 Pending Jun 30 freehan, johnbelamaric, johscheuer, liuxu623, mattjmcnaughton, nicksardo, thockin XS Fix bandwidth burst too large
klog 141 aanm LGTM Jun 30 DirectXMan12, aanm, thockin, vincepri, yagonobre L klog: do not repeat messages on all severity flushSyncWriter
istio/istio 22799 shamsher31 Pending Jun 30 howardjohn, morvencao, ostromart, shamsher31 XXL Add validation for istioctl manifest apply
istio/istio 23104 jasonwzm Pending Jun 30 costinm, esnible, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram XXL Multi-version configuration initial support
istio/istio 23617 therealmitchconnors Pending Jun 30 howardjohn L Add Conditions field to Background Analyzer.
istio/istio 23938 stevenctl Pending Jun 30 costinm, rshriram, stevenctl M service registry: separate default ClusterID from provider IDs
istio/istio 23969 stevenctl Pending Jun 30 howardjohn, nmittler, stevenctl M test framework: setup topology to cover all combinations of master/remote
istio/istio 24158 carolynhu Pending Jun 30 howardjohn S Migrate deprecated K8s APIs in favor of newer/stable APIs
website 22212 zhanw15 Pending Jun 30 onlydole, rajeshdeshpande02 XS update ru site new value
website 22211 zhanw15 Pending Jun 30 Rajakavitha1, kbarnard10 XS update ko site new value
website 22210 zhanw15 Pending Jun 30 onlydole, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim XS update fr site new value
website 22207 fancc Pending Jun 30 pigletfly, tengqm M translate 'set up Konnectivity service' into chinese
website 22203 fancc Pending Jun 30 chenrui333, derekwaynecarr M update `scheduling-hugepages` page
website 22201 fancc Pending Jun 30 SataQiu, tengqm M translate enabling service topology into chinese
istio/istio 24472 howardjohn Pending Jun 30 costinm, howardjohn L POC: signing workload certificates with Kubernetes CA
istio/istio 24617 feliperfmarques Pending Jun 30 S manifests: run istiocoredns as nonroot.
istio/istio 24620 ytpessoa Pending Jun 30 howardjohn XS manifests: run prometheus as nonroot
istio/istio 24621 ytpessoa Pending Jun 30 S manifests: run kiali as nonroot
istio/istio 24657 morvencao Pending Jun 30 howardjohn L add validation for global loggin level.
istio/istio 24798 adiprerepa Pending Jun 30 adiprerepa, costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram L Expose Istio-Agent Stats/Metrics
istio/istio 24853 SandeepVaman Pending Jun 30 morvencao L Added missing affinity section in istio-discovery helm chart
istio/istio 24898 dgn Pending Jun 30 costinm XXL Move some injection settings into ProxyConfig
istio/istio 24999 therealmitchconnors Pending Jun 30 M WIP: Add test plan for csds
istio/istio 25055 stevenctl Pending Jun 30 nschhina, stevenctl L security integration tests use all configured clusters
minikube 8586 afbjorklund Pending Jun 30 josedonizetti, medyagh XS Support more error messages for container inspect
kubernetes 83088 jmickey Pending Jun 30 2rs2ts, M00nF1sh, gnufied, jmickey, micahhausler, nckturner, sstarcher, zmerlynn M Only use HTTPS or SSL listener ports for SSL health checks
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1210 Vlaaaaaaad Pending Jun 30 alejandrox1, micahhausler M Add Gitpod support
ingress-nginx 5815 k0t3n Pending Jun 30 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano XS Fix configmap example
kubernetes 90115 danwinship Pending Jun 30 aojea, caesarxuchao, detiber, lavalamp M allow IPv6 service subnet to be /64
kubernetes 89840 eddiezane Pending Jun 30 brianpursley, mengqiy, phanimarupaka, shiywang, soltysh XL Add get-users and delete-user to kubectl config
kubernetes 92528 kensipe Pending Jun 30 CaoShuFeng, jpbetz, lavalamp, madhusudancs M Apiservier staticchecks tests
kubeflow/internal-acls 273 aniruddhachoudhury Pending Jun 30 Bobgy, jlewi, theadactyl XS Update org.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 524 Henni Pending Jun 30 gnufied, jsafrane, leakingtapan L Volume metrics
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3912 haircommander Pending Jun 30 XS WIP: [1.18] keep conmons created by execsyncs as direct children
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3911 haircommander Pending Jun 30 umohnani8 XS test: use correct flags instead of deprecated env var
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6349 floryut Pending Jun 30 LuckySB XS Remove allow-release-candidate-upgrades already include in experimental-upgrades flag
kubernetes 86274 liggitt Pending Jun 30 cheftako, smarterclayton M WIP - Consider whether a type can be encoded as protobuf when negotiating a serializer
kubernetes 88493 andrewsykim Pending Jun 30 andrewsykim, lavalamp, liggitt, thockin M Prefer Stable Zone/Region/InstanceType Topology Keys
kubernetes 92657 fedepaol Pending Jun 30 danwinship, listx, mkumatag M Wait forever in agnhost connect sctp when no timeout is provided.
security 78 cjcullen Pending Jun 30 cjcullen, joelsmith, tallclair XS Link to our announcement templates from the process doc.
test-infra 15110 josephburnett Pending Jun 30 MaciekPytel, chases2, droslean, justaugustus S Add HPA e2e to master blocking dashboard.
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6151 mattymo Pending Jun 30 bozzo, didacog, floryut, mattymo M Make etcdctl copy command work on cri-o/containerd
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 314 damemi Pending Jun 30 damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn, seanmalloy L Embed StrategyParam structs for simpler config (and bump to v1alpha2)
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 223 listx Pending Jun 30 dims, ps882 L auditor: use shorter ExponentialBackoff for Cloud Run
perf-tests 1332 mborsz Pending Jun 30 jprzychodzen L [WIP] Add rolling upgrade in the middle of 5k performance test.
perf-tests 1347 jprzychodzen Pending Jun 30 krzysied, mborsz L [WIP] Experimental 1.18
minikube 8571 tstromberg Pending Jun 30 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, medyagh XL Add support for Calico CNI (--cni=calico)
minikube 8573 tstromberg Pending Jun 30 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh XL Add support for Cilium CNI (--cni=cilium)
minikube 8607 alban Pending Jun 30 M Update ebpf documentation
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 270 moshloop Pending Jun 30 codenrhoden, detiber L [WIP] Add standardised data for OS distributions
kubernetes 86449 enj Pending Jun 30 awly, immutableT, johnSchnake, liggitt, logicalhan M [WIP] kms: check healthz less often when the plugin is working
sig-release 1096 cpanato Pending Jun 30 justaugustus, tpepper M schedule: add release schedule in yaml machine readable format
kubernetes 92492 eddiezane LGTM Jun 30 brianpursley, dixudx, seans3, zhouya0 S kubectl: warn when creating roles with custom verbs
enhancements 1878 wojtek-t Pending Jun 30 deads2k, fedebongio, jingyih, jpbetz, lavalamp XL KEP: Utilize ProgressNotify etcd feature in watch cache
kubernetes 69821 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Jun 30 AlexeyPerevalov, bboreham, caseydavenport, dcbw, freehan, johscheuer, khenidak, liggitt, thockin L Use ip address from CNI output
website 22160 npu21 Pending Jun 30 anthonydahanne, yastij XS Secrets documentation incorrectly states that kubelet/node compromise gives access to all secrets in the cluster
kubernetes 77669 dixudx Pending Jun 30 cheftako, deads2k, dixudx, fabriziopandini, liggitt, neolit123, rosti, timothysc, yastij XL move out bootstrap token utils in versioned apis
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 308 humblec Pending Jun 30 humblec, jingxu97, xing-yang, yuxiangqian S Add ability to customize VolumeSnapshotContent workqueue
kubernetes 92333 BenTheElder Pending Jun 30 gmarek, mml S [WIP] DO NOT MERGE test runc nightly build
test-infra 18112 tosi3k LGTM Jun 30 jkaniuk, mm4tt, wojtek-t XS Enable OOM tracking in presubmit master perf test jobs
charts 23007 JoshVee Pending Jun 30 sameersbn XS [stable/mcrouter] upgrade chart to be compatible with Kubernetes v1.16
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1652 dansimone Pending Jun 30 XS Optional ability to replace the asterisk in generated registry TXT records with another string
autoscaler 3248 DWSR LGTM Jun 30 elmiko, krzysztof-jastrzebski, piosz M Cherry-pick #3124: Allow small tolerance on memory capacity when comparing nodegroups
kubernetes 89726 prometherion Pending Jun 30 NickrenREN, anguslees, dims XS Backward support for old KVM driver disks name
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 455 alexanderConstantinescu Pending Jun 30 droot, pwittrock S 🐛 Correctly parse and set Scope 990 bartsmykla LGTM Jun 30 ameukam XS Changed ingresses and networkpolicies apiGroup
kubernetes 86124 enj Pending Jun 30 enj, immutableT, liggitt, mikedanese, smarterclayton L Prepare KMS data encryption for migration to AES-GCM
kubernetes 87557 Rand01ph Pending Jun 30 matthyx, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair, verb, vishh L Add unittest for Refactor kubelet convertStatusToAPIStatus
kubernetes 92187 paulfantom Pending Jun 30 SergeyKanzhelev, brancz, derekwaynecarr, paulfantom, tallclair S pkg/kubelet/pleg: do not include exited and dead pods in running_pod_count metric
kubernetes 90442 joakimr-axis Pending Jun 30 joakimr-axis, lavalamp, phenixblue, roycaihw, xichengliudui M Fix shellcheck failures in cluster/gce/gci/
kubeflow/pipelines 3549 Jeffwan Pending Jun 30 Bobgy, jingzhang36, neuromage M Bump minio-go dependency to v6.0.53
kubeflow/pipelines 3788 jonasdebeukelaer Pending Jun 30 Bobgy, jingzhang36, jonasdebeukelaer XXL [API] add update job/recurring run endpoint #1180 pt1
website 22163 gaoguangze111 Pending Jun 30 idealhack, xichengliudui XS content/zh/docs/setup/best-practices/
enhancements 1501 mortent Pending Jun 30 liggitt, mattfarina, mortent, prydonius, tnozicka S Update KEP for PDBs to GA with fix for eviction of non-ready pods
kubernetes 84849 whypro Pending Jun 30 cbf123, klueska, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, vishh, whypro M Ignored error when cpumanager state restore from checkpoint failed.
website 22056 mikonoid LGTM Jun 30 Arhell, butuzov, idvoretskyi, sftim L Localize '/docs/tasks/tools/install-minikube' path
istio/api 1488 TaichiHo Pending Jun 30 costinm, dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson S add uid/gid and target port
kubeflow/website 2025 liusy182 LGTM Jun 30 aronchick, terrytangyuan XS update: any of the following ~~are~~ (is) true
kubernetes 92608 lubronzhan Pending Jun 30 BaluDontu, abrarshivani, divyenpatel M Remove node when the vm is deleted in vsphere
kubeflow/pipelines 3808 Ark-kun LGTM Jun 30 Bobgy, jingzhang36, numerology, rui5i XS Cache - Cache executions with no outputs 22163 gaoguangze111 Pending Jun 30 XS content/zh/docs/setup/best-practices/
charts 23003 UkonnRa Pending Jun 30 XS [stable/jenkins] Issue 22633, remove the wrong value 'master.overwritePluginsFromImage'
charts 23002 KIVagant Pending Jun 30 XS [stable/kube-ops-view] Fix Redis port
charts 23001 bragi92 Pending Jun 30 XS [incubator/azuremonitor-containers] fix: Add tolerations to windows daemonset for container monitoring addon
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 3910 haircommander Pending Jun 30 XS wip manage ns: manage pid
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 3910 haircommander Pending Jun 30 XS wip manage ns: manage pid
enhancements 1586 timyinshi Pending Jun 30 childsb, saad-ali XS modify the error url of scheduler_bind_cache_metrics
kubernetes 84851 ks864148379 Pending Jun 30 Random-Liu, feiskyer, ks864148379, mtaufen, tedyu XS fix restart kubelet lead to node NotReady for a while
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1519 BenTheElder Pending Jun 30 BenTheElder, aojea, neolit123 M add a flag for the path in export logs
kubernetes 90643 gongguan Pending Jun 30 Random-Liu, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, gongguan, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong XL extract nodeStatus logic as NodeStatusManager
kubernetes 91172 gaurav1086 Pending Jun 30 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, gaurav1086, lavalamp, yujuhong S test e2e node: fix goroutine leak
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1499 camilamacedo86 Pending Jun 30 Adirio, camilamacedo86, joelanford XXL cleanup-book: remove docs/book/src/migration/testdata
kubeflow/fairing 495 raviranjan0309 Pending Jun 30 jinchihe, karthikv2k XS Updated for reading secrets to check for the existence of …