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PRjustaugustus: lint: Enable gosec linter
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2021-10-13 11:22
Refs 1903

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 872 lines ...
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="MAJOR_VERSION_TAG: 1"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="NOMOCK_TAG: "
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="GCP_USER_TAG: test-user"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="KUBE_CROSS_VERSION: v1.23.0-go1.17.1-bullseye.1"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="NOMOCK: "
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="Listing last 5 GCB jobs:"
    gcb_test.go:101: Test case: error on list jobs
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="Running GCB with the following options: &{Options:{objStore:<nil> BuildDir: ConfigDir: CloudbuildFile: LogDir: ScratchBucket: Project: AllowDirty:false NoSource:false Async:false DiskSize: Variant: EnvPassthrough:} NoMock:false Stage:false Release:false Stream:false BuildAtHead:false Branch:master ReleaseType: BuildVersion: GcpUser:test-user LogLevel: LastJobs:10}"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="Trying to retrieve kube-cross version for branch master"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="Sending GET request to"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="Retrieved kube-cross version: v1.23.0-go1.17.1-bullseye.1"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="Listing GCB substitutions prior to build submission..."
time="2021-10-13T11:23:20Z" level=info msg="TOOL_ORG: kubernetes"
... skipping 4858 lines ...
time="2021-10-13T11:23:23Z" level=info msg="Configuration has artifact of type docker-archive: tmp/sample-images/kube-apiserver.tar"
--- PASS: TestYAMLParse (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestBuildIDString
--- PASS: TestBuildIDString (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestUnitExtractTarballTmp
        	Error Trace:	spdx_unit_test.go:67
        	Error:      	Expected nil, but got: creating image layer file: open subdir/text.txt/tmp/spdx-tar-extract-781395734: no such file or directory
        	Test:       	TestUnitExtractTarballTmp
        	Messages:   	extracting file
--- FAIL: TestUnitExtractTarballTmp (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestReadArchiveManifest
--- PASS: TestReadArchiveManifest (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestPackageFromLayerTarBall
time="2021-10-13T11:23:23Z" level=info msg="Generating SPDX package from layer in lsdkjflksdjflk"
time="2021-10-13T11:23:23Z" level=info msg="Generating SPDX package from layer in /tmp/test-tar-1383964047.tar.gz"
--- PASS: TestPackageFromLayerTarBall (0.00s)
... skipping 7 lines ...
=== RUN   TestPackageFromImageTarball
--- PASS: TestPackageFromImageTarball (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestExtractTarballTmp
--- PASS: TestExtractTarballTmp (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestPullImagesToArchive
--- PASS: TestPullImagesToArchive (0.00s)
coverage: 15.3% of statements
FAIL	0.025s
?	[no test files]
=== RUN   TestBlockingTestsSuccess
time="2021-10-13T11:23:24Z" level=info msg="Retrieving testgrid configuration"
--- PASS: TestBlockingTestsSuccess (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestBlockingTestsFailureDashboardNotFound
time="2021-10-13T11:23:24Z" level=info msg="Retrieving testgrid configuration"
... skipping 15 lines ...
ok	0.032s	coverage: 93.8% of statements
=== RUN   TestGenerateVulnerabilityBreakdown
--- PASS: TestGenerateVulnerabilityBreakdown (0.00s)
coverage: 19.6% of statements
ok	0.012s	coverage: 19.6% of statements
make: *** [Makefile:67: test-go-unit] Error 1