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PRcpanato: upstream: add container upstream option
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Started2021-03-03 10:17
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 40 lines ...
unparam: Reports unused function parameters [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
unused (megacheck): Checks Go code for unused constants, variables, functions and types [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
varcheck: Finds unused global variables and constants [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
whitespace: Tool for detection of leading and trailing whitespace [fast: true, auto-fix: true]

Disabled by your configuration linters:
errorlint: go-errorlint is a source code linter for Go software that can be used to find code that will cause problemswith the error wrapping scheme introduced in Go 1.13. [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
exhaustive: check exhaustiveness of enum switch statements [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
exhaustivestruct: Checks if all struct's fields are initialized [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
exportloopref: checks for pointers to enclosing loop variables [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
forbidigo: Forbids identifiers [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
funlen: Tool for detection of long functions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
gci: Gci control golang package import order and make it always deterministic. [fast: true, auto-fix: true]
... skipping 32 lines ...
pkg/container/container.go:75:1: receiver name c should be consistent with previous receiver name g for Container (golint)
func (c *Container) ListTags(
pkg/container/container.go:70:21: ST1016: methods on the same type should have the same receiver name (seen 1x "c", 2x "g") (stylecheck)
func (g *Container) Client() Client {
make: *** [Makefile:48: verify-golangci-lint] Error 1