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PRjhrozek: enricher: Increase container ID wait timeout and keep messages in a backlog
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Started2021-10-21 20:21
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... skipping 196 lines ...
deadcode: Finds unused code [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
depguard: Go linter that checks if package imports are in a list of acceptable packages [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
dogsled: Checks assignments with too many blank identifiers (e.g. x, _, _, _, := f()) [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
dupl: Tool for code clone detection [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
durationcheck: check for two durations multiplied together [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
errcheck: Errcheck is a program for checking for unchecked errors in go programs. These unchecked errors can be critical bugs in some cases [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
errname: Checks that sentinel errors are prefixed with the `Err` and error types are suffixed with the `Error`. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
errorlint: errorlint is a linter for that can be used to find code that will cause problems with the error wrapping scheme introduced in Go 1.13. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
exhaustive: check exhaustiveness of enum switch statements [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
exportloopref: checks for pointers to enclosing loop variables [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
forcetypeassert: finds forced type assertions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
gci: Gci control golang package import order and make it always deterministic. [fast: true, auto-fix: true]
gochecknoinits: Checks that no init functions are present in Go code [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
gocognit: Computes and checks the cognitive complexity of functions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
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forbidigo: Forbids identifiers [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
funlen: Tool for detection of long functions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
gochecknoglobals: check that no global variables exist [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
golint: Golint differs from gofmt. Gofmt reformats Go source code, whereas golint prints out style mistakes [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
interfacer: Linter that suggests narrower interface types [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
maligned: Tool to detect Go structs that would take less memory if their fields were sorted [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
nilerr: Finds the code that returns nil even if it checks that the error is not nil. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
nlreturn: nlreturn checks for a new line before return and branch statements to increase code clarity [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
revive: Fast, configurable, extensible, flexible, and beautiful linter for Go. Drop-in replacement of golint. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
scopelint: Scopelint checks for unpinned variables in go programs [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
testpackage: linter that makes you use a separate _test package [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
wrapcheck: Checks that errors returned from external packages are wrapped [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
wsl: Whitespace Linter - Forces you to use empty lines! [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
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test/tc_profilerecordings_test.go:154:15: func `(*e2e).profileRecordingSelinuxMultiContainer` is unused (unused)
func (e *e2e) profileRecordingSelinuxMultiContainer(
test/tc_profilerecordings_test.go:351:21: directive `// nolint: ifshort` is unused for linter "ifshort" (nolintlint)
	since = time.Now() // nolint: ifshort
make: *** [Makefile:240: verify-go-lint] Error 1