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PRmallow111: style: add more linters check and update related code
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Started2021-10-09 01:16
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 151 lines ...
level=info msg="[runner] linters took 40.890921669s with stages: goanalysis_metalinter: 40.872098167s"
pkg/util/fileutil/atomic_writer_test.go:750: File is not `gofmt`-ed with `-s` (gofmt)
			if err :=writer.Write(payload); err != nil{
level=info msg="File cache stats: 97 entries of total size 528.5KiB"
level=info msg="Memory: 1015 samples, avg is 318.7MB, max is 1271.2MB"
level=info msg="Execution took 1m47.556332885s"
make: *** [Makefile:241: lint] Error 1
+ set +o xtrace