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PRmarquiz: scripts: make golangci-lint runnable in
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Started2020-09-17 11:40
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 5 lines ...
pkg/config/config.go:29:5: `log` is unused (deadcode)
var log = logf.Log.WithName("config")
pkg/controller/nodefeaturediscovery/nodefeaturediscovery_resources.go:38:5: `manifests` is unused (deadcode)
var manifests []assetsFromFile
pkg/controller/nodefeaturediscovery/nodefeaturediscovery_controller.go:141:10: Error return value of `nfd.init` is not checked (errcheck)
	nfd.init(r, instance)
pkg/controller/nodefeaturediscovery/nodefeaturediscovery_state.go:49:10: Error return value of `addState` is not checked (errcheck)
	addState(n, "/opt/nfd/master")
pkg/controller/nodefeaturediscovery/nodefeaturediscovery_state.go:50:10: Error return value of `addState` is not checked (errcheck)
	addState(n, "/opt/nfd/worker")
pkg/controller/nodefeaturediscovery/nodefeaturediscovery_state.go:78:2: S1008: should use 'return n.idx == len(n.controls)' instead of 'if n.idx == len(n.controls) { return true }; return false' (gosimple)
	if n.idx == len(n.controls) {
pkg/config/config.go:22:2: SA1019: package is deprecated: use pkg/log  (staticcheck)
... skipping 3 lines ...
	logf ""
cmd/manager/main.go:36:2: SA1019: package is deprecated: use pkg/manager/signals instead.  (staticcheck)
pkg/controller/nodefeaturediscovery/nodefeaturediscovery_state.go:73:14: func `NFD.validate` is unused (unused)
make: *** [Makefile:70: ci-lint] Error 1