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PRsaschagrunert: Fix CI and switch to go 1.18
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Started2022-05-30 09:47
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 56 lines ...
bidichk: Checks for dangerous unicode character sequences [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
containedctx: containedctx is a linter that detects struct contained context.Context field [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
contextcheck: check the function whether use a non-inherited context [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
cyclop: checks function and package cyclomatic complexity [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
decorder: check declaration order and count of types, constants, variables and functions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
durationcheck: check for two durations multiplied together [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
errchkjson: Checks types passed to the json encoding functions. Reports unsupported types and optionally reports occations, where the check for the returned error can be omitted. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
errname: Checks that sentinel errors are prefixed with the `Err` and error types are suffixed with the `Error`. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
errorlint: errorlint is a linter for that can be used to find code that will cause problems with the error wrapping scheme introduced in Go 1.13. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
exhaustive: check exhaustiveness of enum switch statements [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
exhaustivestruct: Checks if all struct's fields are initialized [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
exportloopref: checks for pointers to enclosing loop variables [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
forbidigo: Forbids identifiers [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
forcetypeassert: finds forced type assertions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
funlen: Tool for detection of long functions [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
... skipping 11 lines ...
importas: Enforces consistent import aliases [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
ireturn: Accept Interfaces, Return Concrete Types [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
lll: Reports long lines [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
maintidx: maintidx measures the maintainability index of each function. [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
makezero: Finds slice declarations with non-zero initial length [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
nestif: Reports deeply nested if statements [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
nilerr: Finds the code that returns nil even if it checks that the error is not nil. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
nilnil: Checks that there is no simultaneous return of `nil` error and an invalid value. [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
nlreturn: nlreturn checks for a new line before return and branch statements to increase code clarity [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
noctx: noctx finds sending http request without context.Context [fast: false, auto-fix: false]
nolintlint: Reports ill-formed or insufficient nolint directives [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
paralleltest: paralleltest detects missing usage of t.Parallel() method in your Go test [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
predeclared: find code that shadows one of Go's predeclared identifiers [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
promlinter: Check Prometheus metrics naming via promlint [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
... skipping 21 lines ...
level=warning msg="[linters context] stylecheck is disabled because of go1.18. You can track the evolution of the go1.18 support by following the"
level=warning msg="[linters context] unparam is disabled because of go1.18. You can track the evolution of the go1.18 support by following the"
level=warning msg="[linters context] unused is disabled because of go1.18. You can track the evolution of the go1.18 support by following the"
pkg/mdtoc/mdtoc.go:258:70: octalLiteral: use new octal literal style, 0o600 (gocritic)
	tmp, err := os.OpenFile(tmpPath, os.O_WRONLY|os.O_CREATE|os.O_EXCL, 0600)
make: *** [Makefile:37: verify-golangci-lint] Error 1