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PRsanposhiho: Support custom plugins in the simulator
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Started2022-05-21 09:06
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 5829 lines ...
	var nonMatchScore int64 = 0
docs/how-to-use-custom-plugins/nodenumber/plugin.go:130:6: exported: type name will be used as nodenumber.NodeNumberArgs by other packages, and that stutters; consider calling this Args (revive)
type NodeNumberArgs struct {
scheduler/plugin/plugins.go:21:1: calculated cyclomatic complexity for function NewRegistry is 11, max is 10 (cyclop)
func NewRegistry(informerFactory informers.SharedInformerFactory, client clientset.Interface) (map[string]schedulerRuntime.PluginFactory, error) {
docs/how-to-use-custom-plugins/nodenumber/plugin.go:87:2: type assertion must be checked (forcetypeassert)
	s := data.(*preScoreState)
scheduler/plugin/plugins.go:170:1: directive `//nolint:cyclop` is unused for linter "cyclop" (nolintlint)
make: *** [Makefile:12: lint] Error 1