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PRJaneLiuL: Ignore Pods With Deletion Timestamp
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Started2021-10-01 13:09
Refs 639

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?	[no test files]
ok	0.102s
?	[no test files]
ok	0.033s
ok	0.027s
?	[no test files]
--- FAIL: TestFindDuplicatePods (0.00s)
    --- FAIL: TestFindDuplicatePods/Three_Pods_in_the_`dev`_Namespace,_three_Pods_in_the_`test`_Namespace._Bound_to_ReplicaSet_with_same_name._3_pods_in_termination;_nothing_should_be_moved (0.00s)
        duplicates_test.go:327: Test error for description: Three Pods in the `dev` Namespace, three Pods in the `test` Namespace. Bound to ReplicaSet with same name. 3 pods in termination; nothing should be moved. Expected evicted pods count 0, got 2
E1001 13:10:27.095369   14852 node_affinity.go:110] "Invalid nodeAffinityType" nodeAffinity="requiredDuringSchedulingRequiredDuringExecution"
E1001 13:10:27.096862   14852 node_taint.go:104] "Error evicting pod" err="Maximum number 1 of evicted pods per \"n2\" node reached"
E1001 13:10:27.107260   14852 toomanyrestarts.go:103] "Error evicting pod" err="Maximum number 3 of evicted pods per \"node1\" node reached" pod="default/pod-4"
--- FAIL: TestTopologySpreadConstraint (0.01s)
    --- FAIL: TestTopologySpreadConstraint/2_domains,_sizes_[4,2],_maxSkew=1,_2_pods_in_termination;_nothing_should_be_moved (0.00s)
        topologyspreadconstraint_test.go:898: Test error for description: 2 domains, sizes [4,2], maxSkew=1, 2 pods in termination; nothing should be moved. Expected evicted pods count 0, got 1
FAIL	0.066s
ok	0.048s
ok	0.039s
ok	0.015s
?	[no test files]
?	[no test files]
make: *** [Makefile:116: test-unit] Error 1