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PRk8s-infra-cherrypick-robot: [release-1.2] 🐛 Drop uid from error messages
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Started2023-03-22 15:14
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Test Failures

capi-e2e When upgrading a workload cluster using ClusterClass with RuntimeSDK [PR-Informing] [ClusterClass] Should create, upgrade and delete a workload cluster 9m34s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capi\-e2e\sWhen\supgrading\sa\sworkload\scluster\susing\sClusterClass\swith\sRuntimeSDK\s\[PR\-Informing\]\s\[ClusterClass\]\sShould\screate\,\supgrade\sand\sdelete\sa\sworkload\scluster$'
Timed out after 300.001s.
Error: Unexpected non-nil/non-zero argument at index 1:
	<*url.Error>: &url.Error{Op:"Get", URL:"", Err:(*net.OpError)(0xc001c00be0)}
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Error lines from build-log.txt

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INFO: Waiting for the machine deployments to be provisioned
STEP: Waiting for the workload nodes to exist
STEP: Checking all the machines controlled by quick-start-fwiqbz-md-0-bkskz are in the "fd4" failure domain
INFO: Waiting for the machine pools to be provisioned
STEP: Dumping logs from the "quick-start-fwiqbz" workload cluster
Failed to get logs for machine quick-start-fwiqbz-md-0-bkskz-9fbf9f5b7-mln5v, cluster quick-start-wnf5nl/quick-start-fwiqbz: exit status 2
Failed to get logs for machine quick-start-fwiqbz-wvn7n-kjm2s, cluster quick-start-wnf5nl/quick-start-fwiqbz: exit status 2
STEP: Dumping all the Cluster API resources in the "quick-start-wnf5nl" namespace
STEP: Deleting cluster quick-start-wnf5nl/quick-start-fwiqbz
STEP: Deleting cluster quick-start-fwiqbz
INFO: Waiting for the Cluster quick-start-wnf5nl/quick-start-fwiqbz to be deleted
STEP: Waiting for cluster quick-start-fwiqbz to be deleted
STEP: Deleting namespace used for hosting the "quick-start" test spec
... skipping 10 lines ...