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PRsbueringer: [WIP] 🌱 ClusterClass: improve validation of enum/default, doc defaulting limitation
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Started2021-12-01 11:47
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Test Failures TestReconcileUnhealthyMachines 1.30s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=sigs\.k8s\.io\/cluster\-api\/controlplane\/kubeadm\/controllers\sTestReconcileUnhealthyMachines$'
=== RUN   TestReconcileUnhealthyMachines
--- FAIL: TestReconcileUnhealthyMachines (1.30s)

				from junit.xml

Filter through log files | View test history on testgrid TestReconcileUnhealthyMachines/Remediation_does_not_happen_if_desired_replicas_<=_1 0.02s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=sigs\.k8s\.io\/cluster\-api\/controlplane\/kubeadm\/controllers\sTestReconcileUnhealthyMachines\/Remediation\_does\_not\_happen\_if\_desired\_replicas\_\<\=\_1$'
=== RUN   TestReconcileUnhealthyMachines/Remediation_does_not_happen_if_desired_replicas_<=_1
I1201 11:50:38.015655   16016 remediation.go:113]  "msg"="A control plane machine needs remediation, but the number of current replicas is less or equal to 1. Skipping remediation"  "Replicas"=1 "UnhealthyMachine"="m1-unhealthy-mxl7w"
E1201 11:50:38.021280   16016 remediation.go:99]  "msg"="Failed to patch control plane Machine" "error"=" \"m1-unhealthy-mxl7w\" not found"  "machine"="m1-unhealthy-mxl7w"
        Unexpected error:
            <*errors.withStack | 0xc00015d4b8>: {
                error: <*errors.withMessage | 0xc001518720>{
                    cause: <errors.aggregate | len:1, cap:1>[
                        <*errors.StatusError | 0xc0007f2b40>{
                            ErrStatus: {
                                TypeMeta: {Kind: "", APIVersion: ""},
                                ListMeta: {
                                    SelfLink: "",
                                    ResourceVersion: "",
                                    Continue: "",
                                    RemainingItemCount: nil,
                                Status: "Failure",
                                Message: " \"m1-unhealthy-mxl7w\" not found",
                                Reason: "NotFound",
                                Details: {
                                    Name: "m1-unhealthy-mxl7w",
                                    Group: "",
                                    Kind: "Machine",
                                    UID: "",
                                    Causes: nil,
                                    RetryAfterSeconds: 0,
                                Code: 404,
                    msg: "failed to patch control plane Machine m1-unhealthy-mxl7w",
                stack: [0x170d37f, 0x170bea7, 0x1738db7, 0x5129c2, 0x46ae61],
            failed to patch control plane Machine m1-unhealthy-mxl7w: "m1-unhealthy-mxl7w" not found
    --- FAIL: TestReconcileUnhealthyMachines/Remediation_does_not_happen_if_desired_replicas_<=_1 (0.02s)

				from junit.xml

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