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PRmkumatag: Update the golang version
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Started2022-05-13 07:53
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Docker in Docker enabled, initializing...
Starting Docker: docker.
Waiting for docker to be ready, sleeping for 1 seconds.
Done setting up docker in docker.
ERROR: (gcloud.auth.activate-service-account) There was a problem refreshing your current auth tokens: ('invalid_grant: Invalid JWT Signature.', {'error': 'invalid_grant', 'error_description': 'Invalid JWT Signature.'})
Please run:

  $ gcloud auth login

to obtain new credentials.

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INFO: Creating log watcher for controller capi-system/capi-controller-manager, pod capi-controller-manager-756b9b6576-pzj59, container manager
SSSTEP: Tearing down the management cluster

JUnit report was created: /logs/artifacts/junit.e2e_suite.1.xml

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You're using deprecated Ginkgo functionality:
Ginkgo 2.0 is under active development and will introduce several new features, improvements, and a small handful of breaking changes.
A release candidate for 2.0 is now available and 2.0 should GA in Fall 2021.  Please give the RC a try and send us feedback!
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