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PRalexeldeib: fix: update go for github actions coverage test
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Started2021-07-29 04:30
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capz-e2e Workload cluster creation Creating a Windows enabled VMSS cluster with a single control plane node and an Linux AzureMachinePool with 1 nodes and Windows AzureMachinePool with 1 node 18m33s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capz\-e2e\sWorkload\scluster\screation\sCreating\sa\sWindows\senabled\sVMSS\scluster\swith\sa\ssingle\scontrol\splane\snode\sand\san\sLinux\sAzureMachinePool\swith\s1\snodes\sand\sWindows\sAzureMachinePool\swith\s1\snode$'
Timed out after 900.004s.
Error: Unexpected non-nil/non-zero extra argument at index 1:
	<*url.Error>: &url.Error{Op:"Get", URL:"", Err:(*net.OpError)(0xc000158460)}
				Click to see stdout/stderrfrom junit.e2e_suite.3.xml

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