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PRdetiber: :running: Update controller runtime, Go 1.12, Cluster API v0.2.5
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2019-10-11 12:48
Refs 279

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 30 lines ...
[*] Verifying deps...
[*] Verifying golangci-lint...
[*] Verifying gotest...
[*] Verifying build...
[*] Verifying docker build...

Some of the verify scripts failed:
- hack/ :
cd hack/tools && go build -o bin/golangci-lint
go: downloading v1.18.0
go: extracting v1.18.0
go: downloading v0.5.2
go: downloading v0.0.0-20180507085042-28b1c447d1f4
... skipping 128 lines ...
level=info msg="[runner/skip dirs] Skipped dir kubeadm/v1beta2 by pattern kubeadm"
level=info msg="[runner] Issues before processing: 94, after processing: 6"
level=info msg="[runner] processing took 127.610128ms with stages: exclude: 56.496919ms, skip_dirs: 38.582114ms, identifier_marker: 12.249486ms, path_shortener: 10.955166ms, path_prettifier: 4.989747ms, source_code: 2.080265ms, autogenerated_exclude: 826.038µs, cgo: 613.918µs, nolint: 466.435µs, filename_unadjuster: 272.231µs, max_per_file_from_linter: 47.597µs, uniq_by_line: 19.968µs, diff: 2.952µs, exclude-rules: 2.738µs, skip_files: 1.81µs, max_same_issues: 1.522µs, max_from_linter: 1.222µs"
level=info msg="File cache stats: 20 entries of total size 167.6KiB"
level=info msg="Memory: 170 samples, avg is 967.1MB, max is 2020.7MB"
level=info msg="Execution took 21.461609593s"
Makefile:106: recipe for target 'lint-full' failed
make: *** [lint-full] Error 1

fetching tools
setting up env vars
../../../pkg/mod/ not enough arguments in call to watch.NewStreamWatcher
	have (*versioned.Decoder)
	want (watch.Decoder, watch.Reporter)
FAIL [build failed]
FAIL [build failed]
FAIL [build failed]
FAIL [build failed]
FAIL [build failed]
ok	0.036s
ok	0.026s

../../../pkg/mod/ not enough arguments in call to watch.NewStreamWatcher
... skipping 432 lines ...