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PRAmulyam24: Add cleanup for VPC load balancers
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Started2023-02-02 13:03
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level=warning msg="[linters context] unparam is disabled because of go1.18. You can track the evolution of the go1.18 support by following the"
level=info msg="[runner] Issues before processing: 523, after processing: 2"
level=info msg="[runner] Processors filtering stat (out/in): path_prettifier: 523/523, autogenerated_exclude: 521/523, source_code: 2/2, path_shortener: 2/2, sort_results: 2/2, filename_unadjuster: 523/523, skip_files: 523/523, identifier_marker: 521/521, max_same_issues: 2/2, path_prefixer: 2/2, cgo: 523/523, exclude: 521/521, exclude-rules: 219/521, nolint: 217/219, diff: 2/193, skip_dirs: 523/523, uniq_by_line: 193/217, max_per_file_from_linter: 2/2, max_from_linter: 2/2, severity-rules: 2/2"
level=info msg="[runner] processing took 71.095688ms with stages: nolint: 25.375432ms, exclude-rules: 14.138532ms, diff: 12.686538ms, identifier_marker: 12.149951ms, autogenerated_exclude: 3.52198ms, path_prettifier: 2.630436ms, skip_dirs: 326.448µs, source_code: 78.548µs, uniq_by_line: 75.113µs, cgo: 66.148µs, filename_unadjuster: 31.915µs, path_shortener: 4.441µs, max_same_issues: 3.092µs, max_per_file_from_linter: 2.72µs, skip_files: 1.417µs, exclude: 1.001µs, sort_results: 817ns, severity-rules: 581ns, max_from_linter: 371ns, path_prefixer: 207ns"
level=info msg="[runner] linters took 39.589738309s with stages: goanalysis_metalinter: 39.518323764s, structcheck: 37.527µs, unparam: 15.107µs"
internal/ibmcloud-janitor/resources/vpc_lbs.go:34:1: cognitive complexity 32 of func `(VPCLoadBalancer).cleanup` is high (> 30) (gocognit)
func (VPCLoadBalancer) cleanup(options *CleanupOptions) error {
internal/ibmcloud-janitor/resources/vpc_lbs.go:109:76: Using a reference for the variable on range scope `id` (scopelint)
			lb, _, err := client.GetLoadBalancer(&vpcv1.GetLoadBalancerOptions{ID: &id})
level=info msg="File cache stats: 106 entries of total size 570.9KiB"
level=info msg="Memory: 348 samples, avg is 1628.1MB, max is 2649.7MB"
level=info msg="Execution took 42.612132453s"
make: *** [Makefile:96: verify-lint] Error 1