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PRandyzhangx: chore: refine metrics naming
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Started2022-04-24 11:02
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Error lines from build-log.txt

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Go Version: go1.18.1
Platform: linux/amd64
Topology Key:

Streaming logs below:
I0424 11:05:25.363048   10157 azuredisk.go:168] driver userAgent: gc/go1.18.1 (amd64-linux)
W0424 11:05:25.363128   10157 azure_disk_utils.go:226] get kubeconfig() failed with error: open /var/run/secrets/ no such file or directory
I0424 11:05:25.363227   10157 azure_disk_utils.go:170] could not read cloud config from secret kube-system/azure-cloud-provider
I0424 11:05:25.363249   10157 azure_disk_utils.go:173] AZURE_CREDENTIAL_FILE env var set as /tmp/azure.json
I0424 11:05:25.363278   10157 azure_disk_utils.go:188] read cloud config from file: /tmp/azure.json successfully
I0424 11:05:25.363877   10157 azure_auth.go:245] Using AzurePublicCloud environment
I0424 11:05:25.363924   10157 azure_auth.go:130] azure: using client_id+client_secret to retrieve access token
I0424 11:05:25.364011   10157 azure_diskclient.go:67] Azure DisksClient using API version: 2021-04-01
... skipping 107 lines ...