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PRgliptak: Allow override for csi-provisioner image
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2020-01-09 01:06
Refs 401

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 16 lines ...
Done setting up docker in docker.
Activated service account credentials for: []
+ make test-e2e-multi-az
go get
go: requires invalid version: git fetch -f origin refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* refs/tags/*:refs/tags/* in /home/prow/go/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/d7a72cb88b44c6f9a01cd83ccc1abffb1bb34c472a6bfd538fe8f953e0c108c9: exit status 128:
	error: RPC failed; curl 56 GnuTLS recv error (-54): Error in the pull function.
	fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly
	fatal: early EOF
	fatal: index-pack failed
make: *** [Makefile:46: tester] Error 1
+ set +o xtrace
Cleaning up after docker in docker.
[Barnacle] 2020/01/09 01:07:59 Cleaning up Docker data root...
[Barnacle] 2020/01/09 01:07:59 Removing all containers.
... skipping 12 lines ...