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PRshawn-hurley: Adding webhook RBAC to enable validation of snapshotclasses
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Started2022-05-20 13:23
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Error lines from build-log.txt

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export os_arch_seen="" && echo 'linux amd64 amd64; linux ppc64le ppc64le -ppc64le; linux s390x s390x -s390x; linux arm arm -arm; linux arm64 arm64 -arm64; linux arm arm/v7 -armv7; windows amd64 amd64 .exe nanoserver:1809 servercore:ltsc2019; windows amd64 amd64 .exe nanoserver:20H2 servercore:20H2; windows amd64 amd64 .exe nanoserver:ltsc2022 servercore:ltsc2022' | tr ';' '\n' | while read -r os arch buildx_platform suffix base_image addon_image; do \
	os_arch_seen_pre=${os_arch_seen%%$os-$arch-$buildx_platform*}; \
	if ! [ ${#os_arch_seen_pre} = ${#os_arch_seen} ]; then \
		continue; \
	fi; \
	if ! (set -x; cd ./cmd/snapshot-controller && CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS="$os" GOARCH="$arch" go build -mod=vendor -a -ldflags ' -X main.version=v6.0.0-rc1-47-g6d200095 -extldflags "-static"' -o "/home/prow/go/src/$suffix" .); then \
		echo "Building snapshot-controller for GOOS=$os GOARCH=$arch failed, see error(s) above."; \
		exit 1; \
	fi; \
	os_arch_seen+=";$os-$arch-$buildx_platform"; \
+ cd ./cmd/snapshot-controller
... skipping 19 lines ...