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PRchristianjoun: WIP: Implemented API loadbalancer class, allowing NLB and ELB support on AWS.
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Started2020-09-19 21:48
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 5 lines ...
GO111MODULE=on go run -w -v upup/models/bindata.go
2020/09/19 21:48:42.864896 116.841736ms for GOROOT= GOPATH=/home/prow/go GO111MODULE=on GOPROXY= PWD=/home/prow/go/src/ go [go env -json GO111MODULE GOFLAGS GOINSECURE GOMOD GOMODCACHE GONOPROXY GONOSUMDB GOPATH GOPROXY GOROOT GOSUMDB]
2020/09/19 21:48:42.970057 fixImports(filename="upup/models/bindata.go"), abs="/home/prow/go/src/", srcDir="/home/prow/go/src/" ...
gofmt -w -s upup/models/bindata.go
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/prow/go/src/'
go vet ./...
{"component":"entrypoint","file":"prow/entrypoint/run.go:169","func":"","level":"error","msg":"Entrypoint received interrupt: terminated","severity":"error","time":"2020-09-19T21:52:15Z"}