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PRchristianjoun: WIP: Implemented API loadbalancer class, allowing NLB and ELB support on AWS.
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Started2020-09-18 23:24
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 16 lines ...
upup/pkg/fi/cloudup/awstasks/network_load_balancer.go:395:16: Errorf format %q has arg loadBalancerArn of wrong type *string
upup/pkg/fi/cloudup/awstasks/network_load_balancer.go:779:14: Errorf format %q has arg l.ListenerArn of wrong type *string
upup/pkg/fi/cloudup/awstasks/networkloadbalancer_healthchecks.go:49:2: Infof format %q has arg lb.LoadBalancerName of wrong type *string
upup/pkg/fi/cloudup/awstasks/network_load_balancer.go:840:2: unreachable code
upup/pkg/fi/cloudup/awstasks/network_load_balancer.go:845:2: unreachable code
upup/pkg/fi/cloudup/awstasks/network_load_balancer.go:850:2: unreachable code
make: *** [Makefile:403: govet] Error 2
+ set +o xtrace