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PRadtac: optimise defaultpreemption: enumerate fewer candidates
Tests 2 failed / 27 succeeded
Started2020-11-04 19:15
Refs 94814

Test Failures

verify generated-files 0.09s

make verify WHAT=generated-files
Unexpected dirty working directory:

  diff --git a/pkg/scheduler/apis/config/v1beta1/zz_generated.conversion.go b/pkg/scheduler/apis/config/v1beta1/zz_generated.conversion.go
  index e0df07ea270..bd254af06ab 100644
  --- a/pkg/scheduler/apis/config/v1beta1/zz_generated.conversion.go
  +++ b/pkg/scheduler/apis/config/v1beta1/zz_generated.conversion.go
  @@ -330,7 +330,7 @@ func Convert_config_InterPodAffinityArgs_To_v1beta1_InterPodAffinityArgs(in *con
   func autoConvert_v1beta1_KubeSchedulerConfiguration_To_config_KubeSchedulerConfiguration(in *v1beta1.KubeSchedulerConfiguration, out *config.KubeSchedulerConfiguration, s conversion.Scope) error {
  -	if err := metav1.Convert_Pointer_int32_To_int32(&in.Parallelism, &out.Parallelism, s); err != nil {
  +	if err := v1.Convert_Pointer_int32_To_int32(&in.Parallelism, &out.Parallelism, s); err != nil {
   		return err
   	if err := v1alpha1.Convert_v1alpha1_LeaderElectionConfiguration_To_config_LeaderElectionConfiguration(&in.LeaderElection, &out.LeaderElection, s); err != nil {
  @@ -373,7 +373,7 @@ func autoConvert_v1beta1_KubeSchedulerConfiguration_To_config_KubeSchedulerConfi
   func autoConvert_config_KubeSchedulerConfiguration_To_v1beta1_KubeSchedulerConfiguration(in *config.KubeSchedulerConfiguration, out *v1beta1.KubeSchedulerConfiguration, s conversion.Scope) error {
  -	if err := metav1.Convert_int32_To_Pointer_int32(&in.Parallelism, &out.Parallelism, s); err != nil {
  +	if err := v1.Convert_int32_To_Pointer_int32(&in.Parallelism, &out.Parallelism, s); err != nil {
   		return err
   	// WARNING: in.AlgorithmSource requires manual conversion: does not exist in peer-type
!!! [1104 19:25:19] Call tree:
!!! [1104 19:25:19]  1: hack/make-rules/../../hack/ kube::util::ensure_clean_working_dir(...)
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verify golint 2m6s

make verify WHAT=golint
go: downloading v0.0.0-20200302205851-738671d3881b
go: downloading v0.0.0-20200710042808-f1c4188a97a1
Errors from golint:
pkg/scheduler/internal/parallelize/parallelism.go:30:1: exported function GetParallelism should have comment or be unexported

Please review the above warnings. You can test via "golint" and commit the result.
If the above warnings do not make sense, you can exempt this package from golint
checking by adding it to hack/.golint_failures (if your reviewer is okay with it).
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