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PRyuzhiquan: Moving a dependency on pkg/api/v1/pod and switching to component-helper
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2021-12-02 01:32
Refs 90039

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

Environment setup
# Cloning kubernetes/kubernetes at master(0fe049cb93683e488b9829316ac889bc4c2e42fc)
# Checking out pulls:
#	90039(d525c078abe792631c9f4149cf1b76855119289e)
$ mkdir -p /home/prow/go/src/
$ git init
hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
... skipping 918 lines ...
Auto-merging pkg/controller/podautoscaler/replica_calculator.go
Auto-merging pkg/controller/daemon/update_test.go
Auto-merging pkg/controller/daemon/daemon_controller_test.go
Auto-merging pkg/api/v1/pod/util_test.go
warning: inexact rename detection was skipped due to too many files.
warning: you may want to set your merge.renamelimit variable to at least 5050 and retry the command.
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.
# Error: exit status 1