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PRHuang-Wei: [1.11] Automated cherry pick of #75144: kubelet: updated logic of verifying a static critical pod
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2019-03-05 21:58
Refs release-1.11:b2539d50
repos{u'': u'release-1.11:b2539d50ae56593f7805fe5550032ef2bd4b012e,74996:58aa79cca9fe947323636d749b5ee9ffc2b92c6a'}

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

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I0305 22:00:33.564] Build time: Fri Jun 1 13:06:56 2018 (1527858416)
I0305 22:00:33.564] Build timestamp: 1527858416
I0305 22:00:33.564] Build timestamp as int: 1527858416
W0305 22:00:33.664] Run: ('bazel', 'query', '--keep_going', '--noshow_progress', "kind(.*_binary, rdeps(//... -//vendor/..., //...)) except attr('tags', 'manual', //...)")
W0305 22:00:33.665] $TEST_TMPDIR defined: output root default is '/bazel-scratch/.cache/bazel' and max_idle_secs default is '15'.
W0305 22:00:41.202] INFO: SHA256 ( = aeae61d6f89d920f5743f7e8d0dbe902757c39a637a2747e27b67a2c1345a195
W0305 22:00:54.617] ERROR: /workspace/ no such package 'pkg/kubelet/apis/config': BUILD file not found on package path and referenced by '//test/e2e_node:go_default_test'

W0305 22:00:54.920] ERROR: /workspace/ no such package 'pkg/kubelet/apis/config': BUILD file not found on package path and referenced by '//test/e2e_node:go_default_test'

W0305 22:00:55.414] ERROR: Evaluation of query "rdeps((//... - //vendor/...), //...)" failed: errors were encountered while computing transitive closure

W0305 22:00:56.100] WARNING: --keep_going specified, ignoring errors.  Results may be inaccurate
W0305 22:00:56.865] Run: ('/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/../hack/',)
I0305 22:00:56.904] Build passed, tests failed or timed out
E0305 22:00:56.904] Command failed
I0305 22:00:56.904] process 522 exited with code 3 after 0.8m
E0305 22:00:56.904] FAIL: pull-kubernetes-bazel-build
I0305 22:00:56.904] Call:  gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=/etc/service-account/service-account.json
W0305 22:00:57.496] Activated service account credentials for: []
I0305 22:00:57.543] process 994 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0305 22:00:57.544] Call:  gcloud config get-value account
I0305 22:00:57.851] process 1006 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0305 22:00:57.851] Will upload results to gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs using
I0305 22:00:57.852] Upload result and artifacts...
I0305 22:00:57.852] Gubernator results at
I0305 22:00:57.852] Call:  gsutil ls gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/74996/pull-kubernetes-bazel-build/75691/artifacts
W0305 22:00:58.973] CommandException: One or more URLs matched no objects.
E0305 22:00:59.082] Command failed
I0305 22:00:59.082] process 1018 exited with code 1 after 0.0m
W0305 22:00:59.083] Remote dir gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/74996/pull-kubernetes-bazel-build/75691/artifacts not exist yet
I0305 22:00:59.083] Call:  gsutil -m -q -o GSUtil:use_magicfile=True cp -r -c -z log,txt,xml /workspace/_artifacts gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/74996/pull-kubernetes-bazel-build/75691/artifacts
I0305 22:01:00.664] process 1160 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
W0305 22:01:00.665] metadata path /workspace/_artifacts/metadata.json does not exist
W0305 22:01:00.665] metadata not found or invalid, init with empty metadata
... skipping 23 lines ...