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PRmtaufen: upload Windows startup scripts to GCS for CI
Tests 1 failed / 1 succeeded
Started2019-02-25 22:08
Refs master:2aacb773
repos{u'': u'master:2aacb773746b9888a43cebbae2173fb6607abdc8,73650:c0628bdc5eabe098dfc7ea562bd4674ef541c2ac', u'': u'master', u'': u'master'}

Test Failures

Build 36s

error during make -C /go/src/ bazel-release: exit status 2
				from junit_runner.xml

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 225 lines ...
W0225 22:09:43.390] Loading: 0 packages loaded
W0225 22:09:43.391]     currently loading: build/release-tars
W0225 22:09:45.620] Loading: 0 packages loaded
W0225 22:09:45.621]     currently loading: build/release-tars
W0225 22:09:46.096] Analyzing: target //build/release-tars:release-tars (1 packages loaded, 0 targets configured)
W0225 22:09:47.803] Analyzing: target //build/release-tars:release-tars (48 packages loaded, 582 targets configured)
W0225 22:09:47.823] ERROR: /go/src/ error loading package 'cluster/gce/windows': Unable to load package for '@io_kubernetes_build//defs:build.bzl': The repository could not be resolved and referenced by '//cluster/gce:all-srcs'
W0225 22:09:47.875] ERROR: Analysis of target '//build/release-tars:release-tars' failed; build aborted: error loading package 'cluster/gce/windows': Unable to load package for '@io_kubernetes_build//defs:build.bzl': The repository could not be resolved
W0225 22:09:47.893] INFO: Elapsed time: 36.081s
W0225 22:09:47.896] INFO: 0 processes.
W0225 22:09:47.907] FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully (48 packages loaded, 582 targets configured)
W0225 22:09:47.915] FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully (48 packages loaded, 582 targets configured)
W0225 22:09:47.927] make: *** [bazel-release] Error 1
W0225 22:09:47.928] 2019/02/25 22:09:47 process.go:155: Step 'make -C /go/src/ bazel-release' finished in 36.179871269s
W0225 22:09:47.928] 2019/02/25 22:09:47 util.go:255: Flushing memory.
I0225 22:09:48.029] Makefile:603: recipe for target 'bazel-release' failed
I0225 22:09:48.029] make: Leaving directory '/go/src/'
W0225 22:09:51.258] 2019/02/25 22:09:51 process.go:96: Saved XML output to /workspace/_artifacts/junit_runner.xml.
W0225 22:09:51.263] 2019/02/25 22:09:51 process.go:153: Running: bash -c . hack/lib/ && KUBE_ROOT=. kube::version::get_version_vars && echo "${KUBE_GIT_VERSION-}"
W0225 22:10:10.473] 2019/02/25 22:10:10 process.go:155: Step 'bash -c . hack/lib/ && KUBE_ROOT=. kube::version::get_version_vars && echo "${KUBE_GIT_VERSION-}"' finished in 19.213951955s
W0225 22:10:10.473] 2019/02/25 22:10:10 main.go:307: Something went wrong: failed to acquire k8s binaries: error during make -C /go/src/ bazel-release: exit status 2
W0225 22:10:10.476] Traceback (most recent call last):
W0225 22:10:10.477]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 764, in <module>
W0225 22:10:10.502]     main(parse_args())
W0225 22:10:10.502]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 615, in main
W0225 22:10:10.502]     mode.start(runner_args)
W0225 22:10:10.503]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 262, in start
W0225 22:10:10.503]     check_env(env, self.command, *args)
W0225 22:10:10.503]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 111, in check_env
W0225 22:10:10.503]     subprocess.check_call(cmd, env=env)
W0225 22:10:10.503]   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 186, in check_call
W0225 22:10:10.541]     raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
W0225 22:10:10.542] subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '('kubetest', '--dump=/workspace/_artifacts', '--gcp-service-account=/etc/service-account/service-account.json', '--build=bazel', '--stage=gs://kubernetes-release-pull/ci/pull-kubernetes-e2e-gce-100-performance', '--up', '--down', '--provider=gce', '--cluster=e2e-73650-95a39', '--gcp-network=e2e-73650-95a39', '--extract=local', '--gcp-nodes=100', '--gcp-project=k8s-presubmit-scale', '--gcp-zone=us-east1-b', '--test-cmd=/go/src/', '--test-cmd-args=cluster-loader2', '--test-cmd-args=--nodes=100', '--test-cmd-args=--provider=gce', '--test-cmd-args=--report-dir=/workspace/_artifacts', '--test-cmd-args=--testconfig=testing/density/config.yaml', '--test-cmd-args=--testconfig=testing/load/config.yaml', '--test-cmd-args=--testoverrides=./testing/density/100_nodes/override.yaml', '--test-cmd-name=ClusterLoaderV2', '--timeout=100m', '--logexporter-gcs-path=gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/73650/pull-kubernetes-e2e-gce-100-performance/36038/artifacts')' returned non-zero exit status 1
E0225 22:10:10.552] Command failed
I0225 22:10:10.553] process 526 exited with code 1 after 1.0m
E0225 22:10:10.553] FAIL: pull-kubernetes-e2e-gce-100-performance
I0225 22:10:10.553] Call:  gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=/etc/service-account/service-account.json
W0225 22:10:19.533] Activated service account credentials for: []
I0225 22:10:19.590] process 850 exited with code 0 after 0.2m
I0225 22:10:19.590] Call:  gcloud config get-value account
I0225 22:10:20.047] process 862 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0225 22:10:20.047] Will upload results to gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs using
I0225 22:10:20.047] Upload result and artifacts...
I0225 22:10:20.048] Gubernator results at
I0225 22:10:20.048] Call:  gsutil ls gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/73650/pull-kubernetes-e2e-gce-100-performance/36038/artifacts
W0225 22:10:28.558] CommandException: One or more URLs matched no objects.
E0225 22:10:28.725] Command failed
I0225 22:10:28.725] process 874 exited with code 1 after 0.1m
W0225 22:10:28.725] Remote dir gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/73650/pull-kubernetes-e2e-gce-100-performance/36038/artifacts not exist yet
I0225 22:10:28.726] Call:  gsutil -m -q -o GSUtil:use_magicfile=True cp -r -c -z log,txt,xml /workspace/_artifacts gs://kubernetes-jenkins/pr-logs/pull/73650/pull-kubernetes-e2e-gce-100-performance/36038/artifacts
I0225 22:10:31.180] process 1016 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0225 22:10:31.181] Call:  git rev-parse HEAD
I0225 22:10:31.187] process 1540 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
... skipping 21 lines ...