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PRfabi200123: Adding Windows support for InPlace Pod Vertical Scaling
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2023-01-26 13:38
Refs 112599
repos{u'': u'master:668477e99458762100a457de317e8db67593dc94,112599:c9c8dc373e1a52b13db616ea981be5de9aa4e362', u'': u'master'}

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 30 lines ...
W0126 13:40:28.815] Switched to a new branch 'test'
I0126 13:40:28.841] process 217 exited with code 0 after 0.1m
I0126 13:40:28.842] Call:  git show -s --format=format:%ct HEAD
I0126 13:40:28.858] process 218 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0126 13:40:28.859] Call:  git merge --no-ff -m 'Merge +refs/pull/112599/head:refs/pr/112599' c9c8dc373e1a52b13db616ea981be5de9aa4e362
W0126 13:40:28.926] merge: c9c8dc373e1a52b13db616ea981be5de9aa4e362 - not something we can merge
E0126 13:40:28.931] Command failed
I0126 13:40:28.931] process 219 exited with code 1 after 0.0m
E0126 13:40:28.932] unexpected error
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./test-infra/jenkins/", line 1098, in bootstrap
  File "./test-infra/jenkins/", line 983, in setup_root
  File "./test-infra/jenkins/", line 309, in checkout
  File "./test-infra/jenkins/", line 1056, in <lambda>
  File "./test-infra/jenkins/", line 151, in _call
... skipping 34 lines ...