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PRchendave: kubeadm: certs renew doesn't support positional args
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Started2022-06-23 11:16
Refs 110712

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 673 lines ...
e2e-110712-95a39-master  us-east1-b  n1-standard-8       RUNNING
Setting e2e-110712-95a39-master's aliases to 'pods-default:;' (added
Updating network interface [nic0] of instance [e2e-110712-95a39-master]...
Updated [].
Failed to execute 'sudo /bin/bash /home/kubernetes/bin/' on e2e-110712-95a39-master despite 5 attempts
Last attempt failed with: /bin/bash: /home/kubernetes/bin/ No such file or directory
Creating firewall...
..Created [].
NAME                         NETWORK           DIRECTION  PRIORITY  ALLOW                     DENY  DISABLED
e2e-110712-95a39-minion-all  e2e-110712-95a39  INGRESS    1000      tcp,udp,icmp,esp,ah,sctp        False
Creating nodes.
... skipping 31 lines ...
Looking for address 'e2e-110712-95a39-master-ip'
Looking for address 'e2e-110712-95a39-master-internal-ip'
Using master: e2e-110712-95a39-master (external IP:; internal IP:
Waiting up to 300 seconds for cluster initialization.

  This will continually check to see if the API for kubernetes is reachable.
  This may time out if there was some uncaught error during start up.

Kubernetes cluster created.
Cluster "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-scale-27_e2e-110712-95a39" set.
User "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-scale-27_e2e-110712-95a39" set.
Context "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-scale-27_e2e-110712-95a39" created.
Switched to context "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-scale-27_e2e-110712-95a39".
... skipping 231 lines ...
e2e-110712-95a39-minion-group-zc8v   Ready                         <none>   81s    v1.25.0-alpha.1.101+aba2409e1f7b05
e2e-110712-95a39-minion-group-zj3f   Ready                         <none>   80s    v1.25.0-alpha.1.101+aba2409e1f7b05
e2e-110712-95a39-minion-heapster     Ready                         <none>   94s    v1.25.0-alpha.1.101+aba2409e1f7b05
Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
Validate output:
Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
NAME                 STATUS    MESSAGE                         ERROR
etcd-1               Healthy   {"health":"true","reason":""}   
etcd-0               Healthy   {"health":"true","reason":""}   
scheduler            Healthy   ok                              
controller-manager   Healthy   ok                              
Cluster validation encountered some problems, but cluster should be in working order
...ignoring non-fatal errors in validate-cluster
Done, listing cluster services:

Kubernetes control plane is running at
GLBCDefaultBackend is running at
CoreDNS is running at
Metrics-server is running at
... skipping 854 lines ...