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Started2022-08-01 07:59

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 141 lines ...
Setting /usr/bin/qemu-xtensa-static as binfmt interpreter for xtensa
Setting /usr/bin/qemu-xtensaeb-static as binfmt interpreter for xtensaeb
Setting /usr/bin/qemu-microblaze-static as binfmt interpreter for microblaze
Setting /usr/bin/qemu-microblazeel-static as binfmt interpreter for microblazeel
Setting /usr/bin/qemu-or1k-static as binfmt interpreter for or1k
Setting /usr/bin/qemu-hexagon-static as binfmt interpreter for hexagon
error: no builder "ingress-nginx" found
docker buildx build \
	--platform=linux/amd64,linux/arm,linux/arm64 --push \
	--progress=plain \
	--pull \
... skipping 122 lines ...
#11 DONE 3.4s

#18 [linux/arm/v7 builder 1/4] FROM
#18 sha256:7c24fcadd0393d5541a2ea47456574f1fd387c3bf259edde0f7e16e2a32bba8b 103.38MB / 103.38MB 3.1s done
#18 extracting sha256:6cf89e3bec494ebb8111c0fedde0817f7d6b1a7234148ee0a8e2d0210b346382 1.8s done
#18 extracting sha256:7c24fcadd0393d5541a2ea47456574f1fd387c3bf259edde0f7e16e2a32bba8b
Your build timed out. Use the [--timeout=DURATION] flag to change the timeout threshold.
ERROR: (gcloud.builds.submit) build f8bb2200-1efd-4a0c-b2a7-23b98b0fb509 completed with status "TIMEOUT"
#18 ...

#11 [linux/arm64 builder 1/4] FROM
#11 extracting sha256:98cd20d8c20abb0d27bce770ef446b42c067e2212213e9dd74b7b233eb56fab4
#11 ...

... skipping 50 lines ...
#28 [linux/amd64 stage-1 2/2] COPY --from=builder /go/src/ /
#28 DONE 0.1s

#15 [linux/arm64 builder 4/4] RUN CGO_ENABLED=0 go build -a -installsuffix cgo 	-ldflags "-s -w" 	-o fastcgi-helloserver main.go

2022/08/01 08:09:19 Failed to run some build jobs: [error running [gcloud builds submit --verbosity info --config /home/prow/go/src/ --substitutions _PULL_BASE_REF=main,_PULL_BASE_SHA=00ee51f09ede6d8b5e36a29380c756dd25d91fbd,_GIT_TAG=v20220801-controller-v1.3.0-34-g00ee51f09 --project k8s-staging-ingress-nginx --gcs-log-dir gs://k8s-staging-ingress-nginx-gcb/logs --gcs-source-staging-dir gs://k8s-staging-ingress-nginx-gcb/source gs://k8s-staging-ingress-nginx-gcb/source/9c45f336-bfe5-46ff-8dcb-9f1827ce5d8d.tgz]: exit status 1]