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Tests 2 failed / 7 succeeded
Started2021-11-02 18:26

Test Failures

capz-e2e Workload cluster creation Creating a private cluster Creates a public management cluster in the same vnet 21m29s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capz\-e2e\sWorkload\scluster\screation\sCreating\sa\sprivate\scluster\sCreates\sa\spublic\smanagement\scluster\sin\sthe\ssame\svnet$'
Expected success, but got an error:
    <*errors.withStack | 0xc002486738>: {
        error: <*exec.ExitError | 0xc001c3eaa0>{
            ProcessState: {
                pid: 28128,
                status: 256,
                rusage: {
                    Utime: {Sec: 0, Usec: 422207},
                    Stime: {Sec: 0, Usec: 174415},
                    Maxrss: 103536,
                    Ixrss: 0,
                    Idrss: 0,
                    Isrss: 0,
                    Minflt: 12217,
                    Majflt: 0,
                    Nswap: 0,
                    Inblock: 0,
                    Oublock: 25392,
                    Msgsnd: 0,
                    Msgrcv: 0,
                    Nsignals: 0,
                    Nvcsw: 4188,
                    Nivcsw: 221,
            Stderr: nil,
        stack: [0x1818b5e, 0x1819225, 0x1982697, 0x1b37e08, 0x1c99248, 0x1cba4ac, 0x812de3, 0x82080a, 0x1cbabbb, 0x7fb8c3, 0x7fb4dc, 0x7fa807, 0x8017af, 0x800e52, 0x810751, 0x810267, 0x80fa57, 0x812166, 0x81fe98, 0x81fbd6, 0x1ca9f9a, 0x529d4f, 0x4747c1],
    exit status 1
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capz-e2e Workload cluster creation Creating an AKS cluster with a single control plane node and 1 node 56m6s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capz\-e2e\sWorkload\scluster\screation\sCreating\san\sAKS\scluster\swith\sa\ssingle\scontrol\splane\snode\sand\s1\snode$'
Timed out after 1200.004s.
System machine pools not ready
    <bool>: false
to equal
    <bool>: true
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