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Started2023-01-03 14:19

Test Failures

capi-e2e When upgrading a workload cluster using ClusterClass and testing K8S conformance [Conformance] [K8s-Upgrade] Should create and upgrade a workload cluster and run kubetest 56m47s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capi\-e2e\sWhen\supgrading\sa\sworkload\scluster\susing\sClusterClass\sand\stesting\sK8S\sconformance\s\[Conformance\]\s\[K8s\-Upgrade\]\sShould\screate\sand\supgrade\sa\sworkload\scluster\sand\srun\skubetest$'
Failed to run Kubernetes conformance
Unexpected error:
    <*errors.withStack | 0xc000b2a8d0>: {
        error: <*errors.withMessage | 0xc00037eb20>{
            cause: <*errors.errorString | 0xc000c87460>{
                s: "error container run failed with exit code 1",
            msg: "Unable to run conformance tests",
        stack: [0x1a98018, 0x1adc429, 0x7b9731, 0x7b9125, 0x7b87fb, 0x7be569, 0x7bdf52, 0x7df031, 0x7ded56, 0x7de3a5, 0x7e07e5, 0x7ec9c9, 0x7ec7de, 0x1af7d32, 0x523bab, 0x46e1e1],
    Unable to run conformance tests: error container run failed with exit code 1