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Started2020-09-20 15:45

Test Failures

Kubernetes e2e suite [sig-apps] DisruptionController should block an eviction until the PDB is updated to allow it 19s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=Kubernetes\se2e\ssuite\s\[sig\-apps\]\sDisruptionController\sshould\sblock\san\seviction\suntil\sthe\sPDB\sis\supdated\sto\sallow\sit$'
Sep 20 16:00:38.132: Expected
    <*errors.StatusError | 0xc0028a3a40>: {
        ErrStatus: {
            TypeMeta: {Kind: "", APIVersion: ""},
            ListMeta: {
                SelfLink: "",
                ResourceVersion: "",
                Continue: "",
                RemainingItemCount: nil,
            Status: "Failure",
            Message: "pods \"rs-7xzb4\" not found",
            Reason: "NotFound",
            Details: {Name: "rs-7xzb4", Group: "", Kind: "pods", UID: "", Causes: nil, RetryAfterSeconds: 0},
            Code: 404,
to match error
    <string>: Cannot evict pod as it would violate the pod's disruption budget.
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error during platforms/linux/amd64/ginkgo --nodes=25 platforms/linux/amd64/e2e.test -- --kubeconfig=/tmp/kops372597773/kubeconfig --ginkgo.flakeAttempts=1 --provider=aws --gce-zone=ap-southeast-1a --gce-region=ap-southeast-1 --gce-multizone=false --host= --repo-root=. --num-nodes=0 --ginkgo.skip=\[Slow\]|\[Serial\]|\[Disruptive\]|\[Flaky\]|\[Feature:.+\]|\[HPA\]|Dashboard|Services.*functioning.*NodePort|Services.*rejected.*endpoints|Services.*affinity --report-dir=/logs/artifacts --disable-log-dump=true: exit status 1
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