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Started2021-05-14 08:50

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Error lines from build-log.txt

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I0514 08:51:35.236674    4051 app.go:59] RunDir for this run: "/logs/artifacts/647588e5-b491-11eb-b844-be5889761d94"
I0514 08:51:35.236919    4051 app.go:90] ID for this run: "647588e5-b491-11eb-b844-be5889761d94"
I0514 08:51:35.236957    4051 common.go:152] Using cluster name: 
I0514 08:51:35.236989    4051 http.go:37] curl
I0514 08:51:35.392176    4051 http.go:37] curl
I0514 08:51:35.479024    4051 dumplogs.go:38] /logs/artifacts/647588e5-b491-11eb-b844-be5889761d94/kops toolbox dump --name --dir /logs/artifacts --private-key  --ssh-user 
W0514 08:51:35.479458    4051 down.go:34] Dumping cluster logs at the start of Down() failed: fork/exec /logs/artifacts/647588e5-b491-11eb-b844-be5889761d94/kops: no such file or directory
I0514 08:51:35.479485    4051 down.go:48] /logs/artifacts/647588e5-b491-11eb-b844-be5889761d94/kops delete cluster --name --yes
Error: init failed to download kops from url: returned 404
+ set +o xtrace