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Started2020-07-04 06:19
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Test Failures

ClusterLoaderV2 3h1m

error during /home/prow/go/src/ cluster-loader2 --nodes=1 --provider=gce --report-dir=/logs/artifacts --enable-prometheus-server=true --testconfig=testing/windows-tests/config.yaml --testoverrides=./testing/windows-tests/windows_override.yaml: exit status 1
				from junit_runner.xml

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ClusterLoaderV2 testing/windows-tests/config.yaml 2h52m

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=ClusterLoaderV2\stesting\/windows\-tests\/config\.yaml$'
[measurement call WindowsResourceUsagePrometheus - WindowsResourceUsagePrometheus error: query error: the server rejected our request due to an error in our request (get services http:prometheus-k8s:9090) [body: {"status":"error","errorType":"execution","error":"multiple matches for labels: grouping labels must ensure unique matches"}]
measurement call WaitForControlledPodsRunning - WaitForRunningLatencyRCs error: 2 objects timed out: ReplicationControllers: test-hw7tmn-67/latency-pod-rc-0, test-hw7tmn-64/latency-pod-rc-0
measurement call PodStartupLatency - PodStartupLatency error: pod startup: too high latency 90th percentile: got 1h17m43.436837434s expected: 1h0m0s]
				from junit.xml

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