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Started2022-09-21 14:19

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error during ./hack/e2e-internal/ exit status 1
				from junit_runner.xml

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 265 lines ...
Project: k8s-jkns-pr-gci-bld-e2e-gce-fd
Network Project: k8s-jkns-pr-gci-bld-e2e-gce-fd
Zone: us-west1-b
Dumping logs from master locally to '/logs/artifacts'
Trying to find master named 'e2e-3dcfd4b4f2-03678-master'
Looking for address 'e2e-3dcfd4b4f2-03678-master-ip'
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.addresses.describe) Could not fetch resource:
 - The resource 'projects/k8s-jkns-pr-gci-bld-e2e-gce-fd/regions/us-west1/addresses/e2e-3dcfd4b4f2-03678-master-ip' was not found

Could not detect Kubernetes master node.  Make sure you've launched a cluster with ''
Master not detected. Is the cluster up?
Dumping logs from nodes locally to '/logs/artifacts'
Detecting nodes in the cluster
... skipping 54 lines ...
W0921 14:22:23.430123    3788 loader.go:221] Config not found: /workspace/.kube/config
Property "contexts.k8s-jkns-pr-gci-bld-e2e-gce-fd_e2e-3dcfd4b4f2-03678" unset.
Cleared config for k8s-jkns-pr-gci-bld-e2e-gce-fd_e2e-3dcfd4b4f2-03678 from /workspace/.kube/config
2022/09/21 14:22:23 process.go:155: Step './hack/e2e-internal/' finished in 38.76397077s
2022/09/21 14:22:23 process.go:96: Saved XML output to /logs/artifacts/junit_runner.xml.
2022/09/21 14:22:23 main.go:331: Something went wrong: starting e2e cluster: error during ./hack/e2e-internal/ exit status 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/workspace/scenarios/", line 723, in <module>
  File "/workspace/scenarios/", line 569, in main
  File "/workspace/scenarios/", line 228, in start
... skipping 9 lines ...