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Error lines from build-log.txt

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W0905 11:18:02.426] Looking for address 'e2e-c54002d01c-21253-master-ip'
W0905 11:18:04.081] Looking for address 'e2e-c54002d01c-21253-master-internal-ip'
W0905 11:18:06.186] Using master: e2e-c54002d01c-21253-master (external IP:; internal IP:
I0905 11:18:06.287] Waiting up to 300 seconds for cluster initialization.
I0905 11:18:06.287] 
I0905 11:18:06.287]   This will continually check to see if the API for kubernetes is reachable.
I0905 11:18:06.287]   This may time out if there was some uncaught error during start up.
I0905 11:18:06.287] 
I0905 11:18:06.288] Kubernetes cluster created.
I0905 11:18:06.416] Cluster "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-081_e2e-c54002d01c-21253" set.
I0905 11:18:06.592] User "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-081_e2e-c54002d01c-21253" set.
I0905 11:18:06.784] Context "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-081_e2e-c54002d01c-21253" created.
I0905 11:18:06.953] Switched to context "k8s-infra-e2e-boskos-081_e2e-c54002d01c-21253".
... skipping 230 lines ...
I0905 11:19:32.945] e2e-c54002d01c-21253-minion-group-znbh   Ready                         <none>   53s    v1.26.0-alpha.0.378+bcea98234f0fdc
I0905 11:19:32.946] e2e-c54002d01c-21253-minion-group-znvm   Ready                         <none>   56s    v1.26.0-alpha.0.378+bcea98234f0fdc
I0905 11:19:32.946] e2e-c54002d01c-21253-minion-group-zsp1   Ready                         <none>   58s    v1.26.0-alpha.0.378+bcea98234f0fdc
W0905 11:19:33.182] Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
I0905 11:19:33.283] Validate output:
W0905 11:19:33.421] Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
W0905 11:19:33.427] ...ignoring non-fatal errors in validate-cluster
W0905 11:19:33.427] Done, listing cluster services:
W0905 11:19:33.427] 
I0905 11:19:33.529] NAME                 STATUS    MESSAGE                         ERROR
I0905 11:19:33.529] etcd-1               Healthy   {"health":"true","reason":""}   
I0905 11:19:33.530] etcd-0               Healthy   {"health":"true","reason":""}   
I0905 11:19:33.530] controller-manager   Healthy   ok                              
I0905 11:19:33.530] scheduler            Healthy   ok                              
I0905 11:19:33.530] Cluster validation encountered some problems, but cluster should be in working order
I0905 11:19:33.650] Kubernetes control plane is running at
... skipping 715 lines ...
W0905 11:33:22.632] Specify --start=82913 in the next get-serial-port-output invocation to get only the new output starting from here.
W0905 11:33:24.822] scp: /var/log/cluster-autoscaler.log*: No such file or directory
W0905 11:33:24.825] scp: /var/log/fluentd.log*: No such file or directory
W0905 11:33:24.826] scp: /var/log/kubelet.cov*: No such file or directory
W0905 11:33:24.826] scp: /var/log/cl2-**: No such file or directory
W0905 11:33:24.826] scp: /var/log/startupscript.log*: No such file or directory
W0905 11:33:24.829] ERROR: (gcloud.compute.scp) [/usr/bin/scp] exited with return code [1].
I0905 11:33:24.982] Dumping logs from nodes to GCS directly at 'gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gce-network-metric-measurement/1566745567332143104/artifacts' using logexporter
I0905 11:33:29.253] namespace/logexporter created
I0905 11:33:29.259] secret/google-service-account created
I0905 11:33:29.264] daemonset.apps/logexporter created
I0905 11:33:29.269] Listing marker files (gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gce-network-metric-measurement/1566745567332143104/artifacts/logexported-nodes-registry) for successful nodes...
W0905 11:33:30.359] CommandException: One or more URLs matched no objects.
... skipping 393 lines ...
W0905 11:41:01.535] Deleted [].
W0905 11:41:03.511] Deleted [].
W0905 11:41:03.612] Deleted [].
W0905 11:41:06.918] Deleted [].
W0905 11:41:09.438] Deleted [].
W0905 11:41:10.610] WARNING: The following filter keys were not present in any resource : name, zone
W0905 11:41:15.448] ERROR: (gcloud.compute.firewall-rules.delete) Could not fetch resource:
W0905 11:41:15.448]  - Internal error. Please try again or contact Google Support. (Code: '5E7EC8EA06146.6B58320.1B05B58E')
W0905 11:41:15.448] 
W0905 11:41:20.378] Deleted [].
W0905 11:41:22.538] Deleted [].
I0905 11:41:23.632] Deleting Cloud NAT router...
W0905 11:41:26.161] Deleted [].
I0905 11:41:27.239] Deleting firewall rules remaining in network e2e-c54002d01c-21253: e2e-c54002d01c-21253-default-internal-master
... skipping 63 lines ...