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Started2020-04-01 12:12
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Test Failures TestPluginRegistration 1m0s

go test -v -run TestPluginRegistration$
=== RUN   TestPluginRegistration
I0401 12:37:19.432788  107559 example_plugin.go:119] starting example server at: /tmp/plugin_manager_test064559216/plugin.sock
I0401 12:37:19.433033  107559 example_plugin.go:125] example server started at: /tmp/plugin_manager_test064559216/plugin.sock
I0401 12:37:19.433064  107559 plugin_manager.go:114] Starting Kubelet Plugin Manager
I0401 12:38:19.935313  107559 plugin_manager.go:119] Shutting down Kubelet Plugin Manager
--- FAIL: TestPluginRegistration (60.50s)
    plugin_manager_test.go:106: Timed out waiting for plugin to be added to actual state of world cache.

				from junit_20200401-121407.xml

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