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Started2022-08-06 02:58

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Error lines from build-log.txt

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level=info msg="Found workspace version: v1.25.0-beta.0.16+985c9202ccd250"
level=info msg="Release path is gs://k8s-release-dev/ci/v1.25.0-beta.0.16+985c9202ccd250"
level=info msg="Checking if GCS build path (gs://k8s-release-dev/ci/v1.25.0-beta.0.16+985c9202ccd250) exists"
level=info msg="Checking if GCS build path (gs://k8s-release-dev/ci/v1.25.0-beta.0.16+985c9202ccd250/kubernetes.tar.gz) exists"
level=info msg="Checking if GCS build path (gs://k8s-release-dev/ci/v1.25.0-beta.0.16+985c9202ccd250/bin) exists"
level=info msg="Validating image manifests in"
level=info msg="The following error(s) occurred while looking for a build: [<nil> <nil> <nil> get remote manifest from GET MANIFEST_UNKNOWN: Failed to fetch \"v1.25.0-beta.0.16_985c9202ccd250\" from request \"/v2/k8s-staging-ci-images/conformance/manifests/v1.25.0-beta.0.16_985c9202ccd250\".]"
level=info msg="Proceeding with a new build..."
+++ [0806 02:59:07] Verifying Prerequisites....
+++ [0806 02:59:08] Verifying Prerequisites....
+++ [0806 02:59:09] Building Docker image kube-build:build-acc2b8c45c-5-v1.25.0-go1.19-bullseye.0
+++ [0806 03:01:59] Creating data container kube-build-data-acc2b8c45c-5-v1.25.0-go1.19-bullseye.0
+++ [0806 03:02:24] Syncing sources to container
... skipping 1820 lines ...
level=info msg="Annotating with --arch amd64"
level=info msg="Annotating with --arch arm"
level=info msg="Annotating with --arch arm64"
level=info msg="Annotating with --arch ppc64le"
level=info msg="Annotating with --arch s390x"
level=info msg="Pushing manifest image"
level=fatal msg="failed to run: push container images: publish container images: push manifest: command /usr/bin/docker manifest push --purge did not succeed: failed to mount blob k8s-staging-ci-images/kube-controller-manager-arm@sha256:f1dec1a24be13f286cbd6dc5514ca058272561b86f889ee89f7f2a4a343b7747 to unknown blob\n"] [TEST] Test Command exit code: 1] [CLEANUP] Cleaning up after Docker in Docker ...
Stopping Docker: dockerProgram process in pidfile '/var/run/', 1 process(es), refused to die.] [CLEANUP] Done cleaning up after Docker in Docker.
... skipping 2 lines ...