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Started2021-09-25 01:39

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 53 lines ...
	To install ignoring the current module, use 'go install' with a version,
	like 'go install'.
	For more information, see
	or run 'go help get' or 'go help install'.
[dev-env] building image
removing old image ingress-controller/controller:1.0.0-dev
Error: No such image: ingress-controller/controller:1.0.0-dev
go: downloading v0.21.3
go: downloading v1.11.0
go: downloading v1.0.5
go: downloading v0.21.3
go: downloading v0.21.3
go: downloading v0.21.3
... skipping 142 lines ...
v3.14.2-52-g922bf2dee7 []
v3.14.2-58-gdbf551a5fb []
OK: 14941 distinct packages available
(1/3) Upgrading libcurl (7.79.0-r0 -> 7.79.1-r0)
{"component":"entrypoint","file":"prow/entrypoint/run.go:165","func":"","level":"error","msg":"Process did not finish before 1h0m0s timeout","severity":"error","time":"2021-09-25T02:39:30Z"}] [EARLY EXIT] Interrupted, entering handler ...] [CLEANUP] Cleaning up after Docker in Docker ...
Deleting cluster "ingress-nginx-dev" ...
ERROR: failed to delete cluster "ingress-nginx-dev": failed to delete nodes: command "docker rm -f -v ingress-nginx-dev-worker ingress-nginx-dev-worker2 ingress-nginx-dev-control-plane" failed with error: exit status 1

Command Output: Error response from daemon: removal of container ingress-nginx-dev-worker is already in progress
Error response from daemon: removal of container ingress-nginx-dev-worker2 is already in progress
Error response from daemon: removal of container ingress-nginx-dev-control-plane is already in progress

Stack Trace:*LocalCmd).Run
... skipping 23 lines ...
make: *** [Makefile:178: kind-e2e-test] Terminated
The command '/bin/sh -c apk update   && apk upgrade   && apk add --no-cache     diffutils   && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/*' returned a non-zero code: 137
make[1]: *** [Makefile:64: image] Error 137
Stopping Docker: dockerProgram process in pidfile '/var/run/', 1 process(es), refused to die.] [CLEANUP] Done cleaning up after Docker in Docker.] [EARLY EXIT] Completed handler ...
{"component":"entrypoint","file":"prow/entrypoint/run.go:252","func":"","level":"error","msg":"Process gracefully exited before 15m0s grace period","severity":"error","time":"2021-09-25T02:39:51Z"}