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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 365 lines ...
Trying to find master named 'e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3-master'
Looking for address 'e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3-master-ip'
Using master: e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3-master (external IP:; internal IP: (not set))
Waiting up to 300 seconds for cluster initialization.

  This will continually check to see if the API for kubernetes is reachable.
  This may time out if there was some uncaught error during start up.

Kubernetes cluster created.
Cluster "k8s-gce-cvm-1-6-mstr-ctl-skew_e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3" set.
User "k8s-gce-cvm-1-6-mstr-ctl-skew_e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3" set.
Context "k8s-gce-cvm-1-6-mstr-ctl-skew_e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3" created.
Switched to context "k8s-gce-cvm-1-6-mstr-ctl-skew_e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3".
... skipping 35 lines ...
e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3-windows-node-group-hl92   Ready                      <none>   20s     v1.20.0-alpha.2.99+b3d4b8ed8a07d0
e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3-windows-node-group-lj4x   Ready                      <none>   26s     v1.20.0-alpha.2.99+b3d4b8ed8a07d0
e2e-0f71dd5c56-9cdc3-windows-node-group-pb93   Ready                      <none>   20s     v1.20.0-alpha.2.99+b3d4b8ed8a07d0
Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
Validate output:
Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
NAME                 STATUS    MESSAGE             ERROR
etcd-1               Healthy   {"health":"true"}   
scheduler            Healthy   ok                  
controller-manager   Healthy   ok                  
etcd-0               Healthy   {"health":"true"}   
Cluster validation succeeded
Done, listing cluster services:
... skipping 538 lines ...
gcloud docker -- push
WARNING: `gcloud docker` will not be supported for Docker client versions above 18.03.

As an alternative, use `gcloud auth configure-docker` to configure `docker` to
use `gcloud` as a credential helper, then use `docker` as you would for non-GCR
registries, e.g. `docker pull`. Add
`--verbosity=error` to silence this warning: `gcloud docker
--verbosity=error -- pull`.


The push refers to repository []
11dba48e24c4: Preparing
ce3d5762a3b2: Preparing
... skipping 8 lines ...
Building and Pushing GCP Container for Windows
[make -C /home/prow/go/src/ build-and-push-windows-container-ltsc2019 GCE_PD_CSI_STAGING_VERSION=42c1eea9-d9dd-47e9-ad8e-214b02a4331a]
make: Entering directory '/home/prow/go/src/'
# Ensure we use a builder that can leverage it (the default on linux will not)
DOCKER_CLI_EXPERIMENTAL=enabled docker buildx rm windows-builder
no builder "windows-builder" found
make: [Makefile:69: init-buildx] Error 1 (ignored)
DOCKER_CLI_EXPERIMENTAL=enabled docker buildx create --use --name=windows-builder
# Register gcloud as a Docker credential helper.
# Required for "docker buildx build --push".
gcloud auth configure-docker --quiet
Adding credentials for all GCR repositories.
... skipping 211 lines ...
++ [[ true == \t\r\u\e ]]
++ echo 'Cleaning up after docker'
Cleaning up after docker
++ docker ps -aq
++ xargs -r docker rm -f
make: *** [Makefile:42: build-and-push-windows-container-ltsc2019] Terminated
{"component":"entrypoint","file":"prow/entrypoint/run.go:169","func":"","level":"error","msg":"Entrypoint received interrupt: terminated","severity":"error","time":"2020-10-15T05:13:26Z"}